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Are bad neighbors driving you to the brink of madness? Maybe your neighbors’ dog is barking at all hours of the night. Or maybe a pile of garbage has been sitting in their driveway for weeks. Whatever your neighbors are doing to draw your anger can be a frustrating situation to resolve. Searching for an effective and non-aggressive way to deal with your bad neighbors is best. After all, your neighborhood is a shared living space that each of its members has the right to enjoy.

Here are seven simple tips that can help you resolve your neighbor-related issues!

1. Be Polite.

Before attempting anything extreme, start by politely asking your troublesome neighbor to consider the issue. It could very well be that your neighbor is completely unaware of your frustrations. If this is true, your neighbors are not being intentionally rude and would likely work with you if they were given the opportunity.

All you need to do is knock on your neighbors’ door and introduce yourself. Take the time to explain the issue to your neighbor in person. Remember to be courteous and specific. Let them know exactly what they are doing that is driving you crazy, without seeming rude or aggressive. You don’t want to turn the situation around and have them viewing you as the bad neighbor.

Expecting your neighbor to read your mind and know what bothers you is unreasonable. Be clear about your concerns and be ready and willing to compromise. While never hearing their parties again might be of no objection to you, it’s often unreasonable to ask for them to completely change their lifestyle.

If your complaints draw their sympathy, they are more likely to listen. Instead of saying “your music is too loud,” try something like “your music is keeping me up past my bedtime.” Approach your neighbors with a problem and be willing to work toward a solution. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to find success than if you simply charge in and demand specific behavior.

2. Avoid Notes.

Leaving written notes to address concerns with someone’s behavior is ill advised. Notes are too easy to ignore and their meaning can be misinterpreted. Though it might be hard to summon the courage, facing your neighbors in person is more likely to yield results.

If leaving a note is necessary, pay careful attention to its tone. Read the note over to make sure that no part of it can be confused or is likely to upset the recipient. If you aren’t careful, a note can be turned against you if the dispute ever draws the attention of others, like the police or the rest of the neighborhood.

3. Offer a Hand.

Depending on the circumstances, offering a hand might make your neighbors more willing to try and fix the problem. For example, if you are tired of their ill-kept yard you might offer some help with lawn-care. Maybe you have some tools they can borrow to make the job easier.

If the problem isn’t something you can fix, offering a hand gives the impression that you are dedicated to finding a solution. This helps your neighbor see that whatever is bothering you is indeed a problem and not a minor inconvenience.

Avoid offering money or hiring help. Many people resent the idea that they can’t afford to fix their problems.

4. Recruit Other Neighbors.

If a bad neighbor shows no sign of changing their behavior, getting some support from the neighborhood is the next logical step. If your neighbors’ behavior is bothering you, then the odds are good that it’s also bothering some of the other local residents. Talk with your neighbors to test the water: see if they are equally bothered and, if they are, whether they would be willing to sign a letter or statement concerning the behavior of the troublesome neighbors. Remember, there’s strength in numbers. Being approached by a group of upset individuals will be much more difficult for the bad neighbors to ignore.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you should form an angry mob and gather on your neighbors’ front porch. You don’t want to promote an “us vs. them” mentality. You all live in the same neighborhood and should therefore contribute to creating an inclusive space that can enjoyed by all members.

5. Document the Problem.

If asking nicely didn’t work, it might be time to consider more serious measures. To start, document the problem you are facing. Doing so will provide you with evidence if you need to involve the authorities. Take photos or video of anything relevant. Save any emails or notes that are exchanged. Gather proof that your neighbors are affecting your reasonable enjoyment of your living space or violating municipal bylaws.

6. Know the Law.

It is important to know whether or not what your neighbors are doing is in violation of any laws. If it is, then you are almost certainly in the right, and involving the authorities will favor your position. You can use the Internet to become familiar with your local laws by searching for a list of legal bylaws in your area. You can also call your local city hall and request help in finding applicable legislation.

Relevant laws might include the following: trespassing, destruction of property, reasonable enjoyment of property, noise violations, barking laws, and laws concerning property maintenance.

7. Involve the Authorities.

If you’re fairly certain that your neighbors are breaking the law, and have evidence to this effect, then it might be time to involve the authorities. Contact the city, the local police, or your home owner’s association to address the issues at hand.

Keep in mind that this approach will likely destroy your relationship with your neighbor, so save it as a last resort. Involving the authorities is a good way to shock your neighbors into changing, but it should not be used as a way to moderate minor disputes.

Bad neighbors can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated. After all, you can pack up and move away from your neighborhood, but this is an expensive and annoying solution if the only reason you are doing so is to escape someone that is bothering you. A house is a big investment, and a bad neighbor can affect your ability to enjoy it. By using these tips, you can overcome problems with troublesome neighbors. With some luck, you’ll soon be enjoying a little peace and quiet.

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  1. my nabers are terible the kid threatens people and they stick up there midle finger wen they see someone people hate them so much some guy drove up to them wen they wer in ther yard and said go back to the trailer park!!!!!!!!!

