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Ah, a good old fashioned make-out – what seems to be a great idea at the time can prove to be embarrassing if you’ve got a family dinner or work meeting to show up to soon after.

If you’ve got a hickey, you’ve actually got a kind of bruise – sucking on the skin too hard makes blood capillaries under your skin burst, and gives the hickey its discoloured tone compared to the rest of your skin.

Whether you have work in the morning, a family dinner to attend, or something to hide from a significant other (shame on you!), there are a number of ways to get rid of those pesky hickeys.

From hiding them, to covering them up, to actually eliminating them, there are a handful of tips below that should help you get rid of that red mark on your neck you worked so hard for.

1. Cool down the bruised spot.

Before you do anything, you should cool down the bruised spot with either an ice pack or a cold spoon. If you use a spoon, make sure you freeze it for about an hour beforehand so it’s nice and frosty.

Cooling down the area will slow down and manage the blood flow in the bruised area, so immediately when you notice a hickey, you should apply a cold source to it.

2. Apply a heat source to the bruise.

This only works roughly 48 hours after you’ve got a hickey. After two days or so, the capillaries that were burst from the suction will have healed, so applying heat
will help the leftover blood from the clot be absorbed back into the bloodstream.

The heat works by speeding up the blood flow around the damaged area, and gets the nutrients it needs to repair at a faster rate.

3. Scrub with a toothbrush.

After you’ve let a cold source sit on your hickey for a few minutes, take a toothbrush (a new one, if possible) and gentle rub the area with the bristles of the brush. Doing this will help the blood from the capillaries flow outside of the affected zone, preventing the discolouration of the blood under your skin and spreading the blood around more evenly to the surrounding skin.

4. Take an aspirin or Vitamin E supplement.

Aspirin has blood-thinning (anti-coagulant) properties, so if you take an aspirin within 24 hours of getting a hickey, it should make the blood under your skin easier to manage. Once you’ve done this, then you can apply the other steps easier and more effectively.

Vitamin E supplements are also known to manage blood flow, so this is another possible option. Vitamin E works by widening blood vessels which makes it easier for the fuel to flow through the veins. It also stops clots from forming by making more room for the liquid to get around.

5. Massage with a coin.

A flat surfaced object, like a coin, can be used to break down the clotted blood under the skin where the hickey is. Taking two fingers, stretch out the skin of the affected area and take the coin’s side to the bruise. The idea here is to buff out the blood out of that particular spot so that it may go elsewhere. Be careful, though – too much pressure applied with the edge of a coin can make your hickey into a cut or a worse bruise.

You can also do the same with a pen lid or another cylindrical object – being careful, of course, not to worsen the wound.

6. Rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol has cooling properties, so it helps to apply a little bit to the hickey so that, again, the blood around the bruise can flow better to the surrounding skin. Be sure that you use moisturizing lotion afterwards, as rubbing alcohol can sometimes dry out the skin.

7. Wear a sweater, necktie, or scarf.

If all else fails, you could always cover up the bruise with an article of clothing. In the winter, a turtleneck sweater or a scarf should do, and in the summer, a light scarf, necktie, or bandana should do just fine. If your hair is long, you could even drape it over the affected area to avoid people seeing it, if only for a short time.

Of course, you should make sure that your choice of clothes is appropriate for the season. It would be pretty obvious you have a hickey if you were wearing a wool scarf or turtleneck in the middle of July.

8. Cover with makeup.

If you have a shade of blush the same tone as your skin, you could easily apply some of it to the hickey and nobody would be the wiser (unless they were paying really close attention.

Be careful that you won’t be near a water source for too long, though, as the makeup will wear off and you’ll be right where you started. Also, be sure to buy a blush that is as close to your skin shade as possible.

9. Make up an excuse.

Everybody needs to tell a little white lie once in a while, right? What better time than with a stubborn, embarrassing hickey. You could pull it off as a sports injury, a curling iron burn (one of the more common ones), or whatever you can come up with that sounds believable. Just remember – people are often not as gullible as you think they may be.

10. Wait it out.

Sometimes you get a hickey that’s so bad that nothing works. They really got in there deep, didn’t they? Well, in that case, if nothing else works, you’ll just need to wait it out and put up with the glances at it. Hey, at least you’ll have a story out of it (for better or worse)!

Intimacy is all part of being human, but sometimes it is inappropriate to be flaunting a hickey around. When you’ve got to get rid of a hickey for a social gathering, work, or just to avoid talking about it, try any one of these tips and you’ll be on your way to chatting without the awkwardness again in no time.

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  1. Thank you so much! I noticed a big hickie on my neck right after I got it. I found your website and started icing it. I switched between icing it and massaging it with a brush and a tube of chapstick for about 12 hours straight! It took a long time, but now it’s almost completely gone. It’s just a little red. My neck sure hurts, though. I tried the tea bag thing too, but it wasn’t doing much and I was getting tea everywhere.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Use a makeup concealer with green undertones; green is the opposite of red on the color wheel and will balance out the redness of the hickey.

  3. I just got one and right away went to find a remedy and ive been icing for about 10 minutes now and it’s already a lot less red!!…the sucky part was getting past my mom! I had to hold my cat in front of it! haha!

  4. Wow, this site really helped! Gurlz, get a toothbursh and have hot hot water running and get the toothbrush wet with hot water numerous times while massaging ur hickey with the toothbrush, it will be a little painful and take about 10 minutes, but it WILL fade, or go away completely!!

  5. There is no quick way of getting rid of a hickey. A hickey is a bruise. A bruise can only be treated to heal faster.
    The following will help heal any bruise or hickey much faster:

    1. First, you want to increase your intake of vitamin P also called bioflavonoids. Example of foods that contain signifant bioflavonoids are lemons, green peppers, broccoli and rose hips. The primary job of bioflavonoids is to (protect the capillaries, keep them strong and prevent them from bleeding). The converse of this equals a hickey. However, even if the capillaries are renewed there are still blood clogs at the surface as a result of damaged capillaries caused, in the case of a hickey, by sucking or bitting. So the hickey only goes away once the capillaries are renewed and the blood clogs at the surface reabsorbed. Hence,

    2. Vitamin K cream(aloe vera and vitamin E dont hurt either). vitamin K helps reaborb that stuck at the surface blood causing the appearance of a hickey(more specificly the redness or browness). Also increase your intake of vitamin K by eating green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, green cabbage, kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens, broccoli, tomatoes as well as exceptional meats like liver. By the way, your body naturally needs vitamin K to reaborb the blood.

    Arnica gel is another way of helping bruises or hickeys heal faster. Its also a great pain reliever. For some arnica will work better than the method described above, for others it will not be so effective as the method described above. Either try both, make sure you never get a hickey again or when you do quickly apply ice under pressure for at least 15min.

  6. Massaging the area made it go away pretty fast. I was soooooo embarassed to wake up and find one. But I massaged it for about a half hour, then used the cap trick. It is still a little red, but not black and blue like it was. Now it just looks like a skin irritation. My neck is a little sore, but that is a heck of a lot better than an hickie any day! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Here is a reasonably priced(15can) and effective solution to heal hickies faster containing both vitamin K and arnica, its called Vita K for bruises and can be found at most drug stores( Plz note their are two suitable products for the hickeys or bruises same thing, there’s the one thats for scars & bruises containing only vitamin k and there’s the one solely for bruises that contains vitamin k and arnica as active ingredients. Plz note, arnica can be found in ointment or gel form. It is the most effective formula agaisnt bruises(besides personal experience I have 6 pharmacist back me up on this one). If you use the gel, make sure it has a reasonable concentration of arnica, at least 2%(1.5% or less really just isnt that effective). Note, finding arnica can be a challenging task, try looking more in health stores or even herbal stores than in drug stores. If worse comes to worse order it online.

  8. ok so i just got my first hichey last night. freeked out! so i looked up things on the net for advice. i’ve tried some of them, and they seem to work. here they are:
    1) put many cold spoons in the freezer for atleast 10 min. then place it round side down and rub up and down until the spoon is warm. that got rid of the black/purple look and just left a red mark
    2) put deodarant on it for a while then wash it off
    3)put tooth paste on it for a while then wash it off
    4) put green eye shadow on it then put consealer on over that.
    this has worked for me and i’ve been doing this for about 2 hours.

    best of luck and hope you have all day
    ps 1 & 4 are the best!

  9. k so i for got i thing
    5)take a tooth paste cap and place it over the hichey then gently twist and pull the cap away form your skin that really worked for me too.

  10. ice it right after. hot rag over night. rub it with lipstick/pen/marker cap/ brush… and then put icy-hot on it… it fades it amazingly

  11. today i got my first hickey. my mom snapped.. whose wouldnt. and now i desperatly have to get it off before the whole family sees. so iv been doing all these tricks.. the best ones are the cap and twist… and ofcourse the hot water.. use a toothbrush or something with bristles so you can massage the area while applying heat from the hot water. good luck.

  12. omg okay so i got my first hickie lol it felt good but the after look is awful thank god that i had long hair or else my mom would have seen it but anyway i put many cold spoons in the freezer for at least 10 min. then place it round side down and rub up and down until the spoon is warm. that got rid of the black/purple look and just left a red mark.Then i iced it right after. The redness and the black/purle look went some what away so now im just gonna try the deoderant.

  13. thank you so much!
    this site helped A LOT. let me tell you.
    i got one and i was so so scared my parents would see it and question me!
    then i came to this site and i read some of the tips and tried a lot of them.
    :::::::USE MY REMEDY ORDER::::: (works within 25 minutes and the hickey is 71% gone)

    1. ice it for 5 minutes
    2. put toothpaste on for 2 minutes
    3. wash off toothpaste and apply warm water repeatingly for 10 minutes (PREFERABBLY USE AN ELECTIC TOOTHBRUSH AND RUB IN A CIRCULAR MOTION)
    4. for 4 minutes ice it again
    5. put cortozone on the hickey
    6. USE CONCEALER (optional)

    guarenteed to make your hickey lighter

    this process only works if you do it within the hour or 2 that it happpened


  14. I work at a very profession office, It requires me to keep my hair up in a bun. Last night i was with my new man for the first time, and i found out the hard way he is a hickey man!. So i came to this site DESPERATE to get rid of it NOW!. What I did was the ice and the massaging with a brush trick. I KID YOU NOT THOSE HUGE HICKEYS WERE COMPLETELY GONE WITHIN 20 MINUTES!!!. What i did was I grabbed an ice pack and a brush (Not a comb but a BRUSH!). I iced one side of my neck for about 5 minutes or untill my skin started to hurt from the cold, and massaged the other side of my neck where the other hickey was in a circular motion, and then I continued switching side’s. I kept that up for about 20 minutes, and im not even joking they were GONE!. Not even a trace of a purple mark left on my neck!. I was sooo amazed that it actually worked!. I tell ya this new man wont be leaving those marks on my neck again any time soon, But if he happens to catch me off guard again one day, I’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

  15. I originally thought all these tips would be worthless and wouldnt work but to my suprise they actually did. I woke up the next morning with this huge hickie on my neck so i massaged ice onto it for 10 mins then used a tooth brush after that and kept rotating between the tooth brush and ice for about 20 mins. then i put sum anti persperent deodorant on it let it sit fot 5 mins, then massaged a lip stick cap in it and its nearly completley gone now.

  16. My boyfriend found out that I enjoy being kissed on the neck. Though he got really carried away. So now that my father is coming home tomarrow I desparatly need to get rid of them. So I thought “were can I learn to remove my hickeys, I know The Internet” and behold all of these ways. Right now they are much lighter the thing that works the quickest is
    “Using any tubular object with a domed end, apply steady pressure over the hickey and twist. It will hurt, but it will help. Lipstick caps, pen caps, and blistex caps work. The goal is to work the blood deeper into the skin”. Swiching between rubbing hot and cold water takes to long and hurts more surprisingly.

  17. I had this crazy hickey on the front of my neck ,so i warmed a icy/hot and held it on my neck for 20 minutes… left for another 20…and it has faded considerably! which is wonderous since my parents would freak if they saw it…

  18. Ok. So here is the deal… My bf came back to me from West Va last night and we havent seen eachother since he left. Well he knows that it drives me absolutley nuts when my neck is kissed. Ive gotten many hickies in my day and I know how to get rid of them even 10 hours after theyre put on. The best thing to do is to use the tea bag tip for about 10 mins. Then put 2 spoons in the freezer. ONLY 2 trust me this works. Leave them in there until they look sorta icy. When thats done, use 1 spoon first and have the rounded side touching your neck. Move it up and down and apply some hard pressure. Do the same with the second one until they are warm. After that, use the cap tip. It hurts a little…But its worked for me for a while :] All of that takes anywhere from 25-30 mins.
    Good Luck Guys!
    I hope this helps cuz I know how most of ya feel!

    with the tea bag thing…USE HOT HOT HOT WATER
    sorry forgot to say that b4.

  19. This is AMAZING! So my boyfriend and I were fooling around, while he knows that I can’t have hickeys for fear of my parents seeing, he left a couple anyways (on accident). So I came home and searched for a surefire way to get rid of those suckers (no pun intented). I put ice on it for probably 10 minutes or so, and they are practically GONE! It was amazing!! USE THE ICE!

  20. Ok before you do anything else try the deodarant!!!! After five minutes I noticed a huge difference, and all I did was let it sit on my big nasty hickies! Apply it every few minutes, the rubbing action helps even more. I am sitting here doing it as I type and they are fading before my eyes. I love my man and I love it when he kisses my neck but it is so embarassing when people come up to you and point at them! And at work I can thave them there is nothing professional about them. They are disgusting, and they appear so easily! Try this it really works! Also try dipping a cotton ball soaked in vinager and holding it on your neck, it’s great with bruises! Or those nasty hickies!!!

  21. Just to piss me off my boyy will latch onto my neck and suck. He knows I hate it because of work and school etc. I just think they are tacky and trashy. So I havve the biggest one ever. He got a good hold. The ice takes away the purple and swelling goes down. The tooth brusj under hot water really lighten it up, and the massages seem to work it is considerably smaller. I think some things work better for different people. This helped me!!!!

  22. OMG thank you god for this web page. I did the ice i used the tip of mascara then deoderant over and over agian. and it worked i cant believe it worked. Its almost gone! YAYAYAYYAYAY these tips are heaven sent! 🙂

  23. Ok, here’s the deal. I in fact did NOT get a hickie by my bo sucking on me. But by suckin on a on a glass arizona tea bottle. Wow, I was being stupid. Then I realize…Oh Crap, school picture day!!!!!! So my little lightbulb sparks, PING!, the internet. So here i am. First I Did the cap thing for about 1/2 an hour. Then I got a toothbrush and put it under HOT water then put toothpaste on it and massaged it for 1/2 an hor then I put aloe vera gel on it and left it for 15min. I rinsed it off with HOT water. It was i miracle. The bruise was gone and I covered the red part up with a base of green eyeshadow and flesh powder and I was good to go. SAY CHEESE!

  24. use the ice it works real good n if ur hickey is small or light then it works fast my boyfriend found a spot on my neck that i liked n accidently gave me a hickey he aint think it was too funny when he saw it cuz he was all worried my parents were gonna c so i came here n wat worked for me was the ice i mite try the deodorant thing in the mornin but i doubt ill need to cuz the ice pretty much took the whole thing away

  25. oo forgot to mention put it for bout 10-15 min or till the cube melts then wait like 10 min then put another cube for like 10 min or till it melts if u do that a few times it should work i only needed to do mine twice

  26. This is tha truth!!!….If you have really fair skin like I do… Ice it rite after but if its not gone like it wasnt for me adidas deoderant worksssssssss!!!

  27. I read somewhere that if you use ice for five miuntues and then hold something hot on it for ten (i used a rice bag), then it will go away if you keep repeating that until it is gone. It really worked! It took like two hours, but it really worked, i really had no idea that you could get rid of a hickey!

  28. i rub a combo of pepermint oil and tea tree oil on it and that bad boy was gone pretty quickly. pepermint and tea tree bring blood to the area applied which helps heal the wound. also a little bit of cover up about 1 shade lighter than usuall helps.

  29. K i’m 14 and one thing that works really wel lto bring the sweeling down, even ifits a couple hours later take a really hot shower!!!!! Also If all else fails I put my hair to one side of my neck and tell my mom i like the way it looks. O and Sweatshirts are good

  30. best remedy.Ok, I got like hickey molested. I mean I looked like I was assulted, like someone tried to strangle me. so I’d never had one before i tried like everything on this site….I have some tips cause mines pretty much gone now…

    1.) dont do the toothbrush too hard…I ended up hurting myself
    2.) way to get rid of the hickyes horrible as they may be not as bad as mine I’m sure.

    -ok first….do the dome cap thing….twist…
    -then do it with deoderant, the deoderant is amazing thing
    -then hot compress for a while
    -then ice and/or frozen spoon
    -then deoderant

    then repeat if u need to the change is ridiculous i cant believe it…have fun!!! but not hickey fun again

  31. this honestly works amazing.. where ever the hickie is.. wrap your fist around it tightly for 30 seconds let go and flick it.. have a wet cloth ready and put it on it for a good 15 seconds.. it goes away literally right away

  32. THIS REALLY WORKS!!!put s spoon in the freezer, you’ll need it later. rub an ice cube on hickey till it melts completely (about 10 minutes), then fill a cup with really hot water, dip a toothbrush in then scrub at the hickey for a 2-3 minutes. take the spoon out of the freezer, and rub the rounded out side on it till the spoon is no longer cold. take a stick of anipersperant deoderant and rub some on the hickey. let stand for 5 minutes, then rub it on continuously for 5 minutes, let stand for 10. the deoderant works like no other. After that, rub some icy-hot on, or some alike product until completey absorbed by the skin. let stand for 10-20 minutes. IF it doesnt work the first time through, you may need to repeat it up to 3 times. have fun, and if you ever get hickies again, make sure they’re not where your parents can see them.

  33. Well, my boyfriend is a virgin, so he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He ended up giving me two really big hickeys. I woke up this morning to see them, so I couldn’t do some of the tips given, as they’re for right after. I can’t tell you exactly what worked, as I tried a lot of them at once, lol. I used the ice, which really does take away some color, I massaged it with my hairbrush bristles, I’m not for sure exactly what that did, but I think it helped. I then put on some hemmoroid cream, again, not sure what it did. Then I put the vinegar on it, which I think really just helped clean the skin and take away the excess redness so I could see what it looked like at that moment, underneath all the redness around it. I’ve now put deoderant on it, and I think it’s going to work! Thank you everybody for your tips, you’ve helped keep a young woman alive, lol.

  34. Ok so i have a hickey with bite marks. Ya i also like to gte bit a little on my neck. So my boyfriend went a little overboard today. But i loved it. To get rid of hickeys Sugar in hot water also works. I still say take a hot hot hot shower and use ice. Also Deoderant is the best it works alot. Bye the way using a Turtle neck is lame your parents will totally suspect. My dad sees it and never says anything but my mom would freak. Any body got tipes for bite marks???

  35. Okay so one night my ex came over and me and my fiancee were in a fight so I was pretty pissed. Well before I knew it my ex was sucking on my neck but by the time I pushed him off, he left two hickeys and omgosh I freaked out cause even though I don’t have to see him tomorrow I have homecoming and I dont want that to be on my picture


    1. Ice (rub till your hickey is basically numb)
    2. Twist the cap (I used a lipstick!)
    3. Apply Toothpaste (left on for about 3 minutes)
    4. Brush with toothbrush!!!

  36. Hey,
    So I got about 9 Friday night. Me and a guy I am really into were on a date and later on we ended up getting alittle out opf control and I KNOW I bruise easy but like i was going to stop him! Anyways I have been trying many of these things for 2 days now and yesterday after I had rubbed ice on it my hickies were faded, but they sure as heck are not gone. I am off to try new things but just remeber a bruise is a bruise and if it doesn’t fade it’s alrigh, say “I just fell..” lol

  37. Well I got a hickie and it wasn’t from kissing. My sister and I were playing around with those little toys that you turn inside out and then they pop up. Well we decided to put them on my face, and they were on too long and left three hickies. I have school tomorrow and i don’t like wearing make up. I through them out after that, but i cant just through out the hickie. But for a while i had toothpaste on, that was kind of a waste of time. It really didn’t do anything. Then i did the hot wet wash rag and that helped it alittle but it is still there. Right now i am trying the deodorant and it looks like its working so that’s good. i am drinking alot of lemonade becuase the lemons are suppose to be good for the blood. I didn’t try ice, but it should be good. One time i jumped into a like 50 degree pool and it was FREEZING. But my best friends dad said jumping into ice cold water is a good jump start to the blood, so that should work on hickies. I just checked out the deodorant again. looks preety good. Oh did i mention that the hickies are on my forehead, yaay (NOT). Well i also just wanted to say that i recomend not using the comb or brush or whatever because i read on another site that it can scar or leave a bad rash that looks like a disease and we all know that a hickie looks like a disease it self. Well, hope this helped.

  38. I was scared to death when my mistress asked me yesterday if I already had that hickey on me just before I dropped her home. I looked into the mirror with panic!!! I had to be back home to my wife and the hickey was not a cute thing to bring home.
    what i did is I went home put on a white t-shirt and rubbed a piece of steel all full of rust on my shirt and neck also my arms. I also took a steel brush and even though it did hurt I scratched my arm. also used 2 of those paper holders and grabbed my skin on my arm to create something like a also did hurt and had them there for 1/2 hour.
    when my wife came home I explained her how I was trying to lift this antique bed to load in the truck and “poor me” didnt have any help and the skin of my arms and neck got caught by the bed springs.
    she felt sorry for me and gave me a back rub and a pill for the pain!! sounds funny but was scary

  39. This is the FASTEEEST way to get rid of a hickie, i tried it. You soak a cloth in HOT HOT HOT water but you dont squeeze the water out of the cloth u just put it on ur hickie and you will feel the hot water sting it then u apply pressure and you rub the hickie up and down and keep on changing the water it always needs to be hot. Your neck will be like pinkish redish after but it will go away and the hickie will fade

  40. i.
    am SO
    glad someone made this sight because if not, i would be grounded for so long hahaha

    well anyways, i found the best tips are getting a spoon wet with cold water, put the spoon in the freezer for a bit, then when it gets really cold take it out and massage the spot with it.

    it takes time though, ive been working [and still am.] on it for like ten minutes and the purple went wayyy down, i think biofreeze would be good to put on it as well, but i cant find any :[

  41. all i have to say is WOW.
    i got a hickey last night by accident, by this guy.. and i used basically everything. i iced it first for about 10 min..then used a hot rag for about 10 min.. then i used an electric toothbrush on it for about 5-7 min..toothpaste on it for about 5 min.. then the lipstick cap and its faded almost COMPLETELY. thank u soooooo much i have to go in to work later and i wear my hair up!!

  42. Ice and the toothbrush thing really works! i didnt even know i had a hickey untill i went to the bathroon and BAM** there it was, big and purple, now i have nothing except a slightly red mark from all of the rubbing, but yeaaahhhhh im so glad! it reallyworks!

  43. me and my boyfriend aint seen each other for 3 wks as i had been away, things got a bit carried away and i ended up getting a hickey on the top of my lip, i read on here to put nail polish remover on it with some cotton, a bit of massaging with the cotton and ten minutes later it had gone down a hell of a lot. yeh it does hurt but it works, so thats all that matters.

  44. Haha! All these storrie’s are all sooo funny!! Well the best thing is dogs saliva, then mix salt, sugar and water together and applie with a warm wet rag! Takes it away within 3 mins!


  45. ok so my exboyfriend cheated on me and is tryin to get back together with me but i have a new boyfriend.. so today i decided to humor my ex go out to lunch with him.. well we had a lil unintentional fun and he left a couple very large very very red hickeys on my neck. needless to say i couldnt do anythign about it before my boyfriend saw but i did find this sight before my mom saw them!! soo the cold spoon, deoderant and toothpaste worked!!! like their almost completely gone!! i just kept swappin out all 3! thank you very very much

  46. Sat night I got the hickie.. How embarrassing right! So Sun I covered it up with makeup concealer and you could still see it bad, Mon I iced it and used deodorant and it still there so today I tried the cap and twisted it back and forth for maybe 5 min and it almost gone except for a tiny burse! Thanks so much the CAP WORKED BEST FOR ME! I wish I would have done this the first time! (and it does not hurt)

  47. I’m so glad I found this site, I only had two smallish hickeys on my neck and using the ice then cap twisting (I used a rubber handle of a brush which worked really well since it really grabbed the skin) then a heating pad. I took a few hours but it’s pretty much completely gone. I’m going to throw the deodorant on before bed and I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up without them!!

  48. well, i got two hickies last night, & discovered them this morning. i didn’t have much time to get rid of them, but I used the ice, & toothpaste cap, then massaged it. I saw that they were slowly going away, but I had work in an hour. The green eyeshadow & foundation worked PERFECTLY. I can still see the hickey slightly, but barely. thank you for this site!!

  49. I got two hickies last night and I am not joking, I look like I was mulled by a dog. Anyways, the curcular object thing seemed to work wonders because my extremely brown hickies are now slightly red. Also, deoderant really helps. I got mine right on the sides of my neck so I think what you do depends on where the hickies are. My friend told me that toothpaste works and I read it a couple of times on the site, but I think someone’s pulling our legs and laughing that we actually tried it. Happy hunting for cures 😛

  50. So 4 days ago I got a few bite marks and some hickies…the problem…they weren’t from the guy I’m seeing…I’m seeing him in acouple days and the marks were still really noticable today, so I googled and got this site, and tried the hot water and toothbrush massage method and man did it work!! (I heated up the water in a kettle to get it really warm and used an electric toothbrush for 10 minutes) I was also putting a spoon in the freezer and tapping the marks with the cold spoon, but the toothbrush worked alot better. There is still a little purple mark, but when the redness goes down from toothbrush I’m going to rub it with the frozen spoon, then I should be good to go!! THANKS EVERYONE! for the tips, they really saved my ass.

