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1. What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot, also called tinea pedis is a fungal infection which most commonly occurs in the feet. The most common fungi that cause this embarrassing condition are called Trichophyton, Epidermophyton floccosum, and Microsporum. These parasitic fungi thrive in dark, warm, moist environments like those found inside our shoes and between our toes.

Athlete’s foot symptoms are typically:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Scaling (Hard, white patches of skin that often crack creating the appearance of scales.)
  • Painful inflammation
  • Blisters (Learn how to get rid of blisters)

2. How is Athlete’s Foot Spread?

Athlete’s foot is spread by contact with materials on which the fungus is present such as floors, footwear and bedding. It can also stay alive on these surfaces for several days. This means you can contract it simply by walking barefoot through a public shower or locker room. Athlete’s foot is not limited to just the feet, either – it can be spread to the groin (a.k.a. jock itch) and underarms so don’t scratch, and if you do touch an infected area, immediately wash your hands.

The most common causes of athlete’s foot are:

Sharing socks or shoes with others
Since athlete’s foot is a foot fungus, it stands to reason that it can be spread by sharing the footwear of someone who is infected. The insides of shoes and socks are dark, warm, and often moist – optimal growth conditions for this hearty fungus. Using a foot powder in your socks and shoes can help reduce moisture.

Going barefoot in showers and locker rooms
Many schools have experienced outbreaks of athlete’s foot due to the fungus being left behind on shower room and locker room floors. If you have to remove your footwear in these areas, thoroughly wash and dry your feet before putting your shoes back on – or better yet, invest in a pair of sandals to keep your feet from contacting these common surfaces in the first place.

Skin on skin contact
If you come into direct contact with an infected area of someone else’s body, you will likely contract the fungus. If this happens, immediately wash yourself, and if you want to be extremely careful, apply an anti-fungal cream or spray and keep the area as dry as possible.

3. How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

There are many ways which you can avoid athlete’s foot:

Wash your feet
Wash you feet whenever after have come into contact with any common surface, as well as at least once a day.

Keep your feet dry
Foot fungus thrives in moist environments, meaning the dryer your feet, the less hospitable they become as a home for athlete’s foot. Dry your feet completely after every shower, paying particular attention to the spaces between your toes. You can also use foot powders to help keep them dry as you go about the day’s business.

Go barefoot around the house
The open air will keep your feet dry and inhospitable to foot fungus. Just remember, barefoot outside and around the house is one thing, but a locker room is a whole other ball game.

Choose the right footwear
Not all socks and shoes are equal. To keep your feet as dry as you can opt for socks and shoes made out of breathable materials like cotton, wool and some leathers. Any synthetic materials and you are much more likely to sweat and make a happy home for this kind of foot fungus.

Wear sandals

These types of open footwear don’t trap moisture. This allows good air circulation and helps to keep the feet much drier throughout the day while still offering protection from potentially infected surfaces.

Never wear the same socks twice
Change your socks or pantyhose every day and wash them in hot water between uses. If you have more than one pair of shoes you should try wearing a different pair each day. This will allow the last-used pair to completely dry out before their next use.

4. Getting Rid of Athlete’s Foot

If you prolong getting your foot fungus treated it can spread to your toenails and once it has gotten under there you will have a hard time fighting it off. If this happens, go see your doctor and get a prescription – in rare cases you may even need to get your toenails removed. I don’t have to tell you that this is not the kind of thing you want to go through, ever – so go see your doc!

Treatments for athlete’s foot:

Topical anti-fungal creams, sprays and liquids
These are put directly onto the infected skin several times a day. When you choose a product, follow the instructions that come with it. Most topical antifungal solutions contain miconazole, itraconazole, or terbinafine and can take up to 2 months to completely cure the infection, so continue using them for at least a few weeks after your itching and scaling has stopped. Common brands include Lamasil and Lotrimin.

Anti-fungal powders
Foot powders are a smart choice for getting your shoes and socks fungus free. Thoroughly apply the powders directly into your shoes and socks making sure you completely cover the inside – including the toes. Powders can also be rubbed directly into the skin, which is a very effective method of treatment as it not only contains a fungicide, but will help keep your skin dry as well. Foot powders can be used in conjunction with foot fungus sprays, creams and liquids. Athlete’s foot treatment powders that you purchase for your foot fungus should contain clotrimazole, itraconazole, or miconazole. Commonly used brands include Lamasil, Lotrimin, CVS, and Gold bond foot powder.

Aluminum acetate drying solutions
Burrow’s solution and Domeboro’s solution both contain aluminum acetate and are used in a liquid solution that you soak your feet in. Aluminum acetate will reduce the moisture levels of your feet. Yay.

Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Following are some home remedies that have been passed on to me to cure athlete’s foot naturally. Try them out and see what works for you. If you know of one this isn’t here, please share it using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Bleach and water soak – Mix a small amount of bleach in a larger quantity of water and soak your feet for 5-10 minutes every day.
  • Topical Tea Tree Oil – Massage diluted tea tree oil into your infected feet, or add a few drops to a foot bath and soak them.
  • Soak your feet in mouthwash – Sounds odd, but many people recommend this remedy for foot fungus.
  • Pee on your feet – This may be gross, but human urine contains urea, which is already used in many over-the-counter athlete’s foot remedies. So, if you’re brave, pee on your feet when you shower in the morning or evening and let us know how it works.

5. See your doctor

If your athlete’s foot just won’t go away, you should consult your doctor as he will be able to identify the exact cause and prescribe much stronger medicines for treatment. Do this before it becomes severe.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of athlete’s foot.