  2. my boyfriend’s neighbors complain about everything! they complained about our friend spitting in the middle of the PUBLIC ROAD, shoot our dog with their water hose and then call the cops because the dog is barking at them, complain about us remodeling the house because the workers are strangers to them and they said they feel uncomfortable and then a week later they remodel their own house and brought strangers over. The lady that lives there peeks through the crack of the bricks and starts harassing the dog and starts barking at her. Her husband doesn’t do anything. They also call the cops on the kids playing basketball at three in the afternoon. (They said they are making too much noise) And get this…. Our other neighbor across the street recently lost a loved one so they asked us to be quiet, so when the neighbors across the street were having a small get together after the funeral, they called the cops on them and said that they were not allowed to have a party after 6 pm. They are crazy.They lady also yells at my boyfriends mom and told her that she is going to build bricks on OUR wall. Why they hell would you build on property that isn’t even yours!?! She’s mental or something!

  3. call the cops, like i do. try to set boundaries. i have had issues with a mental person who forces herself on me. she calls me a bitch for minding my own business then says, i like you i want to be your friend. i have enough issues to deal with i don’t need a crazy person making my life hell when i have a cancer scare to deal with, high blood pressure and anxiety. i have told mary i do not have to talk to her or anything. it all started october of 2007 when i was mourning the 1 year anniversary of my grandma’s death i was minding my own business taking trash out and she got in my face called me a bitch and i hadnt done anything to her except ignore her like i have been told to do. another neighbor came to me begging for coffee and i was nice enough to give her some then 2 months laer she’s back at my door bothering me for money for ciggarettes and she says she works. why should i pay for her filthy habit when i don’t smoke, i have asthma and i told her no but she wouldnt go away after i said no she kept begging. other tenants have asked me for things and never came back why do these 2 keep getting in my face? now the second woman assumes i’m moving out whenever i get rid of stuff and it’s none of her dang business . i keep to myself and look what i get. pushy,rude, crazy, annoying people. grrrrr. my landlord is an idiot she says they have the right to bother me if they want and i know better. I told the cops what she says and they call her an idiot. lol and they r right.

  4. My husband and I have been living in our home for 4 1/2 years; we actually sold our last because we had a paranoid schizophrenic living next door to us who threatened us verbally and his parents protected him (he is now in his last 30’s). Long story short, we had had enough after living there for only 4 years(of course the police couldn’t really do anything, as it appeared that the law protects mentally disturbed people). Anyway, my husband and I moved in to our new home 4 1/2 years ago and have been dealing with a similar-type loser living in his mother’s garage across the street. He is also in his 30’s and has a long-standing record with the police (including drug posession and breaking and entering/theft). He has been in out of jail for several years, does not drive or have a job and is a general pain-in-the-ass in the neighborhood. He stays up all night (in the garage) swearing and talking to himself, drinking and urinating on the side of the garage in plain-view of all the neighbors. Again, my husband and I (and several of the other neighbors) have called the police and they go over there and do absolutely NOTHING. And of course, the mother enables his deplorable behavior by allowing him on her property. But the one thing that my husband & I have been able to do is get the town building inspector involoved; they have gone to the house twice and told the mother that her son has 30 days to vacate the property (in NY State it is illegal to live in a garage-or-other dwelling that is un-inhabitable); if the son did not leave, the mother (and son) would be arrested and fined severly. The son recently came back (after spending almost a year in jail) and is back in the garage, but we sent another letter to the building inspector-now the mother is really in deep trouble because according to the inspector, this would be her third and FINAL warning. I hope this suggestion helps somebody else who may be dealing with a similar issue. Good luck!!

