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It’s a sad truth, but many car accidents where people are seriously hurt or killed happen because the at-fault driver was intoxicated at the time. Police enforcement and various awareness groups are helping to limit this problem, but it’s still a very real issue.

Alcoholics are typically male, and they pose a danger to not just themselves, but many of the people around them as well. A drunk driver could ruin a family not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Alcoholism can have serious affects in various different ways. Alcoholic beverages can ruin someone’s quality of life, including their personal and professional relationships. Many child batterers and wife-beaters are alcoholics as well—the drink often blurs one’s ability to think logically, and this can lead to loved ones getting hurt. Getting rid of alcoholism is essential if the alcoholic wants to avoid doing damage. Alcoholism is a disease just like any other, and if the drinker can’t learn to moderate themself, they might need to stop drinking altogether

1. Have the right attitude

Craving alcohol is a common symptom of alcoholism, and this is hard to get rid of. Sometimes it takes a team of people to help kick their habit. There are certainly lucid moments where they might want to do this themselves, but sometimes they need a team of people to hold an intervention on their behalf.

Of course, this is only the first step. An alcoholic needs to want to quit, or they will always find a way to get back into their old habits. Outside requests and appeals for them to change their ways might work, or might have an impact, but these will only truly be effective if they understand what they will lose if they stay on the same path.

2. Understand the causes

The cause of alcoholism is not entirely clear, but it’s often linked to escapism, anxiety, depression, genetics, the availability of alcohol, the encouragement of other alcohol abusers, chemical imbalances in the brain, and many other factors. It could be a combination of several things at once.

Many people think there is a lot of “glamour” in drinking, or that it will increase their social standing in their friend group, family, or amongst coworkers. Society often encourages partying and excess these days, which is only encouraging the problem to continue.

Over time, there are physical changes made to the brain from excessive alcohol intake. Alcohol has a serious impact on some of the pleasure-producing chemicals in the brain, and over long periods, it takes heightened amounts of alcohol to produce these same results.

Alcohol abuse is fairly common these days, and if it’s not watched carefully, it can lead to alcoholism. Alcohol abusers regularly drink to the point of intoxication or impaired judgment. Over a long enough period, this can turn into alcoholism, where the person in question craves liquor and becomes addicted to it.

3. Turn to detoxification

Treating alcohol is no laughing matter, and it can be quite difficult at times. It will require behaviour therapy, psychological treatments, medical treatments, and it will certainly need a strong support system. Doing this alone will be extremely difficult!

The consequences are quite serious, but getting rid of alcoholism isn’t an impossible task. The first stage of this process is detoxification—you need to get that alcohol out of your system! After a long enough time, the alcohol has become a sort of crutch, and this will be hard to overcome, but many have done it before you, and you can do it to!

Don’t kid yourself: alcohol is a drug just like any other, and it will be hard and likely painful to kick it from your system. Severe withdrawal might require assistance in a hospital setting, including sedatives and fluids administered intravenously to replace the fluids your body has lost but desperately needs.

4. Various medical treatments

There are various drugs that you might require to kick your habit. Always consult with a medical professional before attempting anything drastic—alcoholics typically aren’t doctors. You don’t know what the best mix will be for your particular situation!

Behaviour therapy is another treatment form that is commonly used for alcoholics, but it’s also used with alcohol abusers to help them move away from their bad habits.

5. Starting the rehabilitation process

Physical and mental health are both essential aspects of the recovery process, and this might require a rehabilitation center to do so. The problem likely won’t just disappear on its own: it often requires a change of scenery, and sometimes joining a rehabilitation center becomes necessary.

Some programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) insist that staying away from alcohol entirely is the best solution. Many doctors and physicians would agree.

Rehab is a very slow process to help someone get rid of their alcoholism, so it’s going to take a dedicated commitment on the part of everyone involved.

