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We all know how a bit of acne can ruin a big day, or make any day-to-day social event unbearable. These little blemishes and bumps can draw unwanted attention or remarks. Be it in school, at work, or even the day you were about to ask out your crush, a bit of acne can send your confidence down the drain. The big question is, how do we get rid of acne? The following article will contain some tips and tricks to quickly get rid of these unsightly little marks from our face and get us back to the full state of confidence we need to succeed in life! We’re going to explore some natural and commercial methods to get rid of acne fast and some long-term tactics to prevent it.

Medical Disclaimer: Severe cases of acne should be referred to a professional or specialist who can provide you with additional assistance.

1. Try topical creams.

A large proportion of acne medications come in the form of topical creams. These creams or ointments generally contain medical ingredients that unclog pores and kill bacteria that cause acne. Some can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy or drug store, where other more powerful treatments require a prescription to be filled. Some creams use such active ingredients as benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid.

2. Try cleansers and wipes.

Skin cleansers are used to clean the infected areas and remove oils. These methods come in the form of face washes and alcohol based wipes. When using cleansers and wipes it is important to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Using this method can be beneficial in the sense that some do not contain medical ingredients and can be easily purchased over the counter at most stores. Face cleansers and wipes help remove oil build up from pores and can be a good tool to prevent breakouts. Oily skin, which will help you down the road to maintain healthy looking well into your life, can be frustrating when you are younger because of the acne it often causes. Use cleansers and wipes to get rid of that oil!

3. Use oral medications.

There are many oral acne medications on the market that can help treat acne breakouts. Please consult your doctor or a dermatologist for a list of oral acne medications for treatment options, as these oral medications often have medical side effects that you should be aware of.

4. Extract the acne.

Another method to deal with acne breakouts is extraction. Extraction or “popping a zit” can leave scarring and is not always a suggested method. Extraction can be used to remove white heads and black heads by using a “comedone extractor” or by squeezing it by hand.

Comedones are generally used by professionals, however, extractor kits can be purchased in most drug stores. Its important to remember to be gentle when using this technique as this method may leave scars. Extraction may also make the blemish more noticeable as well, so you may want to avoid this method if you are worried about making the problem area more visible.

5. Cover it up.

In a pinch, makeup can be used to hide minor acne or blemishes. This technique works well to cover blemishes for photos and important events that don’t allow time for cleansing or removal.

Different covers can be used but it is advised to stay away from oil based makeups: remember our discussion about an oily face? Adding extra oily products could worsen the breakout. Be sure to match the makeup to your skin tone before starting, then apply to the breakout areas. Be sure to blend the makeup to make the blemish less noticeable.

6. Prevention is the best cure.

As with most things, prevention is usually the best medicine. In the case of minor acne breakouts, frequent washing of the face can prevent future acne breakouts. When washing the face, it is important to remember that the skin on the face is sensitive and too much scrubbing can do more harm then good.

Start by rinsing your face with warm water before applying a mild soap or cleanser. Lather the soap in your hands and cloth and thoroughly, but gently, wash your face. Rinse again with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. This will help remove the oils that often cause acne in the first place, and you will be well on your way to keeping acne at bay in the future!

7. Use natural remedies.

Natural and home remedies can be used in place of some of the techniques above, but are not always recommended. One drawback could be the time it takes to relieve the breakout, but if you have the time, these methods may be for you. Some benefits of natural remedies are that they can be cost effective and gentler on your skin. These remedies are used as a face mask (not including the baking soda scrub) and are applied to the whole face and left for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

Some natural remedies include aloe vera, tea tree oil, green tea extract, and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar needs a thickener, such as honey, to ease application, so be sure to add this into the mix when you make a paste using apple cider vinegar. You can also use a baking soda scrub to fill the same purpose. Make a paste using water combined with a small amount of baking soda and use this as a cleanser.

You have several options to help ease the burden caused by acne. You can go the faster acting medical route by using store bought cleansers or prescribed oral medications, or you can use natural or store bought cleansers to regularly clean your skin to help prevent breakouts.

Avoiding acne is the overall ideal, so you will do best to actively work at prevention by keeping your face clean, and thus (hopefully) blemish free! Whatever you decide it is important to carefully consider all options available, and is suggested that you consult a professional before using any of the more serious medicinal efforts to get rid of acne. Best of luck clearing up your acne!

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  1. Spironolactone (a prescription med normally used to reduce blood pressure) cleared up my horrible cystic acne without all the nasty side effects I had with the typical “acne” medications.

  2. For a non-pharma fix, I like to use an occasional egg yolk. I smear the yoklk on my face and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Wash it off in the shower. I swear by it.

  3. You are about to discover a new perspective not only about acne about most diseases. The following article that I have created will be contraversal, but remember that intellegent people are critics that keep an open mind. From my personal experience pharmaceutical products almost invariably of what they were(and I’ve tried dozens) actually cause acne even if they are meant to do otherwize. Cause: when we can be sure that if a given action had never occured(application of skin product), neither would a certain result(acne or increased acne). So, I stoped using skin products and my acne went away dead serious. But why? We’ll find out.

    Now for the science. What causes acne? Well a lot of people would agree that its the oil that are glands produce that causes acne. However this is not the first cause. If you want to eliminate a reaction you must first eliminate the first cause. Your body does not control itself and its glands, what controls almost your entire body is your subconscious mind which is why miracles such as complete recovery from diseases like cancer are possible because we can alter are subconscious. My thesis, I believe the biggest cause of acne is derived from a placebo effect. Let me ask you this, do you believe you have acne, how much are you thinking about acne(consciously or subconsciously), are constantly doing things related to acne such as trying to prevent it from occuring? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, you are like most, you believe you have acne, but the thing is, you not only believe it consciously but subconsciously as well and remember the subconscious mind controls your entire body. This is a problem because of one of the biggest psychological discoveries of all times; the law of belief. The law of belief says, “What you believe determines what you make true”. They should have really defined it as “What you subconscious mind believes, it creates”. This is not made up, it is a fact, pick up a book on the subconscious mind and find out for yourself. So when you said yes, I have acne, when you think about acne(consciously or subconsciously possibly, for example, when you look at yourself in the mirror), when you do things to prevent acne, you are convincing your subconscious mind that you have acne, and so it does its best to create acne(for example it might tell the oil releasing glands to produce more oil). It will not create acne if you take care of the second cause which are the oil producing glands, things such as acutane force to reduce.

    1. I think thats why I stoped getting acne, because I used the placebo to my avantage, I stoped thinking and doing things related to acne.
    2. Take care of your body(of your subconscious mind) and it will take care of you: Be hydrated, eat healthy, get enought good sleep, be happy most of the time instead of stressed, have most of your main desires satisfied.

    Hapiness is not a destination it is simply a state of mind; something we can choose to have most of the time. Be at harmony internally and maybe you’ll be at harmony externally, cough cough, just jocking. Note human harmomy(when one is fully at piece) is expressed both biologically and psychologically hence #2.

  4. I’ve done everything for Tea Tree Oil to steaming my face with a towel over my head and breathing through straws. I even used Gatineau’s Effervescent Formula. But the most successful thing i’ve used by far has been ROACCUTANE. Instantly my blackheads disappeared and i got no more whiteheads or any other spots.
    But bad news, my doctor then stopped suscribing it and instantly they all came back.
    I’m now in the process of buying it off the internet as it is the only thing i believe truly works.

  5. I use proactiv solution….its helped on a whole, but it doesnt make your skin perfect. The number one thing you have to remember when selecting the acne medication, is do your research, use websites with advice from people that have the same problems, like this website. And remember your skin isnt going to be like Jessica Simpson. Companies will use a beautiful face to sell their product, I would to if i needed to sell something. Just keep that in mind. But i do reccommend Pro Active…it cleares up severe acne almost 80%

  6. My acne cleared up when I stopped wearing makeup. Also, tea tree oil plain on affected areas works wonders for me and my mom.

  7. First wash your fase with a Bar of hand Soap. make sure to put the Soap in a rag and rud enough till very bubbley.
    The next Day you might show some results, but i can tell you, you will lose a pimple.
    Then Drink lots of water, and swim in a pool (the clorine in the pool will dry pimples)

    I’m still working on this tip, i’m on the drink water part, but i have lost lots of pimples

  8. TAZORAC works the best for me. My dermatologist prescribed it for me…my acne used to be awful but now it is almost gone. Proactiv doesn’t really work for me it just makes ur skin a little better and then stays the same. my friend uses proactiv and she doesnt like it either. it makes no improvements in her skin. prescribed medicine works the best

  9. I second drinking alot of water. I also found that if you run every day it really helps your face and back. Do remember to shower after your run or your sweat will make matters worse.

  10. 1 word DIFFERIN it is a perscription use it to lose it.
    trust me alos use sea breeze astringent to rid of oils b4 u go to bed

  11. If you have to operate on a pimple, there is something better than a sterilized needle. Use a lancet for testing blood. The needle is already sterile and very fine so it won’t leave a giant hole and you can just toss it. Get one from a diabetic friend or buy a box from the drug store.
    P.S. They are handy to keep around for getting out slivers too.

  12. I thought it was REALLY silly or a way to trick me, my brother noticed a pimple on my face and KNEW i was disturbed by it, he said go put toothpaste on it. I swear, within 10 minutes, it was like the pimple was shrinking!

  13. i have been using proactive and for about a week and it has ceson only ared my little pimples but the BIG 1’s are still there. So dont buy proactive if you have BIG pimples because proactive doesent get them away. It ONLY works if you have TINY pimples. Jessica simpson only had TINY pimples so that is why heres went away. DONT BUY PROACTIVE IF YOU HAVE BIG PIMPLES BECAUSE IT ONLY TAKES AWAY tiny PIMPLES.

    PS: Trust me it only takes away tiny pimples not BIG pimples.


  14. If you are an adult with big pimples, crush an aspirin on it and smoothin it with one little drop of water. Do that for 1 minute, then wash your face. This will get rid of the redness and the pain. -Remember to drink water after.

  15. I bought proactiv and at first I thought it was a complete failure. I had huge pimples when before I just had a few blemishes that I was unhappy with. I talked with a friend who told me he used proactiv, but the trick was to use the spf 15 oil free mosturizer. I bought their mosturizer and suddenly everything has been smooth.

    Now I still use the three step proactiv system, but instead of using their spf 15 oil free mosturizer, I use Neutrogena’s with a sheer tint. The proactiv mosturizer was white and made me look pale., neutrogena’s seems to do just as well and gives me a bit of a tan

  16. dont waste time buying cheap facial cleansers, its better of just spending like 30$ on murad acne solutions, or aveda outer peace … ive tried neutrogena and other things like that you get in cvs or whatever, and they just dont get the job done!

  17. ROA ACCUTANE. i have used everything from neutrogena, to oxy, to tetracyclyne, to proactive. and nothing worked except for ROA ACCUTANE.. its like killing a fly with a gun. its powerful stuff and works 100%!! it cleared my chest, back, arms and face in a matter of 3 weeks. its a little costly but if you are under medical or presciption. get on it. it cleared everything up so good. its a little hard on the liver but you can take pills for the liver to keep it good.. its the best stuff

  18. Look i have really oily skin and i tried just about everything. But, the most helpful was a egg white facial. It tightens the pores a bit, which stops the skin from secreting alot of oil. Try it! It works! I swear on my life.

  19. if u must squeeze a pimple…wrap some tp or a kleenex around both fingers. this helps if the area is oily and it wont damage ur skin as much.

  20. Yenno what?
    If you have sensitive skin, acne, and use make up..
    perfect trick is… get a regimen down.. Try using some type of tea tree product..(oil/toner, moisturizer, facial wash) umm apply only morning and before retiring; or when you feel like letting your skin breath(GOODSTUFF!), and use a facial scrub at least once a week- this helps remove the excess makeup&unclogs comedomes.. DRINK WATER&ORANGEJUICE a.m.a.p.
    ANDDDD BEFORE YOU APPLY MAKE UP.. USE BOTH SUNBLOCK AND MOISTURIZER.. ONE AFTER THE OTHER… if you’re feeling fancy.. get a facial and try not wearing makeup for two weeks.
    yeah pills might work and all, but adding this to it will really help the girls a lot.
    P.S.- ice, toothepaste, egg yoke, &benzoyl peroxide ARE COMPLETE BULL.

  21. hey um im using duac during the day in combination with differin during the night as instructed by my dermo…….after about a week of usage I’m beginning to notice what looks like burn marks on my cheeks. Is this meant to happen? If not what am i meant to do about it?

  22. i use tea tree oil. its some sort of bacteria that drys out the skin a bit, but not too much. my zits are usually gone in 2-3 days when i use this.

  23. I read a study of acne on JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) about acne. I can’t remember what the study was about exactly, but in the introduction it mentioned that the main food source of the acne bacteria is triglycerides.

    As far as I know the main source of triglycerides is the conversion, by the liver, of fructose.

    That would mean cutting out fruit as well as sugary things (including ketchup and beans). Perhaps that explains why low-carbers tend to get less pimples.

    As for acne not being caused by diet: if I eat certain kinds of sweetended, set french yoghurts I get enourmous deep pimples on my back, which burst with a lot of pus, within two days. Works without fail. I now never eat those yoghurts.

    In anycase acne is really caused by ducks? Didn’t you know that?

    Kill that duck!

  24. I have been made fun of since the 5th grade about my acne and now i am in the 8th. Its is getting old and i am ready to get rid of it. I have used many products and i just seem to keep coming back to Proactive. When i use Proactive, once my face starts getting better it either stays the same or gats worse. I have tried toothpaste and differine also. niether of those owrked for me either. For you girls…many people say that birth control pills have worked for them. Thats probably goignto be what i try next

  25. Clearasil Ultra, and the body shop tea-tree toner and exfoliater work wonders! toothPASTE and adult acnomel on your pimple will dry it. Don’t wear make-up!

  26. I would recommend to not worry, when you don’t worry you will loose stress and pretty sonn you won’t have as much pimples as before

  27. I came over this site when my brother had acne i would like to thank everyone for the advice ,my brother has used the ice cubes method and it worked wonders. Thankyou all again

  28. I have suffered from acne from the time I was thirteen. For years I tried over the counter products and even went to a dermatologist for my skin condition but even that failed. That is when I learned about Proactiv and how it helped others. I bought and I’ll tell you acne is disappearing. This product is that best and I know because I am using it. My family noticed my results and the couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I tell you that this product isn’t harsh on the skin when you use the product right. Just try the product it is amazing.

  29. Let me tell you what causes acne because I know what caused mine. Stress being overly stressed can cause acne to form. I know that when I get stressed a pimple comes right out that is true. Also harsh scrubbing of the face can cause the acne to become worse. You could always be gentle with your face. Harsh creams that dry out the face can cause acne to become worse. Hormone problems can cause acne, Lack of sleep, makeup because it clogs the pores, over washing your face can also cause acne to become worse, very oily skin can cause acne. Never pick at your pimples because it leaves scars and can cause the pimple to spread to another spot, resting your hands on your face can cause can due to the fact that there is oil on your hands. Proactiv is the way to go.

  30. i last used loreals adult intensive care acne treatment. the first box worked great. by the next one my face was immune to it and it didnt do a thing. nothing seems to work for me. ive tried almost everything. i ve never had it this bad even in my teenage years. i ignored it at first now its out of control. im fed up of people asking me about it or giving unwanted advice. everyone who doesnt have always has a cure. what really works?

  31. Acutane. It has a lot of risks and side effects, and it requires you to get stabbed with a needle once a once to get your blood drawn, but it’s only for 5-6 months, and it does WONDERS. i had bad acne all over my face, back, and chest, and i was on the stuff for about six months, and i don’t have a pimple ANYWHERE. i’ve been off it for about four months, and so far, i’m doing fine. i don’t use face masks or any special washes anymore, and my face isn’t half as oily as it used to be.

  32. Try the microdermabrasion cloth and afterwards use a topical over the counter acne medication.If you have dry skin the medication or at home treatment may not be as succesful because your skin won’t be able to absorb as well.And make sure to drink plenty of water because if your body isn’t getting enough water toxins can build up and cause your hormones to go out of control which can cause excess sebum bulid up in the pores.

  33. My daughter’s acne was really bothering her and was getting so much worse, erupting on her back shoulders etc. as well as her chin which had huge OTC remedies as well as antibiotic lotions and potions, I read that the former contraceptive pill Dianette worked for many. It is now licenced for hirsuitism (excessive hair growth) and acne. In just a few weeks they lessened, and now some 7 weeks after starting she is clear of it totally, from her face and back. Brilliant!

  34. i am sooo fed up with my acne! i’ve tried like everything, and it still won’t go away. the methods of using egg yolk and ice on your face- never heard of, so i think i’ll be using that next. i seriously used everything. from pee [i kno gross, but people said it would work, but it didnt] to various cream thingies like neutrogena, clearasil an more. HELP!!

  35. use proactiv cleanser when showering an after , apply the toner with a cotton ball , the gently apply the lotion al over your face , kick back and have a nap

  36. I used to have really bad acne, but when I was 16 I took Accutane for about 6 months. After the first month and throughout the treatment my skin was clear, the worst side effect being ridiculously dry lips (Dr. Dan’s hydrotortisone lip balm was AMAZING for that, order it online). I also had absolutely no acne for about 4 months after i stopped taking the treatment. After that I started getting mild acne, and by about a year after I had come off the treatment, while my skin is still better than originally, its still not good at all. So, bottom line, just because accutane works at first doesn’t mean its going to hold… although it was definitely still worth it for me for what it was.

  37. I got lot of pimples on my back and face. Not sure what to do coz it leaves scars everytime I get it. Whenever I look at my back or wear deep neck dresses it really bothers me.I tried using diff. kinds soap but no luck.Please help …

  38. every morning and every night wash your face with noxzema i sware by it. then make sure you watch your food in take. stay away from sharp cheese, chocolate, soda, and greasy foods. my face cleared up with in weeks.

  39. Avoid chocalate products.I took chocalate out of my diet and after two years of servre acne it went away in about two days. Dont put on acne creams before bed.

  40. i have had acne for the whole time ive been out of elementary school, and have tried many topical treatments, proceedures and other things, but one product i can say defiantely doesnt work is proactive, i used a few boxes of this product and my acne just kept getting worse and it kept leaving this gross residue on my face, it is a scam, dont believe the commercials, just listen to this site and try what works for you, personally the subconcious mind theory makes a lot of sense and if you find it impossible to get rid of your acne you might want to try that approach, i know i will be

  41. well i have moderate acne my self, and i find it helps if you drink lots, and i mean lots ,more then 8 glasses, of water a day.then at night put some bicarb soda mixed with a little water on you face. it reduces the size of the pimple. i have not got rid of my acne and most of the time it really gets me down but i will get rid rid of soon !!!!!!

  42. dont TOUCH UR PIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how to get that across. I’ve have little tiny weeny pinmples that i touch n touch n pick at and put pounds of caky foundation on it and it got HUGE!!!

  43. I heard that eating yogurt would help also. My neighbor told me about it. I started eating yogurt, and it helped. so try it!!

  44. Um well i Noticed tea tree oil dries up the pimple it works really well and alsO drinka lot of waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr n stay away from alot of junk food as well oily stuff

  45. i have to wear a lot of makeup. i cant leave the house without it even though i don’t have the worst skin ever. are there any good cheap concealers or foundations that work and wont mess my skin up even more?

  46. I had bad acne for about 9 years and tried an assortment of different products to clear it up. I now use clean and clear persa-gel10 (essentially 10% benzoyl peroxide) once when I wake up and once before I go to sleep then I apply Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer spf 15. I wash my face with Cetaphil antibacterial gentle clensing before I put the persa-gel10 on. I drink at least 2 liters of water per day and I eat more healthier non-processed foods. My face looks great and I feel even better, I always have energy and I can focus better on difficult subject matter. Essentially if you live a healthy lifestyle your complexion will reflect it. If you do use benzoyl peroxide start off in very small quantities eventually you can practically slather the stuff on your face after you get used to it.

  47. Here is a great way to get rid of a bulging zit specifically.

    1) Find a thin pin (sewing needle preferably)
    2) Clean the pin with rubbing alcohol and a sterile piece of cotton
    3) Clean the skin area with face soap and rinse thoroughly
    4) Press the pin directly into the infected pore or ‘whiteness’, not too deep just enough to break the skin and expose what is underneath. Do not peel or move the pin around.
    5) Do not squeeze or do anything else, simply wash the area again and the rest will work its way out on its own. (Best to do this before bed)

  48. every one of us experience to have pimplesthis is the best way to treat your pimples:
    -if you are exposed to the smokes or dirts when you are home wash your face with a warm water with a soap that is appropiate for your skin and use a hot towel(do not share your personal things with others e.g towel or soap)it can be als cause of pimples..

  49. before using any cosmetics(make-ups for example)make sure that it will not harm your skin.face is very sensitive you must take care of it
    -avoid also touch your face with a can be infected so be careful!
    i suggest that before you use any cosmetics it is better to consult your dermatologist to be sure…

  50. 1. DON’T TOUCH YOUR PIMPLES!!—it may even get worse and pimples will not stop growing evereytime you touch them!

    2.Drink a Lot of WATER!!—at least 8-10 glasses a will also keep you hydrated and avoid WRINKLES!

    3.POPPING OUT PIMPLES is not really advisable–we know that it also works but you’ll soon notice that after you get older/after More years later, you’ll notice that you get a bits of HOLE in your face! Believe me–My AUNT told me that because she had it and she was used to POP her PIMPLES everytime she gets it…and now she gets a Bits of HOLE in her face and Cannot even get rid of it–but she’s still trying to get a treatment for that.

    4.REDUCE eating FATTY and OILY foods, especially SWEETS…


    6.IF you USE make-up, be sure to have a product that is NON-COMEDOGENIC so that it will not block out your skin pimples and will cause to grow a pimple..!..

  51. I would have to agree with Eric, if you stop thinking about it and putting all the harsh stuff on your face they will go away. I use a regular, scent free, bar of dove soap morning and night. (I only use the soap on my face, not to wash my body or my hands.) I had acne for years, but once I stopped caring about what people thought and just went on with life is when it really started to go away… I believe that the toothpaste and other remedies just clog your pores more in the long run, its not good to dry out your skin!

  52. put vegemite on your pimples at night and they will be gone by the next day!! seriously, it works!!!!!!!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! Oi Oi Oi!!!

  53. anyone else see the people talking about proactiv all the time as being plants? i mean since they are the only ones constantly linking the stuff 3-4 times in a message. c’mon please.

    i’m 25. had it since i was 12. i still have it moderately. ONLY thing that worked for me is a combination of birth control pills AND accutane. never had a pimple although my face was about falling off it was so dry. now that i can’t actually afford accutane i am just on ortho-tri and it’s tolerable .. although i need concealer. every day.

    *no* otc scrub/wash/soap has worked better than the other. or at all .. technically ..

    i do put straight hydrogen peroxide (50 cents a bottle) directly on the zits a couple times a day – that dries them out in 1-2 days quick.. that’s my tip for everyone.

    so in short i’ve never had a cure. i guess i’ll have this my whole life. i guess it’s not so bad seeing as how i could have more serious things wrong with me.


  54. ok i just wanna tell you guys that i hate pimples so much….honestly does any of you get up in the morning and see a big ugly white pimple on oyur face and can not help but pop it….trust me i know how you feel….i know your not ment to touch but you cant help….and just a heads up i know lots of people recommend proactiv..but i have proactiv and seriously i have hardley noticed anything and i have been using it for 4 months now and its not helping that much…but i just keep on trying. Just try somthing be braver then me and dont touch them…try it then come back to this page and tell me if it worked. thanx….xoxo

  55. i use 2 thinkgs … the seem to work out perfectly for me…
    One is Noxzema Acne Medication… its like a cleanser … infact sort of is a cleanser.. other than that i have this small tube.. Garnier Pimple Control Pen …. the noxzema liquid i apply every now and then … it dries out the pimples … whereas the garnier pimple control pen works miracles

  56. I use proactive and i am not happy with it I have mild acne with zits here and there an sometimes i have just one but sometimes it gets kinda bad and i dont know what to do or use please help

  57. I can never leave the house without make up and i have been getting zits since i was 12. i recomend using clean & clear advantage acne cleanser by johnson & johnson because it makes zits go away in a matter of days. ONLY use that cleanser from that brand because the other ones make yout skin dry out. And only use it 1 or 2 times a day.

  58. oh, and another thing.
    I also heard that keeping your hair out of your face helps because hair collects dust that can get onto your face if your hair is in your face.

  59. You should try to keep your hair up not in your face. First, of all it doesn’t look that good and the hair in your face can cause pimples so if you want the pimples gone try to keep your hair out of your face!!

  60. water, lots of water. don’t drink soda and don’t stress. otherwise, wash yourface everday, but don’t overwash it. honestly, the only time i wash my face is in the shower everday, with just a bar of soap. not thinking about it, and just being gentle with your face can do a lot. plus i stopped drinking soda and started drinking two bottles of water every day. believe me, water + forgetting about it = success

  61. If you have a pus-filled spot that hurts internally when pressed, use something like tweezers to scrape the top of the spot off, until there’s only a tiny hole left. Apply some TCP using cotton wool and leave to soak in. It stings a little bit, but it works and the pain and the spot dissappear fully after about a week.