  51. OKay listen up ladies. The est thing you can do is put a real cute scarf around your neck(to get passed your mom)But any who don’t do the toothpaste thing because i did and i didnt work but i did the deoderant thing and it was like magic!!!!!!!!!! Its like totally 88% gone.

  52. Okay…so deodorant really works but be sure to wash it off or you will break out. Also if you get a quarter and put it on top of your hickie applying moderate pressure and rub it around in circles for about 15 -20 minutes it will work a lot of the blood off of the surface and only leave a light , barley noticable mark. Trust me…Also I dont recomend toothpaste because it makes you have a minty smelling neck….

  53. Okay scratch all that the thing that really works would be to put ice for a long time… the redness will go down and in some cases then it might disapear. If that gets you half through then try getting a lipstick cap or anything like that and press down and start turning it around so that the blood can spread out. And a tip for all them females after you do all this and there is still a mark dont worry just put concealer with a green tint so it can be neutralized than powder it and voila!!! You wont be able to notice a thing! 🙂

  54. i am a resturaunt manager…. I HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL! so get this, i was having some drunken wild sex, and my girl starts biting and sucking my neck. i love it but i tell her over and over, NOT ON THE NECK! i guess she caught me off guard. (i mean i was drunk) and sh gave me a huge hickey! damn. so this is what i did, hot hot hot water on a wash cloth straight on the neck. it should hurt. after all no pain no gain. do this for three min. thin take that same cloth when hot and put ice in the same part as you were just using. ( 4cubes) then start rubbing. rub for about 8 min. then go back to the hot water thing. repeat for about 30 min to an hour (depending on how your body heals) then rub with a brush for 5 min straight. (again no pain no gain) after that put deoderant on it and leave that there. if it dries up put more on. then get drunk again like im about to do and pass out. it should be gon e in a few hours after you pass out! have fun kids. and remember one thing…… keep thet guy or girl off your f’ing neck!!!!!

  55. Plain and simple… Use the “ICE”… Then switch it up with massaging with a soft brissle hair brush… Do that anywhere between 15-25 minutes… After that, apply some deodorant… And miraclously, it will be either gone… Or damn near gone… TRUST!!!… Si’l vous plaît, believe it!!!…

  56. use icy hot and ice wrapped in a towel XD works perfect. get your `partner or whatever` to help ya rub the icy hot in prety good and it will start ta fde after about 20 mins just keep repeating.. use a cold spoon too.

  57. So… me and my girl were gettin freaky on her lunch break…HA and she leaves this *HUGE* hickey on the “FRONT” of my neck seriously who leaves hickeys on the front of the neck? but i love her so when she leaves for work i see it in the mirror and freaked out i hate hickey they are so nasty TACKEY is the right word so i got on the web and found this site the ice has worked well and the brush circular motions are best!! BUT GET THIS!!! I got so caught up reading the storys on here: I STARTED ICING A DIFFERENT PART OF MY NECK!!OMG!!!

  58. Hey i got a hickey once. and i heard that when you mix lemon juice and baking soda and then scrub (like if you were going to scrub ink off your hands) your hickey it willl go away… i was skeptical about it at first but it really worked!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hickies are slutty but they happen. I was messing with my lover and he gave me a big one right where anyone could see it! But the problem was my son’s father when i came home. The turtle neck excuse did NOT work! So i tried the wetting a toothbrush with warm water and massaging it…IT WORKED! i could barely see it after 10-15 minutes! Then i put ice on it and some makeup and i was good to go!

  60. OMG two nights ago i got a hickey on my FORHEAD!!! i stayed with some friends and they thought it would be funni since i was the 1st one asleep. Well it wasnt that bad it was just realy red thank god. But its still there and its almost christmas and this guy ive been talking 2 is coming down from South Carolina today. So thank god this site was here.

    Ive tried a variety of everything ive done the cold spoon thing about 3 times. I held an ice pack on it for a while. I put deoderant on it. And what worked the best for me was put toothpaste on it and scrub it with warm water and a toothbrush. And if you have any aloe vera lotion or hemp lotion or any lotion for sunburns… or ne thing with vitamine E it work WONDERS!! it may sting a little but that just means its working. Now my heads just a little red but mostly from the ice and scrubing but that will go away in just a few min. If yours is still there after all of that DO use the METAL(perferably) Lipstick cap it works great.

  61. oo yea and by tha way if tha red from all tha scrubing and ice bothers u or u dont have time to wait for it to go away jus put a hot rag on it real quick and it will go right away!!!!!

  62. okay, well, a friend that i had a never ending crush came back from months without seeing each other, and then one thing lead to another. Next thing I knew when I woke up, was that there was a couple small hickies on my neck! First thing I do, is check the internet for everything.

    If you’re the ones who can’t do things so obvious like getting a ice cube out of the fridge or putting a spoon in the freezer like me, then i suggest is that you get a soda can from the fridge, and then a heat pad. I’m sure icy hot will also work if you have some. Then first I iced it for a couple of minutes, then use the heat pad. Then I used the cap twist thing, it will get a little annoying after a while, but it helps a lot.

    Then, i was reading on the site, and it said something about deodorant and toothpaste. so I was like “what the hell” since, you know, anything would help. tried it. i’ve been at it for almost 45 minutes, and their almost gone now. Well not quite, just faded. And then I’m trying the nail polish remover thing, it burns, but i’m down for any help right now.

  63. okay…me and my boyfriend were just kissing and so…i guess you all know what all happenend next…the next day was NEW YEARS EVE…i am going to see my mom and my grandma and then later on my bf’s mom, her bf, and best friend…my hickie was HUGE…like the size of 2 quarters…well here is how it works…frozen spoons…put like 3 in the frezzer and then switch them off for like 10 minutes…then mix baking soda salt and water to make a paste and leave it on for like 10 minutes…o it will sting but IT works trust me!!! then after that put ice on it for 10 minutes yes it does work but i still need to get it lighter right about now because its new years eve and i have to see my grandma in like 2 hours before i get killed!!!

  64. uhm just know that i found that toothpaste made it even more red. mine is the size of fuggin africa so it’s not going away really.

  65. So….last night i got 2 huge hickies on my neck! Me and this guy were just kissing and then he found out that I REALLY love it when someone kisses me on the neck…
    This is what really helped for me (now my 2 BIG hickies are just light red):
    – ice on it
    – take a big coin and streak it from the middle of the hickie to the sides…kinda pushing the blood away
    – toothbrush
    – twist lipstick cap
    Trust me! It works! You might have to do this 2-3 times

  66. I was about 2 get killed if my mom found out about my hickies so my stepbrother told me 2 look on google and I found it I triend everthing long story short I found thatt the hot rag and hold it there until its cold then do it again

  67. I had the worst hickey in the world!! It was huge and it was bright red and right on the front of my neck. I was freaking out. I iced it right away which somewhat helped but no by much. But MAC cosmetics concealer one shade lighter than my natural skin tone covered the bad boy up like you wouldn’t believe. It doesn’t even look like there’s any skin imperfection at all!!

  68. ok guys/girls… i dont know if this is the fastest way to do it, but it definitely works, and it doesnt take that much time to do. use some deoderant, the spray on kind worked well for me. havent tried the other type. spray the area, and just leave it alone and let it sit there. itll sting a bit, but just ignore it. then, after a few minutes, take a large coin, like a half dollar, and stroke the edge of it across the hickey. up, down, side to side, every which way you can do it, just to draw the blood out of the area, and back into your muscles. when your skins all red, stop. do the deoderant again, and repeat as necessary. no ice, or frzen utensils, or painful suctioning of your skin is needed.

    recap- deoderant the area. let it dry. large coin, stroke the area to draw the blood out. repeat.

    my large one was gone in under 2 hours. was the size of a baseball. totaly invisible now. just looks like shave burn now from all the messing with it.

    hope it works as well for you as it did me.

  69. omfg i have never had a hickie before and then one day out of the blue this guy that i’ve been talking to started sucking on my neck like dracula or something. but any way i had know idea how i would ever get rid of it but i went to google and found this place THANK GOD!!!! i used the ice,the hairbrush thing,deoderant every thing but i didnt have enough time to do something for 20 mins my mom was coming home from work any minute. so i first put ice on it till it melted(it was a small ice cube) then i put a warm wash cloth on it for i little and covered it up with LIQUIDE cover up. mine was lighter then my skin color i rubbed it into my skin i pushed till it hurt and finished covering it up. All though it might not be gone but at least it looks as if you cant see it at all.

  70. WoW! the tips on the web site worked like a charm! I used the brush tip (using it to massage into the hickey) and it worked so well! I got the hickies last night and all i really did was put ice on it and this morning it still looked so bad and soooo big! So i tried the BRUSH tip and it worked out well. I massaged the brush into the hickey for about 25 min and it looked so good by the end of 25 min. Than i put ice on it and just kept repeating the ice and brush tips…. After a while you could hardly even see the hickey! Worked like a CHARM!!!!!! 🙂

  71. okay me and my boyfriend were hanging out last night and he was like let me give you a hickey on ur chest i caught myself off guard and this morning wen i woke up i saw 3 hickies on my chest this was the first time i got any and they look nasty and make u look like a slut and a tramp. so i tried some of the tips before my mom saw and killed me i used the toothpaste thing for about 3 mins then i smashed some tylenol and added a little water to it i left it on for about 3 mins also and then used a really hot spoon and a really cold spoon and put on my chest and then put makeup over it and it work!!!!

    Toothpaste & Tylenol thing worked the best!!!

  72. Get warm(hot hot) water and a toothbrush and or rag… Rub in circular motions with the tootbrush until it hurts too much or u think thts enough. Get a coin and move it across the hickied area to spread out the blood. Put something cold on the area (i used frozen french fries haha). Then put something with aloe or viamine should work…u may need to repeat it a few times but goodluck! Believe me if it didnt work, i wouldnt have wasted my time writing this!

  73. I used the twisting of the cap on my hicky and it went away fast u just got to do it for five minutes then stop for 5 more minutes then do it again until the hicky is gone and for girls as soon as it turns a light red you can put makeup over it!!!

  74. So i got a hickie….ofcousre didnt realize till tyhe next day how bad it was and natrually i had school i just threw on some cover up an it worked for most of the day, I used the tooth brush and massaging it seemed to work for me in less than an hour. the best way to hide it from your parents if you need to is pulll ur hair in front of your face an put a hood up an zipper/button it all the way up if your parents ask tell them your really cold. another thing that might work is if you always wear a necklace tell them u slept with it and it dug into your skin(that actually happened to me it looked exactly liek a hickie) Hopefully your parnets are gullible or your a good liar!

  75. my friends told me to keep a cold spoon on it and apply toothpaste to the hickey…I woke up this morning after sleeping with the toothpaste on and my hickies are almost gone!

  76. my friend called me because she had a BIG hickey on the front of her neck. we went to this website and used the ice, cold spoons and toothpaste. The ice and cold spoons made the purple go away. we then used the toothpaste (cinnmon) and it made it WORSE!!(it made the purple appear DARKER) hope this helps you guys!!

  77. ok so this guy ive been talking to for awhile gave me a huge hickey on my chest!! and i have swimming class 2morow and u will be able to see it !!! so ive been using the toothpaste and a hot rag…its working so far hopefully there gone by 2morow bcuz water is gunna wash off the makeup!!

  78. So my bf and I were like making out and it got a little carried away and you can guess the rest. So I have been icing it for like 1 full hour now and I think that it is going to get better. I hope nobody at school notices though. That would be so embarrasing and I would turn red all over(which may not be a bad thing because it might make the hickie bland in with the rest of my face. Hahahaha. Ice and deodorant are the best ever. I will keep extra deodorant with me at all times because it works so well. I would also insist on trying to add a little bit of tyleno or advil to the mixture. It helps alot too. GO LIBERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. hey thanks guys!
    The ice and the comb massage worked for me it took like half hour but the purple went away..incrediable hey??? now i know for next time
    Thanks heaps

  80. So i gave my boyfriend a hickey while we were fooling around, and his grandma saw and started freaking out! so i researched this website and the cap twist really works i just used my concealer to cover up the rest. and the next day it was gone!!

  81. Me and my boyfriend Trevor were fooling around wile my parents were alseep,
    got a little too into the whole making out thing…
    he whent home,
    I fell asleep


    so I whent frantically looking up how to fix it,

    my remidy came to:
    1) look at walgreens for a cream called Vita K,
    it has a whole buncha vitamins that will lighten the bruse and redness caused by the raising of the blood…
    2) go into the bathroom and take HOT HOT running water and run it over your toothbrush… and massage your hickie
    3) after like 2 minautes your neck should be really red and stuff,
    after the redness dies away try your best to find that cream… Vita K
    for blotchey skin
    4) at this point your wondering wether you are willing to let your parents find you hickey on the way to the store…
    use green eye shadow… green is the opposite of red on the color weel… lightly apply the green over your hickey and cover that with consealor and a neckless or somenthing and go to the store
    5) if your neck feels a little painful, apply aloe vira

  82. So obviously my skin is extra sensitive because she was hardley biting at all; but anyways i have 4 very noticable marks on my neck. Just so happens today is my first day of work, and tonight i have a very important date with this girl. So far I’ve tried just about all of your tips from the hemroid cream, caps, icy hot, ice, spoons, brushing. I know, i know, I’ve been at it all morning, cant tell you which of the 500 tips works best but i do see a drastic difference, thank god for the internet huh? Thanks everybody.

  83. Last night I went with a guy that I have been kinda kicken it with for a while, back to his dorm… It was an adrenaline rush sneaking into the dorms, because last time I went with one of my friends I kinda got yelled at… I didnt really want anything to happen, but I was drunk and so it did… We started to kiss and what not and he got a little carried away… When I woke up I went over to one of my friends house and his brother, who happens to be my ex, that I havent quite gotten over, was there. It was difficult for me when he pointed out that I had two HUGE hickies on my neck… When I got home I instantly went to the computer… I have tried everything, the cold spoon and the deoterant worked but I thought I would try a few more tips to get them to go away and I ended up making them worse… Thanks for the tips but I dont think they helped when I did them… I tried too many and I dont know which one didnt work right… but now I have instead of two huge hickies… one EXTREMELY large hickie where they decided to connect…

  84. Ok me and my boyfriend have been broken up for a month and i’ve been dating other people on an off and last night i had a date that got a little carried away giving me a hickey… well this morning i get a call from my ex and he says he wants me back eekkk! i cant go back to him tonight with a hickey on my neck! thank god for this site i used the warm water and toothbrush tip it worked thank goodness! and just to be on the safe side i put some aloe vera on it afterwards

  85. I’m almost 24yrs old and last night I received a hickey right on the front of my neck.
    What I did and it works for real:
    First: used a soft bristle brush, with warm water
    Warm compress
    then I decided to try the spoons that worked a lot better then the brushing.. and then I just put deoderant on it and it is gone!
    Thank you guys for posting this;)

  86. If you don’t mind the skin on your neck getting rubbed raw then I suggest getting a brush and message that area and when the parentals/whoever see it tell them you have a rash…worked for me…..and after a day it’s completely gone….

  87. I tried the toothpaste one, it was gross, and it didnt work, i left it on for like 10 minutes, then washed it with warm water. it didnt work

  88. OMG ok so my mom thinks i’m like this really good girl “still her lil princess” and she sees this and she’ll…omg i don’t even want to know! i hav about 7 or 8 dark red & purple hickies(nice n big) that i needed to go away ASAP so what worked for me was you get to it right away use a lipstick cap and twist it gently (careful though if you press to hard or twist it to hard it makes the hickie way wors)then get about 4 or 5 spoons and wet them put them in the freezer (dont stick them together though) for about 5+ min. and then press them [with good amount of presure] on the hickie hold till spoon is not cold anymore *hickie should be comletly numb* and by the next day or in like the next hour it should be gone till then foundation with light green under it works wonders to cover it.

  89. my boyfriend gave me a hickey that looks like a purple people eater exploded on the back of my neck. i dont know how to make it go away and nothing is helping. should i apply a cold compress? this SUCKS. if any boys are reading this… NEVER GIVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND A HICKEY

  90. my boyfriend always told me that he wasn’t good at giving hickeys, but apparently, he proved himself wrong today. i got on this site, after i had iced it for about five minutes, and started rubbing it with a toothbrush and warm water. and then i just twisted a chapstick cap on it.

    i’m pretty sure it was the toothbrush that did it, but the others didn’t make it worse.

    its not 100% gone, and its red from the ice… but it looks SO much better!

    good luck, everyone.

  91. Ice…lots of it! Also what works the best and won’t end up hurting is green concelor (sorry can’t spell). But I am a vertan of hickies, from both ende, and icing it even hours afterwards and the green concelor work best.

    Also I had never heard of the deoderant idea…tried it and it did work…I am amazed.

  92. Use a penny (Only could be a penny!) and rub the hickey spot for about 5 to 8 minutes really hard and the hickey goes away. Trust me!

  93. So i got a hickey lastnight and went on to this website because this is the redest and purpleish it’s ever been. I did the cold spoon trick and it worked like a charm…the funny thing is my mom told me about it first when she saw the love mark on my neck this morning. But come on i’m 17 this kind of things just happend. : )

  94. So I got 4 hickeys last night from my boyfriend. I didn’t know how to get rid of them I tried everything. But then I came to this website and started looking for ways. I did the icy thingy then used a soda cap afterwards and started to twist back and forth. In minutes it was gone thanx for the help.

    Good Luck Ladies!!!

  95. so far the washcloth worked really good, but didnt completely take it away… and now my friend is like massaging my neck with a brush, and its working.. thanks for the help..

  96. Massaging with hot water and a toothbrush took my huge hicky away in 20-30 mins. It will hurt a little but it is now completly gone and it was huge.

  97. My boyfriend knows that my Dad would Kill me if he saw that I had a hickey, but he gave me one anyway just too be a loser. As soon as I got home I put ice on it and looked up online how to make it dissapear faster. After the ice I tried the hot toothbrush for about 5 minutes and then I alternated the hot toothbrush with a pen cap. then I put a HOT ((and I mean HOT **ouch!**)) tea back on the hickey. Afterwards it was basically very red but the purpleyness was gone from it. Thanks!

  98. A good simple way to get rid of a hicky is to freeze a silver spoon in the freezer and hold it on the hicky for 15 mins then right after words to put a hot rag on it do that two or three times one right after another and that should eather reduce the size and color or completly get rid of it deppending on how dark the hicky is




    So, I have two boyfriends.
    One left a hickie on my neck.
    The other is coming over tomorrow.
    So I boiled some water, got a toothbrush, and then starting scrubbing my neck.
    I had this HUGEHUGEHUGE hickie and now it’s gone.
    I’ve only been doing it for 10 minutes, at most.


  100. Omg so it was valentines day yesterday and me and my new boyfriend got into it a little….2 glasses of good red wine after dinner and we were necking and having good fun~ this morning I woke up with a couple hickeys but they were the darkest ones I’ve ever had. Since my roommates are prudish I had to get rid of them. Tada~! the internet. And I have to say–the pen cap method really does work~! my hickeys have faded right before my eyes, and since I have sensitive skin, I can pass off the red marks as a skin allergy. I never thought it would work!

  101. My mother was the one who saw the hickey and I didn’t even know I had it. I told her i slept wrong. That was the only idea i had in mind since
    I really was sleeping. I found out about this website when i came over my cousins house. I used 4 ice cubes and right after deodorant. During this process the hickey was disappearing instantly. I thought I was going to loose my head………I SAY IT REALLY WORKS.

  102. i was fooling aroudn with this guy last nite.. and i wake up this morning with 3 hickies the size of my fist lol..
    i used the toothbrush with hot water method, did it for about 10 mins on each hicky….
    then i used deoderant… washed it off dried it.. then applied toothpaste… washed it off dried it… then applied more deoderant… their actually alot less visable

  103. Usually I love having and giving hickies. I always give/get them slightly below my collarbone though so they aren’t noticeable. Well, turns out, Sunday my mom and I are going dress shopping, and Friday I got a good five on my neck. I’ve been freaking out trying to find stuff to do.

    The hickies were over a day old, and I used the coin trick. Pulled the skin tight and rubbed the coin over it. It kind of hurt, but after just a couple minutes all that’s really left is red irratated skin that’ll go away soon. I’m so excited! I’m not gonna get killed!

  104. okay so i was at my boyfriends house and he always kisses my neck and nother ever happens except for this time. i didnt even notice them until i got home! they were huge and so trashy. so naturally i went to the easiest resource-google.

    ice them for about 5-10 minutes
    then massage it with hot water and a toothbrush

    -i think toothepaste and all that would be a waste of time

    using the ice and toothbrush got rid of them right away!
    thanks for the tips 😀

  105. So my friends and I were partying it up last night and got a little carried away. We all have hickies today. Our parents were out of town last night, but they will be home in a couple of hours. We tried the chapstick cap (softlips worked great! ironic!) and after 15 minutes, they are practically gone. I’m so glad this happened since we’ve had such a bonding moments as friends.

  106. that ice thing ya didnt work, but umm.. i also waited a few days the top thing didnt really work so much for me but im headed off to try the deodorant thing if anybody has any other ideas just give it a post and ill be checkin lata thanks.

    pce- d baby

  107. these all work . another good idea that works and pretty much does all of them at once is to freeze a spoon then press it against it. it works but is cold .

  108. I came home from a weekend away with some very embarassing hickies. I read this and then did about 20 minutes with an electric toothbrush, the Crest spinbrush, then put deodorant on and left it for about 5 minutes, and then massaged another 10 minutes or so with a tube of chapstick. Oh, and I put some Vitamin E gel on it. I’m not sure which part worked, but they were virtually gone in the morning, even better than I expected!

  109. i was at a movie and even tho i wasn’t going hardcore, i ended up w/ a small one tword the back of my neck.

    i came home and rite away put some of my sis’s make up on it– but hell ive never done that before so i couldn’t cover it all the way. i have no time for ice so im gunna try the hot water and tooth brush and the deoderant massage, wish me luck!

    –y do i turn to the internet for everything>?

  110. well i was out with my boyfren and he ended up giving me this huge hickies.I was just too scared that my parents would know about it and on a top of that i have school the nxt day.
    So i used whole 2 cubes of ice for like 20 mins and then i used toothpaste then started scrubbing it with the toothbrush.I even used Deodrant and later twisted with the chapstick cap.And this mornin the hickies are almost gone ,i still have some reddish but way better than wat i had last nite.
    Its amaziin that i turned to this site to get rid of my hickies…yay!!

  111. Ive noticed this works alot..ive done it many times…
    put mascara on the hickey let it dry then use a fine tooth comb and comb over the hickey..for best results put ice on it for 10 mins before and 5 after the mascara…..good luck to all!

  112. Haha, today my boyfriend left a huge hickey right on the front of my neck- normally he leaves small marks, so I was not expecting a huge bruise.

    Some friends of mine used a chapstick cap to twist the area until it started getting less red for about 10 minutes at lunch time.

    After that I had to hide it with my hair until I got home, where I applied a light green eyeshadow over it and then some concealer.

  113. ok so for the past week my b/f and I haven’t been really together because he hasn’t been sure…we’ve been together almost 4 years…slightly depressing…thursday he went to a party with some of our friends and realized that he can still do stuff (go to parties/hang out with friends) with out me around and we’ll be ok…he just can’t cheat on me…
    well he came over last night and we were watching a movie…then we started kissing then we talked because i didn’t know what was going on…well i woke up this morning with to bright red hickies! yuck! and i have to see my parents tonight…what works best is the cold spoons and deoderant..i just keep repeating that and there almost completely gone! so i’m safe hopefully these tips will help someone else!

  114. I got my first hickie last night… it was soo noticable, like BAM!HICKIE! I went online for some solutions and I tried everything!
    I iced it on and off for about an hour, then tried the chapstick twisting thing.. I started seeing results!.. I applied a hot washcloth and then some deoderant and Voila! … I have sensitive skin so now it looks like I only touched my neck ^.^

  115. this seriously works. i had a hickie from my boyfriend yesterday and i was so scared my mom was gonna see so first i iced it for 10 minutes. then put toothpaste on ittt. immedietly it became less ren. then apply green eyeshadow onto hickie and then put concelater after. it doesnt evne look like i hav eone anymore!!! thank you so much :]

  116. Okay this might sound weird, but it really works! What you do is this, take yellow mustard, it can be any brand. You squirt a little bit of it on your fingers, palms, etc… gentley rub the mustard over the hickey, and within a couple hours to 1 day it should be gone!


    -Alec Thompsen

  117. i did all of the steps. with the ice and the tea bag. and the cap thing. also i did the brush massage and the toothbrush with the warm water. and i am so amazed by how it works. like it was purple and black and blue. and it was huge. and now it’s basically gone. its still a little red. but honestly i would rather want it like this then what i had before. i am trying the whole deodorant thing for over night and see how that works. thank you google.

  118. i had this noticable hickie on the side of my neck and heard that by using a curlilng iron to help cover it up would work… it doesnt, it hurts real bad, and do not apply ice right after you burn yourself. it just leaves a scar. temporarily it will help cover it up but the hickie will be gone sooner than the burn. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF!