There is one solution known as Rapid Opiate Detoxification (or ROD) that is gaining some traction in recent years. Basically how this works is that the alcoholic in question is put under a general anesthesia for anywhere between 6 and 48 hours. While they are under the anesthesia, various drugs are administered to the body which help flush the system of the harmful toxins inside. After this process is over, the patient usually wakes up in a much better frame of mind, and they typically don’t remember the experience of being cleansed, either.

ROD therapy can be very dangerous, however. Be very careful when choosing this solution, because it puts the body under some serious strain and stress, and it’s not a guarantee that they will stay clean (or “dry”) after the treatment ends.

Whatever the situation, always get in touch with the right professionals to help determine the best solution process that works for the person in question. Everyone is a very strong individual in many different ways, but some things are just too hard to handle alone. Alcoholism is one of them! Getting rid of alcoholism will take a lot of work, and the person in question will need strong support from friends and family.

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  1. If you really want to quit, pray to God and ask him for help, and he will take it all away. You will not even have the desire for anymore.
    When you say one day, is this all there is in life? Then you’re ready to stop.

  2. i find really getting into exercise can divert you from drinking. If you can get the mindset that you have to do it no matter what the good after feeling from doing exercise will keep you at it, and youll realise your drinking sessions only interfere with your progress.

  3. Tell yourself you can give up, always have that faith in you and you will be able to stop. Take up a new hobby, such as a sport or activity that doesn’t involve drinking. Save the money you’ll have when you stop drinking, and use it to buy something nice for yourself, such as a car. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  4. At the closing of an AA meeting the leader of that night’s gathering left us with the inspirational message “Don’t drink or do drugs even if your butt’s on fire.” Worked for me. Haven’t had a drink since 1993.

  5. Drink until there is no reason to drink again. Then there is a time when all drinking will stop for good. Booze doesn’t have any high, just lows and to be effective at anything it’s best to be focused. Sooner or later the booze will have no effect and that’s it for liquor, alcohol will be of no use except as motor fuel.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with PJ, if you tell God that you can’t do this alone, that you need his help, he will do this for you, I have seen it too many times, it happened with me, I wanted to quit for so long, I cried, it was ruining my life and those around me. One day, I asked God to please help me, that was the last day I ever abused alcohol again ……. Just ask for help, ask God.

  7. I just wanted to thank all of you!! This stuff is starting to ruin my life and I want soo bad to kick the habit…I have been praying To God, I’ve been crying to God..And I can actually feel him helping me,its just I have to except his help. YOu words ment alot to me I’m glad I found this site…Pray for me everybody. I’m going to battle this addiction and WIN!!

  8. although i dont have any tips of how to stop drinking, i am trying to help someone but i cannot because he does not want to quit himself.
    i’m with my guy for about 6 years now. im nine months pregnant and have a 4 year old son by him currently.
    for the past 6 months he has been working for this company that has nothing but drinkers there. which i belive thats the reason why he has his problem.
    i cry and beg him to stop coming home leggless. my son and my little brother watch him come in the door, stumbling, falling down the stairs, passing out on the kitchen table and the couch. he was drunk one night again, and was crying to me telling me that he has a drinking problem (which i already knew). i told him that i would help him. he didnt want my help the next day.
    i try to kick him out, but i dont want to turn my back on him. but he is really getting me angry now. i cant stand the sight or smell of beer because of him anymore. everyday when he leaves for work i tell him not to come home drunk, he listens to me sometimes…but he still drinks to much. he prob comes home 2-3 times out of the week drunk.
    i am now overdue 1 week on my pregnancy and will be delivering anyday now. i keep telling him that he is not coming to the hospital with me if he is drunk. he agrees that he will not drink because he wants to see his son being born……….he called me tonight asking me if he could have 1 beer thats it then come home….he knew i didnt want him to, so an hour ago, he came home drunk and is currently passed out on the couch. he doesnt care that he is hurting me. i try to talk to him about it all, but he tells me to “get over myself” that i am a “b***h” and always in a “bad mood”. he doesnt want to listen to how im feeling and how he is hurting me and how his son and my family is seeing him. i dont know what to do!! i want him to quit his job and then he wont be around his drinking buddies. but we need money (which he doesnt even bring home anymore; and i dont know why) and i dont want him to just run away from his problem. because if he encounters people like that again, he will just drink again like he is doing now.

    my question is ……..what do i do? how can i have him back without ruining my family? how can i get him to stop if he isnt willing??

    someone help me please.

