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It sounds weird, but every time you see someone’s foot being tickled, you feel a stirring within you. Even though the act is pretty innocent, you feel a strange sexual attraction towards it. It’s uncontrollable, and you feel it slowly taking over you.


No, you’re not going crazy. You just have a fetish. Many people have this condition, where they associate arousal when they see a particular object or act. A fetish can come in different forms, and it can be over a body part, an object, a feeling or an action. As long as it’s properly controlled, it’s considered normal.

A fetish isn’t harmful, but if gets out of hand, it can be trouble. It’ll drive you and your sex life. Soon, it will also drive away the people close to you. You don’t have to deal with a fetish all your life. If you think it’s about time to get rid of it, then here are a few effective ways to do it.
When Does A Fetish Becomes Dangerous?

Having a fetish nowadays is considered typical, so many think there’s no reason to get rid of it. Some even think it adds spice to their sex life. (For more information visit MonsterGuide and learn how to spice up a relationship) Even so, there are certain cases when the fetish inhibits the person so much that keeping it becomes a serious and embarrassing condition, more than it gives sexual gratification. It’s important to know whether your fetish dilemma is grave or just normal before you start trying to shake it off.

Here are a few signs of a dangerous fetish that you have to get rid of.

  • It’s all you ever think about. It makes you lose your concentration, and you start performing poorly at work or school because of it.
  • It comes up at random moments. Even when you’re not thinking about anything arousing, it comes to your mind. For example, you see a pair of ladies shoes, which then leads you to thinking about your foot fetish.
  • It’s ruining your relationship. You’re starting to drive your romantic partner crazy because of it, leading to arguments, misunderstandings and awkwardness during sex. For example, you’ve got a fetish for women who wears boots, so whenever you and your girlfriend or wife goes to bed, you urge her to wear a pair, even if she hates it.
  • It’s affecting you financially. You find front women posing on magazine covers (even those in teen magazines) arousing, so every time you see one, you’ll immediately buy it.

If you experience one or two of these symptoms, then you’ve got to find a way to get rid of your fetish. Here are some ways how.
Tame Your Mind

Nothing fuels a fetish worse than always keeping it in mind. You retain and stay attracted to a fetish because you constantly think about it. Even if it’s not there in front of you, as long as it lingers in your brain, you’ll be continuously drawn to it.The first step to shake off your fetish is to keep it from going to your head. Control your thoughts and don’t think about it anymore. The more you dwell on it, even if you don’t acually see it, the more difficult it’ll be to shoo away. Tame your mind to stay away from those fetish thoughts. When you master proper mind control, you’ll be able to say goodbye to that fetish dilemma.

Oftentimes, doing it isn’t as easy as saying it. If you’re struggling hard to keep the perverted fetish from your head, here are a few tactics you can try:

  • Meditate. Allot a few hours a day to meditate and clear and relax your mind. You can also try a mind-clearing exercise, like yoga, to help your mind keep its focus.
  • Get busy. If you’re busy thinking about more important stuff, then that fetish will have a hard time fitting in your mind. Busy yourself with work or school. If you’ve got some free time, spend it by going out on dates, traveling or even by learning a new hobby or doing an extreme sport. Have fun, but in a non-sexual way.
  • Socialize. Go to parties, join clubs and meet up with friends. When you’ve got people around to chat with and entertain you, it’ll be difficult to keep thinking about your fetish.

Stop The Habit

Let’s say you’ve got a fetish for women who wear stilettos while making love. You find it so arousing that every time you sleep with a woman, you ask her to keep the stilettos on. It’s become such an addiction, you’ve made it into a sexual routine you can’t get out of. If you don’t have it, you can’t make love properly.

There’s one way to stop this: try the cold turkey technique. Stop the habit completely, all at once. It doesn’t mean you have to stay away from having intercourse completely, just from the fetish acts. For example, if you find foot-tickling so arousing, try not to do it anymore. If you’ve got a fetish for diapers (heterosexual men often have this), stop using them when you’re having intercourse. Instead, find a new sex technique that you and your partner find kinky. It’s a good opportunity for you to explore your adventurous side.