  5. My neighbor calls the cops on my family and the guy who lives on the other side of her all the time. She’s a really big racist, and hates Al [the guy on the other side of her house] because he’s black, and I think she hates my family because she thinks we’re Arab, but we’re Sicilian… I don’t know how you can mess that up; maybe its the dark hair, I don’t know… Anyways, since we’ve built our house 24 years ago she has given us nothing but crap. She ALWAYS says my dad is doing something wrong. One time it was that he was cutting down a 100 year old tree on our own property. Not only was the tree not 100 years old, but it was on our property, and the cops said that we didn’t do anything wrong. When I was little and would wait for the bus at the end of my driveway, she would drive by and throw her cigarettes at me. One time my dog slipped her collar off, and was chasing a squirrel in the road [we don’t usually allow our dogs to roam free, mostly because its illegal and dangerous] and our dog got hit by a car and ran in the woods [which happened to be her property] and when we were getting our dog out to bring her to the dog hospital [she had a shaddered pelvis] the lady drove right up to us got out and waddled over to my dad and started yelling at him saying things like “NO HUNTING ON MY PROPERTY!! THIS IS MY PROPERTY” It was obvious we had a dog in the bed of our truck, not a deer or anything else. So my dad got right in her face [he was sooo mad that she tried to prevent us from getting our hurt dog] and he started screaming at her. I’ve never seen him so mad. Then she waddled back to her truck and drove off, I’m assuming to the police station. I don’t know there’s been sooo many more things that shes done over the years. Just these recent years shes been doing things too. Shes been saying that Al has been on her property shoving animal poo in her horses faces… uhh, yeah. Al works all day, and comes home to a complaint that hes been doing something absolutely absurd. She also got really dangerous too becuase she was driving her truck and doing cookies in everyone’s driveways in the middle of the night. She would even take her .22 riffle and shoot it off at our house. [I swear to god if she ever shot my dogs or anyone in my family I would probably be in jail right now for murder] So we called the cops on her [we don’t usually, cause we don’t like to start crap, but that was going too far.] She did it for like 5 days in a row, and one night the cops finally stayed the night in our driveway, and caught her in the act. She went to court and was told that she can either leave the state of New Hampshire, or surrender all of her weapons. What she did was sold the house to her girlfriend so that it wasn’t in her name anymore and isn’t suppose to be living there. She still has her weapons. Then today we get an Environmental Officer or w/e at our house and he said there was a complaint against my father and Al saying we were spraying her property with pesticides this weekend. My dad just laughed and was “All I have for pesticide is this can of Raid that’s like 5 years old” [Also, my father was camping this weekend and wasn’t even here.] So my dad walked up to Nancy’s house and showed the officer all this stuff that Nancy has on her property that shes not suppose to or w/e. She dumps cow menuer in the river, that goes under the road and on our property, shes been stealing the dirt from the road to fix her driveway, and every night for like 2 weeks at about midnight when I get home from my boyfriends house has been doing something outside and using her truck lights to see into the woods. Obviously something that she can’t do during the day. The officer said that this same complaint was filed last year on us, but nobody did anything because everyone knows shes crazy. He said he just wanted to check it out. My dad said the gov’t is welcome to check anything they want. Oh yeah when my dad had the officer up there Nancy was hiding behind a tree, and my dad goes “I can see you…” and she took off running. [One time she was hiding behind a tree [she does that a lot] and my dad picked up a rock, and pretended it was a camera and was “taking pictures of her” and she took off running too] As I’m writing this I’m waiting for the police to show up, because I know she called them on us for taking pictures of all the things on her property that are not suppose to be there [we didn’t cross the property line though] I have a voice recorder to record all conversations, and I have my sneakers on so I can run when she breaks out her .22 that she didn’t get rid of because her girlfriend is still allowed to have weapons. I don’t know if anyone else has neighbors like mine, but if you do just be careful. Some people are just not right in the head.

  6. My home is gated completely and we have people in our neighborhood who let have little to no respect for others. I’ll wake up to find 2 German Shepherds in my backyard at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning attacking my mini dachshund (when he is in a completed fenced area). I’ll look out my kitchen window to see children running after my cats and antagonizing them in my own yard. When you try to speak to the children nicely, they ignore you and walk away with your animal. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to be queen bitch. lol.

  7. my entire neighborhood is like friggin wisteria lane. we moved in about 3 years ago and from day one the guy next door has had it out for us, we wer right in the middle of moving in, cars and people EVERYWHERE and we here BANG,BANG, the front door flies open and in walks the neighbor and says “cable guy, move your f’in truck” turns around and walks back out, WELL WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! (mind you the cable guys truck was about 4 inches into his driveway!!!) things have just gone from bad to worse, there are 5 of us and we are constantly feuding right now its the guy at the top of the hill who refused to trim his shrubs so the kids could use the sidewalk to get the bus so I had to call the town, hes ALWAYS using sarcasm with my kids and dropping little comments here and there that he knows just floor me……I really have taken the high road here and ignored pretty much all of their crap but im not sure how much longer this jerk is going to be able to push my buttons before i push back, mess with me thats fine but now hes messing with my kids!!!!!I truly do hate this neighborhood and think their should be some sort of crappy neighbor clause when you buy a house, LOL!!

