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There is no cure for the common cold, unfortunately. What a drag! There are many things you can do to get rid of your symptoms, however, and get you on the right track to recovery in no time at all. Who has time for a common cold anyhow? Nobody! The following list will give you some great ideas on how you can get rid of your cold with different solutions, from medicines to natural remedies!

1. Clear your sinuses.

If you feel a cold coming on, it is essential that you drink plenty of fluids. Water is a great start, but you should also try hot herbal teas, or even broth can help (that’s right: chicken noodle soup for the win!)

Add some honey or lemon to your tea to help ease the pain in your throat while helping the effects of the tea to last longer. Hot water with lemons in it, or even hot lemonade can be great ideas as well. Coffee is ok as well as a hot beverage, but tea and other hot beverages are preferable!

Some people recommend mixing several hot beverages strategies, like using grated ginger, a dash of cinnamon, lemon, lime, and some variety of herbal tea all together. While it is a bit of work to put this all together, it can be quite a delicious treat that will have you feeling right as rain in no time!

2. Take a hot shower or bath.

Steam from a hot shower or a hot bath will help free up your nasal cavities so that they aren’t as irritated. Generally speaking, showers are a very relaxing experience as well which can help you get over your cold.

Add in some essential bath oils to your bath as an even better way to ease your sinuses, and get some great perfume smells while you are at it (this cold isn’t so bad after all!).

3. Use oil of oregano.

You may find some relief by using a few drops of oil of oregano mixed into juice, water, or by direct application into your mouth. Some studies have found that oil of oregano is an effective way to kill bacteria associated with the common cold. As a word of warning, it tastes awful, but it does seem to work fairly well with getting rid of your symptoms!

This is not a long-term solution and should not be used for longer stretches than approximately a week, which is often the length of time that a common cold lasts for anyhow.

4. Try a neti pot.

Many people claim that using a neti pot is one of the best strategies to follow when you have a cold: a neti pot is designed to flush mucus out of your nasal cavities, along with the bacteria that is causing the cold itself. Inserting a neti pot into one nostril causes the salt solution inside of it to come streaming out of the other side.

Be sure to stand over a sink or bathtub if you are using this solution: you already have a cold, you don’t want a messy floor to mop up as well!

5. Get nasal spray.

Right off the bat, you may want to stop a cold in its tracks by using some nasal spray. Using a nasal spray as quickly as possible can help the cold from getting too serious on you in a hurry!

You can get many nasal sprays over the counter, but you can also get prescription sprays and various other medicines from your family doctor if need be. Always ask your doctor about any possible risks associated with these different approaches!

6. Take zinc supplements.

Research suggests that zinc is an effective way to prevent and shorten the period of time that you have a cold for. Studies suggest that it not only blocks cold viruses from reproducing, but it also stops the virus from attaching itself in the first place, causing the infection to set int. Potential prevention at its finest!

Zinc comes in several forms, including pills, supplements, and syrups.

7. Get enough Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential! Not only for helping you to get rid of colds, Vitamin C is an important part of any balanced diet generally speaking. Citrus fruits, spinach, and several other forms of fruits and vegetables provide solid sources of Vitamin C for you to benefit from. Try products like Emergen-C, which provides you with 1,000mg of Vitamin C all at once! Powerful stuff right there.

Make sure you follow the directions of what is a suitable amount of Vitamin C to consume: many pills or supplements will provide you with guidelines on what the best practice to follow is in this regard.

8. Try echinacea.

Echinacea is another natural remedy that some studies suggest my shorten or even prevent a common cold from ruining your day!

9. Eat raw honey.

Eating raw honey is not only delicious, it can also help you with your cold symptoms! You can mix it into a hot tea, or eat it as is. Honey has anti-viral qualities to it, and you may even find that eating locally harvested honey will help you out even more, as this may help you to fight allergens that are specific concerns in your area.

Some doctors even suggest that honey is more effective than cough syrups, so keep this in mind as a possible alternative!

10. Gargle salt water.

Gargling with salt water, while it may not taste the best, is a good way to relieve pain you are experiencing while also providing relief to your sinuses.

Mix a tablespoon of salt into a small amount of water until it has dissolved, and swish this around in your mouth for around a minute before you finally will spit it out. You can repeat this process several times in a day!

11. Get more sleep.

This may seem obvious, but sleep is so important for getting rid of a cold! Chances are that is how you got the cold the first place: maybe you were stressed out from work, not eating a healthy diet, and not getting enough sleep at the same time. Together, these factors work together to threaten your immune system. As your immune system is weakened, you become open to attacks from things like the cold virus.

Be sure to take some time off of work of school if you need to. Chances are your boss or professor would rather have you at home recovering than come into work to put in some non-productive hours and maybe even get your coworkers or classmates sick! Nobody wants that.

Because your body needs rest to build itself back up, sleep as much as you can (perhaps even longer than you normally would). Try taking several naps throughout the day as well. If you are not at work or at school, this is a luxury you can afford! Chances are you will feel better after getting a good nights’ sleep, and keeping up with your sleep throughout the day as well by finding time to nap.

12. Try to exercise.

It can be a good idea to do some light exercises as well. Light exercise can in fact boost the immune system while you are recovering. Focus on the light here, of course: try some basic yoga stretches, do not try and run a marathon. Chances are that would make you feel even worse, not better!

Colds are not a pleasant experience, but if you follow these steps you should be feeling better very soon: most colds last between three and seven days, and might be even less time if you are careful with prevention measures! Don’t let a cold take hold of your life, fight back! Chances are you won’t be feeling so hot for a few days, but you can take comfort knowing you will feel better soon. If you do NOT feel better after a week or so, however, you should consider seeing a doctor. There might be some lifestyle choices you need to change in order to stop your cold from taking control of your life, or you may require some more serious steps to alleviate your symptoms. It is also possible that you have something more serious than a cold, like the flu, for instance. Check with your doctor if you have not improved! Good luck feeling better!

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  1. I’m one of the lucky ones who only gets “short” colds – rarely lasting longer than 3 days. When I experience the first rough day, I drink one of those powders containing an analgesic and lots of Vitamin C (I like to add sugar a single tot of brandy) and drink it as hot as I can handle it, just as I go to bed, dressed warmly. By the next morning, it feels as if I’ve “sweated out” the bug.

  2. Sleep as much as u can. I also think Orange Juic or soem Tea can help. Blow your nose instead of sucking it up 😉

  3. Here is something that could held you get over that nasty cold boil some water and add inn garlic, lemon chai tea, hot sauce and plenty of honey. It may not tast to good but it shure helps.


  4. water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water water the best remedy for everything.

  5. The common thing to do is drink plenty of water, but what I find that helps is a sports drink. Popsicles, cheese and crackers, or Sprite help debug you to. Don’t eat a lot of sugar because that makes your throat worse. Drink some OJ and get plenty of zzzzzzzzzz!

  6. To make your cold go away quickly you should get lots of rest. Of course every night your cold gets worse. Drink plenty of juice, Sprite, and Gatorade. Have some chicken soup with crackers or Chamomile tea. If you are having tea make sure it is as hot as you can drink it. If none of that help have a popsicle of ice-cream. These foods might contain some sugar, but its the low temperature of the ice cream that counts. If your head feels stuffed up clean your ears! It might seam weird , but you will feel better. Remember lots of sleep!

  7. Drink very hot tea for 18 hours a sip at a time(make sure its very hot!!!! so it will kill bacteria that is reinfecting you in your throat!!)

  8. have plenty of cough sweets and hot drinks mainly tea and ht choclate. not too many sweet things either. have plenty of vitamin c and make sure u keep hydrated…

  9. put boiling water in a bowl and put your head over it for about 10 mins with a towl over your head so the steam doesnt escape

  10. Buckleys will help all the time. Literally within five seconds you will feel the difference, and if use it often, it will actually taste good. I have trusted Buckleys for all my sinus problems, and it has never failed me. Do try it.

  11. What i do when i get a cold is put a couple pairs of tracksuit bottoms on and a couple jumpers and go to bed. The next morning i will have sweated out the cold and feel like a million dollars. Always works for me.

  12. Drink water, blow your nose, cause if you suck it up, it might develop more phlegm, well I’m only 12 so what I think is boogers or mucus are what makes phlegm… thats how I get myself to get up and get kleenix to blow my nose, and sleep, I can’t fall asleep easily so I don’t sleep much, and that sitting in sauna idea sort of works for me, cuz my room is so hot, thats because my door is closed, its a hot summer day, and even though my heater is off, and my fan is on, I soooo sweat in my room, and I don’t cough much. Also you might just be allergic to pollen, dust, etc. So you might not have a cold. BUt if your inside a clean dust free home, I guess you have a cold. I’ll try some ideas from here, my mom, and doctors can never do a thing.

  13. when ever i have a cold i just watch what i eat and drink always do something that takes your mind off of it dont just think “oh i cant stand this cold” it just makes it worse im not a big fan of the whole rest in bed thing cause i can never sleep with a cold so i just put on the fireplace and the heater laydown and watch some t.v

  14. The best cure for a terrible cold is to get alot of vitamin C, such as oranges and ribena. I nice hot drink is what ive been drinking ever since i was little…. hot ribeana just warm it up in a micawave, it may sound bad but believe me its lovely!!

  15. To John: Antibiotics? You understand antibiotics are used for BACTERIAL infections, not VIRAL (which a cold 99% of the time is). Do not waste your time taking antibiotics on a cold!!

  16. whenever u have a cold u should just jump in a hot tub with baby vapor bath would b a great thing 2 use even though im not a baby it always work 4 me u should also get lots of sleep and get lots of vitemens such as oranges drink lots of fruit juices such as orange juice etc. drink hotchocalat or eat alot of spicy things if u can handle it keep a box of kleenex next to u 2 keep from sniffing the snot because if u do your cold will get worse u might want to try boiling some water and thensoking a tile in it and putting it over your for at least 10min get lots of rest n drink lots of tea

    sincerly ur welcome

  17. get a towel and wet it, place it over your nose, it works all the time. get a lot of sleep and driks a lot of water! Have a fresh warm bath too.

  18. lots of sleep, some hot green tea and ‘cold fx’! it can be bought at your local grocery store or pharmacy. It really helps in preventing colds too if you take one daily.

  19. Gargle with hot salt water, as hot as you can stand it. Then, snort room temperature salt water. This will clean your sinuses and throat. Simply Saline is a good product for keeping your sinuses clean. Take prozac so you don’t get down and out…j/k.

  20. To get rid of a cold, I would suggest drinking plenty of water (because your body becomes dehydrated), taking a hot water bottle to bed and also wearing socks to bed, blowing your nose(when needed)to get rid of jerms, and taking lots of vitamin C ie:oranges. A shower/bath does not get rid of the cold but it may help you to feel refreshed. I have also found taking night nurse before bedtime does make you feel drowsy, however it may help you have a good nights sleep.

  21. I suggest to drink hot water, make it as hot as you can take it. Drink alot of sports drinks, they help. Also you need to get plenty of rest.

  22. Put on a cool and sooth on your head when your in the bath,
    stay in the HOT bath for 5-10 minutes and come out and got to sleep!

  23. during the day get a bowl of boiling hot water(dont burn yourself!)put a scoop of vix vapour rub or a few drops of olbasol into the water and place your head over the bowl and inhale deeply through your nose ; you may also do this with a face steamer. At night night rub a little bit of vapour rub on your nose(dont put it to close to your eyes as it burns!) and under your nose(avoid getting in your mouth; im guessing it tastes awful). the next morning blow your nose all the gank will be loose and your nose wont feel blocked and you will get a good nights sleep ! hurray

  24. this may sound weird, but if ur feeling hot in ur gums, nasal area, EAT TOOTHPASTE! if i red this i would definitly try it but take my advice, it doesnt taste very nice and may make u shudder, but it tingles ur gums and takes away the hotness.

  25. Well i constanly have colds scince i was 5 i hate it , to make it worse i have tonsillitus constantly but thats being sorted because im havin them out and my adenoids and gromits im so scared any way
    . Resting
    . Drinking cold water
    . Steamed water in a large container then a towel or blanket
    or somthin like that then place your head over with your
    face hovering over the steamed water the bucket
    dont put your head in u could burn yourself it helps
    . Eat fruit veg
    . Somtimes if my nose wont stop running i get rolled up tissue
    and place in my nose
    . DONT USE TISSUE ALOT i use a rag or somthin like that to wipe
    my nose oh and dont wipe it pat it
    . Medication


  26. Okay. The best thing for a cold is wear layers even if it’s hot curl up with a heating pad. Eat lots of soup but nothing cream based. Salt water up the nose. Drink chicken broth make sure it’s hot. I know this sounds nasty but make some hot tea with honey add pepper and drink it fast. Trust me it really doesn’t taste good but it works. My husband told me to do this. He learned this when he was over seas in the air force. You can add whisky but it really burns. But other then that I hope you all feel better.. oh take a nice hot shower and place a hot towel around you neck and keep soxs on and if you want put something on your head it keeps the heat.

  27. I found that the steam worked really well. I also added some vicks vapour rub into the hot water. It is a little uncomfortable at first but it works a treat. It is only relatively short term though.

  28. Afrin ! I hate that I cant breath out of my nose when I get a cold . as long as i can do that I feel great so try some Afrin for the nose 🙂

  29. I find that drinking lots of fluids helps. Water always good, because you get tired when you have a cold Lucozade Original helps, gives you a lift. Make sure you keep warm especially your feet. Salt water gargles are good for killing off germs in your throat. Dink a warm whisky at night, simply put in a shot of whisky into a mug then add really warm water be sure to add some brown sugar one or two spoonfulls.
    Make sure you do blow your nose and not sniff and take it back into your system it only extends the life of your cold and plus that fact it’s not very nice being in the same room with someone sniffing, better out than in.
    Be sure, especially in the winter months to take echinacea supplements every day these help act as a preventative.
    Always take a coat out with you when you are going on a night out, it gets cold out of a night and when you are waiting for a taxi home you will get cold without realising it, take a coat put it on and keep warm. I know from experience a day after being out on a night out without a coat I have caught a cold, it’s not fun.

    Lots of other things I can think of but they have already been mentioned so far.

  30. I had the worst of the cold yesterday. So what i did was take Multivitamins with Iron, Sudaffed for sinus Problems and drank plenty of water and tea at least 6 times a day. I feel lots better today. but im still going to watch films and relax more til i go work!!!lol 🙂

  31. sleep sleep sleep.. get your rest!take in alot of vitamin C from oranges or vitamins and drink ALOT ALOT ALOT of water. also a healthy diet helps too. also when you sleep, sleep with socks on! it really does help. also gatorade really helps too(but prefferably drink water). blow your nose- don’t keep inhaling it in! also wash your hands alot and dont go to bed with wet hair.before you go to sleep, drink 3 bottles of water and dress warmly.

  32. i have a REALLY BAD COLD! i have a really bad headache and all that but heres what i’ve been doing:

    -Drink hot ribena with a spoonful of honey in it. just make the ribena normally but with boiled water, simple, but effective

    -Drink normal ribena too!

    -Rest on the sofa with a good film or watch TV.. 🙂

    -chicken or tomato soup is my favourite!!

    -keep busy to take your mind off it!


  33. Make yourself this drink, it really helps. In a cup, squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of honey. beat with a fork. add cool water to the top of the cup. drink a few times a day. you can adjust according to taste. Its soothing and you’re drinking lemon juice without having to shudder.

  34. I have always drank lots of HERBAL Tea (not Lipton)..I mix chamomile and Green Tea because chamomile helps sooth your throat and your aches and green tea has antioxidants and caffeine to help you get through the school/work times make sure it very hot to kill some of the bacteria. I also take cold medicine to help with the small things.. I HATE orange juice but if i HAVE to do it for my health i will! If you go to school like me go to bed early (get you homework done!) and sleep and long as you can (Its Hard to get to bed early but try!) Blow you nose if you have to even at school so you don’t produce more! WASH YOUR HANDS! if you don’t you might just spend it or make it last longer don’t just use Purelle use soap and water because after a while the bacteria you might have will become immuned to it.. thats the 1% of the 99.9% it kills! i prefer DIAL but thats just me! SO.. HOT TEA, VITAMIN C, REST, WASH HANDS, SMALL DOSE OF COLD MEDICINE!