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  1. use vicks vaporub under infected nails. also you can use listerine mixed with white vinegar although it may take up to six months or a year three if you are lucky.

  2. Neosporin Athletes Foot works the best! When I have it is during the summer from sweaty feet and flip-flops! So, that worked the best for me!

  3. I know this might sound gross, but trust me. I was in the USMC for 4 years and we all did it. Pee on your feet!!!!,, Eww yuck, ya I know, just try it.

  4. First, bleach your tub or shower floor and scrub well. Use antibacterial soap and antifungal cream. Buy new white cotton socks and wear only once til it clears up. In less than 2 weeks, you will be right as rain. Clean tub, clean and dry feet, cream and NEW socks.This is do-able! Oh yeah, the pee thing does seem to work – for guys. I just can’t …

  5. Once again, i agree with peeing on your feet. I get it very commonly from all the sports i play. I pee on my feet and it goes away pretty fast actually.

  6. Rubbing alcohol works great. Its very cheap and even the 70% pure will clean up even the toughest athlete’s foot in a few days. Once or twice a day, and at each treatment you can tell how well it is working. The first time burns the most but each subsequent use burns less until its totally gone!

  7. Regarding the last post about rubbing alcohol, my doctor told me not to immerse my toes in rubbing alcohol…she said it wouldn’t do any good. I’ve been using a quarter cup of chlorine bleach in a half gallon of very warm water, as warm as I can bear, and it seems to be working. I do this in the evening before bed.

  8. Ive Been Having This Constant Nonstop Athletes Foot Between My Two Toes And After Viewing This Site…I Think Im Goin To Start Peein’ Away..Thanks For The Tips..

  9. i dont recommend the use of rubbing alcohol. a doctor told me that alcohol make it worse. he said it make it dryer, and ichy…

  10. Lamisil AT works the best because it really does cure the between the toes kind in one week. The bottom and side of the feet kind take 2 weeks but I don’t know about that, I only get the between the pinkie toe and ring toe on my right foot kind. The regular cremes (That thick, white zinc creme or paste) does work too, but it really does take 6 weeks to work. I cannot wait that long, off to buy Lamisil AT now. Just found out that they have a coupon printer on the website, I printed 2 coupons, one $5 off on the gel or $3 off on the cream. Never heard of or used the gel before but the cream works really good.


  11. Ya you said all that but I have a question: Once you’ve gotten rid of it on your feet how do you get it off your shoes?
    should I try the same remadies like peeing on my sandals?

  12. To kill the athletes foot bacteria in your shoes, put them in the microwave for 3 seconds every now and again and this will kill it.

  13. I’m going to tell you what worked for me. I am not a medical person, so you should consult with your doctor first if you are going to try this.

    I’ve used vinegar. Vinegar kills most fungus, and athelete’s foot is a fungus.

    What I did was to put about a cup of vinegar in a basin and used this to keep my feet moist with it for several minutes. This burned like hell because my feet were sort of raw. I probably could have used a dilute solution and worked up from there, but there was no damage done. A side effect, for me, was that the vinegar caused the horrendous calluses on my feet to disappear.

    I did this once a day for a few days. At the same time I also spritzed the inside of my shoes several days with vinegar. I was sure to use clean socks after spritzing.

    This also worked great for me on jock itch, Again, it burned like hell, but it did not cause any damage.

    This worked for me about 20 years ago, and I have not been bothered with athlete’s foot since then. The jock itch came back after a couple of years, but the vinegar took care of it once more.

    Again, I am not a medical person, so you should check with your doctor first if you are going to try this.

  14. This really isn’t a tip but I was looking for a cure for athletes foot and fond this site. This has been the most interesting bit of information I have found in a long time. I will the tips and try and get to you. Thanks for all the info.

  15. i have my favorite pair of flip flops, and they look fine, but i believe i need to thouroughly wash them to get rid of whatever fungus may be on there. how should i clean these to get rid of whatgever fungi may be on them? any suggestions? bleach solution soak perhaps? thanks people.

  16. This is what works for me, and has been working for me anytime i get a flare up. I have naturally sweaty feet. You take a little dishwashing soap and place in a regular rubbermaid dishpan. Run hot water and get it nice and soapy. Then add 1/3 cup of bleach. Soak for 30 minutes & scrub between your toes really well while soaking. That will kill the fungus. Do this for 1 week straight. Even though your feet might sweat they won’t stink. Now to take care of the sweat. Take (2) black tea bags and bring to a boil in a pot of water then simmer for 15 minutes. Next pour the tea concentrate into a dishpan of hot water. Soak for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks straight. The tannic acid will eliminate sweaty feet. It works like a charm…

  17. i’ve had this athletes feet crap for months now. i’ve tried everything. even going to the doc who gave me a script for diflucan. i tell ya, this case is stuborn as heck! i’m glad i found this sight and i will pee on my feet, use bleach and keep applying creams & powder’s. i just want it to go away!!!!

  18. i have had athletes foot for years, YEARS! i have tried peeing on my feet i have tried many different kinds of perscription drugs and different powders, nothing seems to work for me. i tihnk im just going to chop off my feet

  19. i used lamisil it works very good n da powder stuff..does th pee thngy really wokr or the cholrine one better??o yeah how to u clear tht up on ur shoes???help so i can get rid of this asp..!!!!!!!!