  8. I have a neighbor who is an a**! The house originally was his parents. He has his own house out of town. I woke up one morning to find him peeing in the rose bush next to his back door! How hard is it to go to a bathroom?! He drinks beer 24/7. Cusses and snorts phlegm right outside my bedroom window. Always on his cell, right outside my window. Has scary lookin’ criminals at the house all day. Uses the gap in the fence to dump gas and oil into my yard. Trash from his driveway….butts, beer cans, junk food wrappers wash into my yard through the fence. I was so happy when he started packin’ it up! Until I saw a “for rent” sign in the yard. I had no idea what was coming………..the new renters make the landlord look like a dream neighbor. They had a pit bull grandfathered in. They have a Bull Mastiff. I have never seen people just toss dogs in the back yard and just forget about them. I called animal control about the pit bull. My dogs would no longer come inside after doing their business. The new dogs just stand at our fence and bark the second anyone comes out the back door!! These people don’t ever tell the dogs to stop barking. They don’t train them or even give them attention as far as I can tell. The neighbor behind them called the cops the first week they were there because the psycho pit bull tore her fence down. She said pepper spray didn’t even stop the monster! I was outside messing with trying to put up our fence and those 2 dogs tried to attack me through the chain link fence. Lucky for me the animal control officer was there to see that. Of course when I heard the neighbor lying to animal control, I had to chime in. She tried to say that her dogs are angels and that this behavior was unusual. I said BS they do this all day everyday!! Animal control tried to explain to the bimbo that she cannot allow her untrained dogs to prevent us from using our yard!!
    After that the animal office said she was having the pit bull declared vicious by the city. The neighbor skipped that trial, and was allowed to keep her dog. How dumb is that?! A vicious animal is to be kept in a pen with a concrete bottom and a top on it with a locked gate. Or on a leash at all times. It wasn’t allowed to run loose in their back yard. But did they care about the law? Of course not! So, I am out with my small dogs and I see that damn pit bull trying to stick it’s head between the fencepost and garage. I knew it wouldn’t be long until it was in my yard. So I ran to gather up my pets. We went inside to call animal control. Thank the lord they impounded that beast!! Now I have to be a witness at a trial to have the monster put to sleep!!! Only a judge can order the pit bull be put to sleep!! What a waste of the tax payer dollars!! Meanwhile the city is feeding and housing the thing!! Why does the city declare something is vicious and then let it loose again?
    Now the giant Bull Mastiff is left. This poor dog is so sad and abused. It is left thrown in the yard. No one ever gives it attention. He’s lonely. So, he howls and barks and whines all the time. Every time someone goes outside or one of their millions of “friends” comes over, at all hours….that dog goes crazy trying to get someone to pay him some attention. He is so huge that the barking howling and whining is amplified! Can these people not hear him? They never comfort him or even yell at him to shut up. What’s the point of having a guard dog if you never look to see why it’s barking. I am sick of listening to them abuse their pets!! That psycho slut came to beat my door down and cuss me out because she can follow a simple leash law? Then she has been tossing broken glass over our fence to try and hurt my dogs!! Animal control warned me that I should not leave my pets unattended because she might “do something”. That slut was so irate when they came to impound her vicious dog that the law was called. I wasn’t home but I was told the slut came to my door and was beating on it and screaming cuss words in front of the cops!! I wouldn’t even care about the stupid pit bull if it’s owner wasn’t so rude and inconsiderate. They act like they live in the country and no one else is around. I have heard other neighbors yell outside and tell their little yippers to hush. But these dopes beat all I’ve ever seen!! Now the a-hole landlord is trying to cause a stink because he says the fence is on his property. Well he fenced in his property years ago and my fence isn’t even touching his, so I’m supposed to leave a 2 foot gap in between the fences? I hate to tell him that I am not digging up all that concrete. There would be no fence if he didn’t put such shitty renters in there. So, I can sue him for ruining my quiet enjoyment if he wants to get ugly. Moral of the story….if everyone was doing what they were supposed to, there would be no problems.

    What a genius! Now she has an attorney to fight this pit bull thing. I guess her husband’s drug running business is doing well since she seems to never work yet has an endless stream of cash to pay for animal fines and court fees for being a dumba**!!
    The tip: never give up!! No one has the right to ruin the quiet enjoyment of your property to which you are entitled!

  9. My neighbor calls the cops twenty four seven on all of the people in the nieghborhood.I think he has nothing better to do with his time.Even a neighbor behind him called the fire dept and us also.He cannot be around fire arms so he makes us suffer when we have fires in our wood burners.And even calls the police for my son accidently had his football fall in his yard.I wonder if he would call the cops on a mom and a two year old that accidently walked in his yard.Well one day I looked out his window and looked liek no shirts on in his garagewith his boat.I swear lots of them must have been naked lol but only you can see tops off with the big bright garage light on you couldnt miss it even if yoiu were walking arund the dark street by his house.I think he calls tge cops to keep them from lookng at him doing illegal stuff.We all were here first he moved in and started lots of trouble none of my other neighbors start stuff with each other I wish there was a way to take him to court for harrassement and using the law when they have better emergencies to go to.Please tell me how to get rid of him trust me its pretty quiet down my road.My boyfriend couldnt even play drums in broad day light yes broad day light not even close to being night time 430 pm.He isnt that old but he acts like it.He is the ones with teens in his yard and lots of them parking all over the lawn he had tons of loud parties summer before this where the teens were gonna fight each other etc and raced down the street and he even had well I seen a bail bondsman at his house.Now who do you think is doing criminal activities not us I t hink it keeps the heat off him.Do you think hes seling pot to minors?

  10. I moved into a trailer park a little less than 5 years ago and I’m regretting it every day. I’ve lived in other parks with no problems what so ever until this one. Most of it is loud music from neighbor car stereos or music eminating from thier trailers. I have one neighbor that I battled with when I first moved in who’d play his music so loud from his trailer I could hear it across the street in my trailer. After continues calls to the police he got the idea.

    I have another neighbor who moved in last year…a young couple who partied everyother weeekend with loud music, booming cars, and leaving trash in my yard. After many many months of calling the police I finally threatened them with court action through the police and they’ve been quiet for about 6 months. Now they have a friend who comes over a lot who booms his car stereo. I’ll have to involve the police again.

    There’s another neighbor across the street who’s usually pretty quiet except when he works on his car stereo. When he does it’s bad enough I can feel the floor shake. I’m almost ready to get the police involved with him.

