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So you’ve gotten through elementary school, high school, and possibly even college hoping you would put on some pounds, and you haven’t. You are most likely a young adult searching for a thicker body; one that has a large mass of muscle and defined abs, or you may be older trying to put on some more weight because your 12 year old son almost weighs the same amount as you do. Whatever the reason, here are some good ways in which you can go ahead and put on the weight that not most people want to get rid of their thin body.

1. The Unhealthy Route.

Following the unhealthy route can get you where you want to go to gain the weight that you want. The easiest way that comes to mind is to eat a whole lot of junk food, and drink a whole lot of soda. This method will easily allow you to gain weight, but this can come with many health risks you want to avoid. Eating a lot of junk food will increase your risk of health concerns, or you might swing in the opposite direction and become overweight.

Obesity rapid weight gain is linked with health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, along with many more.

Junk food is not an advisable solution, but for some people it might prove an attractive short-term solution.

2. Eat More Frequently.

People that are underweight tend to become full a lot faster than others. In order to counteract this, a great method is to simply eat more meals throughout the days. By eating more often, or more frequently, you will actually increase your intake of calories. An increase in calories means that you are putting on more pounds, and more pounds obviously means more weight.

An easy way to get on a schedule with this is to eat five to six meals a day, instead of your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. This will allow you to not necessarily eat more at each meal, but allow your body to get used to the calorie intake. Of course, you should follow this approach gradually, as you don’t want to gorge on food all at once.

3. Avoid Soda.

One great way to avoid soda is to swap it with another type of delicious beverage. Maybe try setting your eyes on smoothies and shakes. Smoothies are a great way to get all of your vitamins and minerals, as well as your daily servings of fruit and vegetables. You may think that this method is too healthy to gain weight, but the key to gaining weight through muscle mass is to ensure you are eating properly and getting the important nutrients that your body requires.

Smoothies and shakes are simple ways you can get your source of protein, as you can simply throw in a scoop or two of whey protein in your blender with your fruits and vegetables, or even with just water.

Soda has very high caffeine and sugar levels which make it difficult to gain muscle, and make you prone to skipping nutrient rich foods that you could be eating instead. Eating nutrient rich foods are helpful for you in terms of gaining muscle. By drinking sugary beverages, you will most likely skip these foods that are of importance for muscle gain.

4. Watch When You Drink.

There are many times when people will drink a whole lot of water or other fluids before a meal. This strategy probably isn’t the most beneficial if adding weight is your goal right now. Not only will it make you have to run to the bathroom every two minutes during your meal, it can actually ruin your appetite by making you feel bloated and full.

A suggestion here is to avoid having a drink within 15 minutes of eating, unless you are dying of thirst. Also, if you can, try to avoid beverages during your meal, or limit your beverage to one during the meal, and try to just sip on it and not to guzzle it down.

5. Eat a Snack.

A great way to increase your calorie count is to try and snack on something somewhat healthy, such as nuts, seeds, or fruit, where you can add both calories and nutrients to your diet while you are lounging around. This is a great way to absorb necessary nutrients.

You can also try eating less healthy options, like a spoon of peanut butter, for instance. Place peanut butter on celery sticks if you are looking to combine two strategies into one.

6. Seconds and Thirds.

This is the personal favourite strategy for many people! Going up for second and third platefuls is a great way to increase your weight. Those delicious chicken and rice or pasta dinners are so good, so why not have a little more?

Similar to a few other methods here, this method is to simply increase your calorie count that day. You need to make sure you’re not eating junk food, or going up for second or third plates of dessert. If you start to feel full, and need to unbuckle your belt, I suggest you stop before you blow!

7. Top it off.

Topping off your plate of food is pretty much exactly how it sounds. Try to add extras to your plate that will simply add those extra calories. These extra add-ons can be as simple as cheese on your scrambled eggs or omelettes, for instance. Although it is a small habit for gaining weight, it’s a delicious and easy way to pack on some extra calories.

8. Exercise.

This is the most crucial aspect in your goal to gaining weight. Exercising allows you to build and add the muscle you want. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, all of these extra calories you just ingested into your body are going to need to go somewhere; and it definitely will not make you look appealing to the opposite sex, or your spouse.

Try to keep a good balance between strength exercises and cardiovascular exercises. This will give you a good balance between gaining muscle, as well as giving you the ripped abs and muscles you’ve wanted.

Calories are essential to the end result of gaining weight in any context. Remember that if you are really struggling to get rid of your thin body, or in general just want or need to gain weight, adding extra calories through healthy foods and exercising is extremely important. Whichever method works best for you, try and keep it healthy and at a good balance!

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