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Uh-oh. It happened again. You’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business, when you notice that something came up — literally. You’re having a hard-on.

Boys experience erection because of many reasons. Some experience it when they think of perverted and sexy thoughts, or if they see something or someone they find arousing. Others experience it because of uncontrollable and raging hormones.

Although you know it’s part of being a man, having a sudden erection can be unnerving, painful and very embarrassing. What if others see it? They’ll think you’re a dirty pervert! You don’t care what caused your shocking and sudden hard-on, but one thing is for sure —- you want to get rid of it.

It’s All In The Mind

Have you been watching porn movies lately? Maybe you’ve been thinking about that hot actress you saw in a two-piece bikini. If you’re always thinking of racy and sexy thoughts, then don’t be surprised to find yourself with an erection every now and then. Most men become aroused and erect when their thoughts become sexually perverted. The answer then is simple—control your mind.

  • Throw away your perverted thoughts. One effective solution is to clear your head of all those impure and perverted thoughts. Sit down, close your eyes and breath slowly. Don’t think of women or sex. Create a picture of something peaceful and beautiful, like mountains or the beach. Eventually, you’ll feel the throbbing subside, and your hormones will back down. You can also do a little meditation. Repeat a sound quietly, like “ommming” out loud. Holding your breath also helps. It may sound strange, but some men find it effective.
  • Think of something gross. If pleasant thoughts arouse you, then nasty ones will do the opposite. Think of something that’s so disgusting or revolting, it’ll take away your sexual urge. For example, imagine a dead rat with its guts and blood splattered on the pavement. Or think about what it feels like having cow dung dumped all over you. The grosser the thought, the better. Your libido will immediately drop.
  • Turn to math problems. Hate math? Use it to solve your erection problems instead. Think of a very difficult math problem, and find the solution in your head. We’re not talking about simple number additions or subtractions here. Try finding percentage or adding fractions. Do calculus if you can. Do anything to keep you from thinking of those arousing images.
  • Stress, worry, and be nervous. Sometimes, the most negative emotions come in handy. Think of all the problems you have, once you have a hard-on. It can be about the mortgage you haven’t paid, the promotion that you want badly or the birthday gift you haven’t bought for your girlfriend yet. Another way is by thinking of things that make you nervous and queasy. Recall a near-death experience or a test result you’re anticipating. The burst of endogenous adrenaline you get will take away that erection.

Exercise Your Leg Muscles

An erection can come at the most unexpected time and place. What if you’re in a meeting or having dinner with your future in-laws? You just can’t stand and just rush off because as soon as they see that bulge in your pants, they’ll know what’s going on.

When this happens, you can turn to simple, unnoticeable leg exercises. There are easy, but-not-so obvious exercises that can take away a nasty boner, and no one will notice what you’re doing.

First, put yourself on a normal sitting position. Then, start contracting your quadraceps muscles. These are located at the front area of the legs. Contract them for a few seconds and then release, causing blood to go to the legs instead of going into your penis. Keep repeating this until your erection subsides.

Some men also find Kegel exercises effective. The pelvic floor muscles, located underneath the pelvis, are the ones contracted instead of the leg muscles. If you’re in the middle of something, and you need an immediate erection remedy, this can also work.

Switch To Boxers

You love how your penis feels secured when you’re wearing briefs, but do you know this garment also causes hard-ons? The fabric constantly rubs against your penis, and this friction makes it feel hot. It’s almost like the sensation you get when you masturbate.

The more you wear briefs, the more unwanted erections you get. Why not try wearing boxers for a change? The fabric used in boxer shorts is looser and it even lets your skin breathe, causing less friction. Another advantage of using this underwear is when you do become erect, your penis points “down” to the pant leg, instead of up. It’s less noticeable that way.

You should also wear loose lower garments. Tight slacks and jeans also add heat and friction to your crotch area. Wear loose shorts and pants every now and then.

Hurt Yourself

No, you don’t have to slam your head against a wall or burn your hair or something. Just stick to minor ways to bring shots of pain to your body. Your mind will focus on the pain instead of your emotions. You can pinch, scratch or slap yourself or bite your tongue. Let the unpleasant sensation linger for a few moments. Like they say — no pain, no gain.


If you really can’t restrain your erection, what better way to get rid of it than letting it out? Go ahead and masturbate. It’s very natural for men. Some doctors even recommend masturbation at least once a day or several times a week to help prevent spontaneous erections.

If you want to let out all that heat, make sure you do it in private, like in a bathroom or bedroom. Lock the door. It’s humiliating if someone accidentally walks in and finds you pleasuring yourself.

Have Sex

Men who get erections while their significant other is around are very lucky. If you get a hard-on and your girlfriend or wife is in the other room, why not ask her to help you out? Have intimate and pleasurable sex with her. Sexual intercourse will not only satiate your carnal desire, but also relieve your stress. It can also provide many other benefits since sex:

  • Burns calories
  • Improves the immune system
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces risk of prostate cancer
  • Reverses signs of aging
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Lets you sleep better

With all these benefits, it’s the perfect way to eliminate that painful hard-on.

You don’t have to bear with painful and embarrassing erections. If something comes “up” again, try one of these tricks and hopefully, you’ll feel relieved immediately.

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  1. Well I guess most guys have been there. Here is what I do; hold your breath and try to exert pressure on your heart by constricting your heart muscles for a few seconds. This will force your body to supply oxygen rich blood to your heart immediately since you are limiting the supply of blood to your heart. ‘Hope this helps!

  2. This article sounds like it was written by a sixth grader. What’s so ‘perverted’ about thinking sexual thoughts?


  3. How can you constrict your heart muscles? They’re involuntary which means you cannot consciously stop or start (much less constrict) them.

    1. Oh great so now you’re mixing eargasms with penis orgasms.
      (Lubes up a Q-Tip, begins to masturbate furiously…)
      Someone is going to go deaf if you keep suggesting things like that…

  4. Sometimes I have this problem where I’m getting a hard-on after masturbating many times…and it gets painful. One of the items listed above was to picture something gross to reduce your hard on, and I find this to be affective. What you should do is picture a sex act that is opposite of your sexual orientation. So if you’re straight, thing of gay sex for a moment. That is so repulsive and disgusting to a straight person, it will immediately get rid of your hard-on. It’s sick but it really works and if you’re desperate to get rid of your hard=on in a public place, you’d do anything.

    This also comes in handy when you’re at a doctors place and a female nurse is playing with your body.

  5. I find that boxers cause me to get a erection much more easily. Of course, they’re the most comfortable. Oh, and thinking about baseball always helps. Unless you have a baseball fetish.

  6. My cousin woke up at 3 am this morning with a hard on and he has done everything he could possibly do to get rid of it and it still won’t go away. What can he do to get rid of it? He has taken a warm bath, masterbated, thought of different stuff. What else can he do?

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