    And lastly, I have one more neighbor that I recently filed a formal complaint for loud music. The music has been absent since, but him and his ‘fiends’ have pocket bikes that they rev up and run around the park. Again, I’m just one bad day from filing a formal complaint with them again.

    Anyway, it’s a constant battle where I’m at. The only course with people like these (or from everyones stories) is court action, or at least a serious threat of it. So don’t let the disturbed, chemically imbalanced, testostorone filled, inconsiderate, imature @$$ holes rule the day. Call the cops and file complaints. Visit the local police station and talk to someone higher up. Call the media even…they love this stuff. Set the boundries early. Don’t be bothered if you make them mad…they’ve already made you/us mad.

  11. I think I might have you guys all beat with our neighbors in springfield, IL.!! similarites in the not working, dogs running loose, drinking all day, and all out general dirt bag behavior. Our exception is we have lived here since ’06 in our home they moved back into the dwelling after at least a 7 month stint in rehab after we bought the place. had we been told the truth about the trailer next to us not being condemned we would have never bought our house. The general description of it is the trailer from hell. before they lost their utilites (running water, electricity, and gas) they generally stayed away from us playing their stero as loud as they could oddly enough the sterotypical “lynard skynard”. this was back in the winter months. as soon as it thawed all hell broke loose. they are constantly a pain in our asses. we cant even go outside with out them bothering or begging. they have a kiddie pool this 40something lady plays in in the summertime with her dogs. the boyfriend is a loser who bothers us night and day. they try to come over and “talk” to you they make you gag and cringe they havent bathed in months. the garbage in unfathomable, they have a fire pit in the back yard they use for heat and cooking like they are camping. now if the uninhabitable dwelling lifestyle isnt enough, my husband and 8 year old son witnessed the lady over in her yard in plain sight not hiding anything in BROAD DAYLIGHT take a crap in the yard! police and public officials will NOT do anything about it, EPA and health dept CANNOT do anything about it there have been over 20 complaints from different people in our neighborhood and NOTHING is being done. we’ve decided to buy surveillance equipment because we fear they are stealing our utilities or might get the balls to break in. They are renters and we have found out who owns the property thru tax records but they are unreachable as to no address and no phone number or contact person!!!!! if all else fails im contacting the media this insanity must stop!

  12. This is a copy of a post on As you can tell there are issues with this site if the neighbor, knows about the site, and knows there are posts about them, they can block the posting:……. I have posted about 15 different posts, all describing a neighbor, who sued me over 12 inches of land she said was hers. She did not get a survey, she sued me in County Court instead. Guess what, the fence she installed 13 years ago, was not 12 inches off the property line, but was instead 2.4 inches off the fence line(per a survey done 10 months after she sued us, which she did not want to pay her half of this bill). A cedar post 4×4 put into a hole with Concrete, requires about 2.4 inches of space to make sure the concrete does not cross the property line. Yes, this neighbor lost the case. And the court told her in about 5 different ways how she should have handled this in a more “neighborly way”. She continues to harass me, and the neighbor in back of her, as well as the neighbor on the other side of her.

    Due to this, I have posted on this site, as I believe this is exactly what this site is about. This lady even told one of the neighbors, that his leaves were falling off his tree, into her yard, when the wind blows, and she expected him to do something about it ASAP.

    All of my posts made on here are being deleted. Or maybe flagged for removal by the rotten neighbor herself. Why, because she does not want anyone to know how rotten she is? If this is not the whole point of this site, to let other potential neighbors know the havoc she may cause to them, then what is it I am missing?

  13. I bought my house 4 years ago, had i knew at the time that their was 4 rental house on the st. i would never bought this house. Since i have moved in we have ganged trashes neighors. They want clean their yards, kids running around all hours of the night. Now whe have a new neighbor that just moved in with 3 kids they have got trash all over the place. I am sick to see what i have to look at everyday. Also i heared that they are pill heads. Just what we need. You would think that the people that rent these house would due checks on these people. I use to work for Southwood Realty, I leased apt. I know what the landlord is to look for and how to handle his resident. But the asshole around here don’t give a shit. I own my house, and i can’t sell it with the way the neighorhood looks now.
    What in the hell can i do the get rid of the shit i have to look at everyday

  14. Our neighbors are fucking self-righteous bastards, who think they own the whole fucking neighborhood. They’re always nosing around and watching everyone pass by and everything else that goes on. Yet, if someone happens to stare at their house, they shout “Mind your own business.” Gawd. They even have other busybody friends in other houses in the neighborhood, and they go around trash talking all the people of other races. They have grudges against everyone, when they’re the ones causing all the problems. On the fourth of July, their fireworks go into our yard and everyone elses’, except for their own. And they don’t clean it up. Their fucking pets shit on other people’s yards all the time, but they don’t take responsibility for it. And they say everyone else is an animal-hater. They’re the ones who hate animals- not even taking care of their own and letting their pets shit on other people’s properties.

  15. We live in a decrepit triplex in a deteriorating working-class neighbourhood. The bottom unit is a five or six room rabbit’s warren of a dump, and the upper floor was shoddily turned into two tiny claustrophobic rat holes.

