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Feeling anxious before an important scholastic or life event is perfectly natural. However, if your nerves reach a point where you feel they may impede your performance or lower your quality of life, there are actions you can take to feel better. Don’t let anxiety ruin your life! Take action.
Here are eleven ideas that the average person can take to improve their sense of well-being. If symptoms become debilitating to the point of affecting their physical and mental health, then they should seek the medical advice and guidance of a professional counselor.

1. Take deep breaths.

This is a simple action than can be done most anywhere and at any time to help lower your heart rate and instill a sense of calmness. Slowly inhale through your nose, hold your breath for 5-10 seconds and then slowly exhale through your mouth. This allows your body to take a short time out and any muscle tension that has accumulated should start to subside.

2. Take a long walk.

Exercise is important for your physical health, but also has the added benefit of increasing mental well-being. Try and find some time in your schedule to go for a walk each day. 30-45 minutes is an ideal length, but even as short a time as 15 minutes can be beneficial. If at all possible, choose an area you find to be especially idyllic and lovely. Sunny days are especially good times for this activity.

3. Listen to music.

Scientists have demonstrated that music can stimulate our brains in wonderful ways, and one of these traits is the instilling of a sense of calmness. Everyone’s taste is different, so classical music might work for one person, while others prefer heavy metal. However, any song or group that both brightens your day and helps you to forget your problems is an excellent choice.

4. Speak to a close friend.

During times of anxiety, we often do not know how to make ourselves feel better. An outside perspective can be a wonderful aid to help restore our sense of balance. Whether it is a best friend or a loved one, seek out the person whose words have helped improve your sense of perspective in the past. Sometimes being reminded of your personal strengths and ability to deal with adversity is all it takes to get your feet back on the ground.

5. Work on changing your diet.

While it is perfectly permissible to indulge in your favourite decadent dessert or snack food treat on occasion, a person’s diet can have a notable effect that goes beyond the physical. A particular culprit is caffeine. While that extra-large, sugar-laden cup of coffee or large soda or mega-sized energy drink can seem like just the pick-me-up you need to keep going through a long day, they also raise your blood pressure and your anxiety level. Try instead to stay hydrated with regular doses of water throughout the day (the Mayo Clinic recommends 3 litres a day for men and 2.2 for women).

Similarly, a solid diet heavy in sugar will also leave you feeling on-edge and this includes food containing additives like Aspartame. Leave the donut behind and choose a piece of fruit instead. The natural sugar in fruit will help increase your energy level without the unhealthy effects on both your mind and body.

6. Try meditation.

Meditation allows one to discover a sense of inner peace that can prove invaluable when it comes to restoring a sense of balance in your life. If you are unable to find any meditation groups in your area, there are many CDs and online videos that demonstrate the basics of this particular art and its considerable benefits.

7. Devote time to self care.

When deadlines are looming or other personal concerns are dominating our thoughts, we tend to think less of our own well-being. It is crucial to find the time to eat properly, take a soothing bath or perform other tasks that enhance our vitality. The added benefit is that you will be refreshed and in a better position, both physically and mentally, to tackle the challenges looming before you.

8. Keep a journal.

Writing down your thoughts at the end of the day can be highly beneficial. A journal can serve as a handy reminder of the times in your life when you felt triumphant, fully alive and at the height of your abilities. Re-reading those entries is a reminder that you possessed the inner resources to succeed and can call on them again.

9. Make sure you get enough sleep.

We all know that adults need eight hours of quality sleep to function best during the day, but who has the time? Even if that seems too lofty a goal, 6-7 hours is really necessary for an individual to feel healthy and productive. Re-arrange your schedule so that you can get to bed at a decent hour and get as much sleep as possible. Fatigue leads to a reduction in productivity and the quality of your work, which inevitably feeds anxiety.

10. Learn to better understand your feelings and emotions.

Just because something seems inevitable does not necessarily make it so. Remember times in the past where you have felt overwhelmed and continuing seemed futile, but you persevered and made it through the situation. Journaling (see above) can help with this, but also consider investigating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a system that helps lower a person’s anxiety by helping them understand when a thought is distorted rather than rational.

11. Be able to prioritize.

This applies to both your work and personal life. Know when it is in your best interest to say no and not take on more than you can realistically handle. Becoming overwhelmed is one of the worst states for breeding anxiety and ensures that you will not be able to succeed at what you have set out for yourself.

Good luck! Anxiety can get even the strongest of people down. But don’t let it run your life: anxiety does not have to define you OR your life, and you can take many steps to get rid of anxiety in your life. Use these eleven suggestions in full or in part and you should be on the right track in no time!

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  1. Do not go on benzodiazepines or SSRIs. Protracted withdrawal from Benzo drugs can last for months or years (insomnia, twitching, pains, Tinnitus, more anxiety, etc.). Going off of Prozac and other mind drugs without tapering can cause you temporary insanity. These 2 classes of drugs are just as bad or worse then any street drugs.