  20. About this peeing on your feet to cure athlete’s foot — being female — what is the best way to pee on your foot?

  21. Those Clorox bleach pens. Apply to surface of athlete’s foot and scrub with the soft gratey pen tip. It will scrub dead skin away and open up the real athlete’s foot infection. This is the mild stinging you will feel. DOn’t worry, if it stings it means it’s working. Let it stay on the area for about 5-10 minutes, then wash it off with soap and water. (The foamy nature of the bleach in clorox pens allows it to expand to every crack of your skin and clean it out) Once it’s been washed off, dry with a towel. The surface will be red, dry and sensitive.

    Then bleach and scrub your tub, or shower, bleach all of your socks, use foot powder or baking soda in your shoes.

    Repeat the Clorox scrub if/when needed.

    If all is done any severity of athlete’s foot will be gone in 1 week or less.

  22. Bleach is the BEST..I have tried alot of remedies, even scratching the skin to the bone. BLEACH (and soaking) will get rid of it.

  23. I used tea tree oil on my feet, found that it did not work as well as I would have liked. I guess i could try some of these treatments.

  24. I tried Lamisil for a week between my toes like the direction said but it didn’t work. As a matter of fact towards the end of the week it got worse. I think I’ll try alternating one day bleach & water and the next day vineger & water for a while and see what happens. Might as well cover all the bases.

  25. Antibacterial Soap on Feet & Crotch seems to help for odor control.
    For Shoes and Sandals, I filled up a Spritz bottle with 70% Isoprophile Alcohol and each evening after waering a pair of shoes or sandals, I liberallty spritz the insides. By the next morning, the Alcohol’s all evaporated along with the odor from bacteria.

  26. my doctor told me that what you are trying to do is use osmotic pressure to get rid of the fugus. Some stuff to try would be:
    1)10part water to 1part bleach
    2)cup of hydrogen peroxide and cup water,vinegar,listerine,is the same
    3)eat some clove of garlic raw, the properties helps to speed up the cure
    4)epsom salt soaking
    5)put cotton between toes when go to sleep so it’ll be dry
    6)vaseline or vicks vapor rub
    7) any house products that say it kills stapholocaccus bacteria (lysol,tilex,pinesol…)
    good luck with your treatment

  27. I found this site after my boyfriend got in the shower saying he needed to pee on his foot to cure his condition. I thought he was jokeing, WOW!! He giggled and said he could always use some extra pee knowing I was already grossed out. I also asked my sister, who is a nurse,and she said it does work but only your OWN pee enzimes will cure your OWN infection. Learn something new every day I guess.

  28. What is the quickest way to get rid of it? I’ve had it for years.
    I’ve tried soaking my feet in vinegar and very warm water before but it only got rid of the dead skin…Not for long though. Whats the quickest way? I’m gonna try the bleach thing and get some Lamisil AT. You all can have fun with the pee.

  29. suffered for years with this affliction grrrrrrrr! the itch is so unbearable i have been known to scratch them till they bleed,tried lamisil and daktarin without much sucess. gonna try the bleach-water soak for starters.

  30. I am suffering with a VERY severe case of atheletes foot. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer one year ago and due to my weakened immune sustem I have it. I never realized it could be so dibilitating! It is causing me to not even be able to walk very much. I tried the tea tree oil and could not stand the burning! It was unbearable! I am gonna try the bleach now, I have soaked one time so I dont know yet if it will work, I sure hope it does. I have joked with my husband since losing my hair due to my chemo treatments, talk about being ugly from head to toe. I HOPE THE BLEACH WORKS! I will let you know.

  31. I worked at an mma school. I had to bleach the mats every day. I noticed that i absolutely could not get athletes foot any more with the constant contact with bleach. Bleach is the way to go!!

  32. Tried every expensive cream/lotion…the apple cider vinegar and water only got rid of the dead, dry skin. What finally worked was applying Vicks Vaporub to the affected areas at night. Apply to clean skin and then cover with clean cotton white socksvernight…within about a week, I could see that it was working.

  33. Mix Boric Acid with foot or regular powder. It will kill jock itch and stop athletes foot. I’ve used it for years and it works and is cheap. The issue with creams is the fungus thrives on the moisture. It’s a sick company that sales you something that’s making the conditions work. So stay away from any wet products. You can boric acid from family dollar mix a 50/50 portion with any powder shake it up and you have the best stuff I’ve ever used.

  34. the easiest way to pee on your foot if your’e a girl would be to hold your foot up under you and lean against the wall for balance… gotta be a lil flexible i guess but i did it. worked like a charm too. cleared up in less than a week!

  35. For those of us who are no longer so flexible, I recommend making your urine ‘deposit’ into a disposable plastic cup, then anointing the offensive fungus from there. Sorry to be so gross, but hey, we’re talking about a ‘fungus among us’. Whatever it takes…I think I’m going to try vinegar first, though.

  36. Will the bleach cause any toxicity? I am using the bleach pen without any success so far. I want to know how long I can do it before it becomes toxic to my body.

  37. Guranteed Removal within Minutes. As a previous sufferer of extreme jungle rot and athletes foot. Ask a pharmacist to mix up a formulation based on “Jim Wades” Foot medicine (acid and alcohol)sold in the early 1950’s – dose affected area – it burns away all skin on the surface – use it liberally, but with extreme caution. Throw away old shoes and socks. Enjoy life again if you live through the experience. Skin will cook immediately and will peel off in a day or so. New skin forms quickly – This is not for the faint of heart.

  38. I feel i have a less dramatic case, i only have it on the side of my foot and up the side of my pinky toes its a lil bumpy but not to itchy unlees i run barefoot anyway. Do you think that if you were to soak your feet in pee, would it be faster and better off?…….. or just simply peeing the way to go?