    We have no trouble with the guy who lives across the hall from us, he’s a good neighbour. However, the skank who lives downstairs with her moronic-looking sons is an entirely different matter. The slumlord who owns this pit (inherited it when his 84-year-old mother passed) found the skank and her ex-boyfriend. The slumlord lives in a duplex in the borough next to ours and does everything that his tenant tells him to do, which is how we got these walking, talking turds downstairs — ex-boyfriend was the tenant’s nephew.

    This dreadful family had been given their marching orders from the landlady where they previously lived because she couldn’t deal with their noise. So we got them!

    Thankfully, the skank booted the ex-boyfriend out when he was no longer providing an income to help support her darling little sons as well as herself. She has been on welfare for years and once told me (when we did actually speak) that “I’m NEVER going off welfare!”

    She works as a babysitter under the table. I imagine that her ’employer’ is another stoner because she doesn’t seem to mind that Skanky’s half zombified on weed all the time. Sometimes Skanky feels like a change and pops amphetimines.

    I once typed her oldest son’s name into a search engine and a porn site came up. He has a different surname than has half brother does as they don’t have the same father, surprise! I scrolled down the intro page a bit and there she was! There was our neighbour, Skanky dressed up in a maid’s uniform with tons of makeup on her hard face.

    That link doesn’t exist anymore, but I investigated further and found lots more photos of Skanky, most nekkid, and many engaging in various activities related to this particular ‘business’. I even downloaded a movie she made that was so cheap anyone can download it free of charge.

    I don’t have a problem with people who work in the adult sex industry, but I have a problem with those like Skanky who look down upon everyone else, glaring. The only humans she’s friendly to are employed men. Married or not, it doesn’t matter to her as long as they have a steady income so they can buy her things.

    When she first moved to the dump, she was slim and didn’t look all that bad but I the few past years of munching away due to her weed intake has caused her to put on several pounds of weight. Her gut and butt are now very big and round. Since she hit 30, her metabolism obviously slowed down and now she’s really packing on the pounds. DH says she’ll only be good for a couple more years regarding her ‘films’.

    Some posters here have complained about neighbourhood brats running amok all over their neighbourhoods screaming and being disruptive. I have the opposite problem. Skanky refuses to let her little monsters outside, she won’t even let them play in the large fenced yard (more like a junkyard) in the back of the dump. The only time they get any fresh air is during recess while they’re at school.

    They thunder around downstairs in street shoes, on hardwood floors all the time, causing our walls to shake. Chasing a mutt that Skanky acquired around Christmas time. Poor creature never gets to see the light of day, either. It has to be relieving itself somewhere. It’s a sooner. It would sooner poop indoors than it would outside.:)

    There are still three stray cats roaming around the old shed in the junkyard. Skanky had a virtual cat farm in there.

    The shed/feral cat sanctuary:

    Nice yard!

  16. I live in a townhome complex where you’re separated by a wall next to your neighbor, and, my next door neighbors came from hell! I live next to a bunch of hoosier-trash white folks, and just recently, some new over 40-year old black guy’s moved in, and, he’s so unpleasant! He throws trash everywhere, makes noise all night and day, blasts tacky old-school rap music outside of his car, and slams doors and cabinets, throws things in the bathrooom just to disturb me. The entire city of Bridgeton, Missouri where I live’s an eyesore. The mayor doesn’t care, the cops don’t care, it’s ridiculous. No one in the complex talks to each other, everyone along the street has something stuck up their ass–it’s like science fiotion or something, and, if it’s not the black guy and the hoosiers he’s with causing problems, it’s the Mexicans and their loud Mexican music blasting that no one wants to hear, tons of them stacked into one unit..I don’t even think their kids even go to school legally..the Mexicans care nothing about our laws, our rules, our social norms, so, why are they here? I’ve seen cops handcuff them, and, they act like it’s nothing. The landlord here’s some old, potty-mouthed macabre-looking fool that half-asses repairs (if he even shows up at all)..he can’t get a staff to help him because he treats them like crap. I don’t understand why St. Louis County tolerates this, I really feel sorry for the children in my neighborhood that can’t sleep because of these unpleasant, noisy neighbors!

  17. I have a neighbour who is not only an alcoholic but he’s a compulsive gambler.

    When he loses at the casino downtown or on the video lottery machines in the nearby bars, he screeches into his driveway (doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is) hops out of his car, slams the door, pounds the car a few times with his fist and wails like a banshee. I mean, the guy really loses it. Tears course down his weather-beaten cheeks. His wife left him a few years ago…I wonder why? Now it’s just the broken down old alkie and his yappy dog.

    His car is all dinged up due to his pounding on it when he has his crying fits. He screams as he cries in some European language that I do not understand.

    His house is up for sale, has been for over two years but the guy is asking almost half a million bucks for his place. It’s a nice enough house, but it’s worth perhaps $250,000 tops. The street he lives on is the pits, too, because it’s full of ugly lookalike duplexes. UGLY! He lives directly off to the left of my back garden, which is how I hear his outbursts of agony after he’s lost yet again at gambling.