  2. help not a tip.
    i get anxious about things because i tend to worry alot, but it has never been that obvious to people. i was the only person that noticed i was nervous, but lately it has not been the case. i am a senior in nursing school and i am about to graduate. i am worry alot now about my grades, will i graduate, the instructors etc. i noticed that whenever i had to present something or perform a nursing technique, i start experiencing heart palpitations, my ears are ringing and i start shaking which is very obvious for every one to see. it is very embrassing and i am now teased about it.

  3. I recently had to start going to counseling because of my anxiety attacks and it’s been really helpful so far! She gave me some steps to follow by: 1.Recognize your body signals (anxiety symptoms) 2.Identify (what are your needs or reasons for feeling) 3.Move Energy(think of different solutions to acquiring those needs) 4.Action (act upon one of those solutions) 5.Assess (do you feel ok yet? If not act upon a different solution) 6.Assimulation (were the results positive or negative? if negative don’t do that in the future) Also she suggested using acupressure; rub your wrists or chest and of course breathe deeply at the same time.

  4. I’m a 24 year old male, recovering alcoholic.

    I have found these help me:




    “Michael’s Naturopathic Programs” puts out “Blood Pressure Factors”, it contains the above and is vegetarian and kosher. I buy mine at Wegmans but I’m sure you can find it the all-natural section of your store.

    Vitamin B6 and a multi-vitamin (I use Nature’s Way “Alive!” brand, which is also in the all-natural section.

    Omega 3, 6 and 9 (Try the flaxseed oil, you won’t burp up a nasty taste like the fish oil)

    Sleep, exercise, plenty of water (8 glasses a day) and eating foods low in sodium and high in antioxidants such as:




    Olive Oil

    Nuts (unsalted) and especially walnuts


    Low to no sugar cereals like Cheerios

    Low fat Yogurt

    Try eating more lean turkey and less red meat

    I’m not saying this is all you should eat, just avoid too much sodium, cholesterol and sugars

    If there are people in your life that are destructive to you in any way . . . cut them out of your life. DO IT.

    Any behaviors of yours that are self-destructive . . . cut them out as well.

    I have been dealing with anxiety for almost three years and sense I’ve made these changes in diet and life style I have improved dramatically.

    I have PTSD and I am doing fine without a doctors help (never had any). I have delt with nightmares, heart palpitations, the whole nine yards. But sense making these changes I have been able to control my thoughts easier and I almost never have attacks anymore.

    I find drinking and not sleeping enough are triggers as well as grief and anger. So drink a few cups of valerian / hops tea later in the day instead of hitting the bottle. And stay clear

    of pharmaceuticals. They DO NOT help.

    Be consistent. Perhaps this can help you too.

  5. try 300mg once a day of St Johns Wort. It has basically cured my anxiety! It takes about 2 weeks to kick in after you start taking it. It was a god send for me. David.

  6. Hi Suz,

    I am in nursing school too and I know exactly what you are going through. Stress is very high and there seems to be little or no break from it. Shortly after starting school, I started to feel very short of breath… It seemed like I was gasping for air sometimes and I was getting dizzy and light headed which was very scary. After a full workup from my doctors, one prescribed xanax. I take a very small dose – it’s half of 0.250. Don’t know if it has more of a placebo effect but I have noticed that I haven’t been having the severe short of breath thing. You might want to give it a try. Sometimes it’s just about breaking the cycle – the med doesn’t have to be forever. Good luck with school!

  7. xanax Is a Benzo drug, like valium and can be very addicting. This is a drug from ****! Protracted withdrawal from Benzo drugs can last for months or years (insomnia, twitching, pains, Tinnitus, more anxiety, etc.).

  8. last days.. i have this anixiety(kills me:S).. nightmares.. i am n alot of pressure.. really do yoga… talk to a close friend of urz..((n my case all of us>>friends.. school mates

  9. i tried alot of things, but nothing helps. i can’t seem to let things go and it inhibits me from my favorite things. i avoid things that remind me of bad things that have happened, no matter how small. i go through something unpleasant and it affects my behavior. i’ve been like that since i have started school. i have all these nervous habits and i feel bad knowing that alot of people can feel my emotions and such, i think they all want to avoid me because i worry too much.

  10. I have just been diagnosed with Anxiety. I lead quite a hectic life, training to be a nurse whilst living with two unhelpful boys! i get extremely stressed, which leads to my panic attacks. I feel i cannot breath when this happens, although breathing in a brown paper bag really does do the trick. The symtoms for anxiety is scary as it is similar to those of heart attacks. When suffering panic attacks, sit in a half position with a rest under your legs and head, you will feel more at ease. some people say depending on your upbringing and lifestyle affects the severity of your anxiety. If you have tried to beat anxiety with simple remedies like healthy eating, exercise and stress free activities, then maybe it’s time to see the doctor for more help, wether it will be medication (only if really needed, most precription drugs for depression and anxiety is very addictive, and in some cases can make you worse) or refered to a pshyciatrist. Just remember there is help and hope to us all don’t give up!!