  39. I have used the rubbung alcohol and it worked great.Not everyone is the same and feet will get dryed out if you don’t put put something on them to prevent it.I will sure try the bleach too.Thanks

  40. I use Lamisil (Terbinafine) 250 mg tablets ($10 with medical plan) instead of the topical cream version. Take one pill a day for ten days. The doctor and pharmacist say the pill version is better and works faster. I agree. (I used the cream version years ago with ‘slower’ results-somewhat effective.) Now, I use the pill in combination with an over-the-counter antifungal topical cream ($5) along with the medicated version of Gold Bond foot powder ($7) in my sock. Visibly faster results than without the pill, before I had the pill. So far, I’m into day five. No itch. Getting better. Air out feet continuously in COOL, dry place if possible. If all else fails, it’s bleach time. Good luck.

  41. Hello again. A new idead girls put the plug in the tub and stand in you pee. So if yor a girl no need to worry i have posted 2 ways for you to pee on your feet. And oh dont let your cat or pets lick your feet ty . =)

  42. Here are the results (from above): The Lamisil (Terbinafine) pill tablet only got rid of some of the fungus after ten days. Better than nothing… No go. Persistent bugger. So I bleached. WWWOOOOOWWWW!!!!! What results!!! Bleach ABSOLUTELY works!!! It doesn’t hurt or sting at all. 1:10 bleach/cold water ratio. 10 mins. every day. It’s getting better, faster! I can actually see the fungus dying off on many sections of my feet days later! Medicated Gold Bond works too. Douse your feet with the powder over a garbage bin and put on your fresh, clean socks, if using socks. But every person and their make-up chemistry differs. Try what works for you. Good luck again! BLEACH!!!

  43. Have been dealing with this fungus for years. Lamisil cream would keep it at bay, then a few weeks later, it came back. Then was able to keep it at bay with miconozole, but if I missed a day or two, it would return aggressively. Finally put 2 and 2 together, that bleach kills fungus and decided to pour straight bleach on the wound. Oh yea!, the first round burned like ****. I let it soak in as I rubbed it in well between the toes and all around the problem areas, then a few minutes later would simply rinse off and then dry my feet. I am doing this twice a day, am and pm and IT IS WORKING. The skin on my feet finally feels like skin agian, not sandpaper. When I step out of the shower, the bottoms of my feet actually look normal and not like wet tissue paper. It is really working and I wanted to share it with you. My plan is to do this for about 1 week to 10 days. I will let you guys know if my feet fall off from bleach rot, either way, fungus problem gone.
    Good luck

  44. hi yall!! if you’re reading this, it’s because you have athletes foot…and trust me, there is a cure. it just takes a little patience and time. As painful, disgusting, gross, whatever your condition is, it will get better. Just some words of hope to those who’ve given up on the excruciating pain and suffering. If you’ve suffered, then there are others who have, too. I have had athletes foot every year since I was a kid. It would come around December/January, and another month which I have forgotten which. It hurts soo bad..I remember I was 2nd grade crying myself to sleep because of the burning and itching. I haven’t tried any of the tips yet, but I’m waiting to cure it soon! So join me and cure the stupid athletes foot!!!! YAYYYYYY

  45. I got athletes foot last year from my hubby who is a long time sufferer of it. I went to the dermatologist and got some pills called Gris-Peg and some cream. The hubby and I both used it, both cleared up after a week. His has stayed gone over 6 months now but mine has come back. I got another scrip and it worked for a while but as soon as it was gone the athletes foot came right back. After reading everyone’s posts I am going to buy some bleach for my feet and try it. My Mother says that is what they used back in her days and swears it works. We’ll see!!!!!!!!

  46. Try colloidal silver. My husband get athletes feet really bad while he also had a staph infection on hi left leg. We didn’t know at the time it was staph until about 6 months later. But we tried a colloidal silver product called Innovative Silver , something, I forget, but it WORKED! Only after a few days it was gone in a week. But they went out of buisness today I found out because there was a divorce. But you can get some other ones that are supposed to be just as good. Just do a little research. Some of them are filled with bacteria because those have a gelatin in them that the bacteria stricks to and surrounds the silver which can’t do it’s job. So be carefull, Shake the bottle. If it foams it’s no good. His atheltes feet is back a year later almost to the day and we will be using a new one called Source Naturals at 10 ppm. I sure hope it works cause he can’t afford for it to spread to his leg again. He had a ten day emergency visit last year this time. Please pray for him if anyone is inclined to, he needs it. He also has ringworm on the stomach and jock itch and folliculitis, just like last year in the same places. I think it has to do with his sugar intake. This stuff grows on sugar and carbs. We’ll have to change his diet again. Good luck! And God help us all!

  47. Hi, Can anyone tell me about how much these creams and powders for getting rid of athlete’s foot cost? Thanks for your help.

  48. I entered a blog on the 29th pertaining to using bleach on my athelets foot. I skipped 1 day and night due to being out of town for New Years. Even with skipping, my foot is so very much better. I will continue the treatment for a few more days then stop the bleach treatments. Bleach is definitely working!!! I am still doing the same thing I started with. With foot over toilet, I pour full strength bleach directly on my enire foot, rub in for a minute between toes and on bottom of foot, let stand for about 5 minutes then rinse foot then dry thoroughly. My foot is like normal already and for the first time in years.

  49. I have severely dry skin/psoriasis, my skin cracks and bleeds in the winter. I’ve been battling AF for quite a while although it’s mild it’s ugly. I’m afraid if I use bleach my dryness will become worse, how do you keep your feet from being too dry? I’m also thinking my shoes are reinfecting. Someone suggested microwave but don’t they thrive on heat? How about freezing for a night?

