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Sometimes it’s hard to be friends everyone around you. It’s even harder when you feel that you have a lower status than those people. Be it your boss, your neighbour, your co-worker, or your doctor, feeling inferior to someone isn’t fun. Having an inferiority complex can go even farther than that simple feeling inferiority that we all experience from time to time. It can leave you with a feeling of being inadequate in many different aspects of your life or, for some, in all aspects of your life. Having that prolonged feeling of inadequacy is not desirable for anyone. Read on for tips on how to get rid of your inferiority complex.

1. You are worthy

A big aspect of avoiding feeling inferior is knowing that you are great just the way you are. Knowing your self worth and truly believing it are the first steps in being comfortable with who you are and where you are in your life right now.

There are many ways to positively affirm your self worth, and how you do that will depend on how, when, and where you feel inferior to others.

Do nice things for yourself. Put yourself first once in a while. Go take that Yoga class you’ve been meaning to try, have a bubble bath, read a good book, or indulge in that piece of dark chocolate (once in a while). Do something that nurtures your body and soul and makes you feel loved and fulfilled.

What we see and do everyday can influence how we feel about ourselves. There are many motivational posters, calendars, works of art or quotes that you can put up around your home, office, or anywhere you spend a lot of time to remind yourself that you are important. If you’re on Facebook there are sites you can follow that will give you daily inspirational quotes or even mantras that you can say to yourself to affirm your worth and to help bring positive energy your way.

2. Try not to compare

Is their car nicer than yours? Is their family happier is yours? Is their job title more extravagant than yours? As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. You may not know the other persons’ whole situation and you may feel as if you fall short of others but that may not always be reality.

The persona people put forward to others isn’t always the reality of what is happening in their life. Just because someone always has a smile on their face when in public doesn’t mean they don’t have issues they are dealing with or sadness they must face. Just because someone posts happy pictures of themselves and others on Facebook doesn’t mean they have the perfect life.

Instead of comparison try and attitude of gratitude, look at your life and try and be thankful for all the blessings you have.

3. Positive self talk

You need to change the way you talk to yourself and about yourself to get rid of your inferiority complex. Those that constantly feel inferior usually use degrading language when speaking of themselves. They may say things like: ‘I’m so stupid,’ ‘Of course that happened to me, bad things always happen to me’ or ‘I’m such a klutz.’

It’s okay to not be happy with the situation but how you deal with it matters. Just because you missed an appointment doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you human. Everyone falters from time to time and it’s okay for you to err too. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, say ‘whoops, that was silly’ and move on. Try not to dwell on your faults, but on your strengths. Think before you speak negative words about yourself and see if you can turn it into a positive. For example instead of: ‘I burnt the toast, I’m so stupid, I always do that’ you could say ‘Oh I burnt the toast again. I guess maybe next time I should use a timer to remind myself it’s in.’

4. Don’t become superior

Just because you no longer feel inferior to those around you doesn’t mean you need to feel superior to them either. It is possible to coexist with people in a mutual playing field. Just because their situation is different than yours doesn’t make them better than you.

There are situations where a natural hierarchy arises, such as school, for instance. Even in those instances people are able to exist harmoniously together and work toward the same purpose. You may think that the principal is superior to the teachers, which they are by their job status, but really they are just in different places in the system and doing different jobs with different purposes. Just because a janitor has a different role in the school and gets paid less doesn’t make them any less valuable. Their hard work and effort is just as important as anyone else’s as when they all work together the outcome, making sure that our children get the best education possible, is achieved.

5. Seek help

If you’ve tried to find your self worth and you still can’t manage to kick your inferiority complex then it may be time for you to seek help.

There are medical professionals who are trained to help those in situations just like you. Talking to someone you trust can help you work through your issues, past your insecurities, and into a place where you are happy as you. This article is not intended to be a substitute for sound medical advice. If you are concerned about your mental health please consult a health care professional.

You are important. You are good just the way you are. You are worth it. Say it with me: ‘I am important. I am good just the way I am. I am worth it.’ And you can get rid of an inferiority complex! No matter what others around you are doing, saying or being just know that for no other reason that because you are you: you are worthy and you deserve respect; both from yourself and others.