  11. I had anixety and fears so bad 25 yrs ago. Went to movies sat on end in case had to leave. Afraid to color case I got skipped heart beats{that’s what started it] Alway’s looking for a hospital in case… The thing that saved my sanity[ still get stressed about health all the time and now speak and mix up words. Think of one word when mean another] was a book by Dr. Clair Weekes.It’s called PEACE FROM NERVOUS SUFFERING. It explains what you are feeling, and why your body reacts to it and what you are feeling and why. This was my Bible. I carried it around and when felt nervous read it. I under lined what I KNEW WAS ME, so I could go back. I promise you when you read this you all will be saying”THAT”S ME!” She wrote many other’s but start w/ this one first! You will have to call a book store and order it. She died many years ago. It is a paperback so it should be cheap. Trust me.It saved my sanity. Your brain is like a computer. You need to reprogram you brain in a new way of thinking. Remember.there is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so! I’ll be checking back to see what you all thought. IT WILL HELP YOU! Bon Knee

  12. i was recently in a horrible car accident, i had to have major surgery on my foot, i was taking pain pills(norcos)and vikidon for nearly 2 monthes, i just stopped taking them a week ago. i have horrible anxiety, im scared to sleep&when i do sleep i fear death for some reason.throughout the whole day i experience extreme nervousness and cry alot. im only 18yrs old and im starting to fear death everyday, i dont get it, these feelings came out of nowhere. i dont sleep, barely. when i do sleep its during they day for only a short period of time. i stay up all hours of the night. im really scarred and no one will help me, i dont want to take pills is there anything else i can do, and will this ago away? please if anyone reading this can help me, i need it so bad im scarred.

  13. Shannon

    You may be withdrawing. Do not go back on a full dose. Get some advice on maybe going back on a small dose (1/4 maybe?) and doing a slow tapper. try the link below for some help. This link is for Benzo drug addiction but everyone will still help you. You will get better but it will take time and do not go back on a full dose or just randomly taking pills.

  14. I have had panic attacks for about a year and a half. I was under a great deal of stress at work and when I came home it was even worse. I didn’t have panic attacks intil one night when I was at my mother in laws house. I went to the ER but they were so packed that I went home and went to bed. I stayed in bed for about three days without eating because I had made myself ill. I changed jobs and my stress at home got better. Then I started getting panic attacks all the time. They only got worse. I had heard people say that once you get a panic attack that you sometimes are scarred that they are going to come back, but man I had no idea. I would get chest pains and when I got them for something other than a panice attack I would freak out and then force the panic attack on myself. I will now when I feel a pain that is like a panic attack I will get up and start cleaning or singing to get my mind off of my thoughts. (Not always a good thing, I can’t sing). Anways, I have gotten into reading my Bible more often and it has brought me closer to God. God uses bad things to your advantage. I have since opened up to my husband and have talked to him about things that have been bothering me for years. We have gone through alot and I never talked about anything that bothered me at all. As weird as it seems I sometimes can feel when someone is in trouble without them saying anything and I now pay attention to when I think it is a panic attack because sometimes it is me feeling something that is going to happen without really knowing what it is. I think that panic attacks are a way that Satan uses you to keep from doing what God needs and wants you to do. I still get panic attacks but I will not let them control my life, because God is with me and all of you as well. I pray that all of you will be able to overcome your anxiety and panic. I don’t believe in taking pills to control your mind because not only are they addictive but they also are not good for your bodies. Plus they stop working over time. I think that if you take your mind off of whatever you were thinking before the panic attack and you put your mind on something positive that you will conquer your panic attacks. Face your fears and take charge. I know how all of you feel and I have been there. You feel like your having a heart attack and then wonder if you are. You are scared to go out and be around people and you are scared that another one is coming. I understand all of these things. I think that everyone needs to make a past of your panic attacks. I think that keeping busy and getting out in fresh air will help. Take baby steps to get out and take back your lives. God bless all of you!

  15. I wake up early in the morning with a sudden onset of Fear. My mind continues to race and I feel like the entire day will be a struggle. The worst part is I fully understand what I am doing to myself, but I can’t control it. I have been on 20mg of celexa since March 07 and I honestly don’t think its working. My anxiety seems to come and go, I will be fine for two weeks, and then have a rough 4-5 days, and then fine again. I just can’t stop worrying about everything and anything….I have tried reading books, talking to friends/family, but nothing seems to help. I have talked to counsellors, excercised, but again I can’t seem to shake away from the fear. Any advice?

  16. hi my name is rose am 20 years old and i have suffered for anxiety off and on for 3 years now. i recently am going throug one and when i get them it does go aways for a ways i wake up crying any shaking. it scareds me. i pray alot. man this anxiety can mess with ur thoughts. any one know what to do?