One crucial part of breaking the habit is making sure you stay away from all things that remind you of it. Purge your space of anything that reminds you of your fetish. If you’ve got a stiletto fetish, take out all your girlfriend’s stilettos that you keep in your room. You should also try to reduce using pornographic materials (videos and magazines), since these can also remind you of your fetish. Stay away from anything and everything that triggers your unusual arousal.

Breaking a fetish habit can be difficult for the first few days, but as soon as you get used to it, you can stay away from it completely and getting over it will be a cinch.
Confide In Someone

No matter how confident or brave a person is, dealing with a fetish is never an easy experience. Even admitting out loud that you have a fetish (especially if it’s a perverted kind) can be embarrassing. You have to admit that you can’t get rid of this habit all by yourself. You need to find someone you can trust to draw your strength from.

Confide your fetish dilemma to someone close to you. It can be your sibling, your parents or your best friend. The person should be someone you trust, and someone who can keep a secret. Talk about your strange dilemma with him. If that person really cares for you, he or she will listen and will not judge you. You can also ask for some sound advice from him or her.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner must be one of the few people who knows about your strange arousal. Discuss the dilemma between the two of you. One way or the other, it probably affects him or her, physically, mentally and sexually. Talk about what makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t and hash out ways on how you can overcome this problem together. Knowing you’ve got his or her support will inspire you to get rid of and stay away from the fetish.
Consult A Professional

Sometimes a fetish becomes the worst addiction a person can have, and this can turn out badly. If you think your fetish is already inhibiting you negatively and that you think no distraction can cure it, there’s one solution you can turn to: go to a counselor, therapist or psychiatrist for a consultation. Having a professional hear about your fetish is a good idea when trying to get rid of it. He or she will listen carefully and give you proper advice and recommendations that’ll help you deal with the problem greatly. If you need to, the counselor will also suggest a variety of treatments you can try, including:

  • Cognitive Therapy

This treatment works on the idea that a fetish results from imprinting or conditioning. It works by changing the patient’s behavior without having to analyze how and why it came. One example of cognitive therapy is aversive conditioning. The patient is confronted with the fetish, and when the arousal begins, he is exposed to something that causes a displeasing stimulus. In the early times, painful stimuli were used, like electric shocks. Today, abominable odors and unpleasant photographs like those showing penned in genitals are used

Another type of cognitive therapy technique is thought stop. The patient is asked to think of his fetish, then the therapist interrupts suddenly by saying “stop!”. The patient’s line of thought is broken and he is irritated. The therapist then examines the effects of the sudden break, and teach the person how to use the technique to interrupt fetish thoughts.

  • Psychoanalysis

This treatment operates on the belief that a fetish occurs when there’s an unconscious traumatic experience in the individual. This trauma is brought to consciousness, allowing the patient to work it up and relieve himself emotionally and rationally from it. Although psychoanalysis is rarely used, it is believed to be effective. Examples of this method include dream analysis, talk therapy and play therapy.

  • Medication

Along with psychoanalysis or cognitive therapy, prescription drugs are sometimes prescribed by professionals, including those that inhibit sex steroid production. When this is reduced, sexual desire is also diminished, and the person is more able to control his fetish by processing his own thoughts and preventing himself from being distracted by sexual arousal.

Having a fetish is not a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, that’s when it must be stopped. If you have this dilemma, try these techniques. Soon, all that arousal will leave you and your mind will be lighter and free from those perverse thoughts. If you enjoyed reading this article, you’ll sure enjoy reading how to get rid of porn addiction.

