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Any person that has a stye may be wondering how to get rid of a stye fast. Even though they are very small bumps styes can be unsightly if they swell up and most of all they can be uncomfortable or even flat out painful. Fortunately styes heal up on their own in just one or two weeks but if there is an event to go to or a person is having their picture taken they may be wondering how to get rid of a stye fast.

There are several methods for how to get rid of a stye fast including all natural methods that can be done at home and treatments from a doctor. If the doctor’s method is preferred a doctor can usually write a prescription for an antibiotic that can be taken in pill form to help reduce the stye. There are also natural methods that may work just as fast to get rid of that stye.

A stye is a bump that is filled with pus and in order to take the swelling down and reduce the pain it is typically recommended that a warm compress be applied directly to the stye. This can be done by using a clean wash cloth and dipping it in warm water. After it is dipped into the warm water it should be wrung out of any excess or dripping water because it will be held up to the face and dripping water can be messy. The wrung out warm and damp wash cloth can be held against the stye for about 15 minutes at a time to reduce the swelling. This should be repeated about four times a day until the stye is gone, or for about 3 days.

There are other warm compress options besides using a dampened cloth and these include using tea bags and hard boiled eggs. Tea bags are great to use because they will get warm by being boiled, they fit the size of the eye socket and they are soft. Hard boiled eggs are also an alternative method because they are the size and shape of the eye socket making it easy to hold over the eye. If the tea bag or egg method is used the same egg or tea bag can be used each time. Simply store the egg or tea bag in the refrigerator and boil it again every time it needs to be used.