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When your grandmother told you that life was full of surprises, she wasn’t kidding at all. She might be referring to the heartbreaks you may encounter, loads of money you may earn or win, awards you may receive, losses you may have to deal with, or stubborn hair you may have to manage. Puberty alone gives you hundreds of surprises each week, and an example would be hair strands strangely growing at the wrong places. Now that you are in your mid-20s, you can’t believe what you are experiencing. You feel like you’re going through a second puberty – one that requires you to decide whether or not you would allow your shoulder blades to look like bearskin rugs. If you’re one of those individuals who are troubled by back hair, you may want to try these methods and products:

Ready For Back Up Depilatory Creams

If you don’t have enough dough for expensive hair removal procedures, depilatory creams will be perfect for you. These products are easy to apply and they can remove hair below the surface of your skin. Be extra careful though – your hair may get burned because of the chemical ingredients of the cream. If your skin is sensitive, you may not be able to stand depilatory creams. It is important that you avoid using depilatory creams around the eye area at all costs. Before using the depilatory cream, test it on a patch on your arm to know whether your skin will adversely react to it. You need to stop its use if it provokes allergies or causes staining or skin discoloration.

Watch out for break outs on your skin. If this happens, wash your back with Betadine, or any anti-bacterial solution and consult a doctor. If your back has scratches, cuts and other wounds, don’t ever use this product. For best results, apply a warm towel or washcloth to your back to open the follicles and soften the back hair. This way, the depilatory cream will be absorbed easier. Always check for instructions found on the pack of the cream and make sure that you don’t let the product stay on your back longer than recommended. If you need to remove the cream from your back, don’t rinse it. Just wipe it off with a warm towel or a washcloth.

Sugaring and Waxing

Sugaring and waxing are also recommended to remove hair anywhere in your body because these does process not just smoothen the surface but also help clean your back. In fact, sugaring and waxing have long-lasting results. After waxing and sugaring, the hair that will eventually grow is finer because these methods pull your hair out below your skin’s surface. Visit a salon to undero these treatments. You can’t trust just anyone to wax your back. While you may anticipate the pain, it will help to stay relaxed to allow the wax to penetrate into the hair follicles. Waxing is not close to being as painful as it sounds if you know how to relax yourself and your skin.

Sugaring, on the other hand, is an ancient method that is a lot like waxing. Sugaring, as its name implies, is a method that makes use of slightly warmed sugar. The sugar used is not as hot as wax so this method causes less discomfort. Sugar does not stick to your back but only to the strands of hair. With sugaring, warm sugar is applied to your back. You should use muslin strips to remove the sugar from your back.

Laser Hair Removal

This process allows laser light to pass through from your skin to your follicles. Your hair absorbs the laser light and your hair, in turn, is destroyed. Dark colors attract light, so if you have light skin with dark hair, then laser hair removal is perfect for you. If your skin is dark, you may experience burning if the level of light during the procedure is not lowered. You should resort to lower-light level, but do not expect the results to be as effective as when the light level is higher. Today, laser treatment does not guarantee that you will get rid of your back hair completely, but expect your hair to grow finer and less noticeable. Choose wisely when it comes to what method you are going to use to remove back hair, because laser treatment is expensive. It is important to be aware of what results to expect, but it is better to know if the practitioner who will perform the procedure is reputable or not.


If you want an inexpensive and safe way to remove back hair, try shaving. Shaving, however, does not remove your back hair permanently. In two to three days, back hair may grow again. To achieve best results, you should use a blade with a light touch. Make sure that the blade you use is always new. Before shaving, wet your back to make your skin moist and soft, thereby preventing nicks and making shaving easier. You don’t need to use a shaving cream but if you are more comfortable with it, then apply some to your back. You should also rinse your skin thoroughly and towel dry gently. Finish it off with oil or moisturizer applied to your back.

If your back is sunburned, don’t ever choose shaving as a method to get rid of back hair. Also, avoid this method if you are going to have an exfoliating treatment after, because shaving alone is already considered a form of exfoliation.

Do not share a razor with other people. Do not even think about using a blunt one. While it is true that back hair does not have any harmful effects to your health, it still does not do anything to make you look better and more attractive. In short, you don’t need to stand such an unsightly look. If you can remove back hair with any of the tips enumerated above, then you can definitely be more comfortable and confident about yourself.

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