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    1. Hello ABDELLH. Read my posts above , you can find a solution, but remember one thing, if you encourage your thoughts in the way they give you pleasure it will trap you . so kill thoughts with thoughts, you see the sillyness of it, you remember yourself that what you are thinking is not real, it is only meant for giving you certain pleasure, and that experience is not real , replace them with other hygenic experiences, do exercises , build your body , it helps you a large, meditate and it will give you mental strength, one thing is clear, let a man be very strong, but one thought of fetish when arises , we cultivate the habit by ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly by ourselves in youth or in childhood, then slowly our mind makes us the slave to it, so we can stop it by firm determination by following above steps and we can get rid of it by ourselves.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this article. I have a fetish which I am not comfortable with and Ive been looking up sites to help get rid of it. Before I found this one, the only articles I found were how to accept them. I was ready to quit until I saw this article and now I’m inspired to get in control! Thank you so much for helping me.

  3. THANKS A MILLION..Im a student and if the fetish keeps taking over me i will be a nerd forever.Thank you so much

  4. many thanks for this husband has high heel fetish and i cane to know it by chance and he was very embarrassed. i love my husband and i want to help him getting rid of this high heel fetish.what exactly i shoudl be doing or saying to him to get rid of this.many thanks

  5. No one has any right to help someone else get rid fo a fetish unless they ask for that help first.

    However, this is a very well written article, and I am sure that it will help many, many people who, instead of being able to embrace their fetishes as I have, to help them gain more self control and live their lives to the fullest.

  6. thank you for the advise i’m going to try the cold turkey thing and keeping my mind busy and all that, my fetish is getting out of control and honestly…i have always hated my fetish but it always pulls me in and have been searching and searching for a way to get rid of it my girlfriend was accepting of it but i slowly came to realize she doesn’t like it either so i don’t want to get rid of it just for me but for her also because i love her so much and i want to marry her but not with this perversion thank you again and wish me luck

  7. Is really important to tell people that a fetish is normal and it can be accepted by others just like homossexuality. I have a lot of fetishist friends (they have tickle fetish, furry fetish, pee fetish, diaper fetish…) and I have a pee holding fetish. People souldn’t try get rid of a fetish if this isn’t harmful. I’m glad that you aren’t one of these people who says “you must get rid of your fetish, because it makes you a pervert”. I’m sooo glad that you could see both sides. If a person have a foot tickling fetish, isn’t his/her fault. A person can be completely normal and have a completely normal life even having a fetish. A person only should try get rid of a fetish if the practice is harming you mentally, phisically, harming you social life or spirituality. But in mostly of cases you only need to reduce the frequence of gratification. So, I try not hold pee in until it hurts, just enought to feel aroused. Excuse my english.

  8. That prt about meditating and not thinking about it is relay helping me with my fetish. The thing that sucks thorough, the most helpful step of all is the hardest for me to do… and that is confiding in someone I trust. It’s not that telling my parents would make them stop loving me or anything, but I’m too embarrassed and ashamed to even THINK about, for it’s affected them already …deeply. I’m scared… scared of what will happen if I tell…

  9. Thanks! I’ve got a sneeze fetish, and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve been trying to stop, but it seems like when I get it in my head it’s the only thing that I can think of. It’s controling me, and I don’t like that!

    Thanks again!

  10. I have a foot fetish (I guess it’s pretty common), sometimes it’s hard to look away from a woman’s feet when she has sandals or flip flops on. The good thing is that I’m a virgin, so I know how to control my sexual feelings pretty good (you got to to be a Virgin at almost 27). Just thought I would share since others are.

  11. I have a foot fetish and its been driving be crazy, im 18 and i had it since i was a child and i like everything about feet but im getting really tired of it and i wanna get rid of it for good, can anyone give tips on how to?? because i really dont wanna freak out any future girlfriend or wife with it

  12. Mine isn’t a serous problem yet, but I want to nip it in the bud as what I like is extremely dangerous. I have a mental self destruction fetish. I really don’t want this to develop. So I’m trying to tame it in the early stages.