  9. A relationship based on your helping or healing or “Fixing” someone, will not work. Believe me, I have spent (wasted) 13 years with an alcoholic and he is as bad today as he ever was. Until & unless he finds his own way, and decides to have a better life, he will drink, get drunk, and wreak havoc in the lives all around him. Don’t waste your life trying to fix someone who you think is “broken”, you will break yourself in the process. ALL you can do is to remove yourself to a safe and quiet, serene, peaceful place where that person cannot any longer reach you to call you for “help” when he is falling down in the street, because by being there you are an ENABLER. Take it from one of the world’s biggest enablers, in the end you’ll have nothing and you’ll be the fool. Sorry but that’s reality.

  10. I really have no tips, all I know is that I am with you all.My a has been gone over 2and a half months, didnt bother to call till the 2mo mark, for his things. How in the world do you just quit loving someone that doesnt even love themself. Its painful to be with out the good side of him, but also, I am not paranoid anymore, no more smelling the breath of a drunk asleep. All I can do that I am sure of Is pray to God for him to deliver him from this **** he is living.

  11. Lauren~Dear lady you are not alone. alcohol is a problem everywhere.
    You may have to leave this person and think about your and your children’s safety. I know you love this person but he needs help. Seek the advice of a counselor or social sevices. Alcohol can affect everyone especially close loved ones, you do not deserve this and the future of your kids. The alcoholic will lie, steal, cheat and do whatever it takes to get a drink. He may even bring home a unwanted STD to you one day if he does not get help through counseling, rehab and or AA. You can type in “alcohol or alcoholism” on the internet and there’s a great wealth of sites that you can go to to get ideas or seek advice. I could say awhole lot more, but… The thing that I really have found that really helps is to start going to church and call upon the LORD (prayer)to help and guide you, plus you can get to know some loving and caring church members who really care. I hope that I’ve been of some help.I’ll be praying for you, dear…

  12. It’s been said, but it needs to be said again. No one stops until they hit their on bottom. The sad thing is what some people consider a bottom doesn’t resemble much like living,More like existing.
    How do you know when you have hit a bottom? When you stop digging!

    I strongly suggest Alcoholics Anonymous to anyone that has an honest desire to quit and for anyone suffering through the pains of a relationship with an Alcoholic I suggest Alanon.

    Be blessed.

  13. drunk words are sober thoughts.. a drinking man hits bottom before he realizes his drinking is a problem..he isn’t much fun now that YOU stopped drinking…he’ll drink another just to fit in in.. he had a bad day he sayd not i want a beer- BUT I NEED A BEER…he mentions he’d wants slow donw on his drinking by switching from beer to LIQUOR- big red flag there..empty beers bottles around the house- spells TROUBLE.. your room mates threaten to move out because he’s drinking and they are afraid of him.. he totally loses his temper you hold your tongue until the next day to prevent his temper from flairing up anyone more.. you can’t fight with a drunk- the drunk is always right- IN THEIR MIND..

  14. Truth is you have to have the will to quit. Unless you want to
    really quit no

    meetings or rehab will work.

    I am a recovering

    acoholic. What got 
 me was the fact i wanted to be the mom my 5 year old deserves. Look at your life and i am sure you can find an inspiration, just anything that would be more important to you. I just woke up one day and i relized not only was it myself i was cheating but everyone who loved me and that i loved.
    I signed into an inpatient program that day.

  15. I was in and out of treatment centers for years…I couldn’t stay drunk and I couldn’t stay sober. I was very, very sick and had been in and out of AA for years. I was totally miserable and just knew I would die drunk. I had prayed about it for years and my family prayed for years.