  62. I have to very mild acne and i have used everyting to i used proactiv solution for about a 6 months it did clear up most of my acne which used to be severe but now its just mild. i tend to get really stressed out easily so i get more pimples like the next day although they are small they still bugg i recomend proactiv to people with really severe acne trust me it may seem like its not working at first but if you follow though the product and drink lots of water and watch what u eat u will see results u will go from severe acne to mild acne which is better then severe acne. i have learned that if your a girl and u aply gel or moose to ur hair and its in ur face it causes pimples also talking on the phone like a public phone because the grease and sweat from other people accumulate there. most of my acne is gone but i have tiny holes on my checks my dermotoligist said they are black heads but i don’t know what they are. drink lots of green tea, and rem the face is a reflection of ur body if ur inside is all messy then so will ur face be like that. eat healthy drink lots of water!! stay away from greasy foods exercise, once u get helathy inside and ur not messy inside anymore u will start noticing a change in ur skin also. also avoid stress!!! i was neutrogena oil free acne wash in the morning and at night before i go to bed and i put a dab of toothpaste over any new pimple that pops up that day by the morning they will be gone… for really dry skin avoid toothpaste…

  63. Proactiv stops working after using for about 9 months. My friend and i used proactiv at the same time, and about 9 months later we both broke out beyond compare. It was a horrible experience and now i am stuggling to find a solution to my acne

  64. Try not to touch your face as much. If you have to touch your face to put on make up or anything, wash your hands first because dirt on your hands can get onto your face and clog your pores and cause zits. Also, put toothpaste on your face. I had a lot of zits on my nose once and i put toothpaste on my nose and they went away over night…it also snowed that night hehehehe =)

  65. I have really bad skin, white heads, blackhead spots you name it but the wrost thing is- i have them on the top half of my chest,and i cant wear anything all of my tops and cocvering them and its just horrible, but i use tee-tree face washes they are clearing my skin randomly so i think you should have a go. xx

  66. I notice a change in my acne when I get adequate rest, eat healthy and drink water..I have a small amount amount to acne, and they are samml sixed on my checks.. still trying to rid of those..but they are improving the more I take care of myself:)

  67. My face is a living strugle with acne. I mean I can’t go a one day without seeing piples, or whiteheads on my face. Or the pressure of having to pop one. But my mom has got me some facial soap that some good. I also went on a daniel fast, where I can only drink 100% juices, and fruits, 100% vegitables, only using a certian type of oil for foods. No fried foods, no sweets, no caffine. My face changed with in days. It really helped. I recommend using this method. But after you go off this diet, or in my case it was fast, your face will go back to the same o same. But I do believe foods have a big effect on your acne. But I am just going to start praying to God that he heals this. That can work..

  68. Like most people i have tried alot of products, been to the dermatologist, tried home remedies, stop eating types of foods(chocolate), started eating other types of foods….lol ect..the whole works……i used Proactive for a while and into my third box they started coming back….yesterday i had a bump the size of a mountain on my back and one one my face that just happened to apper when i decide to go out and i went to the beach, today the bumps are gone, dried up…so i guess that one remedy you can try thats fun……it might work, it might not but try it

  69. when i was 13 i started getting acne all over my forhead and what i would do it put tooth paste over it and wash it off in 10 minutes, it cleared it up. now i use Avon solution TruePOREFection and along with getting rid of acne and makes my skin look healthy (it takes like a month to get rid of all the acne).

  70. I use biore face wash followed by Acne Free 3 step system twice a day and this has dramatically made an improvement. Also if you feel the need to wear make up during an acne breakout I have found that Almay and Clinique foundation are the best. They do not clog the pores or promote more acne.

  71. try to stay away from the medications out there,Benzaclin is another product just like proactiv ( you start to use it and you run out,you double the acne)

  72. Do Not Pop Your Pimples It Leads To Scars.I Know It Is Tempting,but Don’t Do It.Just Get The Soap Crusade It Works Great!If You Leave It On your face for awhile The Pimples Will Go Away And Drink Plenty Of Water

  73. -Get rose water and lime juice.
    -Combine them both.
    -Use a cotton and dip in the rosewater and lime juice mixture.
    -Apply on affected area.
    -Leave on the face for 15 mins.
    -Wash face in lukewarm water.
    -Dry face in a very clean towel.
    -Use 3-4 times daily.
    -Then pray to God.
    NB:This will sting a little but it works trust me.You will start seeing results in 2 weeks and they will disappear in one month.
    -Good Luck.

  74. I’ve also used Proactive, for the first couple months my skin cleared up dramatically and once my skin was tamed enough I stopped using Proactive because it was drying out my skin. Now my breakouts are worst and I have more than before. I tried every over the counter cleaner there is. Does anyone else experience this?

  75. if you want to clear up all your acne and pimples completely and amazingly then go on a 3 day fast each day drink alot of water and 10 apples each day for 3 straight days dont eat or drink anything else at all but water and eat 10 apples for 3 days straight your acne will be completely gone because the apples and water will wash out your toxins completely out of your body and this is what is going to kill your acne for ever because it goes to the root of it if you belive this then do it and your faith shall also make you whole i will say no more but do this and u will end years months or just your suffering from acne for every just 3 days i know you guys can do it i am very sure that your acne will be gone also pray to jesus dailywhile you do this i am telling you when you are done and wake up on the 3rd day your face will be amazingly clear the key is to do wht it says and pray to jesus and if you believe this you will do it showing your faith and you will be cured and heal from acne god bless you all remmeber jesus can and is willing to heal you all

  76. i just read every comment. some where very helpful & others were things i have tried, but never worked. okay so let me tell you. i am 15 and i never had acne. i was like a miracle child in the family. ACNE FREE!!! you want to know why? because i wasnt one of those gurls who said “im old enough to wear makeup” i never wore it. but then, my period started, when i was 12 and my face was clear till i was 14. i started to have a little bit but never anything big. a little redness. guess what worked? ELIDEL! its a white cream and it works fantasticly! i put some before i go to sleep i guarantee, OVER NIGHT the redness is gone and there is no flaking! the best thing is that its cheap. and for those of you with BIG pimples..TOOTHPASTE- really works =]

  77. i have been struggling also but nobody ever says anythign about my acne,i have always been a good looking kid but my acne brings me down so much it hurts. i wish i could show these people how great i would appeal to them if i didnt have one after another scars on my face. it hit just after 8th grade. i am friends with basically all at my school,they love me. they kno the real me because i grew up with them. then when we were getting older i would get acne and it sucked and still sucks to see everyon with clear skin. my family are the only people who care about my acne, still having friends with acne is great tho i would love clear skin. i think peoples dramatic acne stories make me feel a lot better. THANK YOU ALL

  78. I have very bad acne. It’s deep under my pores, and there is not a day that goes by that I wake up and have new pimples. It got so bad I went to the Derm. He gave me Differen, which sadly, didnt work for me. I find that washing your face in the moring with a scrub and then a cream wash at night help greatly. Also, using OXY Daily Cleansing Pads after washing your face with a scrub, and applying Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment beofre bed and washing it off in the morning works wonders. Pimples are gone in a matter of days. Another tip is never touch your face, try not to pick, drink lots of water, avoid oily/junk food & soda, and wash your face EVERYDAY.

    Also, milk is said to be a major cause of ACNE, especially in teens. I’ve stop drinking milk by itself, only when I have cereal. That has also helped me.

    Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  79. drink plenty of water, becareful around and eating greesy foods. Womens pill,tell doctor about acne , toothpaste on the larger spots.

  80. I started getting acne when I was 10 and never really did anything to actively prevent it, I didn’t care that much.

    However, last year (16 years old) it worsened slightly, and then I got glandular fever and my skin on my face became a warzone. Very small and dense pimples on my forhead and large and painful pimples all around my mouth, on my cheeks and chin. Half the time I was going home from school early not because I was tired from my illness, but because I was so self conscious of my skin.
    I don’t know exactly what caused it, but by the end of the year my skin was smooth and crystal clear, clearer than it had been since primary school.

    This was because of:
    This is a malaria preventing anti-biotic, it didn’t get rid of the large pimple, but it got rid of the smaller dense pimples. If you’re on this or are going onto it, don’t fret if you don’t have instant results, it’s a long term commitment (I’ve been on it about 8 months).

    -Oxy Wash
    I started on this wash and it was good, it made intant improvements in many areas of my skin. Once my skin had improved a bit, I rotated between different Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Clearasil washes.

    This was the big miracle. This got rid of all my large pimples and cleared my skin. It’s tough stuff though, I couldn’t handle the wash, but a thin layer of the cream before bed works wonders. It lasts a very long time too, we get it at the chemist.
    It is a temporary treatment though, you need to be consistent, it’s not a permanant cure.

    Just things I’ve picked up over the last year about skin care:

    – Change your pillowcase! It gets covered in dirt as well as oil from your hair, so try to change it regularly and not smother your face in it.

    – WELL BEING. If your not happy with yourself, then do something about it! (in a healthy way of course). Try to see the lighter side of things, be positive. Instead of thinking about how awful your skin may look, why don’t you think about how great it’ll be WHEN it’s clear.

    – If you’re trying to train your subconcious (as suggested above), phrase things in a positive respect because for some reason the subconcious doesn’t register negatives.
    ‘I will not have pimples tomorrow’ will translate to ‘I will have pimple tomorrow’. That’s what’ll get through.
    So think ‘I will have clear skin tomorrow.’ Be positive.

    – Now I’m back at school, I’m breaking out more and I think why is partly stress (final year and I’m also out of Benzac :P) but also because I lean on my hand ALL the time. Like ALL the time. In class, on the train to and from school… I’ve gotta get out of this habit. I believe it’s this because I’m breaking out in the areas my hand touches.

    – WATER. Just like everyone says, gotta have that water.

    – EXERCISE. Not only will it help your skin, it’ll make you look and feel better. Sweating clears out the pores, so wash/shower after exercise. Exercise also improves general wll being and can hell you sleep and relax.

    – If you have trouble getting round to doing exercise (it can be SUCH a drag), try to make it apart of your routine, at a regular time and think of it being enjoyable, not a chore. Going for a brisk walk with a friend, doing sit ups in front of the telly. Every bit helps.

    – Hair out of the face. Notice a lot of emo kids with their hair in their face have bad skin? Wonder why.

    – Good diet. Try to cut back on fats, oils and sugars. Don’t go crazy, but just cut out junk and fat as much as you can and eat balanced meals and snacks.

    – SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. Try to keep your sleeping patterns regular, an approximate sleep and get up time works wonders. Keep sleep in time minimal, just enough to indulge. Teenagers are recommended to get at least 9 hours sleep a night.

    – If you can’t sleep, look at your diet, physical habits and what you do before you sleep. Try to have a routine before going to bed. You may be having too much caffeine or sugar (or both!) before going to bed and also may be too hyped up (using the computer, watching something stimulating on TV) or may even have been doing something not stimulating enough during the day, so your brain isn’t ready for rest.
    Try to wind down and relax.

    – BIRTH CONTROL IS INDIVIDUAL. I’ve seen friends lose weight, gain weight, get pimples, lose pimples on birth control. Don’t see it as a miracle, but a possiblitly. Like with most things in life, it all come down to the individual.

    – FAMILY AND FRIENDS. If your family or friends have had bad skin in the past ASK them what worked for them and what made matters worse, especially family because chances are you’ll have some common factors.

    This is just a basic summary of what I’ve learned in the last year that has helped contribute to clearing my skin and other random things I’ve learned related to other suggestions above.

  81. I use a product called Clean and Clear. It works in about two weeks. i also have tried the toothpaste thing, and it totally works! It took away my pimples, but remember to totally wash your face after! Also try foaming face washes. They are only a few dollars at your local drug store, and they help clean out pimples. Hope my advice works.
    PS, i agree with WATER! drink lots, and stay away from soda! πŸ™‚

  82. Acne sucks. You just don’t want it. Toothpaste sometimes worksm but ohter times it could make you break out more if you have sensitive skin. Don’t pick at it, it helps!!!

  83. The cure to acne is a total body cleanse but just clensing the colon and doing a liver flush,also using a sulpher soap as an antibacterial agent.Do some resreach on this cleanses and how to conduct them,to get rid of acne once and for good you have to take care of the root cause of the condition,all the face acne cleansrs,creams,tec are just masking the problem.the steps above do require a fasting session of 3 to 4 days,but by the end of the body cleanse your skin will be smooth and acne free.

  84. Well,,,Spots are a pain…but use oxyspots but dnt wash your face to often other wise you get stuff caught in it and it wil look BAADDDD!!! I Have million on my stupid forehead and nothing will work but now tgheres OXYSPOT!!! Soo yeh i Hope I Can help All You Fellow Peopel That Get Spots!! Lovee Charlii XXX

  85. *******Stop using scented laundry detergent, fabric softener, or dryer sheets. Wash your sheets and pillow cases in Free & Clear detergent only. Nothing else. Most people have an allergy to perfumes and dyes which causes inflammation of the pores that leads to acne. Do not use harsh soaps either. Gently wiping your face with a cotton ball soaked in perioxide will work fine. Also, getting more zinc in your diet will help as well.***********

  86. Replacing bathroom towels with clean ones every other day worked for me. Have lots of small face towels to make this more practical. Use unperfumed washing powder if you can–the only one I know of in the UK is Ecover–so that you will be sure to notice the smell of any bacteria on the towel, and boil wash the towels.

  87. Hey if u feel like u have nothing else to try:

    Try holding an ice cube on your affected are for 10 minutes repeat as much if necessary

  88. uh it seems for me to get rid of my acne i have to become a bore πŸ™

    seriously, i heard that getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and eating healthily would help me so i tried it. at the time i was going to bed at 10 instead of midnight. drank 4 pints of water a day instead of alcohol and sugary drinks and eating more salads with my meals and cutting out fatty foods like chips and chocolate.

    this made me a bore, as i hardly went out because when i do i usually stay out til past midnight and when i did go out i would only drink water or have a salad while my friends all munched on their chips and drank their beers etc.

    then recently i stopped doing this for about a week, went to a couple of parties, got drunk, scoffed on takeaways and by the end of the week my face was like a mountain range.

    so it seems for me i have to become a bore if i want to help get rid of my spots. it is making me so depressed.

    im now considering having a Laser Treatment which costs Β£600 but i dont have much money and i would have to spend even more money travelling to the place where its available.

    ive tried loads of over the counter products but they either made my acne worse instead of better or i became immune to their effects.

    Just a Few pointers on how to reduce redness (it usually works for me, it might not work for you or it might work even better for you, it didnt get rid of them completely but you never know)

    1, Do Not Use Toothpaste! As much as people say that it works, everyone has different skin types, so what could work for someone else might just make things worse for you! Its not worth the bother.

    2, In the Morning and before you go to bed, fill your sink with warm water and place a clean flannel into it. wash your face gently using the warm flannel, this opens up the pores, then wash your face with the warm water and soap, this will help clean the infected area(s), then finish by rinsing your face with Cold Water! this closes up the pores. this has helped me reduce the redness of my acne and made me look more refreshed.

    3, Try to drink about 2/3 litres of water a day. (dont drink loads at once though) try to drink about 500ml of water at different times of the day. i tend to drink 2 glasses in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night. this will keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins.

    4, try to keep up a routing of exercise. if you dont normlly do exercise, do about 10 minutes a day. I started with 10 minutes a day and am now doing between 30 mins and an hour each day. Any exercise will do whether its going out for a jog, doing sit-ups or push-ups or simply just dancing around your house to your favourite music lol. This will help to reduce the amount of oils you produce (although if you sweat a lot try to remove it using a clean towel and take a shower afterwards) and it will help with weight and fitness also.

    5, try to stay out of Stressful Situations. If you often find yourself getting stressed at work take a break every so often to get a drink of water or go for a walk around the area and calm yourself. at the end of the day at home, exercise or other activities such as yoga help aswell.

    these are what i do and they have helped me at the times i needed it.

  89. i swear to god that toothpaste works. I used to have not a lot of spots but some and i heard that if u put toothpaste on them they will go away. I did this and within a week my face looked a lot better. All my spots were not red they were skin colour and no one noticed i had spots. Trust me toothpaste works

  90. If you have proative or another acne set that comes with a mask use a q-tip and put it on you pimple DO NOT PUT IT ON YOU SKIN ONLY YOUR PIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! or your skin will get very red and ichy do this a couple nights untill your pimle comes to a head then pop it and it will go away. also if you see a pimple or lots comming quickly put clean and clear Advantage and if will shirk up with in a day and you wont have to deal with that stupied pimple ENJOY !!!love quenn xoxoxoxo

  91. Okay proavtiv works if you have a lot of money to waste on stuff but, if you don’t have much money and you know you’ll stop using it after your done with the trial don’t get it. You have to continuously use it to clear up and prevent from more. I’ve been using it for two years and the first I used it my face took around 4 days to clear then I was so happy that my face was all clear that I didn’t use it for two days and my face looked so bad that I didn’t even go to school that day. So I’m not saying it’s bad but if you have money go for it just keep using it.

  92. Big red pimples are caused when skin debris (dead skin cells) and sebum (your skin’s oil) clog up your pore. This is a blackhead. When bacteria get into your pimple, it swells and becomes red.

    Everybody’s skin is different, so try different products–things that work for some don’t work for others and vice versa.

    I am a teenager with mild acne and this is the regimen that works for me:

    1. CLEANSE your face twice a day – in the morning and at night. Put your cleanser on a washcloth and rub your face in circles gently. This exfoliates your skin and gets rid of old, dried up skin cells that can clog your pores.

    2. TONE if you feel that this is necessary. I wet a cotton ball with water and then put a few drops of natural tea tree oil on it (NEVER use tea tree oil full-strength. I did it once and got a huge chemical-burn blister). Swipe this cotton ball upward over your face.

    5. USE AN ACNE PREVENTION PRODUCT if necessary before moisturizing to prevent breakouts before you go to bed.

    4. MOISTURIZE your skin–if you have bad acne, use an oil-free moisturizer. Some people with acne are tempted to use the harshest products they can find to dry the acne out. This usually doesn’t work, because 1)the skin may produce more oil trying to compensate for the drying products and 2)these products are more than likely irritating your skin, and irritation also causes breakouts.

    5. USE SUN PROTECTION for young, healthy-looking skin. 90% of wrinkles are caused by sun damage. This does not tie in directly to acne prevention, but it is good for your skin. Use a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher, and the ingredient titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone (Parsol 1789), which are the only ingredients that provide UVA protection.

    6. BE HEALTHY! Almost everything in your body ties into everything else, so good general health will help everything. Drinking water probably helps, as well as eating well. And why not try homemade remedies?

  93. i know pimples suck i have them all over my forehead. i went to the derm and he first gave me duac wich worked only in new jersy but it didn’t work in texas cause of its hard water. But if you get differen GEL it will do wonders especially if you have dark skin. i also agree on the soda and water thing. does running really help your acne?

  94. i have a big chocolate problem during christmas i ad lots of chocolate my face was covered i felt like dieing STAY AWAY from chocolate

  95. i’ve used antibaccterial soap and i think it helps keep my face a little clearer but doesn’t completely get rid of it. i think that steaming your face helps with blackheads though.

  96. im am 12 years old and wanted say that when u buy acne medication make sure u r pation because I just bought proactive and I still have bad acne

  97. You should try all of them. At least till you find one that works for you. One that works for me is: bet up an egg (only the yellow part) mix it with a litte honey, put it on you face. It looks weird and sounds weird but hey it works and that’s all that matters. Hope it works for you too!! πŸ˜‰

  98. I have had acne for over 7 years. Nothing worked for me. I’m talking soap, OTC acne products, and this includes a lot of prescription medication, too. I went to four or five different dermatologists until I found one that knew what he was talking about.

    He prescribed Retin-a Micro as well as an anti-biotic. There are many different types of acne and some will not go away by the use of topical medication. You need the antibiotic to work from the inside.
    I also use Benziq, benzoyl peroxide 5.25%, which kills any germs or infections on my skin. It takes the red away immediately.

    I don’t have the breakouts like I did before. My face is 99% clear, with only a few pimples here and there and that’s only every once in a while. My back is completely clear, except for the scars which will fade over time and with the use of my topical medication.

    Acne is different for everyone. I’m 21 now and I basically had to grow out of it.

    Eating has nothing to do with getting acne. No one really knows why people get acne. Just don’t give up. Try everything. I have a huge cabinet full of over the counter products that don’t work for me.

    Do drink a lot of water and go visit a dermatologist!

  99. Try african black soap by Name: Madina African Black Soap with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera you can google it to find the link
    Worked great for both my teen aged Boys. Night and day difference in just a few days t
    They used the rectangular bar.

  100. I think I have found the answer we have all been looking for. This may be the one true treatment that will work for everyone, regardless of how mild or severe your acne is, race, religion etc – and best of all, it is abolutely FREE.

    I have had pimples since a teenager, I am now 27 and I have spent so much of my life, so many weekends at home, hiding in my room, when I should I have been out having fun with my friends. I tried every treatment that you can buy over the counter or get from a doctor, and sometimes I got a short term improvement, sometimes no improvement at all.

    I soon realised that the cause of my acne is greater than the ability of these treaments to eliminate the acne. Have a read of the tonnes of messages above: everything from Madina African black soap to ice to toothpaste. Why is it that no-one seems to have found the “cure” for pimples. Surely a treatment that works on one person should work on another person. I must amit I tried the milk and nutmeg thig on my face, and despite the promise of the person who posted that “cure” I certainly wasnt cured. The asnwer is that the “cure” for acne wont come from a pharmacist, or a doctor, or out of a bottle.

    Now this might seem like a crock of ****, but I think the cause is actually your subconscious mind. Or more specifically stress, and how the subconscious mind responds to stress.

    How many times have you been free of pimples for a day or two, and you get invited to a party on the weekend, so you spend all week hoping that you dont get a pimple and than BAM! the day of the party you wake up and there is a pimple right in the middle of your forehead. Or you have exams at school or stress at work, and then your face breaks out.
    THis is an example of how the subconscious mind creates your state of physical health.

    Do you also find yourself surrounded by people who appear to have never had a pimple in their lives. They eat junk food all day and no pimples. They drink alcohol and coke and no water at all and no pimples. And you ask yourself, “why me” and “why do I have pimple and not these other people”. Am I correct?

    I think the reason why I have acne and they dont is, in this situation, because I get up in the morning and look in the mirror at the blemishes on my face and start to feel depressed about myself. OR if my skin is clear, i scrutinise every bump on my face “is that a pimple” “another scar”, “is that a blackhead?” – I am basically “looking to find acne”. Just like the day of the party, I am subconsciously, and perhaps consciously, “creating” acne.

    Stress relating to other aspect of your life can also cause acne. Working long hours, being around negative people, generally anything that makes you feel unhappy about your life and who you are, I believe, will have an effect on the quality of your skin. Not feeling like you belong, perhaps even a fear of social situations (despite being someone who enjoys them), all these things may just hold the answer to the health of your skin.

    It is true that drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables and plenty of fruit, avoiding grain based foods (these appear to depress the immune system), and getting enough sleep, will help with improving your complexion, but you must address the sub-conscious part in order for the “physical” parts to be able to work. You could drink all the water in the world, but if you have negative thought patterns, your body will still be “toxic”.

    Take a close look at your mental attitudes. Do you have a tendancy to respond negatively to certain situations? Do you blame others for where you are in your life? Do you experience anxiety often? Do you describe youself as a “worrier”?
    (personally I have found that my acne is worse when I have issues with my home life, or stability at home, such as moving house, flatmates moving out, not feeling “at home” in my house etc)

    Let’s now get the most out of this forum – perhaps we can do our own study. Acne has had control of our lives for too long – its time to get in control of our lives again!

    For all those that havent found a treatment that works, write in, share you thoughts on this. I think this is the cure you have been searching for.


    Cheers and all the best.

  101. if you try putting tooth pase on your pimples and other clearer areas of the skin it may cause peeling redness and irration it may not happen 2 you but it did to me

  102. talk to ur doctor and ask him/her about it. My brother did that and he got this perscribed cream that u have to apply dazily, but then ur acne starts to get better πŸ˜‰

  103. I had a pimple on my arm and it was infected, so follow these tips on get better.
    1. Get a needle and pop all the pus out.
    2. Let the hole close get some hot water put some salt in it and soak pimple in for 30 mins.
    3. po it again and put ice on it then put peroxide on it.
    And repeat it everyday hope it works!!

  104. tips:
    1. try washing your face twice a day.
    2. also try putting honey on your pimples for about 15 min.
    3. try placing toothpaste on any pimple you find, and let it stay there for maybe 5-10 min.
    4. drink a lot of water , and try getting enough sleep. avoid things that will stress you out, and i garantee you, your pimples will be gone!
    πŸ˜‰ smile always!!!

  105. anyone who lives in the UK, there’s this great Superdrug range called Clarity. I just bought the exfoliator and the treatment cream. I have really really bad skin and always have done ever since i hit my teens. I seriously tried EVERYTHING i could buy. I even went to the doctors and had Benzamicin prescribed. Clarity is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Good luck =]

  106. Clearasil Ultra is what I use! I swear, in 3 days, it gets rid of like, 5 zits. i used to have zits all over my face and now i only have 3 zits! im almost done here! (exept, even if ur zits are all gone, still use it or they will come back!!) πŸ˜‰ try it! it really works! and its not expensive either!

  107. Okay, right now I’m almost 12, and I have had acne since I was 9. I want to try home remedies, so went on this site. I tried the toothpaste one and steaming the acne, but it just won’t budge. I have serious acne problems, and it really brings my self confidence down. Over this past 3 years, after getting teased so many times, I find that just hoping that your pimple will go away will do the trick. Just don’t pick on it and drink lots of water!
    Good luck!
    P.S. I still need some help on getting rid of pimples within 24 hours.

  108. Drink lots of water
    Put toothpaste on them before you go to bed at night
    tea tree antisceptic oil
    wash face with cold water

    1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (but don’t go crazy because you can make yourself ill).

    2. Dab either toothpaste, tea tree oil or whatever on yout spots before bed to dry them up – whatever works best for yout skin type.

    3. Try to wear hardly any foundation, concealer or any other make-up on your skin because it will only clog them. If you absolutly have to , wear a treated product like almay and an oil free base.

    4. Get fresh air! Get outside and let your skin breath.

    5. Do a face mask every week. Choose one that best suits your skin type.

    6. Try to keep your hair off your face and don’t be tempted to tounch your skin or pick your spots. It only spreads them.

    &. Eat healthily and get plenty of sleep.

    9. Go to your GP and check you don;t have an intolerence to a type of food. I absolutly love cereal and couldnt stop eating and my skin was awful. Turned out I had an intolerence to wheat! Make sure you check!

    10. If you have a school holiday coming up, vow to yourself to do everything you can to clear up your skin. Trust me it works if you stick to it!

    1. Chocolate does not effect your spots so eat away.

    2. 2 litres of water a day will have your spots cleared up in no time.

    3. Do not pick spots only squeeze. If no puss comes out when squeezing LEAVE THE SPOT.

    4. Put your face in a sink of hot water then in a sink freezing cold water. Do this continuosly once a day and spot will go away quickly. Putting hot water on your face opens the pores and cleans them and putting cold water on closes the pores back up so that no dirt can get in while the porses are open.