  50. I found Barbaras article about Athelets foot and Staff infection interesting. I had a case of athelets foot and about 10 days later developed a staff infection in that knee and ended up with a 5 day hosptial stay, two surgeries and being told I dodged a bullet. I kept telling them I had athelets foot and of course opened up the blisters till they bled but they said “the staff infection is not related to you athletes foot, athletes foot is a fungus.” I can’t think of any other reason i ended up with the staff infection as i sit on my butt all day at work. One month after coming off the staff infection antibotics, the athelets foot is back.. Darn!!!

  51. I had athletes foot reely bad so Itook raw bleach on a wash cloth and wipe it on and around my feet and so far i am happy with the resoults I did noticed after two days using the same washcloth the bleash hate it up. but for my foot the bleach really worked. january 18 2008

  52. OK GUYS,

    just a friendly tip, do not use mouthwash from Dollar General.. Blue Mint Antiseptic Mouth Rinse distributed by DOLGENCORP,INC cause apparently, from my ankle and down my feet are blueish green and ive tried hand cleaner, soap, shampoo and bleach and my foot is still apartently died from it. so becareful when you use mouthwash!!!

    Guess ill have to let the color wash itself away which will suck. lol

    quest or tips:

    AIM- athleticandy88

  53. I am going to try the peeing on the feet thing tommorrow. im going to do it twice a day. once in the morning, and once in the evening. hopefully it will go away soon. at first, it was just really dry skin. now its starting to itch very badly. 🙁

  54. watch out using mouthwash, i got dollar General type and it was almost like listerine and it died my foot blueish green, still blue and ive tried cleaning..

  55. i dont know if peeing on your feet avtually worrks cause i havent tried it but something you can is when your in the shower pee on your feet im sure its alot easier if your a girl. but if you know what works the best out of all of these ideas let me know cause i do gymnastics and when i do handstands and stuff its really noticable but yout not allowet to wear socks and im really embarressed about it

  56. i just peed on my foot and im going to wait and see on the resultes im going to do it for about a week. i will keep you updated. and trust me it aint so bad just like when you get stung by a jelly fish.

  57. i’ve had this stupid fungus FOREVER right in the center of my foot and i was getting ready to cut my foot off until i found this site! i guess ill now be peeing on my foot and writing on it with a clorox bleach pen! thanks soooo much!

  58. I tried the 1/3 cup of bleach in a basin of hot water daily for about a week. Add a bit of shampoo to kill the bleach smell. Soak feet for about 20 minutes. Apply Lamisil cream after. It works like a charm. Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and spray inside of shoes or sandals and let dry overnight. I’ve also heard you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed 50/50 with water for a spray instead. I had a pretty severe case of athlete’s foot and it is gone.

  59. I’ve had this problem a lot during track and cross country in high school. Peeing on feet during showers works most of the time. If that doesn’t work continue peeing on your feet. Then disinfect the bathroom floor. Fill up the tub with hot water and add some Clorox. Let it sit there for about 30 min then let your feet soak for in it for about another 5-10min before showering, only do this once. Apply Lamisil AT Cream about 3 times daily in a thick layer and it goes away in about 5-7days

  60. I tried every product and soak without complete success! Then I got a generic Ped-Egg from Walmart. its just a small blade in an angled/protected plastic handle. BE CAREFUL! I was overzealous and took out some chunks of skin.BTW, feet bleed like all ****! Soak feet in bleach in the shower by filling rubber boots (walmart 12$, get good tread on bottom so u no slip) with very warm water and 1 or 2 tbsp (15-30ml) bleach. scrub feet clean first with dish sponge and dial liquid. feet in boots and tie shoelaces andor plastic wrap around top to keep shower water out. wear before shaving and teeth brushn. take off before turning shower off. now use callus remover on soft bleachy clean feet. my fungus was bunkering down in my foot calluss! carful shaving skin off big toe sides and heal sides! take off only one layer of callus per week! use OG iodine on any cuts or large foot cracks (fischers). Bleach wash white socks insideout every other time. I can wear shoes now after 2 years of sandles and failed treatments!!

  61. My feet often get damp in my boots at work so I’ve had it a few times! 2.5% Iodine seems to work for me. I need to be more proactive in soaking bleaching my boots. However my pinky/ring toe dosn’t seem to want to heal. I can’t tell if the the infection is gone… looks like new skin.

    Soap scrubbing, bleach and water the next day, iodine after every shower.

    Toxicity may be an issue so don’t use much… and clean everything.

  62. I have tried the bleach method… I’ve had athlete’s foot for about 2 years running. Last nite was the first time I tried it, it stopped the itching and burning right away, but only lasted for about 2 hours. So I will try again tonight! Afterwards, I use some off-brand lamisol. Thanks for the hints everyone. Seems like the most common ones I see are bleach, listerine, vinegar, pee, and some sort of boric acid thing. I’ll start with bleach and work my way thru. eventually i’ll probably end up at the doc, but not until I absolutly have to.

  63. if you have baths cover your feet with plastic grocery bags or even alominum foil and keep your feet out of the water.

    if you have showers spray them with spray paint and then glue it to a plastic bag

  64. i’ve found a lot of the tips on here very helpful. thank you!! i’ve made a conglomerate of everyone’s advice and made my own regimen:

    lather infected toes using the bleach pen for 2-3 min. then immediately soak feet in a bleach solution; rinse off well with soap and water.

    i’ve had to modify the 1:10 bleach bath solution to 1:12 (one part bleach, twelve parts warm water) since the bleach bath was too painful to withstand, not to mention my skin became very sensitive and irritated afterwards. yet the slight addition of water made all the difference. i don’t feel like i’m self-mutilating myself as much. it’s only been two weeks, but i’ve noticed a marked improvement. now i just have to be consistent with this regimen.

