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Many women know the feeling of putting on a blouse, bathing suit, or dress and only seeing their imperfections in the mirror. Some find their stomachs unattractive, but many suffer from a less talked about insecurity. Armpit fat is so rarely talked about, but almost every woman struggles with it at some point in her life, and many men do as well. There can be many reasons for gaining fat in this awkward location. Low metabolism and low testosterone are very likely possibilities. But no matter what the reason is, a proper diet and rigorous exercise can help fix the problem.

The best diet that a person can have is one that is high in proteins and fibers. These are needed for energy and fat burning, and fruits and vegetables are great sources of protein and fiber. Lean meat like chicken and fish are wonderful choices for any meat-loving dieter. Eggs and whole grains should be a part of everyone?s diet as well, especially someone that is looking to burn fat. Eating a variety of foods is very good for the body, and they should be spread out into 5 or 6 small meals each day. Doing this instead of having just 3 large meals everyday will help to increase the dieter?s metabolism, which will help in burning fat.

Upper body cardiovascular exercises are the key to getting rid of armpit fat. The elliptical machine should get rid of this fat in no time at all. Aerobics and swimming are great activities to do on days where getting to an elliptical machine is difficult. If a woman with armpit fat prefers working out with dumbbells, then the dumbbell bench press, single arm dumbbell row, and bench dips are the best workouts to focus on. Doing these simple workouts at least every other day is a sure way to see results in a very short period of time.

As with any fat, the best way to get rid of armpit fat is eating right and exercising almost every day. If an armpit fat sufferer can follow these simple rules, they will see results within just a few weeks. And losing armpit fat is a sure way to increase a woman?s confidence in any bathing suit, blouse, dress, or tank top. It may take a lot of effort, but all of the dieting and exercising will be completely worth it in the end.