  109. Please do read this as it really will improve your skin and get rid of your spots. A couple of weeks ago I read an article in the newspaper giving the science of a product which is a β€˜Cure for all ills’. My secret: vaseline.

    Trust me, I have tried absolutely everything possible to get rid of my spots- millions of face products, cleansers an creams. They only exacerbate the problem as all you are doing is putting chemicals on your skin. You, like me, must have read this millions of times and immediately dismissed it as useful help. However you really should listen as this is mostly true. In my quest for clear skin I did actually find clearsil ultra face wash very useful and I do highly rate it. I’m not going to recommend putting eggs on face (even though they are actually useful as they are a rich source of Vitamin A which is good for skin healing) only because you have heard all of this thousands of times before. However, I am certain that you are not aware of Vaseline.

    In fact, you most probably think that it is bad for your skin as it would block up your pores. I was in fact concerned about this when I started using Vaseline to clear my face up. I therefore googled β€˜vaseline+spots’ and unsurprisingly I came up with a web site which strictly said not to use Vaseline and other products like it. However, I was by now distressed with my skin and was out of other ideas on what to do. So, fortunately I did use and it does not block up your pores. However hard it may be to believe this you really must accept that it doesn’t clog your pores up.

    Now for the science. I always like to have a scientific explanation of a cure to my spots before I actually try it out. For example, I previously didn’t know about the egg yolk being a rich source for Vitamin A but when I did realize about the science behind it, I used this technique and it worked. I think that it is very important to have faith in the product that you are trying. If you believe it will work, it most probably will.

    Anyway, Vaseline contains no secret ingredient but it works because it creates the necessary condition for skin healing. It creates a barrier which is useful in two ways: firstly it retains moisture which is very important if you want to have clear and healthy skin, and secondly it doesn’t allow germs in. It isolates the skin and makes what the skin would naturally do work. It would otherwise in our modern environment be hard to do this.

    Vaseline is a great moisturizer and really keeps your skin clear. I really do recommend this and I urge you to try it a few times. It really does work.

    What I do each day for clear skin is
    1. I drink about 2 liters of water a day to keep my skin hydrated and to help flush out the toxins. I find it pretty easy to have about one glass each hour.
    2. In the morning I wash my face with clearsil ultra face wash. Many disagree, but I find that scrubbing harder really helps. You should play around and see what helps for your skin type. It works as it contains Glycerin.
    3. Eat healthily. I know I’m sure you’ve read that you may eat what you like but this is not true. My evidence is simply experience. I also think that eating well reflects the way you feel on the inside which is very important if you want to get rid of spots.
    4. Also in the morning I, of course, apply Vaseline generously and leave it. You should rub it in a little but not too much.
    5. I then again put Vaseline on again at lunch time.
    6. At nighttime I very generously apply the Vaseline and just pile it on. I also wash my face again.

    If you follow these rules and just stick to this regime I am sure that you will have good skin. It has worked for me and many of my friends. I am certain that it will work for you. Good luck.

  110. Ok, I have the cure. I swear to you that this works. Mix quinoderm (10 percent) into a tub of sudocream. Carry this around every day. Apply in morning, lunch and afternoon. This can be rubbed in so invisible. Looks better immeadiately. Also, in morning and evening wash your face with a no achohol mouthwash as this kills germs and works really well. Don’t get with alchohol as bad for skin. Your spots will go in a small amount of time. I swear to you.

  111. I highly recommend NOT USING PROACTIV. That stuff is a rip off. It cost about 30 dollars for a one month supply and doesnt work well at all. Buy CLEARASIL ULTRA. It works in as little as 3 days and its only about 6 dollars.

  112. Try using Persa-Gel acne medicine. And try Clean and Clear-continuous control acne cleanser. They both are from the Johnson and johnson company. DON’T USE PROACTIVE, BELIEVE ME,I TRIED IT AND IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!!!! DRINK LOT’S OF WATER. EXERCISE, AND EAT HEALTHY. EAT PLENTY OF GOOD MEAT, AND SALADS!!!!!

  113. i think that the things that the person shuld or shouldnt eat depends on the person and their build and the way tht they react to different things and the things that ffects them the most badly because this will be different for everyone!

  114. hi ya i have loads of spots and ive tryed everything and it wont work plz someone help me . thank u xxxxxxxxx

  115. Drink Water with 100% lemon juice or Cayenne Pepper in it. Then before bed wash your face with Head & Shoulders shampoo then rinse. (do not use the 2 in 1, but use the classic clean or the cooling.) It may sound crazy, but it works. Most of your acne should be gone in about 2 or 3 dayz. If you do this for 2 weeks then your acne should be cleared (but keep in mind…what works for some people doesn’t work for all.)I hope it works for you, because it has worked for me.

  116. Go to a good facial salon and have them to pop ur pimples and take out all the blackheads, but need to go consistently… least once every two months.

  117. I found that Clearasil works QUITE WELL!!!
    i used to use Noxema, but i didnt use it every day, and it didn’t work–my face only got worse.
    Now i use Clearasil–and i use it even LESS often than i used noxema (like 1x a week or so) and it works BETTER!!!!!!!!
    that’s just my skin tho i dunno if it’ll work for everyone

  118. I never had facial acne as a teenager and was lucky! BUT- when I hit my 30’s it began. The white heads I used to get on the back of my arms and legs, and on my bottom(always kept hidden) traveled to my face. This of course is horrible as a working mom, stress is always a factor. I eat healthy and do drink lots of water, so these are not issues.
    -being on the phone= whiteheads develope where ever the phone touches.
    -menstrual cycle= waking up with hard painful bumps that do not come to a head.
    -Lowered self confidence facing clients and co workers.

    I have noticed sugars and certian vitamins like omegas (fish oil) aggravate the situation. Soda is another thing to avoid. Detergents free of dyes and perfume, as well as uncented plain moisturizers like Vsseline intensive care or cocoa butter are a must.

    Now, what I do do to keep my once clear face in good shape is:
    – Noxema: Use as a cleansers and as a spot treatment on the aftected bumps. Let Noxema sit on the affected area to soften and bring the white globule to the surface.
    -Wash with mild soap, preferably plain glycerin soap. Made with honey and oats, glycerin soap is so gentle 2ce daily never dries my skin out. After washing the dead skin peels off the white head and then it is ready to be gently, gently pressed out. DO NOT use your nails, but a clean warm wash cloth wrapped around fingers.
    -Moisturize with sensitive skin, unscented moisturizer, afterwards.

    I have had to lance some and, yes it has left pock holes. So Im not too keen on lancing unless absolutely necessary.

    -Biggest relief: GETTING IN THE SUN. For some reason, when I am Tan and in the sun my skin clears up almost by it self. Regular sun tan- and yes, in a thong if necessary! Kidding aside, that affected area atleast, has calmed down.
    Finding the time to relax and sun bathe is a challenge. Also in the spring, winter and fall I have no choice but to use a tanning salon. Despite all the warnings about the sun it has not made me leathery or wrinkled so I dont care as long as it works. ( Mediteranian decent)
    It so embarasing to have the scars and bumps that I also notice when I swim in the ocean my skin also improves and looks great. Ocean swimming exfoliates naturaly and the sand sloughs off all over ruff skin and on heels of feet. I feel great when I get to spend alot of time boarding at the beach. And it is stress relieving as well as great exercise.

    For folks who CAN’T get to the beach- use salted water as a once a day wash. Start with bottled water add the salt to a 10% mix ratio. Keep this aside and dampen a wash cloth with the salted water. Wash the afected area gently with the salted-water wash cloth, then rinse with tepid water. You will see these the acne dry up gradualy.
    Dont forget a basic moisturizer afterwards… Notice I am saying acne, not whiteheads. Exfoliation helps body whiteheads. Salt directly on to the moistened cloth and on to skin? did she say that?
    The salt naturaly kills skin bacteria while drying up excess oils. This tiddbitt comes from an older woman who used sea salt scrubs in her daily regime and she had the most beatiful skin I had ever seen. I no longer take care of her but she was so wise I will never forget her. She was kind enough to elaborate that she also used it to sloughen up ruff elbow skin as well. She was an apartment dweller so she worried little about corrosion to the plumbing. To modify her techniques in the manner above decribed will save your plumbing and minimize the amount of table salt you go through. She also combined the salt with olive oil for knees and elbow exfoliation. She swore by tea tree oil and shark skin oil. These can run in to unecessary expense but if you have the Organic Store budget, by all means, try these suggestions as mentioned or modified.

    I will try the rose water-lime juice as suggested by Dr. Palomino, as this is a new suggestion to me. I had used Rose Milk mosturizer by Helena Rubinstein in the past but can not find it anymore. I used it after glycerin soap and water. This was at the most healty face skin stage and received many compliments. Might be something to splurge on if I can find it… “natural scented” items are always OK.

  119. I strongly suggest swapping and changing your products, because I find my skin becomes “immune” to some products if I use them for to long.

    I have an awful lot of small pimples, espeically on my cheeks, chin and around my mouth, but not so much “big” pimples.

    If you really can’t bear to go out without your make-up on, buy some tinted moisturiser, this will allow your skin to breathe alot more.

    Good luck !!!

  120. KEEP HANDS OFF OF FACE AND AFFECTED AREAS!!! The human hand, and everywhere else on the body, are not only dirty, but very oily. When you rub your face or pop a zit, WASH YOUR FACE AFTERWARDS! If you dont than the oil from your hands will rub off on your face and will clog your pores and cause zits and pimples.

  121. P.S. Many people say that certain foods can cause people to have break outs. Others disagree. I dont disagree. Everytime i eat chilli I have a major outbreak so i try to avoid eating it. Thats the only solution i could find that works. If a food is causing you to break out, dont eat it….

  122. I am 28 yrs old…and still get the occasional zit/pimple or two. Out of everything I have ever done (and Ive pretty much tried it all, seriously), drinking at least 3 glasses of water a day works the best. I also do not touch my face unless my hands are clean, and I avoid caffine (chocolate & soda’s) as it does make me break out.
    Make sure to exfoliate your skin weekly to get rid of all the dead, dry skin so you pores will not be clogged. Use oil blotting sheets to keep oil off your face. Good luck!

  123. – this is a brilliant website, it aint some cheap ass company trying to sell you expensive products that doesnt even work. and its got a great community that could give you advice for almost everything, blackhead, acne treatments, scaring etc.

  124. Also for the website, before you try anything else, just try dan’s regimen. Hundreds of people has had success with the regiment. but before you start it, read carefully about it, as it will take a bit of effort and work for it.

  125. drink lots of water and wash ur face 2 times a day.:D
    wen i gots lots of pimpley bits i cut half a lime nd rub it on ma face alos gettin sum of da juice on it.
    leave overnight. i find it works 4 me n ye try it..:D:D

  126. Freederm gel works but once you stop using it acne comes back i use toothpaste apply to the area and MOST importantly LET IT DRY the bleach in the toothpaste which is 2 little to be toxic will clean away any bacteria, the same applies with swimming the chlorine in the water will kill bacteria too


    seriously, it’ll scrape those pimples riiight off your face. does result in some scarring though…

    in other news, my doc put me on Roaccutane. Man, Roaccutane sucks. Like, its a 6 to 8 month course of the drug (depending on the inividual) ((im on a six month course)) and you won’t start seeing results until like… month 5? and the by-effects of the drug.. you will actually regret being put on it in the first place. I do not recommend it in your HSC year or through rugby season – makes you soo tired and get chronic muscle soreness. But otherwise, Roaccutane is the way to ge if you are serious about getting rid of your pimpdaugs for good.

  128. pimples:

    try popping the pimple and squizzing out the stuff inside…
    then right afterwards put ice on it…
    it will make pimple smaller or even gone…

    well it works for me just try it, it might work also for you!!!!

  129. hi eveybody . i just wanna say that whatever u guys r doing to stop acne its noy gonna work! here are a few tips that just mIght help:
    1.only cleanse your face at least 3 times ( morning,evening and night) if you try and cleanse more, your face will start to produce oil which = more worse

    2.whenever you cleanse , at last, splash cold water 3 time ( this will close pores and elliminate dead cells , plus cold water is a toner )

    3. steam your face at leat once a week ( to get rid of impurities )

    4.use clearsil brands ( they work really )

    5.rub ice 6 times a day on the infectd area

    6.dont try to squeeze ur spots this will make it more worse and in the end you will have a scar which will just look loke a spot! leave them alone!

    7.go to a health store ( or ur doctor ) and buy a cream which has benzyil proxide cream . this cream gets rid of spot instantley!

    8.drink 8-10 glasses of water ( i repeat,WATER ) a day . try to eat five fruits and vegetables a day . stay away from sugary food!


  130. The toothpaste thing WORKS. I swear on my life. I put some on last night after a friend told me about it and this morning – BAM! Almost all the pimples on my chin were gone, and the bigger ones on my forehead were like half the size. Plus, no more redness! I’ve had severe acne since 5th grade (I’m in 8th now) and it’s REALLY lowered my self-esteem… I feel like everyone looks at the acne, and not at me. Plus, I have pretty good looks – I just wish everyone could see it behind the acne. I’ve had little kids (like 3-6 years old) ask me what was all over my face when I babysat. …It doesn’t do much for my already low self-confidence. I’m going to try the ice thing, and some of the other suggestions on here to see if I can’t get rid of it for good… I hope I can before I have to go into high school =/

  131. My Dermatologist had me try benzaclin and some other medication… i used benzaclin at night, and the other one in the morning… to get rid of your zits, it all depends on your body… i found that when i sweat, and then i go wash my face, that helps get rid of the zits. The medications can help, but you cannot give up. I looked online, and if you have acne scars, there are a few ways to get rid of them, one, you can get lazer or surgery treatments, or you can just wash your face, and as it says, after 1 year of washing your face, the scars should go away. try to go to a dermatologist, because they are experts… i did, and my face is finally getting better. I have had acne since 5th grade, and no one told me not to pick at them, and now i have scars, but washing your face can help. I am now going into 8th grade, and i am getting back confidence. hope it helps!

  132. DO NOT… I REPEAT, DO NOT !!!, POP YOUR PIMPLES, OR PICK AT THEM IN ANY WAY !!!. You have oil on your hands that never stops producing. When you pop pimples and they are not cleaned the perfect and gentle way, they spread into smaller pimples under your skin and pores. Then, they leave scarred tissue under your skin, which then leads to more pimples ! DO NOT POP THEM. And for those who say proactiv doesn’t work… It does, it goes through a process of cleansing your skin then to making it better and recleansing, THEN your skin will be fine. It always gets worse before it gets better. Toothpaste is another thing that WILL help. You can’t use such toothpastes as AIM that do not have a base needed to treat you. You need to use toothpastes such as AQUAFRESH. that is the BEST to suite your acne situation !! BELIEVE ME.

  133. well i tried the toothpaste thing and guess what? in the mornig my face was alllllllllllllll red and irritated,and burning.It might work for you but it made mine worse!Any other suggestions?

  134. OK….

    first off if you want to get rid of acne you HAVE to be dedicated to your health and your body.

    ALWAYS drink LOTS of water. It is good for you, water is your FRIEND…dont grab for the sodas, they will not make your body feel better. Plus water is usually free from restaurants so you will save some money by not choosing soda.

    EXERCISE!!!!! Seriously, this will not only make you feel better, but it is soooooo good for your body and will make you look and feel healthy. Always rinse off after you exercise though to get rid of excess oils.

    EAT HEALTHY… “garbage in, garbage out”–means if you put junk food in you then you will feel gross. Trust me, I know. When I eat healthy (mostly veggies and fruits) then my body feels so much better and my face becomes clearer and softer. It even helps me breathe better.

    WASH YOUR FACE with a bar of soap. perferrably nothing that has added fragerance. Gently scrub your face, back, chest, etc in a circular motion. GENTLY though, trust me I ignored people and scrubbed hard but it only made my skin itchy and red. So gently scrub with soap and water.

    SHOWER often. By that I mean be sure you keep yourself clean. I shower at night for a quick body rinse to get rid of any dirt and oils from the day. I also end my shower with cold water. The cold water tightens your pores and helps keep dirt out. This is also good for girls that wear makeup. I love makeup and cant stop wearing it, so be sure to rinse your face with cold water before applying makeup.

    DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Your fingers will have oil on them, and as much as you unknowingly touch your face, try hard not to. It was hard for me, but I really wanted my face to be clear so I had to do it.

    BE HAPPY AND DONT STRESS. Stress DOES cause acne. I mean, the week of school finals was hell for my skin. Try doin meditations, pray, hangout with friends who make you feel good about yourself, hangout with your family, do NOT procrastinate (try getting homework or projects done early to relieve stress.)

    SLEEP!!!!! I pull all nighters alot, and it definately does not help my skin. Get 8-10 hours of sleep and you will feel refreshed.

    DO LAUNDRY…dont wear dirty clothes over and over. Your oil will stay on your shirt and could cause acne breakouts on your back. Clean clothes never hurt anyone! Also, wash pillowcases and sheets, they are filled with dirt, dust, and oil so clean those weekly or switch them out with another pair.

    ACNE DOES NOT CONTROL YOU! Please, dont think about it. Confidence is important, dont hide your skin with your hair or look sad and mopey. Be happy with who you are, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Dont let others decide whats beauty and what isnt. Be proud of what you look like, and if people make fun of you then that just shows how rude and disrespectful they are. Almost everyone has to go through acne at some point so do not be ashamed!!!

    Although these may not completely clear your skin, a combination of all of these WILL help you. You have nothing to lose! Its your life and your body, your skin…so give it what it deserves! Your skin and your body will thank you!!!

    Try it!!!

  135. dont ever use proactiv solution. proactiv only dries out your skin, causing more pimples and blackheads. my advice, just simply wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep. dont pop your pimples. for every pimple you pop, you get four more. when you pop a pimple you spread bacteria all over your face.

  136. I use proactive. i have been using it for over two years and it works. try buying the product from there calling the “Refining Mask”. It is proactive’s best product. You just simply apply a small dot of the Refining mask on the zit. Then go to bed. The next morning wash ur face and that zit would be nearly gone. This works for many people. Also remember drinking lots of water, your body needs to be hydrated to keep healthy skin. And if you wear makeup, be sure it is oil-free and NON COMODEGENIC. WEAR SUNSCREEN, excessive sun exposure irritates your skin and makes acne worse. AND DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!…PICKING, SQEEZING, AND POKING YOUR PIMPLES MAKES BLEMISHES WORSE!!!! it spreads. (if this becomes a habit, try cutting your nails really short so you cant pick them.) and keep hair out of your face. and get exercise!

  137. If you want to try vuying proactive, try the 5 piece set. it has everything you need and keeps ur face from looking shiney and has a product that HYDRATES ur skin. and if you dont get results form this product ur not using it right!!!

  138. hi, i took my time to tell you guy this because you’re not alone so dont worry. this is my storie of acne problem. i have alot of acne since 7 grades. it seem as if the older i get the more acne i have. acne didnt really bother me when i first had it because it wasnt a big deal ….sometimes i have one here and there. later on in my high school, things get little worse. people that doesnt suffer from acne think it is not a big deal so why worry it is only temporary. of course it is a damn big deal, u can only understand this if you have bad acne like me. acne only biggest challenge in my life it was always because of acne. i misses out in alot of activity and avoid friend and family. always feeling bad in front of people. even though some people are nice enough to not make fun of you but it doesnt really change the way you feel about. school was very painly experience with acne. thats soo humiliating to go to school with reallly bad acne, i cant really do tthing anything about it because my family also have a history of acne and bad skin soo sick for me. without acne i could be a really good looking guy but instead i juss watch my face get eaten away. it gets soo depressing at time, i tryed all sources of stuff like proactiv, benoclin, anti-biotic the only cure to severe acne is (((ACCUTANE))). this drugs is a prescription by doctor and it is very very drugs with alot of side effects so be very careful if you decide to use this. please do not buy this drugs online because you can really hurt your body. use this drugs under doctor supervision. talk to your doctor about it. theres other product called murad it also work good too. the full kits was good for the time being. but try getting the “pure skin Clarifying dietary supplement” by murad, you can buy it online go to , this is a supplement fills with good vitamins that will helps your body fight acne. theres vitamin A normalizes cell production to help prevent clogged pores, yellow dock and burdock to support the body’s ability to remove blemish- producing toxins and zinc to reduces skin irritation. this supplement really clear out my back and chest and not ssoo well for my face becuase i have really oily also when your murad product get the “clarifying toner” this help eliminates oil and control shine surface and keeping your pores clean and clear. wash your face with soap and apply a small amount of the toner onto a cotton balls and clean your face with it. this will take out the extra stuff the soap didnt get rid of. yeah i know all these acne product are really expensive soo do some research about the product before you but it. especially the Accutane, when i was on it for 5 months it costs me little over 200$ with insurance for 60 pills 20mg. for some people after taking accutane, there acne stay under control but for me it sadly came back after a year. accutane only cure your acne if your on it. but it’s not good for the long period because the risk of serious side effect like…liver failure, heart diease and sun burn…yea.. it is bad but it is worth the money. oh yea drink alot of water ,get some exercise. get enough sleep everyday, eat healthy. this is help your acne. if you have hard time sleeping at night like me. try waking up early in the morning like 4- to 5am and do some exercise to get you tire if you can go to sleep. and dont do other activity before you go to sleep. ok im done i hope this will help you guy soo good luck

  139. Clinique acne line worked for me. I swear cover up DOESNOT COME OFF WITH SOAP!! Buy the make up remover, the face bar of soap , the toner & the moisturizing GEL. and the night time treatment. I tried proactive, ts bad for your face, it has bleach. It cut my acne down by 80%. The rest is on me like drinking more water. Getting sun helps too. I’m 28yr female. I didnt have acne as a teen but it came on when I started wearing make up.

    Dont wear make up unless you have to. EVEN THE BEST MAKE UP PRODUCTS ARE BAD for your face. Anything put on your face WILL clog your pores. Be honest with yourself folks. Skin is not meant to be covered.

    If you wash your face with those products 2x a day you will see dramatic changes.

    Good luck

  140. wash your face at nigh, and when you get up the morning. also, if your in sports, or get sweaty… rinse your face afterward as not to get a build up of sweat that will irratate your skin. dont excessivle wash yur skin though… because if you do- your skin will likely produce extra oils and that will lead to break outs. if your skin starts becomming dry. thats a sigh you may be washing to much… and you may to to find an oil free cleanser or moisteriser. Keep hydrated with water.. not pops or beverages that contain excess sugar because then that causes build up. the water will help the body so it can flush your skin of toxins and excess waist, thus causing less breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, pimples, zits, and even styes.

  141. My whole chest and back used to be covered in acne and so did my face all the medication my doctor put me on didnt work all i did was changed my diet and drank way more water and ate more foods with vitamen c in it like strawberries and oranges as well as my acne going i also lost weight which was an added bonus just stop thinkin bou it and excercise and remember there’s always concelor just remember to wash your make-up of before bed try pan stick with a powder bronzer over it.

  142. get the citris listerine and a Q-tip…then pour a little listerine in the cap…after that dip the Q-tip in and apply it to each zit…it may burn and be red for a couple minutes…but it works…just repeat it everyday for a week…my cuzin told me this for mine but he doesnt have severe acne..but give it a try and dont finger your face!!!hope it works…good luck

  143. I suffered with acne when i was at school, i was put on medication (antibiotics) they were called ‘Minocycline’ these were brilliant and my acne cleared up. I am 26 now and not taking antibiotics anymore, i dont suffer with acne these days, but i do get a few spots now and again on my face and back. I use ‘Sudocrem’ its brilliant for acne, napkin rash, eczema, bed sores, sunburn, and minor burns, its an antiseptic healing cream. I think everyone should try this for their acne. I have always got a tub of this at home, because it really do work! I also take an ‘Evening Primrose Oil’ capsule everyday, because they are good for your skin, hair, nails and hormones. If the ‘Sudocrem’ dont work, try the products for acne by ‘Dermalogica’ their products work wonders, they have the face wash or acne, lotions and gels. Also the sunbeds are great for clearing up acne. Good luck!!

  144. Proactive + Drinking water = 90% solution

    I like proactive. It gives me a fresh clean feeling, and it controls my problem pretty well.

    I was tole by several doctors that “what I eat has not effect on my acne”. I was a believer in that for several years, but not anymore.

    I stopped drinking soda all-together and cut out some of the sweets. SERIOUSLY, this helps more than you would think. Please try it. If you just get into the habit of drinking water. It has a positive effect.

  145. I take a lot of vitamens and i use a mudmask regularly and it really helped me. got rid of redness and pimples.

    I have to write that Benny and Tommy’s stories really touched me. I felt like it was talking about me.
    During my teenage years (I’m now 27) I only got occasional acne(it’s on my genes) so my Mom just bought me a cleaser with salicylic acid and a spot BP treatment to use it at night. My skin was pretty OK and I never cared much. When I was like 14-15 I used to get a really big pimple on the tip of my nose that really bothered me but I just came back like 3 to 4 times and never came back. I was pretty clear my last years of high school and I truly believed it had a lot to do qith my attitude. I was going out, had friends.

    Then in college I was OK for my freshman year, using my cleaser and spot treatment like before. That’s when it happened, when I was 20 I started breaking out on my cheeks, 2 cyst appear, and I was like OK let’s put some BP lotion, but they didnt go away.

    I went to the derm and started getting injections and antibiotics and things went great for a couple of months. Then it got worse. Please don’t use antibiotics, the injections are OK even though they have cortisone which is bad 4 u but the antibiotics make it worse. They stop working and make your body vulnerable to acne and other things.

    Then I used ACCUTANE, I begged my derm hoping this was going to finally cure my acne cuz there was a girl in the docs office who used it and cure it. For me the only good thing after 5 months was the less oiliness but my skin got red, never flaky because my skin was very oily. I never really saw great improvement and because of the money I didn’t dare to try a 2nd course.

    From then on I used Murad which got rid of my scars but was to strong and I still broke out.
    Second I used Proactiv which worked wonders for 1 year then it irritated my skin so I switched to Proactiv’s gentle formula. Many people don’t know about it because if you don’t like the BP formula they sell u the gentle one that has salicilyc acid. It worked on and of until finally I stopped.

    One thing u need to know. A product has to work at least in less than a month two or 3 weeks of course that is if u don’t get a negative reaction which will tell u to stop using the product.

