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Having a bad hair day? Don’t let it ruin your day. If your hair looks like a mess, you may want to try out these tips for you to have the courage to face the day ahead! Here are nine basic commandments you should follow to avoid that dreaded out-of-bed look.

The Nine Commandments

    1. The Perfect Cut — A nice haircut should make your hair look naturally great and should allow you to style it in many ways. If you happen to visit a beauty parlor, ask your hairstylist to give you something that you can re-style by yourself. Observe your stylist. If it took him or her an hour to style your hair, you may have a hard time should you wish to style your hair yourself.

A great hairstyle from a parlor can give you good hair for a day, but a great haircut can give you many good hair days that can last for months. A great haircut gives you a wide range of hairstyling choices that you can experiment with every day.

    1. Regular Trimmings – Regular trims are the next step after a great haircut. Regular trimming can be the most convenient and surest way to maintain your hair. Trimming can remove your split ends, which develop as your hair grows longer each week.

Regular trimming will also reduce your curls. Getting a trim is not getting a new hairstyle. This process just provides a way for you to prepare your hair for healthier hair growth for the next few centimeters. If you are having problems with fly away strands or hair static, then regular trimming is the perfect remedy for you.

    1. Observing Hygiene – Pollution, dandruff and dust can damage your hair. Whenever you use any head gear (like a cap or a hat), make sure it is clean and not too tight. Dirt or sweat may be trapped inside your head gear.

Also, make sure that the bed you sleep on and the pillow you use are dust-free, sweat-free or odor-free. Any signs of bad odor on your bedding prove that these are not clean. If you let dirty bedding get in contact with your hair over night (or for the whole amount of time you spend sleeping), then you will surely have a bad hair day the morning after.

    1. Diet and Exercise – Dandruff is a common cause of a bad hair day. Too much alcohol, cigarette smoke, illegal drugs and stress can give you dandruff. It is a sign that your hair is not healthy.

Rapid weight loss or crash diets can lead to major hair loss, too. If you want to reduce weight and at the same time maintain the natural beauty of your hair, reduce your calorie intake and exercise regularly.

    1. Treatments and Products – If you are in need of instant fixes because you believe that your hair is difficult to tame anytime of the day, then there are numerous hair products that can help you to re-style and relieve your hair. A lot of hair products are very handy to use. You can put them inside your pocket or purse. Purse-sized curling irons and other treatment tools are already out on the market. These are ideal retouch tools that you can use between office hours and your date after work. You can also use instant reactivating or conditioning products to manage unexpected hair problems and have that new look again just by taking a visit to the washroom.
    2. Moderate Use – Hair products are good instant fixes, but too much product on your hair can do more damage than good. If you are not sure on how much to use, try small damp amounts or a few drops and then apply it to your hair. Use the least but most effective amount on your hair.
    3. Rollers are Safe — You can use the self-adhering rollers that are popular these days. Others use hot rollers and some use Velcro. If you want to wear unheated rollers, fix your hair while it is still damp.

Wait until your hair reaches the damp state before applying any other product. It’ll just take a little more time to dry. Apply some product when the hair is no longer damp and then use the rollers. For maximum volume, place the rollers with the largest diameter at the top. Let them completely dry, and then loosen the rollers. You can speed-dry your hair by using a blow dryer.

Using hot rollers will require you to cool the product first before unwinding them. To break your hair up, you can finger comb the curls and then bend at the waist of the rollers. If you want to get the style of the seemingly-natural wavy hair of supermodels, this technique is their secret. To complete the look, apply some finishing spray underneath.

    1. Prioritize the Roots — Every time you blow dry your hair, you need to dry the roots first. Do this by lifting your hair up. Use a voluminizing product and apply at the roots. With this technique, you leave very little volume at the ends of your hair, giving your crown volume and height. After drying in “root-lift”, blow dry the ends with a brush. If you want the ends to curl, use a brush with a smaller diameter.
    2. Prepare — It is normal to have a bad hair day in the middle of the day even if you have just come out of the house with tamed locks. Prepare for it. Water works wonders, so always bring a small bottle with you to mist your hair. Water can reactivate the gel and mousse that you applied on your hair before you left the house.

Humidity is your hair’s enemy. If it’s humid out there, expect your hair to frizz up. Always carry with you a frizz control product. If your hair still gets limp, wear a shorter hairstyle that looks controlled. You can also go for a root perm or body perm.

Relying on these tips will help you control your locks. Not only will they help you get rid of bad hair days, but it also may also appear that you have your own hairdresser at home.

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