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If you want to know how to get rid of a head cold, the best place is to start by knowing what causes a head cold. Head colds are a result of hundreds of various viruses that the human body is susceptible to catching when your immune system is low. A big change in temperature may also be the cause of a cold. When a cold comes on, you may feel weak or have a clogged nose, an irritable throat, runny eyes and sometimes headaches or migraines. The body can ache and next thing you know, you have a full fledged cold.

Knowing how to get rid of a cold is the next problem to solve. There is not one simple cure for a cold and every person is different and reacts to different treatments but listed below are some tips to try that may be helpful in your task of getting rid of a head cold.

Nasal drops and nasal sprays are wonderful ways to get rid of a head cold. The drops and sprays are used with intentions of narrowing blood vessels in the nasal passages helping relieve stuffiness. These sprays and drops are used more for adults than children and can be prescription medications or over the counter medications. Over the counter nasal sprays and drops are only to be used for short periods of time before checking with a doctor.

There are hundreds of over the counter medications that will help you get rid of a head cold. Cough medications for tough coughs, pain medications for headaches and sprays for sore throats all work well. If the cold is not going away or getting worse, there are prescribed medications a doctor can give such as antibiotics and other stronger could and cold medications that will help get rid of your head cold.

Another tip for getting rid of a head cold is blowing your nose constantly. This will keep the nasal passages open as well as get any mucus accumulation out of the body and lessening the risk of infections.

Keeping your body full of fluids is a great way to get rid of a head cold. Medications can leave you feeling very dehydrated and water is great for flushing the system as well as juices and other clear liquids. Soup and Jell-O are also very helpful to keep the throat soothed.

Every now and again, getting some salty warm water and gargling a few times a day will help to ease the pain of a sore throat.

When looking for ways to get rid of a head cold try some of the above ideas and see if one of those will be effective for you.