    Then one day…
    I was outside and I looked into the sky and said, “God, please remove the desire for alcohol from me…you know I don’t mean it but do it anyway.” That was 20 years ago and I haven’t even been tempted since that day. I was living with an alcoholic at the time who kept alcohol
    in our kitchen all the time. I tell you that since that day I have not had a drink of anything alcoholic and have not been at all tempted.

    I do wish you great success in your quest for a sober life…I wouldn’t go back to it for anything. Do whatever it takes!

  16. If you are a regular drinker I can suggest a couple of things I did from my personal experience
    1. I used to drink 7 days a week – I decided to not drink on Monday
    2. I was fond of reading – so each Monday instead of drinking i started reading- philosophy and spiritual stuff – you can find your own topic you like
    3. I did this for 2 months – it became a habit – next month i stopped on Thursdays also
    4. By month 5 i was comfortable with 5 days a week of drinking. I wan in fact feeling much better during those days – especially when i woke up on Tuesdays and Fridays! fresh and energetic. I had also started going out for brisk walks in the evenings and watching TV (kept my mid occupied)
    5. Its been a year now and i an drinking 3 days a week and honestly am pretty pleased with myself – as that’s less than half of what i used to drink about a year ago. I have lost weight and people around me tell me I look much younger and fresher now!

    7. Hope my personal experience will be of use to you. Remember, do not try to go DRY instantly – that will just make life even worse – maybe you will succeed in the first few days as you are excited about trying something new. But its very likely that you will get hooked on again – this time with a vengeance. Trick is to do little at a time – enjoy the fruits – try a little more – and so on – it has to be a part of your lifestyle.

  17. Foolish thoughts from foolish westerners. You take everything logically and just think logic is the only ultimate aspect of life. No, it is not. Just watch your breath and observe your thoughts…or just relax yourself. Do meditate for at lease one hour a day and you will quit the habit of drinking. Dont go to AA or any foolish organizations such as..or to any psychiatrists please…They will kill you with even more poison… Just do relaxation and then a deep meditation. If you feel like drinking, do drink…but observe yourself. Dont think of stopping it immediately or setting a date for stopping…Just leave your mind far behind and meditate everyday.. Drink as much as you want and within a week time you will stop it… Leave all the logical stuff and dont make any plan…just go with the flow to the innermost layer of yourself..where u will find your true potential and nature
    All the very best

  18. same with everyone here i have a problem with my husband, i think his alcoholic coz early in the morning already drinks, and I always told him to stop drinking coz its bad for his health. Im always mad at him, and i think of giving him up but because i love him so much i just cant.He is on drinking since our dating times but i did not expect that it will come this and worst.Sometimes i felt so bad and shamed of him.I hate his smell when his drunk though hes quite when his drunk but I cant stand the smell o him.I dont no what to do to make him quit drinking.Sometimes i think if hes still my husband that i used to love so much.I dont want our relationship to get ruined, his all i got ….please help me

  19. Best thing is to just never touch the stuff. It took a few lousy months for me to ruin relationships that took a lifetime to build. My fiance, siblings, friends, parents, grandparents, nieces, you name it. I had lost all of them. Maybe not physically, but emotionally, they left me months ago. Even that wouldn’t stop me. I didn’t stop until I physically couldn’t go on anymore. I couldn’t eat or drink much of anything without vomiting for days. Only then could I get away from the sauce long enough to realize what I did. And now, I’ve turned my back on the stuff.. Not completely, just enough to ease the cravings without actually getting drunk. My stomach can no longer handle that kind of abuse, but my mind also still can’t cope with a completely alcohol-free lifestyle. I have now have a thousand lies to explain myself for, a hundred apologies that still need to be said, and and a dozen friends and family members to attempt to win back… Including my unborn daughter. Alcohol is capable of causing more physical and emotional pain than it was EVER intended to distract you from.

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