    Hope it helps!

  35. ok, if you sicklings have a cold, YOU SHOULDNT BE HERE, ON THE INTERNET, you shoud be getting sleep and keep an increased intake on vitamin c. also, keep plenty of fluid in your body, and stay santatary. change clothes and bed sheets during and after your cold, to keep the bacteria from resubmitting itself. also, you should just try to relax, and maybe get a little fresh air. okay, that;s really all there is to do, and just remember, there is NO real cure for the common cold, but these tips may help.

    ~Dr. Alexa Gregory

  36. get rest,i took lots of nyquil(recommended dose so noone ods) and took tussim for cough,cough drops,sudefed,lots of chicken cubes in hot,hot water,and like sleep for 2 days,sweat it out..and of course if you got kids the sleep part doesnt work,

  37. Sleep more than 8 hours a day. Drink juices rich in Vitamin C, hot teas. There is also one thing: Drink the hot ginger juice, it may be yucky but its very effective! Warning: its rather spicy, though. 🙂

  38. Drink loads of water and keep warm. Dinking orange juice and sports drinks and vitamin C can help too. Get rest too! I’m only a kid but i learn lots of things from my parents. i really shouldn’t be on here but this cold sucks! night night!

  39. Drinking water and resting will help your body get better faster. I don’t think you should use any medicines because your body can heal naturally! You just have to wait it out until your all better!

  40. I have a cold, and what I did was took a HOT bath, then got out put on warm pj’s, and a warm hat. I laid down on the couch for about 2 hours, then got up and used a neti pot on my nose (a pot that KINDA looks like a watering can but it’s Not! You fill it with warm salt water and it clears out your nose! You can find them online!) then I blew my nose to get all that excess snot out. After I put Vick’s Vapor Rub on, and under my nose. I then took a small cooking pan and filled it with water, and a scoop of the vapor rub, and let it boil a bit. Then I put my head above the pan on the stove, and inhaled/exhaled, and let my face get hot until the pan was half empty. Then I had a bowl of HOT soup and a mug full of HOT chai. Then I laid down for a little bit. Now I feal like I don’t even have a cold!!!!!!! Hope this helps!!!!

  41. I have had a cold for the past 2 days. Every time I feel one coming on here’s what I do. First thing in the morning I take a vitamin C supplement with a glass of orange juice. I drink another bottle of orange juice at work throughout the morning. I try to drink as many during the day as possible, I don’t like it, but it does make a difference. Then that night, I make spaghetti with garlic powder in the water with the noodles. Garlice salt and powder mixed in with the sauce and both on my garlic bread as well. Garlic helps boost your immune system and will help you fight off the cold. Then I immediately head off to bed. Tv is a distraction for me so I turn it off, keep the room dark and cool and snuggle up under a few blankets. I keep tissues handy, so the minute I need one I have it ready instead of sniffing. Even if I don’t feel 100% better the next morning, I have always felt better within the next few days and the cold is completely gone. I always try to go the natural route instead of paying to see a doctor that’s just going to perscribe antibiotics. Hope these work for you! Everyone feel better!!

  42. drink lots of water,and lots of orange juice. Get alot of rest. put vix under yor nose and on your chest and neck right before bed and take two benadryl pills cover up and you will sleep good tonight

  43. never take alot of antibyotics because that will weaken your immune system so try to get through the cold on your own to make it stronger so next time it wont stick

  44. Go to the grocery store and get some Emergen-C or Airborne and drink that 3 times a day at least. Allow naps during the day, and do some simple exercises , e.g. walking, lifting 5lbs weights to promote blood flow and help clear a clouded mind. Use medicine less frequently than the box suggests, but defiantly take the night time one. Eat Onions, Avocados, and get electrolytes, found in sports drinks. Try Green Tea, or tea with honey and lemon for the throat. Anti-oxidants found in blue berries help promote good heath too. Alcohol is not good, freken dunks…

  45. Here are 5 easy steps to help get rid of your cold!!!!! Step 1: Boil water and stick your head over it and put a towel over your head so steam doesnt exscape. Step 2: Keep your body nice and warm!!!! Step 3: eat crackers and soup. Step 4: drink orange juice 2 times a day. Step 5: Put vicks on your chest.


  46. Also, cold eeze is a great zinc supplement that will cut the time you have the cold in half. I have been using it for a year now and i can honestly say it does work. (cold eeze is a lozenge. Take 1 every 4 hrs. you get between 18-28 in a pack for about 6.50 US dollars – 7.50US dollars. I got mine at wallgreens.) sports drinks are really good. They help you hold the fluids better. Drinking hot liquids (mainly cofee, water, or tea is the recommended choice) if fast sips is another way to help get rid of the cold very very fast. between cups of tea, drinking cold fluids will help to flush your system. I hope these tips help you get better soon (note, if your cold last more than ten days, seen a doctor, u just might have a sinus infection and an antibiotic is needed to cure it!)

  47. HeyHey!! Okay im 13 and right now i have the worst cold! First im freezing then so hot to the point im sweating! So i followed everybodys advice on here, and thnaks cause they really workin’! First i layered my self with fluffy socks a tshirt big hood pj boxers and pg pants, and even put on fluffy gloves at times! So i was drinkin’ my RedRose tea (with honey:))and when i was drinkin’ it my glasses started to fog up so i was like hey since everybodys sayin put ur nose over steaming water..i did it with my tea:P . and b4 i knew it my nose was clearer..but not perfect yet. then i was getting really hot in my layers of clothes so it fixed up my tempature too!

  48. Chicken noodle Soup!! And Tylenol Sinus congestion and pain Rapid Release Gels. These work like magic. Its 2 for every 4 hours if you are 12 or older. They are pills!!! Drink water, get plenty of rest. My cold felt horrible this morning but the pills and soup made it go almost entirely away. It’s stil a little bit there, but hardly noticable. Hope it works for you like it did for me!

  49. Drink water, Tea and Coffee, take a hot bath, put a humidifier in your room and snuggle up with a book and lots of warm clothes. This may be boring but after a few hours you feel much better. Don’t forget that OJ helps too. I would also try the vicks trick too.

  50. Righto…As is the staple of…ahm, cold-beating society…you need rest, but I guess its up to you if you stay in bed or not. I don’t because I get too restless. I sit in front of a good long movie, under a really good blanket. Get a fan going on LOW and rotating so it blows the stale air out of the room, but stay warm! Vics vapo-rub on your chest, neck, under your nose and on top of your nose (you WILL have watery eyes for a bit…heheh.) and have lots of fluids nearby. And kleenex. Do the whole “steam therapy” as often as you need it, and alternate between hot drinks and cold drinks to flush out your throat. ALSO you can never go wrong with ALOT of meds! Whatever suits your needs…and you really want to take the nightime stuff before bed so you sleep well.

    About the Vics in the steam therapy bit? OH MY GOD it burrrrrns!! But It really really works!

  51. * DRINK PLENTY OF (water, herbal teas – lime & elderberry tea are the best also Echinacea tea, fruit and vegetable juices, sweeten it all with honey!)

    * EAT light food charged with vitamins (fruit – apples & oranges are perfect, vegetables (spinach, peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic are great) ALSO a hot chicken or beef broth makes wonders) Eat fish and pasta or potatoes, a nice hot curry perfectly clears your sinuses!!

    * KEEP WARM & REST (sweating helps immensely!!)

    * THINK POSSITIVE (try to unwind and take your mind away from your daily stress)

    This above, combined with an effective cold rubs, drops and tablets (ask your pharmacist!) should cure your cold within 3 – 4 days.


  52. well frist u take a warm shower make sure there steam in the room .
    then u get ur self warm up to go to sleep . use a warm rag so u can place it on your face .so your nose can open . make sure you drink alots of water and orange juice or apple juice . u have to have tisues
    by ur bed .have some soup and you’ll feel alittle better the next day

  53. have lots of chicken soup it always helps me. get lots of rest it helps alot and plus u get to stay in bed all day and no one will tell u of. try to have fruit and veg. take hot bath it helps u sweat all the bad stuff out and get lots of vitamin c from oranges and vitamin c tablets. Hope this helps u feel better good luck getting rid of the cold. :0)

  54. I have a cold right now and it sucks, cuz I have to go to my college classes tommorrow. I drank some Cold and Flu Eeeze and it seems to help a little but I still feel like im dying. My head hurts and i cannot stand a stuffy nose. I’ll try some of ya’lls techniques. You’d think that if they can cure cancer, they could cure a freakin cold!

  55. Trust me when you first get your cold go through this process:
    Lots of sleep!
    For breakfast eat toast have a banana and two glasses of OJ, the toast tho it might sound weird cures a sore throat.
    For lunch have a healthy sandwich some fruit and a chocolate bar as you will need loads of energy to fight of the virus.
    For dinner eat a hearty meal and before you got to sleep have a hot drink with some honey and lemon, then get loads of rest!
    Trust me this works give it three days.

  56. feed a cold and starve a fever.
    -eat healthy foods–chicken noodle soup
    -drink hot tea
    -drink cold water
    -sleepp lots ZZZZ
    -keep warm
    -cough candies..(halls)
    -have a hot bath
    -sleep some more
    -blow your nose
    … hope these help.. they are helping me.

  57. i am a sucker for hallls cough drops.
    they come in many tasteful flavors,
    and work in a matter of minutes.
    then at night, i use the halls
    disolvers, so i don’t worry
    about choking…they stick
    right on your tongue and
    melt as they soothe.
    i strongly recomend

  58. Drink lots of filtered water, I use a Berkey water filter; do a body cleanse, make sure you try Oxy-powder, it works. Don’t watch TV, this is the latest method, the old method is to drink as much ginger brandy as you can stand, wrap up in blankets, and sweat it out. Do the brandy on a weekend so that you will be a new person and ready for the weekly grind on Monday, honestly, you will feel like a new person! Stay away from sugar, it coats everything in your body, stay away from the vaccines!

  59. Well I Have Got A Cold Atm =[ =[ So Going To Bed Soon!

    Here’s Tha Tip’s:
    * Plenty Of Fluids
    * Nice Hot Cups Of Tea And Biscuits…(May Not Help But Always Makes Me Fell Betta =]
    *Vitamin C (Oranges)
    *Plenty Of Sleep
    *Lavender Oil (My Friend Told Me This One Aint Tried It Yet But Will Do Soon) =]
    * Blow Your Nose =]
    * Chicken Soup
    * Pharmacy Medicines =]

    REMEMBER: Dere Is No Cure For A Cold Only Ways To help It And Make You Feel Better

  60. The best thing and as you will notice is what everyone is repeating is warmth.When you are sick you must remain very warm it actually will raise your body temperature and help your immune system.Don’t drink cold items eat and drink everything warm.If you don’t feel cold it doesn’t matter always wear something that makes you feel a little hot but not uncomfortable.TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT STAY WARM AND EAT AND DRINK ONLY WARM FOODS AND LIQUIDS!

  61. take plenty of vitamins, especialy c and echinea. drink lots of fluid. wash hands everytime you blow your nose. go to bed with a glass of hot milk and whisky sweetend with sugar or honey local is best. keep warm, do a little light exercise. sleeeeeep, get well soon

  62. use olbas inhalers available at supermarkets its great it give u a little shock at first but u get used to it nd it unblocks ur nose!

  63. i still ave a cold bt da other day i got in a nice bubbly soaking hot bath, and put on ma pjs then iwent upsatirs 2 put clean clothes on , also dat day i didnt eat much so

    i drank honey and lemon tea and ma cold has not gone yet anyway the worst thing i am scared but is dat i am avin a baby i 6 weeks tym , so yh basically i dnt no wht 2 suggest and i ave been 2 da docz 2day and daother day ma midwife came rnd 2 see if i was ok ….

    the only thing i can sugeest is dat u ave a lovely nice bubbly hot soaking bath and get plenty of sleep

  64. I have a cold right now and i cant stand it cause i have been missing so much school, and today is the 5th day that i had this cold so hopefully i will be better tomorrow ! thanks for the advice

  65. Drink water, get sleep, drink tea, take over the counter medacines decongestants. Also… take vitamin c and alot of it! coldease and zicam work really well 2. try it and hoefully you’re cold with get better soon

  66. To Andrew and John: We have common opinion about antibiotics Andrew, but something weird happens when I took amoxicillin. It was my doctor who told me to used that one. After 3 days my colds gone. What a weird experience!

  67. I have a cold right now and it sucks. But I recommend drinking lots of water. Taking a warm bath, as hot as you can take it. Eating soup and putting your face over a steaming bowl of hot water..
    Colds suck!!

  68. We should all be eating healthy in the first place but if you catch a cold the best thing to do is get some Garlic, Vit c and fluids into your system, also staying away from dairy products.

    Make some Garlic chicken or Just adding fresh Garlic into your diiner at the end of the day can help.(i love rubbing a clove of garlic onto toast)

    Have a few oranges or a glass of FRESH orange juice.

    Drink water throughout the day and have some tea in between.

    Again get some rest and make sure your having salad and veges with your meals.

    Now for the best fruit in the world….BANANAS !!! Google what’s in a banana and you will understand.

  69. ZIACAM! Rids your cold in half the time. Got everyone at work who had a or started to get a cold. They all swear by it including myself

  70. if you have a cold then you are a poor sucker like me. my sugestion is that you get as much rest as posible. if you are anything like me then you probly can’t get much of that, but if you can’t get to sleep then try something whith poppyseeds. lavender tea helps a bit. the thing that helps the most is once you get over this cold don’t get another one. also stay warm in the winter. if that is hard for you then have fun with all your colds. try hot ramen noodles. as hot as you can stand. i mean teampuateure and spicy hot. if you can’t stand hot foods tempuature wise then refrigorate it. hope it helps. ps don’t freeze ramen, you’ll have to microwave it again.

  71. something that helps me is thyme to calm my nerves.poppyseeds help to get to sleep.lavander soothes me.steam pushes out colds.spicy foods clear the nasel passage.don’t use the same medicine twice,because your body will be immune to it.being around catmint helps bad coughs. juniper berries help bellyaches.tansy helps not use yew berries.

  72. hi peeps i think peeps sould have some early nights and drink some hot drinks :):):):):) and keep blowing your nose :):)

  73. Good tips to get over a cold in a day!

    Drink plenty of liquor while having sex

    take a cold shower

    try to get as little sleep as possible

    you’ll be over it in a day!

  74. ive got this massive cold and i dont know how to get rid of it i tried spicy food chicken soop even calpoll but they aint working has any one got any more tips on how to get rid of my cold i have to spend days off of school because of it and i love school aswell so i would like to get rid of it soon as possible please give some suggestions

  75. two ways i get rid of a cold, get cold like heck or get hot like heck

    if you get really hot then you’ll sweat the cold out

    if you get really cold than it takes away the fever and such

  76. if you make ramen noodles drink the broth it is verry hot dont let it cool off you need to drink it as soon as possible i dont know why but this helps me get over sickness fast and if you have a stuffy nose rub carmex under your nostrils it help you breathe through your nose. and if you go to some place like safe way or rite-aid there is something called Airborne you put the tablet in water stir it up let it sit for 5min then drink it all up this stuff tastes nasty but you will get better the next day or sooner.