  17. Just like all of you anxiety happens to be a big part in my life right now. By reading all of your postings that has helped calm me down. It is hard to get through the day without having to fell dizzy or even have blurry or should I say tunnel vision. There are times when it is so bad that I have to take about half a xanex just to pass the panic attack but, its hard to control my thoughts. Every symptom that was put on here from all of you is exactly what I have. I will try everything that you have all tried just so I can clear my head and get through this chemical embalance. Alot of things happen in our life to bring this on to us, but there are ways to overcome this. How many people do you know die from anxiety????? Lets all be strong together and overcome this so we can sleep well, and worry about more important things like planning a summer getaway. Hang in it everyone and write things down cause ****, this has helped me so much.

  18. I wrote about the book”Peace from nervous suffering” Please get it.I went though **** for years like all of you. I’m better still worry but Ialways go back to the book and it brings me back down. I see you all in me! Trust me you won’t die from it.YOU FEEL LIKE IT, but you body knows what to do. You just have to keep reading, going over and over, till you change your way of thinking the right way!!!!!!!

  19. Had serveral surgeries the last few years and am going to menopause. Have been having anxiety and heart palps for about a year. It is driving me crazy! I have read about taking all these vitamins and things and tried it but nothing works! It is nice to know I am not alone! I know my family gets tired of hearing it! I need a support group!



  20. Well i don’t have it figured out yet but the thing that keeps me going is saying to myself “what are you going to do lay down and die” “You have to keep going and you can get through this”. I have suffered with anxiety for three years, the worst panic attacks imaginable and beyond embarassing, lost my job and boyfriend due to it,but i have gone through a period of what i now call “keeping it in check” (not completely gone but i am functioning)and i know i can get back there because i have a pupose **** it and i’m not ready to die yet.

  21. Had the same feeling years ago after some series of accidents and deaths with my subordinates.. I’m afraid of anything, even a phone call at night can make me tremble.. nothing works for me except that, I’d cried alone and pray, whispering my fears, my feelings to God.. and it works.. Im still hunted by those things until now but not afraid anymore..

  22. I stopped taking my birth control pills after 7 years and withing 2 weeks I had a major panic attack at work… I was fine for 2 weeks then my cycle came on and I was a complete ANXIOUS MESS for the entire duration on the cycle…For you ladies having these issues, check your symptoms- it could be linked to any birth control types you are using or have just stopped using. I have been in touch with over 50 ladies that recently stopped taking the pill and experienced as a result, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, loss of appetite…and then some depression because you are being over whelmed..
    Its such a shame- I believe I am going through withdrawl from the PILL !!! who would have ever thought..
    If you have a panic attack- I know its hard, but try not to get scared, thats the key, the more afraid you are the longer it will last and the severe it gets… another poster mentioned to keep busy and act like its nothing wrong… and within in minutes the sensations are gone– I have done it with 3 panic attacks and it worked so good for me….But you really have to convince yourself you are ok and BELIEVE IT- I kow it so so hard…
    I read this book called PANIC away- and it did wonders…
    Also try using Lavender Oils for days when you are really anxious…..

  23. I have been unemployed for the past year. Yes, I am going through menopause. I have found that taking vitamin supplements like Estroven or soy help. Also, try drinking soy milk. Also, soy protein powder. Also, try eating more protein. I have had a lot of axiety lately about the job market.

  24. I keep checking and seeing people still suffering……please get the book by Dr,Claire Week’s. You will improve. This is the answer to the beginning of getting better! PLEASE. I’ll keep checking.

  25. reading these post has really helped me right now.. i too am in nursing school and ever since i started i have been having more frequent anxiety and panic attack..i have become a hypocondric and think i have health problems…i cant seems to shake this feeling of dread all the time..especially at night time when my anxiety becomes severe…i want to be normal and wonder what is wrong w nice to hear i am not the only one going through these symptoms…i do not want to take medication becasue i know of all the side effects and will just not do it…i really need to find a way to make these panic/anxiety attack go away any one have any things i can do..the stress of school is also very hard i never have a min for myself with work on top of it…i live in ny and since 9/11 i have had anxiety but it has gotton so bad lately im really getting scared about how im living and somethig neds to chnge or i will drive myself insaine….

  26. I have been reading everybodys anxiety problems. I suffer from the same thing. I have been perfectly normal all my life and all of a sudden in Nov. 07 I suffered a panic attack out of nowhere. I will be fine for days and then all of a sudden I start feeling hot, my heart is beating fast, my chest hurts, and I always seem to be short of breath. I hate this feeling and it really sucks. I dont know why I have felt normal all my life and all of a sudden started getting anxiety. I am 25 years old and I do worry about everything even things I dont need to worry about. But I just want to feel better because I am so embarressed of the way I feel. Anxiety is such an awful feeling. Let me know if you guys have any other advice. Thanks

  27. i’m 27 years old. My first anxiety attack happend 3years ago and all of sudden it happend 1 weeks ago. I know is really hard for someone of us. Just know that you are not the only one. Trust me we ALL going to be ok is just a matter of patience. As soon I started to feel anxiety I came up with an action plan to fight this awful feelings in my body. I started to read a book called “One flash of Lightning”. Three years when I was going thru the same thing I tried acupunture and herbal medicine. I just to my first session again this week and it was a bit scary because the doctor tells you to relax. BUT GUESS WHAT I HAVE FORGOTEN how it feels like to be relax. I’m starting my treatment already with herbs and next week acupunture 2x a week. What also helps is matial arts like Karate. So my friends there is hope but it must start within. All of us are going to be OK. We need to fight the anxiety off our lives. I done it before and this time is no different. Lots of power and love to you all.

