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Unfortunately for us humans, upkeep of societal image ideals can be a huge hassle. We are expected to be well groomed, put together, and maintain the best possible hygiene. This pressure is especially a big deal for women.

One of the most difficult parts of staying well groomed as a female is living up to the expectation of flawless body hair management. This piece is about tackling that dreaded arm hair in particular. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t lucky enough to be born with minimal hair on this part of our bodies.

If you’ve been cursed with this issue, it’s likely that you’ve grown tired of hiding behind those long sleeve shirts, especially when summertime hits. Lucky for you, there are tons of options that exist for you to finally get rid of that arm hair, so you can finally bear your new, smoother arms to the world!

1. Shave it off.

This sounds simple enough. You may not have considered shaving before because shaving this body area has been given a bad rap. People fear that the hair will grow back thicker or darker than it was originally. No fear: this is actually just a myth.

Shaving your arms (properly) is one of the simplest and cheapest options around. The only downside is that it is not a permanent solution. You will have to re-shave them at least once a week, depending on how fast the hair grows back.

Here’s how to shave your arms the right way. First off, use proper shaving cream and a quality razor. This will minimize any cuts or razor burns.

When shaving, be sure to shave with the grain. Pay attention to the direction in which your hair is growing, and follow it as well as you can.

If you’ve never shaved your arms before, this will feel pretty odd and uncomfortable at first. Be sure to take your time and start off slow. It can be very easy to cut yourself if you’re rushing!

After shaving, rinse off your arms and apply a moisturizer. When your arm hair grows back in, simply repeat this process.

2. Hair Removal Cream.

Hair removal cream is great stuff. It’s affordable, simple, and lasts much longer than shaving alone. The chemical in this product dissolves the hair quickly and easily. Results usually last about two weeks. Repeat use as needed.

You can purchase this product at almost any pharmaceutical or grocery store. It only costs about $10 a bottle, which should last you at least a month or two.

Be sure to read the product description carefully before your purchase. Some creams only target specific body areas, and may not be ideal for arm hair.

Now all that’s left to do is follow the product instructions carefully, and enjoy your results!

3. Wax Your Arms.

Women love the results that waxing can deliver. It’s not a permanent solution, however, with results lasting up to 3-6 weeks, it is one of the longest lasting resolutions.

I won’t lie to you, waxing can be quite painful. If you can bear it for a few seconds, most would argue that the results are well worth it! You can choose to wax your arms, or have them done by a professional.

Here’s how to wax them yourself. Simply go to your local pharmaceutical or grocery store and pick up an at-home waxing kit. There are many different varieties, so consider doing some research on product reviews before your purchase.

Waxing kits usually cost about $15-40, depending on the brand and size. Once you’ve purchased your kit, follow the directions carefully. If you’re an at-home waxing virgin, we would suggest having a friend help you through the process.

You may prefer to have your maxing done by an experienced professional. Professional waxing to get rid of arm hair can cost between $25-150, so it does not some cheap. However, your great, long lasting results may be worth the cost.

4. Pluck it Off.

This solution is as fun as it sounds, meaning it’s not fun at all. This will be a pain-staking process in terms of literal pain and pain from boredom.

If you are to choose this solution, you must be committed. It could take up to two hours to complete, and must be repeated about once a month.

The upside to this solution is that it lasts much longer than shaving or hair removal cream, and is rips the hair out from the root. It’s also much more affordable than waxing!

If you’re committed to this solution, here’s how to go about it. Grab a quality pair of tweezers, and pluck the hairs out one at a time. Grab the hair near the root for best results.

If you’re finding this too painful, try numbing your arm slightly with some ice. Have patience and think about the light at the end of the tunnel: smooth, hairless arms.

5. Bleach the Hair.

No, bleaching your arm hair does not “technically” get rid of it. However, it does make it far less visible, which is the goal of this whole thing anyway.

The problem is that your arm hair is a different colour than your skin, causing it to stand out like a sore thumb.

Tackle this problem by purchasing a bleach cream that is as close to your skin colour as possible. Apply the cream as per the directions on the box.

Leave the solution on for the recommended amount of time, and wash off completely. Your hair should now resemble the colour of your skin, making it virtually invisible.

These results should last you a long time. You may only have to repeat this every few months or so.

6. Laser Treatment.

This is the mother of all solutions simply due to the fact that it is the most permanent. Choose this option if you never want to worry about getting rid of your arm hair again.

Choosing to do this is quite the commitment both time-wise and financially. It can take weeks of treatment, and thousands of dollars.

If you are considering this option, consult your doctor for advice. Visit a few locations offering the service, and decide which one is right for you after doing so.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to tackle and finally get rid of your arm hair. Decide which solution appeals to you most, and go for it! Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying your smooth, touchable arms. Best of luck!