  119. Ok, so what i really want to know is how i can get my b/f to stop giving me hickies. I get so pissed and he stops for awhile but then he’ll just randomly do it again. I told him i was gonna kick him in the nuts if he did it again, but i dont know if i can bring myself to actually do that. Any suggestions?

  120. so, yeah. me and my boyfriend broke up but were still super close and i went to the movies with him last night and he left one huge hickey and one small one right on the front the front of my neck. and nothing would cover the big one up so i told my mom. but i cannot let my dad find out. and for the small one the cap trick worked really good. and right now im trying to toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, spoon, and deodorant.

  121. I really wasn’t heading for the hicky goal( my mom would freek “if” she finds out). it’s my first time, It was more like an accedent, my Boyfriend was kinda surprised that I got it so easily too. But this is really working! the whole (ice) and (cap )thing!…. well it’s not gone away but it’s just a little red thats all. ive been doing this for 30minsim working on 2hrs to get it almost gone! …to the toothpaste…..then.. cover-up!

  122. Hey, this is Mia, last night my bff was bein’ a dork and decided she was gonna see if she could tempt her virgin “friend” into being devirginized and well….she ended up gettin’ more than she’d expected to, not by devirginizing him, but by gettin’ an assload of hickies…. It’s really funny in my eyes, but anyways. When we got out of school today she went insane and ran around my house trying to find anything and everything she had seen on here and use it. She used ALL OF IT, minus the hemrod cream, and now, 25 minutes later it’s completely gone. She and I both say thanks.

  123. I found the switching between the motorized toothbrush trick under hot water and ice worked really well. Actually it was the most effective I found. It took a bit of time since the hickie was super dark – like black and blue. It’s still somewhat red but working on it still and wow it’s amazing. Didn’t know you could get rid of a hickie. Thanks so much everybody for ALL the tips. I found this site sooooooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. ok… last night i hook up with this girl that i hadn’t seen in about 6 weeks… last time she left two hickey’s and they are just plain tacky…this time on my lower part of my neck on the right side. i work for the government and going into the office would be completely embarassing… anyways… are you ready?!?! this worked for me in 5 minutes. electric toothbrush and hot hot faucet water. it disappeared almost completely. i had to stop and jumped on my laptop to post this comment. again, this worked for me in 5 minutes don’t know about everyone else… its been about 9-10 hours since it happened. might feel some irritation for a bit but it saves the embarassment.

    1. vampire partner to give you hickey
    2. give vampire partner dirty looks(won’t help you getting any the next night but she’ll learn)
    3. one electric toothbrush
    4. run hot water for until steam is coming from your sink.
    5. hold toothbrush under for about 30 seconds… rub on “hater mark” in circular motion.
    6. 15-20 seconds on each pass. make sure the hot water stays on the brush.
    7. 5 minutes should see a significant difference.

  125. I had the mother of all Hickys, it was deep deep purple and some parts were probably even was bad.. so I came on here desperetly looking for an answer other wise I would be Prom Dress shopping with Hickys all over me…so I did the whole tooth brush, hot water and massage thing, and it works wonders on getting rid of that gross dark purple look. Then I used Ice for abit then massaged it and then put a warm cloth on it over night…and Wala Gone.

  126. wow..the lip-stick cap..putting pressure and twisting it thing WORKED WONDERS!!my b.f came over and decided to leave me a little “present”.i totally freaked when i saw the HUGE HOTT RED stop on my neck.So i asked my friend how to get rid of a Hickey and she sent me this web site on AIM.thnx u so much!!! u guys are life savers!!if it wasnt for this web site i dont know what i would do!

  127. Ok… so here’s the deal, the surefire remedy that i’ve found to work, is mixing table salt with toothpaste, placing it on the hickey, and rubbing it with the lid of a chapstick. do in intervals of about 5 minutes, otherwise it can really irritate your skin. Avoid mixing too much water with the paste mixture, try and put up with the gritty texture.
    Its worked everytime for me, and usually it works quickly!
    Good luck

  128. Yeah, i found this site last night after getting home from being with my girlfriend, in which i found a really really dark purpleish red hickey on my neck… So i was kinda in a hurry to get that gone or reduced before partens got home. I put ice on it for about 5-10 mins, then i used the comb massage thing. After that i used a nail polish cap with twisting, after bout 20mins it was just a small red spot.

  129. so i’ve been sitting here reading these tips and working for the past 20 minutes on trying to get this literally HUGE hicky to go away. i tried the spoon thing, the ice, the twisting of the pen cap and even the deoderant. i don’t care how outragous the remedy sounds. i just want this nasty thing to go away. i have a band concert this coming tuesday (that’s only 2 or so days away). my boyfriend got carried away and gave me this thing. so far the hicky is alot less purple/blue/black/red.. now its mostly just red. i suggest keep trying until you succeed. you can’t make the hicky worse. so best of luck to the rest of you.

  130. everyone who wants to get rid of those nasty looking things on your neck..the most efficent tip on here is the cap to a chapstick bottle deff works the best and after bout 15- 20 mins youll be thankful its gone it does pince and irritating but totally worth it for getting rid of a hickie….might be a lil red after it but it works..

  131. Wow, these tricks work! I used the icy spoon, the hot compress, the twisting a lipstick cap on the spots and the deodorant. I think the twisting a cap on the places got the most results. The brusing look is gone, and they don’t really look like hickeys anymore. They could pass for irritation from a necklace or shirt collar. I was so mad at my husband for leaving the disgusting marks, that when I got to the soaking the toothbrush in hot water and massaging the spots with the toothbrush, to get back at him, I used his toothbrush. Made me feel better anyway!!! lol

  132. i was with the x last time a mistake im sure MANY of u have had lol and he knew i loved being kissed on the neck and so other guys would notice left this horrible horrible gigantic mark on my neck the rubbing of lipstick tube was working pretty well but the tooth brush trick is AMAZING!! YOU MUST DO it can hurt but WILL GET RID OF IT its incredible!!!!! thanks so MUCH to this site… now i can flirt with anyone && no worries :]] just kidding i work && cant have that nasty thing on my neck !! GOOD LUCK 2 EVERY0NE else!!!


    ok so i know it sounds a little pathetic that i didn’t get my hicky from a guy. i was sitting in math class bored out of my mind and decided to put a cap eraser on my face. i showed everyone in class that it was on the side of my mouth and took it off. then i looked at my face in the bathroom, and i looked like a got a moley form of herpes !! i was so embarassed, but tried to make a joke about it. i have a rare blood disease, so i bruise easily. the thing that worked for me was ice on it for a long time until the cube is melted. the toothbrush thing made it worse, and made me smell like gum. if you slowly rub your face, then it works too. you have to remember that a hicky is a slutty bruise [kidding], so treat it like one.

  134. Well my boyfriend knows that my mom will go berzerk if I get a hickey but it seems he still does it to bug me.. At first all I tried to do was just cover it with my long hair.. well haha that didn’t work.. At school everyone saw it, I didn’t care that much though. Then tonight I looked up how to get rid of them and saw this website. Well I tried toothpaste which sorta worked.. I also rubbed it , and then I used this Corrector Concealer by Maybalene which is green and is supposed to take away redness and then after I applyed that I put on liquid concealer. And now you can barely see them! Their like gone! Well hidden.. They were like a Blueish/purpleish and redish color before and were HUGE but after doing that it totally covered them! Try it, next time you go cosmetic shopping be sure to pick up one of these, they also work great for other red spots (i.e pimples, blemishes, hickies and other red spots), try it!

  135. I got two huge purple hickies and they hurt when i even touch it. But i tried the ice first a couple hours later but it hurt too much and didnt really do much so i switch to the cap and it helped a little but the deoderant really make a big difference real quick. then go back to the cap and keep switching. message it too

  136. :]
    The deodorant really helped. my boyfriend came over a few nights ago. he snuck out of his house and i had a babysitter(my parents are gone cept for the weekends). so we all know how all that lovey dovey stuff goes right? well, he left me plenty of hickies it was INSANE! he didnt realize it to till he saw it. so i needed something fast before my parentals come home. so i came upon this site, looking at all the stuff. so i tried ice, eh, it kinda didn’t work at all. it just hurtededededededed my chest. i tried toothpaste, didn’t work either, but my chest sure smelled like mint:] so then i tried deodorant left it on for a 10 mins then after rinse with hot hot hot water. massaged it for 10 mins. get the lipstick cap and twist for a few mins. after that back to the deodorant for a few mins, then rinse with hot hot hot water, massage, and then lipstick cap. and i kept repeating it till you couldn’t tell if it was a hicky or not:] funny thing is when my lame ass friends saw, i just told them its a rash:] some actually believe but most of them know i was just messing with them:]

    So good luck girls, i know my tips wont work but i tried:]

  137. well heres the story. we were in school and i got my first hicky from my boyfriend, but what i forgot is that i’d hav 2 go home 2 my mom. luckily my mom went to the park to walk and i didnt see here for about 2 hours after school. what worked for me was jus putting ice on it and using the tooth brush.

  138. supposedly just putting toothpaste
    on and letting it sit does the job just fine,
    but its not working for me… my
    neck still looks ike someone tryed
    to strangle me last night, someone with
    giant hands

  139. its been 10 min, i put the deo for ur be o on and
    messaged that in, then i twited with the cap to a
    glue stick and its almost completely gone!

  140. Okay so I just got two kickes tonight and one is right in the middle of my neck!!!! I have been doing the cap thing and it has been working then I have also been applying deodrant!! Worked like a charm

  141. I woke up with 3 HUGE hickies, and now there almost gone!
    1) Put water to maximum heat and run a toothbrush under the water
    2) Rub the hot bristles hard, and in a circular motion over the hickey
    3) Keep running the toothbrush under the water, every 5 seconds.
    4) Then every few minutes, take a face cloth and run it under hot
    water and apply pressure on ur hickey.
    5) Your neck will turn red because you irritated it, BUT just take
    the cloth and run it under cold water and apply pressure (OR AN ICE
    6) And just to be safe, rub a little cover-up on those bad boys.

  142. ok well of course were all here for the same reason lol right ok well this will do it i got one and i have start a new job tomorow and im in highschool so of course i dont want anyone to see it ok this is what you do

    1. Put deodorant or toothpaste on just for a little bit
    3.Put some spoons in the freezer and wait till there almost icy then take them and rib them up and down on your neck
    4.This may sound dumb but after i put ice on it i took my desk lamp and put it next to the hickey to meake it lighter and that worked!!
    5. The tea thing that works good but make sure the water is really hot but dont hurt yourself lol
    6. THE CAP thats the best thing!!!!!

    iight well good luck guys 🙂

  143. Last night, I went out with my co-worker and met some sexy guy! Well by the end of the night we were “kickin’ it” in the back seat of the car and he was real quick and bit me a whole bunch of times. Next thing I know I have about 8 hickies on my face and neck 🙁 I am meeting up with my future inlaws tonight… my fiance isn’t around right now and DAMN! I’m doin everything I can to get rid of these hickies… The frozen spoon thing usually works for me, but not today- these are more like bite marks and now I’m doing the toothpaste trick… I hope it works… But the make-up tricks are working for me… thanks for all the tricks… When I was in jonior high… I had a friend that always use to gently slapp them over and over and it really worked for her. It’s amazing!

  144. So i snuck out of the house last night, and went to a party with some friends. I ended up in the back of his car with him and we were talking and then we started kissing. he started kissing my neck and i told him that i liked it. he kept doing it but i told him not to suck to hard cause i didn’t want a hickie. well i snuck back in at 5am and was about to go to bed when i looked in the mirror and saw these little hickies all over my neck. i freaked out!! i had to come and babysit at 8am so i took a shower at 6am then left in i big sweatshirt with my hair down over my neck. i had NO idea what to do, then i saw somethings on this site and i tried it out. i took a chapstick bottle to it and i started seeing it less then i rubbed aloe vera (from the plant) on my neck and left it for like 3 minutes, did the deodorant thing for like 5 minutes and rubbed the spoon on top of the deodorant after i left the spoons in the freezer for like 15 minutes. in between i massaged my hickie area and it started to go away. thank god cause my mom would have flipped her lid! this website is wonderful! -God luck to anyone who needs to get rid of a hickie fast!

  145. Okay, so I just recently got a monstruous hickey, recently being about a few hours ago in school, so as soon as I got home I applied ice to the area, just to reduce redness and swelling, then I applied a hot compress, a washcloth in hot water or in the microwave will work fine, and applied it until it got cold. Then I put the ice back on for about a good 10 – 15 minutes. What comes next, everyone assumes, the pencil eraser, it works. Rub it in a lock; unlock pattern for a good 10 – 15 minutes again. Then I applied the hot compress, this will get all the blood moving. The ice is just really a way to reduce redness and the slight swelling that may occur. So if it doesn’t really go away fully, its still not AS noticable. I did this for about an hour or so… and it’s almost gone. I stopped with the compress, because there is only so much you can do without your parents realizing something’s up, and I continued with the pencil eraser.
    *remember to apply pressure to everything you do, even the compresses*
    good luck with everything!

  146. well i went to guys house and we were having fun. to make a long story short when i left i looked in the mirror and saw that i had about a dozen red and purple hickeys all ove my neck. i rushed home and applied ice. i heard this worked but it didnt, i also heard about toothpaste. so i tried that, it did calm the swelling

  147. Okay, so there is no need to tell exactly what happened but since I am posting this on a website about hickies….most of you can make an educated guess that things got heated, leaving me with a big blue hickey in the most inconvenient of places. Right smack dab in the middle of my chest. So I got on the internet to find the remedy but little did I know, it works best if you treat it within the first couple hours. However, I spent the night at this guys house so…I couldn’t really do anything until I got home. I’ve noticed that many people guarantee different things which means it must be different for each person. I tried the tea bag….nothing…..I tried the toothpaste…I think it actually made it worse….I tried the hairbrush….very weird…and not effective but most of you attest to the method of the pen cap which also sounded weird at first. I have been alternating between applying hot rags and cold spoons and massaging it with a pen cap which is suprisingly very effective for me. The blue is completely gone and the red mark is barely visible. It took me about three hours to get this far but keep in mind I waited until twelve hours after to treat it! If I were you…I would go for the cold spoons and hot towels and the pen cap.

    ps: I don’t know why everyone said that the pen cap would hurt….i didn’t have to do it that hard to get results.

  148. Okay, so where was the internet when I was 15!! Embarrasing for your Mother to find a hickie..Yes. But I will tell you what is VERY embarrasing…having your 4 year old daughter ask what is on your neck! I did the ice and rotated with the toothbrush and heat. I am very impressed for only 10-15 minutes of working on it! Good luck!

  149. So my man came to town from up north….we hadn’t fooled around since November! yes November! and i woke up, went in the bathroom and went “Damn!” i had to go to work and i had black hickies all over my collar bone and shoulders! It looked like i had been hit by paint balls at close range. Now, two days later, i realize that i have to go to a wedding in two days!
    so i tried the deoderant! it worked…i used the roll on kind, i think that it may work better. Just push really hard and a lot! i also ran a toothbrush under hot water and just pressed down really hard. 10 minutes and i can wear a tube top with out a problem!

    Remember try the roll on i promise ya it’ll work.

    PS it hurts when its on the bone but its worth gettikng those sick mo fo’s off!

  150. so heres the deal went out with my ex tonight and well one thing led to another and i came home with a hickey it sux if anyone sees it i will die so i got on the comp 4 tip and i see the lid one and that reallllly does work thank u all of you

  151. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i was totally freaking out when i found my 2 hickies and one tiny one i know the internet had to have something so i found this and used ice until my neck went numb then massaged until i got the feeling back then used ice again…i did that for about 5 minutes or so then I did the toothbrush thing for about 3 minutes and the deoderant to top it off…the deoderant is amazing!!!

  152. I did the spoon in the frezzer trick followed by the brushing. The purpleness is gone but its till red. Im going to kill my girlfriend tomorrow!

  153. ok so here is the deal. i was in a relationship that i thought was all but over. so one night i was lonely and a friend came over and we agreed that we were two lonely friends helping each other out. so we made out and she kissed on my neck and i told her not to leave a mark. but guess what, she did. now, i find out my relationship has the desire to be reconciled. can you imagine how bad this will be, especially with trust already being an issue. well this is what i did in fear that i will see her before nature takes its course. i iced the mark for about 5 minutes, it hurt real bad. then i put anti persperant on it and rub that in with a pen cap. it is nearly gone, i cant even see it. i have two spoons in the freezer and will rub them on it just to be safe. but ice deodorant and a pen cap has saved my potential reconciling.

  154. Okay….
    I have had a HUGE hickie pretty much all down my neck for almost a week now…
    I did the frozen spoons…
    deoderant…(I used Secret and Lady’s choice together)
    the tea bag thing(I heated it in a glass of water in the microwave for 2 mins)
    I did the cap trick.
    Yeah….it is pretty much gone now.
    good luck!

  155. I tried the deoderant so far and it’s doin a good job. I have a spoon in the freezer and I know that works, I’ve been using the spoon for years…I’ll try the cap last…but so far, go for the deoderant and spoon!

  156. I was bored giving my gf hickeys on her neck so one day i decided to give her one right one her cheek.. it looked like a birthmark. I tried all of these tips… and they all suck.. so shes f*cked..

    Oh and I also gave my bestfriend a hickey on HIS neck yes… It was the size of a US half dollar coin and HE enjoyed it… and the bad thing is that his gf broke up with him cause she was so jealous.. and he also tried to use these useless tips and yeah… kdenz!

  157. I used a brownish eye shadow to cover it up… it works but u can still see a little bit, i jus made sure i had my hair down everytime i was around my parents… I tried the freezing spoon but didnt work much for me, it kept getting warm and i wud have to put it in the freezer over n over again….

  158. OMG!!! Last night, I was at the bar with my boy but he left early and I ended up going home with a different guy. OMG I KNOW!!! I woke up the next morning and with a massive hickey on my neck. I had NOOO idea what to do before I saw my boyfriend- so I quckly ran to the freezer and put some ice on that sucker- then went into his bathroom and used his deoderant on it. It worked like a charm- he still doesn’t know. Thank, you’re a lifesaver.

  159. hey yeah so i got a really bad hickey this weekend and i just covered it up with make up for a day but then today i found this site and tryed everything but the thing that worked best was the lipstick cap twisting it the hickey is totally gone now so thanx

  160. omg i have never even kissed a boy in my life and the first time that i do i get a hickey CRaZy anyway how long do they take to go way and the ice thing totally worked for me but its still kinda there. what do i do.?

  161. so basically me and my roommates tried each and everyone of these tips and so far nothing has happened but redness redness and more redness and the hickey is still there and it spread…everywhere

  162. nothing helped! i tried every single tip on here and i’ve been doing it forever. all it did was made my neck more sore and red. and now im pissed. this was a waste of my time!!!

  163. OMG thank God for this website!!!!!!!!!

    I got a big red hicky right on my neck by my boy toy last night and then today my ex decides he wants to work things out!!!! I had to get rid of this thing quick!!!!! I heard it’s not possible to get rid of a hicky but it is!!!!

    This is what I did:
    Ice cold spoons rubbing HARD for 10 minutes
    HOT HOT compress and rub 10 minutes
    Hot water and rub with toothbrush and hemmeroid cream 5 minutes
    Ice cold spoons 10 minutes

    It really worked!!!!!!!!!!

  164. After seeing this guy last night and surprisingly Hooking up I woke up this morning with a few hickeys on my neck, and tonight no doubt the ex boyfriend wants to see me! Therefore, what is a girl to do to cover her tracks? After finding this website I tried very hot water and scrubbing hard with the toothbrush on the required areas – did hurt but after 10 mins or so, the redness was going down and you can just cover it up with make-up!

  165. I came home and luckily my dad was sleeping. I found 3 hickies, 2 tiny, and 1 alright but on the dark side. My dad would for sure notice these.

    1) Stick spoons in the freezer until frozen and then put on your neck til they get warm.
    2) Put spoons back in the freezer and while you are waiting ice.
    3) After you repeat the spoons, get a toothbrush and put under hot water then scrub/comb areas. Keep repeating for about 10 minutes. Make sure water is hot!
    4) Ice again
    5) Put deoderant or toothpaste on it..

  166. I tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! if its on this site i tried it…. and it failed…. i am someone with fair skin…. and right now about glow in the dark white with i red neck…… nothing seemed to take my huge red hickie away…. i even ran to the store to get vitumin K…. AT 2:30am not working and i have a job interview tomorrow…. VERY IMPORTANT!!! if someones out there laughing at me right now, try to help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. well me and my girlfriend were making out at my house and she had gotten in big trouble for making out with me before at my house but anyways she was kissing my neck and i was like wait that was to hard cause she sucked on it and i looked and there was a hickey so if anyone sees this we’d getting in even bigger way more trouble cause i got to private school to so we went to the movies with my neck like this but i have church tomorrow ugh with her and her parents well anyways i did some of these things and they totally work its gone

  168. THIS WILL WORK!!! Put several spoons in the freezer, take one out at a time and place the rounded side againt hickie and twist over and over until spoon is warm and then start again with new cold spoon. Do this for about 30 min and I guarantee your hickie will be gone or a thousand times better than what it was!! My friend came over with a hickie that was the size of a quarter and so deep purple it looked like a bruise. I suggested this remedy and she called me to tell me that after doing this as instructed, the huge bruise on her neck was now.
    P.S. If ever you whack your leg or arm or anywhere for that matter, that you dont want a huge nasty bruise to show, rub and massage immediately no matter how much it hurts and you will be amazed at how either you never get a bruise or you may get a very slight discoloration.. The key is to keep the blood from coming close to the skins surface…. Failed miserably try this!!!!!!

  169. NOOOOOO forget icing it for 12 hrs straight. . . forget all those other remedies…my frend got a huge purple hickie and we used the teabag thing…((we used geen tea)) and i SWEAR it was basically gone in like an hour max…like u could see it fading the very second u start using it! omg its amazing!!! yay!

  170. OMG I love when my girlfriend kisses my neck so much but yesterday she gave me this really gnarley looking hickey and if my parents saw it they would go completely crazy. So i tried the ice and tooth paste thing. The toothpaste thing took away the ugly purple look and the ice made the red go away! Which is awesome since I have to cheer tonight! Well I hope you have as much luck as I did!

  171. i have read thru all these tips, and i havent tried it, or maybe the ice and toothpaste but it doesnt remove the hickey fast enuf!try Ginger or garlic… peel it and rub the juice in circular motion for a while, the area gets red but after a shower it disappears.

  172. Kay, my best friend had gotten HUGE hickies lastnight and she was freaking out, b/c her parents won’t allow them!!So I told her to google “getting rid of hickies” and found this wonderful site!! Well she was so freaked she is trying EVERYTHING cept the toothpaste part, as i type!! Well here she is and they are fading slowly!! but they ARE going away and we need to get them off PRONTO! Well we’d just like to say Thanks a Gazillion times over!!
    She says that the hot tea bags and frozen spoons works best!!Of course she would know!!
    first she put like 4 spoons in the freezer then rubbed them on her neck then switched to the HOT tea bags then when they got cold she switched back to tea bags….repeated many times.
    She’s taking a break right now….but she will repeat the process in ten mins or when her neck stops hurting!

    Oh and i had a tiny one on my lower neck and i put the deoderant on and it worked!!

    ~In His Arms~

  173. SOMEONE HELP…I have tried all of these things and none of them work…they are actually getting darker….help meeeee

  174. ok so u got a big ass hickie right and u cant let ur parents see it well if u apply toothpaste to it it will help the color decrease do this a couple of times a day and it will be gone. it will tickle and feel itchy and it will be cold but it helps so try it

  175. I was so desperate to get rid of this ugly love bite on my neck, I tried the ice and the tooth brush in circular motions and took a warm wash cloth on it and it faded within mins… Thank u sooo much

  176. ok so here is what i did….i have never had a hickie before in my life until a few nights ago… the very next morning after my class i iced the bad boy…. it faded a little bit, but not enough. i kept icing and two days later it was lighter but still not enough. i got a toothbrush with toothpaste but rubbed too hard and it got worse. since then i have been icing it and i have been applying a warm wash cloth to it and it has almmost disappeared… i need it to completely disappear before i go back home tomorrow cuz my mom notices EVERYTHING!!!!

  177. ugh. good friday we decided to party it up, i guess things got a little too crazy and i ended up in a heated situation with a good friend! i got home a couple hours ago and was jumping in the shower and noticed a massive hickey located right in the middle of my lower neck/upper chest. lovely and convenient placing,jerk! my hair is super long but its so up front that using my hair as a cover-up isnt even an option! & i cant claim it as a burn because curling irons usually dont come within the vicinity that this thing is located. pretty sure i dont own a turtleneck, either. =[ easter is tomorrow and i can just imagine the look on grandma’s face when she spies the red and purple monster on my neck! but ANYWAYS- this site is amazing. it subsided my feelings of desperation..for sure!
    i swear…
    1. ice it, a lot.
    2. run a toothbrush under really hot water and massage the spot with it! dont rub too hard though or irritation persists!
    3. use a lipstick cap and twist it around in different spots allover
    4. use a Q-tip and wipe deoderant on it, i used a clear gel that is scented and it actually stung. wouldnt recommend the scented stuff, or maybe thats how its suppost to work?
    5. hot hot hot hot wash cloth…
    45 minutes later and the mark has gotten a ton better, to the point where i could cover it up with make-up and hope grandma doesn’t notice!

  178. ive never had a hickey on my neck before…& this one is HUGE. when i went home today i covered it up with makeup and my hair, but i really need it to fade away because i go back to school in two days. so, i’ve been pressing ice onto it & rubbing it with a toothbrush, and i rubbed tooth paste on it earlier (a tip from my friend). it seems to be fading noticeable thank God! & thanks for everybodys tips i’ll have to try more tomorrow.:)

  179. Rubbing ice, getting a hot washcloth and massaging works the best… my entire neck was black and blue… now it’s just red, i can easily pass it for anything…

    this took about 45 minutes! take the time… it works.

