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Anyone who has never before had a stye may be wondering how to get rid of a stye on the eye. Though styes are tiny little bumps they can be very painful and they can make it hurt to open and close the eyes. Styes do generally disappear on their own within about one to two weeks but there are ways to quickly get rid of a stye by taking the right course of action.

There are two methods of how to get rid of a stye on the eye and one method is with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. The other method for how to get rid of a stye on the eye quickly is with a natural home remedy. The antibiotic option is good for someone with a busy schedule who does not have time to take out of their day to naturally treat the stye because the antibiotic pill is easy and simple to take.

There are a few ways to get rid of a stye using a natural method and all these involve using a warm compress to take down the swelling inside the stye. A warm compress can be made by using a clean wash cloth and submerging the cloth into warm water. When the cloth is saturated it should be wrung out of all excess water so it will not drip down the face when it is applied as a compress. The warm washcloth compress can be applied to the eye area and over the stye for about ten or fifteen minutes. This process needs to be repeated about four times a day for a period of two to three days or until the stye goes away. This method works but it may not be the right option for someone who has a busy schedule.

This warm compress method can also be done by using a hard boiled egg. The hard boiled egg works as a great compress because it fits right into the natural shape of the eye. The same egg can be used every time as the compress but remember to store the egg in the refrigerator and boil the same egg again to warm it up before using it as a compress. Another household kitchen item that can be used instead of an egg is a tea bag. Tea bags are great because they are soft and are also about the same size of the eye.