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Imagine this: You’ve set up a bird feeder in your lawn and you’re enjoying the sight of various birds taking shelter and refreshment in the bird feeder you set up. Then, a hawk appears and the birds scatter. You worry about not just the birds becoming dinner for the hawk, but your small pets and even your fish, if you own a fishpond. It may be difficult, but there are some steps that can help you get rid of that hawk hanging around. Read on for more.


State and federal restrictions forbid the killing, capture and possession of hawks. They are under federal and usually state, protection. This means you cannot shoot at them or even shoot near them to scare them away.

If you want a permit to be able to do some bird control, you will need to apply for a permit at your federal government or state’s wildlife agencies to have this exercised over your property. Even so, your application may not be approved unless you have exhausted all means to keeping the hawks away without harming them.

It’s always important to remember that anything you do must be within the boundaries set by the federal and state laws. Remember that any kind of animal control comes with their own set of health risks and personal liabilities.

Natural Protection

Bird feeders are attractive to most hawks because a flock of birds concentrated in one area is pretty much a buffet meal to them. One way to deter hawks from coming in your property is to make things a little harder for them in the form of natural protection. Relocate your bird feeder somewhere nearer tall trees. Evergreen shrubs and trees are said to be quite effective in deterring hawks.

Minimize Feeders

When you’re attracting hawks in your garden, you can be pretty sure that you’re attracting quite a lot of prey for them. To lessen the attraction, put away some of your feeders or lessen the bird feed than the usual. It may give you some pain to see lesser birds coming back to your lawn, but this is all for the best. Hawks usually never stay for very long and may move on from hunting in your area to another one after two or three months before going back to their nesting areas.

However, if you don’t want to deal with hawks anymore, it’s probably wise to take down any and all bird feeders that you do have.

Alter Roosting Areas

Another way to deter hawks from hanging around is make less room for them to feel comfortable in. Trim the tree branches where they can roost in. You can also install spikes in the trees to discourage hawks from roosting. Again, this may cause harm to the hawks, so make sure that installing spikes in tree branches is an acceptable method according to your federal and state laws.

Scare Tactics

If you’re protecting an agricultural property, you may need to ask your state wildlife agency for help in creating a diverse set of scare tactics to discourage hawks from staying on your property. Mixing up your scare tactics is the best way to get rid of hawks.

Scare tactics come in the form of loud noises and sounds. Electronic noises can convey alarm and distress calls from other “birds” which can alarm and spook hawks away. You can also use pyrotechnics and exploders to set off a visual and auditory alarm in hawks.

Exclusion and Cages

If you’re dealing with a hawk feeding out of your fishpond, your best bet is to install an exclusion or a net cage all around your fishpond. This is your best bet to protect your fish from foraging hawks, but it’s not recommended for fish ponds that are bigger than five acres.

Impediments are another alternative to exclusion or cages. They are partial cages with wires and netting made to prevent hawks from diving down straight to catch their prey.

Remember, using a variety of methods is the best way to deal with hawks. On the other hand, you can be philosophical about it and accept that hawks need to eat, too. At the very least, you can always hire professional help when dealing with this problem. If you enjoy learning from this article, you’ll surely be interested in reading how to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

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  1. Had a hawk come down an take away apigeon an has been hanging around, i feed squrrils an chickades i hate not to feed them all with winter here
    i know the hawk is hungry to but i had to watch him take a pigioen

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