    Right now I cleared up using Neutrogenas Acne Stress Wash, it worked in a couple of days but now I have dried skin. I will go to a spa this week. I hate the way the pick ur face so lets see how it goes.

    Im fed up with skin problems and sometimes acne its not my problem. It’s just that the medications make ur skin red or dry which makes u uncomfortable as well.

    Mostly like someone wrote earlier, some people look at you and give advice like if u have never done anything to treat ur face. That makes so mad because they don’t know and it’s better to shut the **** up. If u want to help make that person feel that u see more than meets the eye.

    The problem acne sufferers like us have it’s that no matter what, we believe our skin it’s the worse there is. No matterif someone else u know has acne. Maybe if u look at me u will think I’m crazy and tell me that my skin is OK but that’s what acne does to us.

    I can tell u a couple of things, I strongly believe that food affects our bodies in many ways. Some people get fat, some people get allergies, some get cholesterol and we get acne. Doctors will tell u this is a lie but they now what they are taught in MED school so u can start by reducing ur sugar intake even substitutes. That a must

    Drink 8 or more glasses of water but not at once.

    Eat less and less fried foods.

    If u have the resources go to a Spa or even better a naturist




    I will tell how the Spa treatment goes Ok

    Bless you.

    Don’t forget to have faith and ask God to guide u.

  147. 1. Keep your hands off your face.

    2. Use a mild face wash (st. Ives gentle scrub is great)

    3. Wash face only twice a day. In the morning and before bed. To prevent from drying out your skin.

    4. Don’t pop any pimples or zits that do not have a clear white head on the top. It will only make is swell up and become irrated and red. Most likely it will take much longer to go away.

    5. After you pop a zit apply a dab of rubbing alchol on the zit. Then leave it alone.

    6. Be active. The more jogging and exercising you do will help keep your blood flowing. Which helps prevent acne.

    7. Laugh a lot. Try your hardest to be positive and know that it will soon go away. Try to think of it as only being a scratch that is temperary. No big deal. Just be happy. There is no reason to worry about what everyone else thinks. Who cares.

    8. Drink a lot of water!

    9. Take out as much fatty foods as possible. This is good for all around health anyway.


    11. Ocean water does wonders! Go to the beach and play in the water for hours. Keep your face wet with the ocean water. It truly does help a lot. Everytime i’ve gone to the beach for a weekend my face clears right up.

    12. Make sure if you use lotion it is the kind that doesn’t clog pores.

    13. don’t be obsessive about your acne.

    14. see a dermatologist

  148. I have tried everything I can think of, I get these deep hard zits that hurt, I’ve started using the new clearasil and it seems to work pretty good, but I think if you sqeeze them it just makes it worse, use the ice cube thing that also works, only wash your face a couple of times a day. On the weekend don’t wash it at all give it a rest, my face is really dry now as compared to a year ago when I wasn’t washing it multiple times a day. when you get a flare up this clear stuff will only come out of them at the beginning, so don’t sqeeze it wait a couple of days and then poke with a needle to get some of the liquid out, to releive then just leave it I wouldn’t sqeeze it more that once, because your skin gets bruised and dry and just yuk..

  149. Forget All These Tips….What People Want To So Is Use An Avacardo Face Mask…..If You Dont Want To Waste Your Money Then Why Not Try A Home Made Mask….
    Using ONE Avacardo
    Peel The Avacardo
    Mush It Up
    Into A Paste
    Then Apply
    Take Off After 5-10 Minutes (When Your Skin Starts To Feel Tight)
    Rinse With Warm Water
    Hope That Helps….Cause It Helps Me

  150. Try sum healing cream..i.e Savlon.

    my face was covered with spots soo i did sum research and looked up some ideas and tips and then i used savlon and smoothed into my skin with clean handz…i kept it on til i woke in da morning and washed my face as usual and within in 4 days i cud see a differnce…a big difference

  151. put about 3 spoons full of lemon juice in a glass and dap it on your face then put some boiling water in a pan and cover your head with a cloth and stick your head over the bowl.

  152. look its hard to get rid of it when i was only 4 years old i started to get acne! my tip is eat fruit,veggies work out and simple changes in you diet dont touch your frace! that makes blackheads and then pimples!

  153. Well, the tip from me is that if you find a face wash that works for you and you only wash your face w/ it once a day. Wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The only thing is at night after you wash your face wash your hands and then apply rubbing alcohol on a warm rag and squeeze your pimple.

  154. Thanks guys, the toothpaste tip really helped to carry away some of my pimples. I am really a cute boy, most of the girls love being around me and tells me i’m cute. But over the holidays, i’ve gotten a lot of pimples. I don’t know how they came about but that’s the worst my face have ever looked in all my life. I’m 17. Thanks for the toothpaste tips fellas.

  155. I started 2 get my pimples in the 6th grade. Now Im going into my Freshmen year and my pimples have spread 2 my cheeks, forehead, back and chest. Medications are to strong and rough on the skin. And all the eggyolk and toothpaste is a joke. The only reason people say that works is because they make themselves believe it works. Its all a state of mind. Like Eric said, dont worry about, drink water, eat healthy, stay happy and should notice a BIG difference.

  156. hi i have had zits on my face for almost 4years now(im 10) i hat’em they are the worst things…i can’t stand having them but i understand alot of people get them…i want to be an actor in a few years but having my forhead and starting on the sides of my face and cheeks coverd with zits its hard and they wont accept many people with a face like mine i mean its not like they wont accept me cause of my acne but having at least a face that you can actully say oh yea she is normal instead of perfect skin or zit face i would love perfect skin but im sure i wont get it so i dont care i just want it to be cleared up more than it is now! I see what you are saying thanks i will try it out:)

  157. Be careful with the toothpaste, it can actually end up causing your pimples to scar. It is very harsh.

    Exfoliation is really important. A good microdermabrasion cloth used gently on your skin 3 times a week will help with that. I use mine wet, and sometimes with cleanser. The key is to be gentle. You will be slightly pink afterwards. I prefer to do mine at night because of this.

    Girls that are still using liquid foundations and concealers do yourslf a favor and switch to mineral make-up. It actually has things in it that will help to dry your acne plus promotes overall good health of your complexion. Just be careful of products that contain something called bismuth oxide. This can irritate acne conditions and cause allergic reactions in some people. I am terribly allergic to that ingredient myself.

    Sulfur and licorice root are two of the main ingredients in Dr. Murads blemish healer, the yellow stuff in the small tube for those of you familiar with his products. They work very well but are costly for those on a budget like myself.

    You can find both of these items for much cheaper than what murad charges for a tiny tube. Check ebay. Pascalite clay is also something that really dries zits up fast. This is excellent for those big, cyst like things that normally take forever to heal.

    Lastly,I take an oral supplement called natra bio for acne. It is all natural. Really makes a difference. I still breakout when really stressed or right before my time of the month, but that is hormones for ya!

  158. The thing with my acne in which i have had to deal with since grade 6 and i am now in grade 12. it comes and it goes, but when it comes it horrible. I was wondering if anyone had tips for scars. i would pick my white heads & keep picking them until i dont see it anymore, the only thing i see is a lil brown scar on my face.. MY Prom is commming up this year and i would like to have clear skin. All of my girlfriends have awsome PErfect clear skin. lol im so jelous. i just need a cure for SCARS πŸ™ plz help

  159. hey! ok acne REALLY sucks. i’ve tried everything!!! nada works differin, acneFree (not willing to try Proactive) everything. water works the best. right now im using veliocty from MAry KAy (cosmetics). it owrks wonders for white heads. blackheads not so much, but the best thing so far is velocity and 8-10 glasses of water. yea you have to pee alot n im in 8th grade so it might seem awkward, but if anybody says anything, say its cuz the water!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  160. acne is your body screaming for help and for change. the skin is the single largest organ in your body. when you get deep acne, it is a sign of what is happening internally. and something is very wrong. it could be saying please stop taking that medication, stop stressing, stop eating that food, or stop using that nasty makeup, lotion or soap, stop breathing all that exhaust, etc.
    i tried a whole different approach after doing all the creams, pills, cleansing regimens you name it. i realized that it really is about the hormones and not just the hormones that the body makes, hormones is everywhere. hormone mimickers are all over the environment and the products that we use causing a huge hormonal imbalance in our bodies, namely estrogen. we get too much estrogenic effects in foods that contain soy products, as well as countless other ingredients frequently found in overly processed foods. we get too much estrogen in makeup, lotions and soaps from mostly ingredients that are not organic such as all the parabens. stay away from products containing any kind of ingredient that ends in paraben. in actuality the body absorbs hormones more easily through the skin than through our GI tract, because things absorbed through the skin are not filtered by another organ such as the liver. so it is more important to be careful what you put on that what you eat, but it is best to be careful of both.
    as a general rule of thumb it is best to stay away from petroleum derivatives. do a search engine search to read up on estrogenic things. taking this hormonal approach has helped me keep my horrific acne away without retin-A, without accutane, and other special products. i just watch what i eat now and watch what i put on my skin. if a food or beauty product has more than 6 ingredients, it will more than likely have more junk that you need. so i try to eat more clean, organic vegetables and fruits, lean organic meat and fat free organic dairy, whole grain everything. stuff that is really bad for acne is also bad for your body, such as ALL fast foods, as well as almost all restaurants, especially steak, hamburger, mexican and chinese joints.
    a moderate daily workout helps the body rid of fluids and toxins that get lodged all over your body too.
    hope this instills a different view on acne, and your eyes are open to attacking your acne problem from a whole different perspective, from a much more basic fundamental start.
    i have been off of all prescriptions for my acne for 3 years now, i still have acne scars, but i am glad i am not making new ones. i wish i knew what i know now a lot sooner.

  161. i read that if you have acne on ur back, wear 100% cotton. if it’s not cotton, ur skin can’t breathe and it will clog the pores. i don’t have it on my back, but just in case, try it!!!

  162. if u hab scars, go to walgreens. they hab this product called Acne Free. they have this product to get rid of acne scars

  163. if u have acne on ur chin, do not brush ur teeth with whitening toothpaste. if u luv chocolate, i heard that chocolate doesn’t cause acne. i don’t know it it’s true though. oily hair might cause acne on the forehead…and if u want to get rid of acne fast, mix the juice of a lemon, with some cornstarch.if u want clear skin, put a lemon in ur bath.

  164. last tip… i hope… i also read that right after u answer phone, wash ur hands before u touch ur face. also look for a product with genticid acid, or something whatever. it helps

  165. omg!!i no hw ye ppl feel im 14 !!and im all ways breakin out wit spots!!i used everytng from clerasil to witch!!sumtngs work for s while but der nvr gone long anough!!i ave 2 wear oil free makeup 2 schoo, everyday!!nd i hate it im always consinsices of wat plle tnk!!lots of ppl in my year ave NO spots!!i wash my face around 20 times a day!!but i dicoverd witch gel!!which u put on at nite it soaks up all da oil on your face so u wake up oil free in the mournins its great!!!a bite of advice dnt use clearasil it makes ur skin dry nd iritable!!nd dnt use clerirsil black head remover !!wast of time!!xxxx

  166. The toothpaste carries away the bumps that have no redness in them. The ones with the redness are still there fo me. I played a sport the other day and used sunscreen and that helped to carry away the redness a bit. The toothpaste carried away some too.

  167. well my tip for any body who has pimples is to drink alot of water that makes you flush it away . when i turned 14 years old i was filling my face with pimples ,acne, black heads, and i dont know what eles i had in my head but know that aim drinling 8 cups a water a day iam healthier and defenetly getting rid of pimles . iam so , so glad and i really think this would work out for anybody

  168. i just started using proactiv and it works rele good.
    Just dont forget wash ur face with it one day cause it will come back worse.Also going to the beach helps my face. the sun and SWIMMING in the salt water seemed to help. just make sure u where sun screen

  169. I’ve tried a lot of products including proactive and the ones my doctors prescribed, but nothing works for a long time. I was pretty desperate until I came to this website: . Check out the website explore it and follow the three step regimen and you’ll definitely get clear skin. I use the neutrogena acne treatment on the spot for a few weeks and I see it clears up right away. It really depends on people, because stress cause me pimple so I have to apply on those spots more cream than others. If you eat right and follow the advice then your skin will definitely clear up and have absolutely beautiful baby skin within 6 months. πŸ™‚ I seriously tried a lot and nothing works like this. Expect redness and skin peeling for the first month though. But it’s totally worth it. Have a wonderful time clearing up your skin. πŸ™‚

  170. Wash with hot water and a facial brush or washcloth. Squeeze a fresh lemon into a small bowl and put the juice on a cotton ball. Apply cotton ball to face. Repeat soaking of cotton ball in lemon juice as needed. Let lemon juice dry on face for about 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. The lemon juice should make your face sting or mildly burn. For sensitive skin, dilute juice with filtered water.

  171. Well i had lots of pimples when i started moisterisin my face so much with all sorts of different creams lyk coco butter and nivia and things lyk da but den i stoped and strted just washing my face with wata and a towel to dry afterr every night and evry mornin without moisterisin

  172. This stuff called Acne Free from University Medical worked wonders for me. I like it better than Proactiv–but its the same concept.

  173. some tips…

    1. only moisturize when you skin feels tight after cleansing…otherwise your skin doesn’t need to be moisturized as it already has enough moisture in it. over moisturizing can lead to pimples.

    2.drink water. at least 6-8 glasses a day. it does wonders for your skin and is great for your over all health. it may seem like alot at first but once in the habit youl be fine.

    3.dont pop you pimples if there is no head, this can lead to scarring. only attempt if there is a white head on top then put a hot cloth to your face until it looks ready to pop then gently push with some cottonbuds. dont worry about squezing everying out it will do that itself then heal.

    4.never sleep in make up it clogs your pores…if your lazy and cant be bothered use a facial wipe instead of a clenser…just make sure you get it off!!!

    hope these help !

  174. ok i’ve sufferd from spots for 2 years .. i’ve had really bad acne .. i’ve tried everything from stuff off doctor to tea tree .. nothing works .. i rekon natrual stuff are better, but nothing seems to work for me. I use to never wear makeup but now i always do because im so self concious about my spots i know it clogs my pores up but they just wont go away .. the only thing that worked for mr for a bit was some stuff called Seesens Aloe vera && tea tree gel.
    Please help?

  175. try noxema it feels good and opens all (i mean all) of your pores.I still have acne but im doing all i can, you should all do the same.

  176. If you really want to get rid of acne or just pimples just dont touch them or only when you see the white of it. sleep 9+ hours and in the morning youll see a good slight change, never put any cream on it they are all crap and make your skin worse.

    ps, wash face after sports ASAP sweat clogs pores

  177. using fresh lemon as a mask helps a lot….may sting a little bit for the first couple of minutes but will do a lot of exfoliation.

  178. I need to do the steaming thing i just havent found the right way to do it but tonight im gonna try a hot washcloth over. I see Proactiv ias advertise, it really does work if you have oily skin though. It worked for me but after a month of it my skin was cracked drya nd i was putting mosturizer on, something in their mosterizer though irrated me skin. I have very sensitve skin but yeah i need to learn not to use my finger, though i wash them thougherly before fiddling with my face. I use 2 differnt product names, and i use acohol on the spots of pimples and blackheads.

  179. Oil of Cajeput works great! It does burn if used after washing the face, but if you just put it on a few times throughout the day it shouldn’t. If you wear makeup you can just dab the oil of Cajeput on, instead of rubbing. Plus, do not be fooled by the word OIL, it works great.

  180. Try eating less sugary foods and having a bit less caffiene if possible. Oily foods shouldn’t really cause it as much as these, unless you rub the grease all over your face.

  181. Mix a few drops of vitamin A with an oil free moisturizer or a couple dropsf o water. It has helped plenty of people, but not all.

  182. WELL i garentee you guys you havnt done as much as me haha. i started taking minocyclinge at 14 (worked for while got immune to it and doenst really work anymore but i still take it). Then went on roaccutane with 3 different courses and after all that still came back i just seem to become immune to bloody everything. i then used differen didnt really work, did the daniel kern regimen worked AMAZINGLY for 2 weeks then got really **** and gave me brakeouts and now ive stopped. now im on vilantae (pills) only thing that works i take it with minocycline and at night only use 10% bp on the spots not on whole face tho. it seems to keep them at bay but i still get odd few. im going to go to dermatoligists hopefully soon and see what they can prescribe me i hope i soon grow out of this, it is really hard to bear with spots when i break out, just want to stay in and miss school.

  183. ive also used acnezine and that does work ok at times, i have also used freederm, which is not as good as bp and have also tried the toothpaste trich which doesnt work to, im 17 when will i grow out of this, i need to be in a country that is hot with a beach i have worked that out, sun sea clears skin and i live in england GREAT

  184. drinking loads of water helps alot!!! i steam my face over the bathroom sink to open my pores then i pop the spots and then treat it with either srong curry sauce or perfume. to help i also take off my make-up every night…GOOD LUCK!

  185. Use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque..
    drys out pimples in probabl y about three days..well at least it did for me..
    also try.Acne Free Kit. you can buy it at almost anystore –orange and white container–three steps-clears up face in about a week,
    Good Luck,

  186. has anyone tried epidermx i just bought it and dont know whether to use it for my severe acne or not just a question… blake

  187. i only wash my face once a day
    when i take a shower
    like around 6
    i used to wash it in the morning and at night
    but it broke me out more
    so now im only washing it once
    try that=]
    it works 4 meh

  188. I think you should be very carefull about the medications and the tips you try using because they might make you break out even more

  189. Acne has overtime become the pivotal theme of my life. Bad acne, the type of stuff that makes you want to not show up in public, causes depression big time. Used monocycline along with Retin A, helped scientifically, as I continued using it, things got better and better. I even got to the point when I forgot that I ever had skin problems, some dumb thing of the past. Then, bacteria has mutated (as it tends to) and developed an immunity towards both of the products. And slowly, the beautiful light weakened and darkness consumed my life once again. What I know for certain is that food plays no affect on acne whatsoever, be it fatty acids or carbohydrates, studies show no correlation between food intake and degree of acne. Don’t believe me, ask your dermatologist (if you have one). I had acne while I almost fasted, I had same degree of acne when I consumed 64 ounce cups of Dr. Pepper each evening for a month. I had a choice of using Accutane, my doctor even had made an appointment for me to take blood, but I declined at the last moment. That stuff has a whole book of side effects, and regardless of your unique individual composition, there is bound to be a side effect or two that will fit your individual weak spots. After using Murad, 10% benzoic acid, Proactiv, special soaps, cold water, steam baths, honey mixed with onion squeeze (sticky), baking soda, sunshine, urine, noxima, etc. I am convinced that the only truly working mixture is patience, time and hope, and in the right proportions, your hormonal disbalance will be normalized and your acne will slowly disappear. In regards to those scars, scars make men more attractive (look at the scarred Spartans in 300) and women can try lemon juice or go get the uneven surface of the face laser removed, never tried either of those methods, so can’t guarantee. Good Luck.

  190. Here are soem tips I have…

    1. If you have REALLY bad Acne go and see your Doctor, you can get put on a drug called Roaccutine and thats amazing, although while your on the drug you may get slightly annoyed with how dry it will make your skin.

    2. Drink lots of water, it will flush your body which is only a good thing to do!

    3. If your Doctor says you can’t go on Roaccutine they will offer other things like tablets and face cream.

    4. Don’t wash your skin too much otherwise your skin will produce more oil to make up for your dry face.

    5. Try to not think about them too much, I know it’s hard as I have them too but it will help.

    6. Don’t keep touching them because it just spreads them.

    7. If you need to pop a whitehead gently pop it with a sterilised needle and squeeze it out, after put warm water over a towel and hold on the popped spot.

    8. Although food aparently doesn’t cause spots, try to stay off the fatty oily foods, it’s still benefitting your health anyway.

    9. Eat foods rich in vitamins and omega 3, your skin will love you for it!

    10. Stay at it! Don’t give up. Look on sites such as this for help and reccomended treatments!

  191. I reckon water helps alot and sudocreme helps alot its for alot of things and it says for acne on it πŸ˜€ helps dry your skin out if you have oily skin like me it will help alot. Stop the redness πŸ™‚

  192. I’ve had acne for half a year now, it started off as small spots on my forehead, and grew to large red pimples all over the place.

    I found that LEMON works GREAT..
    here’s a tip for you all
    try this:

    -Juice of half a lemon
    -half a banana
    -bicarb soda
    -antiseptic gel (maybe savlon or something similar)
    -your normal face wash
    -and an exfoliant

    Mash everything together
    and put it on your face for 10 minutes
    then wash it it off.
    trust me, it work WONDERS.
    my skin is now. .99.999% clear and i’m happy. =]

    Also, toothpaste may work a bit, but be careful not to use too much, it can burn.

    I recommend a trip to the dermatologist. they always help.

    Good luck

  193. I have had acne since my sophomore year in high school. I have tried just face wash and meds you can buy at the store, prescription meds for a bout 2 years, and have tried pro-active…none of these have helped!!!


  194. I started getting acne since I was about 14…you know little blackheads in my nose and forehead. At first I thought: “it will never get severe”….well, Now I’m 16 and I have severe acne all over my face. I hate it. It has been destroying my social life in high school. I started using Proactiv like a year ago and all I can say is: it doesn’t work. Commercials on TV exaggerate their use. It only works for the first time really well and after a while your face gets immune to the product. The product itself is really expensive and all it really does is makes your face dependant on it for the rest of your life. All Proactiv wants is money.

    I’ve tried lots and lots of stuff but they just don’t work. Acne runs through my family and I highly believe that the reason for my acne doesn’t come from certain factors such as food, hormones, hygiene…etc. It simply comes from genetics. Most of my family has had it and unfortunally I also have it as well.

    All I can really advise to all of you have acne is try to stay away from stress, drink a superior amount of water daily, STOP complaining about acne all the time, stay away from excessive oils and sweets, stay happy and love yourself.

  195. I do a few things. WORKS FOR ME!
    -When it gets really bad, go to a tanning baed for 10-15 min. Your face will burn a bit and clear up, but you have to use a scrub to get the dead skin off, or else it will backfire.
    -Twice a day..Wash with Neutrogena acne soap. Then toner, i like neutrogena acne, or just any pore toner. Then i rub ZapZit on the areas.
    -EVERY other day, or 2, I use the Apricot Acne Scrub- Equate or the major brand.
    -GUYS…Shave after your get out of the shower too. it’s helps to skin loosen up.

  196. I’ve tried everything!!!Im a chocolate freak and everyone is telling me that chocolate breaks u out rly try not 2 eat alot of chocolate

  197. Putting colgate in your face makes your face feel fresh. For some people, colgate helps your face to prevent spots by putting it before sleep and wash it using hot water for 5 minutes and cold water for 5 minutes as well. This is my only best way of getting rid of my spot but if it dont work just quit doing it.

  198. i dont have bad acne but when i do get acne i usually get a bar of soap in the shower and rub it on my face and leave it on for 3 min then wash it out after that before i got to bed i cure the acne with hydrogen prioxide, it burns it away in one night!! i woke up and my face was so clear every morning try it!

  199. I recommend 100% aloe vera gel. Just simply apply it twice daily after showering, does’nt dry the skin out and reduces redness really quick.

    other advice is, dont squeeze your spots. They go away alot quicker if you just let your body deal with it itself. dont use benzoyl peroxide creams…they dont work!

  200. jog a lot and drink a lot of water :]
    Toothpaste does not work
    and proactiv works, but your skin DOES get afficted to it
    drink a lot of tea
    and dont use a lot of lotions on your face

  201. these are some things i do when i get pimples
    .exercise alot the more u sweat the better it is for the pimple
    .heat helps alot too but not heaters and etc natural heat try a steam
    .drink alot of water
    .avoid oily fatty food and spicy food
    .dont apply too many moisturisers or make up
    .use an oil free concealer
    .apply and ice pack every 30 minutes to the affected area
    .apply toothpaste
    .eat bitter food it cleans out the bacteria on ur face and reduces swelling and redness

  202. i had a serious case of acne and bacne i had spots too..i had chemical peel not only it made my acne gone but my face whiter and blemish free!!

  203. i have been getting plimples for the last 5 years..dnt knw wats d problem..i have tried so many medications..starting from blood purifier tablets, mores n all..but nothing helped..however just dis year i tried drinking lotz of water also tried taking herbal juice did help me for a month…but then again pimples stared to pop up..i do eat fatty weeks almost everyday…but i do drink lotz of water..i dnt c dis as a problem..but i think i have to really cut down on fatty foods..n i know prayer does help…n one day my allah will listen to my prayers..say b4 i turn 24 hahaha..m 23 years now..m using clarasil cleanser at the moment..also i pop my swollen pimples with a tweaser..i try not to use my fingers…i know pimles really sucks…esp in photos…hope my face does get better before i get married..

  204. If you have a really red pimple, here are some easy tips to fix it.
    1. Boil a pot of steaming hot water and pour it into a sink.
    2. Afterwards, stand over the water and put your face as close to it as possible wafting the hot air torwards your face.
    3. After the water begins to cool, take a rag and soak it with water and heat it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. (not to long though)
    4. Place the rag on your face for about 3 to 5 minutes.
    5. This process will have steamed your face so your pores will be open.
    6. Beat an egg white and place it on your face for at least 8 minutes.
    7. Wash your face with your normal cleanser.
    8. Clean your face with an astrigent.
    9. Put eye drops on your pimple and reapply as often as possible.
    After about 2 days your pimple will have gone down.
    Healthy diets and exercise help (preferably jogging-it relieves stress and swimming-it drys out your face)also sleep and DO NOT use a
    moisturizer helps.

  205. i used to suffer acne way back in grade 7 and as i can remember i got rid of it really easily with home remedies,
    i used vinegar and lemon extract and
    i used clearasil which made me break out as it was bringing it all the the surface and then it cleared it all up.

  206. dont drink milk. it increases the hormones and makes more zits. also have a healthy diet and excersise alot. like 20 puchups a day or somthing, but try oxy for medium acne it reduces zits IMEDIAtLY

  207. I Have Tried Absoloutely Everything But the thing that has helped me the most was when i drank lots and lots of water

    Never go to bed wiff ur make-up on

    Try to use very natural ingredients

    never try to pop the spot

  208. Hey Ppl,

    Ma names Jordan i am quite worried about getting spots i never had them and as i have turned 15 i am starting to get quite afew now. my mum has bought me 2 creams and one cleanser i have tried one crean wen i had afew but i got more, i applied cream to a spot under my cheek bone a small one and it left a scar which is slowly goin but i am not riskin it anymore.