  65. get a bazzillion socks
    wash feet and change sox daily
    use vinegar
    use diluted bleach
    try mouthwash
    pee on feet
    wear open airy shoes
    walk barefoot on sand, carpet and concrete
    be vigilent
    baking soda paste
    rub on the garlic
    take echinacea
    do only what your feet can take

  66. an added precaution about the chemical properties of bleach:

    it’s considered a CORROSIVE, and upon skin contact produces caustic irritation or burns due to TISSUE DESTRUCTION (the painful tingling during the bleach bath and “slippery” feeling of your skin afterwards).

    with that in mind, please be careful with concentrated amounts!!!!

  67. ive been hearing alot about the clorox treatment and i was wondering if clorox wipes works just as well?
    im going to try it tonite and see if it works
    ill keep u posted

  68. I use soap and cool water then pour rubbing alcohol over toes then dry with a hair dryer on a cool setting. This seems to be working as alcohol dries up your skin. It is one of the main ingredients in a very expensive prescription for athletes foot. Try it and see.

  69. Try washing your feet with soap and water in cool water when rinsed pour rubbing alcohol all over area dont dry feet with towel instad use a hair dryer set on cool and air dry your feet. The alcohol dries up the infection. I learned that the alcohol was one of the main ingredients in a very expensive prescription sold for athletes foot. It really helped me.

  70. my uncle had horrible foot fungus and i hear from him that mouth wash actually does work. He used the original listerine stuff and it worked wonders. i hear it’s amazing for preventing mosquito bites too.

  71. Athlete’s Foot can be cured by changing your socks regularly. Clean, breathable, absorbent socks will keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of foot fungus growth. Foot fungus grows in dark, warm places. Cotton socks are preferable, changing them as often as possible.

    A common cure for Athlete’s Foot is Talcum powder. Absorbent powders like talcum powder are the perfect way to ensure that athlete’s foot doesn’t thrive. Talcum absorbs the moisture you usually retain in your shoes, keeping your feet nice and dry.

    Prevent Athlete’s Foot by keeping your shoes dry. Keeping your shoes clean will make sure you’re not giving fungus the chance to grow during your busy day. Keep them well ventilated after use, occasionally dusting them with an absorbent foot powder.

    You can prevent Athlete’s Foot from spreading by keeping your sheets clean. Foot fungus spreads when pieces of dead skin or residual tissues come into contact with other parts of your body, like the groin or armpit. Clean your bedding regularly.

    Athlete’s Foot can be prevented from spreading by washing your feet daily. Make sure when you’re washing that you get between the toes and under the nails.After showering make sure you dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes.

    These are all non-medical ways od curing and preventing athletes foot.
    Hope it helps.

  72. use 1/2 teaspoon tumeric powder mixed with a 1/4 teaspoon of aloe vera jell enough of both to make a paste. Put it on the infected area morning and night. I do this and it has kept it from spreading or worsening. If you havnt had atheletes foot for long this might clear it up completely.

  73. ok i need sum help…i have had i guess “atheletes foot” since 5th grade..i got it from a pair of new shoes my mother has bought me! every year it comes back! it doesnt burn it just gets flakey and skin patches! my nails has gottn a little dark from it and sum of my nails are flakey! what could it be? im to embarresed to go to dr! please help!!

  74. I just tried the bleach bath on my feet. I think I put a litle too much bleach in the water. Now my feet are red and the places that were itching before are now stinging pretty bad. No pain. no gain?

  75. try stepping on dog pup barefooted, it really helped my wife, but the trick is not to wash it off for a few days. it killed all the bacteria, but after a few days they came back, worse than the first time. please help.

  76. Hey, I havn’t herd much about Distilled White Vinegar on this site. It worked very good for my feet when used each day after shower and I’ve been told that it’s very good for your skins balance. Since its safe to eat you know it’s not going to be bad for you.

  77. When all else fails – Diflucan (Fluconazole) generics are called Forcan or Zocon. I got 20 of them and before I was done taking them I had rid myself of a bad case of jock itch (5 years), minor athletes foot (most my life), and a toe nail condition where my nails were thickening and starting to yellow (1 year). I purchased it because the jock itch was so bad it was affecting my sex life and had from 19-24 years old.
    Google inhousepharmacy it’s where I got my stuff. Inexpensive, the packaging it came in sucked and had a printed label taped to the bottle with only the word “Fluconazole” on it, highlighted pink, but it got results.

  78. I suffered from athletes feet for years. Even after trying most of the previouse mentioned tips; it occured about every two months One day my very old aunt said,”honey, just pee on your feet once a week.” I have done so for about 15 years (in the shower) and have not had any issues with my feet since!

  79. I am 32 years young and i have had this painful fungus since i was 9 years old. The #1 thing to do is DONT SCRATCH YOUR FEET…I’ve had sooo many wonderful sessions when I would scratch the heck out of my feet and it felt sooo good. I’ve done more feet scratching In one day then most DJ’s have done with turntables their entire careers. I’ve only had the very badd fungus on my left foot but after the constant scracthing and sometimes massaging my right foot afterwards without even washing my hands, because it’s in the middle of the night and too tired to run to wash my hands and nails so as a result it spread to the right foot. But with alot of TLC and NOT SCRATCHING, a person with this horrible fungus should be fine….REMEMBER! NO SCRATCHIE SCRATCHIE. Okay people and good luck!