  180. Well ive gotten 2 so far and the first one i just let it be b/c i didnt think there was something to make it go away so i just left my hair out so my mom would’t notice but the second time my friend seen it and told me that VINEGAR and SALT works so i tried it and it worked you get some vingear nd rub it but it will sting and you do that for like 2 days and it should be clearing away

  181. i got a hickey tonight and i started to panic, the first time i got one i just left it. that one took a week to go away! the next time i tried some conceler and everyone could notice, it made it look orange. definitly not pretty. tonight i decided to go on the internet to find a way to get rid of it. i tried many things and im still trying it right now, but i found that
    the twisting of a lip chap lid works good
    also deoderant works too!
    almost all my redness has gone away.

    try it!
    it worked for me, i hope it works for you too!

  182. i came home from my boyfriend’s house with about 5 or 6 hickeys on my neck. Most of them were small and not too noticable but there were 2 big ones on the front of my neck. I did the ice and deodrant trick and it did fade. The next morning for school, I used cover up and curled my hair. Nobody really noticed. Just make sure you ice it as soon as you get home, better chance of it fading faster.

  183. I woke up this morning and boy was my neck looking horrible! SO I searched and found this website. I rubbed them with toothbrushes a little, and I got curious about the deodorant…That works very good. Just rub it on and check back and I swear the hickies will be either completely gone or definitely fading. Then I just rubbed on a little green eyeshadow and some concealer and I was good to go!

  184. so i was freaking out because i had ended up with 3 hickies on my neck one at each angle and my momwould flip if she saw them not to mention my bf so i came online and found this site i think the ice works perfect to take away the black and blue but you still have the redness so i took a toothbrush and rubbed it for about ten minutes then rubbed deodorant on it..well lets see if it works……

  185. this week a got a huge hickey on my neck I mean HUGE ONE. I covered it up with makeup but it was worthless. Anyways I try the spoon and the deodorante and YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! this stuff really works.

  186. I am so happy about this site. I swear I woke up and you know who told me about the hickey on my neck? MY MOM. She was like…what’s that? And I had to run upstairs to check, so I had a genuine look of shock and surprise when I told my mom, “I don’t know…that’s strange…prolly an insect bite or something because it’s itchy…and I have small bites on my arms. Can’t be a hickey…you know I’m not seeing anyone…can’t miraculously appear out of nowhere, right?” And she went like, “I know what hickeys look like…your dad used to give them to me too you know.” And proceeded to look at my back and chest…and I had to really look shocked so she’ll believe me…which I think she did hahaha after seeing that yup looked like insect bites.

    And now, I am loving the comb trick. Gone now hahaha.

    But I swear, totally funny, embarrassing, and dumb hahahaha.

  187. Last night me and my friend snuck out to our boys. Of course i was sike and up for anyting. Although by the time we got home which was around 5, we got upstairs and turned the lights on. When my friend noticed that litterally half my neck was purple. It was the biggest hickey i have E.V.E.R seen. Qucikly i searched on the internet for tips on how to get rid of hickies. The things that work the best for me were
    – The chapstick cap, it seriously dulled the hickey like ah-mazingly.
    – Altho if u get the chance, put ice on it asap, it will totally help get rid of all the purple and black spots
    – deffinatly use a hair brush to push down the blood vessels
    – A must is using green eyeshadow before your foundation. Deffffinatly works.

    good luck to everyone, im sure as hell gonna need it!

  188. Ok, I tried the ice thing and it worked amaingly! I had a huge hickie on my neck I iced it for 15 minutes was hardly able to even see it! It really works!!!

  189. Ice is good. if you use the ice pack to massage it, it will go away faster. mine went away in 15 minutes. it was huge!!!

  190. well, I’ve been trying a lot of things on here. right now I am trying the toothpaste thing. I’ve done the massage, brush, toothbrush, and ice. Last night I wet a hand towel and folded it long ways. I stuck it in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then wrapped it around my neck tying it off with a scrunchie. I went to bed and when I woke up it was 50% better. Now all I have to do is get rid of the brown/purple/ bruise like marks and I will be good.

    Wish me luck!!

  191. Hey you KINKY KISSERS listen to this tip go in the bathroom, turn water on hot hot hot and while it is heating up use your brush to massage it then put toothpaste on it for like five min then take it off then use ur toothbrush and for get it hot wet and like for 8 min massage the hickey then put more toothe past on it for 5 more min to decrese redness… It worked for me!!!!:) GOOD LUCK!!!!! XoXo ammi

  192. Thank God for this website!!
    1. Hi I’m the first dumby, and I have four days to get rid of these before my bf sees (they’re not from him)!!!!!!!!
    2. I only have one small hickey, but I am the BEST hickey giver you’ll ever meet, and ice works really well for me.
    3. I’m the third dumby, and if my mom sees these, I will def be dead… by tomarrow.
    Our favorites:


  193. O.K. I HATE hickies, but I got one it was just in the moment, you know? This hickie is on the left side of my chest, so far I’ve used ice, spoon, toothbrush. The redness went down a little. Now I am going to do more ice and toothpaste and that’s it. I REALLY HOPE IT WORKS

  194. haha oh my god, for like a month i kept getting hickies the guy is pinning me down! so unfair! anyways this stuff is great help thank you so much!!

  195. okay so i dont have any tips but i’m in need of them
    so i’m very much of a neck girl but last night itoot felt like
    the guy was chewing on my skin on my neck, i slapped him it hurt so bad
    but i have tried ice, deodorant, aloe vera, caps, toothpaste, spoons, tooth brushes, massaging it and none of that has worked
    it still really hurts and i need it gone by … now.
    anyone else had this problem?

  196. I did a mixture of the tips… I used a lip stick tube to push in and twist, then i put deoderant on it, and brushed it with a pick..then i used the rounded edge of the pick to run over it as well… and it went from being a huge deep purple very noyicable hicky to a soft red dot on my neck…(it took a little over an hour but was way worth it!) Now the next day its gone 🙂

  197. I got my very first hicky tonight. I was freakin out when I saw it. When the guy left I almost starting crying because im not in a relationship with this guy and didnt know how I was going to explain the hickies. Im REALLY glad I found this site. The ice and twisting of a chapstick cap really worked for me. I also tried the deoderant which helped alot too. Thank god for this site or I would be soo embarrassed by these.

  198. Here is what worked for me, i did it about two hours after i got the hickey since i was not at home when i got it:
    1. Massaged it with a warm towel, in a circular motion.
    2. Held a toothbrush under warm water and massaged with that, though it hurt a bit and i was afraid i was gonna make it worse so i went back to the towel.
    3. Dabbed deodorant on it, left for about 10 minutes wiped off with warm rag.

    And it worked! the hickey was pretty much gone, just a small light pink spot that i dabbed foundation on. You couldn’t even tell i had a hickey there!!!

  199. definatly trying to get rid of the hickey on my neck before my mom or more importantly- my dad see’s it…. but my poor boyfriend, his is way darker and bigger then mine. (what can i say? lol) ive noticed the ice has really helped and the spoon thing is next.

  200. ok so im going crazy right now. i got a 3 hickeys last night and i have to get rid of them before my mom sees them. ok so ones righ in the center of my neck and its not really that purple or anything but its noticeable. and then i have to smaller purple ones on my boob. well anyways ive been tryin everything on this site for like the past half hour and NOTHING is working. hhaa wanna cry =( i just put preperationH on it to see if it will help and nothing but anyways some one please help me =(

  201. My story is that my boyfriend did one on me and if my dad see’s it he will freak out i never let me see him again and will not be able to trust me again.1.Use foundation on the surface it will help into you find away to get rid of it.2.Rub ice it will make lower down the hicky then try flat surfaces (lipstick tops, chapstick tops,or cold spoons) Try some of this and best of luck.Hope iot works for me.
    Have a nice day or try too.

  202. so about 2 months ago i got my 1st hickey an my mom flipped, so yesterday i got like 4 more by my boyfriend, good thing for me is my mom is out of town, bad part is i need them gone before tonight when she gets back. First my stupid self was putting anything frozen on it meat and everything and it really took some color away. Then i used deoderant(it worked some), then i rubbed it with the toothbrush(that really worked)now i just have a hot rag on it, i think it will be gon tonight, thanx everybody for the tips.

  203. well leave it to my husband to give me a hickie…. i am a new mom and i work at a very vell respected vet clinic on top of it so for me to walk around with a hickie on my neck (three actually) is not an ideal thing for my life style.. first i suggest that you dont get drunk and let your significant other do things to you … second i like the old rubbing the neck w/a cap thing… that seems to work very well for me.. however like may others have said.. try everything because all skin types are different! good luck everyone i hope you the best and in the future ask your signifcant other to please give them some where you can cover up with no problem!

  204. Get iron or sterling silver spoon and put it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Take it out and put it on the hickey until the spoon gets warm again. Don’t give yourself freezer burn!! Do repeatdely

  205. you will not belive what my boyfriend did. We were watching a movie and he found one of those suction/holder plactic thingys that you can stick to a window…well he licked it and STUCK IT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FORHEAD. It got stuck, my entire family won’t stop laughing at me. Needless to say I was not at school today, but I do have to work tonight…I’m trying everything!! My mom took a picture of me while I was aslee…that’s how ridiculous I look. The ice helps take the blueish tint away, and I’m left with a red circle, i’m tryign the toothbrush thing, and that seems to help. Thank goodness for this website tho!!!

  206. when i seen the site i thiught i was out of luck because i got my hickey the night before… but ikeep readind and so I used the green eyeshadow undertone with the works pretty good. My paernts still haven’t seen it! THANKS GOD!!

  207. So the last time i got a hikey, my sister freaked more than my mom. So i woke up this morning with one and it was alright, then i found out i was going to my sister’s place that night…


    mine was small and didnt have too much bruising so it didnt take long to get rid of it..


  208. So yesterday was prom. since i’m a kinky kisser i didn’t stop my boyfriend. I love hickies and i love how it feels when your getting one. Anyways, i usually get the hickies where i can hide them and i usually just wait till they fade by themesleves. But this time i got a different type of hickie. And i got one sort of in the fron of my neck a little to the left. The hickie had two bite marks. I know the bite marks wont go away but i just wanted to redness of the hickie to go away. and i’ve tried everything but nothing is really working. I tried ice,deorderant,spoons,toothbrush,toothpaste. Hopefully i see some results by the end of today. My mom already saw it just trying to make sure my dad wont. I dont want it gone just atleast faded. but good luck everyone else.

  209. Well my bf got a lil carried away and gave me a small but noticeable red hickey. I didnt realize it until a hour later coming home and my friend spotted it. I have kept my jacket on since I have been home so my dad wouldnt notice and I definitely have yo get it off by the time my mom gets home. B/C my birthday is next Friday and Im toast if it doesnt go away…..What I did so far is…….
    1)Scraped it with a penny (very painful)
    2)Rubbed Deodorant on it(10min n wipe off)
    3)Use something dome-shaped and massaged it not too hard
    4)Rapped an ice pack with a bandanna (15-20min)
    5)Let Set for 5 minutes and Rub deodorant on it
    ….This takes about a hour but it really works

  210. Ok….soooo my sister calls me up and asked me how to get rid of a hickey. So i go to this site and find a hole crap load of cool stuff. I told my sister some of these things and they started working rite away, the cap thing rly works. The messed up thing is that my sister is 3 years older than me……haha…lol. All the tips givin on here will most likly work. This is a great site. Good luck to all those kinky kissers out there!!!!!Have fun

  211. thank god for this site. i had 2 giant hickeys on my neck from my boyfriend and wearing a turtle neck once in a week is enough for me

    i found that the twisting of the top of a tube of chapstick worked amaaazingly and same with the deoderant and using the edge of a penny to massage it. i also got this thing called vita-k which is like for bags under your eyes and stuff so it helps to vade it as well

  212. I currently have two boyfriends that don’t know about eachother and one was here earlier today and decided to leave me a little hickey on my neck…i’m supposed to go see my other one tonight so I flipped out and checked this page…i tried the ice and it worked so good! now i am putting deodorant on my neck…im bad…i know

  213. well i’ve been rubbing ice on the hickies that i got today, from my best friend, for like 20 minutes, yea it really does make ur neck numb but it takes out a lot of the purple and red in them, i’m gonna keep rubbing more ice on them, cuz my cuzins coming into town tomorrow b/c we’re having a party on saturday n my boyfriend is gonna be here, so this better work wonders!

  214. let’s see my hickies from one guy had just disappeared the day before then i ended up getting five more from a different guy..i wore my hair down or just wore a hood. i rubbed them with my fingers it worked. the second bunch went away in four days

  215. I tried the ice and the deodorant and they really worked….not fast but they did…i needed them to go away in like mins….now its just red so i put makeup on it….I LOVE THIS SITE!!! hope you guys get your wish….im glad i did…

  216. wow.. i tried the ice thing.. and it didnt work..but i tried a few days after i got it.. i tried the comb thing.. woah that hurts !! but the ice worked best.. its alot less red.. now its purple.. my hickey was huge.. but its been two days now its alot better.. hope its gone by thins weekend or my boyfriend will see it..

  217. The toothbrush thing really works, you have to apply alot of pressure and really hot water, but it makes the hickie fade away. Im about to try to spoon thing to see if it will completey go away.

  218. ok so me and mah boyfriend had been broken up about a week but he was still coming around and mah new potential man puts this big hickey on the FRONT of mah neck to piss him off…i used the hot cloth trick and it was gone like that!!…just take face cloth and put in HOT water no ringing out or anything apply pressure on the spot and rub up and down….it i strue that your neck will be red but it wont be b/c of a hickey…love tha site..

  219. thanks for the help guysss!!! people at school were going nuts about it and im glad i can get rid of it!

  220. okay so this isnt working. i think i have like an irregular hickeyyy!!!! and its SO EFFINGG BIGGG! HELP MEEEE

  221. this works like a charm! …
    first you scrub the hell out of it with a comb, and then you rest a cold kielbasa on your neck for about 25 minutes, and it works like magic =)

  222. okay guys so heres what worked for me: I did the whole lipstick cap thing and man it hurt but all i think it did was make it more red. But then i tried the toothbrush in the hot water thing and wow it worked. It does hurt i will admit i mean you are rubbing a hot toothbrush on your neck after all. But yea just dip your brush in hot water over and over while Gently rubbing it on the spot. Hope it works for you guys : )

  223. Ok so here is what I did, and it decreased the redness in a short amount of time.

    I jumped into the shower, turned on the hot water. Started massaging/scraping the spots with a toothbrush, then i went crazy with a loofah and soap for a bit and my skin got really red (it goes down soon enough), used the top of a soap bottle to massage down the areas (it was round with a dome top), did the toothbrush thing a little more, and thats it. All of this was done while being showered with hot water, except the loofah and soap, you just wash off the soap once your done going crazy.

    Good luck.

  224. Holy crap I never thought a remedy could be so amazing. I took advice from this page one of the users’ tips. So you run hot water or warm be careful not to burn yourself and get a clean toothbrush. Let the water run on the brissles of the toothbrush and then apply toothbrush to hickey. Rub and massage while continually rewetting the toothbrush. Be patient because it’s not immediate relief, but be prepared to be amazed at how quickly it fades and almost disappears! THANK YOU SO MUCH…it was really hard trying to lie to people telling them my kitten scratched me. So ladies or gentleman, GOOD LUCK HOPE IT WORKS AS WELL AS IT DID FOR ME!

  225. wel i put ice on it for 5 mins then i stretched my skin out and rubbed it with a coin. then i put ice back on it.i then put toothpaste for about 2min.then i iced it agin and then put icy hot. i then took a pen cap and twisted my skin….and now it gone!! this wa my first hiskey and now its gone! this works i think the best things are ice, the coin method and the pen top methid! try all this and it will be gone!!

  226. Omgosh..well I got mine last night..and so I looked on here and I saw some things about Warm water and brushes, so I decided to make my own thing…

    make your water almost as hot as you can take it on your skin.

    wet a washcloth with the water..

    don’t fold the washcloth at all lay it out on your skin flat.

    then take a brush and put it on top of the washcloth and massage..

    This really really helped me, it works really good, you gotta do it for a while though sometimes..I think it just depends on who you are…Idk?? lol, well have fun, and good luck..bbye
    ~bRiTtAnY B.

    lol..I just wanna know if it helps anyone

  227. you can’t get rid a hickie really, so deal with it. Or don’t let someone suck on youur neck that is that.

    but than again, I have a huge hickie on my neck right now, thats why I am looking here. hahaha. But it’s okay I am 21 years old ahahaa.

  228. well I had a guy give me a hickey and it is huge… I have tried alot of stuff.. I have tried ice and it didnt work and I have tried deodrant and it didnt work and I tried aleo and it didnt work but they all made it lighter.. I am now trying finger nail polish remover and it seems to be working so next I am gonna try a hot wash cloth and tooth brush I hope it works cause i need it gone asap..but thanks for the tips..

  229. brittany thanks that tip really worked.. Everything was just making it lighter but not going away and I tried your idea and it worked so thanks again

  230. i woke up with a small, but noticable hickey.. so i took a look on here. the things that worked best for me was to ice it until the ice starts to melt (or the area of the hickey starts to become numb), then do the lipstick cap thing (you can use anything that will kind of grab the skin), then apply deodorant. i seriously just did it for about 15 minutes and my hickey is completely gone. 🙂 good luck!

  231. ^^yeah so did i, was hardly worth it, but the b!tch left a hickey on my neck, so i just iced it then rubbed it with the end of a toothbrush.. My gf would of killed me. THANK YOU THIS PAGE!

  232. I just got done reading ALL the above………..maybe my hickies were different because my huge muscle bound man has the suction of a turbo engine….like one other I read, I looked like I had been beat up…it was 36 hours ago & all 9 hickies are turning black & blue!
    Cold Spoon: NO RESULTS
    Deaderant: NO RESULTS
    Ice: NO Results
    Toothpaste: NO RESULTS
    Prep-H: NO RESULTS
    Massaging: YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting to fade after only 3 minutes of rubbing! THANK YOU!!!!!

  233. So last night my new man decided that he wanted to “leave his mark on me” so now I have a hickie right in the front of my neck. My mom would freak if she saw it there. I’ve been trying all of these things and so far the only thing thats been working is the lipstick cap. I tried the others but it didnt take any of the color away. So try the lipstick cap…it seems to be working.

  234. Ok so last night my gf gave me a huge hickey, and by this morning it was dark purple. Not cool. So I started reading up on hickies and after i understood exactly why they happened, not the whole sex thing i mean scientificly, there easy to get rid of. You ice it for like 10 minutes and then you take your frozen spoon and massage it till the spoon is warm. Then you take your pen cap or whatever your using and you push and twist and then pull back, do this for a few minutes than take your HOT washcloth or teabag and press it against your battle wound for a few minutes then go back to massaging with pen cap. The deoderant help a little bit but it was mostly the massaging with pen cap.

  235. P.S. When your doing the pen cap thing you cant always tell its helping while your doing it because it iratating the surface, but its focing the blood from your broken cappalaries back down away from the skin. Just do it and then wait a few minutes and when the irratation goes away youll notice a huge improvement.

  236. Ok so i got a hickie yesterday not even relizing it was there thinking that my boyfriend would know not to give me one being that im not even aloud to have a boyfriend!!so i decided I really had to get it off right? so my parents wouldnt see. So i decided i juss need to hide it for now. green eye shadow with a flesh powder works really really good. Good luck girls and Guys. haha. Hide them hickies

  237. yea so my sister came home with like 8 hickies on her neck and she thought that i didn’t notice it. Shes dlike aa tom boy and she wor e her hair down today just so my dad wouldn’t see it. But the bad part is is that we have a softball game coming up and there might of been that chance of my dad seeing it soo…..we came to this web sight and tried out some of the things that were on here. The best thing soo far is the tea bag method. But remember ppl have different skin types so some things might not wrk. So try everthing just in case.
    This web site is the s***…!!!!! Good luck to all the kinky kissers out and have fun!!!!!;)

  238. I took a piece of ice sprinklrd salt on in, and then applied it to the hicky. It hurts but the next daybi woke up hicky free

  239. omg!!!!! thank the heaven lord for this web site 🙂
    i use the hot hot water and the toothbrush for 10 minutes and it went almost away 🙂
    now im gonna use the cold spoon and deo:) yea yea yea yea !
    its all most gon :):)

  240. Thank you kids sooo much! I love you. I read through all of your posts and I thought to myself, “teenagers get a lot of hickys – they must be experts.” And I was correct!! I am a grown woman, so when my date turned out to be a vampire…. I was screwed. I took all of your advise. I tried the ice and hair brush methods. I put an ice pack on the area for twenty minutes. Then I used a hair brush with the kind of bristles that have a soft plastic ball at the end. I rubbed the brush in a circle for exactly 15 minutes while my friend held the watch and laughed at me. At the end of 15 minutes I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I’ll be dambed if the thing was not gone!! The entire area was red from the ice but that resolved within another 15 minutes.

    1. Ice pack entire area, not just the bite, for 20 minutes.
    2. Hair brush for 15 minutes in a circle pattern.

    Caution– The mark was on the front of my neck. I gave myself a little bit of a rug burn on the skin over the collar bone. The skin was numb from the ice so I didn’t notice the scrape of the bush over the bone.

    Goog luck and let the force be with you. Oh, and get a new boyfriend/girlfriend. These hicky givers are sick people!! LOL!!

  241. omfg..

    ok last night my “friend” came over
    and yea we started makin out and everythin in MY ROOM and he gave me this HUGE hickey omfg its so freakin HUGE!!

    and thn this mornin i woke up and it was SO BIG
    i had to go to skool like that though
    my perents didnt see it i covered it up wit my hair 🙂
    but yea

    im trying all of these right now

    And their workin!!!
    i hope its gone by tommorow though
    becuz i hav graduation

    PS.Thnx fo da tips~!

  242. i did a deodorant treatment overnight, that didnt help. I didnt see mine till the morning after though. The spoons dont stay cold enough to really have any effect. I think I’m going to have to resort to massaging it a bit. Maybe use concealer, cus I have to see another girl tonight…I’m screwed.

  243. i found the ice and deodorant work best.

    ice pack the area for maybe 20 mins
    then use a ROLL ON anti perspirant deodorant for 5-10mins
    after that use the frozzen spoons. they work well.

    my hickies were pretty gnraly and they’re nearly gone in about
    2 hours. =]

  244. I once was very overly intoxicated. and me and this guy were making out and we went to bed and i woke up in the morn w/ like 10-15 huge dark hickies the next morning. i almost went to my dining hall w/ them NOTHING ELSE HAPPEND.I didnt even realize that i had them this girl saw me in the hall after i went to the bathroom i went back to my room looked in the mirror to see how awful i looked after not taking my make up off and stuff. and i saw them i screamed and i ran to my computer looked up how to get rid of a hickie..this really worked later that night i went back to the same place and talked to the guy and i was like so how was ur nite…he was like WOW what happend to them i just said the internet duh..IT WORKS Great i had all of them gone in under 2 hrs after being set in for at least 8 hrs and i just got another one tonite this happend in the jan.07 now its may.

  245. Thank you sooo much! I have to be at work in like 2 hours and just noticed my neck was hurting so i looked in the mirror and there they are! my boyfriend always kisses my neck but never givin me a hickie! i have been doing the ice comb thing and about to do the spoons it is a little red from all the rubbing…but hopfully that will go away too! THANKS

  246. haha.
    so i just got my first hicky like not even an hour ago.
    but i noticed that if i apply ice for about 10 minutes.
    then get the cap of a massacara and twist for a couple
    of seconds. i repeat this for like 10 more minutes.
    while stopping every now or then to put warm water.
    i also massaged it with toothpaste lmfao.
    hey when your desperate. :]

    its way better now. from being an ugly purple color.
    to being light pink.
    im just going to apply make up.

  247. Take a spoon run it under water then put it in the freezer, take it out and put it on your hickey. After the spoon gets warm, do the same thing only with ice. The take deoderant and put it on your hickey and leave it there, it’ll start going away.

    After that when it’s just red you can take green [ the opposite color or red ] eye shadow and mix it in with cover up on yr neck to hide the redness.

    it should help for guys who are like vampires and try to EAT your neck.

  248. hey i got like this really big hickey like an hour ago and my mom will freak like crazy if she sees it. So I tried everything and the things that worked the best was the chap stick top and the frozen spoons its almost gone. I did the ice and it made it worse.
    well thx for all of the advice.

  249. so tonight me and my boyfriend hanging out and i kinda gave him some hickies on accident (woops!)

    so im sitting here on the phone with him

    we wnet to the store to get some concelor to cover it up if all this didnt work but….

    he first started by puting about 8 spoons on his neck. then he went to the toothbrush thing.

    i kept reading stories and saw people said to put the cap thing on and twist it.

    he siad he thinks its working..yet he doenst know if its looking lighter or the surrounding area is looking reder. haha.

    well he jsut put some ice on and said it is starting to look alittle lighter.

    lets hope that this one hickie goes away (its the worst out of 4!!!!) hahahahaha

  250. i went to this party and there was this guy… and then he was kissing my neck and then when i got home my friend Jessica was like “Holy crap!! look at that giant thing on ur neck” people its like 2 inches long!! an 1 inch wide…. and all down the front of my neck…but i founf ur web site and i also found that Wndex and Toothpast work too

  251. so the boyfriend def. got out of control last niiight. lmao. But — the ice is slowly working. Even though it burns like craaap. Does a comb work?