    I Dno Why I Have A sleeping Problem don’t sleep till about 2 in da morning sometimes dnt get any sleep it never give me spots before but suddenly wen i changfed my hair stype and started hair spraying my face i think it was to do with my old hairstype going over my forehead thats were im mainly getting them.

    Try to get rid of them naturally is all i’m saying go joggin, drink water, get sleep, pour steaming water in a stuible bowl and put ur face in but be careful not to burn it cover it with a towl and sit there for awhile about 10-15 minutes till the steam and heat goes than go up or down stairs and fill up the sink and wash your face with clean hands and cold water so all the sweat goes and they should start to clear up.

    Thanks. Jordan.

  209. My tip is to use steaming water, over the bowl with a towel then rest your face over it for around 15 minutes. Do this once a day. Also, drink lots of water ( 8 GLASSES A DAY ) and try doing some more exercise. I also found when i had acne previously that in Boots they do a Tea Tree and Witch Hazel spot stick which works brilliantly! i was free of spots for months now. They cleared within 2 weeks of using these methods. No breakouts since, i get one every now and then but just steam my face, wash it with cold water and then apply the spot stick and then the spot is gone the day after =D Hopefully i help at least one of you out there with my methods =D

  210. One more thing, do not cut out the oils in your diet, you need at least some oil to keep a balance, too little and your body will produce more meaning more breakouts, but dont have two much otherwise it will have the same effect. Another thing, DO NOT pick, i know its hard not to pick but trust me, in the end its worth it.

    For people who wake up to oily skin in the morning like i used to. Go down to your local pharmacy, and buy VITAMIN B6, it works really well and gets your hormones in balance and gives your oil production a balance aswell, after a couple of weeks you wont wake up to oily skin anymore, i used these vitamins and they worked brill! Take only 2 a day, there are 90 in a tub usually so they will last you a month or 2 =]

    Hope i have helped you all again! =D

  211. okay well i have heard tea tree oil helps the face and well. i personally know with my skin that toothpaste dries out your pimple which makes it smaller and also decreases redness. after aplying that for 20 minutes then you go and put honey on your face for 10 minutes which makes you face alot softer. also water..i know everyone is saying water HELPs. drink it up[:then your face will be alot better. do this b4 u go to bed and then when you wake up wash your face with luke warm water and dove non scented bar soap. hope this helps good luck[:

  212. I had many white spots around my eyes and cheeks however i now only have a very few left after drinking alot of water and reducing the sugars in my diet. It really helps trust me.

  213. i used to have pretty bad acne and i tried alot of creams and other products…then i tried clearasil(cant spell lol) ultra scrubs and it worked wonders…also tips drink alot of water, get enough sleep, dont touch your face, and ALWAYS wash off makeup before bed

  214. cut a lemon and rub it all ova ur face it will stop u getting spots … put a blob of moisturizer on ur spot n it will dissapear … drink lots ov water

  215. Use Clinique acne solutions! I love it and I have never had acne up until now and i got it yesterday and i put it on and it VANISHED!!!!!

  216. Use apple cider vinegar. Drink 2 tablespoons in water 3 times a day and also use on your face twice daily works great trust me.

  217. Well I’ve used so far Neutrogena (probably misspelled) and its okay but i have to wash my face like two times a day, once in the morning, and once at night. See acne didn’t use to both me but now that I’m a junior in high school my moms been bugging me NON stop about it and it just gets annoying after a while.
    things I found that work:

    Clean and CLear oil free morning burst shine control moisturizer:
    it helps to keep your skin from being too dry becuase if you wash your face too much your skin starts to peel like you have sunburn, so this helps prevent that.

    Egg yolk:
    everyone says this doesnt work yada yada yada, but it does help reduce the oil in your skin, remember THE YOLK only, i made the mistake of using the egg white as well and it made my skin break out beyond belief.

    Doritoes is a no no:
    I took doritoe chips, ALL kinds out of my meal plans, and snacks and it was hard beyond belief since I’m like a doritoe fan haha but after I stopped eating them for a week I didn’t have as many break outs then i splurged and had one of those small bags, the next morning I woke up with a BUNCH of breakouts on my chin, and cheeks, and forehead. Sun chips are a good substitute they havent made me breakout yet

    Buttery Popcorn:
    if you do want to eat this DO NOT wipe your face or touch your face while eating it, because you’ll break out, it oils up your skin and can cause major pimple that will hurt and are huge!

    Don’t use:
    A face wash and an acne treatment at the same time if they both have benzoyl peroxide. becuase it makes your skin sensitive and causes dry skin, and peeling.

    thats all the help I can really give. I’m still working on mine and its not as bad as it was.
    Before on a 1-10 it was 8 in bad. Now its currently a 5 and im hoping to get it to a 2 or a zero even (: ggoood luck.

  218. Well i’ve been using proactive for about say 3 years now. I was in about fourth grade when i started. Im 13 now, and i’ve been struggling with acne ever since. I have no idea why. So i’ve been trying some Obagi that my mother uses and it seems to be clearing up.
    So maybe theres a solution to your problems with acne. :]

  219. First of all, I would like to say that I tried Proactiv 2 years ago and used it for about 3 months. It clears your skin right away, within days but then after 3 months, stopped working. I began getting little tiny pimples and blackheads. I stopped using it and went back to my prescription benzeclin, which had magically stopped working for me. I had one of the worst breakouts of my life after getting off of proactiv. Proaciv is strong stuff and it WILL make a difference in your skin but not all changes are for the better. I believe that the glycolic acid caused my skin to purge. Skip proactiv and go to a dermatoligist. I currently use retin-a and benzeclin mixed. Retin-a is effective but i hate the side-effects and I’m looking to get off of it. I’m thinking of trying Aveda’s Outer Peace Line since I’ve heard really good things but having learned from past mistakes I will consult my Dermatoligist first!!! ***Also important, I would like to reply to Eric’s long article about acne and subconscious. Although it seems kind of new-agey I think that he’s on to something. I firmly believe in the body/mind connection and as a psychology major, I am familiar with the subconscious. I spend a lot of time thinking about acne and worrying about it and the more I do this, the worse it gets. Perhaps all of that negative thinking really does activate the oil glands or perhaps the basis of it is psysiological; the increase in cortisol (the stress hormone) can aggrivate the condtion. I meditate and do yoga on a daily basis; I’m going to try to use “my skin is smooth and clear” as a sort of mantra and see how that works. I’ll try anything at this point. My skin isn’t that bad, it’s just not the vision of perfection that it was in college… ((SIGH)) Anyway, give some thought to the body/mind connection!

  220. Okay i have horrid back acne and it keeps me from wearing those cute bathing suits. So i found something that ou probably have in our bathroom that helps ALOT . Rubbing alcohol. Apply it to your back with a cotton ball after you get out of the shower and sleep in something like a tank top . Do this for a few weeks and oh my gosh the diffrence is amazing . *note* it hasnt cleared up all the way but it has made a HUGE diffrence.

  221. there is one tip i can give is to wash ur face often and try and change ur bedding aswell becuse dirt also causes spots and wash ur hands before touching ur face coz it might be dirty
    and use toothpaste. it really works
    goodluck people!!!

  222. hi,
    i’ve had problems for 4 years now.. i’m only a sophmore in high school and the acne is noticably getting worse.. and i’m desperate for anything to get rid of it… i just read some responses on here, and i tried them… the toothpaste is a miracle worker. the redness goes down in about 15 min. and i still cant believe it… drink lots of water.. and get a good amount of sleep at night.

  223. I have a cold and ive been drinking LOADS of water, Ive notist that my spots are reducing πŸ˜€ !!!!!!!

    W A T E R

    Sadly it doesnt get rid of spots deep under the skin πŸ™

    toothpaste only works on certain people. Not me :/

  224. I’ve tried many things in the past but the best ive found to be is ROACCUTANE. I went to my local dermatologist and she put me on ROACCUTANE which cleared my skin up completely, however 3 years later my skin got worse again so i am in the process of booking another appointment. I also heard that using TCP antiseptic liquid can work. Can anyone confirm this?

  225. A friend told me that it helped her and her sister by putting Peroxide on their faces before they go to bed and in the mornings… It didn’t help me but maybe it will someone else. =]

  226. has anyone here tried spectro jel? And, does it work? Now i understand that it needs to get worse before it gets better so…dont pick at them..i have another q tho, is it still ok to pick off a huge whitehead or no?

  227. I use Clean & Clear seems to work, for me it started slow but a one point took a leap and took care of me real well.

    something you should NEVER take in my oppinion is a perscription called Clyndamyacin, it is experimental and is a ingestable pill. what I experienced wasn’t in the side effect warnings, I experienced short-term memory loss, loss of conciousness in the form of quick blackouts, a general low feeling, and fatigue.
    I did research and found that those symptoms are similar to a form of epilepsy so I asked my daocter and he assured me that I do not have it. So I got off the medicine, two MRIs and a CAT scan later and the problem went away, acne…no effect with or without the drug

  228. What’s up everyone? Well, listen I used to get a lot of acne on my back and on my face particularly on my cheeks and forehead because whenever we would be out in the field we didn’t have access to a lot of water so this meant I couldn’t wash my face as often and the fresh water we did have was just for drinking.
    I realized that if I used ****** Scrub every other day the scrub would get rid of dead skin particles that clogged my pores and it would help expose new skin so that is what I used for my back and shoulders; for my face I used Proactive and clay masks. The proactive helped a lot and so did the clay masks but also remember to drink a lot of water. Water helps but you need to drink at least a gallon a day for a couple of months in order for you to see a real difference. Lotion up with cocoa butter after showers this will help your skins elasticity and will help blemishes disappear.
    Please try not to pop anything for a while and even if you are tempted to do so get your mind off it and go do something else believe me, “mind over matter” it works. I used to pick at the pimples on my back and all I was left with was horrible blemishes and was ashamed of wearing no sleeve t-shirts so I started wearing long sleeves for a while and this would cause me not to be starring at them every chance I got and after a couple of weeks the problem would take care of itself. Wish everyone the best of luck with this.

  229. The toothpaste tip did not work for me. Me and my friend tryed it and when i washed it off i had a relly red spot that was reallly worse than the spot i had.

  230. K well…i have little pimples on my face, and i didnt know how to get rid of it until i tried to buy a brush, thats specificly for your face, and its like round =P…so i put my everyday facewash soap on the brush and i scrub it on my face in circlular movement.. trust me ! it really works! but dont use it more than 2 times a day because it will make your face peel =S.. so after u use it.. MOISTURIZE and make sure its oil free πŸ˜‰

  231. hiya i dont have many spots but i sometimes get heat things but all i did to get rid of my spots is washed my face on a night and placed mosturiser in palms of hand and rub on face in morning u feel tones betta. try it xxx

  232. i bought clean and clear spot treatment gel witch is good for small spots but it you have bad acne i wouldn’t recommend it.
    but i have took the tip putting toothpaste over the infected area for 10-15 minuets.
    i hope this work’s for you !!:)

  233. I have tried to use the stuff from marykay and it don’t really work that well so i went to the health food store and gont this stuff called ACNE AID and it has tree tea, lavander, and rosemary in it. It might stink when you first smell it right out of the bottle but if you put water on a cottonball and then put a few drops on it then it don’t stink. If you can’t get to the health food store then I would say to put just plain toothpaste(aquafresh or colgate without whitening stuff) on it before you go to bed and that will take it up with in 2 or 3 days.

    I hope this work for you cause it did for me!!!!!

  234. i use duac, i still have a few pimples now and then but it works great. i never really used toothpaste before and my friend does and she tells me to use a little if i have an outbreak, her skin looks great so i’ll try it and let you know how it works.

  235. Use surgical spirit on your face instead of a toner. It purifys t and get rid of acne. I just put it on a minute ago and already I can feel my acne going. Also avon immediate blemish cleanser is good if you’re in the UK. Tea tree oil is amazing and also apply masks daily to make your skin clear.

  236. The hot water thing, does not work. When getting rid of acne rinse with cold water.
    And the toothpaste thing- it works! It’s perfect for back acne.

  237. Every morning when i wake up and take a hot shower I let my face sit under the spray for a few minutes. (it actually feels really good, just make sure its not burning hot!) I keep my ****** cleaner in the shower and use it afterward. Rinse again by putting your face under the spray. (if you have acne on your back remember to wash your whole body with soap… including your entire back, try and reach em!)
    once im out of the shower I use a ****** lotion… which has spf in it so im set for my sunscreen for the day. (But if you have really sensative skin you may need more sunscreen than i do, everyones differnet!)
    I never touch my face with my hands unless i have to.
    I wash my pillow cases every week, (they can become very dirty and with you laying on them all night that may be a reason you suddenly break out.)
    Eat Healthy! You should want to anyway for the rest of your body not only your acne! AND Drink Water!
    Taking Vitamins actually may help too, i take all mine every morning.
    I never use anyone elses make up. Stop sharing you girls!
    Staying active, eating healthy, and drinking water can all help to eliminate stress which causes some acne!

    I had a small amount of acne on my face and back and once i learned to change my pillow cases and sheets every week, to always wash my face, and start being a healthy person over all my stress went away as did my acne!
    I still get a few small ones here and there but there always easy to get rid of if i just keep to my routine.

  238. hello!
    my grandmother told me a way to get rid of ache/ bumps and it really works!

    cut slices of potatoe and rub it on your face…let it dry for few minutes (skin is gonna start getting dry) then later wash your face! it doesnt work instantly but if you do it 3 times a week…you should be able to see the result! =D

  239. Omg….pimples suck! Yah we all them. My problem is I get really bad zits in my hair line and forehead…… tip is to use a expholiating cleanser before bed to get rid of all the dead skin and then in the morning when u wake up….use a pore minimizer cleaser…….this really works for me to keep my zits under control….U SHOULD TRY IT!

  240. actually.. for my acne, i pour a little vinegar and a little salt in a cup. then i take a q-tip and dip it in the solution and carefully wipe it over my acne. You may feel a stinging sensation, thats natural though. You should repeat this everynight, and do not wash the solution off after you apply it to your face. When you wake up in the morning, just normally wash your face. You’re skin may get a little dry from this, so remember, use moisterizer !! This propably will keep your face clear for a few weeks, but dont stop using it.. the pimples will eventually come back.

  241. i get this big red pimple on both of my cheek bones no where else like a big bug bite, it bothers me cause its all red and stands out big time, its the only time i get it too is once a month go figure huh! what can i do to get rid of these there is no **** or anything

  242. stop puttin product after product on your face its just making it worse,nd th whole toothpaste fing whats goin on wid tht.jus let them go down naturally its just your hormones

  243. Hey
    Well…I’ve had acne for years and years – it’s like a v. v. v. annoying old friend!!! I just tried the whole toothpaste thing and it made my eyes water!!?? I heard that hairspray is a big noooo coz it irritates the skin, especially on the forehead!

  244. mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to 10 parts water… you might smell while its on but its worth it.. do it b4 u go 2 bed and wash off in morning continue to do this every night. my acne was bad but after doin this for 2-3 nights my skin has cleared up loads. Even wen spots hav cleared up continue to do this maybe a few times a wk!
    hope this helps x

  245. mi madre brought this ointment from Spain on vacation and it really works. it’s pretty much natural stuff. water helps too. try it. drink 3 bottles each day.

  246. Well… every one gets spots , and ii am one ov them that hates them and want to get rid *** All ii do iis ,,, cleanse my face with t-tree cleansing gel , then all ii use is soudocreme – k ur thinking y the hek wud i use this , but honestly it really does work !:)
    i got really bad spots once & i wudnt go out ov the house , so ii tried every thing (clearasil,cleansing otions,they didnt work), i even went to the doctors , and they gave me cream & jel ,, but .. iit didnt seem to clear my spots up πŸ™ , so my mum sed to me lets try some t-tree clansing jel so i went to superdrug and got some, thiis realy does help cleanse all your make-up off or even iif you dont ware make-up it helps to get rid ov the dirt, i got some soudocreme out of the bathroom and started to read whatit was for and i read ACNE i thought how is this going to help ? but in the morning when i got up , i couldnt see a spt in sight! i was amazed πŸ™‚ ,
    please try theese products they really do help:)
    thanx ,, Lv Lauren x

  247. hi ned help i have had acne for the past 5 years now i have tried everything except toothpast can you tell me how long you kep it on for do you wash it off?
    it might sound stupid i no but just need to know please tel me

  248. I have had spots for sooooo long πŸ™ I need more tips! Why does everybody say sudocrem works… It sounds as if it would just block up the pores ? :S

  249. I’ve had my acne for about 1 year now.. i’m still in my teens… well i tried many things to get rid of these spots, salt, baking soda, and cream, jus to b honest these things works but after about a few days they don’t work anymore i dun noe y lol.. i think wash ur face everyday and if u got long fringes/Bangs keep them off ur forehead.. because ur hair has oil, so when it touches ur forehead it produces more oil causing a pimple.. And yeh one more, if u got like a pimple that is red and when u touch it, it really hurts right??? thats a new pimple u just got last night lol.. don’t pop them keep they’ll eventually come off in about 2-3 days if u do the things that i think it might work, cream, water, cleansing and keep hair off face..

    Thx For reading

  250. heyya β™₯
    i hope his help , right i started to get spots when i was about 12 becasue i statrted to wear foundation but i wish i neva did beacuse foudnation ye it looks nice but it jsut clogs your pores and the pores cant breathe so my advies is dont wear foundation or any kind of foundation/concliree its alright to wear it now and then coz then it give enough time to let air get to the pores if i was u and u have reli bad spots i wudnt use no clenasria beacuse it oily and it makes ur face grreasy if you realy ent happy with them use tee tree oil , doctors and clean your face at least twice a day x i hope this helps

  251. hey, i find with my spots that when i wear make up they always seem to come.. and when i dont they always come back.. and i always found it hard not to wear make up because everyone at school wore make-up and was pretty and so i longed to be pretty.. but my advice is.. only wear make up if you really need to. because when i put foundation on it clogged up alll the pours.. and to get rid of them.. just dont wear make up for a few days and they will clear up better then all this toothpaste and stuff.. trust me πŸ™‚ xxx

  252. hi im only 12 and have really bad spots:(
    no one at my school seems to like me because off them noone ever wants to be my parter so i have to work on my own this really upsets mii and i want to juts get rid o them i get called at least 3 times a day i have blak heads to lots actully:( i get called jam face quite a lot and hate it please can somone give mii something tht klers them up ! but i cant use spot cremes because i have very senstive skins so i end up it a rase its reallllly bad!!! please someone hellllllllp meeeeeeeeeeee

  253. in the morning and before i go to bed i wash my face with tea tree oil soap.Then let it dry on my skin i get a cotton ball or two put tea tree oil soultion on the cotton ball then wipe my face with it let it dry.
    p.s later you will see the redness will go away

  254. Visine or any other “no-redness” for your eyes works i heard…
    I use Garnier SOS blemish removal pen.
    Drink water with a little bit of lemon juice (from a real lemon)
    Use a comedone extractor for blackheads!!!
    Wash your face with face wash and tone it afterwards…
    Toothpaste gave me a SCAR!!! DONT USE IT!

  255. To get β€œjust washed” skin on the go
    buy face cloths especially for this (CVS, Watsons ( Watsons is in Malaysia)
    Or get oil clear face paper

  256. Hi guys and girls i am serennah and i am 11 years old and i live in limestone, maine. I have struggled with acne for 2 years now. I know from expierience that being teased hurts. but i try to ignore them either that or i deck them in the face. I have no troubles at school because of my acne but at HOME!!!!!! like many of you i did used to wash my face a lot it doesn’t work. but heres somthing that does. Try gettnig some HYDROGEN PROXCIDE, CLEAN AND CLEAR OIL FREE!!!!! DEEP ACTION CREAM CLEANSER,AND FREEMANS BEAUTIFULFACE AVACADO & OATMEAL PURIFYING CLAY MASQUE. mix all of the ingredience together in an very small dish apply homade clenser to troubled areas or whole face you should start seeing results in as little as 3-4 days. I still have a little acne but i have only been using this idea that i came up with myself for 6 days.

  257. heyy,i need help badly ive got really bad spots on my face,
    and i wear foundation but i take it off whenever i get the chance and in the mornings i dont have anytime whatsoever to do the whole teatree oil thing can anyone recomend anything , the best thing ive ever tried were pore strips but theyre so exspensive ! i cant pay 6 pounds for 5 of them when i used like two a day

    any ideas

  258. I am 11 years old and i have acne for 1 month, im not sure how got them… Most of the time i am embarrased to talk to people and look at them in the face because i have these spots. So can somebodyyy plz tell me how i got spots in the 1st place????????????????????

  259. Hello I am 11 years old and in the last few days I have started to get alot of whiteheads. I have some on my neck but that is because I have been wearing my hair down in the holidays and the oil is coming off. But I have alot on my face too. How do I get rid of them. I am using this blue Nivea stuff with blue beads but its not really working that well. Please I need urgent help to get rid of them!!!! Thankyou it would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!

  260. right to clarify the toothpaste theory-
    IT WORKS- especiallly on whiteheads
    wash your hands and face- pop the spot- put a dot of toothpaste it- leave it on!!!it may make you cry and it will probably hurt but i suggest that you sleep with it on-
    this may sound skanky but tough
    do you want spots or not
    my best mate had really bad skin and she got some pills from the doctor
    the toothpaste is just for the odd one DON”T USE IT AS A FACE MASK!!!
    trust me on this one

  261. hi guys n gurls,
    i m 13 turning 14 and have had acne since i wuz 9 YRS. OLD!i’ll tell u 1 thing, using dove wit my sensitive skin is helping, but i had 2 use ProActiv to start the clearing.wen i used ProActiv, i’ll tell ya, it dusn’t clear it all the way away. i still struggle wit it & im going on 2 high school next yer! i have tried lime juice, which seems 2 help(kinda), but im still searchin 4 the big cure!

    -Ashlee ;D

  262. Hey, I’m Jude I’ve been looking for something that gets rid of an acne but nothing seems to work for me I’m 16 and it’s so embarrassing to have an acne on your face at this age but anyways all those who are 11 and 13 don’t worry about it you’ll get it in this age but It’ll go away gradually

  263. Put Extra Virgin Olive Oil on it. No joke. You’d think that the extra oil would make the acne worsen, but I had terrible bacne, and it’s all gone. Just put it on at night, and it soaks right in while you sleep, and even the next day you’ll see changes for the better. I use it on my face, and chest and I haven’t seen an outbreak in months. Sure there is the odd pimple here and there, but that’s nothing compared to what it used to be!

  264. Hello. I am 13 years old. I just wanted to share my results on some of these remedies.Im not saying they dont work, just not for me. The toothpaste, Proactive, Clean and Clear, Oxy, Differin, and even the antibiotics from the doctor never worked for me. I have used EVERY cleanser, mask, alcohal wipes, and night creams out there. Now that I know none of the proffesional stuff works for me, Im resorting to good-old-fashioned home remodies. I got an email that says to try honey and cinnamon mixed together, and this site says to try baking soda. I’ll try em!

  265. i no this says tip but i dont got one!!!!! i need them ive had acne for 3 years and it NEVER goes away!!!!! people at school point out that i have acne like i dont alredy no!!!!!! i get embarassed alot!!!!! normally my skin is pretty well…good but whenever i do get spots then i pick at them like scabs then it REALLY shows can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me a home recipe that i could use to help it something simple and easy write back ASAP you dont no how much i need this u never no how quick someone could say something hurtful!!!!!!!!!

    thx 4 everything!!!!

  266. i started wearing foundation last year and before that my skin was clear.i started getting lots of spots on my face so i stopped wearing it but the spots stayed.i’ve tried every product i can get my hands on but i have recentley started trying to drink as much water as i can.hopefully this will work.also,i do apply toothpaste just before i go to bed after washing my face.this wors but if you use to much it makes he spots red and enflamed.hopefully dinking more water will clear them up.finger crossed

  267. toothpaste (n.j.k)it realy works i u dont belive me than just try it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try it, it realy does work BELIVE ME

  268. I was getting these spots on my chin and around my mouth, its from shaving, but i shave how i should, i think, but yet i always get this rash around my mouth, and some spots, i got this big one on my chin, i couldnt help but pop it because it was big, i’ve been hammering them with clearasil like 3 or 4 times a day but its not made a big difference. i put toothpaste on the big spot the night i popped it, but when i got up it was like twice as big and red, it looks like a scab, its rank. What do I do? I dont want to leave the house and im 18!!!

  269. Hi everyone.

    im 18 n iv had spots since year 6. Ive tried allsorts and nothings worked. Some of these tips sound good n im gunna give them a try. If anyone knows any others it would be really appreciated if you could tell me.


  270. my face is mostly clear but i have one big acne scar right on my forehead.i hate too afraid on what to put on my face because i might have mote acne or something.need help please!!!!!

  271. hello people. trust its one of the annoyingist things ever. youve probally all tried lots of different stuff lol but try using sudo cream, every morning and night boil the kettle, pour into a big bowl get a towel, stick ur head over the bowl and the towel over your head and around the bowl so no steam gets out do this as long as you want, just so the pores open then wash your face. Then do the same thing about 3 times washing your face after so its like a sorner. Then apply some sudo cream over your spots, rubs into them. After wash your face so theres no cream left on your face. do this every morning and night. This is what i think is the best thing trust try it, if it dont work for you then i dont know what will

  272. Hey guys nd gals,
    i do have this acne problem since 2 yrs.i hav tried lot many thngs to get rid of dis but its of no use nd wat i found is dat all dese professional stuffs r not the xact solution…dese days i hv started with a new xperiment nd i.e., putting coconut water on d face daily nd im glad to say dat its really working…u must try dis if u really nd actually want to get rid of dis…..

