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Summer season is about to end, but fashion is continuously improving and one thing for sure, it gets sexier. And no matter what season of the year, fashion nowadays means showing off a little skin. And most people of different gender may have common problem: How to get rid of Acne Scars on their back? Having acne can be embarrassing or frustrating. It may also have psychological effect on the person suffering from acne and acne scar.

How are we going to solve this problem? Going to your dermatologist and pay for a painful treatment with repetitive sessions may work but it may cost you a lot as you will pay not only for the laser treatments but you will also be given different prescriptions to be applied on your skin. And it is not a surprise anymore that after spending for those creams, clarifying lotions etc., acne will show up again and worst is that this time it gets bigger and it causes skin pigmentation or dark spots and scar.

Let us start from the basic. First, we need to know what do you think are the causes why you had acne and from there we can look for possible solutions to get rid of scars on your back. Here are some causes of Acne, prevention:

1. Cause: Stress- The major cause of acne is stress.

Prevention: As much as possible stay away or alleviate stress. Always try to be and think positive, you may also try to search for different strategies for stress management. Also make sure that you have enough rest or sleep most especially if you are physically stressed. Lack of sleep slows the healing process of acne and will leave scar on your skin making it hard to get rid or remove acne.

2. Cause: Dust and dirt- This is a common problem most especially if you have an oily skin and sweats a lot.

Prevention: Make sure that you know what type of skin you have and choose a soap that is perfect for your skin. And after exposure to dust and dirt, take a 30 minute rest and take a shower. While resting, make sure you do not let your sweat dry up into your skin.

3. Cause: Direct exposure to sunlight. This will cause acne or skin discoloration.
Prevention: Make sure to apply sunscreen before going out most especially if you have hyper pigmentation.

Natural ways How to Get Rid of Acne Scar on your back or face:

1. Use of Lemon Juice and ice as facial scrub. Before going to bed, you squeeze about one teaspoon of lemon and dip a cube of ice and apply it carefully to the scar. Do these in 3-4 weeks and you will see some improvements.

2. Do not prick. If acne is already visible, never prick acnes whether white heads or black heads, small or big as this will not help you avoid or get rid of acne scars. You can grab a hot or warm towel and carefully scrape the heads in 2-3 minutes, that way you do not need to prick as acne will come out easily.

3. Natural facial mask. Squeeze 1 table spoon or half of lemon juice into the bowl, add 1 teaspoon of bi-carb soda, add few drops of tea tree oil, mix until you get the right consistency which is paste like, you may also add 1 teaspoon of water. And apply it on the back concentrating on the area with acne scar for about 5-10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a week.

4. Increase water intake. This will help to make healing of wounds faster as blood circulation will improve thus will help to get rid of acne and scars at your back

5. Apply honey for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. Study shows that honey is the best builder of skin. This will definitely help to get rid of acne scars.

6. Improve healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy diet, avoid alcohol and increase intake of antioxidants such as fruits and vegetable. And this will surely get rid the acne scar on your back and even improve skin all over your body. This will make you feel more comfortable to wear any clothes, anytime, anywhere.

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