  13. I have a fatish for black shoes and I fantasize to sex with girls with my cloths and shoes on ..even I fantasize to do sex holding the partner on my lap..human minds are weird

  14. I have a latex and bondage fetish. Thanks for the article, i dont feel so alone. Maybe i can oneday find a woman with a fetish like myself. But for now its not helping me.
    I feel like posting this is the same as finaly admiting it.

    1. I have a foot fetish i dont wanna get rid of it because i think its a beautiful thing the elegance and beauty of the female feet an overlooked part of the body from the worlds perspective i just think about it all the time needs to be on a leash its too distracting i always wany a footjob or smell them preferably white womans feet i want it so bad need some advice from fellow foot lovers or someone with expertise how to control this or maintain it accepting all inputs good or bad

  15. I have a foot fetsih and its driving me insane, i cant even preform sex PERIOD without feet involved i just dont get turned on im not gay AT ALL but this fetish has been in my life since i was a child and has ruined my sexual life with a number of women and im a 19 year old virgin can someone help PLEASEEEEE

  16. Hello All,
    Great article. My fetish has been controlling me since I was 12. I now have a beautiful wife and kids and this crap needs to stop now! It is starting to effect work and my relationship with my wife. I actually have to powerful things I am trying to quit. The first one is leather pants, I absolutly want to explode when I see a woman in them. I bought my wife 4 pairs. They look great on her but are really not that comfortable. I need to get away from this.
    The second thing is mud. I have loved playing,bathing, and being near it since I was a kid. I recently as of 15 years ago and consistantly have found areas with mud (secluded areas) where I can strip nude and play in it for hours.
    This is not only dangerous, embarrassing, and stupid. What if I get caught and embarrass my family, what if someone confronts me? Plus I am wasting so much time doing something silly?
    This needs to end NOW!!!

  17. Hi I’m nic I’m 14 and I’m very attracted to feet and I have never told anyone about it and I’m trying to stop it because I don’t want this to mess up my love life when I’m older.

    1. My name is jack and my situation is exactly the same as yours, just though you would like to know you are not alone

  18. I need help controlling my fat/blueberry fetish. I can’t take it anymore it’s distracts me while I’m in school and at night.It makes me feel very guilty and it makes me hate myself a lot.My fetish is not like other fetishes the fat/blueberry
    fetish is one of the more brutal ones.It goes against me believing in
    equality,fairness,woman’s rights and it goes against everything I believe about being a Brony.It basically make me feel like a monster.I’m 15 in high school and I just want to control it,but if I can’t then I don’t want to have a fat/blueberry fetish anymore.

    1. You’re a brony. You cannot have a valid opinion and I will most certainly not acknowledge you’re weird fetishes.

  19. I have a bondage fetish particularly straitjackets. I worry that when I tell a girl that having her tied up really turns me on (Or worse the only when she is it turns me on). I worry that this will prevent me from having a normal relationship any advice? I know a small fetish is okay but?

    1. Aghhh!!!!.stupid fetish. Think that it never existed and forget it and be like a man normal plssssss. Femdom fetish bdsm strap ton nothing exists at all fuck this stupid fetish. Think this never existed. Strong mind can help get rid of it

  20. I have two disturbing fetishes I want to dispose of — vore (look it up) and diapers. If ever I can find help, it’s this article. I am sick of people wanting me to retain these lousy fetishes, and to be honest, I’d been involved in the vore community for too long, to where people expect me to draw this kind of shit all-day, every day. And, lordy, the amount of diaperfags who jump down my throat about wanting me to drawing AB/DL smut!

    Honestly, fuck my fetishes. I want to be an artist, and it genuinely upsets me that I’ve gotten more views for kink nonsense than works that I’ve put my heart and soul into.

  21. Hello, I’m well… Sixteen… I have this obsession with safe micro vore. I’m really addicted to it, I really want to stop thinking about it. It’s driving me nuts! This article, I think it can help me a lot, I just need to find someone to confide in. Thanks for writing this up, I know you’re helping a lot of people!
    Oh, and I’m Andy, I’m a guy, just saying.