  28. I am 28 years old and have been suffering from anxiety since I was 7. Symptoms of my panic attacks range from shortness of breath to heart palpitations to feeling like I am going to die at any given second. I’ve hated feeling like this my whole life. Right now, I am experiencing heart palpitations (a sensation of fluttering and my heart stopping). This has been happening for a couple of days. I am very scared of these palpitations which lead to severe onset anxiety attacks. I went to the doctor about this problem yesterday and they performed an EKG and took blood to check my thyroid. Both came back regular. But the thought that my heart is beating uncontrollably and irregularly is frightening. Please help.

  29. Shannon!! I used to be just like you when I was 18!! I was terrified of dying I’d think wierd negative thoughts about death EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I was sooo scared! I felt helpless and all alone like nobody could EVER help me or get me out of this strain of thought!! I would stay up allll night long BY MY SELF and my family would be sound asleep! I would just cry and cry! I hated my life!I jus felt like I wanted to just give up and die! I felt life was to hard to deal with and I couldn’t take it!! I didn’t even hang-out with my friends anymore, I was MISERABLE! I always sat and wondered “When will I get better god!” But finally my mom took me to a DR. cause I started to lose ALOT of weight! I went from 121LBS to 101LBS in 2 months and my period had stopped!! He told me I had extreme anxiety and mild depression. You might have fallin into some anxiety and depression after stopping the vicodin and the other med (Shannon). So the Dr. prescribed me Lexapro, I honestly didn’t even wanna take it cause I thought nothing or no one could help. But seriously after 3 months being on it I was back to my normal self and sucked me out of the whole of death I felt like I was falling in! It was AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, I couldn’t even cry if I wanted too on that stuff, so I had no more out of control emotions anymore! So it’s been 4 years since I took lexapro and I’m still normal and not thinkin such negative thoughts anymore! If ANYONE feels like how I did!! PLLLLEEEEASE Know there is help! Get yourself on some AHCCCS or get your butt into your DR. IMMEDIATELY!! I seriously feel for everyone who reads this and feels like how I did! 😉

  30. I have read a lot about what people are experiencing but not much regarding permanent remedies or how to stop an anxiety quickly. Disappointingly, I also can not provide any answers. For the record, the type of anxiety attacks I have suffered include the following symptoms: thoughts of death; can not feel my chest that leads to a need to remember to breathe; fixations on certain thoughts; a racing mind; unable to speak at will; being scared and maybe 1 or 2 other symptoms to do not care to remember. I suffered an anxiety for the first time 3 years ago (3 times in 2 days) and for a fourth time 2 weeks ago. Why? I do not know. I keep thinking back over what I experienced within the several hours just prior to the attacks. I believe exhaustion and the environment typical of a British winter (lack of sunlight, dampness and cold) has something to do with it, when it comes to me anyway. I now try and avoid the 2 situations that brought on my attacks, which means, no holidays touring the Scottish Highlands in winter and getting plenty of sleep after a night out on 4 or more pints (I am not a heavy drinker). Maybe a move back to Australia will cure me. I am thinking suffering anxiety has something to do with a clash of 2 worlds: the physical world and mental world. I believe there could be something is what Ta (11Feb08) suggested – keep busy. This worked the last time for me, as well as my favourite music. I suppose it is about understanding yourself by being observant. I pity the long-term and high frequency suffers. I have said enough. I love you all!

  31. well i am 14 years old i have anxiety. i have shortness of breath at times . i go on bus and trains i get very nervous and get anxiety i am afraid to do things and i am afraid of the world actually i spend my time at home everyday and dont go out alot.i would reject people who wanted to go out with because of my anxiety.i have very had struggles in my life which are anxiety,low self esteem and confidence .i would always ask myself why ? why and how can i get rid of this so i can live a happy live for once. this is my story of how my life is like.

  32. It’s important to understand what causes anxiety. Our brain produces adrenaline and cortisol to help us fight or run when we are in danger. This fight or flight response is to help us survive. The increased activity of running or fighting burns off these hormones and our system gets back in balance.
    One of the biggest causes of anxiety is our own negative thoughts.
    When we worry, are stressed, are angry, feel guilty or any other negative emotion our brain see this the same way as danger and produces these same hormones. The problem is that these hormones are not burned off by any increased activity and accumulete in our body.
    If not resolved this increased level of adrenaline and cortisol can cause anxiety. Once anxiety starts it causes more negative thoughts, which produces more adrenaline and cortisol making matters worse.
    Two things that help immensely and are free are strenuous aerobic exercise and some sort of positive affirmation such as prayer, meditation, reading the Bible, self help books and tapes or a combination of these.
    The exercise will help metabolize the adrenaline and cortisol and will help you feel better mentally and physically. Exercise actually produces endorphins whice are “feel good” hormones. Everyone has heard of the “runner’s high”. The positive affirmation will help you stop thinking thoughts that produce the imbalance of hormones.
    Other things that help me are the natural supplements GABA and St. John’s Wort. Both of these help our brain to produce the balance of hormones we need to feel well.
    I always feel much better when I feel in control. I don’t like feeling like life is happening TO me. I like to feel like I have some control. I make lists, and schedules for my time. When I accomplish something on my list and cross it off I feel good. this helps me not to feel so overwhelmed.
    Visit me at