  77. I think that all these tips do not make the cold go away they only help for a short period of time.

    but what will make it go away for a longer period of time but not make it go away completely is put your head over a bucket of water mixed with vapour drops ( 5 drops ) and then stay under it for 10 minutes then drink 4 cups of tea with honey and then go straight to bed and the next morning you will feel like it has gone

    good luck ope u feel better =)

  78. hot green peppers i forget what there called start with a c, have a bowl of those with lots of water, the peppers will be so hot that youll need the lots of water, cant handle spicy food? too bad id rather get better

  79. I know people say that sleeping lots help but if ur anything like me then sleep is an impossibility when u have a cold and it just doesnt happen!
    But i just tried that whole puttin ur head over a steaming bowl of water and i feel better!it will probably be only for a short while but its still nice!
    And i had a nice hot bath last night and i felt a **** of alot better!
    Another thing that really works is just getting on with life!dont have a day of school/college/work!just try to stick to ur normal rroutine and it will help keep ur mind of it!
    And lastly dont take the tablets like lemsip and benylin because that was all i have done for the past 4 days and its done nothing at all to help me!
    Hope u get better soon!

  80. my tip coca-cola with cinnamon.
    honey with lemon but hot

    stay hot drink hot eat hot stay warm!!!
    oh another thing don’t eat, drink or get cold!!

  81. Put tracksuit and t shirt on, drink a quadruple brandy with squeezed lemon, honey and a bit of hot water, take a lemsip type remedy, and goto bed early. The next day wrap up so well you sweat and get a lot of fresh air. Who needs a doctor !!!!!!

  82. Drink Orange juice, always have something on your feet, bed rest. umm and put Vicks (type of gel) under your nose and on your chest. Works for me. 🙂

  83. ok so ive been sick for 4 days now && it seems as if im just getting worst .. ive been sleeping 12 hours @ a time but still nothing .. i took tylenol cold twice a day 4 the past 4 days && nothin .. someone please help me !!

  84. I’m currently dying (metaphorically) of a killer cold, sore throat, bad cough, dripping nose, blocked sinuses..
    am about to pile on the layers, drink water, eat well tonight and tomorrow, sleep well tonight, try and take my mind of the cold, use deep heat on my ribs to stop the pains from coughign so much! and drrink more!

  85. 1. Drink plenty of hot fluids
    2. Dress in layers and remember to wear socks
    3. Take a hot shower or bath
    4. Try to get plenty of rest
    5. Try over the counter medicines { sudafed, nyquil, and dayquil }
    6. Get some fresh air 🙂

  86. I drink tea and sleep inside a sleeping bag under a couple down comforters. It helps in the morning. robitussin cf helps with stuffiness, and halls cough drops are good. Get a little exercise though, jumping and streatching are good if you feel well enough. I recently was sick over Thanksgiving. I somehow had a good time.

  87. -Keep Your fingers OUT of you mouth, Out of your nose, away from face

    -get LOTS and LOTS of sleep

    -Get LOTS of vitamans

  88. i have this bad cold right now.. the things i do are…
    * Wrap up in a few layers SWEAT IT OUT !!
    * Drink lots and lots of water
    * Rest alot
    * Get some crystals and put them in boiling water when you go to bed ( make sure you dont stick ur eyes near it !! it burns like **** !!!!)
    * Eating lots of fruit helps 🙂

  89. Ok well I don’t think I have a cold, but it feels like I’m getting one. And I know when I get colds. To make matters worse. I’m going on a cruise in 5 days and have never been on a cruise before. So i hope this gets better.. A good tip for you would be to get plenty of rest. Sleep your cold away. so far it has been working. I also took some of the tips. Right now if your like me It is freezing in my town. But if you are in a town right now where it is 80-906 degree weather. Lucky you. Spend a day at the pool or something. The sun will drain out your cold. Also try to have fun. You can have soo much fun you start feeling better and forget about your cold. I also have a glass door. My door has sunlight that comes through and shines through onto the carpet. I lay on the carpet and and the sun can also burn away your cold even if it 32 degrees.. I think all of this advice is great. And to the a**hole that put the stuff about s** and liquor stop. Thats not funny. KING!!! so stop. im only 13 and i get alot of this from my parents. Also if u have a bath tub go in the hottt!!! bathtub and sit in there for a while. While doing that just blow out all your mucus into the tub it may sound nasty but it helps. Also take a lot of antibiotics. and one more very very very important thing is…..

    And if u have a cold. you shouldn’t be sitting on the internet. If it bothers you soo bad go take a nap and lay down it will make u feel better.

    I hope this helps.. And get better

    – Tayla

  90. 1. Vit C (1000 mg/daily) 2. pineapple 3. echinacea 4. zinc orally and also purchase Zicam from your local drug store 5. drink some air-borne 6. lots of water 7. HOT tea at night 8. don’t push too hard, if you are tired-rest! Your body heals while it is sleeping, so rest, rest, rest! 7. Use a hot-vaporizer to sleep at night 8. use Vicks vapor rub if your nose is stuffy and rub it on your throat if it is hurting!

  91. do what i do eat hot and spicy indian food and relly hot tea everytime u eat put a spoon of hot food in ur mouth drink some hot tea right after that r try tabasco drink 2 oz. of tabasco sauce and then drink hot tea good luck 4 the sick ones i hope this works 4 u. shelly

  92. get a 1/4 of a spoonfull of butter then mix it with sugar it helps sooth the tubes in your body or you could try honey and hot water or you could try hot wiskey with sugar

  93. i tried green tea, this worked great along with rest and watching your favourite comedy,laughing alot takes your mind off i dont like to over-rest myself and i try to get on with things as best as pos. anyone got good ideas for chesty cough colds as theyre the worst goin.

  94. To King: Thats disgusting, young people are searching on here.

    To everyone else: I have a cold and so I’m going to go have an early night… Also going to try some of the advice on here.

    ..Havn’t heard of half these products though! Are they american or something?!

  95. I take claratin but my colds dont seem to be affected by it anymore….so now i take claratin D..but the virus seems to be fighting it off. every time i take something for my cold the virus always comes back stronger and i can’t use it anymore, now i am trying to the Emergen-C 1000 mg packet powder with vitamin C of course. for any of you who are ill and have never used claratin i recommend you use it, i first felt mine coming on and i used it and it worked, within 4-5 hours, and you have used claratin and its not working anymore for you then use claratin D it really really really absolutely works.(not for me anymore though, can someone tell me why the cold got stronger than the claratin..and do we catch the same colds everytime? i have the same symptoms everytime, i thought my body would have created antibodies to this stupid virus….im only 15 i don’t know too much about viruses).

  96. im 14 i need some tip so i wen with danielle age 14 that was a good 1 so people if you have a cold flush it out with hot want a earley nigts buy now

  97. try not to eat/drink too much dairy produce, they will create more mucus and phlegm!
    and just use your common sense;), like wear a hat out of the house, dont go out with wet hair, drink sports drinks, and dont take antibiotics which are for bacterial infections not viral like colds!

  98. I got this tip of a friend so if it dousnt work then please do not blame me

    1.wet your feet in cold water(do not dry your feet)
    2.dip some socks in hot water and put them on
    3.Put another pair of dry socks on top of the wet ones
    4.go to bed wearing the socks

  99. Stay in the warm, especially in this weather. Take vitamins and eat foods rich in vitamin C. Have a Lemsip (doesnt taste too great but works really well) ‘or’ dose up on paracetamols and Ibruprofen. Try and lay off the smoking because believe me it doesn’t help and it lowers your immune system. Have a bell put next to you at the side of your bed so you can take advantage of the fact that you’re ill and have some sad idiot run around after you. I find that’s the best remedy of them all 😉

  100. I got three tips. I apologise if they’re already in the list.

    1. Sweating it out by wearing lots of thin layers (loose clothing) in bed and drinking plenty of fluids mainly soups.

    2. Take two paracetamols and a warm glass of milk with sugar or honey as sweetner. Then go to bed.

    3. Go to a sauna or steam room (prefered) and sweat it out. This seems to work first time, every time.

  101. The best cure you can get is the good old Scottish way, a Toddy. Get a cup, put a good bit of whiskey into the cup, and add boiling water. You have to drink it whilst its hot, then go to bed. It tastes rough but the next morning your cold is gone. Trust me, it works, thats why none of us Scots need to take a day off work with the cold! And get a hat!

  102. Ok so today i was sick. I went to this site and took several stuff and for now it is all working.

    I tried the following:

    1 Tylenol 500mg
    cough medicine
    7up soda (this really worked)
    and of course water

    so far i am recovering good. remember don’t suck in the mucus of your nose.

  103. i’m actualy dying of a cold here…lemsips don’t work so don’t bother…christmas is in four days if i’m still like this it’ll be the worst day eva.

  104. Hi. i have a real bad cold and it is right before the holidays. I am drinking tea and watching tv while listening to iTunes. still in PJ’s. I am trying to sweat it out in flannel pjs and two sweatshirts.
    keep busy and you’ll forget about it.

  105. its good if you try to get some fresh air 🙂 but make sure you get well wraped up it really helps
    BUT MAKE SURE if you have a sore throat DONT EAT ICE CREAM it makes your throat worse 🙁

  106. Use Petroleum Jelly (always works for me), blow your nose instead of sucking it all up, drink plenty of water, eat lots of oranges and get lots of rest.

  107. echinacea all the way! just dont stay on ti too logn if not ur immune system will require it and u will be Dependant on it. but works like a dream!

  108. Drinking lots and lots of water. When I drink lots of water it keeps me from getting sinus infections which is one of the worst things in the world. I will try the head over hot water and see if that helps. Just remember lots of water and keep your feet really warm. I use a heating pad for that.

  109. My GreatGrandmother taught me a recipie for fighting the flu or any cold that comes ur way.First you get a cup of water,then you add half a teaspoon of honey.If you don’t have honey use less than a teaspoon of sugar.After u add the sugar to the water mix a guarter teaspoon of bakeing powder,then stirr it up.The Trick Is To Drink It Befor The Foam Settles Down…

  110. If you want to rid a cold quicker you will need to eat BIG and EARLY.
    I mean first thing in the morning eat a BIG braeakfast over 1,000 calories, and you will get better faster.
    This only works if you eat a BIG meal first thing in the morning, not late.
    -I saw this on M&F magazine-

  111. Drink tons of water, blow ur nose don’t suck it in tht just annoys yourself and the people around you. take vitamin C’s the bowl of water with vicks is a temporary reliver but hey it calms it down. stay warm and fight that durn cold

  112. what helps the most if you want to get rid of sickness in one day
    i recommend eating oranges, and inhaling vicks also drinking alot
    of water and tea with honeyy
    not to mention garlic in your too that will also help very much
    and eating spicy food

  113. try these things for cold sickness:
    1. Blow your nose
    2. stand on your head
    3. Sleep
    4. eat chicken soup
    5. drink Gatorade or sprite
    6. boil vapor stuff and breath it in for 10 min.

  114. Some good advice here. Rest, fluids, rest, vitamin C, rest, fluids and stay away from others so as not to infect them. Use hand sanitizer everywhere you go in order to not get others sick and to keep yourself from getting sick.

    Most of all though, I have to comment on two things: Inaccurate sources of colds and drug treatments that some on this page have given.

    First off, you DON’T catch a cold from getting wet, from sitting in a draft, from going outside with wet hair, not wearing a jacket on windy cold day.

    Colds come from viruses, rhinoviruses. You pick them up in the air after someone has done a sloppy job of coughing or sneezing, or you pick them up on your hands and fingers. The virus gains access through your nose or eyes and settles in your nose and starts reproducing, and your body reacts symptomatically by producing histamines which create snot, phlegm, mucus, etc. to purge the body of the germs.

    Taking antibiotics does not cure a cold. THERE IS NO CURE. Colds are viral, not bacterial.

    So please, read up on your virology and learn the facts about what a cold is, where it comes from and how to make it go away.

    I megadose on vitamin C (about 3000 milligrams every 4 hours — it can’t hurt you, your body just pees the excess out if needed) drink lots of clear sugarless liquids, teas, water, etc. and I use Zicam nose swabs every 4 or 5 hours until I feel well.

  115. PS — lightly feed a cold. The very fact that you have a cold in the first place may point to your eating “too congesting a diet” that puts a strain on your body’s metabolism. Counteract it, by eating fewer fatty foods, meat and milk products, and more fresh fruit and vegetables.
    Also, mild exercise improves your circulation, helping your immune system circulate infection-fighting antibodies. Jump on a gentle rebounder indoors for 15 minutes or take a brisk half-hour walk. But refrain from strenuous exercise, which could wear you out. You’ll feel better after you exercise a little bit, and it will help make you tired so that you can sleep, even if your head is stuffed up.

  116. get plenty of sleep and to help a sore throat or cough boil water then put vinegar and gargle it for a while

    try not to swallow

  117. Some good advice here. Rest, fluids, rest, vitamin C, rest, fluids and stay away from others so as not to infect them. Use hand sanitizer everywhere you go in order to not get others sick and to keep yourself from getting sick.

    Most of all though, I have to comment on two things: Inaccurate sources of colds and drug treatments that some on this page have given.

    First off, you DON’T catch a cold from getting wet, from sitting in a draft, from going outside with wet hair, not wearing a jacket on windy cold day.

    Colds come from viruses, rhinoviruses. You pick them up in the air after someone has done a sloppy job of coughing or sneezing, or you pick them up on your hands and fingers. The virus gains access through your nose or eyes and settles in your nose and starts reproducing, and your body reacts symptomatically by producing histamines which create snot, phlegm, mucus, etc. to purge the body of the germs.

    Taking antibiotics does not cure a cold. THERE IS NO CURE. Colds are viral, not bacterial.

    So please, read up on your virology and learn the facts about what a cold is, where it comes from and how to make it go away.

    I megadose on vitamin C (about 3000 milligrams every 4 hours — it can’t hurt you, your body just pees the excess out if needed) drink lots of clear sugarless liquids, teas, water, etc. and I use Zicam nose swabs every 4 or 5 hours until I feel well.
    PS — lightly feed a cold. The very fact that you have a cold in the first place may point to your eating “too congesting a diet” that puts a strain on your body’s metabolism. Counteract it, by eating fewer fatty foods, meat and milk products, and more fresh fruit and vegetables.
    Also, mild exercise improves your circulation, helping your immune system circulate infection-fighting antibodies. Jump on a gentle rebounder indoors for 15 minutes or take a brisk half-hour walk. But refrain from strenuous exercise, which could wear you out. You’ll feel better after you exercise a little bit, and it will help make you tired so that you can sleep, even if your head is stuffed up.
    PS — lightly feed a cold. The very fact that you have a cold in the first place may point to your eating “too congesting a diet” that puts a strain on your body’s metabolism. Counteract it, by eating fewer fatty foods, meat and milk products, and more fresh fruit and vegetables.
    Also, mild exercise improves your circulation, helping your immune system circulate infection-fighting antibodies. Jump on a gentle rebounder indoors for 15 minutes or take a brisk half-hour walk. But refrain from strenuous exercise, which could wear you out. You’ll feel better after you exercise a little bit, and it will help make you tired so that you can sleep, even if your head is stuffed up.

  118. hi i have head cold and i kept blowing my nose and it hurt my ear, and throats.i try everything to get rid of the cold

  119. hiya people, i have had the cold now for 3 days, and its really beginin to stress me out. the thing about wzt some of the people are sayin about take ibroprofin for a cold, are well wrong. as ibroprofen is an anti-inflammertry not cold relief. and i have got to admit droppin a spot of whisky or brandy in your T or coffee helps you to sweat out the virus. the only thing is i aint got ne whisky or brandy. lol

    thanx for readin.

  120. I am (metiphorically) dying of a cold, I have had if for only a few days. But I am allready suffering. The whole, nine yards, stuffed up noes, hurting neck and adimin, and sore eyes, and ears are popping.

    I found that these work best. Yea. i sat here and tried them all!! I am allready feeling better! ^_^

    2. Boil some water. wait a few minutes, cool it off but not to much, then take a towle and but it over it, just put your mouth and noes in the pot, and cover with towel, if too hot take a few minutes and blow out excess snot!! then do agian for as long as needed
    3. vitamas
    4.mmmm…tea, *i liked the lavander*
    5. take theruflu, it will help

    other than that JUST REST!