  80. I had a very bad case of athletes foot i got from mma gym, i blame the mats! but either way i tried every athletes foot cream, spray, foot powder, i never peed on my foot, i tried rubbing alchohol, peroxide, nothing did anything, but i tried the vinegar(white and apple cider did the same) and i would soak my foot for 30m to an hour and if i did it for a few days in a row the athletes foot would completely go away, but then would return 3 or 4 days later. i did that for months just to control it

    finally i cured it! i dont know why i tried this, but i took a cap full of scope(was the green kind) and poured it on when i got out of the shower, threw my sock on. before i went to bed, same thing, cap full of scope poured on my foot, put my sock on…literally 3 or 4 days the stuff was gone, but even once gone i did it for about a month putting the scope on, it never came back…so just wanted to share cuz i tried a lot of things and did alot of forum searching, and maybe this will work for you

  81. what i did was I went to the beach and let the salt water dry the fungus up.once the fungus was all dry and heald i soak my feet in bleach and water solution. threw away my old shoes and wear lots of open toe shoes.

  82. So I have had athletes foot eversince I went to a public pool when I was 14 it started wit the toe nail on my left foot and quickly spread through out the whole foot and wit all the itchin it spread to my right foot so as a result to myt desperation to get rid of it I decided to take advice from one of my uncles but I didn’t use the right amount so I mix vinegar bleach and alcohol and water I used too much bleach and as a result I felt a burnin sensation due to the too much bleach my advice careful on the bleach its strong stuff but I still have to the foot fungus and due to my failed attempt I have been very skemptical about trying any new methods to gettin rid of it but I’m tired of it so I have tried using product u buy at the store and it seem to do just fine…

  83. I have had ath foot all my life, until someone told me to pee on my feet, and I did, and guess what, NO MORE ATH. FEET yes it works. so go for it. seems gross and my mom always told me to not pee in the shower, but i wouldn’t have suffered and paid alot of money for oever the counter stuff, if she’s just let me pee in the shower.

  84. I know this sounds weird, but soak your feet in bleach water and then take a disposable razor and shave away at the infected area. it does not hurt, because the skin is dead and dry. when finished, put rubbing alchol on them and let your feet air dry as much as possible. this really does wrok

  85. Hi guys,ive been suffering from athletes foot for a little over a year!i got it from swimming!Lately it attacked me like never before so I attacted back!I soak my feet in Tide Cold water for hours sometimes in the morning,and then at night I just soak my feet for awhile and the I put on the stuff called Magic Shave in the blue can,it stinks but its a form of Lye and I put it on my feet and let it stay their for about an hour!Be careful cuz it caN BURN YOU!aNd then I soak my feet again to get the Magic shave off,and then I put on Vicks Vapor Rub on my feet and Praise God I have had no problems!Put the magic shave and the Vicks vapor rub on your toe nails too!Its a bacteria so keep your feet extra clean,I am going to piss on my feet,(advice I got for here and use the bleach)I dont ever want it to come back!good luck and God bless,btw im 34

  86. Oh man I’ve been battling this crap on my foot for a while I’ve tried all the powder sprays and the creams I can’t wait to try the bleech!!! vinager hasn’t seemed to help to much, burns like crazy, one thing i’ve used while out hunting and sometimes at home if the jock itch even shows a small sign is one step hand sanitizer says kills 99.9 % of germs and there’s aloe in it 62% isopropyl alocohol lather it up in your hands slap it on and your good to go, after screaming like a banshee for about 20 seconds!!! Literally feels great afterwords. Hmmmm maybe try that on the foot before the bleech (chlorine). Chlorine is pretty dangerous stuff I agree with all the other people saying be cautious!!!

  87. Ok, here’s what I don’t get……….. I got athletes foot about two months ago and I have been treating it ever since with over the counter treatments. It seems to go away, but then pops up in a new spot. My daughter now has it and I dont understand how because I use antifungal Lysol spray on my bathtub after every shower and wear socks all the time around the house! And what really confuses is me is before I got this, I ALWAYS wore flip flops so my feet are always aired out! Should I contiinue wearing socks around the house so I dont spread it even more, or will the drying out of my feet by going barefoot help it go away?

  88. Seemingly, athlete’s foot is something you can catch. I was wondering if it could possibly be something that your mom or dad can pass on through their genes. That said, my dad who is a nurse has athlete’s foot, and SO DO I (ugh)! He has went to the doctor and they want to prescribe to him a medicine (that he says is not good for your liver… so he doesn’t take it). My suggestion is to see a natural path “if you want to live” (as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say). I totally hear the one guy who speaks of the scratching bit, as I was just sitting here tonight LOVING life as I scratched away… the feeling, so good… probably feels the same way a dog feels about scratchin the fleas away. Anyways, I can’t STAND this bullcrap.. so I am sitting with a friggen bucket with some SCOPE in it, and although it burned a bit, it was a good burning feelin.. so I am going to go with this, have a shower tomorrow, piss on my feet (I’m a girl, so it’s going to be a bit more difficult), and then I am going to try vinegar, and like one other guy said, keep movin’ down the line of “to do” remedies. I am NOT taking any prescribed drugs or medicine, as I like my liver, and my liver likes me.

    GOooooooood Luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk to allllllllllll, and to allllllll good luck!

  89. Use Black Seed oil, Black Seed Oil has also been known to remove Athletes Foot.
    Rub the Black Seed Oil on your feet as often as you like. You can also boil Black Seeds in a huge pot, when the water is warm soak your feet. This has been used many times and often with quick results, check your local Health Food Store or Herbalist. Muslims have been using Black Seeds as a cure all remedy (Check the web)for years, this is a Great choice!!!