  33. I don’t know about the book that was mentioned but I got a lot out of two I read. One was by Dr. Don Colbert called Deadly Emotions, the other was by Janet maccarro PHD called Natural Health Remedies. In the natural health book she describes ways to combat stress and anxiety with natural remedies like GABA and St. John’s Wort.
    In Dr. Colbert’s book he describes what is going on inside us when we have anxiety and ways to combat it.
    The most powerful help is believing you can have an effect on anxiety and learning all you can and trying hard to stop the behaviors that can contribute to it. Take control.

  34. I do understand. I went through Lucinda Bassetts program and it has helped me to stay off of meds. Her program was a god send to say the least. I hope you can give it a try. It is like having a great therapist talking to you. As Lucinda says it is all about self talk.

  35. I am 22 years old I have been experiencing panic attack/ anxiety since I was 17…. I go through all the same things as everyone else, its the worst feeling in the world and it is so scary. I have been on effexor since then but it seems like now its starting not to work anymore. The biggest thing I worry about most is I am going to loose my mind, because the panic attacks make you feel so odd and out of it. Please let me know if anyone else feels this way.

  36. I’m 13 years old, I suffer from anxiety ,underlining terrets,and underlining A.D.D. This is very hard for me, especially since I get more anxiety after someone dies, even I did not know them. My anxiety is getting much better because of my therapy. Therapy is one of the most best things you can do for yourself, if you have my problems.

  37. Cherly ! I was the same as you had the same sort of worries of self harm and thinking the worst of everything , I dont leave my room anymore , This only happend just short of a year ago . I used to have loads of firends and enjoyed my life but how everything has changed now .I went to my doctor and he prescribed lexapro. I thought it work after the frist 3 months i was back to normal.But how i was wrong , i went drinking with one of my mates in a local niteclub i started to get drunk and all off a sudden the world started to cave in on top of me again i felt scared and not wanted so i left . I havent been out since back in my room again . Its like nothing has changed .

  38. cherly !! i was in the same situation as you and still am. I went to my doctor and he prescribed leaxpro aswell . I thought it work after the first 3 months felt alot better started to get out a little more , but recently i was out with a mate and got a little drunk and sufferd from another panic attack and left the niteclub we were in . The next day it just seemed the prescrition i got just wore off and im back to square one again. So if that didnt work i dont no what will.

  39. I don’t have a tip, I need to get a tip from someone who got through anxiety and made it to the other side. I’m having all the symptoms of a GAS, I’m taking meds, seeing a therapist, but need reassurance that this will one day stop, that I will feel better some day soon. It’s just too hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t gone through it. It is job related and I am the largest income for the family.

  40. Reading all of your stories makes me feel a lot better. I have just recently started suffering from anxiety and have been having attacks here and there.
    I am glad to know I am not the only one feeling the way I am. I thought It was only me. I really would like to know of a quick way to cure anxiety, because it is really starting to mess with my head. I break out in an attack here and there. Some last for hours some last for just a 10-15mins. I start worrying because of aches i am getting and the feeling of my heart racing.

  41. Something I find helpful for sleeping is to prepare my brain for sleep at least an hour before I am to go to bed. I do this by dimming the lights and slowing down. The reduced light signals the brain it is time for sleep. We all have an internal clock, even though ours seems to be messed up sometimes.
    Also I used a natural supplement for a long time with no ill effect and it helped me get to sleep. It is called Melatonin. It works and is very cheap.
    I also drink some Sleepy Time tea or an equivalent. Den

  42. I don’t have a tip but I have been suffering from the feeling of nervousness/anxiety everyday for the past 2 months. I’m going to be 18 in 5 days and I just can’t seem to shake the feeling of nervousness. I’m making plans to move away from home and even that’s worrying me because I fear being alone. I’ve also become a hypocondriac. I ALWAYS think there is something wrong with me. I almost always feel like I’m having trouble breathing. I seem to only be able to think about bad things that could happen that probably, actually most likely wouldn’t happen. When I first started getting panic attacks anything I heard on the news that someone was suffering from I got worried that I had it too. So if someone could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me I would much appreciate it. If you have any ways to calm yourself down I’m open to them. I want to get rid of this once and for all.