  22. I have a haircut fetish.I watch videos where girls get their hair cut really short,but i have really long hair and I don’t plan on cutting it,but I don’t know how to stop it!

  23. i have a fetish towards my mom. like im pretty sure if we have a sexual experience together it will go away but idk its just really hot to me i want to get rid of it though

  24. Is a fetish truly the end of the world? Before deleting my original post (reply to a brony-hater not counting), I have some really fucked-up fetishes. But in all seriousness, at least no one who posted here has, for instance, a pedophiliac or snuff fetish…

    1. I have a snuff fetish. I try really hard not to set it off, but I do.
      So shut the absolute fuck up. I also have a whole host of other really
      weird fetishes. If people don’t like or want it, they should be allowed
      to be left alone with those thoughts, and be allowed to be who they
      want to be, not accept what you think they should accept. My fighting
      fetish, villain fetish, mentally ill fetish, and S&M fetish are on
      the higher side of what I can accept, and who I want to be. But the
      snuff, forced humiliation, forced weight gain and forced diaper fetish
      are not. So please stop trying to bully and force everyone to be like

    2. i have a very very strong hanging and neck fetish and some times i think that i’m a psychopath :/ i just know it there is no help for me, but i try to enjoy it! what else can i do? right?…

        1. you know actually i find neck fetish (not strangling a girl to death though , just smothering and light neck play) pretty normal…lots of people have it and it is ok , truly … but what i dont get is why the hell on earth should i have a hanging fetish … it’s weird as feels like i’m dexter morgan and being like him in reality is not as cool as it sounds trust me

      1. when we have smothering fetish, hanging , neck fetish or strangling fetish, we get intense sexual pleasure when seeing videos or something etc, but when thoughts arise immediately in your mind, divert your mind immediately to other things, especially do not encourage the thoughts in your mind, that give you pleasure by imagining in your mind, that imagining in that certain way is the worst enemy of people suffering with fetishes, even if the imagination is not true, we force us to imagine in that particular way, and when we do , this is a vicious circle and we get trapped by it for some silly fetish pleasure, so do not support your ideas.

  25. Hi I’m 18 and i have a femdom fetish that i want to get rid of because its taking control of my life and make me question things about my sexuality. I was fine before this fetish, but its really taking control of my mind 🙁

  26. Is there a fetish were you kinda suck up to women a lot? Like in sex you always want them on top and you would never want to order them around, rather have them order you around instead? Like where they pretty much dominate you and you do anything they want? But you also really like it like that?

    1. It is, it’s called BDSM. Some people have it and they want to rule (like me) and some people like to be ruled.
      I don’t completely agree. Fetishes aren’t necessary something you need to get rid of.

    2. Actually normal husband and wifes have fetishes too, like wife dominating husband on top , foot licking etc etc , but there is no danger to them because they are in control of it, they are not dominated by it, the problem is we are getting controlled by it, in control even these fetishes add up spice, but if they linger in mind constantly and you are unable to focus your concentration on other things or activities then we are in problem. so if we have struck deeply in these fetishes, we have to control them and get rid of them. the thing is you dont have to do anything for fetish, because when wife and husband or lovers or in normal relation and loving each other, then their love will take course of hygenic fetish for both couples and there is no harm about it. Fetishes does not lingers in your mind always in this case.

  27. Hi. I have a sneezing fetish. I find it really attractive when women sneeze and wtf. I’m a 15 year old girl and I want to get rid of this but idk how to.