  90. I tried the bleach. It works in some spots, but I went overboard (used too much bleach) and burned my feet. I had to stop to heal the burns. Now, I’m gonna try it again.

    I also tried:

    Mouthwash — nothing happened.

    Tea tree oil — i think it works, but slowly, the fungus grows back faster than the oil can kill it.

    Topical treatments — works slowly, but expensive. Tiny tubes can will only go so far.

    I believe that the lamisil pill works the best for fungus but I’m still not clear if it’s made for nail fungus and athlete’s foot, or just one of the conditions. And, it’s darn expensive. I refuse to pay $250 for one month. I’d rather cut my foot off than pay that much– well, that’s what how I feel right now. Darn lamisil bastards!

    After reading these posts, i think that if someone could make an affordable remedy for foot fungus, available to the general public without a prescription, that actually worked, they’d make a fortune.

    If someone has actually cleared up their athlete’s foot, I’d love to hear from you. If I can do it I will post.

  91. Man, this athlete’s foot is killing me. I’ve had it for at least half a year, and it just won’t go away. creams don’t do anything. the cracks on my feet are so bad, it hurts when i walk, and it is torturous every time i touch water…(ie. swimming, shower) does any body that has had similar symptoms to mine know a good way to get rid of it.

  92. I have suffered from this for a long time but one time it dissapeared. Which was when i used to go swimming. I swear it was the chlorine that took it away. After a while when i stpped swimming it came back 🙁

  93. Okay, has anybody tried peroxide or alcahol? Well i’m 17, and a cheer power tumbler, and in marching band. I think if you just keep applying this stuff it will soon go away. I’m not quite sure, but me and my bandies are trying it together, well those who also have it. And i heard that if you freeze milk into little cubes, it works. It takes about two weeks to get rid of. I’m going to try it, i know it sounds weird, but i heard from a doctor in oklahoma city. Good luck if you try the milk, lol

  94. Hey I have had athletes foot for about three weeks I play football outside than I take a shower when I come in and it hurts to walk I can’t even go to bed because it hurts to much. Anyone have any suggetions if so please help I’m only 15.

  95. Honestly guys all these things can probably help different ppl but it some how always comes back.. ive been there… it was hell for me i used to cry of how discusted i was with myself… and dont think its funny or anything but ima man that believes in miracles, god, and faith… and one day when i was cryin at night bcuz of my athletes feet problem i decided to pray… i prayed for 10 minutes.. that aint alot and it was wirth it… all i did was shower and wash my feet with soap go to bed with no socks on and prayer to god to cure me… it took 2weeks. 2weeks for me to notice i was praying for something that had already happened… my athletes foot was gone.. no scratching at all… i cryed of happiness the day i realized it was over.. but that didnt mean you should stop praying.. i always an still do pray to god to keep my feet clean and i always give him thanks for doing so… now ive been cure for 6months.. you can laugh or not believe me on this… but im not the one that is still suffering on it. you are… so try all your ppls eperiements but my word to you is pray to god to heal you and youll see the difference… dont stop praying after it cures bcuz itll come back but even worse… well ya good luck to you ppl… if you take my advice youll one day sleep and shower and walk in peace just like how i do:] its a blessing..

  96. Praying is the answer… ive been in your ppls position.. and one day i decided to ask god to cure me. it took a 2weeks for that to happen an its been 6months and i havent had a problem with my feet.. you can laugh or not take my advice but i aint the one still suffering from it, you are… so its up to you to believe in prayer… i did and now i walk, shower, and slleep with no feet problems… so its up to you. if you wanna feel like how i feel now one day take my advice if not then thats your bad.. good luck.

  97. I’ve found that the athletes foot meditowels not only got rid but cured the athletes foot in no time!! try it here @

  98. I’ve had this problem for years, I’ve taken the over the counter creams= didn’t work, the prescribed pills= didn’t work. During the summer my feet started to get really bad. My skin would get dry n flaky all over. So long story short someone told me to pee on my feet. So everytime i’m in the shower n i have the urge i do it n it’s been two weeks and i’m seeing that my skin is smooth and the last thin layer of pealing skin is going away. It really works, oh yeah i’ve been walking around bare foot too.

  99. You can also try vicks vaborub, i have a pretty strong athletes foot that even doctors medicine didn’t work but this stuff and soaking my feet in 3 parts water 1 part apple sider vinegar almost did it, but it ended up coming back. Also when i was working at the beach it went away for a bit because of the salt water i guess, but it also ended up coming back. Iv also tried mouth wash and the urine but not much luck. It just keeps coming back 🙁

  100. My husband has had tinea between the toes for a long time.
    After 20 years of trying EVERY product on the market, as well as numerous home remedies and natural products, I have cured his cracked, split and blistered athletes with a very simple remedy. BICARBONATE OF SODA!!!!!! I made him apply the powder between the toes twice a day after cleaning and drying the feet.
    It also helps control excess sweating and foot odour.
    Simple baking soda is one of the safest and cheapest anti-fungal treatments in existence. Make sure you change your socks often and wash your gym shoes. Do not neglect to give your shower base a good scrub and sprinkle with the bicarb soda.Be careful as it can be slippery when wet.


  101. I get blistered feet especially when I go somewhere that is really hot like mexico.I get so bad I can’t walk.I have bought lots os shoes but no luck.can anyone out there with the same issues give me some advice.

  102. I had some cocoa butter i was putting on my athletes foot before i knew what it was. I put it on because it made it stop itching. I’m not sure if it did anything against the fungus, but its been going away and since the 2 or 3 times i put the cocoa butter on it hasn’t itched.

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