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  1. thanks for this article. but i still need help,i just cant get rid of my inferiorities. i feel i always being hated because of my unproportioned face. i think life is not fair, the world is just a place only for beautiful people.

  2. But what if I really am inferior to other people? What if I’m the one who’s not accepting his destiny and that my destiny is to show people what not to be or become? My own parents told me I was stupid, ugly and worthless and even though I’ve had extensive therapy and I’m still taking medication for my clinical depression, I still feel ashamed and embarrassed to be me and I don’t even know why.

  3. thanks 4 the article
    but im still not ok
    b’coz im facing difficulties in speaking with people
    my tongue is slipping tat time………..
    feel nervous……………

  4. i feel bad when girls look into my eyes,in school i dont ask questions,am a music leader in my own organisation but i feel inferior.pls i need a guide. my number is 07034295650

  5. After going through so many articles and stuff , I do realise my main problem that eats me all the time and its inferiority complex. I really liked your article, and feeling good that this is not smthin tht happens to me alone, its a part of life, I hv decided to join a dance class coz i thnk tht iz smthin m gud in , letz jzz hope for the result,m wrkn in a office whr m on the highest post coz ma dad owns it, nd i feel so inferior to ma subordinates. I jz hope i get rid of it b4 itz too late.
    If u hv ne suggestions for me u r alwasy welcome.


  6. i thought i was just paranoid. over time i tried to figure out what it really was cause i didn’t think it was paranoia. now i know…it’s inferiority complex.i don’t know how i’m going to deal with this.

  7. Ever since froM my childhood i have been facing this criticisms and look downs… at a very early age say maybe from 10 or 11 i was, and still i am a victim of INFERIORTY COMPLEX… its the most hurting thing which can ever happen.. This article of your thoug gives the me optisimism and positive stuffs to consider i jus keep asking one question to God..


    wateva maybe.. i would jus conclude by saying is.. Guys. no matter wat it is have faith in yourself because me mom often tells me that “God tests only his loved ones.. so lets try changing up our attitude towards life.. All the very best to ya all..

  8. Most of my family told me i was just being parinoid. now, considering i show almost all of the symptoms, i think its an inferiority complex. even though im a a’s and b’s student, my classmates seem to do everything better. being harrassed by other students dosent help much either. now that ive got this problem, what am i soposed to do about it?
    (thanks for the artical by the way.)

  9. I have a weak of looking at others unknowingly if it is attraction or whatever .i know that most of the people around me hate for this but even though when they try to talk with me naturally i feel that everyone around me is plotting something against me . please give me some suggestion

  10. It’s awesome!!
    Thanks for the thoughts you have given !!
    I really admire the way of points stated!!
    Let me indulge positive thoughts and tell you the result soon!!!

  11. I can understand how this article may help, but you can’t help the people who don’t want it. i’ve WANTED to change so i talk to friends about it, whom try to help the best they can, but they can only take so much of my pessimism before they just quit tying. people only change for a little while at that. they don’t change forever. sooner or later they will revert back to their old selves.

  12. I can see how this article may help, but you can’t help people who don’t want it. I’ve WANTED to change so i talk to my friends about it, whom try their best to help and give me advice. but they can only take so much of my pessimism before they quit trying and soon after, I even give up. with that being said, people only change for a little while. they don’t change forever. they will only inevitably revert back to their old selves sooner or later, which can sometimes lead to their demise.

  13. I was always overly sensitive about what others were saying to me and a simple joke usually hit me like a knife! i always felt depressed for why people i valued so much would bring me down so low and want to ‘ruin’ me. in classes i would focus on other people’s behavior rather than listen to a line the professors would say. one day my dad was yelling at me and he hollered that i have this complex. i guess he’s right. the only problem is no matter how highly i think of myself someone always manages to figure out my confidence and poke it with a needle as if it were a balloon. i hate people for that -_-… this will take me a long time to get over since ive done all of these things and someone always manages to bring me down 🙁

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