  121. 1)rest when you can even if its just closing your eyes while sitting.
    2) Don’t just sleep all day though every hour or so get up and walk around for 5 minutes.
    3) Blow, spit and cough all that nasty **** out.
    4) Wash hands, use sanitizer, and lysol or clorox wipes to clean your house.
    5) Up your vitamin C, as for herbs: lavendar, rose hips, echinacea, goldenseal, and olive leaf.
    6) When you’re so congested you don’t feel like eating make some broth (any kind) with garlic rosemary and thyme.
    7) Hot tea with honey and lemon helps, an occasional hot toddy can all help clear your throat.
    8)Hot bath or shower with any product with eucalyptus oil in it.
    9) If you’re like me and no matter how gentle you are you get the ‘rudolph’ rash from blowing your nose, DONT put vicks on it it’ll just burn badly and irritate it more, vaseline is -k- but just found a great new thing face oil, am currently using dr. haushka’s normalizing oil and I went from so painful i thought my face might crack, to almost normal.
    10) Open the blinds and let in the sun, don’t just lie around and complain(guess that’s why we’re all on the net while being sick, so we know we’re not the only ones suffering and remeber that the world doesn’t revolve around us) and think it better, really if you tell yourself it’s getting better instead of saying it’s so miserable makes it better.

  122. To help stop conjestion, drink some hot tea with some honey in it. Also get some extra sleep. Eat a lot of chicken noodle soup. (yum!) Try not to spread it around to other people. Blow your nose, don’t sniff it all up your nose. You will just make it worse.

  123. always blow you nose and open mouth and lean over when you do, that’s what my grandmother says. Use puffs tissue with lotion it helps a whole lot! And if it’s cold outside, DON’T GO OUTSIDE!!! If it’s not cold it’s fine.

  124. There is a mouthwash called steri/sol, it is an anti-septic, so when gargled for 30 seconds it will kill bacteria. Works very well on kankers too.

  125. Drink lots of liquids, water, tea, or vitamin C drinks including orange juice, take rest and you should well in a few days.

  126. drinking orange juice may help but what works even better (and faster) is eating an orange and eating as much of the white part (pulp) as you can get off the peel. it worked for me!!!

  127. oh and also, what i did one time was i went for a jog around the block (it was warmer weather) but only once becuase i had a sore throat and i didn’t want to breath heavily cuz it would get worse. but by the time i got home, my stuffy nose had completely gone away. the running loosened my “snot” so i wasn’t as congested.

  128. Quote
    “John Says: (May 21st, 2007 at 10:46 pm)
    antibiotoics antibiotoics antibiotoics antibiotoics antibiotoics antibiotoics”

    Reply: “Were treating a cold here!! Antibiotics dont target viruses, they target bacteria!”

    Drink plenty of water and vitamin c, juices etc, wash your hands regularly to eliminate additional bacteria getting into your system and you should be fine in five days or so.

  129. 1. get a good night’s rest
    2. drink fluids. orange juice, juice, power/gator ade etc.
    3. vicks,on nose and chest
    4. no junk food
    5. rest as much as you can,but not like a couch potato
    6. get SOME fresh air and walk around outside with coffee

  130. ok………………..the first thing i would do is drink lots of lemon tea,earl grey and normal tea wooooooooooooow dont forget water lots and lots of water then i would have a real lemon {sour but will work}and oranges so the vitamin c then i would a nap in nice walm pjs
    then i would go mad if i still had it i would eat loads of spicey food like peaces of chilly and that drink loads and have a bath
    oh yeah if you go mad like me i have spicey hot chocolate
    just get milk,ground cinamin and chocolate then do what you want with it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please have water
    {wear thermal socks pants/nickers tops trouser but girls boys never wear shorts/skirts

  131. I have a cold at the moment, iv’e go on 2 thermal woolie hats,a summer vest,t-shirt,long sleeved t-shirt,thick polo neck jumper,thick fleece jumper and im sweating buckets in front of my real log fire with plenty of hot fuids. Im starting to feel better though.

  132. I always get colds. I have one at the moments and its like ****. What i normally do is just try and stay busy, keep your mind off of it.
    Orange Juice (Vitamin C)

  133. well i’ve been pretty sick lately-coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headaches and i’m so glad i found this site for tips. i have to give a speech tomorrow so i’ve been looking for the fastest remedy possible. right now (and it seeems to be working) i’m inhaling steam by filling up a bowl with water and holding my head over it. this makes you feel better almost immediatly. i’ve been drinking hot water and a bit of hot chocolate but i haven’t been drinking gatorade or fruit juice, i think it’s best to aviod too much sugar. i also hold an ice pack against my cheek to get rid of that hot feeling you get inside your nose. try to just relax and watch t.v.- but not too much, because you can get headaches very easily

  134. What I usually do is lay in bed for a while watching movies with a cold compress.(if you have a fever/cold.) Have some medication (advil ect.) and have about three drinks water and types of juices. I would also suggest like other people did having a shower because it opens up your nose more and you feel like your cold is gone for half the day.

  135. to rekieve that nose blockage follow these instructions
    1.blow your nose
    2.put a pea of toothpaste up your nose and hold with tissue for 10 mins. (it stings loads and tears run down my eyes, BEWARE!)
    3. blow your nose and wait 10 mins w/ no tissue.
    4. make hot chocolate and leave the spoon in
    5.inhale the steam while sipping quickly out the spoon.
    hope this helps!

  136. Im Going To London On Monday And Have A Cold I Was Going To Ask Do Any Of Youu Know How To Get Rid Of It That Fast, I Hopee Youu Doo, Ive Been Drining Lots Of Water, I Even Had A Hot Water Bottle Last Night But Nothing Is Helping !!

    Plz Help Me :(:( x

    Thankz =] xxx

  137. If you take one or two garlic supplements every day the chances of getting the cold in the first place are slim. IF you feel one coming on, start taking Zicam right away. I used to get sick a lot but the combination for me seems to work. I have a cold right now and I believe its because I ran out of garlic last week and never bought anymore. Never again will I forget to do that!

  138. I have a cold right now to and unfortunatly for me I have wayy to much studying to do so I can’t rest, anyways heres what i’ve been doing..

    1) Showers! These always help me because you don’t feel as sick in the shower and it clears up your congestion in your nose and throat so its easier to cough up phlegm and blow you nose.
    2) Drink lots of water, tea, and orange juice
    3) Take vitamin C supplements
    4) Try and get as much rest as possible
    5) If you can’t sleep try and take your mind off of your cold…watching a movie, talking to a friend on the phone, reading etc.
    6) If you can afford to take a day off don’t go to work or school – you won’t get much done anyways – if you HAVE to go I recommend using a nasal spray if your nose is stuffy or runny
    7) At night I like to make myself a cup of neocitran with some honey and I find it makes you feel better and drowsy so you can get a better sleep
    8) Most importantly blow your nose and cough up as much as you can – theres no point sniffing or swallowing the phlegm its trying to come out for a reason!

    Get better everyone!

  139. I have a cold now, but just get over it and go about your daily lives. Always works and ur cold will start to go in about 2-3 days

  140. Well the Chinese way if you feel a sickness coming, you shold try heating up coke and ginger. If you don’t like the taste, add in the lemon. Just heat it up for about 5 minutes with all three things inside. Then drink it slowly or however you desire.

  141. when you are suffering form a cold there are very few things that you can do to get better. the few thing that you can do ar elisted below
    1. drink lemonade
    lemonade contains citric acid which will help zap away th e intruders in the back of your throat
    2. sleep
    when you are resting your body get smore energy to figh toff infections
    3. rub on Vicks vapor rub
    it will help decongest you
    4. avoid cough medicine
    it only weakens you rimmune system your body can get rid of a cold withou tany help.studies have shown that the use of cough medicine does not help and that it is really a mental thing.
    5. don’t take antibiotics
    antibiotica are made for viruses and a cold is not a virus it’s an infection
    6. drink hot tea
    when you drink the tea it helps loosen the mucus at the back of your throat

  142. RE. my post on 25th Nov, just came back here to check out the site – it DID work, the cold was gone, just by wrapping up, sleeping for a good 12 hours and sweating it out, the cough took a few days to rid of with meds though

  143. drink hot tea,sit it the bathroom with no clothes on with the hot shower running to breathe in the steam and sweat the cold out… also get alot of sleep and get rid of sinust and all that nasty stuff. and also eat chicken noodle soup! peace!

  144. water with alittle ice cubes then when you are finished that you make you own chicken noodle soup or just soup.when you get in the shower you take a shower with cold water then put some warm cloth on because in a minute it could be cold and a second later it could be hot.

  145. hi my name is jennifer and i will like for someone to help me see i don’t feel good. my head was hurting and my chest is hurt and it feel like someone is siting on it and all of my bones are hurting as well see i don’t like milk at all and my bone are always popping and know when they pop it hurt because of this cold that i have so what should i do about it what can i do to get rid of this feel i feel bad my feel sick PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. I am one of those people which HATE OJ with a passion, so its something i avoid. what i find works best is to get a lemon and squeeze it into a class with hot water (as hot as you can) its obviously very bitter so i recomend adding a spoonful of honey. its natural sugars and full of nutrience so does a world of good, some vit tablets and a really long nights sleep.

    best remady 🙂

  147. I recommend buying Nurofen cold and flu tablets, they are 4.99 very expensive but absolutely brilliant. Take 3 not 2, then go to sleep for around two hours, just enough for one dream cycle. If you eat when you are ill, this may help the bacteria in your system support its self from the germs within the foods(meats)SO DON’T EAT FOR ONE DAY! Drink orange squash and take vitamin C tablets, tablets dissolve quickly in the stomach and whatever you do DO NOT DRINK fresh orange juice, because most juices are from concentrate and contain more sugar in them than 4 choco bars. And always try to think positive, dont let the cold get hold of you, try to do everyday day things like going on a computer but nothing too physical. The mind itself is a very powerful thing.

  148. umm well i have a cold right now =P i know right, yay for me, but anyway the tea really helps. i drank some throat compfort tea that has some extracts of natural licorice and it really helps to sooth the annoying cough. as for the stuffy nose, it hasn’t gone away for 5 days! but today i’m going to be sure to hit the sauna to sweat that cold out so that’s what i reccomend for anyone and everyone. don’t forget to rest also, if your body doesn’t have time to rest then it doesn’t have time to recooperate.

  149. Im currently suffering from a cold. Drinking LOTS of water and eating Oranges helps loads!
    Petroleum Jelly is a MIRACLE! Try it 🙂

  150. I am just getting rid of my cold and i had just got my cold on friday and now its gone its a relief i used petrolem jelly and boy did it work of u have a cold just use petrolum jelly it really works

  151. well i actually have a cold right now
    my immune system isnt the best so i always get them!!
    i feel teriible!
    most people say just let it go on its own but it is best to target every area that is infected
    nose= put vapour rub in hot water and sit and breathe it in
    throut= cough sweets, lemsip
    if your eyes water the best thing to do is to not look at tv screens or computers but to just rest

  152. I am struggling with a cold to so my advice to whoever is reading this is to get some vasline and put it on your chest and under your nose and another place that helps a lot is put it on you pinkies on your toes. Drink gatorade coke OJ and 7 up. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR COLD.

  153. im sick right nw…im out of skul 4 da last 3day…nd if i dnt get bette by ta-mara i cant play my match so im goin ta take all ur avises nd see does it work…plz god does we will see ta-mar…thankz !!!=)

  154. Take lots of vitamin C it really helps your immune system! Also lots of rest and clear fluids! Hope everyone feels better!!!

  155. If you have a 7-11 gas station near your house, go and buy a large cola slurpee. For some reason it works for me everytime.

  156. i find that gargling vodka – known antibacterial agent – sorts a sore throat within an hour. also seems to help cutting down length of cold

  157. 1. Drink lots of WATER & FLUIDS
    2. Get lots of SLEEP
    3. Stay WARM
    4. If you have a headache, put a COLD CLOTH on your forehead
    5. Have lots of VITAMIN C
    6. Eat HEALTHY
    7. Have a HOT BATH
    8. HOT WATER WITH LEMON AND A BIT OF HONEY, as well as TEA is soothing for your throat too.
    9. BLOW your nose
    10. And of course, CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP

  158. The above is good advice. What works for me is hot tea with honey, chili (the hotter, the better). Lot of medication. Cough drops because I’m a very active person and I can’t just rest. So I also drink grapefruit juice. It sooths the throat and nasal congestion, a short term but effective remedy if you want to stay alert. It’s sooo much better than orange juice.

  159. Loads of hot tea, especially lemon, ginger and orange herbal teas drunk as hot as you can stand and as quickly as you can. Then at night my trick is a ‘hot toddy’; shot of whisky, juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 teaspoons of honey and boiling water, works so well! The best food is chicken flavour noodle soup then add freshly chopped garlic, red chilli, ginger and mushrooms, makes you feel so much better! Otherwise lots of nutritious vegetable soup. Olbas Oil drops on a hankerchief to sniff unblock your nose as well, put them on your pillow at night too. X

  160. i am a HORROR when it comes to colds! 4 me they last for about 3 to 4 days! it seems like forever to get rid of a cold doesn’t it? but each day your getting better. tip it ya have a cold are……………

    .drink lots of fluids
    .eat something spicy like hot salsa or hot sauce
    .blow your nose to sniff it is you will only get a headache .try some hot drinks like coffee tea or coco
    . eat healthy and WASH THOSE HANDS! that is probably how you got this cold.
    so take my advice and you will get better in no time!!!!!!!!! get well xxoooxxoo

  161. I have a fairly nice cold today actually, its not too awful now =].
    i think I’m over the worst of it mainly from just sleeping all day today, drinking water, and not leaving my room for the past like 22 hours =].
    im now off to try and grab some ribena, oranges, and more sleep!

  162. whenever i have a really bad cold that is just beating the **** outta me, i just get really really high. any type of sticky purple weed will usually do the trick

  163. eat vites and eat a lemon raw and it can not be pulp free also eat anything hot not cold that worsens it so be helthy!

  164. well orange juice always helps me just get a big bottle drinking small glasses at a time, too much wil giv u stomach ache so yh 😀 and i agree with Jess ^

  165. drink water
    eat oranges
    dnt wipe nose to ard overwise it begins to sting
    dnt put tissue up ur nose it just makes u sneeze
    wear more layers than usual when going out 😀

  166. I have a cold right now and it’s a pain. but i’ve been using LOTS of Vicks vapor rub for my nose and for muscle aches. just drink a lot, hot tea is really good for you. a couple remedy’s iwe use at home are lime and honey tea, garlic and ginger tea, or “bush” tea. “bush” tea is lats of different herbs like mint, time, etc. i also use Olbas oil. it is a liquid inhalent decongestant. it works really well. and of course Buckleys is great too. if it’s an alergy cold, then take Alfalfa and Asidopholus.

  167. drink lots of tea, vitamin c, yogurt, omega 3 which is found in Flora, yoga, exercise, sex and get less sleep then you usually would as your bodies immune sstem works better when you are awake than when you are asleep.

  168. It’s a really stupid idea but it helps me in less than a week or so ok so this what i do i put lots of vicks on and if you have a humidefier melt some vicks and pour it in to the humidefier and take lots of meds and try to sit or sleep straight up and get lots of rest eat or drink vitiman c blow your nose (when needed) and take BATHS not showers baths and drink COLD water and hot tea i use when i have a cold i use the cold tea and the best part is u miss school!! :)Thanx and i’ll proubably never b on this again!

