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Hot To Get Rid of Tension Headaches

Knowing how to get rid of a tension headache is crucial to those who experience them often. The last thing anyone needs is a day of feeling bad all because of a tension headache. There are many tried and true ways to get rid of tension headaches. Try some of the below ways to alleviate a tension headache and see what works best for you.

Hot To Get Rid of Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are different from migraines in that they begin in the back or neck muscles. Often times, applying a good, strong pressure to the neck and back area can help to relieve the tension headache. You must apply pressure for about 90 seconds for it to be beneficial.

Another way to get rid of tension headaches is by using a Theracane. This is designed to help ease the tension from the muscles by applying pressure from the Theracane which has a ball on the end. Keeping the ball pressured onto the spasm until it is gone is very helpful. If you don?t want to purchase the Theracane, using a tennis ball works the same way.

An exercise routine that helps to loosen up the neck and shoulder muscles can be another way to relieve a tension headache. Moving your head completely around, down with the chin, around like a ball works very well for releasing the tension. As well, just routine stretching every day or doing a bit of some yoga can be beneficial in relieving the pressure of tension headaches.

Going to get a professional massage to the back and neck can certainly help relieve the tension headaches. Explain to your massage therapist the areas you are feeling pressure and have them work on that area for at least 30 minutes to relieve the tension.

Because stress is a major factor in bringing on tension headaches, its best to find a way to get away from stressful circumstances. If you happen to be a coffee drinker, and even if you?re normally not, getting a nice hot cup of coffee and heading off to a quiet, dark room or setting will help. Sit down or lie down and rest your eyes. Bright light can add to the tension headaches so be sure to go to a room you can be in the dark. Breathe deeply in and out and while breathing in, hold your breath for about ten seconds. Let it out slowly and you will begin to see that your headache is lessening. Drink the coffee while you go through this exercise for at least 15 minutes.