    Minou Barbotte

  18. Hello all, I need an advise. My neighbor is becoming a “pain in the rear” I think it all started when my dad ran for her position in the home-owners association. She got to keep her spot but since then we’ve been getting bombarded with “community notifications” Ex if one of the condo owners takes out the trash early (one day earlier) – we all get a notice in the mail, threatening sanctions. We have a two car driveway and a garage, her next move was to call the cops when our third car parks (blocks, as written in the ticket) on the driveway. I need to know how to proceeed and if I have any options??? (the ordinance that the ticket was issued under states that from 19:00-22:00 no sidewalk should be blocked) Side walk was not blocked, and there was plenty of space for two ppl walking next to eachother to pass through. My car’s front tires were on the sidewalk…

  19. I have two sets of neighbours whom I got along with initially but soon
    after the second set moved into our village the hate and intolerance
    became quite evident.

    Trucks, vans, cars, bicycles and anybody else this second set of neighbours could get to engage in the noise they did. All hours of
    the day or night they would rev up in front of my house. Sooooo
    I drove the car out one morning around 3:00AM and blew them out of bed.
    Next morning her ladyship hightailed it back to the big city where they
    came from.The night noise didn’t happen for quite awhile after that.

    Then guns started going off and quite near my home from my other neighbours property right across the highway from my home. Hence, I phoned the police and had them talk to my neighbour.He gave the cop a slippery story about people coming onto his property and shooting as they wished. It was him. I saw him come in from work that morning at 6:30AM.

    Since then the second set of neighbours have started such a racket with
    cars, vans, trucks in the mornings or at night. Where does it all stop? These neighbours aren’t the kind to listen to reason or I would have
    tried that already. What would you do?

  20. Next door neighbors throw used condoms in our backyard. Light illegal fireworks all year, steal from one another then scream about it, use illegal drugs, siphon gas from cars on street, hang clothes from city power line to property, discard prescription drugs on the street, use black/dirty gutter water to water plants and our planter along the edge of property, allow visitors to sleep in cars or on trampoline in backyard, throw cigarette butts in our planters, scream about shooting police officers in a murder suicide or killing white people or president then claim they are rapping. House is in major disrepair and vermin infested. Several of them are on parole. This has become a city wide destination for vagrants, drunks, and people looking to score drugs. We also suspect prostitution has been taking place. Costa Mesa police dept. says they are aware of drug sales but they don’t sell enough for them to enforce. They also shot our house and cars with a paintball gun. Ran a car repair business from home, Hit our mail box while drunk and parking car. Rent out garage as rental unit. Costa Mesa police and Costa Mesa Code Enforcement seem uninterested in solving these problems. One of the CMCE supervisors told me “we can’t all live in a garden state”. That might be true but if they did their jobs it sure would make for a nicer community. Any suggestions?

  21. I have a crazy neighbour with whom I require some assistance. He from the very get-go has been an in-your-face kinda guy, telling you how to plan your yard, digging up my fence post in the middle of the night because he didn’t like the type I used, building a fence right beside our fence, spying into our windows, watching the neighbourhood kids out his windows ALL THE TIME, rumaging around in our yard late at night (we had to lock our gate), going through our home while it was being built (he had access to a builders key cause he built with the same company), calling the city on us for bylaw issues (which turned out false), calling my daughter a crazy bitch and last but not least, his son runs around telling people he wants to die or kill himself and dicusses very sexual fantasies that he has regarding himself and other girls – the son is 10. What do you do with this?

  22. I feel sorry for everyone with a bad neighbor. Mine howver, are worse, they clearly break covenant rules that benefit them, and when they are called on it, they blame everyone else and do not accept responsibility. They physically and verbally assault other particular neighbors, and act completely sweet and kind to others. I think they are bipolar or insane. These people can not be trusted, as they use everyone they come in contact with for their own personal gain. Creepy creepy nasty people. They are convinced they are the alpha dog hip peole who everyone wants to know. YUCK…don’t look now because we are all laughing at your shallow debt ridden lives. Good luck keeping up or lifestyle in this economy.

  23. Phone 911 report him immediately maybe he’s in the country illegally,some people live in some countries underground the authorities should straightened him out.make your case if it does not work still talk to your landlord or call immigration yourself & denounce him at not let others step over you,stand up,& if he ever gets physical with you he’ll be deported should he hit you as criminals are immediately kick out of any problem or put in jail.good luck & assert yourself.don’t just take it & live in fear grow some character but first phone the cops & explain correctly your problem they will help you,& will warn the trouble maker,if he persist well he’ll have the book thrown at him.again good luck.