  273. HI, my name is katty I used to drink lots of water and i never got acne till i stoped drinking water. Now i have acne and i hate it so my andvice is to drink as much water as you can=]

  274. Mix some vinegar with a lot of water and put it on after you wash your face and leave it on

    And before you go to bed beat an egg white in a cup and put it on your face, leave it there for 15 minute, and wash it off

    Take some Vitamin C too

    And drink a lot of water

    Works for me

  275. About three yrs. ago I started using proactiv and it really worked until about a year ago. The directions say to use it in the morning and at night, but after doin’ it so much I got lazy and only did it once a day. That’s when I started to get a little acne. So I started back to doin’ it twice a day and it seemed to only get worse. I get the kind of acne that’s really under the skin. Not only does it hurt, but it’s hard to get rid of. I really could use some tips that work FUR REAL!!!! cuz every day I’m losing my self confidence! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!

  276. I was searching for home remidies the other day on how to get rid of acne, and it said that the 2 best ways to get rid of zits is the following:
    bking soda mixed with water and spead on face overnight, do this every night for 1-2 weeks
    tooth past, thats right toothpaste.

  277. ByeBye Blemish Drying Lotion works very good for the first week or two. Then your skin gets used to it and stops working. Then you should use something else.

  278. Heya.

    Right, I dont have acne, but I have quiet a lot of spots which go away and appear in a diffrent place, which bugs me because i try EVRYTHING, and I cant take any tablets for them because I have a stye! And im taking antibiotics at the moment, and they will clash n god noes what will happen if i risk it! :S
    Im going to start drinking a LOT more water, because ive not been very fond of water, but at least its the best thing for you! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the advice! πŸ™‚

    Beth x πŸ˜›

  279. Some few tips you can get for acne is mix a little baking soda with water until you get paste. Then spread all over effective area for 30 seconds. wash off with luke warm water then, get an egg and lemon. pour egg into container [ dont use egg yolk ] add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice beat and mix together. spread on effected area leave on 10-15 mins. wash off. In a few weeks you should see reddness going down.

  280. I soaked a q-tip in alchohol and put it on a scab I had from a huge zit on my face approximately every 15 min throughout the day. At night time I put on Clearsil and in the morning it was dried out enough that when I put the alchohol back on my face the scab peeled off without leaving a scar.

  281. I have used Proactiv for 5 years now and this past November, it stopped working for me. I started breaking out on my cheeks and getting under the skin acne on my chin really bad. I tried Murad and that seemed to make it worse. I continued with Murad though since it says that it will get worse before it started getting better. It never did and I have gone back to Proactiv. Still no improvement. Does anyone else know a product that works?

  282. hey! ive developed acne for about the last year or so. i went to the doctors to see if they could recomend anything for me. they said that the product called ‘DUAC’ would be suitable for me. this product cannot be bought in a supermarket or chemist/boots. it needs to be perscribed by the doctor. i saw within a matter of days my skin was clearing up. i used this for around 7 months untiil i hav now become allergic to it and hav no had to find something new, becoz clearasile doesnt work!!
    any suggestions?????

  283. Ok i started using proactiv and after a month my acne started to get even worse. Thats what makes me mad and i’m only thirteen which of corse made every thing worse because of i started to get made fun of.

  284. the one thing that i have learned about proactive is that is does not work for me AT ALL i have tried it two different times and it did nothing for my skin. not one inch of improvement. I have used tazorac (prescribed to me by a dermatologist) and it works well but doesn’t clear my skin completely, pretty much just maintains it. The only thing that has ever worked for me was when i took acutane, it cleared my skin up completely but about two years later it started coming back (but not as bad as it used to be .. just smaller ones now). I do have to say that acutane does wonders though. it is amazing.

  285. hey guys, im 15 and ive had very spotty skin since i was 11 years old, at this stage i dont think im ever going to have clear skin, ive went to doctors and gotten several types of medication, TRUST ME! DONT DO THAT! when you get medication off a doctor they generally tell you to take it for a few months. and yes il admit there is a small improvement, but as you continue to take the medication it affects your body, it makes your body think that you cant live without it and when you stop taking it your skin gets 10 times worse (ive had experience) over the counter washes do work, but they dont work instantly (nothing does, so dont beleive any websites which claim to have a ‘miricle cure’) but give them a month and if there is an improvement by then, keep using it because it will keep improving your skin! spotty skin is something that is just part of growing up. im a boy and im one tough cookie,im captain of different sports teams and i do lots of athletics, but beleive me,i cant remember the amount of nights ive cried myself to sleep because of my spots! yes its depressing, but getting the fact into your head that you have spots and thats that, well that helps you to a certain extent because it doesnt stress you out as much! the best treatment for spots is to drink 2 litres of water a day, cut out the fizzy drinks, eat fruit & veg, cut out the junk food, and get outside and have some excercise in the fresh air. washing yourself daily is also a must to maintain healthy skin! if anybody is reading this, you’re not alone. there are others out there with bad skin. never give up, keep looking for the cure until you finally find what works best for you!

  286. same here ! im 13 and i just got back from Mexico. i think the Climate change has something to do with my acne but its really bad now like worse than EVER. what do i do!!??

  287. I have found out, lately, that VASELINE works on redness, inflamtion and irritation. It also works wonders on acne scars too!!!! I just use a Q-tip to apply it. But make sure you don’t use too much of it or it will make you’re skin oily. Just apply it on the areas that need it everynight and sleep in it and wash it off the next day!

  288. don’t feel bad when people make fun of you. wash your face when you wake up, and wash your face before bed. try not to miss a day of this or it will come back! don’t eat a lot of junk food! stay confident! DRINK WATER!

  289. im 12 years old and i had acne sence i was 9 or 10. i face been oily ever since. my grandma and mom told me if you mixed achol and toothpaste if you mix it both it will take the acne away but it may not work for every one but it worked on mine but it you have senative skin it might not work but you still can try it…..

  290. heyy yea well im pretty young and yes its a part of growing upp but its ANNOYING!! My health teacher said that Dawn(yes the dish washing soap) might work. I havent tried it yet but im going to!. Dont use anything oil based either and if you play sports wash your face after you play. Eat healthy!!

  291. go to your local drugstore&& look for this face wash called “steam”. its made by clean&clear. you use it in the shower and it opens up your pores &then exfoliates. i just started using it and it seems to work well

  292. Hey!
    THANK YOU EVERYONE who has posted some home remedies…I’m 13 and have had acne since I was 10…I CANT STAND IT! I have tried many differnt things from ProActiv to daily clensers…and nothing has worked.=( I hoping I can use some of the remedies that you have posted and they will work out for the better.=)

    I know how it feel to be called harsh names and be made fun of. Its even harder when you are the popular girl in school and people do that. Now that I have been on the other end of the chain of being made fun of it is different….

    Just know…you are NOT alone..there is many teens our age that go through this and we will find a cure TOGETHER!

    Thanks For Everyting!

  293. well i havee hass spotss for aboutt two yearss now andd nothinkk thatt i havee used havee really workedd , but i can remeberr oncee wen i was ill . i didntt wantt to eatt anything for 2 dayss . whenn i gott betterr i found thatt a few off my spotss hadd gonee . during thatt timee wen i wass ill i was drinking plenty waterr . I eat lotss if chocolatee and i thinkk sincee i hadd stoppedd eating chocolate and startedd drinkingg waterr , thatt my spotss goo!!!! soo tryy and cutt downn on eatingg chocolatee andd drink plentyy of waterr!!

  294. I’m 12 and I ‘ve been dealing with acne for ages. I know its hard to deal with but this is what I do. Whenever I shower, I scrub oatmeal soap on my face where ever there is acne. You can buy it at a department store. This helps clean out all of the dirt and oil in your face. Then, I use Witch Hazel afterwards. This can also be bought at a department store. All you have to do is place a little dab of it on your face where needed and let it air dry. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that also helps get rid of excess oil in your pores. It works great! I haven’t personally tried it, but you can also mix lemon juice (squeezing your own lemons is recomended) with warm water. If you are just trying it, it is best to do a third lemon juice and the rest water. This also acts as a natural astringent.

  295. I’ve started making my own healthy fruit smoothies at home that are delicious and healthy and my acne has decreased but im also using Biore warming anti blackhead cream cleanser which has helped

  296. I didn’t have acne for that long but i got it from body shop foundation. But as i got more and more spots i kept putting it on because i didn’t know that it was causing the spots. I went to the doctors and asked for some cream. After two days they had gone.

  297. This isn’t a joke:

    This is a Chinese herbal recipe:

    Mix melted dark chocolate, lemon and sugar in a small bowl and put it over your spots..
    It drys your skin SO much that no oil is left!

  298. hi
    I’m katie
    I hate my nose
    wanna know why?
    it has these brown dots on it and it seems as if they r blackheads
    someone got advice

  299. Hi! I’m 12 years old and have had acne on my face (mostly on my forehead), my upper back and my chest for about 9-10 months now (I know – it doesn’t seem like a lot but it has felt it!). The spots were really red and they hurt if you touched them and they really knocked my self-confidence cuz everytime someone talked to me I feel like they’re just looking at my spots!


    Lately I have tried to be really healthy by eating lots of fruit (if you have like a banana or sommat for breakfast or after cereal or toast then that’s a good start) and after school I get through 2 BOTTLES OF WATER! (this makes me need a wee often so I only drink a lot AFTER school cuz you hardly ever get a chance to go to the loo!) I didn’t used to drink a lot of anything before or eat a lot of fruit. Also I try to go on my trampoline as often as I can so I think excercise helps acne as well. Oh yeah and I’ve stopped eating so much chocolate!

    I’ve been doing this for about 2-3 days now and my acne on my face, chest and back has cleared up a lot! I’m going to keep doing this and would advise everyone who has acne and wants to get rid of it badly to do the same. DON’T GIVE UP! It seems hard at first but when you keep at it it’s really easy!

  300. I have ALOT of tiny black dots on my nose (i’m supossing there blackheads) and i put honey on my nose everynight because it’s supposed to disenfect the pimples. It seems to be working and it also works on scars too.

  301. Never use proactive its BULLSHIT wait it helps get rid of your acne but once you STOP you are going to break up with acne or pimple like CRAZY there going to tell you those kinds of thing cause they want you to buy there product but once you use it its a lifetime use they won’t tell that until you buy the product and find out you acne and pimples are getting wrost and you also should look at thing befor you get them like
    RESULT MAY VERY meaning it might might not work 4 u

  302. hi i’ve have spots and blackheads on my skin for about a yearnow nd it’s really annoying when people make fun of me.
    I just wanted to say that i tried smearing toothpaste over my skin really thick and sleeping in it and it works!
    by the next day a few spots had disappeared and i’m going to keep on using it until my skin is clear.

  303. if you use a natural facial mask like strawberries and honey or something else…it works pretty well….just go online and type in homemade facials….it works….oh and if you ever pop a pimple and it starts to bleed….put some vasaline on it… totally stops the bleeding

  304. I heard from somewhere that if you mix baking soda with a little water, and you put it on your face, your pimples will not be as bad. I tried it yesterday and it worked!! This morning, some spots were gone, and the spots that hurt a lot the night before were more dried out and they didn’t hurt as much! (I couldn’t smile before) I just kept the baking soda on for around half an hour. It might sting a little, but it’s just buring them. When the baking soda starts to crack, usually it’s a good time to take it out. It also makes your skin softer because you are taking off the dry skin.
    So whoever suggested it, thank you! It’s helped a lot! β™₯

  305. Putting Tea Tree oil on your face really clears them up. And moisterizers with wax products in the formula really helps too. try Mary Kay

  306. Proativ may make your skin red and hot if so stop using it and just wash your face with a face wash. Wash it between 1-2 times a day.
    I wash my face in the morning and then at night.

  307. I am only 14 and i have had acne since i was 12 and i have tried everything from proactive to the things they sell at the stores and they still are bad. I need some help i want to start my high school year without people staring at my acne. My friends have told me to try the toothpaste, the honey on a bandaid, put hot water on your face, everything and they may work for a couple of weeks but then they quit and i am out of things to do for them.

    Please if u have anything to help me get rid of them or just make them better your opinions are welcomed.

    Thanks for the help

  308. hi i had acne since i was 12 and it stucks cuz we i talked to sum 1 i thouggh that they were lookin at me ance it was very bad cuz i didnt want people to see me cuz of the ance but 1 day i started to drink lots of water and stopped eatin so much chocolate and sugar and things like that and started to was my face every day in the moring wen i came home from school and before i went to sleep and i started to see my ance go away . now i dont have ance no more i break out once in awhile only like one smalll pimp but it works alot if i was u i would stop eatin junk food and eat fruits and stop drinkin cafffine and start drinkin lots of water cuz it helps ur body and its good 4 da face too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. ive had spots for a wile and my tip is to :

    get a good face mace and apply it once a week
    exfoliate your face
    get a good mositoriser that works for your skin
    keep you hair out of your face
    and drink loads!
    also toothpaste,germoline and antiseptic cream all work well on my skin if you put it on befor bed and wipe it of in the morning! its fab

    Hope i helped


  310. Heres one:

    Just wash your face with cotton and hot water with salt and dip it on one acne, Then wait for 24 hours and *POOF* its gone!!! I had acne and my mom suggested to do that for one week.


  311. Guys, when putting toothpaste on your face, make sure its the paste, not the gel! The gel kills your skin, and so while the acne may clear up for a day or two, it will come back worse because of your bodies natural function. If you put any sort of alcohol on your face, it will become really really dry, because its stripping away all the oil, and all the bacteria (good and bad), so to accomidate for this, your body will produce more oil, which can lead to more break outs. Instead, try a product with salicylic Acid or benzoyl peroxide. Theese ingridents kill the bad bacteria, which causes acne, and promotes healthy bacteria, which helps heal scarring. To rid of acne scars, apply vitamin E gel directly to the scars with a Q-tip, and try to get as much vitamin D as possible (one of the best sources of vitamin D is the sun). Also, avoiding red meat and eating healthy protein has been proven to show a let up of acne. But before starting any new acne treatment make sure to run it by your health care professional, so you can make sure it works for your skin, lifestyle, and it won’t react with any medications you may be on.
    Hope this helps!

  312. ok so i get acne between my eyebrows and thats it the rest of my face is clear and it annoying i can’t get rid of it!! school is just bout to start and i want it to go away! if anyone knows how to get rid of it HELP PLEASE!!

  313. I used noxzema and it workss reallllly well.
    also if you wear tight clothes it makes u break out because ur squeezing your body and it makes your face break out

  314. Toothpaste does help, MAKE SURE it is the paste kind NOT the gel kind. Everytime I get a zit, I use toothpaste, leave it on my skin for a min or two and then the next day its gone πŸ™‚ hope this helps

  315. Well i get ride of acne by doing this..I was my was with make up remover 2 times and shave my face so it cuts open most acne then i put tooth paste on my face for about 2mins then the next day most of my acne is gone make sure you use make up remover 2 times a day morning and night.and use toothpast once a day (it’s better if you do it at night)

  316. help me im all zity up around my eyebrows and my cats tryin to nurse on my neck if you have any tips on getting rid of zits in 2 weeks tell me

  317. I’m nearly 16 and my skin is only just starting to calm down – I’ve had spots since I was 10. Now I’m using a facewash bar by a company called Lush – they are awesome. It’s called Coalface, and it looks like black soap but it’s actually a complexion bar. It’s the only thing I’ve ever used which I have seen an improvement in my skin immediatly. I’ve also been prescribed oxytetracycline tablets which my sympathetic doctor told me have an increasing success rate. My friend had bad acne until she used the tablets – a year on and she has the smoothest skin. My only problem now is the bad scarring, which I’ve heard Bio-Oil helps with. I’m beginning to use it now, and it’s really greasy unfortunatly, but not in a way which gives you more spots, just in a way which is uncomfortable. Hope I might have helped a little bit πŸ™‚

  318. i have had acne since i was 12, i am really ashamed and i woul love to get rid of it. i have tried everything but nothing seems to work, if any one has any tips can you please tell me.
    i would be really grateful.. i hate them .. and i am now turning 15. how am i sposed to live life with a face like this.


  319. okay guys…NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVERR wear foundation. oil free or not. it just clogs your face up. for people who still wear it…ever wonder why its like gone at the end of the day? thats because your pores collected all that stuff in it. and yeah
    i dont really have pimples…but i have acne scars that have been on my face for MONTHS now…could someone help me with that please?

  320. also like some of the other ppl said on here…dont drink sodas
    because like last winter i was up to drinking like 6 cans of Diet Coke a day [lol] but then when i stopped i got more acne [maybe cuz i was so used to it?] but then i drank more water and the acne got better and i lost weight.

  321. i am 19 years old and going onto 20. i have had acne since age 13. i have tried everything from pills, to gels, to expensive face medication.
    i can say for sure that proactiv does not work. i have spoken to over 30 different people with different skin types and all say that it just made their skin worse. so i would not reccomend it.
    what i was wanting to know is if there is something that i can use to help my skin clear. im tired of having to hide my face because of the acne. i have very fair skin, so certain things i cant use because it is too strong for my skin to take it.
    please any help would be great.

  322. ive had spots sinse i was about 10, and it rele dus help wen summer comes along cuz da sun does ur skin sum good..
    also try freederm face wash, and den apply sudocrem on ur skin b4 u go bed..
    it rele helps!
    and makes ur skin feel soft πŸ™‚

    hope it helps guysss

  323. Hey peeps i got some spots on my forehead and like i try using natural facewash and then this stuff thats for acne that drys up the spots but its not that effective on me i only get spots on my forehead really and their not loads of little ones there like 3-4 quite big ones but not massive..

    it can get quite annoying so any tips would be nice thanks E-mail me at zanemarcus [at] thanks!!

  324. Hi everyone. Yeah, i get what you mean about being embarresed about your spots. I have LOADS. Anyway, on with the story. I’ve tried all of this stuff that everyone on here has posted. None of it works for me. I’ve got this stuff, called ‘Baba de caracole’. Trust me, it’s really good. It’s made out of snail slime (i know, i was toatally grossed out when i heard that:o) and it has so far cleaned up my skin.
    It’s 100% natural, and moisturises your skin as well =D. Try it out, you can’t buy it in shops, but the link is

    Good luck,

    The Lonely One

  325. MY tip is…
    Okay i got very bad pimples its starting to turn in to acne.. I used proactive it dose not work all!!! SO this is what i do… Every night/morning/daily/ I wash my face with bar of soap and water. dry my face then rub on clean and clear acne cleanser. Rub it all over ur face for 5 hours at least. U can do it over night if u want. It works great you will see a improvement in 1 week. I started doing this all by my self.

  326. Hey charrlotte read wat i said and follow it it really works!!!!! p.s do not ever use proactive its a waste of money and dose not work they lie the people r actors!!!!

  327. Hey everybody. I know that most of these tips don’t work at all if you have really bad breakouts or very sensitive skin. The toothpaste think wotks a little but once you stop using it, it all comes back. I finally realized why I had acne! It was because I wasn’t washing my face at night. Everyday oil builds up all over you’re face. When you go to sleep, the oil gets on you’re pillow and usually clogs you’re pores. When I found out what the problem was, I washed my pillowcase and bedsheets and went shopping for some facial cleansers. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one that worked at all. Then I went to Wal-Mart and searched the whole entire store and found just what I needed. They are called Pond’s Pads { facial wipes } and they are proven to remove whiteheads and blackheads. They also get rid of all the oil and remove all of the leftover makeup on you’re skin.



  330. hey yall..
    ive goten acne since i as 12 and im 15 now.
    its been the worst years of my life. ii went to my cousin’s wedding with acne, so bad because the makeup couldnt cover it
    my sister uses Tea Tree Oil, from the body shop. it works for her. my acne had gone away for like 2 months.. when she used it.. and my acne came back last month when her tea tree oil had finished.. so i never got to try it out on my face. there is none available where i live, so we usually get when a family member goes to miami. last night.. before i went to bed i got this huge pimple.. i mean huge! it looks like i hit my head on something.. its like the size of a gum ball..
    its HUGEE!! i mean.. everyone asks me what happened to my face and i get really embaressed.. so now im left with no choice..i have noo clue how to fix it..
    my brother uses works for him
    but like out of all my friends.. imthe only one who gets breakouts like this.. so i dont know why i was chosen , but i just want it gone

    oh. and on sunday i have a football tournament for charity, and my crush/ ex boyfriend will be there..we broke up last year because of exams and stuff.. and promised to get back together this idk ! he just came back from away with his family.. so he hasnt seen me in 2 months… and i dont wan him to see me with such bad acne πŸ™


  331. hi my name is timiyah nd im 13. i havent had acne for a long time but i just feel like its the onlt thing getting in the way of me haveing fun and meeting new ppl. pleace help me


  333. If u want get rid of your acne please don’t use proactive it helps your skin for a month or two. But as you keep using it it makes ur skin worse than it was before. I recommend you to drink lots of water and not soda cuz ive been told that it could cause acne. I’ve been having acne since I was 14. Now I’m 15 and my skin is gettin better. I don’t breakout anymore thanks to AcneFree. You could find AcneFree in Wal Mart or BJ’s Wholesale Club.

  334. I would NOT use proactive. It made me break out SO bad. I have been using it for 2 1/2 months now and it keeps getting worse and worse. I am the type that gets one zit and freaks. Now my WHOLE face is one big zit. I think Proactive dries it out way too much which then causes more oils and more zits. I heard that toothpaste takes away the redness from the zit/pimple and to leave it on overnight. I did it last night and it burned a little but did nothing. I am kinda hopeless right now. I do not want to spend the money to go to a dermatologist but it looks like I might have to.

  335. Get accutane i tried everything proactive all the face washes drinking lots of water and just regular soap the only thing i found to have big results is accutane the only thing is u need a dermatologist prescription but it is worth it it works.

  336. hey….i have spots and im tryin to get rid of them befor school starts agen i tryed almost everything
    drinkin 2 liters of water DOES work.
    also i heard that calamine lotion helps if you put it on over night but i nt tryed that yet.
    i also heard that if you mixe OLIVE oil and salt together and then rub it on your face that that workes iswell..
    face masks do work if you get the right mask for you..
    good luck to all of you out there tryin to get rid ov spots i know how you feel..=]

  337. my older brother is 13 and had acne when he was 10. he started to use tea tree and his face is looking a little better. but his face is still really greasy. he washes his face 3 or more times a day. plz help us we dont know what else to do

  338. well, I have acne but its moderate…I would say Not to use the toothpaste.Reason being that it dries out your skin soooooo much….I would suggest trying the neautrogena wave thing. I use it but its slow……….Its still great….IDEAS!?!?!?!?!?

  339. ok i really really need heeeeeeelp..iv got a zillion tiny pimples on my forehead..n i live in i cant go n buy stuff at wallmart…does toothpaste work???…i need home remedies…quick!

  340. proactive sucks. The toothpaste use to work now it doesn’t. Nothing works for me. I have acne for 3 years. I tried retina A differn Duac Proactive clean and clear olay Neutrogenea aloe witch hazel u name it i tried it. Even the minocycline pills don’t work. I tried drinkin lots of water but it didn’t work. I guess i can drink ALOT of water and see. I’m even stopped drinkin alcohol for a year and it didn;t do anything. But does anyone have ne ideas.

  341. dude!!! i have to take my skool picture 2marrow and i have thee biggest redest ugliest zit yoo could ever have!!!!
    i swear i need something that i can use before 2marrow can anyone please help me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
    i have 11 hours b4 the picture!!

    please please someone help me!=[

    i cant have a bad picture dis year to!!!

  342. Proactiv, some people say works for them…It didn’t for me!!! If it doesn’t work, it is like heroin for ur face!!! And makes it worse!!! I have acne and no way to cure it nothing works!!! I try spot treatments over anything else!!! Because its just mostly on my chin and forehead…the stuff put out by Wal Mart that is similar to Proactiv actually works okay…Not the best…not the worst!

  343. girls, birth control really does clear your face up. my face was cleared within a month. it really is great. also try clindamycin phosphate gel.. ask your dermatologist for a perscription. this gel really takes the redness out of your acne. i never had to resort to accutane because these two things worked wonders. use neutragena face washes only…and make sure they are oil free. make sure your makeup is oil free ..try using mineral makeup only. just be patient… this really works.. i had acne for 5 years and as soon as i did this i finally got clear skin.

  344. I had acne fOr 3 years. This year I started tO get intO the hOt tub DAILY my acne seemed tOo dry up and clear! It helps alOt sOo if yOu can find One try it. AlsO I have made my Own masks yOur daily bOdy wash Or skin cleanser Oatmeal and egg white that alsO helps EMENSLEY!! Ummm…i seem tOo be breaking Out a little mOre than usual any mOre tips frOm anyOne else??

  345. i had seriously bad acne..i got it to go. here’s how:

    – i used oatmeal on face at night while sleeping quaker oats/aveeno both good

    – i used neutrogena oil free acne wash. they got one for the body and the face; use both.

    – i stopped touching my face. hands are dirty and have bacteria.

    – change your bed sheets weekly. they get dirty have dead skin on them and then grow bacteria.

    – when a pimple did come, i washed hands with anti bacterial soap, took hot water, got the area soft and wet, took a needle and lightly nicked, then softly squeezed out fluid (don’t squeeze till blood). then put neosporin or vaseline on it; more preferebally neosporin.

    – shower daily and wash face in shower; my routine was shower at night so that bed stays cleaner and wash face in shower, then just wash face in morning.

    – brush your teeth believe it or not! twice a day. bacteria in mouth, gets on your face from eating, boom, a pimple. wash hands after eating too.

  346. my forehead is full of pimples and zits.i hatttteeee it!!! someone help me. i tried Biore pore unclogging scrub and neutrogena on the spot cure but it got worse when i stopped! i even tried clean and clear but nothing. help help help!!

  347. My dermatolgist strongly recommends me using any acne cleanser with BENZOYL PEROXIDE (clean & clear continous control ACNE CLEANSER) I wash my face every morning and every night RELIGIOUSLY, do not touch your face with your hands, do not “pop” your pimples. and try to get some prescribed acne meds, I use this stuff called tazorac, works really well.

  348. try making your own mask it works like otmeal and egg white the second tip put a hot wash cloth on your face for 30 minutes after that put toothpaste on it. it works for me try it it might work. its aculally fun to experement and find ways to get rid of zits TRY IT!!!!!!!!!

  349. Everyone’s face is different, and everyone has different reactions to different remedies, but I’ve been through it all…

    Proactiv to Neutrogena to Clearasil to tea tree oil to Erythromycin (prescribed drugs) to Acidophelus (dietary supplements) to finally OXY clear benzoyl peroxide 10% spot treatment, Ceptaphil daily facewash and Queen Helene’s Mint Julep mask. The lucky 3 have saved me from depression. No joke. Acne can really do it to someone.