  252. Okay well last night I spent the night at my boyfriends house, which is rare, so we took it to our advantage, but we had no condoms left and i’m not on birth control anymore.. so we ended up doing other stuff, and wouldn’t you know it, i wake up with a hickie on my neck. after hitting him a few times (lol just kidding) i decided to google “how to get rid of hickies”..and boom..this website pops up. it’s a life saver.
    some tips that really helped me.
    1.) ice it for about 5 minutes.
    2.) take a carmex container (the kind with a curved lid) and twist it for about half an hour.
    3.) take nail polish remover and put it on a cotton swab, and apply for about 5 minutes, it’ll burn but it helps.
    4.) rub the hickie with the cotton swab until most of the hickie is gone (for me about 10 minutes.)
    5.) take the carmex again and twist.
    6.) put deoderant on it.

    and that’s where i am now. it’s mainly gone. i thought i was gonna be fired from my work, because we have to put our hair up, and i thought i was gonna be grounded for life. but thanks to this website… I’M FREE!!!!!

  253. The rubbing it with a cap and massaging the area definitely worked for me! I’m going to try the others when I get home from work..

    And to all those people out there who got them from someone either than their CURRENT GF/BF, thats disgusting and you get what you deserve.

  254. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS WEBSITE IS THE BEST ..i got my first hickey and im only 14 so my parents would kill me i got home and came online looking for help i started rubbing ice on the hickey and then rubbed it with my finger cause i couldn’t find anything domed shaped and it really works i think that by tonight it will be gone.. hopefully because my parents are gonna be back later on at night don’t want them seeing this

  255. Ok, so was down in Ocean City for senior week. my boy friend gave me a hickie… even tho i said “dont you do it!” Well… “oops” was the answer he gave. All the other ones I had ever gotten were around winter, and could get away with scarfs, hoodies, turtle necks (eww) and all that bundle up n cover stuff. Great Goin for senior week in OC… I looked like all the other tramps down there. lol. neways, So I made his @$$ walk all the way down to CVS on 17th Street & get me some make up. there was no way I was gonna leave the hotel… Well he came back… with the wrong color & it was too red, making my light red (thankfully didnt go black & blue) hickie look the same, but with a rather odd off colored tan around it. WAY TO GO BABE! lol. So it being the next day… Im sitting here with a frozen bottle of water on my neck & it seems to be taking down the redness a little bit. But lemme tell u! “JAWS” wont be bitin on me anytime soon!

  256. ok so i was working tech with my boyfriend and during the break period where we didn’t have to do anything we took advantage of that long ass break and well lets just say i was smart and gave HIM the hickie…. he went home after me pointing it out to him and his mom flipped!! she told him that he had to break up with me but after his sister sticking up for me for a good hour or so she was convinced that it would never happen again…. soo i guess i should have told him that

    1) apply a frozen spoon onto the hickey rubbing in small circles while applying mild pressure

    2) (gross but works) take either yogart or mayo and massage it onto the surface of the hickie and let it set for about 5 min then rinse with hot water… vwalla no more hickie ( usually only works for people with dark skin)

    3) go to your kitchen and turn on you fosset pull it out and turn it to shower mode and place in on the hickie at hot temp and after about 2 min of massaging turn to cold water for another 2 min

    have fun and girls just remember they may feel good . but they are ugly and hell for your father to see…. so do you and your boytoy a favor and give HIM the hickie lol

  257. So…Ive gotten many hickies in my day..but NEVER this bad! All over my neck, dark purple spots..very bad, dont want the family,friends co-workers to see it…I recomend applying pressure and either hot or cold items…the cold spoons worked a little bit, but the tea bag worked best for me. Keep it warm and wet..apply pressure and keep doing it..and switch off with the toothbrush/hairbrush…its been one hour and they are almost all gone..absolutly amazing. Good luck!

  258. give ur man a signal during ur activities sorry mr m
    women–tell ur man to go below the collar! so u dont get ur ass beat by crazy fathers!!! ice cubes make it lighter–but u have to work on it for a long time. make sure u hav the time, otherwise u r screwed.
    wear a cloggy necklace and say u leaned on it wrong. that is all.

  259. DAMN I HATE HICKIES!!!! They suck but definatly the twisting technique will work. It might take a while and hurt but if you try hard enough you can do it!

  260. -leave mascara on for a while
    -green concelear
    -ice it
    -cold spoons
    -a quarter (twist it repeadtedly)
    -hair gel (any kind) then apply ice to rub it around
    -wear a scarf!

  261. ok so me and my cousin were in the spa and we were playing dracula!! she sucked my neck a little bit too hard and i have this hicky on the side of my neck!! so i went to this website and found someways!! the ones i listened too most were the ice, cap thingy, and a tothbrush!! it worked really good!!!

  262. soak a washcloth in the hottest water you can stand. press it against the hickey. once it cools off, take a fine toothed comb, and comb over the area. repeat this about 10 times, and it will make the hickey fade a significant amount.

  263. Thanks so much! I first used my toothbrush which has a round tip on the bottom & i applied pressure & twisted & that definitely made it less noticeable….then i tried putting deodorant on it b/c i read on this page that someone used it & it worked & they werent lieing..IT WORKED! thanks again!

  264. to make a long story short me + alcohol + people = two huge hickies!! (the worst i have ever gotten!)

    rubbing the bristles of the toothbrush on the hickies helped alot (dip tooth brush in warm water)

    and the deodorant thing worked beautifully!

    thank god for this site!

  265. Earlyer tonight I got anouther hickie and i needed to get rid of it fast before people seen it..So I got online and looked up how to get rid of hickies and its showed this.I red someone elce’s and it said icy/hot {DONT GET IT IN YOUR EYES THOUGH WHATEVER YOU DO!!} on it so I tryed it…

    **Put Icy/hot on it for a little while around 10 or 15 minutes I promice you that it will work it worked for me so it hasta work for you also.Heres some outher ways it may work also
    -warm water
    -massage it with something

  266. Wel my cusin and i have tried everything and its not working all that well…We tried the spoon,DEO,pen cap,hot water, Green eye shadow,make-up…We tried everything and it is NOT working!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Theres alot of tips on here saying to use a frozen spoon. But if you do it you notice that they get warm really fast. our family keeps frozen bottles of water in the freezer… since the whole bottle is frozen and it takes awhile for the water to get warm, thats the best way to go. but if its a quick thing… just freeze alot of spoons i guess lol

  268. Put Tooth Paste on The Hickey Then Sleep With it on there. When you wake up in the morning the hickey will be gone.

  269. ahhh=] thanks so much for this website i got a hiki and im under age it was low by my chest and i was petrafied of my family seeing it and then yet when i get home from school my sister was looking in my year book asking me to find a page for her and wuuuuuup my shirt goes down and of course i get the..what the hells on ur chest and my mouth dropped literally. shes mad and still wont talk to me and probably will use it against me to my parents so i looked up how to get it away and it workedd!! i iceed it for about 5 minutes and then i used a pen cap and put pressure onto it and then i took a toothpaste cap and twisted it and let go it workedd thanks so much!!!

  270. got caught in an ex reuion and it got outa hand…long story short you no i gotta hickey. i came on here to find a way to get rid of it and i found dat rubbin a hot tooth brush kinda hard works!! but it hurts so brush at ur own risk!!! then put deodorant on it for 10 mins then use a cold spoon for a while.

  271. i’ve gotten so many hickies and seems like nothing works. But I will keep trying. Damn those girls know how to suck on a neck o.O

  272. My boyfriend and I had not seen eachother in a couple weeks, and long story short, I ended up with my first hickie. I freaked out and looked up this site. I iced it for probably ten minutes, used the deodorant, and the cap trick (i used a tube of chapstick), and put some icy hot on it! i was willing to try anything! Then I slept with a hot rag on it. It was gone when I woke up! so i don’t know which of those helped the most, but the tips on this site DO work! good luck everyone!

  273. AH! ok so the neck is fairly easy to get ride of but….my guy isn’t a neck guy he likes ears! the cap thing works but you can’t realy fit a cap on your ear! i found that rubbing deodarant (the white powerdery onez) into it for a LONG time works o.k.

  274. i`ve had many hickie`s before and they usually go away overnight but they`ve been getting worse. the toothbrush works great. but it hurts!! and last week i used it for a while and found out that i actually got a scab or irritation from using it. so use the toothbrush as a last resort. And read the rest of these they seem to cover everything else such as warm washcloth at night. and also, cold spoons work great. but the best thing for not having hickies, is not getting them in the first place.

  275. ok so showing up to work with a blurple neck is a bad idea so i came here to check this place out, and while i was looking for chapstick or a marker i used my stainless steel martini shaker cap and it worked out pretty well so i strongly recommend it to n e 1 with access to 1.

  276. I have never had one before…..but my friend has… try putting ice and toothpaste on it, it should help a lot!…..Good Luck!

  277. Ok….as many of the stories on here go…I woke up with an “Amazon Hickey” this morning! F**K! I have work in the morning and it is in a highly professional place. I would wear my hair down, but the hickey is on the front of my neck. Well, I started out with the ice (cubes and cold spoons)..and have been using that off and on all day, then I tried the hot rag and tea bag and now I am using the deodorant. So far it has faded from being eggplant purple to a dark red. I haven’t tried the toothbrush or cap thing..but I am desperate! I need to get rid of this bad dog by morning!!! I really appreciate everybody’s advice! Thanks!!

    P.S. I have heard that rubbing peanut butter (very gobs!) works…. Something to do with the oils in it? Has anyone else heard of this?

  278. I had a hickey and i put a spoon in the freezer and when it gets really cold massage the hickey with it it almost worked for me but i also had used a comb to make it go away and it worked for me.

  279. the ice is just making my neck redder.
    massaging helps but not fully.
    make-up is the best thing or a sweater with a hood and have the hood mainly on the side with the marks. if its hot outside then dont do the sweater thing then it would be obvious. wear a funny scarf and pretend to act silly for a few hours, before you know it they will think nothing of a scarf around your neck.

  280. If you are a guy try this:
    The whole idea here is to remove the surface blood from the skin. Put deodorant and twist the area with a pen, like a Bic. Use the top of the pen, not the ones with a clik though.
    Have your girlfriend then make love to you while you are doing this. Blood will flow to the right spot, you’ll have a good time removing it, it’ll keep your mind occupied, and in no time you should get it off.
    Good Luck.

  281. Ok well I got a hicky today by my stupid boyfriend and it was big and im freaking out about it, So my friends goes on and helps me find some was to get rid of it and one way is using green eye shadow and then some concealer it works if i have anthing thing else i will tell u

  282. thanks for the tips

    This is what I did for a HUGE hickey that looked like Abraham Lincoln:

    -hot shower for 10 minutes
    -iced for 20 minutes
    -heating pad for 10 minutes
    -Nail polish on a make-up sponge (Burns like hell, but it works!)
    -then I put deoderant on top of it
    -used heating pad again

    i might repeat the steps to make sure I get ALL of it gone. but right now its lightly visable…….basically it looks like I have been scratching my neck alot lol

    I hope this helps!!! Seriously keep trying to make remedies bc this site is helping ALOT of people!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  283. So yesterday morning i woke up with three hickies on my neck from a crazy drunken night before with my boyfriend. I tried several things and the one thing that seemed to do the most good was the boiling water and hot rags… i think that helped take the purplish color out. I still have the hickies but they are alot faded and hopefully tomorrow morning i will wake up and they will not even be noticeable.. So best of luck to all of you that are wearing a hicky…

  284. Soooooo I was hanging out with a friend I haven’t seen in some years. One thing led to another, and we had a lot of fun. Problem one-I got three hickeys near the front of my neck. Problem two-Married! What to do, what to do….especially since I didn’t notice it until hours later….

    The spoons in the freezer, lipstick cap, massaging the areas of “contact”, deodorant, and rubbing alcohol (and rubbing it in so hard I might have peeled a layer of skin off) worked well for me. Now all I have to do is put something to cover the little redness I do have left, and I’ll be good as new…. hehehe

  285. i got my first hickey last night, and tomorrow morning i have a freaking family reunion to go to where i haven’t seen family in 10yrs.

    i left toothpaste on my neck for about 2 hrs. and the put a cold spoon on my neck + it partially went away(:

  286. I gave my girl a hickey and she was really pissed off. I didnt know what to do so i read this site. After reading for a few hours…..”hard to read cause im Mexican….” i realized that all of you people need to quit sucking necks. I also realized man that there is no real good way to get rid of one. So my advice is if you want to give a hickey dont suck just F—!!!

  287. so my mom is always hasseling me about my hickies when i get them. and last night me and my boy were getting jiggy and you know…big ol hickey and just my luck im leaving for the tropics tomorrow so no way i can just cover it up. whatever. so i jumped on the internet and 15 minutes of ice and cap rubbing later im ready for the beach. thanks all.

  288. i got my first hickey tonight. It was really dark and noticable and i was freaking out. Lucky for me i was wearing a turtle neck today, but i go back to work tomorrow without a turtle neck. I work at a doctors office and i have to be professional, and of course… hickeys arent. I waited quite a few hours after i got it to treat it, but it still worked. I put ice on it for a few mins and then i would twist it with the cap of a finger nail polish. then i would put ice on it again and then twist again. then i put a hot rag on it and rubbed it with a toothbrush. Then i twisted again. I put a liquid foundation on it, and then a little green eye shadow. Then i put a powder foundation on it and now you cant even see it! This thing was soooooooooooooooooo dark and now you cant see it. it works!

    My friends freaked out when they saw the hickie on my neck! The three of them ripped me out of my boyfriends arms and carried me in the dark back to my house! Oh yes they HAD to carry me…lol. i squiggled a bit and screamed and laughed my head off but thanks to them they took me in the house and got it off before my dad got home! They used these techniques:
    1. Ice! – yes they applied ice to it!
    2. The cold spoon trick! – They put a wet spoon in the freezer and let it sit!
    3. The tea bag! – They applied a HOT teabag to my neck!
    4. Juice cap! – They stuck a juice cap to my neck and rubbed it very hard! Quick hint — DONT APPLY THE JAGGED SIDE OF THE CAP TO YOUR NECK! HAHAHA…good memories…
    5. Rubbing! They rubbed with their fingertips!
    6. We laughed! It helped…the situation…!
    7. Its gone…i checked.
    THANKS FOR THE TIPS! They all worked!

  290. ive had a lot of hicky’s before and when my mom saw them she freaked out and told me not to get them anymore. but knowing me, what happens. my bf comes over and we get crazy! i wake up this morning to a DARK purple hicky right on my neck. i can cover it up with my hair down but i have soccer today! ive tried deodorant, ice spoons, hot hot water, and the twist cap trick! so far whats worked best for me is the deodorant, hot water and the twisty cap thingy. ill try the green shadow later tonight but thank god for this website! otherwise i would have been toast!

    hey does mayo really work???

  291. I got two hickies on my neck one on each side,I have to wear my hair up for work so I was screwed. I decided to look up ways to get rid of it and I found myself here. I tried the cold spoon thing and the tea bag thing and I even tried the cap thingy and none of them worked,so I decided to try the toothbrush thing even though is sounded painful and boy was I right,it made it worse and now its like I rubbed it raw. So unless you want to make your hickie look like you have a raw rash on your neck,leave it alone and eventually it will go away.

  292. Ok…As much as I love my boyfriend he gave me 2 hickey’s today…when my mom see’s them she will FLIP so basically I’m dead!!
    I’ve been trying that deodarant thing for a half hour but I can’t see any changes!! The only thing thats covering it up is my hair & jumper!=[ xXx

  293. O gosh.. I got my first hickey nd it wasn’t even that bad but you could tell.. It was small.. And very dark reddish and I knew if I didn’t get it off,my mom was def. Going to ntoice so.. First I applied toothpaste on it.. Wiped it off after 3-4 minutes.. Took a tooth brush and soaked it in hot water and stroked it on my hickey a few times.. Then I put deoderant on it.. Nd massages it in and left it for 5 minutes nd after 5 mins. Passes I used the cap twisting method.. All this made it lighter and way less noticable.. Bless this site.

  294. First off, id like to thank god for leading me to this web site.
    i just got home after a wild night of sin. i look in the mirror and find the dreaded hickie, im freaking out, i find this site and let me tell you…
    The ice, and cap twisting is worked GREAT for me. so far ive been alternating between the ice and the cap twisting for 15min and my hickie is almost gone. it takes work and time but it will slowly fade, im almost sure if you do this for 30min straight, you will be home free.
    Thanks for the tips everyone!

  295. This is embarrassing but it works. Ladies if you have a vibrator use that. Turn it on and put pressure on your hickey while twisting back and forth. It doesn’t hurt like the other remedies and your hickey is gone in 5-10 min. Good luck.

  296. Well it was a bright sunny day untill the little ok not so little purple and blue Rain cloud decited to rain on my day . ICE !!!! takes the swelling down and also allows you to become numb. After you are numb APPLY deoderent and Rub in circular motions and twist with a cap or something that has a smooth tip like a lipstick cap. This helped and my hickey is 95% gone ,,, I’m really fair skined and so if i get a drop of ink on me its shows like a tatoo so this helped and i simply applied some cover up and i was good to go !!!
    Thanks for all your tips!!!!!

  297. first of all i’m a preacher (and i’m human) and it’s friday night so that means i have church on sunday. well this guy i’m dating put 6 hickies on my neck…it was dark and he didn’t notice it. when i got home i freaked out. i came to the website tried several of the suggestions on each hicky but the one that worked was: ice and heat for 30 minutes then the chapstick cap. it worked wonders….! now i can face my congregation without feeling embarassed.

  298. Oki so it was the night after my prom!! few people stayed round my mates sister and i was joking about with a friend and he gave me the dirtiest love bite it was purple…

    i have tried every thing it seems to have take some of the purpleness away but it is still noticable!!!:(:(:(

  299. hey everyone,
    I had nose surgery last week and two days after that bruises under my eyes appeared out of nowhere. one of them was bigger than the other. I went on this site and I did the heat with comb thing. i tried it on the little one and it helped it fade a little but its still there. tomorrow is my b-day. I am feeling good now after the surgery and my boys insist on getting me out of the house. I’m embarrassed though. I don’t know what to do. Can somebody help, please! There is a million advice here and I don’t know which one to follow.

    Thanks Guys,

  300. ok so i tried something different nd it worked, i put like a quarter on my neck nd a cold water bottle nd it toook the swelling away den wid a pencil eraser i ciricled around it, its been three days nd its still on my neck its jst not as badd!!!

  301. I wonder how many of these people are internet pranksters or people who have been cheated on, trying to make your hickeys worse. I’ll still try some of these, though.

  302. okay so i was messing with this tube thing and it left a embarrassing mark that looked like a hickey well this is what i did:

    1:ice for 5 mins
    2:put toothpaste on for 3 mins
    3:wash off toothpaste then apply hot water on
    (use a toothbrush and rotate in a circle motion
    4:ice aging for 4 more mins
    (if still see then do this)
    get more hot water and apply for 20 mins
    then ice
    and it will be gone

  303. my hickey was huge, gross and purple about 20 minutes ago..
    i found this site and didnt have any ice, lol
    so instead i used an iced water bottle.
    i used this on my neck and the brush, rotating back and forth.
    after about 15 minutes, the hickey faded incredibly.
    i then applied the deodorant and now its gone.

    thank u so much

  304. mm okai soo0o0 im so horrible i was wit this guy at my house just this morning
    okai well we was gettin a lil heated and then i get up cause the phone rang n notice this GIANT red blotch on my neck
    i come to this site
    i read ice! so ice really helped alot cause it was huge
    buh its still red… i did the toothbrush thing and i did a hair brush n deoderant i put a lil bit of concelar on it and now its almost completely gone!! we need to have more sites like this that have stuff that work u kno
    first i thoght the deoderant thing was kinda gross buh i mean it works
    besides… my deoderant smalls really good *blushes*
    ahha newais thanks for all da advice guys saved my life !!

  305. Use a banana peel and press it against the hickey right away. I dont know why this works but it seems to keep it from getting to bad and restores some color back to your skin. Another thing to try is to rub toothpaste into the hickey and in the morning it looks drastically lighter.

    good luck!

  306. use the lipstick tube and twist the hickey…hard…its gonna hurt but it will work. ice it for a few minutes then use a hot wash cloth…ice it again. put some deodorant on it and it should fade if not go away completely.
    good luck vampires

  307. Ok. Last night I was at my bfs house. we were making out, and he got a little carried away with the neck area. Well sure enough 2 of em One is really wide and one is REALLY purple! Well I got past my parents but this morning I went w/ my mom to take my dad to work, and I wore a scarf. But under it was were I decided to cover up the wide one with a wash off tato. lol. Well the other one was covered. Well some of you r saying, scarf, no big deal. Well then you’ve never been 2 iowa in the summer. It’s HOT. N e ways, after my mom went 2 work, I got online and found this sight. Well I tried EVERYTHING nothing worked except, the cap twist, the deoderant, and ice. Also since I don’t use conceler, UI had to use eye shawdow! Well after my mom came home, we went 2 walmart, well, were walking, and she looks at me with a smile, whats on your neck? I’m like oh god! But suprisingly, we made jokes. Like that was the end though! Then, I saw one of my teachers on our way out. She anounced it to her. Then on the way home, she stopped by her work and showed her bosses. Then she said that she was going to call my bfs mom. I flipped. And that I couldn’t call him. I secretlly did, and had to lie straight to her face! Well then my bf decided to take complete balame 4 e this whole caose.,called my mom, told her, he’s srry. Then I felt bad bout that, and lieing. But I said I was sdorry, my mom never called his mom, and I told my mom it was my fault to. So things are ok now. But ONE thing still remaINS THAT I’M NOT doing the hicky thing again. I had the day from hell.

  308. I just saw my boyfriend yesterday after not seeing him for 6 months. Well, we got a little wild last night, and i gave him 2 hickies 1 on each side. Well we didn’t know untill This morning and we didn’t know what to do so we looked it up on the internet and this waz the first page to pop up. So we looked at it and we saw all these really nice tips and used them with in say 5 minuets they whent away… You should really try these tips though!!!!

  309. i had like.. four in the same spot.
    massaged it for a while then i used a little bit of green eyeshadow. worked that in and then used liquid foundation. blended that in and then covered it all with a powdered foundation. doesnt look normal,but it takes away the redness and as long as the foundation matches your skin color. you’re good to go. =]

  310. AMAZING.
    So this will entertain you right, me and my main sqeeze are weird sometimes and we act like hooligans. Well he decided to suck my face…yes literally. My chin to be exact..blah blah blah = hicky. So i slapped him on the side of the head and went home.
    TWIST A STUPID CAP ON YOUR FACE AND IT WORKS…sware. deoderant sounds retarded but it seems to help.
    dont let stupid boys (or girls i guess) sucks on your face…literally.

  311. Yesterday my new bf came over and decided he’d give me 2 hickies. I totaly freaked on him cuz this happend before a long time ago and my mom got so mad she grounded me from the bf I had at the time.Anyway I told her abou it this time and instead of freaking she tryed to help. I put tooth paste on them over night with band-aids I woke up and they were almost gone but not good enough so i got on here and the thing that worked best was…
    1) put deoderent on it for 10 min
    2) get a tooth brush wet with hot hot water massage it for 10-20 min
    3) put deoderent on it again for 10 min

    then it should be gone, i dont think you have to do the tooth paste thing too but it helped me =)

  312. i have 4 MASSIVE hickeys on my neck that my hair wont cover and i have to go to my moms house at 6…ive possibly tried everything on here and they are still really noticable.. i found that the ice worked best..and putting toothpaste on it and leaving it for 12 hours makes the colour gooo down

  313. Yeah so i have a boyfriend that i love but my ex came over the other night and i woke up with a huge hicky on my neck. Well i am going on a vacation with my boyfriend tomorrow and i know he is bound to see it So i came to this site and ice and hot water really works to liten it up… hopefully he wont notice

  314. i got my first hickey yesterday and i was kinda excited until my mom walked up to my this morning and says i think while we are at your grandmother’s(in like a day we’ll go to the water park….well the only way to cover up my hickey is by wearing a rash guard!!! hmmm…not possible! well i went on google typed in “how to get rid of hickeys” this was the first site that popped up and well the sent in tips helped sooo much! so what i’ve learned is….

    1. Put deoderant on it!!! it sounds strange but it really does work!
    2.kinda rub it every once in a while, maybe every minute or so

    i’m gently rubbing it and i’m watching it fade away as i type it won’t fade just like that but within 30 min. or less that bad boy will be gone. and i’ll be ready for the water park and my dad won’t flip on my boyfriend or ME!!!! yeah!!!! 😀 😀

  315. okay so i only got my hickeys a few hours ago….

    and i was trying to find out the best solution before my mom came home.

    What I found out works best is girls USE A HELL OF A LOT OF FOUNDATION.


  316. i found out is you put a spoon in a frezzer and put it on the hickey, it helps with the size, yea i know it might sound werid but it works lolololol.

  317. Um, thanks site full of teenage girls! I tried some things. They worked, for the most part. I am Swedish of descent, so my fair skin made it impossible to take it all away. But damn if it didn’t improve.

  318. So i got in not long ago, concluding 3 kickies on mi neck..let me tell u icying it for a few mintues, then a warm GREEN tea bag and massaging works! doesnt make it dissappear cus hickies wont go away right away,..but if fades dramatically..

    tip; ice, green tea bag, and massaging

  319. This site helped alot, I’ve been caught with hickeys alot, and my boyfriend left a couple big ones. =/ I was terrified,a nd put concealer on it, and i got away with it only because it’s about 11 and it was really dark when i was with my mom.

