Category - Health And Beauty

In this category, you will find articles that help people find solutions on a variety of health and beauty issues, from painful and chronic ailments to daily problems. These conditions are best discussed with medical professionals, but there are some helpful tips in these articles that allow people to do something about these problems themselves. Allow me to mention some of the articles you can read under the health and beauty category.

If you’re concerned about the impression you make on people, there are articles on how to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles caused by eyebags or lack of sleep, blackheads, bad breath, dandruff, acne or zits, freckles, leg hair, sweaty hands that make you seem nervous all the time, bruises, unwanted moles on skin, cellulite, sunburn, and lice.

A number of articles will also discuss health and beauty tips on how to get rid of excess weight, gray hair, embarrassing man boobs, love handles, double chins that make your face look bigger, skin tags on your neck and face, unsightly back fat, body hair and nits. There are also posts that help people find solutions on problems with things that directly lower their quality of life, such as unwanted tattoos, jock itch, headaches, alcoholism, sore throat, flatulence, coughs, pink eye, itches, carpal tunnel syndrome, calluses, constipation and sinus infection. Transient illnesses that shouldn’t be taken lightly, like diarrhea, flu, boils, diaper rash, cramps, phlegm, bloating, gas, gingivitis or bleeding gums, dry hair, bubble gum stuck on hair, PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome for women, and sensitive teeth, are also discussed.

Some of the articles will also tackle more serious health and beauty issues like alcoholism, smoking, depression, pneumonia, erectile dysfunction (for men and women), swelling, bladder infection, hypertension, shin splints, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, acid reflux, muscle pain, and canker sores.