    You may think I’m a freak for trying all that junk, but I’ve stayed with each for over a year and none of them cured my acne until the last 3 remedies.

    People will say I’m crazy and that Proactiv will work and it’s a miracle. But little do they know, they have to stay with Proactiv forever. Did they mention how much it costs? Proactiv is a acne remedy that reminds me of cocaine. Once your on it, your body needs it, and it will need it forever. To be truthful, it never worked for me. Yes it helped exfoliate my face because of the sandy texture, but come on! I can use a brillo pad for that.

    So if you really want to cure your acne, you’re going to need time and patience. Are you ready?

    Go to your closest drug store and pick yourself up:Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask-follow the directions on the label, then wash your face with- Cetaphil daily face wash, and after use: OXY spot treatment-clear-10% benzoyl peroxide before you go to bed. Don’t be afraid to spread it in big areas of your face, it won’t hurt you. If drying occurs, just purchase Cetaphil’s oil free spf moisturizer. It’ll take care of the problem.

    Then repeat it in the morning. The following mornings, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face.

    Also remember: before applying makeup on your face, you must apply OXY spot treatment, first beneath it all. It will block all the makeup from entering your pores.

    Another simple remedy would be a good sleep pattern (sleeping early) and drinking those 8 glasses of water per day.

    Good Luck!

  350. okay!! i have relly bad acne its all on my forehead and chin and iv got blackheads on my nose =[ waaai tried neatrogena it works a bit but not that much i clense my face every night and wash it with netrogena 2 in 1 face mask and wash anywayzz yh i found something wich will BLOW YOR ZITS ACNE SPOTS BLACKHEADS!!! etc AWAY :O use clerasle scrub pads there really good but you hAVE TO SCRUB YOUR FACE WITH THE PADS HARD THOUGH IT hurts a little but it gets rid of all your blackheads spots and acne!! πŸ˜€ but afterwards it leaves yor skin shiney :s but its good but before you do that wash yor face through make sure your spots with heads a squeezed first !!! i does work but if you stop using it yor spots acne etc may come back also try after scrubing your face with the clerasel pad put suder cream over your face it gets rid of acne it works im ane free but i do get occasionall the odd 1 or 2 spot!!:) i hope iv helped!!

  351. i’ve never had a problem with widespread acne, its more that i get big pimples, usually just one maybe two at a time. I would always pop them asap but all it did was leave a wide open hole which would have to scab over and took forever to heal. i’m deducing that i shouldnt be popping them.

    anyway, im here to suggest something that ive heard about. My aunt works for this company called Theractive. my mom mentioned it to me so i looked into it. theyve got a product called ThermaClear which is like a handheld device that you press against a pimple or acne spot and hold it there for a couple seconds. it sends a heat pulse or something to the spot which kills bacteria. supposedly it speeds up healing time from pimples and can stop them from coming altogether if you zap them early enough. i havent tried it (though im going to see if my aunt can send me one for free) and its pretty expensive ($150) but the reviews sound positive. i went to to see the unbiased reviews. check it out. im interested in hearing if it works or not.

  352. oh p.s. about pimples/whiteheads/whatever, instead of just popping them (which you shouldnt do), try to lance them. use a wash cloth and press hot water against the pimple to bring it to a head, then take a thin needle and poke it. you dont need to go super deep with the needle. then gently squeeze out any white stuff. usually blood will start to come out after you get most of it. make sure all the white stuffs out, then dab at it with water on the wash cloth. dry it and put some neosporin on it. let that sit for a bit then try to wash it with face scrub (i use a clean and clear thing) and it seems to work. i just did it with a pimple and its flattened out and its redness has reduced a lot. and i only lanced it like an hour ago. hopefully by the time i wake up tomorrow morning itll be all gone.

  353. i used proactive it don’t work….. tried nitrogena don’t work either….i tried this thng called savila and it worked a lot…i also tried the toothpaste it works to…..
    hope i helped you……:)

  354. i have had perfect skin since i started jogging 5 miles/day, drinking 127 ounces of spring water ever day, getting 10 hours of sleep every night, and eating only organic foods. try it for 6 months. it’ll work.

  355. Most adolscene(teenagers)tend to have acnes the most compare to other certein ages. Teenages tend to care about their apperances when they become to age 13-18 years old. Acne is one of the biggest problems for teenages. One thing I found out was that before i had a perfect skin, i used this skin product lotion and when i put it on my skin, i got more pimples, so i thought this lotion thing wouldn’t work so i thought of a solution. This is how i got rid of it.

    *i drank at least 1 litre of water a day
    *i ran 3km a day every evening
    *i slept always 10 hours a day
    *washed my face everyday with soap

    This is a true story try it out.

    p.s: warning: you must always make sure you follow this ‘everyday’ or else, it won’t work.

  356. I highly recommend Nature’s Cure; it’s an on-the-spot overnight cream and a twice daily tablet regime. It’s cheaper than Proactiv and works like a dream. Even if you stop using the tablets and cream, your acne will still occur less than it did before.

    I also wash my face in the morning with Clean and Clear Morning Burst, and at night with St. Ives Apricot Scrub (I swear by that stuff!)

    Along with the usual diet changes (more fruits and veggies, less carbs and sugars) I’ve started reducing or replacing the foods I eat that have growth hormones added, such as milk. Try organic milk instead. ;D

    Try substituting. Instead of a Coke, drink a bottle of water. Instead of pizza, order a salad. I go to the movies alot, and instead of buying the expensive candy and pop and greasy popcorn at the theater, I always stop by a drug store first and buy a bottle of green tea and a bag of trail mix. Then I stash it in my purse, and that’s what I eat during the movie.

    Hope this helps someone!

  357. Has anyone noticed that they only show women on the Proactive commercials??

    Don’t guys have acne too?

    I think the reason they do that, is because it works much better on women than on men. I’ve been trying everything I can find to get rid of my acne, and sometimes I see some positive effects…but never without negative effects.

    Meanwhile, I know a lot of girls that have really bad acne one month and a perfectly clear face the next. When I ask how they did it, they say oh…”i used proactive” or “i used acutane.” So, of course i try those and nothing happens.

    I’m convinced that it must be because I’m a guy. There aren’t any gender specific treatment, and yet it seems to me that there should be. I mean, isn’t a guy’s skin different than a girl’s skin??

  358. My daughter was on Proactive for about 7 months. All of a sudden it stopped working. I was told that your skin can get used to the product, for her to only use everyother day. Come to find out, she was in full puberty, because she ended up starting her period for the first time, and ever since then we have tried so many things and nothing seemed to work. I finally took her to my doctor, whom I trust and he put her on an antibiotic, and told her to use “Dove” soap. She has been doing that for almost a month now, and compared to what her face looked like, I would say it has improved about 65%.

  359. I’m 18 years old and find myself breaking out quite often especially on my forehead. I raided my sister’s cabinets and tried wipes, creams, and washes. Nothing seems to work. I turned to the internet for answers and stumbled upon this site- It has quite a lot of information on acne and what to avoid when choosing products. I decided to find a product more suited for men’s skin.

  360. Avon has a skin care line called TRU Pore or something like that. I use the face wash and the toner. Honestly, it’s like a cheaper version of Pro Active and it works!

  361. Hello I’ve Had Acne since i was 10 it stinks the only way to get rid of it is to really want to, when i was younger i *wanted* to get rid of it but i was to lazy of whatever to wash before bed(Face Not Body)Well anyway if you keep up with it and dont give up it will work drink plenty of water i use Nutragena oil free face wash and a walmart brand benzoil prozide (10%) it works great you can put it on in the morning cuz when you rub it it turns clear (they dont tell you that on the bottle)but anyway shower daily and before you wash your face wash your hands then get hot water and wet your face a couple times then place a dime size acne wash on your hand lather(rub hands together a couple times) then wash your fac dont worry about your hair getting wet just make sure you rinse well do this every day 2 times a day at least and in about 2-4 moths your face will be clear

  362. *exirsize every day or every other day
    *Drink lots of water every day
    *Wash your face twice a day
    *Blot exsess oils and sweat on face

    If you do this everyday it will start working within 2-3 days. Not only will it pervent acne but youll also be healthyer.

  363. I’ve read some comments on this blog about the differences between the genders and how they affect acne and it’s treatment. I’ve heard rumors about this issue.

    After doing some research, I found that guys’ skin is 25% thicker than that of a girl. Also, guys produce much much more DHT which produces oils. We’re talking skin type and hormones…these are factors that treatments are supposed to address…so how can treatments be effective if these factors vary so greatly from males to females?

    Someone posted this site which I also found very helpful in answering my questions:

  364. I wouldn’t recommend using toothpaste because it burns the skin, not only do you feel it – you can see it too. I got rid of mine by drinking a lot of water, getting more sleep, not stressing myself out too much, compressing a wet towel with hot water on it against the spots, and washing my face with water. I used TCP two to three times a week too. I was acne free with in one or two weeks πŸ™‚ Don’t use moisturising cream, use moisturising lotion. I know people don’t think there is a difference, but moisturising cream is more oily than moisturising lotion.

  365. Tea tree oil is the very best thing for acne plus it is inexpensive and can be purchased most places that carry vitamin supplements. The last bottle I purchased I got from Target for $3. I have tried many, many products some of which were VERY pricey and this works the absolute best, hands down! Just dab some of the oil on the blemish with a cotton swap a few times a day. It smells a bit but it is so worth it!

  366. I found a new product to treat acne that is totally safe and works really fast. Try CTRL for men or women! This acne treatment is unlike any other product that is on the market. There are some scary long term side effects that are in acne products and CTRL is totally safe. This acne treatment has natural ingredients to help heal the skin fast by replenishing the skin’s natural moisture and kill acne causing bacteria at it source. seriously go to the website or the myspace account (

  367. For sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out from make-up, or just plain puberty try the Neutrogena pomegranate scrub at night, and use the regular pomegranate wash in the morning. However you will still get that occasional pimple, it really does help smooth out your skin, make it even, and it does help treat difficult pimples. For super tough pimples, apply the clean and clear zit cream; 3 days or less and their gone ! BEWARE: use moisturizers every time you use this cream, and use a moisturizer in the morning, or your face will be excessive amounts of dry, and it will peel. Trust me , I’ve had that traumatizing high school experience ! Hope it helps !

  368. Don’t eat greasy foods, wash your foods daily, soap works on me, but it depends on which soap, I use spring soap. I don’t recommend makeup or lotion because it produces more acne and it clogs up your pores. Don’t pop them because that thing that comes out and will infect wherever it touches, which means you’ll spread more acne unless you wash it quickly, but you have to clean it really good.

  369. People are starting to realize that gender plays a huge role in acne and acne treatment. I’ve been searching and waiting for years now for a gender specific treatment.

    One has just come out, so I thought I’d share it. It’s called “CTRL”

    There is a separate product for each gender and it contains no harmful ingredients. Also, it’s only two steps as opposed to 3 or 4, so it’s manageable.

    Remember it’s important to look for a gender-specific treatment because boys and girls are very different, especially our skins and our hormones, which obviously are two huge factors in acne.

  370. Soap and Water is your main bet.
    Soap and Water rarely irriates your skin.
    Use a nonoil soap.
    Don’t forget the washclothe.
    Most people recomend warm water.

  371. spots are the absolute pits ,
    ive not tried many things i just thught they would dissapear on there own with a good diet and lots of water and they did, but whe i have the occasional beakout i use OXY10 its really good,
    id reccomend it to poeple who have occasional breakouts

  372. I had bad acne for 3 years. I tried everything and nothing worked for me. I tried many different dermotologist until one finally gave me acutane and laser treatment and it worked really well.

  373. Well i don’t have a tip but i do have a few comments. I’ve had acne for at least 3 or 4 years now. i’ve tried proactiv. It did absolutely nothing. i’ve been put on many antibiotics. None have worked. i’ve seen people mention acutane, and that it works well. Next time i’m at the dermatologists i will ask to be put on tat. Thanks for the tips!

  374. I say that i had acne for a while and ill say that you get acne from eating lots of oily things such as chicken wings, french fries etc. and i should say that if you eat things such as fresh vegetables without oil youll start to lose your acne and if you dont put your hand on your face too much and wash your face a lot these are the tips that made me lose my acne

  375. I have had acne for about 2 years. I usually get it really bad during the winter season. I wash my face every night with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Then I use Olay active hydrating beauty fluid to keep my face moist. It really helps more acne from breaking out. I usually soak my face in hot water also.

  376. I have had acne since 4th grade. That’s right, I was the first kid in my class to get pimples. At this rate, I’ll be the last to have them too. My parents always told me that because I started early I would end early. Well, they were wrong. I’ve just had pimples longer and worse than all of my friends and classmates. I’ve tried just about every store bought and homemade remedy in the book, and I’ve lost count of all the dermatologist prescribed failures I’ve cried over. I’ve even tried taking anti-biotics, but that doesn’t do much. I went out on a limb over the summer and tried the Murad Acne Complex. Word of advice; DON’T TRY IT! It made my acne a million times worse, and I’m still suffering the effects. I used to just get pimples on my forehead, nose, and chin, but after using the acne complex I also get them on my cheeks now too. Really you should just stick with the dermatologist if you have terrible breakouts like me. And if you only have one or two pimples, then just be thankful you’re not me and stop complaining. I can’t remember what I look like without pimples. I’ll probably have them until I get wrinkles. After 8 years it really startes to take its toll on your self confidence…

  377. There is a great new product thats been available in the US for some time ans is now licensed in Australia called Thermaclear. This works extremely rapidly in people with mild to moderate acne. It takes only 2 seconds / treatment and is suitable for all types of skin + also safe in pregnancy. It uses no lotions, creams or antibiotics, but kills the Acne bacteria with an extremely short burst of heat ( similar to laser treatment). This product has been endorsed by a number of leading dermatologists. I have put a number of my patients onto this with excellent results. They have also saved quite a substantial amount of money, as all it requires are 2 standard AA batteries and the tip is replaceable.

  378. I know this may sound crazy but i found that if you dab just a little bit of toothpaste on the problem area it goes and my freind tried it and i looked 3x better!! I get acne really bad on me cheek, by my ear because i talk on the phone all the time. I also recomend that you clean your phone because it carries alot of bacteria. Also, try to keep your hands off your face. And if you want to pop a zit, make sure you clean your hands first, and wash your face after. I use Noxzema face wash. And in the mornings before i go to school i apply just a little bit of Noxema Astringent. And since that routine, my acne looks so much better!

  379. I have found that Mario Badesco drying lotion has helped clear my whiteheads pretty quickly, they state overnight, but it took about 2 days to really get rid of it which is better than most places. People also rave about their whitening mask. I am waiting for a sample of it to try for my acne scars from the pimples I popped. If you haven’t tried them, they are worth the try.

  380. it is a truth universally known that acne is a induring torment …but we must not let it get to us and consume us with frustration…we must fight this infestation…we must solider on…and in the end if some remark upon our scars…we can bravely state that they are battle wounds…heed no attention to those that bombard our sentiments with their malicious comments…because in all of us lies a truly beautiful person…the exterior is nothing comaparable to what lies in the interior…but one day the sun will rise to a new day and with it bring to all our tormented souls a face so soft that silk will look to us in envy and we shall glow brighter than the stars that they in turn will look to us to shine the velvet sky at night and whoever spat indignant fire at you will bite their tongue at the words they said without thought …so my fellow comrades so bitterly wrecked with anguish join me in my fight…so that we may, one day, see such an eventual day…….

  381. I’ve been having acne like for 3 years already and i dont know what to do.I’ve tried clean and clear,clearasil,proactive, and neutragena.My mom used to tell me that it was normal to get acne and that soon all my friends were gonna go through it since i was the first one of my friends to ever get acne. But their acne would just clear up quickly and my hasnt gone away.If you want advice DONT USE PROACTIVE!!!It actually makes your acne worse by leaving redness and inflamation on the area applyed.I have to admit out of all the products I’ve used the one that has made at least a samll change would be neutragena.

  382. Im almost 22 years old and i have had mild to server acne problems since i was about 14, and belive me i can get so upset about this so I have tried everything , proactive, acutane, 5% benzoyl peroxide (the highest % you can get) masks, spa treatments over the years i have seriously spent over 3000$ on acne products, nothing worked for me. Finally i decided to use some of the cheapest products on the market, things that have been around for a looong time and for the first time my skin has started to clear up.

    first off i wash my face with regualr soap to take all the make up off, i use a cotton pad and apply hydrogen peroxide on my face (the stuff mommie used when we got a boo boo lol) and you can buy it at the drug store for about 4$, its diluted with only 3% peroxide so its gentle.

    second this is for night and i use it every night, i put on camoile lotion, yes the same pink stuff that you used when you had chicken poxs, it stops inflamation and it stops ance from being so red. dont worry this stuff wont bleach your pillow cases, just a thin layer is all you need. and it washes off with a warm soapy cloth in the morning or int he shower and you can buy this stuff for about 5$ at the drug store.

    Thirdly and yes i know it sounds funny, but use baby rash cream lol, it has zinc in it and its the same stuff that is in head and shoulders shampoo. there are different strengths in this line, but i use the extra strenght that has 40% zinc ox in it. Now i put it on before i even do my hair becasue its thick and it will be really white on your skin, i also use a oil free face lotion becasue it my seem a little dry with just the rash cream alone, now dont worry once it sinks into your skin the whiteness will go away thats why i put it on right away after i get out of the shower. It is the most expensive out of the three its about 10$ but really, if you think about it, if your me you know that this is cheap.

    I noticed right away results, my acne stoped dead in its tracks within a couple of days, the camomile lotion works wounders.

    but if your like me and have a pretty crazy night life, then its harder to control your ance, booze, dancing the night away and bad sleeps will not help, so in cases like that if im not near any of these three things i use Spectro AcneCare padds for sensitive skin, it takes make up off, dont use around your eyes but it works really well yuou will have to use two or three but these work really well, i sometimes use them before i use the benzol peroxide too and it doesnt dry my skin out too bad.
    well i hope this helps someone, i know how annoying and awful it is to have this, and how anoyed you are of the people with the perfect skin, i hate them too lol. but soon enuf you will have nice skin too.
    hope this helps- Cole

  383. its actually kindof scarey but i went to a dermatologist for my acne.
    He perscribed me Differin.
    It worked for a few days, very well actually.
    But i started getting really bad dry skin that wouldnt go away.

    Its been 3 months, now i have a mild form of psorasis on my face beside both sides of my nose.
    I got medicine for it that makes it completly long as i use it. if i dont it comes back.
    So…now i dont have acne just psorosis…

  384. I tried many things and none have really worked for me then i tried appri daily and appri weekly it worked for me but you have to keep using it otherwise they will come back you can buy it from the chemist for under $10 you should give it a try…

  385. I don’t know what to do anymore. Its been 7 yrs now and I have acne all over my cheeks. Its sick, I also have scares. It feels like I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Anyone have any tips that will work? Oh and I don’t want to spend a lot of money either. Please. Someone help.
    And yes I’ve tried drinking water, steaming my face, homemade treatments, toners, eating healthy, I’m a vegetarian… grr nothing works. So please help.

  386. Go to YouTube and type in mario badescue or how I get rid of pimples or anything and it will show u some videos of it and some information also.

  387. I have had acne since fifth grade, now I am a freshman in highschool and it is getting worse. I get it on my chin, cheeks, forehead, and under my nose. i have tried a lot in the past 3 years, proactive, clean and clear, nuetragena, ancefree, and lately I have been using differin prescribed by my dermatologist, and it works for about a week, then I just start breaking out again. I also eat healthy and wash my face when needed using the cetaphil wash and I don’t think that is doing muuch either, any advice?

  388. One word: PROACTIV. Many of my friends including myself have used Proactive with great success. The key is to just stick with it and follow instructions. Don’t expect your pimples to disappear overnight but in my case I saw results after about a week and from there my skin got progressively better! I actually got a really good deal too on my kit. Got this link from another forum, it gives you the club price, best price anywhere for that matter. There was a vending machine in my local mall but this website was almost half the price.

  389. well i am another victim of acne. I never had acne until i had my daughter at age 20 and put an IUD in. I only get it on my cheeks(my right one more than left)I’ve tried proactiv,OTC medicines, soaps and nothing seems to work. I removed my IUD and got on pills to see if that helps, well my boobs are growing a little,lol, but my acne is just out there:( I know its not my makeup cause ive used the same kind forever. My pimples are really red and lumpy, before they would go away much faster and now they take forever to leave and when they finally do I am left with a scar. I miss my clear skin. My next step is going to the dermat on monday, hopefully he can help..

  390. I am in my 30’s and never had acne as a teen except for the occasional pimple, I now get more whiteheads and pimples than I ever have. I am also getting pimples that I think are cysts deep under the skin that just don’t go away. I have tried everything over the counter and nothing works. I tried Proactive for a while and it does work great, but I stopped using it (trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses) but I found that my acne came back worse when I stopped. I recently started using Proactive again and my face is clearing, but now what? I don’t want to be using proactive forever? And what about the cysts? Does anyone have any ideas that would work for those? I am going to go see my doc but I hate taking oral medications.

  391. All of you look at your diet, especially anyone in their teens. Too much dairy and too much sugar? try cutting these out almost completely then see if your acne improves. Don’t be lazy and go to the dermatologist as soon as you get acne, yes their medications work great but they are no good for your system. Cleaning the infected areas is important but not as important as diet so drink plenty of water and eat clean foods. Teenage acne is the (mainly in males) cause of the increase in testosterone levels during puberty, once your hormones settle down your acne WILL go. How many 20-30 year olds do you see with acne? i haven’t seen any.

  392. I have been suffering from acne for years ever since i was in highschool, i would get pimples all over my face i hated it! I tried all the acne care products you can think of proactive, minocycline, differin, and some others. I was fed up when a friend of mine recommended i get Skin Perfection MD, i found a free trial on google, i thought it wasnt going to work but within a month i saw incredible results! to this day i thank my friend for changing my life when he introduced me to the product.

  393. Im 20 and i have moderately bad acne… i always have pimples. There hasn’t been a day in about 4 years where i havent had a pimple. anyways what helps hide it is working out… for some reason it seems to dissapear when im having an intense workout, so what i do is workout before i go somewhere πŸ™‚

  394. I have a question. I read the post by coco_oco and it was suggested to use camomile lotion, the same that you use for chicken pox. Does CALAMINE lotion work too, or does it have to be camomile? Just trying to clarify, so I can try it! Thanks!

  395. hi i have backney and there is alot of blackheads how do i get rid of them help me come on no one likes me anymore because they saw my serious zit pimple blackhead!!!!

  396. CETAPHIL also works great also, i use that everyday and if i have a zit or pimple i put on NEUTROGENA SPOT GEL, RAPID CLEAR and its gone in the morning and i have really sensitive skin so i promise you it won’t make it worse

  397. i know i’ve been doing alot of panels for typing, but i don’t care, i keep forgetting info so i have to create a new panel,but i don’t care, try Neutrogena Skinclearing oil-free concealer. its a good cover up with 0.5% of salicylic acid, which helps fight away acne as you put it on, it doesn’t sting and increase inflamation, it slowly helps clear up acne as an adition to hiding it. and if you use clearasil, it works great at first, then dries out your skin alot and then you can use the lotion called Eucerin, it hydrates your skin, dermatologist reccomended, and won’t clogg your pores. i suggst that if you get dry skin, i use it too πŸ™‚ hope some1 finds my stuff usefull

  398. oh, and if you read one of my previous panels, St. Ives, apracot cleanser also works if you don’t think cetaphil will work

  399. hey ,
    i was so much frustated with my pimply skin ..i used to drink lots of water , used to job ,eat healthy ..u name it and i did that . but one day i was scrolling trough some forums and i git a link of a cream though for usa only ..
    but i thought to give it a try , my sussy lives in usa , she send me this and beleive me it worked .
    its not like it happend in one day ..but after few weeks i really found growth if piple descreesed..
    so if u want u can try the cream.

    god bless

  400. ok…so heres the deal:
    iv had an ance problem but nothing alittle makeup cant completlty hide.
    in 3 days im going on a double date and in the past week, iv broken out and my forehead looks horrible…DOES ANYONE KNO ANY HOME REMENDIES TO GET RID OF ANCE IN A FEW DAYS???????????????please help!!

  401. im 12.. to everyone im to young to have acne.. but i have acne everywhere!! it annoying.. sometimes i feel like to killed myself..
    btw.. thanks for the advice.. i’ll try it.. but im using clearasil.. is it works.. and im staying in malaysia.. in malaysia is everyday summer.. so the weather is very hot.. and my face is very oily so how im gonna do??

  402. I reccomend using STRIDEX; it works, plus, it’s a double whammy for zits: it has a pimple drying gel and cleansing pads.

  403. whenever i have a breakout i usually crush up a few aspirin and then mix it with lemon juice to make a paste. then put it on wherever you have a pimple. leave for a good 20 minutes to a half hour then wash off and your skin is noticably clearer.

  404. ok so the number one thing that i do since im a celebrity and i need a clear face is use use Zap-A-Zit by Benefit. i always put it on before i sleep and under my make up.

  405. First off I’m 13. I started getting acne in the middle of 6th grade so of course I’m in 7th now. I’m trying Stridex and it’s not working that well Clean and Clear was working but I found out there are all different acne products with different skin. But anyways I cry at night cuase I just want clean skin so plezzz help me with some tips I can use that are fast working.

  406. ive had acne on my back since i was nine years old :/
    im 13 now, nearly fourteen so thats almost 5 years, ive tried everything and nothings working.
    my mum reckons im going to have to wait for them to go when i get older but that could be another 5 years and im sick to death of them.

  407. i am a 12 year old girl goin through puperty.i have never used proative but i have heard it ont work.i myself have had experiance with nuetrogena i persnaly think it works the best i have used it for about two weeks now and it is clearing up my skins without over drying.the nuetrogena wave does help a lil but it does over dry so those r my experiances

    SO COOL πŸ™‚

  409. Hi I’m 28yrs old and I’ve never had severe acne but have been getting pimples since highschool, I thought it goes away when you’re an adult? Mine hasn’t. I had found a good product by Clearasil, they were blackhead clearing pads, I haven’t been able to find them again it’s like they’ve gone off the market, so I bought another type by Clearasil and they don’t work at all, lately I have been getting little whiteheads on my cheeks and larger painful ones around my chin, it’s very bothersome. I am not rich and can’t afford to keep testing out different products, does anyone have any suggestions? I drink plenty of water and think my diet is pretty good. Thanks

  410. i am 13. i have lot of pimples. i started getting them at 6th grade. this is bad. i tried zapzyt but it sucks. help!!!!!!!!!!