    But I did the spoon thing, and it looks like a couple rashes or something.

    Thank you =]

  320. screw the brush girls and boys it hurts like a *****!! the caps really work so does the ice trick. but when u use the cap trick use one of those sample shapoo bottles that u get from hotels they work really fast!!! i used it on mine and it was gone within like 5 minutes i swear!!

  321. okay, so i had this big party last night, while my dad and brother were out of the state. me and my ex got a little frisky and the next morning i woke up with this gigantic hickey. it’s not that dark, but it’s pretty stinkin’ big. first i put on the deodorant for like 5 minutes and massaged it, it really didn’t do much, but a little. then i put a hot hot hot hot washcloth on held it there for 10 minutes (i had to heat it up a few times), then i had a spoon in the freezer and i’ve put that on there. the redness has gone done a lot, and i’ll just say if it’s not gone by the time my dad gets home, that me and my best friend were wrestling, and vola. i’m outta trouble. but it’s clearing up, just perfectly.

  322. My Boyf thought it would be funny to give me a hickey in the middle of my chest while we were camping w/ my family, because he wouldn’t have to deal with it. So as soon as it happened i put ice on it and it disapeared after a little while.
    haha on him.

  323. So I had three super dark large hickies. One on each side and one in the middle. And I didnt deal with them until the next morning.
    But I put deodorant on it and took my mascara and rubbed and twisted the hickie. And every few minutes puttung more deodorant on it.
    The redness and blue/blackness went down alloottt and super fast

  324. This site is great!!

    I used ice right away. (10 minutes after) After icing it for 10 minutes my boyfriend rubbed a brush over it and the redness and blood went noticeably done. Finally, I tried the deodorant trick…and here I am…20 minutes after the hickey…and its gone!!

    yay 🙂

  325. Put a spoon in the freezer for a couple of hours…after it is sufficiently cold, massage the cold spoon on the hickey. Follow by heating it up with a towel or something…then massage with a lipchap.
    Good Luck Hoochies!

  326. so i got a hickey a few days ago and ive just been putting make up over it. i got out of the shower and my mom saw it, she flipped and told me how grose she thought it was. ive been desperatly trying to make it go away and i came to find that if you drench a towel with hot water and rub it on the hickey for about 20 min. it fades away.

  327. i run my own small buisness and i just met this girl whom after spending the evening with her found out that she likes to give hickies now i think its a cute jesture to show afection but its not to profesional..I took and ice pack and held it on the above mentiond eyesore till i could almost not stand it anymore then i did the hairbrush massage and a little deodorant (oldspice because it smells good to) and repeated a few times, now its just a tiny reminder of how dangerous a little fun can be…

  328. umm yea, my boyfriend went crazy today and gave me 4 HUGE hickies on my boobs but like where you can see it when i wear a bathing suit
    the ice thing workss and im trying the mascara thing rite noww

  329. well yea i got this hickey and i couldnt let my mom see so i needed tips fast. and i put the ice on while i was loking for one cause i knew that would do something. which it did, then i used the massaging, then the cap thing WORKSSSSSS WELLLLL! then deoderant. hope it works

  330. I hadn’t seen my boyfreind in a month or so and about an hour ago things really started getting intense. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I saw a huge hickie on the side of my neck along with two other little ones. I freaked out (since, to makes things worse, we’re staying at his parents for the weekend) and looked for a remedy online. The ice worked well and so did the brush… but I have to say that after both of those, I put some deodorant on them and they’re fading SO fast. It’s amazing.

  331. Going thru a bad patch with my bloke I went out, got drunk and got a little naughty with another guy. Well let me tell ya he savaged my neck! 3 hickies in a row, the whole kaboodle is about 4 inches long and I’m mortified. I’ve been applying witch hazel to it to draw out the bruise – This works real well on normal bruises but can still take a couple of days. I had toothpaste on my neck for 4 hours today and it DID NOT work at all!

    So far the massaging technique has worked, I used a softish bristle hairbrush and also a lipstick lid and twisted it, this disperses the blood, spreads it out so the hicky isn’t purple it’s now reddish and has faded a LOT.

    I’m so grateful to this site as if it isn’t gone by monday I’m gona have to take the day off work as it’s totally huge!!! Good luck peeps!

  332. Holy molly! ok so i was freaking out because..well yeah i kinda did a mistake. um. i got a hikie from this one girl and then i tried the ice thing then the tooth brush thing and then the cap thing. also the deoderant. all of these worked! i swear i can hardly see it anymore.

  333. Well…Last night, I was in a vulnerable position, otherwise I’d have stopped the neck-sucking very fast, as I have court the day after tomorrow…I didn’t even notice the hickey until this morning, and I thought to myself…there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to have this be gone by Tuesday!!! I read through the tips, and tried the ones most commonly used.

    1.It was not a purple/black/blue hickey, it was bright red, and about an inch long.
    2. I waited until the next morning for treatment.
    3. I tried the toothbrush, which HURT. I don’t reccomend that.
    4. I used a really, REALLY hot wet washcloth, and alternated with rubbing a lipstick cap on the mark in a circular motion.
    5. Make sure every few seconds you get the washcloth hot and wet again, and keep doing this for maybe ten minutes.
    6. Its faded considerably, leaving only a faded looking red mark that could pass for a hair straightener burn, an accidental scratching of your neck, or even just a minor irritation. I’m sure concealer would work fine.
    7. HOWEVER, after scrubbing and rubbing your neck/other hickey-infested area, DO NOT apply makeup right away, it’ll only cause further irritation and possible infection.

  334. ok i have put deodorant on my hickies and nothing is happing..i tried the ice thing and still nothing and one of my hickies are right in the middle of my neck and i cant rub it with a lip stick cap or anything because it is right on my voice box and its kills!!! i have 7 hickies total!..i gota little crarried away at a party about 2 days ago and im just now trying to get rid of them..I NEED THESE GONE BY TUESDAY!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  335. so .. i got these 3 big hickies on the sides of my neck, and i only saw them yesterday. i got them on friday. so yesterday morning i started doing everything [almost] that was suggested… and for me the ice and the cap thing worked the best. i put some deo on them do, but i’m not sure what effect it had…
    Anyway there is one that’s bigger and didn’t fade 100% but still, it’s smaller and if i put concelear it’s almost unnoticeable.

    oh, and… baker-chick… even if it hurts, the cap thing i mean, you gotta do it if you want the hickies gone by tuesday. And really, try every tip. One or two of them HAVE GOT TO WORK.
    Good luck :>

  336. ummm… when i got my first hickie, my sister told me to put toothpaste on it… i thought that was really wierd but i tried it… it works SLOWLY!!! but it does help get rid of the hickie… or you can scratch yourself and tell your parents that your little cousin scratched you… that always works for me

  337. Actually, the icing for 5 mins and rubbing the end of a chapstick into the hickey actually gets rid of 90-95% of it, even the day after.

    Just do 5 mins of ice, then 5 mins of massaging the end of chapstick uinto the hickey. Alternate back and forth for 20 mins and it should be pretty much gone.

  338. First I iced it for ten minutes (Frozen water bottle works)
    Then I massaged my neck with tooth paste for about two minutes
    I then put icy-hot on my neck and I iced it again for about another ten minutes
    I used the cap trick with the antenna of my cell phone in different areas of the hickey
    It is a long process but it got rid of the black and blue and reduced the redness. It really works, try it!!!

  339. okay so heres what happened tonite my boyfriend and i were fooling around and we both love the way your neck feels when you are being givin a hickey. anyways i come home(very late) and look at my neck in the mirror knowing i have a least one hickey. i took and the WHOLE RIGHT SIDE OF MY NECK WAS ONE HUGE HICKEY along with another one on my left side!!! so i start panicing and look up what today and its really working.
    1. ice. i have been icing me neck and its numb.
    2. toothpaste for about 3 minutes.
    3. deoterant for about 3 minutes.
    4. the cap thing(WORKS AMAZINGLY)
    5. rubbed with hairbrush.
    6. cover-up!

    these things really work!!!
    its so awesome thank god for this site!!

  340. Ok, me & my boyfriend were alone for the first time in AGES and we both have this thing for biting and sucking. So, needless to say, we ended up with hickies on our necks. Today i find out im going to meet most of his family! I needed to get rid of them within a few hours.
    Heres whats been working.
    It’s the morning after, so a lot of those tips probably wouldnt work.
    buuuuut, icing it helped with the purply ness and the cap got rid of a lot of that damage. the toothbrush in HOTHOTHOT water seems to work pretty darn well, and the deodorant, all i can say is THE BEST.
    the deodorant works miracles paired with the cold spoon and toothbrush :]]

    all i have left are a few little red marks, but its better than before!

  341. i tried alot of different things on here!!!! don’t just stick with one of the ideas try all of them if u can!! i woke up w/ one this morning and it was a b**** to get rid of! i love this website now!! hehe!!!
    but my neck still hurts where it was any advice to make it quit hurting???

  342. ok so i tried the green eyeshadow and coverup..definatly works!! and wut i used was the covergirl eyeshadow with 4 different colores like light green light yellow ect. put the light green on…then ur coverup..and if ur like me .. ur conclears a lil bit darker….put the yellow over it … it looks natural … its completly covered!

  343. I woke up with a gross hickey. So i used ice, deodorant, the cap trick, toothpaste and toothbrush. I think the iced, deodorant and the cap trick worked wonders………The hickey was gone in a couple of hours. Thank god for this site

  344. i woke up && had two big hickies on my neck && i was scared cuz i never got one before && didn’t know if they could go away fast.. then i went online && looked at this web site.. i use the tip to put ice on it && message it with a cap or something it worked every good! :]
    i recommend doing that tip.. it will hurt && takes atleast an hour but it’s better than having this big ugly thing on your neck! :p

  345. lol wow…i went down the list on everyone of these…i had 3 of dem on side of my kneck..VERY NOTICEABLE..but i have to say the ice, brush, chapstick top, Warm water works….It takes about 1-3 hours for it to almost completely go away

  346. wow i take that back after…after takin a look n da mirror i noticed that it looks more noticeable…as if i was trying to get rid of it…

  347. So I was with my boyfriend in his car, and we were making out. One thing led to another, and yeah.
    Wet it with HOT, HOT water, and rub. Put it uner HOT water again, rub. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
    After that your neck will be burnt and sore, so take some ice and put it over the rubbed area. It’ll make your skin look less raw from scrubbing.

  348. well, i had to get rid of mine in like an hour so i switched between the toothbrush and the fine tooth comb and it worked in like 30 minutes

  349. okay well i hate hickeys that are so trashy and i’m so embarrassed that i got one, i was really drunk. but i cant let my mom see && so i tried all the ice crap and it doesn’t work atttt all ; but take a stick deodorant and rub a little on your finger and wipe it on it & it really covers it right up. cover up just makes it look more purple and dark , but the white really makes it fade. =)

  350. mine was HUGE!! i almost died.. wow.. i put ice on it and it made it better but as far as the next day i had to play extreme make up artist and hair design.. good luck. you can do it!!

  351. Ok so I just got a hickey about an hour ago.
    I iced it for 5 mins.
    put deoderant on it for about 5 mins then massaged it for about 5 mins.
    then iced it again for 5
    then put cortazone on it…
    You can barely see that sucker

  352. okay im 16 and i have a light hickie like right above my collarbone. hahah and no its not from my boyfriend :p my bestfriend (whos a guy) decided it would be funny if my parents thought we were doing ‘stuff’ because they are like sex protection fiends *rolls eyes* i get like a sex lecture everyday. so anyways he left one that was about as big around as a dime and looked like freckles i got home and mommy saw it right away *dear god help me* she says we need to have a ‘talk’ when she gets home from work. that means i have five hours to get rid of the damn thing before she comes back. i just played dumb like i had no clue i had a hickie. (it works i swear be all surprised and run to the bathroom to check it out ;D) so now i have put about a jillion ice cubes on it and it works wonders, really. then i also went upstairs and i have a toothbrush. heres my tip on that: DONT SCRAP THE SKIN push it firmly against one spot and rub in circles (with the skin) so like a massage. then move to the next area then put more ice on it too. hot water with a rag or tea bag help a little but not much. the water has to be wayyyyy hot. im about to go try that deoderant trick now…. GOOD LUCK!

  353. For anyone who NEEDS this to work !!

    My boyfriend gave me a hickie the other day and it was BAD honestley PURPLE !! on my neck, i was DESPRATE to make it go away when i found this site and i used ice and the meassage thing and i’m thrilled to say my hickey is GONE it took about an hour but its GONE

  354. okay, so when i got home i noticed that i had a huge hickey on my neck that was already turning brown/purple. after freakin out and screaming for a good 5 minutes i googled “how to get rid of a hickey” and came across some great sites. the first thing i did was put ice in a paper towel and ice it for 20 min. then i pinched the skin near the hickey and pulled it up so the hickey was on the pulled skin and rubbed the hickey forcefully with the edge of a quarter to separated the blood. then i put some more ice on, some deodorant and coverup, now it just looks like irrated skin, so it worked!

  355. Ice it, then rub with a toothbrush, then put deodorant over it. Apply the deodorant a couple times and should be pretty well faded. Stupid Hickeys. Note to self- when their attached like leaches, their not doing you any good girls!

  356. dude, my man just left. and after i told him several time NO MARKS! im sitting here with a frozen bag of meat on my neck. its working okay…im cold.

  357. So I ended up with the worse hickie I have ever seen in my life.

    The entire right side of my neck was purple and really swollen. I immediately rubbed ice in a circular motion, then boiled hot water and dipped a toothbrush in the water and rubbed it on my neck in a circular motion.

    I continued to switch back in forth between these two techniques. Eventually I dipped a hand towel in the boiling water and held it against my neck and then applied pressure with a piece of ice. I once again continued switching back in forth between these techniques.

    My neck isn’t completely better but it looks a lot better than it did.

  358. so i wake up after a very drunk night out with two dirty lovebites, one beneath the other!! i never thought u could ACTUALLY reduce or get rid of em, so i came on here and i found the thing that works best is warming the area (i used a teatowel with kettle boiled water poured on it) then puttin it on the area, the massagin the area with anything but with quite alot of pressure. im going to a family party where they havent seen me for ages tomoz, the last thing i wanted to do was turn up with that on my neck!!! so happy its faded/nearly gone, im gna keep at it n see if it goes completely lol cxx

  359. yeah so i found that getting a rag or small towel of some sort and putting it under really hot water and putting it against the hickey area will really fade the hickey. You might have to repeat this for a good 10-15 minutes but i think it really worked quite well. Also putting a couple spoons in the freezer before you do this is good for later. When they look frosty put the curved side on the hickey until its warm. I still ahve not found how to fully get rid of them but these two things worked out best for me.


  360. Okay so I had 3 spoons in the freezer right know….im just about to make a tray of ice cubes and i keep on sticking a bowl with a hot rag in the microwave my parents probably think im nuts at this point
    But i need this gone today
    Luckly i think its working AND HOLY the green eyeshadow and then puttin concelar over that works like MAGICK…reallyy thts what you gotta do until its gone…it looks so much better already.!

  361. well I ment a friends single brother and well he was drunk and very lovable called and woke me up so he could come over, not a problem yeah right after the lovable part was over i found 2 hickies on my neck and i find them trashy, if they able to be seen by others. I understand they are to let other men know that this women is taken but this is not my man, and well my husband wouldn’t like finding them on my neck he knows i don’t like them there, i have done the ice, and the hot water massaged with the tooth brush, tooth paste, there was one one here about baking soda and water to make paste tring that as i type. have to get these gone hubby be home soon. They have faded but need them a little lighter. Lets see if he can find away to get rid of them. i’m going to get him good next time i see him.

  362. ok so today at school i looked in the mirror and saw this huge hickey on my neck! i immediently found my best friend and asked her what you’re suposed to do to make it go away. i was dreading the fact that my mom might see it when i got home and question about it! lol. this was my first hickey, it was aaamazing at the time, but after just an embarassing bruise, haha. she told me to put ice cold water on it, i ddi, and then i basiclly caked it with cover up. lol. but i eventually had to go to class. so now i’m home and my mom should be home in about 2 hours. so i was thinking about what to do, and i was like ‘oh of course, i’ll google it!’ lmao. and now i’m here. thanks a million fer all your advice. i’m going to try EVERYTHiNG! lol

  363. I had 3 really bad ones, so after reading all these apparently useful tips I tried a mix of the most recurring ones. They were done to me about 12 hours before starting any method. While I was reading this I started massaging them, lightly, and put some spray deoderant on for about 10 minutes in total, then I stuck 2 wet spoons in the freezer, and got a cold can of beer out to use while the spoons cooled. I started with a large coin, just “scraping” the lovebites. I think this helps loosen up the blood vessels so the other methods are more effective. Then, the method I put to most effect was the toothbrush + hot water. I filled a mug with some really hot water, and rubbed it on the lovebites in circular motions, dipping the toothbrush back in the hot water every 5 seconds to make sure it was always hot. I did this for about 10 minutes, pushing the brush in enough.. but not as to hurt too much. Then I pressed the beer can to my neck and after that, the spoons, and finally put on some roll-on deoderant (rubbed it in quite a bit).

    Well the next day.. they really were nothing more than just.. “tanned” marks on my neck… and the day after that they had literally disappeared! Thanks very much, I shall now resume what I did.

    1 – Massage 10 mins
    1.5-Spray deodorant
    2 – Coin scraping… 2 mins
    3 – Hot water + Toothbrush 10 mins
    4 – Beer & Spoons
    5 – Roll On deodorant
    6 – Sleep

    By the way toothpaste helps, but not with all bruises… however if you know what your doing it really does cut the lovebite’s darkness by half.

  364. Ok I hated reading all the stories after awhile but some were quite funny. My friend had basically gotten jumped by a good, but really drunk friend. She had tried EVERYTHING! toothpaste, ice, hot clothes, hot toothbrush with water thing, hairbrush, deodorant.. literally almost everything. This thing was the biggest hickey I’ve ever seen. It practically covered one side of her neck! But anyways… we had to get rid of it ASAP seeing as how we were planning on going out with some friends.. including the guy she liked! We found what really worked… Icing it until it stings… then smearing on some deodorant immediately… then we used a hot rice bag… leave the hotness on with the deodorant for about 5-10 min. Enjoy!!!

  365. Some people may think this is crazy but it really works!!! DYE YOUR HAIR!!!! Feria power reds (ruby reds matches the best). “accedentally” get some on the hickey while applying it. let it sit for as long as its in your hair. it stains and covers it up.

  366. Ok…so i got a little over zelous when biting and sucking on my girlfriend’s neck…..and well her mom doesn’t know we are together so now we have to hide the hicky before her mom and dad wake up….little extra insintive for you…Its her mom’s birthday and she is supposed to go get her hair cut today…so far icy spoons and tooth paste have worked wonders…we are currently trying the deoderent method….the one on my neck is way darker than her’s was but I have long hair so i don’t have to make it fade….

  367. so my boyfriend leaves at the end of the week and he knws it really gets me going when he kisses my neck. im home now and searching the web because i made a big discovery…a hickie…but i took care of it. how? easily. i applied deodorant and used the end of my brush to massage it. ive been doing this for about 15 minutes and its almost gone. thanks a bunch!!

  368. ok so i have a huge one on my shoulder… the following morning i immediately put ice on it for bout 10 to 15 mins… its starting to fade a lil.. i also rubbed witch hazel on it..
    best of luck to you all!! i know i need it so my whole family wont freak out on me!!!!

  369. The toothbrush technique really dooes work.Get a toothbrush and rub the hickey for about 10 minutes (wet the toothbrush with hot water). Most likely … like me … your neck will be sore and red … but no more hickies. For the redness I just but some ice on it to bring the color down. When it was almost my original shade of skin i put deodorant on it. Thanxz so much for the tips…I dont know what I would have done without it.

  370. Usin a facial scrub with hot water can help reduce a hickey(but won’t make it go away completely).Rub the facial scrub gently with the hot water for about 3 minutes and pat dry.Then proceed to using some vickz vapor rub for about 30 minutes and follow by applying a cold compress

  371. yea, just woke up from a fun night. the problem is that i got my grandmas funeral in 5 days where i will see my family. these things may work for 1 but im gonna be doing these methods all day for the 12 hickeys that i got

  372. Thank ya’ll so much! You dont understand how much this website changed my life! seriously, you all are such smart people. We should totally all hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im not even kidding i know if sounds weird but it works…. Vagisil. Rub it on for 3 minutes approximately. it will work like a charm. Massage it gently. GOOD LUCK FUTURE HICKEY VICTIMS!!!!
    peace be with you.

  373. Ok ladies…;ast night was my birthday…need I say more!?! So when I got home with a cluster of hickies on BOTH sides of my neck…this is what I did and they were competly gone by morning:
    1.) Appy ice and or frozen soons to the area for about 5 mins off and on.
    2.) Wet a wash cloth and place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
    4.) Appy hot cloth and masage the area repetitively for about 10 mins.
    And like magic, the next morning, it’s gone!!! The heat from the wash cloth will irrate the skin and leave you feeling like you have a rug burn on your neck, but by morning you are ready for whatever comes your way!!! Good luck!!!

  374. Ive had a great deal of success by taking a very hot wash cloth and wrapping it around a hair brush, then massaging the hickey until it is gone

  375. i had her make it look like a sraightener did it,and the rents totaly bought it,much thankage to this site,

    and by the way it’s a whole lot more fun to reshape it than rubbing a brush into it,for 12 hours

  376. The deodorant really works…Eventhough my mom seen it before I did anything about it. Im glad I did it because if my Dad would have seen it he would have freaked! If u want to know more remedies ur more then welcome to write me on … Angel Pike.

  377. Okay so i saw i had a hickey on my neck and i started freaking out so i went on the internet to find a cure, i went to a skin care website and looked up how to cure it, and i read that using a COLD BANNANA in the freezer for 30 minute actually works. So i tried it, make sure the bananna is icy, then apply the tip of the bannana and apply pressure to the skin, repeat this for about two times, its miracly goes away within the hour.

  378. There’s this balm I swear by for anything I need to heal quicker (especially bruises, but it’s also great for anything with a scab). It’s made by Burt’s Bees, and it’s called Dr. Burt’s Res-Q Ointment. It comes in a green tin. Now, ladies…it’s definitely not a quick-fix (which is what we all would prefer), but it definitely helps it fade a lot quicker. Especially if you do the massage thing while you’re applying it.

    Also, been trying the whole lipstick-cap-twist method, which I swore was an old wive’s tale…but it’s actually sort of helping. It also helps if the hickie area is a bit damp when you do that, because you get kind of a suction as you pull it away. I think the deodorant’s helping too…although I can’t imagine why.

    Happy hicky healing, gals!

  379. omfg you guys have nooo idea how happy i was when i found this site ! my hickey was like red and my boyfriend swore he could taste blood in his mouth ., well anywho .
    trust me the rubbing thing helps sooo much ., the ICE helps sooo well its thee best and the cap thing works so good .., i used a toothpaste cap and it was phenomenal !

    but hey.,lets lay off of sucking on the neck.,the boobies are better shirts cover the titayyss [:

  380. Im not sure if anyone has sent this in but what really worked for me was the quarter method. You rub the quarter on your hickey going up.

  381. Okay, I got pretty drunk last night and this girl I had just met an hour and a half earlier sits next to me and says can i kiss you. So we went outside and made out for a while. Well long story short I woke up with a pretty fat hickey. I looked up methods on the net and the pen cap rubbing, and the cold spoons worked really fast, now its just a small fadded little thing. Use the spoons!!!!

  382. Thank God for this website. I had a hickey last night…and had to go to work at 5:30 this morning. Which left me no time to do anything about it.
    So i went all night last night, and all work day today with a big hickey on my neck. But no worries…i got home today and fixed it right up. Using hot water [i brought mine to a bowl, then let it cool for not to long] and a toothbrush massage the area, use some pressure. You have to do this for a while. After you’ve done that for at least like 10 minutes, put some deoderant on will help soothe and remove the redness. Works for day old hickeys!!! =]

  383. I woke up with huge hickeys on both sides of my neck. I was pretty embarrassed and was scrambling around my dorm room looking for things to help. After about 20 minutes of thinking I came up with this, and it really works.

    1. Place a can of COLD soda on your hickey for 5 minutes.
    2. Place toothpaste on the hickey, be sure to cover it! Leave on for 2-5 minutes.
    3. Rinse toothpaste off in a hot shower; use a toothbrush to massage the area. Do this for about 10 minutes.
    4. Put deodorant on the hickey and let it sit for a minute or so.
    5. Take a chap-stick tube and massage the rounded tip into the hickey. Do this for at least 20 minutes. It will be painful, but your hickey will fade.
    6. It won’t completely fade after this treatment. Don’t worry! Leave the area alone for 30 minutes to an hour, then repeat the process.

    Truthfully, this does work.

  384. Oh my god… you definitely saved my life. A big thank you!


  385. okay so my mom was coming home from work in an hour and i had to play a feild hockey game the next morning with a v neck jersey and i had a HUGE hickey on my neck!!!! so first you put 4 spoons in the frezzer.
    1. ice it for 5 min.
    2. put toothpaste on it for 2 min.
    3. wash off the tooth paste and with a tooth brush ( works real well if it eletric) apply warm water repeatingly for 10 min. rub in circular motion
    4. ice it again for 4 min.
    5.put deodarant on it for 4 mi nthen wash it off
    6. lastlt pull out on spoon at a time and rub it with the back of the spoon until lthe spoon is warm.

    it realy does work it almost gone and let me tell u this was huge. im going to take a steamy shower and see if the helps

  386. Ok….first of all, im noticing that most of the posts here are from girls, which is kinda funny i think.

    I admit, i did come here looking for a quick fix, then i realised this hickey remonval thing would take considerable effort.