  169. Get home after a day of work / school and have fresh bath, whilst eating a good wholemeal, healthy snack (No sugar) and LOADS of water, then clear synuses out by doing the ‘head above water’ method. Cough sweets definetly sooth a sore throat so stock up. Then go STRAIGHT TO BED with a lovely hot water bottle. I suggest not going near cats/ dogs as they irritate the nose. Try to SLEEP not just REST, i.e Have lights out instead of on whilst reading. You’ll thank yourself for it! 😀

  170. hay this might be strange but if you try to stay outside in the sun it would help. also if you try to exersize be carefull not to over work your self, if you do you might just jump out of reality and pass out for a second. so you need to just relex ,like out side in a nice area maby take a walk or lay at the beach so your body can sweat out the bacteria. trust me this works ! ps. bring water of vitamim water (verry important) hope it helps . p.s. stay away from your family you dont want them getting sick! lov yhas get well soon

  171. ok im sick right now and i need help…this is what im doing
    drinking vitamin c drinks
    taking baths
    being lazy in bed =)
    bowling water and putting my face near it so the steam comes up into my face .
    is this helping my cold?

  172. You can’t instantly rid yourself of a cold. A few ways to make yourself feel better or speed up recovery are here:

    1. Heat, Sweat out the virus.

    2. Fluid (Preferebly Hot), pass the virus out of your body.

    3. Sleep, your metabolism doesn’t have to cope with movement so can put more effort towards fightsing the viral infection.

    The Best Drinks:

    1. Tea, Caffene helps and the heat does too.

    2. Water (Hot Is Best), Helps you pass the virus out. Hot water also helps you sweat it out.

    3. (My Recipe): Water (As Hot As Possible), honey, pure lemon juice and hot pepper sauce.

  173. whats poppin every 1 iv got the best tip for you to never catch a cold again just go to your lacall sweet shop get sophers and lockets eat all of them in 1 day and save 1 for another time if there is a nother time.

  174. I’m going on vacation in a few days and I don’t want to be sick. 🙁 I constantly get colds and I absolutely hate it. The best thing to do for a cold is probably dress in really warm clothes including wool socks and lay in bed. Drink really hot hot chocolate or tea or coffee and eat chicken noodle soup. If you can’t sleep because your nose is too stuffed up, get some nasal drops or spray that will unclog your nose for a while. Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest. Don’t try to go to school or work when you’re sick, because you won’t get better as fast. Also, try Zicam or this powdery stuff you can put in a glass of water that is supposed to strengthen your immune system to fight off your cold faster. I hope my tips helped, and really do get that nasal spray at the drugstore cuz it helps so much! GET WELL SOON AND I HOPE I DO!! 🙂

  175. And by the way, antibiotics don’t work at all, because colds are viruses, and antibiotics are targeted on bacteria. If you buy antibiotics, you’ll just be wasting your time and money that you could be spending on using remedies that actually work.

  176. get waterr then blow your nose with soft tissues (hard ones hurt your nose =[) after put vicks under your nose and get a vaporizor and put vicks in it and water then breath in that for about 5 minss make sure the vaporizor is hot. then lay down and sleep with a (cold)wash cloth on your head with the vapo running and eat cough drops =]

  177. Ok so this is a rough composition of my cold symptoms and the ways to counteract them.

    When first waking up take 2 daytime Advil Cold and Sinus
    Take a good sized swig of Buckleys, if you can stomach it. But dont purposly overdose, keep things safe and read directions.

    Emmidiantly hop in a hot shower, as hot as your pain tolerance will allow and for as long as you can. Your not cold anymore and I find hot water soothing. Careful not to burn yourself.

    Aches: I find the above also help take care of the aches.
    Headache: Advil takes care of that aswell.
    Drink hot liquids, the hotter the better but dont burn yourself. Im not much of a tea drinker so I prefer nice hot black coffee, also, stronger the better.

    Stay warm. If your sweating then its a good thing, mayb disgusting but still a good thing. But regulate your temperature, dont cook yourself under 4 blankets 3 sweeters and a parka.

    Stay Hydrated. OJ works very well for this, natural is best because it tends to have the highest conentration of vitamin C.

    If you can get as much rest as you can, but if your like me and cant sleep, watch movies all day.

    If you start to get stuffed up then Vix vapor rub works very well but if you dont have any and dont feel like going to a store. Hop in the shower again. Nice and hot to open up your sinus cavities.

    Night time advil or tylanol to help you sleep, personaly doent work for me. I can take 5 of them and i dont get sleepy, ntohing happens at all.

    I say use hot liquids because the sever warmth will potentialily kill most form of the rhinovirus. Hot showers help promate blood flow and makes you nice and tosty.

    Feel like ive been rambling for sometime now so I hope someone finds something in here even slighttly useful.

  178. Right Hi I Have A Cold Today And I Feel Sick With it
    I find i cant sleep very much and i dont feel like eating either
    so if you dont feel like eatin like me then just eat as much as you can but u need a lot of water or orange juice
    and you need to take ure mind of this so watch a nice dvd or television x
    I hope You all get better x
    i love this website =) 😀

  179. i take paracetamol eat loads of oranges eat cough sweets have a nice hot bath and lots of hot drinks and when u get a red nose put lip balm on it
    also my friend that never had a cold in a year he said its because he took vitamin c tablets every day and its true i have never seen him with a cold

  180. Ive got a cold at the moment and it’s driving me nuts!! I thought I wouldnt get one as bad as this because I’ve had the flu jab, but Ive just got a cold, and not the flu. I’ve never sneezed so much in all my life. Ive been doing things wrong, instead of wrapping up warm, ive had my fan on me because I was too hot, guess i’ll go back upto bed and wrap up warm. As for sleep it’s been hard with the blocked up nose and 2 young kids!!

    Thanks for all the tips on this page, I will try them, and GET WELL SOON to anyone else with this pesky cold! xxx

  181. Ok i had a HORRIBLE cold yesterday and what i did was:
    1. i took a HOT shower
    2. I dressed really warm even tho i was sweating like a pig.
    3. I put Vick’s Vapor rub on my chest and under my nose.
    4. i slept and slept and slept!!!


  182. Well i have a cold right now and what i am doing is well simple! I’m taking Benilyn Chest Cold and Cough and also taking Cepacol cough droops thy helpalot and do not forget that warm water isalso very godd!!! One more thing that is good is actually this medicated cough coldand fever tea it works great i drink it before going tosleep and i sleep great in the night its just amazing!!! Well i hope these tips and soem advice worked!! IF IT WORKS FOR ME IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!!!

  183. im always getting a cold nd i hav one right now 🙁 well all iv been doing is drinking LOTS of cold water in the day ,resting,having a hot bath with vicks bubble bath ( you can get from places like wilkinsons) i red about drinking the hot tea and iv decided to give it a go ,so right now there is a mug full of steam infront of my face! XD p.s im tryimg to get rid of it by tuesday as its my bday!

  184. I have been sick for almost 6 days now with a cold, but i am on antibiotics because it’s become the flu as well. I have been drinking a lot of water which made me loose alot of weight, i’ve been sleeping, blowing my nose but it just keeps coming and my coughs hurt my chest and make me feel worse. I have never been sick like this for this long. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  185. 1. Sleep. Ask someone to help you with responsibilities of family, home etc so that you can rest. Take off from work and/or school for a couple of days to recover.

    2. Fluids, nutritious food, clothes to keep you warm, warm bed.

    3. Consider the older generation antihistamines. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that it doesn’t interact with your health conditions or other medicines. It will make your nose dry up. It will make you sleepy so don’t try to drive or take care of kids, the house or other work while you are taking it.

    4. Saline nose spray.

  186. eat a table spoon of garlik, chopped, i know groos, but man does it work, a clove a day kepps the cold away, and chicken noodle soup…also boil some water in a pot and add some vics to it, and breathe in the steam, it will clear your nasal passenges and make you breathe better, sleep to, very important, calf syrup dont work, it relieves symptoms for like half an hour, its a waiste of money, and anitibiotics are worse (waiste of money) and does not kill viruses, it killes bacteria, meaning u will still have the virus and a good chance you will get a nother infection.

  187. Dudes. Try soups. Chicken sup is the best, especially with a lot of hot sauce.
    Breathing steam helps too.
    Eating vitamin c and drinking a lot of water helps a lot.
    The last thing I would suggest is that don’t waste money first. Do these tips first when u get a cold.

  188. Hi my names Michael, and i have had a cold for about 6 years now. Ive been to many of these colds anonymous meetings but it hasnt helped? maybe because after ive told you my name 3 words in its no longer anonymous…anyways dont you hate when your trying to sleep and you cant breathe because your nose is blocked? it sucks and i cant go out much because i feel soooo bad. Anyways i dont have ribena, honey, stuff from chemists, oranges, tea etc.

    So ill just stick with my cold 😀

  189. well, for a start, my colds tend to last extreemly long. So i was just fliking through the comments and i have found some really useful ones, the things that seem to be posted most are fluids, sleep, very hot steam or drinks. I think if you carry them on, it will get rid more easily. Secondly, ANTIBIOTICS DO NOT WORK. They kill bactiera, including good bactiera wich is working towards tackling the virus off. I must admit i have had beechams cold and flu, and it doesn’t do a thing to be honest. So try following those tips:)
    Off to sleep now, hope you take notice.

  190. You need plenty of sleep.But you should get some wellness tea from publix. Then get a slice of LEMON, and out it in, and some honey. I swear, it will unclog your nose, and get rid of conjestion, and everything. Take medicine as your supposed to, stay in the house, chill in bed with SOCKS on,catch some z’s and you’ll get rid of it!
    (its not going to be fun) Sorry! BUt hope u take care!

  191. you can always get a netty pot i think its called to flush out your sinuses. i dont have an exact netty pot but it is similar. what you do it fill it with water and there is like a salt or some package you pour in the water and shake it up. then you squeeze it in one end of your nose and it comes out the other side. this wil take the germs and (snot) out as well. i hope this helps with runny noses.

  192. My colds always seem to last forever so one time i counted and it lasted for 3-4 weeks !! However the next time i got a cold i rested for the day drinking hot honey and lemon and i was better within a few days!

  193. If you grow mint, this remedy is inexpensive. Put a bunch of mint in a great big pot of boiling water. Boil until brown. My whole family finds this soothing. We turn on the fan to circulate the moisture. Always avoid dairy of any kind. Grill or bake chicken and make yummy chicken soup! You’ll need 2 chicken boullion cubes, 2 huge cans of chicken broth, cooked and chopped chicken, elephant garlic- chopped,
    baby carrots- halved, canned or frozen corn, chopped celery, plenty of salt , seasonings , fresh ground black pepper. Mix half a can of water, chicken broth and seasonings, bring to boil, boil for ten min. sturring occationally. add everything else, boil 7 to 10 min. Enjoy!

  194. I have a really good immune system but i’m very prone to getting colds, and i have one right now & its really bugging me. The thing is, my brother has Aplastic Anemia and if he gets an infection thats bad, so i need to get rid of it SOON. I’ve taken lots of vitamin C Tablets, Echinacea, Ciricidal Acid and Zinc, and lots and lots of juice. I’ve been reading loads of remedies, I just hope they all work 😐

  195. I just went and got some garlic, which is absolutly DISGUSTING but the first bite i took and instantly my nose was clear! It doesn’t feel like I have a cold at all now…but i know it’ll come back later=/ But for now its good!:D

  196. drink alot of fluids espcially 100% orange juice it is good for ur immune system.drink honey with lemon it really works for me!

  197. I was told to but vicks vaporub on the bottom of my feet and put socks on, before I go to sleep. I slept so good. I did not cough, at all thoughout the night.

  198. i have a cold and i am miserable 🙁 it seems like i’ve tried everything. i need serious help i want to get better because spring break is next week and i dont want to be sick then. HELP!!

  199. don’t go outin a sweater.My friend got sick …anyways wht do you use to take control of your CRAZY HACKING COUGHS?????:( (coughing every second speaking saying)and lots of phlem.WHAT DO YOU DO PEOPLE? WHAT DO YOU DO?

  200. Rest is essential. I over work myself to a point of near insanity and when summer break comes, I feel as if I’m about to die. This year, I told myself I would take it easy. But do I? No. I’m getting the early sniffles at the same exact time as last year. And I’m going to treat it the same too. Drown myself is all sorts of juices high in Vitamin C and eat fruits and brightly colored vegetables. That will hold off the climax of the cold until after finals.


  202. Hi. Today, yesterday and the day before I have had a really bad cold and I have been feeling really miserable and today I am a bit better because last night I had Chicken Soup which was so delicious even though I couldn’t really taste it. That helped me a little bit but not as much as my other solution which is if you have got a stuffy nose you get a pot of boiling hot water and put some vicks in it and stir it around the get a tea towel and put your face over the pot and put the tea towel over the back of your head so all the steam stays in and remember DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES BECAUSE IT WILL KILL!!!:):) hope this works for yas!:) so far it has worked for me.

  203. hi im shaney im 15 in 3 days and i have a really bad cold my b-day is the same day as the class play 2 so idk wat to do cuz my moms away and my dad is clueless is there any drink besided oj that will help??? thanc reply back on this page

  204. Hey, if you have the common cold and you want to get rid of it fast, try mentally preparing yourself for getting better. Take compliments extra strength cold medication (one box, night and day swallow pill) but what i find is really important is that in the morning, even if your going to stay home, is to look good, wear clothes that compliment your body, do your hair and make-up (don”t spend that much time on it though) and don’t hand around all day watching t.v. if it’s sunny, go for a short walk or read a good book in the sun. Remember, if you pretend your not sick and believe it, u will get better!! 🙂

  205. I have been sick for two days now, and it’s the worst feeling ever. I have taken some time off school, and i’ve been following pretty much all theese tips. I have been sleeping, drinking tea, and drinking a lot of fluids. I was reading all of the tips and I saw that some people said medication does not work. It only works for a few hours. Well, i’d rather have those few hours then to have my cold/fever/flu, 24`7. I just took some Western Family Rehume + sinus, caplets. I’m not sure if they work yet but I sure hope so. I also took a warm bath but I think it made it worse. I also hate being sick because you feel so alone in the house. My family is all working or at school, and im home with the dog bringing up the ball, wanting to play fetch. I feel bad for not doing it, but i have absulutly no energy. Thanks for your tips.

  206. I have a cold right now…and I just seriously can’t get rid of it. I’ve had it so far for 1 week..and IT IS HORRIBLE!! I had to spend my whole entire spring break with a cold. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do..I love taking long walks outside, But I can’t even do that when I have a cold. So my dad told me to take Olive Leaf..(its a capsule) So since I cannot swallow capsules very well I just break open the capsule and mix it in with honey and plug my nose..It may taste really horrible if this is your first time..
    Your probably wondering where u can get olive leaf. You can get it at Wal-Mart or Mothers Nature. If you are starting this for your first time take 1 capsule a day then work your way up to 2 capsules a day..(morning & night)
    It really helps me a lot.

  207. i am actually sick right now. i have a cold i think but i’m not sure.
    i have tried drinking tea and its helped a little. but whats worked most was nyquil and dayquil. but only for a few hours. and im not so sure if i have a cold ’cause nausea is one of my symptoms. and i dont have the flu because my tempature isn’t high, its below. I just took my temp. and it was 97.0. i think thats normal. but i still have the nausea feeling. my nose is still runny, i have a vague headache, my throat still hurts, i cough, i sneeze, and i feel fatigued also. i’ve been sleeping alot and nothings really helped. two days already i’ve been sick. suggestions please? anything helps really.

  208. I have a cold right now and so does my daughter. I’ve found thst taking Zycam works good. If you get the chewables chew them up good though because they’re nasty. This is the 4th cold I’ve had this year and I think its because we moved.

  209. Okay I have a cold and so does my brother. I have used some pills to get rid of it and guess what it dosn’t work. I prefer to use Cold medicine it not only works well it clears up my nose. I can’t sleep it sucks I get close to falling asleep and my throat just starts burning for no reason any advice?

  210. hi everyone for some reason suddenly i got a blocked nose and now its turned itno a cold and ive found that it helps just to try and saty outside becuase the fresh air sort of helps some how, it does for me anyway but do try and take medicine but if you have a really blocked nose dont try to blow cos it just doesnt work and it feels worse. so all i would do is use the boiling water and vicks method, it doesnt really help much to start with but then if do for about 20 mins it actuly starts to work .
    many thanks for lisntening 😛


  211. Hi i have a cold ive had it for 2 days now its also giving me a saw throat which is keeping me up now all night and is that bad i regergitate food or just makes me sick could anyone help please !!

