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What are computer viruses? Computer viruses are just like any kinds of viruses. They are programs or software that spread from one host to another. They replicate themselves much like any other kinds of viruses. By doing this, computer viruses end up hurting the computer system. As you know, computer systems have a limited space. Therefore, when these computer viruses replicate themselves they tend to occupy more and more space. In the long run, the computer system can fail and break down.

There are many different kinds of computer viruses. There are malware, worms, keyloggers, spyware, and Trojan horses. Malware are malicious software that can be software or pieces of code that can bring in worms and viruses to the computer. Worms, on the other hand, exploit the security of the computer system and replicate themselves drastically. Keyloggers are pieces of codes that memorizes whatever it is that you type with the keyboard. These keyloggers are usually used to steal passwords and other sensitive information from people. Spyware, as the name implies, are software that is intended to spy on the computer system while the Trojan horses are viruses that hides functions that are malicious. No matter what kinds of viruses it may be, it is very important that you are able to take them out right away.

In, you will be able to find articles that will help you deal with these viruses and worms. Articles such as How to Get Rid of Trojan Horse Malware, How to Get Rid of Malware, How to Get Rid of Keyloggers, and How to Get Rid of Computer Viruses among others will be able to surely educate anyone about the many things that they should know about computer viruses. If you are not fully aware of these computer viruses, make sure that you read through and be able to get to know them more.