  28. I have a very weird fetish called vore (Vorephillia), the act of eating another person for some sort of sexual pleasure.. I don’t know why I’m attracted to it.. It could be the big bellies that i see or something.. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even get erect during sexual pleasure.. It’s like I’ll feel attracted.. but I can neither ejaculate nor even fit it inside.. I’m really embarrassed by this.. It’s been ruining my sexual acts for over two years.. I’m a freshman in college and I think I began when I a Sophomore in High School when my friend told me to look at some video of a girl biting another guy then a video came up and i guess i clicked it, and from there….
    I just need help, I’m afraid that if I don’t get any help soon.. I’ll never be able to have sexual intercourse or have children of my own without professional help.. which is looked down upon within my family.. I may be big.. but I’m scared to death to even get into a relationship here in college because I’m of my partner’s reaction.. Being constantly rejected from all of middle-high school, then coming to college where EVERYONE is fair game… is a big change for me since I’m not even the one chasing the females..
    Can someone please help me…

  29. I ‘ m Hassan from Egypt..and I have this foot fetish too.. I’m not a gay.. but i love to be a slave for girls! and i tried it many times with differents girls.. i didn’t satisfied at all.. i felt it’s disgusting… but i can’t imagine my masturbating without looking some girl humiliate a slave under her feet! .. plz help me.. i want to be myself… i need to be natural!

  30. My name is feroze baig and I’m also 14 I haven’t told anybody about it. When my friends in school discuss about it for example if someone says sunny Leone hot boobs all of them get erected. It is clearly visible. But not mine. I am erected to this fuc**** foot fetish which I guess my friends and family don’t know anything about. I get sexual pleasure from my elder cousin sisters feet. Its like seeing boobs with naked eye only for me . but I don’t want it . before jerking off its like it but after its embarresing . even though my sister don’t have a clue about it and I can take advantage but I don’t want it . I want to get erected to boobs and pussy and ass not feet. I first used to get erection from these before one day. When I discovered it on net on *[*=x].I didn’t knew these names femdom fetish. All I knew was going to search on this site and typing mistress. Then I think it was controllable. But I was enjoying it more than original and normal porn. So I started watching it didn’t knew the danger. But now it has ruined my entire life. No one in my family knows about foot fetish but I have experienced it. Now its time to get rid of dear brothers let’s stand up together no body is alone
    My number 8465988400. Let’s stand up together and fight against this sick disease called foot fetish my dear brother nicolaus and others please feel free to talk with me Sean McCleary And Joshua raid we are all together

  31. Hi I have a leg fetish. I would consider myself a leg man. I also have an ass fetish as well. I’m a sucker for tall big sexy thighs, sch as an amazon woman’s. I’ve accidentally destroyed my reputation a bit by trying to talk to women who I liked from high school in my past. I’ve told them that they have nice thighs, legs, or ass. I would also ask them if they’re interested in a thigh/leg massage, or a bare butt rub. Now they think of me as a pervert. Though I have to admit, I can’t blame them. Some guys accuse my of being a pervert, and have turned away from me because of how strangely I have talked to women. I’m a decent guy, just love legs, and an ass. Even when I go to the gym and see a woman wearing shorts while she’s working out, or one who’s wearing a one piece swimsuit at the pool or jacuzzi, it automatically turns me on. As much as I try to control myself, I just can’t. I use to go out with a girl who wore a short skirt at the movies. I put my hand on her bare thigh thinking it was ok. Sadly, she decided never to see me again.

    I was raised as a good, and decent guy with manners. This leg fetish just seems to cram my social life, especially when it comes to relationships. I wish I could permantely get rid of my fetishes.

  32. In youtube videos many masturbate and have fetishes of woman killing man sexually, it is one of the most typical fetish , whenever a woman kills man with gloves or injection, handsmother , asphyxiation etc etc, they get aroused by the way she kills him, and even some others have fetishes like foot fetish, femdom dominating, etc etc. but we have to control it . Because it takes and ruins our life to large extent, it always thrusts the imagination to be fetish and it is hard to control as the author said, but we must not support it at any cost, stop it for once and for all. Do activities that pleases you, play with your pets, children and enjoy healthy habits , that will decrease these fetishes , and one day you see the stupidity of these fetishes when you enjoy nature with peace and calmness.

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