  212. Hey, I have had a cold since…well today! And I dont know how or why I got it. I think it has something to do with the fact i walked home from the bus stop on Friday in shorts and a cami. But my mom says other wise. I didnt feel anything until 6th hour today. When I started to burn up. I just took some chewable pills, and I’m hoping they will help. Also earlier I had Ramen, so I hope I’m a little better for my track meet tomorow.
    But I have noticed that chewable pills, work a lot better then swallowing pills, or liquid. Probably because you dont have to worry if your going to have to take them every 3 hours.

  213. I also have a cold right now and everytime i get one i use Mucinex. Its the best stuff for a cold! Its kinda expensive though but it really does work. your cold will be gone in about 3 days after you use it. after the first time u even take one of the pills you can feel the differance. TRY IT, IT WORKS!

  214. i woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a bad head and by 1 it had developed into a full on cold. its proper annoying me now. is there any tips you have for me?

  215. I’ve had the cold for five days now. And its F%#!$ annoying , excuse my language , am not a custom of getting cold, I can’t breath, i can’t taste, I can’t even tell you, what the atmosphere smells like right now, Could Someone Please Help me, I’ve tried Everything, Vicks, Different types of bush that we have here and nothing seems to work, Please Someone help me, Its Five Days now and I haven’t left my house.

  216. i have a REALLY bad cold at the moment, i have an exam at school tomorro. what should i have to stop my nose running, and my cough stoppin, please give me some advise. this is the WORST cols ive had in ages!!! x x x

  217. someone please help me i have a runny nose almost coming down with a chest cold and i need to go to a party on saturday so someone please tell me what i can do to stop my cold fast

  218. I have a runny nose and i choke when i cough. I’m supposed to go to my Aunt’s tomorrow and i tried Delsym, Mucinex but it only last for 11 minutes then i’m stuffy again. Someone help me get rid of this cold fast. I got this cold from a girl at work who i’m going to yell at after i’m done with this

  219. I have a cold……..and i wudnt say i feel sick i just dont feel Brill. I have a sniffly nose its runny and i have a cough that makes me sound like a sealion……Any tips on how to get rid of it…

  220. Oh my goodness….Ok i hate this I have the worst immune system ever and its really starting to errkkk me.I have this stupid nasty Cold I am coughing so hard sneezing all the time Major migrian Head ache….. its horrible i am the crankiest women right now my muscles hurt. I wanna curl up in a ball and fall asleep for ever……no i am kidding i just want this stupid cold to go away. I have sweat it out twice already and that usually takes my fever away…..But now my head ache is worse…..

    someone plz send me some advise =(

  221. When ever i have a cold i use advil cold & sinus its the best stuff but u have to go to the pharmacy to get even though its an over the counter drug but it works.

  222. i had a cold on holiday and i had to blow my nose loads and on friday i had a nose bleed because i blew it to much.
    but i drunk loads of apple juice and at honey on toast it works.

  223. I have had a cold for 3 days now and it is test week in school so it is really holding me back and i feel really achey. Any Suggestions ???

  224. i myself have a cold right now..and i thought these comments are supposed to be full of help and advice. instead, its full of people winging and crying about their cold…
    anyway, i suggest drinking ALOT of WATER, TEA + HONEY, JUICE AND EATING FRUITS. i’ve had my fair share of colds..and i cured a very nasty cold once simply by drinking +8 litres of water (thats 4 big evian bottles)..and u do this throughout the whole day…on top of which..drink tea and honey…and eat fruits.
    i personally believe that heavy foods such as potatoes and meat should solve the problem..if not…if will help you feel better psychologically. not much else to say…i dont take any cough medicine coz i’ve been told by my GP thats its complete bollox. oh..and i use nasal spray when my nose is badd….
    gd luck virus species 🙂 lol

  225. hey i get colds all the time….my advice which i tried 1 day before my wedding. I couldnt talk I couldnt breathe you name it. It was the worse cold ever!! My dads friend told me to fill a saucer pot half full and put a bunch of salt in there. Put it on to boil on about med. take a towel put it over your head and breathe in the steam. It works!!!!! Do that everytime you fill your stopping up and make sure to have a roll of tissue nearby youll need it! It’ll be gone in less than 24 hrs!!

  226. i feel awful my throat is dry and my nose is blocked i have to sing in a talent show and i need to get rid of it can you help me (i do not want to look like a fool).

  227. I have a really bad cold. My nose feels like its on fire and it looks like I have a sunburn or skin cancer. I tried putting on VIX and it works but only 4 30 minutes. Any suggestions please??

  228. Best way to beat a cold in less than 2 days is, drink alot of Gatoraid. It realy does help replenish your body and rid out the virus. I dont know whats in Gatoraid but a cold never last more than 2 days when my family and I drink plenty of it.

  229. Hey people, I’m Dying from a cold right now lol, it will be gone bye tmoz night or the next day tho i promise coz im gonna stick my head over a steamy bowl for half and hour again with plenty of salt and inhale tht steam ive also been drinking dileuted lemon juice all day i no this works for a fact plenty of liquid is the key flush your body of the virus i nice hot bath helps aswell use radox lol, erm.. and its importent to keep eating aswell i jsut been eating soup and stuff while in bed anyway good luck!

  230. Im dying right now,,, Been drinking water n working out to try n sweat it out,, But im still dying,,,, DEATh TO COLDS.

  231. i have a cold and here are thing that help are nikki+alyssa’s 10 tips for a cure…..
    1. sleep
    2. tea, power/gatorade
    3. walgreen’s Wal-phed PE nasal decongestant is helping me VERY good medicene if u have a cold. take 1 pill every 4 hours
    4. chicken noodle, double noodle, chicken + stars, any works
    5. if you have a sore throat with the cold, suck on ludens cherry drops.
    6. keep blowing that nose!
    7. VICKS! under the nose and on chest. i

  232. I am in Italy and my cold is really bad.
    I don’t what to do?
    I don’t speak italian.
    I don’t know where to get a Doctor.
    The pharmacies are confusing.


  233. Well my friend has a cold and I just keep telling her to drink lots of fluid and eat oranges. Oranges and Orange juice will probably help because of the vitamin C.

  234. I only sneeze in the morning. Its weird because I dont have cold. Its just every morning, when I wake up. It like a routine now. i think the virus is already stuck in there for so long now. This has been going on and on for two years now. It so weird. Anyone knows anything about it?

  235. Tea!~ even if you hate it drink it. it helps clear the nose and heal your throat.

    and btw yes smoking is bad for you when you have a cold. i mean its bad in the first place why give your lungs something else to worry about when your alread having trouble breathing as it is from the stuffy nose.

  236. u can’t get rid of colds really, just either speed up the colds cycle or make the symptoms less painful!
    obvious things to do:
    drink lots, rest, take vitamin tablets (do not have an immediate effect, but will help in he long run) hot honey & lemon drinks, menthol steam treatments, but NOTHING will get rid of it quickly, just releave the symptoms.

  237. so here i am, stuck in bed, the place i’ve been for the las 30 or so hours. Surely to god if they can put man on the moon, they can give us something for this horrible virus. I’ve been drinking plenty of traditional lemonade(aka cloudy lemonade) which whilst it’s giving me my required vitamin c, the sugar is also helping me feel less lathargic. Boil a full kettle, take out the biggest pan you own, pour about 7 or 8 drops of olibus oil, tea pot towel over your head and cover the pan. Do this for as long as you can stand and repeat about a dozen times. This really helps clear you sinuses and you have an instant relief. Although about half an hour later you will feel all blocked up again, but it really is worth that half hour or so. Run a red hot bath, as hot as you can stand it, filled with radox, and just lie there feelin sorry for yourself.(TIP- keep a small towel at hand reach so you can dry your hands for when you need to blow your nose)And finally, plenty of T.L.C from yor better half. It’s not very often you have them waiting on your beck and call, so make the most off it, because when your fit again in about three days, you can bet your bottom dollar they will have a list of chores for you that you have managed to avoid whilst you have been dying, now where’s that tissue…………………………………………
    Rob Outram

  238. hello, it is my 2 day of this cold and i recomended:
    eating lots of chicken soup
    drinking lots of honey with hot lemonade at night time, before bed
    have your husband/boyfriend keep you company and warm those horrible days movie time
    vicks under the nose and on chest and back will help , cover yourself your feet, body
    drink lots of fluids,…. let’s see how i feel in the next days but i know i will feel better.

  239. I have a crappy chest cold also. I always go to the local pizzeria and get a half a dozen of Garlic Knots. I always say all that garlic on them should kill what I have! I also get the packets of 1000 mg. of Vit.C and put the powder in my iced tea. The more Vitamnin C the better. And rest rest rest……..

  240. This is day 9 of a cold!!!! I started off with a sore throat and a cough however it seemed to have eased off alitle. Then i went out at the weekend, now low and behold i have a full on cold now… It gets me down, hasnt anyone else had a cold for this long on and off i know that once one cold clears up another type virus can attack again….
    Ive tried everything…… the cough is also making a grand entrance again 🙁 vicks isnt helping…

  241. i have a sore throat,
    i sweat when i sleep or shiver from cold,
    a bit of a runny nose,
    and i have a stiff neak
    my doctor just said i had the common cold

  242. I got a cold out of no where. one day i was out nothing wrong with me with no sign of a cold the next BAM i have the most worst cold ever i couldnt even go out! i have a festival to go to soon i dont want to have this really REALLY bad cold! HELP how can i get rid of it quick. my cold is very bad, i have headaeches, stuffy nose, cough and the whole lot. 🙁

  243. When I have a cold I do the following things. I have a cold as I am writing this. My head feels like a football and I have to fly on Thurday. That gives me 4 days to get rid of this.

    1) Drink hot water with lemon/honey and ginger.
    2) Buy a face steamer and in-hale as much through out the day as possible just hot water in through the nose.
    3) Take at least 2000 ml of vitamin C.
    4) Drink plenty of hot wanter and cold water.
    5)Rub Vicks on your chest and back before bed and even on the palm of your feet.
    5)Drink 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar every 3hrs.
    6) Suck on losengers with Zinc.,
    7) Home made chicken soup from Organic Chicken Pieces and Vegetables.

    IF this doesn’t work then I don’t know what will. I have also read some were not to eat bread or eggs when you have a head cold. I think I will try that too. I think it makes sense if you have any allergies. Also, fruit has lots of water in it so I would imagin this is good too.

  244. go for a sauna or a steam at your local leisure centre. The virus can only survive in the body at a certain temperature, having a good steam or sweat is a really good way to speed along the horrible process. Make sure to drink tonnes of cold water when in the sauna/steam to help flush you out. Then take a really cold shower straight away.

  245. Buy some menthol crystals from your local chemist. you get a little pot for about £1 to £2. get a bowl of hot water and put a very small pinch of the crystals in there (not to many or your eyes will not stop watering!).
    It doesn’t cure your cold, but will unblock you blocked up nose for a while. Also helps with chesty coughs

    Get well soon! x

  246. I am down with a big head cold! AAARRGGGHHH. The Chicken Stocksoup is boiling down – I have made 2 large pots of it! i will have that tonight. yum. Sitting in pj’s with dressing gown in front of heater and fighting this will all i got! loads of Vitamin C and Vicks on chest. It is raining outside and i wish my dog was still alive to help me get over this!

  247. Here i am with a banging headache and thousands of tissues flung everywhere i dont have a tip hehe just a random thing someone help….. (sneeze) that headaches cumming back bye now wheres the tissues ……

  248. if you got the common cold the best things to do are
    get plenty of rest
    drink lots of fluids
    try and eat chicken noodle soup thats one of the common soups if you have a cold

  249. we always use super echineacia in orange juice and garlic either in the pill form or “garlic bombs” which are just roasted cloves are garlic. They dont cure your cold but they are great for building up your immune system making the duration shorter

  250. I’m 12 and get colds every time I sneeze I got used to it but when I sleep I breathe out my nose but it gets blocked so sometimes I struggle when I sleep. But I have had a cold for 10 days before and it was just a cold. My advice is to drink lots of cuppas then have a nice warm bubble bath for a few hours it always works for me! X

  251. having sex ALWAYS heaps, it is proven in psychology that it makes u happy therefor given your body help to fight the virus.

  252. go to a nightclub and dance yourself into a hot sweat,usually after taking something naughty!the day after you may feel rough from the substance that made you dance,but your cold will be long gone!!

  253. I don’t have too many things too say but there’s lots of meds to use such as nyquil, theraflu, vicks vapor rub you can find all this in you local drug store.

  254. Blocked nose: Olbas Oil- really good
    Muscle aches: Hot juice t drink- soothes and feels better
    Sore throat: Brush your teeth and tongue lots it helps
    Headache: Parecetaml or Tiger Balm- Heat balm put on your head
    Tire: Lay down, watch TV, have windows open but keep really warm with lots of comfy blankets and cushions

    Hope this helps: comment back if it helped.

  255. Try this out if you laugh for a whole minute or so it will boost your immune system, so i suggest you watch something funny on tv or something
    comment back if this tip helps

  256. A Catnip tea enema, will relieve headache and sinus pressure as well as reduce fever. may have to do them evry 5-8 hours.

  257. hi there can you get rid of my cold? i have a tuffy nose and at night time it gets really dry and it feels like its burning my cough i cough once in a while and i sneezed only once and when i get tired i get lots of energy and when i wake up in the middle of the night i cough for a long time
    how do i get rid of my cold?? (cough)(cough) help please

  258. Ayr Nasal Swabs are the best thing I’ve taken in all my life. Eat Sherbert Ice Cream for sore throats and sleep for the whole time you have a cold. Open those windows, and when you get better act like your still sick for 1-2 days because I had a terrible cold and hung out with friends for a day and now im sick again!

  259. i have just gotton a cold and dont know what to do and its my birthday next sunday and dont want to have it then i dunno what to do the only thing i find that helps is if u have a blocked up nose at night and find it hard to breath take a packet of mints with u and it clears it for a bit so u can fall asleep easier. please help what else should i do?????

  260. mega doses of vitamin c…thats all…you cannot overdose on C…if you drink 2 glasses of orange juice..and get 240% C…are you sick

    the answer is NO

    try to take around 5000%…yes thats right 5 thousand percent

    McCain 08

  261. I always apply something under my nose to help me breathe at night and relieve irritation from the kleenex. One time I made the mistake of applying “Vicks Vapor Rub” instead of “Mentholatum” under my nose and after a few days I had a burn mark under my nose. NOT GOOD! After reading the labels I realized they are two completely different products. Word of warning: stick with Mentholatum for the nose! I also take lots of hot baths when I have a cold. I take a hot wash cloth and hold it to my face. This helped MORE THAN ANYTHING to relieve your sinus and chest congestion. One other thing that’s taken me a long time tolearn…if possible, take the day off. There is something psychologically healing when you know you don’t have to go into work. Be good to yourself.

  262. Your lazy, you must run off the toxins in your body and drink lots of tea,orange juice,and supplement drinks to keep your body intact. workout alot and sleep in warm temperatures.Ya, im really obama.

  263. When someone is spluttering and spiting in your face trying to tell you some usless information – poke them in the eye when a blob of the their splitter lands on your bottom lip.

    When driving in a car with an intoxicated virus, tell him – ‘open your window you smelly virus and speak out of it into the wind so i cannot smell your viruses’.

    Try to hold your breath and when you smell you have enhaled some virus breath out constantley for about 3 minuites, then take deep breath out of the window and hold. Take a little sniff, if you can still smell the virus, repeat the process, breath out constantley for as long as possible.


