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Bridezillas want not only a great wedding, but the perfect wedding. It is the day you have been dreaming of, the one that is supposed to be one of the happiest of your life and full of fond memories.

As the wedding day gets closer, you notice a beast looming over the horizon, crushing all in its path: it’s the Bridezilla. They are ruthless, self-entitled brides who seem to think the whole universe revolves around their coming wedding and that everyone should cater to whatever needs they may have. In their path of destruction lies the relationship with friends and family, the checkbook, and the sanity of their significant other.

Whether it is the seating arrangement, outfits for bridesmaids, or even the color fondant on the wedding cake; everything has to be done exactly the way they say. If the beast is not stopped, you might not even recognize the woman anymore and all you will see is the green beast from Mt. Fuji. So what is the best way to deal with this creature looking to suck the soul out of your wedding? We break down several options to rid of your bridezilla and bring back the bride you love.

1. Deal with it.

If you are a non-confrontational personality type, you may find this the best option. Dealing with the situation is not usually the first choice for anyone, but just letting them have their sense of control and dictatorship is sometimes the best way to avoid future conflicts.

The wedding day is one many young girls dream about for a large portion of their life, so compromising to their wants may be the option that makes them happiest. This doesn’t mean that you should remove yourself completely from the process, instead try to be as accommodating and considerate as possible. If you think you can handle it, it might be best to buckle down and enjoy the parts of the ride that you can.

However, there is always a breaking point as to how much you can endure in terms of nagging and complaints. This might also mean she wants to do everything herself, so if that’s the case why not relax and watch the game with a drink in hand while you wait for the whole thing to blow over.

2. Discuss the situation.

Sometimes, the bride doesn’t even seem to realize the harm they are causing to their relationships and the wedding as a whole, so the best thing can be to sit down and try to reason with them. There are several important reminders to give your bride if you find Godzilla taking over too much of her personality.

3. Remind her that it’s your wedding too.

This isn’t just her special day, it’s yours as well. This doesn’t mean that you should become a Groomzilla, but give a soft reminder that this day is for both of you and you should have some say in how the wedding is run.

4. Stick firmly to the budget.

Some brides look to siphon out every bit of cash possible from parents and friends to ensure they get the ‘perfect’ wedding. This can ruin relationships and maybe even lead to weddings guests dropping out. Set a reasonable budget early on and remind your bride of the plans you both made early on if she starts to exceed the set amount.

5. Look at the future.

If they don’t realize how destructive they’ve become, it can help to lay out some of the consequences of their actions. Is destroying relationships with close friends and family really worth getting the dream wedding you always wanted if no one shows up?

Caution is always needed with this option, as it has the possibility to backfire if they don’t agree with your criticisms. A small concern can easily turn into a yelling match if your points aren’t brought up properly. If she can’t see past her own feelings, prepare for a lengthier argument.

6. Stand up for yourself.

There’s a point where you begin to not even recognize the person you fell in love with and all you see is the demanding monster they’ve become. It’s at this time that you want to put your foot down and stand up for yourself. Best used as a last option, this has the potential to ruin the whole relationship. Before doing this, you may want to consider several things.

7. Outline your contributions.

Are her complaints justified? If you look back and haven’t been helping as much as you should have, think about how you can help more.

8. Discover their expectations.

Hopefully you set a budget during the planning stage. If they have gone over then you have a reason to be upset. You also want to make sure their expectations about the ceremony aren’t too ridiculous. Everyone is at the wedding to have a good time; everything doesn’t need to go exactly as planned for that to happen.

9. Discuss their treatment of others.

How has the bride treated their committee and store clerks they’ve been dealing with? It is normal for anyone to show some frustration if things don’t go as planned, but if they’re being rude and obnoxious to everyone they deal with it’s probably time to put a stop to that.

If the bride can’t be convinced, you still hold the ultimate weapon against her if needed: pulling the plug. Without the groom, there is no wedding. If she values the perfection of her wedding over having the groom there, perhaps it is time to move on anyhow. Remember that you need to live with your potential wife to be happily ever after, of course!

No one wants to have to deal with a bridezilla, but it is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. The difference between their perfect wedding and a disaster can be as little as having the wrong type of flowers set at the dinner tables. Make sure to be as considerate and accommodating as you can, but if you think she is going overboard with her demands, it might be time to call in the Tokyo police force and have this bridezilla dealt with.

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