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Cold sores are an annoying and unsightly condition that affects a large number of people. In addition to their unattractive appearance, they can also be the source of a significant amount of pain. Whenever you’re affected with a cold sore the first thing on your mind is how to get rid of it and how to do so quickly. Here are a few great tips to help you get rid of your cold sore overnight.

1. Apply a small packet of ice to the area as soon as you feel it begin to tingle. A slight tingly sensation is generally felt in the area before the sore develops. Ensure that you keep the area from getting too warm or moist, cold sores thrive in these types of environments.

2. Avoid eating foods with a strong acidic base such as oranges, soda, and tomatoes.

3. Try to keep your stress level as low as possible. Stress is a known trigger point for the development and outbreak of cold sores. If it helps, consider getting a massage, practicing a breathing exercise, or taking a relaxing bath. Any of these mentioned calming methods can help to get rid of your cold sore quickly.

4. Use a antibiotic cream that is based with petroleum. Using a q-tip, spread an ample amount of the cream on the affected area. It’s important not to use your hands when completing this step to ensure that you don’t spread the condition to other parts of your body. Thoroughly wash your hands after application.

5. Avoid the tanning salon. If you are a frequent tanner or work in the sun for extended periods of time, it could cause your cold sore to thrive, rather than diminish. If you can’t do without your summer glow, consider applying a spray tan instead.

6. Consume between 1,000 and 3,000 milligrams of Lysine in a capsule form. In addition to the capsules, try to consume plenty of dairy products that contain Lysine. Lysine is a protein that helps the body replenish the building blocks associated with the herpes virus. The replenishment process will prevent the cells in the body from cloning the virus therefore producing the cold sore.

7. Visit your local health food store and purchase a immune building supplement or drink. These immune system boosters are an excellent way to build up the body to both expose and attach the virus. You may also want to consider purchasing a natural form of tea tree oil. When applying the oil to the cold sore, use the q-tip method to prevent contamination. As always, wash your hands immediately after application.