  265. what can i do to get rid of my stuffy nose in the next 24 hours, i have already went through the sore throut and i got big plans for the weekend

  266. I had a cold for about 2 weeks with a terrible cough, and as soon as the symptoms were going away, and the cold was seemingly done…BAM! I got hit with another, WORSE cold. I’ve used at least 3 boxes of kleenex in 2 days from an insanely runny nose. My mucous has the consistency of water and I have to blow my nose every 2 minutes or it would drip out! WTF! I’ve been drinking loadsssss of water and eating (drinking?!*) chicken noodle soup for the past week, and this cough is seriously getting annoying. Think you had it bad? Think again.

  267. gggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! This cold is getting on my last nerve! I am supposed to be going out. I got this cold from going out last weekend. I was leaving the club and my heels were hurting my feet, so I decided to take them off and walk and the ground was a little wet. How stupid could I have been? Tonight I just want to go out and enjoy a friends company. Should I go out tonight people? I feel much better than I have been feeling the past two days. Somebody let me know if that petrom. jelly thing works..Thanks

  268. i’ve had a cold for a month now and it just dont ant to budge!

    i’ve tryed soup [Dont like it]

    i’ve tryed vick [Still cant breath]

    But spicy food realy does work!

    Thank You! (Y)

  269. Squeeze lemon in your nose, with your head tilt. It takes your cold away in 20 minutes. it feels a bit uncomfortable but really works.

  270. it’s a cold
    take all the medicines you can find, and you’ll get over it in about a week.
    leave it alone and just suffer through it, and it’ll be gone in about seven days.

  271. god ive had a cold 4, 4 days now i fukin hate it never had 1 like this before n normally only have it 4 a bout a day or summett n its really startin 2 get on my tits any one have any suggestions on howi could get rid ov it thnx

  272. I have a cold right now and it is getting so annoying -Sore Throat
    -running nose
    it is getting annoying

  273. Ok this is annoying i seriously have a bad cold. Stuffy nose and runny at times. Bad cough that gets on my nerves and hurts in my chest when i cough. EWWWW. Im sick of it. Ive had it for 5 days. an someone please tell me how to get rid of the stupid thing. I find it hard to breath. I need to be better by monday, PLease help/

  274. Nothing really works.. but what i find that helps me is plenty of rest doing totally nothing and drinking plenty of orange juice and water ..

    for the sore throat i use a mouth wash called oraldedne and its fanstaic it takes the pain away and goes within two days.. use it when you feel the sore thorat coming on 3 times a day and it will go with two days.

  275. I am sick of my cold!!! i have had it for almoast 2 weeks! first it started out as just a simple -Sleepyness

    -Then coughing and sleepyness

    And now it is all thoes Sypmtomes including it being hard to Swallow anything! I Realy hate it with the migrains and I was just throwing up last night after taking a vitamin C pill!

    Please Give me a tip on how to get rid of it! I feel so Woozy too!

    Please help me with getting rid of it!

  276. 2 shots of vodka, vicks vapor rub,vit c tabs, lots of tea,i mean herbal, the stuff you buy in a herbal store not jewel. cover your self and sweat it out. old polish remedy. lots of soup too. ya youll be hot under the covers but youll feel better. also bronkaid is good to loosen flem., mucus. its available apon request at any drug store. keep in bed. drink a lot. also garlic helps too. by the way if obama really left a comment on this sight, let me tell ya something,you lost alot of votes by not keeping your mouth closed about the cubs sox thing. are you kidding me in a cub city????

  277. Ok, I have some killer advice that works for me every time I get a cold. This won’t cure a cold instantly, but it will know a few days off the duration.

    *Green tea – 4 cups a day. This provides plenty of anti-oxidants. I dont mean the stuff in the bottle though, get the tea bags and make the real stuff!

    *Oranges – eating fresh oranges will be better than drinking any kind of processed or “from concentrate” juices. This gives lots of Vitamin C

    *The thing that I find helps the most though is what I call the “water treatment”. When you realize you have the cold, drink as much water as you can (for me this is about 2 – 2.5 liters). Every time you use the bathroom, drink about another half liter (or as much more as you can hold). Do this for about a half hour to an hour after your initial drink (should amount to 3 – 5 liters). This will flush you out and actually makes you feel pretty darn good once you are done.

  278. im ill as….
    ive had a cold for a week now, i dont think it helps going to the gym with it though ha. ooops.

    Keeps getting worse!!

  279. The best way i found to get rid of a cold was plenty of rest, keep very warm u need to sweat the cold out, also get a bowl of hot water put some olbas drops in it and put a tea towel over u head take deep breaths works wonders for un blocking your nose!

  280. if you have a cold make sure to get lots of rest, stay warm, and drink prune juice. pickles, french fries, and oranges help a lot too. bananas usually help me too.

  281. If you feel the cold coming on the first thing u do it Squeeze limes or lemons, I use limes…(its less sour)into a pot with a little bit of water and sugar and boil it on the stove. Drink it while its really Hot! also eat everything with hot sauce, it will kill your cold and you’ll b all set… WORKS EVERY TIME!!!!

  282. my butt stinks right now. it smells like orange juice. i pull a black hairy string last night
    plz comment at tintin just say “this message is for tintin”
    then write ur message. ok?

  283. i have a bad stomach ache n soar throat and my musels feel worn down and hurt and stiff like what do i do to get rid of this cold asap.. ive been takeing day quill n nite quill .. anyhting else?

  284. Ok i had a cold like a WEEk ago and it was ok then it got worst and I started using ayr it works good you spray it in hold in in for 10 second blow ur nose and it clear up mucus and you have to use vicks inhaler btw im 12 it works

  285. this doest work when youve had the cold for a couple of days, but if you feel one commming have a cold shower and then get straight into a warm blanket preferably by a fir on radiator. the virus wont be able to cope with the changing tempreture and dies. But if you dont want a cold shower just try standing in a cold room with a cold drink and then in a warm room with a hot drink. also the cold and flu pills work too.

  286. i have a really bad cold atm and i ate A CHUNK OF GINGER !
    drank lots of hot water with lemon sqeezed in it
    and cover up at night watever u do DONT USE A FAN !
    if ur a smoker dont smoke until cold is gone.
    so basically cover upp when u sleep;dont use fan, drink lots of hot water and lemon squeezed in it,eat a chunk of vinigar and deffinately dont smoke. BELIEVE ME ITS WORKING ALREADY ! AND IM TERRIBLE WITH A COLD. I GET BRUSIED RIBS AND LUNG INFECTIONS AND BRONCITIS! IT WORKS

  287. okay i have had a cold for about 4 dAY NOW nd its almost chritmass i need to get better my syptoms are the following
    – lots of snezzing
    -low grade fever
    -running nose
    -but alwasy one nostrial is pluged really bad and i have bben blowing my nose so much that it is so red and itss very painfull plezz i nned your help thanks

  288. can some please reply to alice my nose is killing me and red i have tryed like everythign i need some answers so if u can put you suggegestions out there it woild be much apracted thank -you so remember reply to alice

  289. ok guys nothing can cure a cold. the only thing u can do is get rest and let the cold do it’s course also makae sure u don’t have the noralvirus my 13 yeaqrold was hospitalized for a month because she had ethat and pneamaunia about 2 months ago so go to the doctor better to e safe then sorry


  291. ok, today i woke up with a massive headache and sore throat. i kept coffing, ive been in bed ever since 9 am (when i woke up) and now its 5pm. my temperature whent from 37.2 C to 38.4 C.. i ate like 2 oranges and. also i vomited once, and im really hungry but dont wanna eat anything. i need this cold over in the next 2 – 3 days cuz im going on vacation to paris!
    ye i guess i should just drink plenty of fluids, vitamin C, and stay in bed.




  293. i have a runny nose i have a bad cough it hurts when i cough i need some good ideas and fast bevcause i am getting sick of it and it is half term and i dont want a cold for it

  294. im only 10 but i sufffer colds badly but what i find that hels is , lik theydid in h olde days mak your self sweat so it sweat out of yo … ah ah ahcooooooooooooooooo! get wellsoon every body x

  295. I have gotten colds they stay for 2 weeks and this week i had a cold for 4 days now and i got rested up but i wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep beause i have to blow my nose out and it drives me crazy i taken airborn,and other things will help me feel better when you have a cold and your booges are green but when you do not have a cold it is clear and i am sorry but it took my last cold a full week i was sick in bed with a bad cold

  296. I have a really bad cold, I’ve had it for two days now.
    I want to get rid of it by the end of the week so I can go swimming with my friends at school.

    My cold symptoms are;

    .Eyes watering
    .Runny nose
    .Blocked nose

    I don’t know how to get rid of it.
    Any help ?

  297. I have been sick with a severe cold for about 2 weeks and I am having a hysterectomy next week. I feel like I have been ran over by a train 10 times. If I don’t get rid of this by next week, I can’t have my surgery. I have never had a cold this bad before. I believe it is due from the whether and my kids bring germs home from school. I live in Memphis TN and it has been cold one day and hot the next. I have taken all kinds of medications and my doctor gave me codein for cough and a few steroid shots. That helps a lot. I would recommend anyone with a cold to get a steroid shot and codein for the cough.

  298. i woke up this morning saying to my mam i was not well because i could not be bothord to go to school and as sone as i get back to bed iv got a headach and the next day u dont even want to know. iv got a tip dont lie when your not ill because when you are your parents wont belive you and always keep fit

  299. The best remedy I know to get rid of a cold is to put a mug of lemonade in the microwave for 1 – 1 1/2 mins, be careful when you get it out as it gets really fizzy, stir it gently to release excess bubbles and sip slowly throughout the day, add some kind of blackcurrant juice/cordial and honey and it will get rid of sore throats quicker, use this before going to bed to have a better nights sleep.

    my friend let three of us all get her cold and she right now is at home resting her little head and i have a hundred tests and two parties tomorrow omg….

  301. I have had a cold for the past 2 days now, and my mom is really mad at me cause im missing school. So any suggestions??

  302. hi i am really sick beem sick for 3 days cant sleep and i cant take it no more is there a way that i can cure it fast without spending money.

  303. okay you guys. this might seem crazy but i know the best way to get rid of a cold. and that is eat a kiwi! it really works. i sware. try it and see if you feel better (:

  304. helllppp i hav had a cold for too long now i want it to go i have a really big date in a few days i dont want a hudge snot parade please help n is tht kiwi true please help :'( :(:(:(

  305. I’ve just recently caught my younger sister’s cold. Usually I don’t get sick easily, so I not used to this… My body aches, my throat was sore, I even got a fever. Its a good thing we have a four day weekend or I wouldn’t have made it to school.
    My brother has been giving me tea with lemon and honey before I go to bed. It helps you go to sleep and sooths sore throats too.
    I’m not sure if anybody else has had this but, I find I can’t stand up for very long or I get dizzy. I hope you all don’t feel as bad as me. Later days.

  306. ahh, i’ve been sick for a week now! it started out with a flu, and now i just have a really bad cold. i need help! i have a date tomorrow, and i’m going going to vegas in 5 days! any remedies? i’ve tried everything listed so far 🙁

  307. You said to put PETROLEUM JELLY under your nose and inhale the vapors.
    There is no ODOR to Petroleum Jelly. I think you mean to put VICKS
    Vapor Rub – which is like Petroleum Jelly – only has a zing of an aroma.

  308. i have had a cold for last few days and i hate it, it makes my eyes wtaery and everything and i have a huge weekend party in under 2 weeks and my birthday on 17th! i need to be better!

  309. My science teacher said if it’s the common cold, it’s useless to try to get rid of it, but you might want to build your immune system by drinking lots of water, getting fresh air, getting sleep, etc…

    This sucks, I have a cold and I’m singing a solo part, well right now we’re practicing, but I still sound stupid >__> and yet he’s suppose to be the “older” one by “6 years”….

    ◊ Get a bowl of very hot water (not boiling), and add two spoonfuls of Vicks Vapour Rub. (optional) Grab a teatowel, or a normal towel, and put your head just above the water. Put the towel over your head and inhale the steam. Do this for about 10 – 15 minutes, and keep lifting your head for a few seconds if its gets too hot.
    ◊ Crunch an icecube, and let the coldness slip down your throat.
    ◊ Drink some lemon tea, and add honey. (optional)
    ◊ Eat a bit more fruit, oranges, bananas. But kiwi fruit seems to be the best option.
    ◊ If you’ve got a temperature, rinse a clean flannel with cold water, and put it over desired body parts.
    ◊ Obviously, keeps drinking loads of water to try and flush out the cold.
    Hope these methods work for you! Good luck, and get well soon. xo

  311. iv’e been sick fro about 3 weeks now i have a stuffy noise and i cant breath outta it i cant breath out of my mouth either i never sleeped for like 3 weeks and im sooo tierd i have to sleep sitting up on the couch becuase i cant breath!!

  312. When you have a cold, or a flu the inconvientient truth is that you have to aggrevate it! If you sit and vegetate resting while sick, your body gets taken over by the flu. Whats the secret? Working up a sweat! Sweat is a way your body rids of toxins from your body, resting just worsens the case. Work up a sweat by exercising, steam room, or just turning up the heat in your house. Don’t settle for harmful over the counter medicines that claim to assist, but they just cover up the symptoms. Remember to sweat the cold off and you’ll be better in no time!

  313. I feel like Crap. Last night I had to sleep sitting up because of indigestion, and every time I relaxed and got to sleep, I had to gulp because of Phlegm and I had to fight the urge to throw up! And I sneezed fifty times in a row, I have a headache, I can’t breathe because my throat’s all scratchy. But I don’t like taking medicine 🙁 Help please. Thanks 🙂

  314. I have an annoying cold. It will not go away. I’ve taken medicine, breathed in hot steam, put vaseline under my nose, had Vitamin c supplements, rested, taken a hot shower, drank fruit juice, had chicken noodle soup and much much more. How can I get it to go away??? helpp me

  315. Umm… Guys. Wrap yourself in an Electrical blanket. [If you don’t have one then just umm… use a large warm blanket. Use Vicks vapor rub if you can. It helps relieve pain from a sore throat. Then steam water and lemons and smell it or sniff it.

  316. Use and Electrical blanket. Stay warm. Drink fluids [Dasani water is the best. or Fiji (if you got the moneny:0) Umm yea Vicks vapor rub can help clear up your throat. Steam your face in hot water and lemons. Yea its weird but it works. Then use a SudaCure Shower Soother. Its like $10.00 at Walgreens and maybe $8.00 at Walmart. It really helps when mixed with the hot steam of the shower. Wear those spa socks from Dr. Scholls they’re like $15.00 but they really help calm you down. Then lay on a comfy bed I have a Tempurpedic but any bed works. Use pillows to lift yourself to an elavated point. Well i hope it works for you!!!!!:0

  317. I have had a cold since sunday and my cold usually last a couple of weeks. I have to get up early and go to school which sucks cuz Im all stuffy! I usually use vicks at night to clear up my nose but in the morning I let nature take its course!

  318. A good way to get rid of a cold is to eat garlic. I know it sounds realy gross, but it works. Take it with some apple sauce. Just get a spoon and put a little bit of apple suace on it. Then take one clove of garlic and use a garlic press and squeez it on top of the apple sauce. Then top that with some more apple sauce.
    Don’t take it on an empty stomach though, because it might upset it. If you feel kind of sick right after you eat it, then eat something. Once I had some and right away my stomach felt a little weird. So i just had a small boul of cereal and I was fine.

    Other than that, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water(Distiled water is great when you’re sick because it really flushes everything out, but it’s not good to drink on a regular basis ), drink some hot water with honey and lemon(the hot water and honey soothe a sore throat, and the lemon heals it), eat healthy foods, and maybe take some Vitamin C suppliments(Oranges have vitamin C, so eat lots of those!).
    Oh, and sweating is good too, because it gets rid of the toxins in your body. I know you don’t feel like moving around, but when you excersise, it releases “feel good” hormones that make you, well, feel good.:)
    But Siting in a hot tub or a hot bath will make you sweat too.

    Hope this helps!