  43. I have suffered from panic attacks for 4 years now. I have been on every anti-depresent that is out there. They all worked for a short period of time, but I found my self numb, oblivious to any emotional feelings whatsoever. I began researching the panic attacks online and discovered some tips to help overcome the attacks. Once one begins, if I am not driving, I close my eyes and begin to count backwards from 100 on down. This has worked for me ever since I tried it. I usually get down to 70 before I feel the attack subsiding. Just wanted to throw that tip out there if it can possibly help anyone else.

  44. Hi
    I’ve suffered from anxiety, panic attacs and several phobias over the course of 5 years, although I’ve always been an anxious person.
    Something that has been a bless in my life is Bikram Yoga, it’s so demmanding that it’s almost impossible to think of something else, and as you’re inside a heated room full of people, it also helps to overcome claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
    It’s important to take your mind away from your anxiety problem, because you’re just too used of being thinking about it. Stop googleing about anxiety and panic, stop talking about it, and over all, stop pleasing it by avoiding certain situations. Try to practice an entire new actitude, as if you lived without anxiety. It’ll seem fake at the begining, but trust me, you can get used to it the same way you got used to be scared. Your mind is very powerfull, a prove of it is that it tells you constanly that you’re in danger when there’s no danger at all. Try to use that power for good.
    Best of luck in overcoming anxiety, you deserve much more than it, and you will be free of it soon.
    All my love

  45. I have had anxiety for 9 years i have good years and bad i do not take meds they dont work trying not to think of it works sometimes and just do what you want i feel safe at home but need to realize evey where i go is safe and you need to read your Bible and belive in God and Jesus gets me threw it all the time

  46. Anxiety i feel blessed to have it i think ithas mademe wiser i try to enjoy life more. but somedays it makes me feel like am not human i dont do things with my kids like i should my family suffers i dont like going places like games and outdoor activetys and my wife gets mad at me all the time she dont want to here it so you need a support system and thats what i have not found really

  47. Thanks for all the tips. I’ll definitely be trying them out. When I move I think I’m going to get a therapist to talk to about stuff because my doctor said that would probably do a lot of good. Keeping a journal kind of helps but I think it’d help better if I had someone to talk to. I try not to think about it but it’s always on my mind. I wake up worried I’m gonna have a panic attack and I usually do. Anyways, I should go. Thanks again.


  48. Hey guys,
    I’ve always worried a lot, but there was a long period of stress in my life that led to my first panic attack. After the panic attack things just went on a spiral downward. I experienced constant anxiety, panic attacks daily, and extreme depersonalization and derealization. I was living in hell. I got therapy and talked to my doctor etc. But the one thing that really helped me was this site:

    i have now gotten over the anxiety and don’t even think about it any more.

    I hope this helps.

  49. i ad my first major panic attack 2 n alf yrs ago when i ad an allergic reation to som medication and scince then they seem to ave been trying to control my life but dnt let them it is only the power of the mind but you can control that by thinking positive and when you get scared ov wanting to go and do something jst go and do it and tink to yourself you are not goin to control my life!! that is wot i do and it wrks 4 me. i dnt want my life to be put on hold bcos ov these awful feelings but they r only your feelings and you r the only one that can control them. i dnt think antidepressents wrk at all as i think that they r prob pyscolgical that you r goin to take this tab and feel beta bcos thats wot you ave bein told. the only thing that can get you thru this is you and your way ov thinking. make sure that if your heart starts racing jst take slow deep breathes or as stupid as it sounds get some chewing gum, think ov happy things in your life and realioze that around 95% ov us suffer like this at some point in our lifes. it has amazed me that when reading your stories that we all get this sense ov fear like something bad is goin to happen to us but trust me its not and there jst negitive thoughts. a threapist once sed to me that if you eva break something i.e. leg, arm when it does heal it still bothers you now and again n this is wot this does it bothers us now n again maybe even everyday but jst try and think ov something diff like wot you r goin to do today or set yourself some goals. you will get over this n wot dnt kill ya only makes you stronger even tho you dnt feel it sometimes but you would amaze yourself with wot you can attualy deal with. go and live your life and STOP lettin it try and live your life 4 you. YOUR the one in control jst rember that love to you all hopr i mayb helped in some way. xxx

  50. Feel constant scared feeling through my stomach ….no antianxiety
    medications or high blood pressure pills can take that feeling away.
    The cause is from having someone you love so much for 48 years, and
    being seperated 28 of those 48 years, waiting and waiting to be back
    together again…

    Our plans started last year to finally take the step and become man and wife again…we are both seniors…the ups and downs of his emotions
    are making my anxiety go out of control…when he is positive all symptoms disappear..the other night, he texted me that he is so stressed out he can’t possibly make any changes in his life…My anxiety
    is now way out of control…I was hospitalized just 2 weeks ago in
    Atrial Fibrillation and extreme high blood pressure anticipating this happening and it did…Any suggestions??

  51. taking simple pain relief such as parasetamol,anadin, as you would for a head ache can help in relieving symptoms , also taking 15 minutes a night and just sitting at the end of your bed doing breathing exercises helps. change or do something different each day , also helps , but most of all planning your day

  52. you have to remember your heart beats and feels the same when you are happy or sad its what you change and the way you think that counts, so think possitive, turn the dissadvantage to your advantage.