    After reading a few stories though, I soon forgot all about the sizeable black bruise on my neck, and wore it with pride.

    Anyways, you should see her & Hi if she is reading this. I’ll call you i promise..


  387. ok so I was with this guy last night(now boyfriend) who ive liked for a while and things got heated. I knew I would have hickeys. He was just going at it. I never thought it would be so bad I look like I got the crap kicked outta me. There huge! My dad would kill me! Ive been using hot hot hot towels and the twisting cap and there just a little red now mind you they were purple! keep doing it it actully works.

  388. Okay — as this has been said many times — ICE werks very well!!
    And the baking soda, salt and water trick — I feel like that helped too! … don’t use a lot of water; just a little bit in order to make a “paste” (as Krazy Kristina said)

  389. ok i am freaking out. i look like i was strangled and I have to go to work tomorrow and meet with clients- i am so effed. i tried all this and all it did was make it red- not as black and blue- but makeup will not cover it and i can’t wear scarves all week. HELP someone. please i will die if i have to face anyone like this. i literally will have to tell them i was attacked because it doesnt even look like a hickey- just two 4 inch bruises and some scattered ones on the back of my neck!! i have tried the ice, the toothpaste, the hot compress, vinegar, deodorant- for almost 3 hours now. any other tricks?? damn you boys- use a little constraint, ya know??!!!

  390. Ok So I only have this little line on my neck
    Its just kinda red
    and ive been trying all this ice stuff and the spoon stuff…
    and its not really helping…
    Maybe its because they arent that damaged… and to make them go away this stuff only works if they are really bad… Idk maybe someone could help me…

  391. there are so many tips to choose from!
    but i think its hard for me, i tried the ice and deodorant, I hope it works…lol.
    I dont have much time to spare, so i guess im stuck wearing collared and band shirts for a week…or 2…
    these suckers are huge
    my bf told me to do the cold spoon trick, cuz it helped him, but the area on my neck, it doesn’t get the suction quite good, soooo it wont work for me!

    but thanks for this amazing site
    it is truly a lifesaver
    thank god for internet!

  392. OK, well I sat here for like 45 mins reading tons of these responces. I tried the icing thing and toothpaste and deoderant.. Well I didnt really see any changes. My hicky really isnt that bad but its right in the front of my neck, I have a job interview at 7AM so it needs to be gone! Its like 2 days old already too.. Anyways I was reading and everyone said to do the toothbrush thing.. Well I was like “hell no, that will hurt”. But after reading it like 20 times I decided to give in and try. I got HOT water and ran it over the hicky.. I did it for like 10 mins. Then I got a rag and soaked it in HOT HOT water and rubbed it on there in a circular motion. Then I applied some deoderant.. Its almost all the way gone now. The pain of the toothbrush irubbing on it is really worth it… Oh before the deoderant I did the spoon thing too… It has wroked amazingally though. So its light enough for me to coer with makeup in the morning. Thanks for the tips. =) Happy sucking

  393. Ok…so basically i just got a hickey about an hour ago…came here… trred ice for about 5-10 mins and now its all puffy in one spot! it wasnt puffy before and now it looks kinda worse than before… im going to wait it out for an hour or so before i try something else…now i really believe different things work for different people…Eek!

  394. okay, so my boyfriend is such a cutiie. no joke, and hes really hard to say no to.. well hickeys are the last thing i need, not with my mom as a mom… hell no! well i home home to my 2nd home, and i go to the bathroom and there this siickass thing in my neck, the 1st thing i did was the e-net. ice ice ice ice ice thats all i saw ans heat heat heat heat… thats what im doing and i pray to god its gone by tomorrow… heaven plzz well its not to bad so far, got luck kids and learn to say no!!

    peace out
    rock on!

  395. So many to choose from and I just cant decide which one to use. I am using the spoon and ice. My friend is using the twisting cap. Mine is small so it should be gone soon! This really SUCKS! I am going to try the deodorant thing next. Good luck to me. 😉

  396. All I have to say is THANK YOU for all the tips!!! I was really scared about going to practice with a huge hickey, my coach would have flipped. But now, after using the ice, toothbrush and deoderant tips, all the bright purple and blood red splotches of the crazy hickey have gone down. Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful helpful hints!!

  397. Well I tried just about everything, I did the cold spoon things a bunch, I held cold bottles of beer on it. I did the pen cap thing and nothing worked. Until, I got a wash cloth and kept running it under hot hot water and pressing it to the colored beast on my neck. after about 30 minutes it faded a lot though it never disappeared.

  398. i was scared it was my first hickey! my mom saw it and freaked soo i told her it would go away SOON.
    heres how i did it!
    i took a tooth brush with hot water soaked it for 5 sec (water must be steaming)
    then rubbed it on there almost 15 times
    between that rub deoderant on it that helps
    then last rub hot water on a towel and rub around
    !! they say it dont work but it does ** your neck will hurt though!

  399. hey parent were out of town for a bite and we had the house to our selfs well one of my old friends came by and we were talking and w.e we were talking and kissin and then he started kissin my neck… but as i dindt notice he was kissin/suckin in differnt spots i though.. but when i went to the bathroom maybe like a hour later i found this big huge grose thing on my front of my neck i was frekain out dad was comeing home tommorw at 5 didnt no wat to do.. the ice and the coin the hot water with toothbrush works realliii good i can barley see it at all… i am soo thankful i found this site in time.. u guys are awsome thanxz for the tips luv ya all

  400. First i took a hairbrush & rubbed it for 20 mins….
    then i put ice on it for 15 mins.
    then i took a tub from a blistex & twisted it on the hickey & then i put tooth past on it & then i left it on for 10 mins washed that off. & put icy-hot on & i took to hairbrush on it with the icy-hot & rubbed for about 15 mins… then more ice & it works its gone but jus red….
    try it

  401. I had a big red hickey…like rite there in ur face n my sis is comin home today and i dont wanna hear her mouth n her jokes so i used icy spoon until it warmed up then i put deodrant for like 10 mins rinsed it then the icy spoon again then toothpaste 10mins then the toothbrush w/hot water and then the thing that worked the best was a cap(i used a highlighter cap) and it started to go away…im still workin on it but its not as visible as it was so im good :

  402. *is embarrassed* Well firstly I noticed that all these people had their hickeys on their um necks >>;;
    Nothing is working for me gah I needa miracle lol Im starting to think all this stuff only works for the neck haha
    I have seroiusly tried all those tips shown (except for the vitamin ones because well yeh I dont get it ^^; plus I dont own concealer ’cause Ive never had a need for it. I have green eye shadow but THAT would look funny lol
    I was going to have a bridesmaid dress fitting today and my GOD was I happy when I was postponed…
    MIracle!!!!!!! (but great ideas so far >>;;)

  403. i found that it works best if u have one of ur relitives try and suck out the hickie. it got rid of mine in only 20 minutes.

  404. okay so i gave this guy last weekend a huge hickie..and he was ****** but he walked around all week wearing hoodies and as i thought it was halarious,he not so much=). well he got his revenge last night and i woke up this morning with a huge i went on google and found this s ite. after about like 30 minutes it was gone!! i used the lip stick thing and the ice. it has wokred wonders i even called the guy and asked him if i could give him another just to show him how to get it off! lol


  405. My girlfriend got a little carried away tonight and left a huge hickie on my neck, so i hurried to the computer and started to look for remedies. i found some and started to use them. I iced the hickie as soon as i noticed it and rubbed it with a toothbrush in a circular motion. i alternated from ice to messaging it with the toothbrush after about 20-30 min it was almost all gone. literally. i could barely see it. I love this website lol! 🙂

  406. True rose Mosturiser, apply to neck, rub in circles and pinch next, My neck looks red as hel but there is no purple’ness!


    good site, No doubt ill be back again lol

  407. All I can say is wow!
    I got a hickey last night and when I woke up this morning it was all red and purple dots… Nasty.
    Unfortunatley my dad saw and he freaked a bit.
    I’ve just tried the toothbrush trick (run the bristley part of your toothbrush under warm/hot water then rub the hickey in a circular motion with the bristles on your toothbrush, keep repeating this) I’d say this takes about 10 minutes. It’s really got rid of the hickey and it looks a lot better, I’m going to try the same trick again in a little while to see if it helps more. This was about 12 or 13 hours after I got the hickey and it works great!

  408. It’s my mothers birthday, and last night I had the best time… with the worst of after effects. A huge hickey on the FRONT of my neck. So , 13 hours later, I have to find a cure before I drive back home to celebrate. Thank God for this site and the internet.

    Use ice, or in my case a cold water bottle, for about 20 mins.
    Then take a warm, not hot, shower.
    Then ice for another 10 mins.
    Then use the toothbrush technique for about 15 mins.
    rotate to the cold again and then conceal with make up and deoderant. You’ll smell funny, but it’s worth it.

  409. OMG, you guys actually saved me.
    I would of had the **** taken out of me at school for having this massive hickey!
    My bf got a bit carried away, and gave me a massive hickey, and i needed to get it off like ASAP. So i came on here.
    And i made it go away 🙂 I ussed roll on deodarant, and the cap of a lipsalve, and every 5 mins putting boiling flanal and then a freezing flanal on it, in about 15 mins it was gone 🙂 SUCESS

    Thankyou guys x

  410. Okay so, what I got wasn’t exactly a h ickey but it still left the same mark. It’s a small blood clot on my face due to a bunch of my friends and myself being bored in class. We were stupid enough to stick eraser caps all over our faces and mess around with them through the whole class. Obvisouly this left a mark all over our faces and homecoming is on Saturday! WHat to do right?
    Well it seems that massaging and ice seem to be wor king best. I wouldn’t knwo for sure since I just got on this site one day late…hoping the bruise goes away but I’ll keep ya’ll posted on what works and what doesn’t.

    Don’t mess around with eraser caps kids, the have consequences.

  411. Ok well i cheated on my man last night and my sons first party is friday…i tried musterd ….next….i did the ice over night thing now i just tried tooth brush &paste thing…and used the brush to rub my skin too its fadded but if its here by the end of tonight im going to leave some hate mail here

  412. WOW!! I’ve been walking around all day with a big hickie and got tired of it and looked this up. as soon as i started reading the tips i started rubbing my brush on it, then i heated up some tea and went in the bathroom,turned on the hot water and started switching between a warm wet tooth brush and the tea bag thing.within 10 mins the nasty blue color went away! now its just a big red mark it looks like i was itching my neck! i wish i look this up earlier! Thanks soooo much!

  413. So the hairbrush thing really does work.
    I was helping my roommate out and she started doing the hairbrush thing the first time I read it on this page and by the time I got to the bottom of the page, the hicky was gone. Haha.

  414. The first time i got a hickey my mom completly went crazy. Ever since my boyfriend and I have been careful and I always check my neck in the mirror immediatly after. Tonight I accidently got one again and was alittle affraid my mom would flip again even though we’ve been dating for 2 years. So I came here to look up some tips. I only had about three hours and I thought that all the things listed would just irritate it more and make it even more noticeable. I did ice it until the ice cube was almost melted which left a decent size red mark. Then a put on a little cortizone, which is suppose to reduce irritadion, inflemation, and redness of from itching. That took my nasty hicky away by 6:30. My neck was a little red but I left the cotizone on until it went away. I didn’t even have to wear consealer home.

  415. Woke up with the darkest, fattest hickeys on my neck from last night with my silly boyfriend. Found this site and while I skimmed the suggestions all I did was put deodorant on them and rub them HARD with a dome-shaped pencap. They’re fading fast!

  416. Okay, so my new boyfriend came over tonight…without my parent’s consent or knowledge. We were kissing and he definitely left a HUGE hickey where I can’t cover it up at ALL. If my parents saw this thing, they would freak not only because I had a huge hickey, but because it would be the telltale sign that I had a boy over when they weren’t home. HUGE problem.

    This website saved my skin!
    (pun intended)

    They’re going to be home any minute now, so I’m trying EVERYTHING. Hot water for that tea bag is in the microwave, my neck is absolutely smothered in aloe and deoderent, I’ve been scrubbing my neck with a toothbrush for 10 minutes now, and I’m typing this with one hand because the other is holding a frozen spoon to my neck.

    So far the purple color has faded considerably, and mostly what’s left is red. I figure I’ll scratch up the skin some more with that troothbrush and say that I had a horrible rash.

    These tricks really work! Thanks to everyone for submitting!

  417. Okay! Nothing was helping besides the ice and some of these other tips I put together on my own in desperate need. I been putting the ice on it and the hot rag, Well it still didnt go away so I went put deodarant on it and I needed to blow dry my hair, so with the deodarant on my neck I put the warmth of the blow drier on it… WOW!

  418. I have found that if you have a really big really obnoxious hickey the chapstick turning thing helps to make it look…well….. less like someone tried to beat the **** out of your neck. I also find it works better with a larger tube that has a matte finish. Like the fat end of a lipgloss tube.

  419. im a teen and my friends come to me and ask me how to get rid of hickys all the time and we never found a way to get ride of them intil this site so wat we did waz gave each hickeys and put ice on them it really didnt do any thing then we tried hot watter all it did waz burned last we tried deordant and it removed the hickey alot

  420. im a teen and my friends come up to me all the time and want to no how to get ride of hickeys and nothing ever works until this site
    wat we did waz gave every 1 of us a hicky and put ice on it and it did nothin then we put hot water all that did waz burned last hope was to try deordant and it WORKED!!! it made the hickey half the size it waz then we still had the other half and didnt want to get in trouble my our parents so we slep on it then in the morning we took our showers and right when we got out we applied more deordant and it made it go AWAY!!!

  421. so last night i got little to drunk and some one woke me up sucking on my neck well i freaked out and got up and ask what was going on, cuz im dating someone that wasnt him, he apolozied and said that i had hickeys on my neck,, well i had 9 kickeys all between dime to quarter size,, first i did the spoon method and put some dark eye cream on them when i got up in the morning i did the spoons again 2 then i grabed a quarter and scratch my skin hard with it,, it did a lot of helped, one again i did the spoons then some eyes, by this timei had nothing but redness kinda bad actually so what i did its put more eye cream with psoriasis cream which only means that will help remove the redness i just checked it and i only have pink marks now,, its been arround 11hours and its only a 20% of what it was i have another 11 hrs before my date gets here hopefully they will be gone completley…

  422. dude! i get hickies all the time right? &&i usually leave them alone. but last night i got really really drunk i couldn’t see straight at all. haha. and i got a hickey from someone that i don’t want people to know gave it to me. he has a gf. i have a bf. and i don’t like him like that. so i’m trying so hard to get rid of it before school on monday. but the icing thing is making my fingers numb and making the hickey hurt. i’m going to try some of the other things listed on here. i really hope something works. or i’ll have to buy make up and having make up on yerr neck is weird :/

  423. Last night I spent the night over my boyfriend’s house and we always get a little freaky with it. I was sucking on his neck so I guess he felt the need to suck on mine? But I woke up and my neck was in pain I went home took a hot shower, put tooth paste on it for a half an hour and just let it soak. Then I sprayed coldColdcold water on it to wash away. I layed down for a couple of hours with make up on it, it wasn’t that noticeable but it was there. Then I used a comb to comb it out and it worked really well, and I used vinegar to see the hickey itself. All i have now are a few red spots but I used to cover up and there not even all that noticeable.

  424. Okay when you want to hook up with a friend be careful as to how long he sucks on your neck.I got in the car (with my mom)and i saw the biggest hicky ever (thank god she didnt see it )So i started to panick and i can here. Then i used the ice and cap trick to remove it and within like 2-4 minutes, it was gone so yeah, this really helped me out i hope it does the same for you!

  425. thamk u so much for whoever came up with this siti was chillen with my ex last night nd we were drinking rum…. well we got really drunk nd he was kissing on my neck nd left a small but noticable hickey on me…. well my trouble is that tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over… so i hopped on here nd tried a few things… the toothpaste does NOT work….. i rubbed down the hickey with ice for bout 5 minutes.. then put a hot rag on for 3 minutes… massaged with a hairbrush for 3 minutes…. nd then put deodarant on it for an hour…. the deodarant worked best, its basically gone now…. thats the last time i drink rum with an ex…..

  426. So My friend is going off to Iraq and I wanted him to have a good time before he left. I invited him to a party. (so yea I did like the guy too) Ne ways we started makin out and well he got ahold of my next. My roomates are very against stuff like that so I had to find away to get them off quick. I got on here and well I started tryin everything I read lol I think the best are THE TOOTHBRUSH UNDER HOT WATER, MASSAGIN WITH A BRUSH, AND THE DEODORANT!! It hurts and takes a lil while but ITS WORTH IT!! Also Ice works well

  427. okay so my guy and me were fooling around, and to **** me off he sucked my cheek and put a hickey! crazy much? so now i have to get rid of it because i have a party to attend tomorrow and i must be there. and my aunt will see like right now. so my guy surfed the net. the ice doesn’t do much, it just makes the bruise mature faster. the toothpaste works. THE DEODORANT MAKES IT WORSE.

  428. Thanks for the help! I dont know why but i’ve become very sensitive to hickeys since entering college and last night i got the worst one…set?…ever! seriously, it looks like i got mauled by a bear, the ENTIRE front of my neck from top to bottom is covered in hickeys. my roommate told me the spoon trick, and we just dont have enough spoons for it to make a difference, and they heat up so fast that it isn’t all that effective (it does usually work okay when you only have an isolated hickey though). i’ve tried freeze pops, the toothpaste treatment, deodorant. i guess the only thing now is to try to find 4 or so days worth of turtlenecks and look like a dying moron in the south carolina heat!

  429. ive heard stories that ice has made it worse. but the toothpaste, deodorant and rubbing it helped sooo much!! my boyfriend is really into vampires so yeah… you could imagine how bad that gets sometimes, but i got rid of a black and blue one in about 10 or 15 minutes.

  430. I got a hickey about…45 minutes ago.
    So instead of panicking I headed straight for the computer!
    and these tips REALLY worked.
    so far I’ve had an ice pack on my neck for 20 minutes and then I applied the deodorant. Once I did that 4 a few, I tried 2 comb it out.
    It looks as though nothing ever happened! My moms none the wiser…and I’m not in trouble!lol

  431. About an hour ago we were “fooling around” and afterwards when i looked in the mirror BAM there was a hickey on the front of my neck AND on my top lip (***?!), in a place where my hair most definanty couldn’t cover it. The first thing we did was checked online. We read everybody’s tips and tried almost all of them. The one that worked best (for my neck) was the putting really hot running water in a cup, dipping a toothbrush in it, then having whoever gave you the hickey(HAH.) massage it on and around the area. It worked SOOOO good. You can barley see it now. I still don’t really know what to do about the one on my lip though, since i haven’t read a tip where that’s happened before. If anyone knows how to get rid of ‘lip hickeys’ let us know, quick! 🙂

  432. My friend is an idiot and he got a hickey. He needed to remove it within about 30minutes. He told me to google ‘how to get rid of a hickey’. So naturally, I did. I then came across this site. I gave him some suggestions. I told him to put toothpaste on it (Thanks Bianca). After we laughed quite hard, he tryed it. Then he ran it under hot water for 10minutes, and rubbed it hard with a toothbrush until his parents got home. It shrank so much, it just looks like a small spot or bit of dirt or something.

  433. After my boyfriend left tonight I had a pretty big hickey and little marks around it. I went straight to this website (THANK G-D!!), and immediately put ice on it, for about a minute. Then I read about the toothbrush and it sounded pretty convincing. I tried it out and I don’t know if my hickey is completely gone or it’s just blended in with the rest of my skin because it all turned red from the irritation of the toothbrush, but it looks like it is completely gone. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning there is nothing there. But if you’re in a rush I recommend the toothbrush strategy, from what I know so far. Thank you so much for putting this discussion up, if my dad EVER saw my neck the way it was, it would be the end of me and boyfriend.

  434. So…
    Just got back from a hardcore make-out session.
    Was nice.
    Even the hickeys.
    Until I saw how trashy they looked on the side of my neck!

    Googled “how to get rid of hickeys fast”
    and this was the first link.

    Immediately whipped out my tiny jar of strawberry jam since I didn’t have ice.
    Then rummaged around for something tubular, which ended up being chapstick.
    Did the twist :]
    Used deodorant and twisted.
    Toothpasted that mess and used a q-tip to rub the area(s).
    Then reversed it:
    Deodorant and twist.
    And now I’m back to strawberry jam, man.

    It’s only been about 25 minutes or so.
    And guess what, *******??
    That mofo is GONE.

    Do the victory dance :]

    Can’t wait to get another one!
    (Which is tomorrow, haha) XD

  435. Okay, SO I’ve had my hickey for almost a day at least 17 0r 18 hours and I freaked out because I was going to see my mom today, and because she is an ex-prostitute/drug addict, she’s paranoid I’ll do the same thing…. Half the stuff I saw on here made me think, “No way! They’re just ******* with me, that couldn’t work!” But I tried some things and they worked! I have tan skin, really naturally tan skin, like olive/tan and this left my hickey looking like a shadow on my skin! My boyfriend and I are the only ones who know about it now I know its there, but thats only cause I look REALLY hard for it.

    Heres what to do tan skinned people after a whole DAY of having it, and it worked in about a half hour! (30 mins) =]

    1. Get some paper towels and ice. Put the ice in the paper towel and rub/massage and push it all over the hickey. It got alot lighter!

    2. Take the cap of something and push and rub it around the edges of the hikey, twisting is okay, but Its better to stick and rub.
    ***The reason you do it around the edges is because the discoloration begins to fade into your skin!

    3. HOT water. It may burn a little but it works. I got a bowl full of steaming water and put a wash cloth in it, don’t ring it it out too much and just rub it up and down the spot where the hickey is.
    ***it will lighten up to almost nothing!

    4. rub the hot rag around your hickey area, so basically the rest of the general hickey area of your neck. This will make the skin on your neck a bit darker and more shadowy because it opens the blood vessels a little bit, this will make your hickey blend into the skin, for a more natural look….

    5. do the cap thing a little more to finally even it out.


    *****I tried the deodorant thing, it didn’t help because my skin is a little darker…. it lightened the area I darkened and undid some of the stuff I did. I was VERY disappointed!

  436. My friend drew a heart on her boyfriends neck over the hickey one night and they drew cute things on with sharpie on their noses and hands etc…. SOOOO when the boyfriends mom saw him he had some I love you written on his arm, a heart on his neck and a happy face under his eye etc…. well she wanted him to wash it off. WHICH IS GREAT because then he said that the sharpie on his neck won’t wash completely off, WHICH IT WON’T for a while… and it stained the heart over the hickey, also a bit on his face and arm too….. so she was just like “whatever I can’t wait till it comes off” XD and then the hickey faded about the time the sharpie stuff came off. WOOOO!!!!

  437. All this made it worse!!!! I used ice and then the warm toothbrush brissles n that turned my hickey into a freakin burn ! the skin is peeling now. WAAAAAAA all i wanted is this fu*ker gone

  438. wut really works after like atleast a day after the hickey is too put atleast 3 spoons in the freezer and after 15 minutes take one out go rub up and down it should turn red then put it back in and get the 2nd one and repeat then repeat with 3rd untill its red with a tint of purple then after the icing get an electrical brush and for five minutes rub AROUND the area then put a tiny bit of tooth paste on the area and wait 20 minutes it stings at like 10 minutes but better pain then hickie after the toothpaste is washed off try the three spoons again nd then apply deoderat for literaly 5 minutes and if leaves redness just tell your parent a person shot paper at u with a rubber band and if Ur really light skined lik white say you got burnt ur neck? well these steps worked for me GOOD LUCK =]

  439. I got home yesterday, and ran into my old crush. I decided to show him my apartment, and one thing led to another. He was sucking on my neck. I told him no hickeys but yea I got one anyway. Well, I have a date tonight with my boyfriend. I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t gone away. Right now, I’m doing the thing with the deoderant. Anyone have any more suggestions?

  440. i can not stress enough how important it is to treat it quickly. first ice it down for about ten minutes. then message it with fingers or even better a comb. Then for the next ten minutes(this will hurt a bit)rub hot water over the area with a toothbrush. i havent tried this but ive heard using deoderant, or toothpaste will help even more.

  441. alright. so hickies arent really my thing. neither is posting on a website like this. BUT i guess that means i can be trusted for some advice.
    i got my first hickey last night, and well, i freaked.
    im sort of a huge nerd and have a science award tonight in addition to dance class, meaning hair up in a bun.
    SO.. i came here and to various other websites to try and find a cure.
    what i did (however, this was less than 2 hours after receiving the little devil):
    first… freaked.
    second… iced for 20 minutes
    third… took a skinny marker and used the cap to twist on the skin upward… i did that all over for about 10 minutes
    fourth… put aloe vera gel on it and iced again for 10 minutes

    …. then i woke up this morning and it was almost gone! i’ve heard green-tinted concealer works so ill try that for the small color i have remaining…

    things i’ve also heard work but haven’t tried:
    preparation H
    tea bags
    putting a warm wash cloth on it AFTER icing
    vitamin K

    i’ve read that a lot depends on your skin type. well, if you have super sensitive skin, hopefully this will work for you too.
    and for everyone else reading this in an utter frenzy looking for a quick fix… good luck! and for all the girls, really, just tell him to stop if you feel it coming on. nobody likes a tramp stamp.

