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So you just got lucky. Congratulations! But what do you do next? You are either at your place, or you are lying in a stranger’s bed held down by their thought of ‘love’ for you. Either way, there is only one thought crossing your mind: “How do I get out of this mess?”

Whether you had too much to drink at the bar, were on a blind date, or you were having a few drinks with a close friend of the opposite sex, the inevitable happened. The physical attraction between both parties became too strong for the both of you to resist. So now you’ve been with someone you probably barely know, and you’re stuck under the sheets with this stranger. If you want and need the answers to the frequently asked question of how you can get rid of a one-night stand, read on!

1. Plant your Excuse Early.

Before you think of any particular excuse, you need to embed this tip in your mind. Be sure that you understand that you need to plant your excuse into her or his head early on in the night when you are first talking to them. This will allow them to be aware early, but if you execute it well, it will not quite affect their decision to go home with you.

The reason behind this is that it will not seem like you are pushing it too hard into their head that you can’t stay long after your fun. So be sure that you are natural and smooth about slipping in your excuse early in the night so you can remind them later without any cause for tears.

2. Pre-invent your excuse.

Having some premade excuses on hand is crucial for your success in getting rid of your one-night stand after having your fun. Make sure that you have an excuse to use both early in the night, or later that night when you are having trouble leaving. This will have you prepared, and will allow you to keep a solid story without her finding that you just used two different excuses.

There are many good excuses you can use, but here are a few that you can at least start with!

3. Work in the morning.

This is an easy excuse to come up with early on in the night. When she asks you what you do for a living, make sure you explain some type of work that requires you to work on weekends, or maybe just explain that you are taking some extra shifts for a trip or because they are short on staff that weekend.

This is an excuse that not many people believe because you’re out at the bar having a bunch of drinks. However, it can be very successful as long as you mention it early on in the night when you first meet, and if you introduce this excuse to perfection!

4. Pretend you are going to be sick.

Pretending to be sick is a great method to get out of any situation quickly! This strategy works best when you have already been drinking at a bar or just ate from a restaurant. Your excuse can either be that you drank way too much, or that you got food poisoning and need to get home quick before you blow!

The easiest way to do this is to quickly go to the washroom, and splash some water on your face. This will make it look like you have a major case of sweating going on, which gives you a great reason why you can’t stay.

5. Mention your parents.

No person that hardly knows you ever wants to hear the word ‘parents,’ or even worse, ‘Dad.’ This can freak the heck out of the other person, especially if its a guy! When the word ‘Dad’ pops out of your mouth, the first thought in his head will likely be his certain and imminent death. He will be running out the front door before you can say bye!

You can be lying there silently, or in the midst of the sentence where you can ever so nonchalant. Something like “yeah the dinner tonight was delicious, I wonder what my parents will make when they get home in 10 minutes.” He or she will hopefully be gone before you have even finished your sentence!

6. Use the ‘L’ word.

What’s more scary than some you have never met until hours before saying they love you? Probably nothing. This is a simple way that can make the moment ever so awkward and pretty much force that person out of your place. Not only will they be put off by your rapid emotional feelings towards them, but it will scare them off to not even call you again!

Be aware of the situation, however: if you already know this person, or if they seem like the ‘clingy’ type of person, this method might not be for you. Similar to the movie Wedding Crashers, the person you say this to (either male or female) can react in the complete opposite manner, where right away they are saying they want you to meet their parents and go away to their vacation home.

7. Fake an Emergency Call.

One way to get out of the awkward stage after you have had fun and want to get out of there is to have a friend call you and act like there is an emergency. You can quickly go to the washroom and send a quick text message to have the friend call you in two minutes, or simply let them know beforehand that you need them to call you at a certain time.

For this excuse to work to perfection, make sure you let your friend know that it’s not a good time to chat right now. This will let the woman you are with know that you are serious about not wanting to answer the call. After your pretend attempt to get him off the phone, let the acting begin! Make sure you sound surprised and very caring for this ‘emergency’ situation.

Physical attraction is something very normal, yet hard to deny; in order to meet the needs of your attraction to the opposite sex, as well as your need to get out of that awkward situation when everything is said and done! Remember to prepare your excuse ahead of time, as well as to plant your excuse early in the night to make a smooth transition to get rid of your one-night stand. Be sure to plan whatever excuse you choose to use, and good luck in getting home safe and sound!

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