  411. drinking water is THE BEST solution. no certain face wash will do. The thing is to avoid food that is spicy, or too oily or with too much sugars. drink enough water because water will flush out all the toxins from your body like jessica said, “BAM!” lol

  412. oxy pads are AMAZING!
    they come pre-soaked in the cleanser, and all you have to do is rub the little pad all over your face. I started using it a while ago, and my pimples just went away!

    oxy also makes cleansers and exfoliators (both work really well)

    If you have backcne (like me) put some oxy cleanser on one of those long-handled loofahs, and scrub.

  413. i have been having laser therpy and that is realy good and if you use dermaquest that is brilliant i swear by it .lovesxox

  414. Whitney,

    Do not cover your acne with makeup! That will only make it worse! You need to clean and exfliate your skin regularly to avoid clogged pores and breakouts.

    Try CTRL Skin Care System. Its the only skin care system that has been formulated for guys and girls. Its natural, Paraben free and only 2 steps. You should see rapid results! Give it a try.

  415. I use biore cleansing system. it has only four products and it works wonders if followed by some benzol peroxide. your skin should be clear if you use it morning and night for two weeks. hope this helps

  416. Well first of all i tend to break out when i am stressed or on my period. But lately it has been bad. i get lots of white heads on my face. And i get a few on my back. Any suggestions on how i can get rid of them, and i am 15. πŸ™‚

  417. aftershave for guys, and rubbing alcohol. I didn’t get problems until 9th grade and spent all this time trying to figure it out, you just have to keep up with it, also pick simple shampoo and bodywash. Don’t use axe and for scars i use neosporin original formula. this all works pretty well, sometimes a fight but its worked best for me. An other thing that helps is having shorter hair, most of the acne on my face is gone except for two spots and a couple on the hairline but aren’t bad. I found that most of the time the neck acne is just razor burn (duh), so if you shave thats really the issue, just use aftershave in the morning and maybe night, Im going to do start on just plane rubbing alcohol at night though, i dont need the fragrance in bed all the time. Oh one more thing, get the cvs aftershave, original formula…. It has to say original on the bottom. hope people give this some thought, its geared more towards guys though.

  418. I got a terrible outbreak around two years ago. I didn’t really know how to deal with it, because I had always had great skin. So my first reaction was to get rid of the pimples fast and whichever way I could. This led to a bigger outbreak, and it seemed like everyday it got worse and worse. Then, I started damaging my skin by trying to get rid of my acne, and I’m lucky I didn’t get scarred. I started using Proactiv. When I used it, my skin immediately started clearing up. When I didn’t use it consistently, my skin would start getting bad again. Now I use it every single day and my skin is clear just like it was before.
    So, some advice: do NOT be aggressive at trying to get rid of your acne, it will only damage your skin and scar it. Keep your hands AWAY from your face as much as possible, your fingers and hands are really oily and this will only make your skin oilier and clog your pores. The best thing to do is find a good product, maybe Proactiv, wash your face consistently, and try to keep your hands away. I thought my skin would never get better, but when I started taking care of it, it healed right up =)

  419. 1. Most important thing to take care is don’t touch your pimple; half of the problem will get solved if you don’t touch it. When ever you apply any thing on your skin and you have pimple then don’t let it dry and don’t rub and remove it. Simply wash it with water.

    2. Take neem leaf make paste and apply it for 15-20 min. Do this daily for 1 week and you will see wonders

  420. For girls going through puberty, yeah acne sucks. Don’t bother with proactiv, it doesn’t work well unless you are religious with it, and it is just too big of a pain. If you talk to your mom and your doctor, somtimes birth control helps. It helps to tone down your acne enough to make good treatments more effective. It also shortens your periods and makes the breakouts shorter and less severe. I recommend seasonique. Wash your face with a washcloth wet with hot water before applying the treatment of your choice to open up your pores. Use face scrubs with little exfoliating beads in it while you are in the shower, the combination of steam, cleanser, and hot water is amazing, especially for oily skin. Always scrub your face in the shower, be an opportunist ladies. For those of you with the really bad acne, rather than the simply incovenient form that many girls complain about, you may have to use a combination of things. Such as a cleanser, prescribed acne medication, and face washing. If you ask for presription acne help, don’t let the doctor give you topical creams, because just like proactiv they are a waste of time, and on top of that they are oily and tend to sting. Ask for the kind you can take in a pill. It just makes it easier. Also, if you find a product that you really like, because as fate would have it, as soon as it starts working, no one will have it ever again, and nothing will ever work as well. If you get zits on your arms, back, chest, legs, etc, scrub really well in the shower, and apply Vaseline Moisturizing Lotion to the breakout hot zone as soon as you get out. Hope this helps girls!

  421. Biore astringent works pretty well to get rid of oil. As for medication, Differin 0.3% Gel worked very well for me. I liked it because after I stopped using it, my acne didn’t come back.

  422. Here are The Best Acne Solutions:
    1 -Drink plenty of water. Staying well hydrated can help your condition improve, because the “waste management” control system in your body requires a lot of water to do its job. Without enough water, the body has difficulty removing some waste products efficiently.

    2 – Look for face washes which contain the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. This is the key ingredient in some of the best face washes. use a 5-10% benzoyl peroxide of mild to moderate acne and 10% for severe.

    3 – Try smashing one tablet of aspirin in a small bowl, then adding lemon juice to the mixture. Aspirin is acetesalicylic acid, chemically related to salicylic acid. Apply to the affected areas overnight. It boosts the healing process while reducing redness.

    4 – Try AcnEvolution by Susan Thompson of the Dermatology Institute of England. This will get rid of the acne in about 14-30 days.

    5 – Try putting toothpaste (paste, NOT gel) on your face, cover it with a bandage, and keep it on all night. When you wash it off in the morning your acne will look better. The astringent and surfactant nature of the toothpaste will help diminish the appearance of pimples. But the toothpaste has been known to burn sensitive skin of the face, so be careful. If your face does burn, stop acne treatments and work on healing your burn.

  423. im 12,going to 7th grade,i started getting acne @ the beginin of the school year in 6th grade,it suxs! ive tried alot of things! not many have worked,ive tried washing off mi makeup every night w/makeupwash,i ended up mi face gettin very dry!i need to try diffrent things.

  424. You must try CTRL Skin Care System. It is designed for male or female skin so it will appropriately target your acne. Its 2 simple steps and works more rapidly that other big name products. Try it, it works!

  425. You have to try CTRL Skin Care System! It has been designed for male and female skin so it will rapdily and effectively target your acne. Its 2 simples steps and outperforms other industry leaders. Its also very gentle on your skin!

  426. I dont Have A Tip I Need HELP clearing My Acne Im Only In 6th Grade And I Think My Acne Is From Stress.Im Getting A Bad Social Level Now.HELP

  427. DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE! It literally eats the pimple which will burn and will leave a bigger harder to cover red mark.. and may scar.

  428. i have been using proactive lately and i does NOT work at all for me…i just had a terrible breakout and i keep picking at my pimples and zits and it turns into scabs and eventually scars. i noticed that when i scrub my face with baking soda it clears my acne pretty good. im going into 7th grade and i do NOT want to walk into school the first day with bad skin! if u have any home remedies or suggestions please tell me! πŸ™‚

  429. im going tooo 7th grade and i have really bad acne on my face and nothing has worked for me right now im on some kind of doctors medication!!!!!!ive been on it for 3 months and still hasnt worked!!!!!!!!!! i need HELP but my mom wont buy anything i dont know what to do and i dont want to have to go back to school with the same face as last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  430. Use neutrogena acne stress control face wash then oxy cleansing pads then use the oxy spot treatment every night. Use the face wash when taking showers too. You should see results in 2 days. But will take a while for it to completly go away, im still in the prosess but its working.

  431. I have tried everything in the market and nothing had really worked for me.. Lately i had heard about Clean and Clear Advantage Control Kit and that is was i have been using for the past month. Oh my gosh! does this stuff really work. Before, i had really bad and severe Acne. I never went to a dermatologist because i don’t think that it would help me. If you go to you can download a $5 off coupon and it really helps. The kit is three simple steps. and i am telling you.. THIS STUFF WORKS! πŸ™‚ really really try getting this! i usually break out when i am about to start my period. But this stuff really works and I don’t break out at that time of the month anymore! I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS!!

  432. Guys I feel ur pain I’m still going through bad acne to I’m gonna be a freshman in highschool and I don’t want this face but I do have a tip I found and going to try: drink 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day I know it sounds crazy but try it

  433. I’m going into the 7th grade, and I started getting acne sometime in the beginning of the 6th grade. During the summer, I get terrible break-outs due to allergic reactions. If you get break-outs from allergic reactions, I recommend using Witch Hazel rubbed onto your face with 100% cotton rounds. After a few days it will slowly go away! Its a all natural astringent. But I still have problems with acne so I’m having fun reading this!! πŸ˜€

  434. Do not try toothpaste i tried it and it burned my skin were i applied it on leaving it red and extremly discusting i dont know wat to do its even worst than even having the pimples on thee first place!! help me any remedys to take the burn off or cure the skin

  435. I’m currently using LED phototherapy treatment at home called Therasol to help with my acne. It seems to be working so far. I still have some on my forehead but over time it should clear up, at least i hope so.

  436. My names josh im 26 year old…and am recently experiencing for some un explained reason bad acne breakouts..they’ve grown in clusters ..something similar has happened like this on the previous summer while i was living in LA but once the summer was over with my acne was clearing up and the scars faded ..but now all of a sudden my face broke out once again ..and the scaring is bad and ive actually been able to keep it at bay by using apple cidar vinegar mixed with honey which i apply on my face..and i also use alpha hydroxy acid lotion for scars..i was just wondering could be causing my acne to be breaking out inclusters like that??

  437. I still get both blackheads and pimples at the ripe age of 21, and for a lady it isn’t so pleasant. Though it seems to be genetic, since my father had skin problems till about 25, but I have found one system that works relatively well. Feel free to adjust it, since everyone is unique.

    Every morning:
    1.) I make a face cloth really hot and place it over my face for about a minute or two. If I’m in a rush I keep my face under warm water in the shower for the same amount of time. Either way it opens your pores up, and it seems to have the same effect.
    2.) After, I wash my face with a detoxifying hypoallergenic skin cleanser. I use BiorΓ©, but I’ve heard Aveno works well too. When I’m washing my face, I always use my hands and I move in a circular motion. Going form areas of low blemish to high, so as not to spread anything.
    3.) RINSE!! I’ve found this step is really important. If the soap stays on your face it can clog your pores even more.
    4.) If you want to use the same face cloth for this step and number 1, you MUST make sure you rinse it very thoroughly afterward. After I make the face cloth really warm again, I use it to exfoliate my skin. Make sure to change the area of cloth you use for the different parts of your face so that your pimples don’t spread. Also, don’t rub TOO hard, as it’ll pop your pimples and also cause them to spread. I’ve found a firm but gentle circular motion works best.
    5.) RINSE!! Now that I’ve exfoliated, I need to wash away all the dead skin. Gross, but necessary.
    6.) Turn the water on COLD!!! I know this will be a bit of a shocker when you do it, but splash your face with as cold of water as you can tolerate. It’ll make your pores smaller and make it more difficult for dirt to get into them.
    7.) Gently dab your face dry. Don’t wipe.
    8.) Last step, I promise. If you notice your face is getting a little dry from your skin cleanser, rehydrate. I use Olay Original Active Hydrating. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but it works. I only use a half pea sized amount for my entire face in order to prevent making my skin really oily again during the day.

    I know it seems like a long process, but once you get the hang of it, it really only takes about 5 minutes, and it seems to work for me. I also try to stay away from any cover-ups or powders, since that allows my skin to breathe better throughout the day.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  438. well i just am starting with these tips, i never really had many acne problems cause i have extremely fair and a little bit dry skin, but recently, ive been getting breakouts, mainly on my forehead… and that clean and clear stuff doesnt work for me cause it just dries out my skin nd then i start getting MORE zits…. im gonna try this baking soda stuff, but if it doesnt work out, does anyone have any acne tips for people with EXTREMELY sensitive skin????

  439. ok well i tried that baking soda stuff and it did make the acne smaller but , they’re bright bright red, and theyre much pointier, any tips at all???

  440. I use special tweezers to pop my pimples and black heads. I wait until I can see the pus, then I go in for kill! Haha, usually I get break outs right before I start my period. So one week of good skin, next I know I’m freaking PIZZA FACE! Right now all I’m using is ‘Clean & Clear’ Morning burst and ‘Clean & Clear’ Deep action Cream Cleanser. I just buy the little 1 Oz bottles, that stuff lasts for ever if you use it sparingly! If you shower, turn the nozzle straight down and make the water HOT I MEAN H-O-T!!! Then sit in the back of the tub and steam your face and body! πŸ˜€ Good luck everybody!

  441. sooo i have had really bad acne for about 10 years and have tried several acne lines such as pro active, murad, clinique, sheshiedo and NOTHING would work for my skin. I recently achieved great soft skin and i thot id share how, but remember different regimens work for different people so if this does not work for you sorry, but these products will benefit you regardless!

    VITAMIN – yes. taking vitamin c pills and eating lots of berries & citrus fruit helped clear my skin!
    I no people say its a myth and acne is not associated with what you eat like greasy foods etc. but i really feel my body must have been lacking a good amount of vitamin c, which is great for your skin, and that helped lead to breakouts.

    GREEN TEA – About 3 months ago i purchased Yogi green tea super antioxidant green tea from trader joes and this helped clear my skin as well. i am not an expert in the “skin” field but this is supposed to help get rid of toxins in your body that will usually escape through your skin cells if not dumped. it also helps reduce free radics and from my understanding free radicals destroy your vitamin c intake. I usually drink 2 teabags a day of this green tea.

    Omega 3 fatty acids- this is the oil that is found in fish and is all natural. I take a 1000mg a day suppliment and noticed this helped my skin look dewy and fresh.

    cetaphil – after first use i noticed pimples were reduced.

    how i figured all these products worked?

    i first started using cetaphil after a friend recommended. I knew her about 2 years ago and she had severe acne and i saw a picture of her on facebook and her skin was flawless. She said she used this CETAPHIL facewash so i tried and it did work for me! However it only worked to a certain extent and i still had acne however it was less than before. I then started drinking a lot of green tea and water and again noticed my skin was clearing up a little more. Then when i added the vitamin c and omega 3 close to all of my acne has disappeared!!! You can try it and if it does not work these products still benefit your heart and body tremendously so you should be taking these in anyways!!!

    DONT forget to moisturize after washing face!
    A great product i recommend that helps get rid of dark-spots is amore pacific revitalize moisturizer. its $100 for a bottle but i really love it!

    Please let me no if this has or has not worked for you because id like to know ! thank you

  442. i use the proactiv stuff and im telling you it does not work
    my acne has been getting worse….
    does anyone have any tips for a person with dry and very sensitive skin?

  443. Hey everyone I finally found a great method to clear up acne within just a couple of days, and even better the process is all natural and healthy for your skin!

  444. I just saw that Mario Badescu is offering a chance to win a personalized skin care consultation for 5 people. They will give you free products to try to help you get rid of your acne. It says it ends Nov 1st.

  445. okay so i am 14 years old and i have had my period for about a year now, and i will have clear skin for about 2 weeks and then i will break out on my forehead, nose, and chin. i play sports so i sweat a lottt. and i also have veryyyyy oily skin. helpp! whats something that i can use to clear my acne, oh and i also have bacne. and i have used that burts bee’s shit and it just makes it worse, so what should i use, thats not expensive becasue i am on a babysitters salary. if you could get back to me that would be great because i am going out with my boyfriend next weekend and i dont really get to see him often since he lives in a different state :[ but anyways i really want to have clear skin. so pleaseee helpp me.

  446. The face wash Cetaphil works the best. I use it every single day and honestly if I use another prouduct for a few days, I start to break out. All of my friends use it as well, it is definitely the best face wash that I have ever used!

  447. well, basically, i have spots on me forhead and i use a manuka honeyu body wash (the face wash wasn’t availble and i wasnt allowed tp buy it ova the internetty) but anyway, the bosy wash basically does the same thing, but i also use tea tree and witch hazel cleansing and toning lotion, they have imporved dramativally, but now i fear there all coming back1 I thnk it might be stress, becos its deffo not products im using, but has one got any natural tis on how to get rid of these thoing quickly withot having to buy more acne stuff tht doesnt wrk like clean and clear wash for me ddnt wrok v well atr all, it jus dried my face out even more Help! thanks x x x x x

  448. I know some really good face masks that will help treat your skin.

    1. For an zit zapping mask use – Half cup of strawberries, and tablespoon of sourcream
    2. For a mosturing mask – Use The inside of an avacado cut the seed out, lemon juice, and
    honey (this will sofen and hydrate your skin.
    3. For a tonning mask use – The inside of a peach cut out the seed, and 1 egg white

    Leave each on for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water and at the end splash some cold water on your face. dab your face dry then gently wip up so you can remove dead skin cells. Hope this is useful

  449. Im 14, and i’ve been using proactive for ages
    i’ve tried clearisil and all of that bullshit but it doesnt get rid of anything, it justs prevents it from getting worse.

    soaking your face in hot water every night, drinking lots of water and changing your diet helps.
    Ive also heard that washing your face after youve used a solution such as proactive with cold water, shrinks pore size, making it harder for bacteria to get into your pores. Thus decereasing acne. I’ve been doing that for a week or so, and it really has helped. I reccomend it highly.

    cheers – J

  450. Well i tried a product called acnezine and the results were amazing. Everything that the website said was true and i have very little acne now i think everyone should try this product. I think they are still offering free trials from at there website. You just have to pay shipping and handling which is only like $6.95.
    Hope this helps any one whos looking for acne treatment.

  451. My name is michelle and I am 12 years old. I started getting acne when I was about 10. I tried that Proactiv stuff and it made my skin so much worse. Then I tried Oxy pads but i found out frm a dermatologist that they just spread oil and trap it inside. I now use this stuff called Spectro AcneCare and it works but it takes a couple days. Toothpaste works pretty well too it just makes my skin feel really irritated.
    Good luck

  452. I have used just about everything and nothing has seemed to help; except using a tanning bed. I would get in the tanning bed 2x’s a week for ten minutes without any make up on and my face just cleansed. within a week my acne was CONSIDERABLY less if not gone at times. and belive me mine gets so bad you could read braielle off of it. Mine has gotten bad yet again but ive stopped tanning. REMEMBER!!! if using a tanning bed use it in moderation with a light spf πŸ™‚

  453. READ THIS!

  454. BIG TIP!!!!!!!!! usually, popping a zit may just cause you acne scares or even your pores to get bigger. so I would advice to HANDS OFF THE PIMPLES even if your just touching it. Next, you should always cut your nails and keep them short because even though you might not be a dirty kind of person, the little dirt in between your nails can spread to the acne and make it worse through your washing your face regularly…so TRUST ME!! it really works! When your wiping your face with tissue, towel etc. be gentle, don’t press hard…same goes when your washing your face with your cleanser.

  455. Another tip!!! don’t use ‘Oxy’ pimple cream! because actually it’s VERY strong and actually burns your skin leaving most people with acne scars…..seriously..I’ve tried it. for people who have oily skin, when your applying moisturizers on your face, FIRST!!!!! take a little a mount of moisturizer on the tip of your finger (not much, because appliying more moisturizer does not make the pimple better) about the size of a small pearl, rub between both of your index finger, middle finger and fourth finger all at one letting the substances blend by the natural body heat from your finger tips…wait for a moment then apply upwards at the cheeks first until it’s a little even..THEN! ONLY you apply on the T-zone and the other parts of your face evenly……Lastly, avoid eating oily foods, avoid stress, and have a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate your skin. GOOD LUUUUCCKK!!!!!! πŸ˜€ hope this really helps!

  456. Ok I’m going into 9th grade and my acne is mild, not as bad as some, but i can’t stand it anyway. Make sure to wash your face first thing when you wake up, getting rid of all the oil you got while sleeping. Second get some wich hazel and put it on w/ cotton. Then wash your face again and dry gently.
    When you are about to go to sleep, 20 minutes preferably, wash your face. Use wich hazel, wash your face and dry. After drying, (this is important) use your cream. I use benziclin. It is one of the best medicines there is for acne. DONT wash your face. Go to bed after 15-20 minutes, so to let the cream sink in. Repeat every day, about 5 minutes in the morning and 5.30 before bed. Good luck! AND DRINK WATER! When offered either water or soda, remember that drinking soda is one little moment in time, while your acne is a whole day. Dont expect results in a day, that isn’t possible. Less greasy foods as well.

  457. I’m 17 years old I started getting acne when I was about 14 I use proactiv everyday and I have to admit it helps to a certain extent, I really recommend a fash wash and drinking plenty of water , and the basic stuff, I still have acne but its got a lot better, I have mild acne, nothing major, get plenty of rest, and try to stay stress free, which I know is sometimes hard to do, but I do recommend proactiv if you have mild to moderate acne, if you have it alll over your face, id go see a dermantoligist. Toothpaste does not help your skin, it just dries out the pimple, and somewhat makes it smaller, people tell me all the time rub toothpaste all over your face it’ll make the acne go away, that’s most certainly not true, but yeah, good luck with yours. Later (:

  458. I’ve had acne for about 5 years now. I tried everything. I started out with those alcohol pads. I don’t remember the brand but they had little effect. Then I got proactive when it first came out. That was alright but I was still breaking out a lot. So then I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed me several different combinations of creams and antibiotics. That seemed to work best.

    So I think the best thing you should do is go to a dermatologist. In addition to medicine he recommended that I: avoid dairy products, wash my face at least 3 times a day with water at least. Ivory soap helps as well. And like this website says, drink water.

  459. I do not have acne but sometimes suffer from minor breakouts and I find that any product containing Benzoyl Peroxide helps clear upmy skin
    ps products may contain bleach, so keep away from good clothes/towels!

  460. Okay, so I have moderate acne. I don’t know what to do. I have tried clean and clear, clearasil, and just plain soap with little results. I’m going to try some tips like eating better, drinking water, and sleeping more.. I seem to lack in those areas any ways.. Wish me good luck(:

  461. Get your doctor to prescribe Spironolactone. You must take it for 3 months before you notice a difference, but once you do it is unbelievable! My skin is now flawless!

  462. HEY PEOPLE!!!!Help me Please I breakout on the forehead which is not bad because my bangs cover it but still.I got a question How do the Celebrities not have acne?Anywho, how do I get rid of it?????I tried soap, proactive, and this face wash.It doesnt work.I would use acne stuff and wash my face atleast twice a day.Well any advice would help I hope this helped yous all THANX, PEACE OUT.

  463. Neosporin helped out my acne, i used proactive it worked alright.. But no matter what I always have acne on my nose for head and chin, when my pimples go away, they come right back, idk what to do, does dermatology help at ALL?!!?

  464. Okay what to do? well you add vinager and water together, not alot. Aply to the areas needed wait 1 minute rinse off with warm water. yous hould at least do this before you go to bed. It takes like, four days to notice the reasults. dont freek out if yuor face turns a lil red it will go away. you just need to add a little more water next time GOOD LUCK!! ~Nelson!!

  465. Forget it all. Use teatree oil. It’s been proven more effective than anything, even benzol peroxide and it won’t dry out your skin as much. Trust me.

  466. I only have a few pimples at the top of my forehead. All of my friends and I went to walgreens and tested out different products the one I took worked the best. We all use it now and our skn is flawless! It is called Ponds (cold cream) it says it takes off makeup but is also a deep cleaner. If your reading this you might think that this is only something that works for me, but all of my friends use it…and it works! Also all of my friends have different skin light acne and some of them had acne covering their face and it worked forall of us! So listen to me this stuff really works! It is in a little round container and you can buy it at wallgreens, jet dip your finger in it and spread it in the areas you have acne, leave it on for a few seconds then wash it off with warmwater( read the back for deal cleaning instructions) Good Luck!!

  467. UGH!!! Nomatter what I do I can’t get rid of my acne! I have this stubborn pimple on my nose whicj I picked at and now it has turned into a scab and has been there for over a month! And now I’m breaking out around it too!! Nomatter what I do, it doesn’t help, but just leaves my skin dry and irritated. HELP ME!

    From Admin:
    For the dry irritated skin possibly try a higher end moisterizer such as Shiseido Day Moisture Protection with an SPF 15. The product is not greasy and will hydrate your skin all day and gets absorbed quickly. Make sure you are also washing your face with a decent cleanser morning and night. In the evenings you may want to use Polysporin to help heal the scab and at night apply some Vitamin E cream to help healing as well. Also try to drink lots of water as your skin needs to be hydrated in order to be healthy.

  468. I’m 18, and I’ve unfortunately had moderate acne since I was in the 4th grade. I work out, eat healthy, and sleep well. I do get stressed a lot, but mostly from school. I’ve learned that isotonix opc3 has worked the best for me. It also helps other things. Just follow the directions. It is a bit pricey, but it’s very beneficial.

  469. Mario Badescu has been around for years helping people with acne, especially when proactiv and other acne lines don’t work. Their products last a very long time so it’s worth the price and their testimonials on their website are amazing. It’s no wonder this brand is making a name for themselves.

  470. Treat the root cause – hormones and diet. Stop eating oily stuff. Stop eating and drinking sour stuff that produces acid. Wash your face three times a day with mild soap. Eat sweet fruits and drink four to five galsses of water a day.
    Cut down on eating meat (eat only moderate quantities like a small helping once a day). It worked for me. Will work for you.

  471. I’m 15 year old girl,almost 16, and so i hace my acne since 13 years old:( i’m so tierd of it.,.. i have really oily skin face, and it’s so hard to find perfect cream for your ace, ecaise my skin is very sentsitive, and it’s just agh… tierd of it, so please can you recommand me somthing to use..? for my skin? thanks:)