  442. ok so i just got a hicky last night when i was drunk. right now my sister is doing the cap trick to me and its really helping bc it was black and purple! lol. using a cold spoon really works, keep trying it out and it will be gone before you know it! good luck everyone!

  443. I was hanging out with this pretty ..pretty boy lol..i know he was so gorgeous he was pretty…k thats besides the point. I like to be kissed rough and he noticed that so he took it upon himself to bite,lick and suction himself to my neck.This was not regular hickies there was 6 of them and they were conjoined and looked like i had been pushed against a wall and strangled…i freaked. The Ice works…I used A and D ointment is good as well if its 3 in the morning and despite being in NY nothing is open!.I used an ice pack like the ones for food…it doesn’t drip or melt. The toothbrush and hot water really breaks up the bruising. Its so much lighter. Thank you lucky stars for this site. he’s gorgeous but never eva again! the ice for like 20 mins i recommend 10 on each hickie or wat works for u. then do the toothbrush and hot water and follow up with massage and flicking the hickies after u put the ointment..your neck is gonna hurt and reek …but its worth it

  444. Okay so it may seem a little weird, but if you are desperate like i was i’m sure you’ll try anything. Toothpaste is used to take the redness out of blimishes, so i tried it on my hickey. I just put some on the area, well a lot, and then slept with it over night, woke up the next morning and i was pretty much gone! Just try it, it might work for you!!

  445. okay well my bfs really into giving me hickies.
    hes thinks its kind of funny to laugh at it after words.
    saturday i got my 1st hickey.
    i walked into school today and everyone notices even though i tried to hide it.
    i was embarassed and it was impossible to cover with my hair because its more towards the front of my neck.

    that ones more faded now but i have a new one.
    a really bad one.
    im wicked afraid of my mom seeing it.
    1.i’ve tried adding heat, that faded it a little.
    2.i’ve put aleo on it [[found this from another website]] didnt really seem to work.
    3.i’ve tried the toothbrush thing… hurt too much for me.
    4.and now im going to try the spoon and the deotorant.
    im so desprate @ this pointt ):

  446. A couple nights ago my boyfriend left a huge mark on my neck. It was swollen and sore and yes it was worth it but I paniked because of the way my school reacts. I placed a very very hot compress on my neck for about 13 minutes and then used this back massager on it.
    It dissapeared after about 12 minutes of that. I was so pleased.

  447. THE PEN CAP ONE WORKS!!!!! i used it… but the make up works way better…. the pen cap makes it look worse at first…. but then once the red goes away.. it looks less… hickeyish….

  448. well igot toothpaste on me as i type,i only had a pen with the lid intact. I did the twisting manuever it helped a little and impress with the results…so i guess put pressure onto and twist until it hurts a little….the blood vessels are being drawn back a believer now, I goggled this page and it helped wonders….now my girlfriend will never know what was on my neck…..kablaam!!!thanks guys!!

  449. Well, today me and my girl got a little freaky, and next thing you know i got this giant hicky on the right side of my neck. now usually this wouldnt be a problem, but my dad is getting mad about me having them. so my gf told me to put a spoon in the freezer, so i was like ok, whatever, popped one in, gave her a ride to her house, came back and grabbed the spoon. i have to say it helped a little, but what really did the trick was taking an ice cube, putting it in a ziploc bag, and holding it on the area until it started to hurt. Then i pinched the skin in the area with my index/middle fingers and my thumb and started rubbing it. I did this until the area got warm, and did the ice again. repeated until the cube was gone, and what do you know, its almost gone! just a little red from rubbing, but i can just say the strap from my helmet was rubbing on my neck, and he might buy it.

    and I tried the twisting thing with a toothpaste cap, now i got a red circle on my neck, that is worse than the hicky was. massaging at it now, looking way better.

    note to self: tell girl to not hicky on visible areas…hahaha

  450. I used the deoderant and im not sure why but it worked, u can barely see it and i accidently missed a spot closer to the back of my neck and that one is very visible. im thankful for whoever discovered this trick,

  451. Im 14 and me and my boyfriend get a little carried away a few times. we like to kid around so he decided to give me 2 hickies one on each of side of my face. thank fully my mom didnt see it and i started to get rid of it.

    1. scraped with a coin. (hurts but worth it.)
    2. Deordant. ( takes the red out.)
    3. Toothpaste. (Burnss.)
    4. Then the coin again.

    Within a half hour they were both pretty much gone. =)

  452. Okay….well….i’m a senior and well its towards the end of the Marching Season and I wanted a little fun….well….little did I know…he liked to bite……..REALLY hard. He caused mutiple hickies!!! Well….I’ve gotten introuble before and I’m not gonna let it happen again. So it doesn’t matter what you use them in..but the spoon, cap , toothpaste, hot water….works…..I mean…..this thing WAS VERY black and blue!! Already….the marks is lightening…….hopefully it’ll be gone in a few days!!! To all the band people…..if your on the band bus…watch out!!!! lol

    What happens on the band bus….stays on the band bus!!!

  453. hey, i used a toothbrush and dipped it in hot water, and rushed the tooth brush on my hickie(s) for 10 minutes each, and theyre barely even noiticable!, im thinking about doing in for another 10 minutes to both of them. 🙂

  454. ok the teabag didn’t work nither did the toothpaste the only thing that worked for me and my inpatientence was the pen cap or someting tubular it was pretty dark and now it is red!progress!!good luck everybody

  455. ok so i just got a hickey and my parents cannot see it and the tip my boyfriend gave me was not working so i googled this site..i tried alot of tips and some if them work but i found my own that works wonders..start by using the toothbrush tecnique then switch to iceing it then put a very HOT cloth on doing this as i type and its like magic.

  456. ICE works!
    Use ice for about 5 minutes
    Then use DEODARANT!
    And lastly use a LID of a pen of such and twist the area
    it helps!

  457. Ok. So me being the idiot that i am,
    Istuck a cup to my chin to see if it would stick (stupid, i know)
    Anyways, I pulled it off and realized i had a HUGE hicky on my chin!
    Omg so gross.
    Anyways i was freaking out!!!!
    I didnt know what to do.
    i tried the ice and
    held it untill my chin was numb.
    Then put deoderent on
    And just kept rubbing the deoderent on it.

    Then i tried the toothpaste and warm toothbrush thing.
    Im not so sure that worked.
    Anyways, the deoderent is working i guess.
    but its deff still there
    and NOT going away.

    Well i hope my idiotic story made you feel better about
    your hicky (:

  458. well i accidentally gave my boyfriend 2 hickies… we both freaked out! we didnt want ne one at school to see it or his parents!! so i googled ‘how to get rid of hickies’ and i found this web site! this is what we did:

    first put ice on the hicky until it melts
    then use the rubbing and twisting method (i used the end of the toothbrush that u dont brush your teeth with)(i had to sit on top of my boyfriend and hold his hands down while he was screaming b.c he said it hurt… but it works!!!)
    next rub deodrent on it
    and use the rubbing method again

    its almost gone… very faded.. hopefully it will be gone by the morning!

  459. NONE OF THESE TIPS HELP ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND WERE TRYING TO GET THIS TO GO AWAY FOR HOURS AND NONE OF THESE HELP…we need to get them to go away because no joke if her father finds out he will hunt me down and she had lots of cousin that would kill me for doing that to her…and i love her very much and dont want anything to happen between us

  460. Ok, massaging does help. I tried hte cap thing and that helped better. I also used some chapstick. Haha. It made it tingly and actually helped. Of course the chapstick I used was like some minty flavor. Haha. Holy ****, I had to hide 5 or 6 of them. Good thing I found this website. You saved me embarrasement.

  461. Wow so thank god for this website!! I didnt realize i had hickies until about 6 hours after i got them. i figuered i was stuck with them, but no. i iced them with an ice pack for about 15 minutes. then i took toothpaste and rubbed it in with a toothbrush for about 20 minutes, then i rinsed off the toothpaste and just kept massaging them with the toothbrush for about 15 minutes. and poof they are gone. i had 5 of them , and they were huge and they are completley gone. my neck hurts but its worth it!! even if you dont catch them right away u can still make them disapear!

  462. so this guy i like was just over and i told him not to give me a hikey were anyone could see and what does he do? two on the upper part om my neck. hes a friend of the family so i have to see his parents all the time!!! luckily, my parents are out at the bar until at least 1. i put ice on them and theyve gone down a lot they’re not purple anymore. i have deoderant on them and i thing theyre reducing more. thank you so much i didnt want to explain this tomorrow at work!

  463. i put bengay on the hickeys, nd massaged them in with a pen cap nd it went away in about 10 min. it just burned from the bengay but after there was no pain in mty kneck eihter.

  464. Okaayy whoever discovered that “twisting cap” technique SHOULD be nominated for Nobel Prize!!! It worked too well for me 🙂
    I think your success in getting rid of hickies depends on how severe they are…

  465. OK, so i got my first hickey yesterday. hah i know. I could never ever go anywhere with my family even if i tried. so, right now, i have a spoon in the freezer and i have this Cortaid (cortizone) stuff that i use for dry skin, and im putting that on it also. I also have a hot towel wrapped around my neck and i took it off once already and ive only had it on there for like 15 minutes and its going away so fast! hopefully the spoon will work! i’ll post again if the spoon works. gahhh my mom gets home at 5:30 and its 4:20 right now! ahhh this stuff better work! Or else im wearing a hoodie again tomorrow! stupid boys! lol

  466. Okay, so i was at my boyfriends house last night and we we’re messing around and i have the worst hickies ever! The bad thing is he wasnt even trying. But i iced it for maybe 20 min. and then i put a really hot rag on it and then i used the spoon thing. Then i used the deoderent. After that i iced it again. IT WORKED.
    You can still see it a little bit but not nearly as bad as before!

  467. i got into a nasty hickie fight with my “friend” and he def won. hes alot bigger and stronger so there wasnt much i could do. so we were both left with huge hickies all over our necks. a friend of ours took a nickle and spreading the skin with his fingers he scraped the hickies with the nickle until they lightened up, it hurt really bad and my neck is still sore but it def took away alot of the blood. all of our hickies were black but now they are just red so we plan to keep rubbing them today and see if they will go away completely.

  468. you girls think you’ve got it bad.. yeah my boyfriend thought it would be funny if he could give me a hickey on my cheek. of course i didn’t think this was possible until i looked in the mirror and i saw one HUGE purple mark.. so of course it was easy to make up an excuse for why i had a bruise on my face since most people don’t get hickies there BUT i want it to go away…… sooo… i iced it for a solid 20 minutes, put a hot hot hot cloth on it, massaged it with a cap, toothbrush, and comb.. and i am currently testing out the deoderant trick. honestly i don’t know if it will help me because its on my FACE but thanks for all the advice this website is very useful!

  469. well i got lucky enough to have my first hickey the day befor thanksgiving so i was freaking out cuz my family is coming into town and I HAVE A HICKEY so i came to this site and i put deodorant on it then used the cap trick and massaged the area then i used the hot toothbrush and it is almost gone Thank Goodness

  470. oMg .. Well Im 16 and my boyfriend is 14 ..Its crazy because usally i dont be the one with the hickies :] but unlucky he came and attacked me today.. my parents dont want me gettin hickies . and they dont want me wit him but oh well.. I had 4 huge hickies in my cheeck.neck.lip.neck.
    Scraping it with a coin -Doesnt work
    toothpaste-Makes your skin redder
    V.secret lipgloss top-The besttttttttttttttttttt
    ice.spoons–workss okay
    deoderent- doesnt work :]

    My boyfriend mad i took dem off but oh well my safety:]

  471. okay so i just got home from my boyfriends house. we have been together for almost 10 months. of course tomorrow is thanksgiving and im spending it with ALOT of family. and yes, you guessed he gave me a giant hickey on my neck and its kinda towards the front. but it went away within 20 minutes if you put cold spoons and use a brush. its works alot =]

  472. hi just got a hickey this morning from my friend. i have to see my boyfriend in the morning i just noticed i had a hickey tonight so i took a spoon ran it through hot water and rubbed for a bout 10 mins. next i applyed the tooth paste for anothor 10 i washed it off and to finish i used the earser for 10 mins still i see no difference. when i started my hickey was not very big just a little noticable. its still here so i will use make up
    Thanks for all your help Amanda L.

  473. -ice it for maybe 30 mins. and that **** bustes off!
    -i got my first hickey for playing around with my primas
    but watever and the tooth brush trick works too!
    i promise you this it ill work hunnie!

  474. so thiss guyy gavee me hickeyy and i tryed covering it with a bandana when we went to breakfeast…yeaa not a good idea…the bandana fell downn ..and the hickey was revealed…for my bestfreinds family to see. i was freakingg outt untill i putt somee peanut butter alll overr ittt thenn let it set for an hour and a half straight thenn mixx it with hawtt chocolatee..and BAM it was gone and i was hickkeyy free (:

  475. 1. Ice/Spoons
    2. Massage & Warmth
    3. Deoderant
    4. Toothpaste
    5. A little green eyeshadow & concealer
    batta bing!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  476. the twisting with a pen cap really works! I got mine saturday night and after wearing a turtle neck all day sunday, i just took the cap of my eyeliner and twisted it on my hickies for like 5 minutes and they’re pretty much gone. Good luck!

  477. Well After a Wild night I got the famous hickie on my neck, it was huuuuuuuge..
    I Tried is ok, toothpast is waste of time, rubbing with a chapstick cap is good but what really worked was a really Hot wet rag and pressure it for an hour..
    And then green makeup with concealer..I couldnt believe it really worked…

  478. My best friend had to hide her hickey from her boyfriend. She came over and we were on opperation rapid hickey removal.

    We tried cold spoons at first, but they got hot too quickly and weren’t really making any difference so we read these tips wrong and I rubbed chapstick itself instead of the cap on her neck and combed over it and believe it or not, it worked significantly. In just a few minutes, the hickeys went from almost black to red.

    We kept switching from combing them, to rubbing the caps, to putting ice on it and moving the ice up and down. There are too very small light red marks where these huge dark purple blotches used to be. Concealer took care of the rest like a charm.

  479. Well my wife kept giving me hickeys during you know what, she said she don’t remember doing it. So my advise is to put some deodorant on your neck before anything happens, it taste like **** and will stop it from happening.

  480. i got a small not very noticiable hicky last nite, so this morning i did the deodornt thing but while i had the deodorant on i gently rubed the hickey with a brsh, then after doing that for a while i did the cap and twist thing, now it looks like just have a small discoloration, but it will work for me!

  481. Use a toothbrush with warm/hott water, massage the area with it, they use the top of something and press and twist it, repeat for like 10 minutes, then put on dodorant and it goes away completely. (my hickie was hugee and it was 2 days old, i never thought it would go away, but these tips realllly reallllly realllly work!!!!!!!!!!)

  482. ok this is goin 2 sound weird but i got 1 on my friend(whos a guy)wanted 2 mess w/ me and didnt think it would leave 1. well it did. i used the chapstik top 4 bout 5 mins and i could already tell it was goin away. thnx 4 all of the great tips!!

  483. Well, I just tried the toothbrush thing. Now the area around the hickey is red too, so it looks like an elephant gave me a hickey. And I have school in 2 hours.

  484. Seriously,putting an ice pack on it immediately, for about 20 minutes, then rubbing it with an antiperspirant/deordorant that has a domed top, dryig it,then doing the circular twisting with a domed pen top for about another 15 minutes really works to disperse the blood from the small capillary bleed (bruising). This needs to be done immediately within the hour after receiving the “love bite” though, in order for it to be best effective. I should know, I work in the Health Field and actually tried this when a “boy” briend of mine got carried away. Although it felt good, I did’nt want the hickey. (they look terrible, make you feel cheap and don’t leave very good impressions) Good luck!

  485. My neck literally looked like I had been malled by a tiger so I tried the ice cubes, the hot compress, the frozen spoon, the hot water and toothbrush, and the deodorant.. I spent nearly 2 hours with all of these methods and nothing worked! Later that day I took a spoon (can be cold or room temp.) I massaged my hickies with the round side of the spoon and then used the side of it to pull the blood away from the center of the hickey (like in as if I was scoring or scratching my neck). It took about 30 minutes but they were nearly gone.. this method worked so much faster and better than anything else I tried!

  486. yeah…i noticed right after i got home….first i used the ice for about 10 minutes..just rubbing it on my hickey…then i did the pen cap thing….then hot water w/ toothbrush…then pen cap again. and it seems to be mostly gone… it faded a lot!! thanks for this site!!!!

  487. so me and my boyfriend were messing around during a movie, and i went to the bathroom and saw a hickey the size of alaska on my neck, as soon as i got home i put lots of ice on it and then GENTLY rubbed the area with a comb, not a brush in a circular motion, the skin began to even out and the hickey looked like a skin irritation. good thing my mom was already asleep when i got home from this “superflous journey” haha

  488. (1) get a big spoon.
    (2 )wet the spoon in your sink.
    (3) put the spoon in your freezer.
    (4) wait for about 4 minutes until frozen.
    (5) apply the spoon on your hickie
    (6) repeat.

  489. so i was at the movies last night and things got a little carried away.. well when i got home i saw that i had two huge hickies on my neck.. what i found works the best is massaging it with a hairbrush for about 15 mins, then using the cap and twisting for another 15 mins, then put some deoderant on it for 5 mins, wash that off and put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and hold that on it with pressure for about 10 mins, then use the cap for another five mins, and put some icyhot on it.. and now all thats left is a little red mark.. hope that helps!

  490. Last night i went over to a guys house and things got a little carried away i got home and i now have a line of 5 hickeys on the front of my neck. The makeup thing didnt work but the hair brush and tooth paste did kinda.

  491. Okay I am a divorced mother getting back into the dating world I’ve been datibg this man for awhile we were “necking” and when I got home I nothiced the hickie I didnt want my kids to see it… I used deodorant and it vanished!!! why didnt they have this 20 years ago LOL

  492. so i got a hickie last night and it has been probaly 17-19 hours after the fact and i was wondering if any of this still would help because i noticed that a lot of the comments state that it should be right after you get it

  493. so i got my first hickie tonight and im really worried bout my mom or dad seeing it!!! im def dating a guy they think isnt good enough for me… im 21 yrs old! but i saw this website and the things on here really work so thanks!! this saved me from ALOT of explainin…. thanks for all the tips!!!

  494. Ok.. This isn’t a hint or tip or w/e

    Basically, I’m pretty new to the whole relationship thing altogether.
    Now me and my boyfriend have been going out 7 weeks (Ok, Not so new)..
    Well I told him I like my neck being kissed so he did that. Now I swear he was biting me so I did back. Once we had finished I dicorved he left no mark and I left a HUGE redy purple mark on his neck! OMG! Panic, meeting his parents on tuesday! – What are they gonna think?

    Hehe, basically, If you’re going to give somone a **** hickie, do it lower down and not on the neck. tbh, now i’ve done it I think they look discusting!
    I will be getting rid of his before monday I tell you.
    Thanks so much for this site!

    I just phoned him and suggested the toothpaste trick, i hope it looks better in the morning!!

  495. I put on liquid cover up the night I get one. I cover up the entire area and sleep like that and for me it doesn’t go away completely but it does tone it down a bit. I also use the green and yellow make up sticks (you can get in any drug store) before i put on the cover up i dab on just enough to spread around (finger is best)it also doesn’t matter what order you use the colors in. I don’t know this always works for me i just hope it will work for you too.

  496. ok so my friend and i were goofin off the other night and then we started to kiss…i know very bad, but nways i woke up w a hickey and there is no way that my bf would believe that it was actually a girl that gave it to me so here’s wat i tried and its working!

    massage with Brush for 10 minutes
    twist cap of chapstick for 5
    then hot compress- really works!!!!

  497. omigod, i got a hickey just two days ago, and i went on this site and i tried EVERYTHING it says, and none of them work. I’ve been trying for tow days and it’s still there! I tried toothpaste, deoderant, hot water on a toothbrush, vitamin k cream, ice, cold spoons, massaging, twisting a lipstick lid on it….
    lucky i have long hair, so my mum hasn’t seen it yet…
    but i guess different things work for different people, and sometimes…NOTHING WORKS. lol

  498. GREAT STORY!! ok so after my tennis match my bf took me out to celebrate the win and no so surprisingly he started to kiss me… u can guess what happened next. so i came home and not even thinking bout it i took off my scarf. my mom saw and did the whole denial thing (which does not work) and then told her the truth. she was mad… lol but that was the least of my worrie… i had school the next day and had to get rid of it fast… so i looked to the internet!!! and found this website… i tried them all and it worked fast!!!

  499. So, first night with new boyfriend, and he’s a leech. A toothy leech. Not as sexy as i’d like as it gets interrupted by random shots of pain. And now i look like a dalmatian. But the Electric Tooth brush with HOT water works. Then wait a few mins and ice iit down to get rid of any left over swelling.

    I just boiled some water and kept dipping the brush in the mug. stung a little but was actually soothing after a while.

    im definitely going to have to calm him down


  500. So, I used the tips for the lipstick cap for about 5 minutes. Then I used a tooth brush and hot water for about 2 minutes. Next I put an ice cube on there until it was almost melted. Then I did the lipstick cap again for another 10 and……..VIOLA, It’s GONE!!! This hickey was on my neck for 2 days and started out at the wonderful purple color. It was still very bad tonight though, until I tried these tips!!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH to whoever came up with these…Gotta go back to work in 1 day!!!!

  501. my boyfriend and i were mucking around and he knows that i love it when he kisses me on the neck, so oneday he got very carried away i thought he was kissing me like normal so i didnt look at my neck in the mirror i went to school the next day and imy science teacher said gee thats a weird looking love bite i said WHAT!! i didnt believe him i went i home all worried thinking i was going to be in soo much trouble mum wasnt home when i got home so i went and put make-up on it and it was shaped like a scar so if she said anything i was just going to say i got scratched at school playing sport, i looked on the internet to see if there was anything i could do to make it fade/go away this was the 1st site i looked on and i found it was really good i just put deodorant on it and its really stinging but since its small i think it will work im also going to put spoons in the freezer, THANKS for all the tips =]

  502. Hey i tried the ice thing and it didnt work but the rubbing one did but the best thing 2 do is 2 put a makeup concealer of a lil darker shade then you are and it will look like your natural color but DO NOT put a darker color then you are or it will be noticeable TRUST ME well thanks i looked up your website after my boy/f left me a huge *** hickie on my neck ooooo im gonna get him back well thank u

  503. I hate hickeys, but now and time again I wake up to find one or two.
    This morning! gah… Well I came home and washed my face/neck and found two hickeys..well only two hickeys that were visiable Lol, browsed for quick tips to get rid of em, I found this site! First I m***aged it, then grabed an ice cube and m***aged it using the ice cube the used a towel to m***age, IT WORKS! (I used the towel to clean up the water from the ice cube, but the started m*** puts just the right amount of pressure on the area, now it’s just red which will go away in about an hour or so, So thank you for the great tips!
    Saved my *** 😛

    My tip:
    I used to use the little circle bandaids that are skin tone matching, they sure hide it, but people get curious.

  504. Ok well my girlfriend got insecure tonight and decided to make me three huge hickey’s. i was so ******! she so much knows how i feel about that and she did them anyways. Well when i got home i put on deodrant (clear gel) works well it appears to diminsh the brightness in the hickey’s. I also tried to do the lipstick cap trik but i went through this forum to see which way do i twist the cap…… nowhere does it say which way do i twist :s For now it appears to have removed some of the redness.

  505. okayy.
    ice it for a while.
    deoderant works.
    then massage it.
    with your hands or brush.
    and doing it whith like a mascara top works really good.
    mines almost gone.

  506. OK so I haven’t gotten a hickey in like 5 years, simply because i feel like trash when i have them. I remember when i was younger that a spoon covered in aloe and then frozen will help tremendously.

    Anyway I went out to visit my man in Philly and he was well excited to see me. Lets just say i look like i was attacked by a vampire, which is really not a great look when your in your 20’s lol.

    Anyway the aloe thing i mentioned earlier works well and then you should ice it and massage it…Those bad boys will disappear

  507. ok well me and my boyfriend who i have been with for 2 years now were messing around in his room. when i got done he was playing with my hair when he found out that he left a hickie on my mom hates them so i borrowed is hoodie and left the hood up and pretended i was sleeping on the way home. i dance and there is no way i can go to dance with a hickie!

    ok here are a few things i did.

    1)i put ice on it till it was melted
    2) i then used the lipstick cap.. but it hurt to much so i stopped.
    3)i then used the deodorant ( works like wounders !!)
    4)i think took a hot BATH and used the tooth brush trick. i used very hot water and just layed in there with the water up 2 me neck and rubbed the tooth brush on it…then add toothpaste.
    5) then i kept doing steps 1 and 3 over n over aain and i have been doing it for about an hr now and its like gone !

  508. ICY HOT works the best and if you dont have that (sorry to be repeated BUT)put tooth paste on it a good amount then wait 2 minutes while your waiting get a hot cup of water and grab a toothbrush dip the brush in the hot water and rub in circular motion apply some presure but not too much or the bruise will come out brighter then when it starts to hurt rub deoderant on and let set for at least 20 minutes

  509. i had not one or two, but three horrible hickies!! they looked so gross and i had to do something to get rid of them…at first i tried the tootpaste…nothing really happened with that, then i did the thing where you wrap your fist around it tightly for 30 seconds let go and flick it.. have a wet cloth ready and put it on it for a good 15 seconds along with massaging it after i did that everytime….it was great, my neck looks so much better and you can hardly even tell tat they were there……no i can use the excuse that i was “wrestling” and i was put in the choke hold lol