  53. Hello All,

    I also suffered from Pantic Attacks and Anexity Attacks for almost 3 years. I had the fear of being around people and going out in crowds. However, It go so bad that I didnt want to even go out with my friends anymore in fear of having one infront of them. I knew something had to change. I didnt want to go to the doctors for it but I also didnt want to spend my whole life this, You have to go and talk to your family docotr. It was the best thing I did. He put me on Cymbalta and I love it!… I now can do anything again. He explained to me that when your mind get into a stage of thinking for so long your levels are out of wack and its very hard to get them back, So thats what medication does, It get you back to normal. I have missed a few here and there and i am fine. It only took about 2 weeks until I could breath again. So, My word of advice is go to the doctor and stop living in fear… there is more to life waiting for you to see!

  54. i dont have a tip but i need help. masive help.
    I’ve been dating this guy for a year and I’m only a junior in high school but we are completely in love with each other. We have been fighting a lot and breaking up a lot but we always get back together and we’re always there for each other. We’ve always planned on spending the rest of our lives together and we have it all planned out. But when we break up I have extreme anxiety attacks to where I can’t function or even breathe. We are taking a break right now to stop the fighting and realize how much we take each other for granted but I’m afraid to get back together with him because I might have to go through the anxiety attacks again and again. I know I will have them even if I don’t get back with him considering i’m having crazy anxiety just being on a break. He is my world and I want to make it work but the anxiety is so damaging it makes me feel like I am going to die. I want to be with him more than anything but I am so scared to have the severe anxiety over and over again. What do I do?

  55. I have been suffering from anxiety and some very bad panic attacks for the last year. I went through something very traumatic in my relationship and it has changed everything in my life, I also lost my job due to the recession. I am struggling to cope with having nothing to do everyday and trying to think positively but nothing seems to work. I don’t want to have to rely on some drug, I guess i’m wondering if you can cure it yourself. I have this constant pain in between my shoulder blades and it won’t go away. If anyone could help me I would be very grateful.

  56. Try hypnosis or autohypnosis – sometimes it works surprisingly well! And also change your attitude to life – take it as a game, as an adventure, not too much as a serious business. Experiment, play, try… and always believe in better days coming. (sorry for my English, I’m a foreigner, psychologist)

  57. Hi my anxiety started 7 months ago. I feel scared of being alone, i hate havig a tight throat feelin. Im trying my best to get on with life. I have had alot of stress this year and i just want things to be normal again. Its realy hard. I havent realy talked to anyone about it. Could anybody give me some tips.

  58. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks too. I’m a college student and one of my guy friends has said on a few occasions that he gets them too. When I get one I usually just try to calm my breathing and if its about me or someone I know dying I think it through. If my grandpa died, how would I feel? How would everyone else feel? What are some ways I can help my grandma? my mom? etc. I also try to avoid getting into worrying thoughts right before I fall asleep. I have been using a tip found on the internet for getting yourself to sleep. They said start with your feet. Let them sink into the bed. Feel them getting heavier. Move up. Sink your legs into the bed. Are they getting heavier? Are they relaxing? Move up. each part of your body till your completely relying on the bed. So far its worked really well. I’ve concentrated on how my body is feeling and those anxious thoughts have drifted away.

  59. I have had anxiety for about a year now and it was caused by one horribly traumatic experience with DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). I had a fear that i was going to end up in that state again, it literally feels like your body is dying. You forget who you are, when you are, what you are, and how. It felt like i was never going to return to normal. Like i was going insane within a split second. But anyway, the way i deal with the anxiety is reaching for the strength inside of myself and telling myself that this was brought on by myself, so i can take it away myself. Meditation always helps when trying to deal with anxiety attacks, believe me i’ve had anxiety attacks last over 2 hours and i’m still here, surprisingly.

  60. I have had anxiety for about a year now and it was caused by one horribly traumatic experience with DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). I had a fear that i was going to end up in that state again, it literally feels like your body is dying. You forget who you are, when you are, what you are, and how. It felt like i was never going to return to normal. Like i was going insane within a split second. But anyway, the way i deal with the anxiety is reaching for the strength inside of myself and telling myself that this was brought on by myself, so i can take it away myself. Meditation always helps when trying to deal with anxiety attacks, believe me i’ve had anxiety attacks last over 2 hours and i’m still here, surprisingly.

  61. I went off the medications and tried the natural method
    that work for me just listen to Geert speak he is down to earth and is really
    there to help because he himself has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

    Take care,

  62. Well i hv a Bible report tomorrow & its oral but my heart pounds i shake & dont breathe so that makes my eyes get watery & red

  63. All those symptoms said i have, but it seems not to just last for maybe a hour, its non stop, which makes me feel very scared, and then you just think wow.. this is really happening, which then scares you so much more. i recently had to take stimulants for ADD which made my anxiety so much worse, also i used to drink energy drinks everyday for the past few years and stopped about 2 months ago.. could this withdrawal cause anxiety?

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