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Let’s face it: hair don’ts happen. Whether it’s a terrible dye job, awful bangs, or regrettable buzz cut, it happens to the best of us. We’re only human, we make such mistakes.

One of the worst (and most difficult to fix) hair mistakes is the “oh-so-PERManent” perm hairstyle. You went in excited and hopeful for some natural-looking curls, and came out with a frizzy mess. Now, you’re stuck with poodle-like strands that you wish would just go away.

No, you do not need to shave your head (although you could if you wanted to). Although a perm is said to last for about 6 months or more, there are some things that you can do to make your permed hair look and feel much better than it does right now.

If you want to like your hair once again a-s-a-p, here’s six ways for you to get rid of that bad perm.

1. Condition, condition, condition

One of the worst parts about a bad perm is potential for excessive fizziness that makes your hair have that poodle-like look. Where is the fun in that?

In order to tackle that frizz, you must keep your hair well moisturized. In order to accomplish this, be sure to purchase a good quality deep conditioner. Use the conditioner every time you shower. Cover your hair from root to tip, and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

Keep this conditioning up, and your curls should look smoother, shinier and far less frizzy.

2. Styling with heat products

You must be careful with using heat products in your hair, as your hair is highly vulnerable after a perm. Due to the harsh chemicals involved in the process, your hair can actually start to break off if it becomes overly shocked or damaged.

You should wait at least a few of weeks after your perm has been done to begin straightening it with a heat product. If you are nervous about your hair not being strong enough (if it’s thin, or already severely damaged), see a professional stylist for advice before making your decision.

Use a quality heat protection hair product before doing anything. Also be sure to use your deep conditioner the day before. Your hair must be as strong as possible before facing the heat.

Also, be sure that your straightener is a good one. The cheaper varieties tend to snag hair more easily. You may also choose to blow dry your hair straight. The same applies for using a straightener; you must wait a few weeks before trying this.

After you’ve showered, apply a protectant product, and wait for your hair to go from soaking to damp.

Take a hair dryer, and blow-dry your hair section by section using a round bristle brush. The combination of the hot air and the brush will attempt to tame that unwanted curl.

3. Get a different cut

You may be unhappy with the appearance of your perm because of the way that your new curly hair falls around your face. Your cut may not suit this new hair texture.

Your haircut may not suit the curly look, so try for a new one instead. See a stylist, and get their opinion on which haircuts will work best for your face structure, the size of the curl, and so on.

Get them to go over options with you, and decide what you want to do. Your stylist may even be able to thin out the curls so that they appear less poufy.

4. Canola Oil Treatment

Treating your hair with canola oil can make you permed hair much more manageable, and can even loosen up the curls slightly (much rejoicing!). You will need to go through this procedure more than once for the best results. If possible, do it every day for a week or two.

Leaning over a bathtub, shower, or sink, take a bottle of canola oil and lather your hair with it completely. After shaking off any excess drip, wrap your hair in a plastic bag. Then, cover it with a towel to lock in the moisture. Leave the oil in your hair for an hour or so. Afterwards, rinse your hair out completely with warm water and a gentle shampoo. Don’t forget to condition well after doing so!

5. Ask your stylist to re-perm your hair

If you’re desperate enough to fix this problem, you may choose to start the process over again.

You must wait several weeks before getting another perm. Your hair will still be in shock from the first one for quite some time.

It’s up to you whether you go back to the same stylist or not. You may have lost trust in them after your bad perm, however, they know what your hair has been through.
Therefore, they’ll likely be better informed as to how to fix it. They may also offer to do it for free if they know that you’re unhappy.

6. Cut it all off

Unfortunately, if you want to completely get rid of your perm, your only decent solution is to cut off your hair. Don’t fret, you don’t necessarily need to shave your head completely.

What you can do is try wearing some form of pixie cut. This cut is actually quite fashionable, and almost anyone can pull it off if it’s done right.

Look at some celebs with this cut for inspiration. Decide upon which look would be more flattering for your face shape.

It may be difficult at first to let go of all your hair, but this is the best way to completely rid of the entire perm. Who knows, you may wind up liking the new look! Unfortunately, perms are quite the commitment, as they are next to impossible to get rid of. Luckily, there are some solutions for you to try to get rid of a perm and get your normal hair back. Find the best one for you, and go with it! You’ll be back to loving your hair in no time.

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