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If you believe in the saying that “what goes around comes around,” you certainly believe in karma and its effects. Any action that you perform in your life has either a positive or negative reaction in turn, which is usually even larger than the initial action. For bad karma, this means that a series of bad events taking place in your life can create a negative chain reaction of events, which can ultimately make you unhappy with your life.

So why not overturn bad karma before it happens? Getting rid of bad karma involves demonstrating regret for misdeeds, trying to avoid them in the first place, repaying bad deeds with good ones, and keeping a positive outlook on life.

1. Demonstrate regret for your misdeeds.

In order to properly demonstrate regret for your negative actions, you need to recognize that you performed a bad deed, and do whatever you can to try and correct the mistake in the future. Creating the feeling that you want to correct your past mistakes is the best place to start on your path to enacting a plan to solving what is wrong in your life.

Problems arise when pride gets in your way, which makes you want to avoid accepting your shortcomings for what they are as an action of self-preservation. Doing so makes you justify your misdeeds, which will only make your bad karma worse. How can you let go of your pride to get rid of your bad karma?

2. Perform a reality check.

Why bother defending your shortcomings? If you think you are suffering from bad karma, ask yourself what you might have done to deserve the bad luck you are experiencing.

Try and lower your defensive systems to uncover some of the potentially hurtful actions that others have experienced in your life as a result of something you have done. Did you truly do the right thing, or are you simply trying to cover up for something you legitimately did wrong?

3. Reverse the scenario in your mind.

Humans are typically self-serving, which is a natural survival instinct. It also sometimes limits what we allow ourselves to consider in a scenario. How might someone who was potentially hurt by your actions be feeling?

Reversing your way of thinking can help you see things in a clearer light. Did you happen to offend someone by accident? Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you determine any apologies that you might need to make.

4. Use some rational thought.

Having too much pride is an emotional response. If you let any rash feelings take control of your heart, even just for a minute, you can try and focus on the problem at hand without showing a bias. Hopefully this will help you see your errors. Getting rid of bad karma becomes easy once you can see what mistakes you might be making.

5. Repay any bad deeds with good deeds.

If you feel that your life is full of bad deeds, you will need to start by getting rid of them and replacing them with good deeds. Performing good deeds provides you with an excellent sense of release, and if you perform them sincerely, chances are that you will start to reverse your fortunes and begin to experience good karma.

6. Apologize to anyone you might have offended.

One of the first good deeds that you should perform is to apologize to someone you might have hurt. Apologizing is always a wise idea, as it allows you create fresh avenues of communication between you and the person that feels hurt.

If it is impossible for you to apologize in person, you can try doing so through a handwritten letter. Remember that it can be hard to get your point across in a letter, so it is usually better to apologize in person if you are able to.

7. Perform some good deeds.

On top of apologizing, you can also attempt to perform a nice deed for someone you might have hurt. You don’t need to spend a lot of money (or any at all) on this gesture, just always remember that you need to stay sincere, whatever you attempt.

Offer up a present, a favour, or even a random act of kindness in someone else’s honour. Make a judgment call based on what that particular person might value or appreciate the most.

Performing good deeds can help you get back in the good books of this specific person, which can in turn help you to return your good karma. Who knows, you might even develop a close relationship once again as a result.

8. Prevention is the greatest cure.

One of the best ways to get rid of bad karma is to avoid any bad deeds or bad vibes in the first place. Try and live the best life that you can live.

Try and remember how your actions affect others around you. One bad deed has an entire string of consequences afterwards. You could call someone an ugly name, which might ruin their day and cause them to feel inferior to others around them, including their true friends. If you are focused on bringing harm to others around you, you should think about the bad karma that you are bringing on yourself as a result.

Bad karma can be the result of a series of negative actions, creating a nasty situation that you will have to deal with later on. Try and pledge to yourself to avoid these mistakes in the future.

9. Try and create positive vibes.

Being negative all of the time is never a good idea. People are not attracted to negative people, and being negative is one of the easiest ways to attract bad karma.

Having a positive vibe allows you to see the good in every situation, even if these situations might seem highly negative at first glance.

Positive vibes are infectious in nature. Why spread negativity when you could create some positivity in its place? You can help create your own good karma and spread it to others in the process. Staying positive allows you to see all of the good things that there are to enjoy in life. Wake up and smell the roses!

If you want to get rid of bad karma, you will need to get rid of your bad manners, temper, or your excessive pride. It might seem like a humbling experience, but it is a change you will have to make to bring about some good karma in your life. Don’t be angry, selfish, or rude. Be positive and kind instead, and you will see a difference!

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  1. you can never remove bad karma just like that. Once you have done something wrong, you got to return it someday and even if you dont suffer now. You will have to suffer in next life.

  2. Well Nigel, you’re a source of goodness and light. Bad karma will come back, but will not haunt you forever. The best and most foolproof thing you can do is send good karma out whenever possible. Try to be a more positive and giving person. Try not to blight your life with negativity. Smile at people, let a person pull out ahead of you, offer to carry someone’s shopping, check in on a neighbor. These are all small things, but they are positive things and you will feel good about yourself as well as doing a service to others. In these times of recession and hardship, we all really do need to pull together to get back on track. Try it, it will work. Good luck.

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