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This category highlights articles discussing lip care and solutions to common lip health problems. The lips are vulnerable to disorders because of its frequent exposure to varying temperatures and other causes of disease. Food enters the mouth via the lips and people use their lips to engage in various intimate activities. These functions of the lips make them susceptible to various microorganisms that could cause infection. Because exposure to various risk factors cannot be avoided, it is important to maintain the health of the lips.

Chapped lips or cracked lips are common problems that people experience especially during the changing of the seasons. Too cold or too warm weather conditions could lead to drying of the lips, which in turn could lead to cracking of the outermost skin layer of the lips. The basics of lip care include prevention of chapped lips. Prevention measures include never letting the lip area go dry. There are many lip balm products out there that can help with proper lip care, and there are also herbal and homemade solutions such as aloe vera poultice and extracts from other herbs. Chapped lips could lead to further injury when left alone. While the lip tissues and cells are quick to renew themselves, the subsequent removal of the dried skin layers could lead to injury in the newly formed cells underneath.

Dryness of the mouth is one of the risk factors of cracked lips. Individuals with dry lips experience a burning sensation that could lead to swelling and peeling in a short period of time. Some people with this condition often develop cold sores because the unhealthy tissues of the lips may get infected with viruses or bacteria. The problem with cold sores or fever sores is that they often recur even after the first-time infection has been dealt with.