  319. For a natural remedy try the Chinese cough and throat syrup Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal cough and throat syrup. It works awesome! You feel good shortly after, but yes it doesn’t get rid of the cold completly but it also boosts the immune system. you can get it at a health food store or online.just don’t take it close to bedtime as it has a natural energizer in it. I take it around 5pm and I feel good after. It will help you through the day. Another great food is KALE tenderize it by rubbing it with cold pressed olive oil or flax seed oil with sea salt (with out the stems) makes the bad bugs commit suicide because its so high in vitamins in minerals. If you can’t stand the Kale by itself put a couple pieces of it in a smoothie (without Dairy as Dairy is not good for colds) use fruit juice in your smoothie with frozen or fresh fruit) smooothie also helps make sore throat feel better. Take UDO’s probiotics (health food stores has these products) and organic or grocery stores should have Kale, I know Whole Foods has Kale for sure. And you can also throw spinach in a smoothie raw. It looks like a weird greeny color but it tastes okay, put banana in it to sweeten it and dates. hope you feel better soon. SOme colds can last up to 3 weeks, if you don’t feel better after a couple of weeks (without signs of improvement see a doctor) also if you have a fever over 103 go to a doctor and don’t go to school or work with a high fever!! wears you down plus it’s contagious your friends wont thank you for passing it along. I saw if you have a cold stay home as long as you can! Especially if its a fever! Rent a bunch of movies, play computer games, and chat with friends and family on the phone. And work on deleting those emails in your overloaded email account! Also if you do go out use the hand sanitizer to help make it so others don’t get your cold and also prevents you from getting a double wammy cold too. Try the Chinese syrup its worth the money and you will notice a difference with in an hour!! Better then any pharmacy medication that i’ve tried!! Feel better soon! 🙂

  320. The first signs of a cold or flu is a slight headache or feeling all of a sudden a bit tired and then a sore throat that follows. If you notice these signs right away, the first thing to do is to take an anti-congestion medication such as psuedophedrine (sudafed) right away. This helps to keep more mucus from building which can lead to more congestion and eventually a bacterial infection. The next thing is to buy a Sinus Rinse (the best one that I use is the Sinus Rinse by NeilMed). The Sinus Rinse helps to clear up mucus buildup, but you need to take the Sudafed first to open the passageways because the water from the rinse needs a way to go in and out of your nostrils. Do the rinse 2 times a day (once in the morning and once at night). If you’re home sick, then you can do it 3 times a day. These are the first two steps I take to make my cold go away within 3 days. Also, buy cans of chicken noodle soup to eat and also drink hot black tea (lots of antioxidants in black tea). Now, if you’re prone to sinus infections that occurs with the cold (I am prone to sinus infections, go see your doctor for antibiotics if you notice your mucus is a dark brown yellow or green color. This usually means that you’ve now developed a bacterial infection in your sinuses which if left untreated can go into your lungs and cause a bronchial infection or even pneumonia. Your doctor will give you an antibiotic to help you clear up the bacterial infection. When on the antibiotics, don’t take any vitamins or eat or drink anything with lots of vitamin C, and only drink herbal teas since all of these can weaken the strength of the antibiotic. Hope this is helpful information and that you will get better very soon.

  321. One more thing that I forgot to add to my earlier tip, wash your hands constantly to avoid passing the cold or flu virus early. Cough into your elbow if you don’t have tissue with you. And, when you have mucus build up, spit it out, don’t swallow it. When you swallow it, it will get stuck inside your throat and is much more difficult to clear up and will lead to a bacterial infection in your throat and possibly lungs. Also, if you have a fever, take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen right away. Don’t wait until you feeling like fainting to take it. Thanks and God Bless!

  322. If you get a fever get an onion and cut it in half then peal it. then stick both haves in your socks right up against your heals and go to bed and in the morning you should feel much better when you take the onions out. Or if you just have a cold take a whole onion dont peel it or any thing just put it in your room next to your bed. Or if you have the flu you can cut the top and bottom of the onion off then get a fork and a jar stick the fork in the onion and put the bottom of the fork in the jar with the onion sticking out and put it next to your bed. These last 2 suggestions should work in about 3 to 4 days. This is not a joke it really works.

  323. For sore throats use -echinacea and goldenseal tincture- with a dropper apply directly to the effected area. Apply again after you begin to feel the pain coming on again,(which is usually 20 min.+) and it usually is gone if you catch it in the beginning stages.
    Most importantly DRINK LOTS OF WATER, for any cold symptom. Especially for congestion.
    Also try taking a calcium supplement. Certain types work better for individual bodies.
    Another is a mixture of V8 juice, cayenne, garlic, and brewers yeast. Sip it throughout the day.
    If you can find it there is something called UNKERS, it is like vicks vapor rub but better. Vicks is the next best that I have found.

  324. Bascially just do your normal day to day stuff, take some sudafed congestion relief for the nose and lempsip for throat. 3 days it wil be long gone

  325. Y doesnt everyone stop whining about there colds so that people dont have to scroll through so many pages to read all the advice. You obviously have a cold if your reading this you dnt need to tell every1 your symptoms just read the advice and get on with it

  326. @ Darren

    Don’t be so rude. You don’t have to read anything at all. People are just discussing different symptoms, they’re not whining.

  327. Try juicing! raw

    2-3cm ginger, 2 orange, 1 beetroot, 1 garlic clove,1 carrot and apple to sweeten it!

    juice this twice a day for 4 days!

  328. Boil a pint of coke with half a root of ginger and three slices of orange, bring to the boil and simmer for 3-4 minutes, poor all the mixture into a glass allow to cool for 5 minutes and drink as much as you can as quickly as you can, it works better than any cold and flu tablet and lasts for about 5 hours no cold no sneezing no blocked nose!

  329. If u boil a kettle and a pot of water once the steam is up breath in and out over the steam for about 3 minutes, after that blow your nose really good then go back to the steam and breath ovver it for 3 min, once ur done and have turned off everything then go take a shower but wait until the bathroom is full of steam take a hot shower and the swteam should clear your sineses it works!!!!!!!!!

  330. Baccicly i keep getting a cold from about month to month i usually get it 1’s every 2 months or something but when i get it i feel my frote itchy and as if i got something there. my head hurts by a ting bit. but when it happens i just say to my self god damn it it wont be gone for so long ….


  331. My cousin is a singer. she told me if you take 4 vitamin C (2000 mg) and 2 zinc (200 mg) right before you “feel” the cold coming on, it will stop it from going full blown…I tried it and it has worked for me everytime. However, THIS time, I was shoveling show this past wednesday late in the evening and the next day I was sore and came down with a cold. Too late to even take the vitamins! So now, this is where I’m at. No remedy. Oh yes, also, I heard rubbing vicks on the bottom of your feet and covering with socks before bedtime will do away with any coughing. Worked for me. Good luck.

  332. The most severe cold symptoms usually take place either in the morning, at night, or both. Mid-afternoon and early evening usually you will only have a runny nose or cough, and not a sore throat.

    Drinking lots of fluids, in particular: Apple juice, Orange juice, water, tea (with lemon and honey), and lemonade will help. These are the best things to drink when you have a cold.

    If your throat is especially clogged up and you can’t sleep at night, take a warm, wet washcloth and press it on your throat, re-wetting it every few minutes to get it warm again. Vicks helps A TON with colds, helps you breathe better, sleep better, and feel better, and if you are an especially active person or athlete with a cold, put Vicks on when you participate in sports, or run, because it will prevent weezing.

    Also, get plenty of sleep and take Vitamin C and Zinc every day (ibuprofen or Tylenol help relieve some cold symptoms too.
    Hope this helps, people!

  333. Try running up and down the stairs and rub nose tip and then rub top of nose and then back of ears on the bottem then front of the bottom ear and then repaet do each thing 10 times hope this helps it helps for lyke 6 -8 hrs and oyu should repeat twice after the first time after 10 min then u should be okay for 6-8 hrs….

  334. Basically, this works the best. Open up a can of tuna put a few chunks under your nose (no mayonnaise or anything) just pure tuna. After about 10 minutes take it off and get in a bath of vicks water and a pint of petrol. Make sure the water’s really hot. Eating and drinking-wise, eat sandwiches and drink baileys from a shoe. All of these methods are from different parts of Europe and somehow are the most effective and work the best.

  335. I heard that if you have a hand sanitizer, you smell it once, itt will clear your nose for like 10 minutes or more, i tried it and it worked.

    P.S. I when you smell it your nose might feel weitd, but its just for like 5 seconds.


  336. If you get a netti pot it really helps clear out the sinuses. Fill it with warm salt water, tilt your head to the side, and pour the water up one nostril and let it flow out the other side. It probaly won’t work the first time because your nose is clogged. but soon enough it should start dripping out the other side. i know it sounds gross but it works! and make sure you don’t blow your nose hard afterwards or else you have to start over again.

  337. Stay in bed, rest, read a book, drink orange juice, drink water, have PLEANTY of cough drops and vitimen c drops and eat ice-y stuff like freeze’s and ice cream. -By:Shut Up Gurl

  338. Thanks for the very helpful and informative article. I also found drinking green tea also is very helpful since its full of antioxidants and is supposed to reduce cold symptoms apparently, though i am not 100% sure if that is true but it seems to work for me fine. Good luck with getting rid of your colds guys. Hope I’ve been of some help 🙂

  339. As it says above, Lemon. Here is a nice way of taking it:

    Boil some water and pour into your favourite mug, add honey and a quarter of a lemon and leave it to brew for a bit.

    Its a hot drink (soothing) honey (good for throat) and the lemon helps the cold 🙂

  340. Whats working for me is simply water,neocitron and ice cream. The water keeps me hydrated, the neocitron (which is like a warm lemon beverage that you can find at a pharmacy) clears my nose and head ache, the ice cream makes my minor fever cool down a bit. It works for me! try it!

  341. I have a cold at the moment and I find several things effective.
    – Vicks Vapo Rub: Rub into chest, neck, back and under the nose to clear head.
    – Cough syrup: Take as often as it says on the bottle. Boots own plain cough syrup is the best for me, and works very well.
    – Honey: Take 3 teaspoons once an hour.
    – Pain killers: If your throat is very sore, or you are in a lot of pain, these will help.

  342. I have been told that sex is the best cure for a cold or illness. All the above a great treatments but not cures. According to the person who told me this, sex releases certain hormones and endorphins that help battle a cold. I’m not sure about masturbation but I would assume that it would work as well.

  343. Step 1: Boil water, pour over tea bag leaving about an inch of room from the top. Cover you cup with a saucer so the heat doesn’t escape for 3-5 minutes. Dispose of tea bag. Immediately add 1.5-2oz of brandy. Stir once or twice. Drink (sip) tea while it is still very hot. This is not a leisurely cup of tea. You don’t want it to cool.
    Step 2: Get in bed under a sheet covered by three or four covers. The hot tea/brandy mixture will begin to raise your temperature and you will break into a prolonged sweat. When your sheets are wet from perspiration, get up and change the sheets. Repeat covering. If you continue to sweat, repeat the above. Your self-created fever will break with the perspiration process and when the tea/brandy mixture stops increasing your temperature.
    Step 3:
    Get a good night’s sleep under your normal sheet/blanket combination. Your cold symptoms will be gone in the morning.

    People in recovery should substitute a substantial amount of sugar for the brandy.

    You can use the same process with homemade chicken soup with similar effect, but note: Do not skim the fat off of the chicken soup after cooking. You will have to allow the soup to cool down a bit more so not to burn your lips or mouth with the hot fat, but the fat is the medicine and should be eaten in the soup at the warmest temperature tolerable right before you start the covering processes.

  344. What I use for a sore throat is sip some pickle juice, or put a sprinkle of cayenne pepper in hot water and sip that, its crazy I know but it worked wonders for me.
    as far as the clogged nose, somethings don’t work for me so I use a nasal decongestant, and get plenty of sleep.
    Drink lots of water, and juice and remember to eat food to keep your strength up, I hope this works for you too. 🙂

  345. I have spent the last two weeks with a heavy cold, coughing up lots of phlegm & coughing. I went to the walk in center yesterday feeling pretty bad and hardly able to talk.

    Due to the color of the phlegm I was expecting antibiotic’s. The doctor who was great prescribed lots of rest ( I thought I had been resting but I hadn’t ) Honey and lemon – hot for my throat and paracetamol every four hours for the fever.

    I went home did all this several times and slept. I actually feel 50% better already! I am always on the go and have a busy job and for once I am taking the ‘time’ to get well. Oh and Vicks rubbed on chest at night has helped.

  346. I have a cold and i tried blowing my nose with some tissue and it didnt work out so i drank milk and it barely helped it and i my mom gave me some children tynell and it worked im only 11 so…

  347. My cold is in the first stages and that is the time to act on it
    i usually:
    -get a shotglass filled with water then add around 40 drops of echinacea (i like the liquid form or you can tkae it in the pill form)
    -drink lots of green tea (you can add lemon or honey)
    -take 1-2 vitiam c tablets ( you can take up to 4 but i hate the taste)
    -dressed in warm but not overly warm clothes
    -keep all harmful toxins from your body
    -i also find that if you wash your face and shower (or bath) more offten then usual it helps to (like 2 times a day and stay in longer the steam helps clear you out
    -also a thing called chest tapping ( you can do this any where any time like when you watch tvor lie in bed)
    for chest tapping you take your right hand and group all the fingers together and tap your chest above your breast but below your clooerbone right in the centre
    do this for about 1-2 min and your congestion will go away

  348. I have no tips but I’m only 11 and I’m full of a nasty nasty cold and I’m awake at 2 ‘O clock in the morning coz I can’t sleep 🙁 I have just recently have a sicky bug on Sunday night till 1:05am on Monday and also have this cold with it, The bug’s gone but the cold hasn’t , I’ve been off school for 2 days now and that’s not good because I’m in high school. But I just don’t know what I could do coz im sooo Ill , Its unfair, Why is illness even evented? 🙁 And i’m getting earache too

  349. I get a cold every 2-3 months. I am sick right now. I need 2 get better really soon ’cause I’m going 2 mexcio in a week. Please help! 🙁

  350. Hey.
    I have a cold and I need to get rid of it in time for christmas. I am 13 and I can have nearly all medicines. Please help. Any thing that work instantly is the best. I have only 3 days to get rid of it. Please Pleasde help.?/@

  351. I love taking airborne (the tablets) because it keeps me full of energy and all the vitamins in it really fight the cold. I went to a disney park when I was sick, waking up at 7 going through 2 parks and going to sleep at 2 and I felt as if I did not have a cold the entire time!

  352. I try gargling hot water with salt. That always works for my sore throat.
    Quiet areas always help when i have a headache. Or some soothing music.
    When you have a fever take a warm/cold shower. Cools your temperature.
    If there is a stuffy nose drink LOTS of water it clenses and cleans the your systems
    The oh-so famous Three medicationd that i would reccomend

    Hope the information worked out

  353. It’s crude but it works… Fluids… drink even if you aren’t thirsty… Water is the best i usually drink cranberry pomagranet mixes because my colds and fevers come with ear infections… for somereason it doesnt hurt so much to swallow… but drink lots and lots… Gotto the bathroom as much as possible…. Old family remidy ive always used…. Flush your system almost naturally…

  354. Ive just coaught the common cold and i have a kickboxing fight in 2 weeks am fxxked !!! 🙁 lol im gona try all the tips aha

  355. Gargle salt water (very salty is better as salt kills germ) with warm-hot water, gargle as much as you can for a couple times a day, your sore throat should be gone in 24hours.. 🙂 hope i helped as i am suffering a cold myself! 🙁

  356. To get rid of colds for a baby we use the blue nasal syringe that you get from the doctor. If you have lost yours or don’t have one go to nosesucker (dot) com. they have the best product for the bet price.

  357. Im meant to be seeing justin bieber in concert tonight, but im off school with a terrrible cold. i have a blocked nose, head, and chest, a cough and sore throat. i REALLY need to get rid of this within a few hours or i cant go. pleasr
    please help!

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