  24. I’m worried about a friend who has been complaining about her neighbor for a couple of months now. Everytime I speak with her, she always tells something different about the neighbor. I want to help her and let her know what she can do to have her be at peace and feel secure at her own home. There is no verbal abuse or any physical violence between them. Only confrontation. My friend did tell the female neighbor of how she felt and if she had any conflicts against her that she should know about and that can be solved by communicating their differenced. Neighbor denies her obviouse actions. Where can and to whom can she talk to for help. please respond. She has a 15 year old daughter and the situation is getting a little complicated. Not only that it is a female neigbor but now theirs a male. its getting a little scary because he stands outside and just watches her place. And runs in when my friend comes out of her house. Thank you. Claudia

  25. My neighbor is a nasty,arrogant woman that has had it in for me ever since I complained about her daycare client using my front yard as a parking space. We moved to this hellhole town about two and a half years ago because my husband got a job in this area. At first the neighbor across the street was friendly and pleasant. Boy,did that change! You see, she runs a daycare business out of her home and every morning and evening people are stopping by to drop off/pick up their kids. I had no problem with anybody parking in front of my house as long as they didn’t block the driveway. However,she had one client that thought my front yard was her personal parking space! Everyday she would drive up over the curb and park her car on my sidewalk,several times actually on the grass in my front yard. One day I had finally had enough and I went across the street to speak to my neighbor, the daycare owner,about her client. Even though she was sitting right in her living room where I could see her,she refused to come to the door and sent her relative/employee out instead that lied to my face and told me she “wasn’t there.” I told her that I would appreciate it if they would tell the client to stop or I would call the cops,however I didn’t want it to get that far. The client did stop,however my neighbor has been hateful,rude and nasty to me ever since. Her sons glare at my husband or me everytime they see us and she chidishly rolls her eyes at me or whispers to whomever she is with if I come out of my house or walk by. It’s so ridiculous! The only person in her house that doesn’t act like a jerk toward us is her husband that usually says hello and seems to be a decent guy. Can you believe all of this started because I didn’t want some woman using my front yard as a parking space? I guess if I had said,”sure,come on and abuse my property all you want” there would have been no problem. People are just bizarre.

  26. I have these new neighbors that seem to be nice but are a bunch of wierdo’s. The father does landscaping and the mom stays at home they have four children ages 4 to 11. They called the county animal people about my dog and said that it was too skinny. Well it is a retired greyhound. I got ticketed and when the county agent called me that night he said that he had made a mistake because his supervisor has two dogs like mine and my dog looked fine to him. The agent said to throw the ticket away. Always remnember, when the city or county makes a mistake, NEVER throw it away. This makes the third time such a thing like this has happened becaus of unqualified people. Well, the next thing that happened, they backed into my chain link fence and tore it up. Called the local law enforcement and they said that if I did not see them do it or had video of it, I was up a creek with no paddle. Now she parks her van on their driveway beside the side porch and their guest have no way to get into the rear of the house to park. Now they drive around her van into my front yard and are making ruts. I solved that problem by putting three 5′ lengths of 4″ steel pipe along their drive way. Half the pipe is in the ground and half above. Note: that the driveway is partially on my property. I have installed a hunting scout cam on the flag pole in my back yard to take pics of these idiots. The landlord is a really good guy, in his 60’s and retired he has told them twice about driving in my yard. People really need to mind their own business and respect other peoples property.

  27. I live in an apartment complex and the person that lives next to me has some recliner chairs set up against his wall which when he or the people he invites over gets up or sits down, their chair bangs against my wall. I have shadow boxes and other things on my wall to decorate it, everytime their chair hits against the wall things fall off. I’ve already had a few things broken and I’ve gone over and nicely and explained what’s happening and asked him nicely if he could move his chairs so they wouldnt hit the wall anymore. He said ok, few days pass and it started all over again. Second time I went over there, I went over there with evidence to show what had just fallen off my wall and broke apart. I went over there and I was verbally attacked by one of his frends so we said a few words and I told him I’d set up a video camera to prove to them that I’m not just some crazy psycho person. And from there on end they have just been doing things JUST to tick me off. The banging on the walls have gotten alot harder, the people that used to just visit are NOW living with the guy thats mainly supposed to be JUST him living there and no one else. They have a dog living with them which we are NOT supposed to have ANY pets. I’ve talked to the landlord and he said he’d talk with them. He went and talked to everyone else that lives in our “circle area” of the apartments before talking to me and he said everyone else said the guy that’s making all the trouble is a “Nice guy” and that they have no problems with him. Okay… well now I’M looking like the bad guy which i am not. I’m the kind of person who RARELY complains about anything. When him and his friends were playing his new drum set all day long until 10:00 at night I never said anything. He invites his friends over and they park in my drive way like it’s not a big deal, they walk around in my yard like they just own everything. I’m sick of it and I dont want to move because I’ve been living here for three years and in those three years before them I have NEVER had issues with my neighbors EVER! I’ve gotten along with EVERYONE before these people moved in. What the heck should I do?

  28. I’m already bitter I paid for my condo mere months before the market (and the price tag on my new place) dropped. A lovely set of loud, ignorant neighbors is just salt in the wound. My upstairs neighbors are renters and have no regard for anyone around them. This mother/daughter giantess duo stomp around from 7 AM until 11 PM. Occasionally, the mother’s boyfriend (also a giant and who is too lazy to park in the clearly marked VISITORS stalls and opts to use another owner’s private space instead) shows up and we have yet drum to add to this percussion from hell. Now throw in the little yappy dog who’s waste is left for the rest of us to step on, the overfed caught who runs up and down the hallways and some tacky door decor – voila! You have now met my neighbors.

    I tried exchanging pleasantries and casually reminding them that our building is 30 years old and I hear every – and I mean EVERY – step they take. Unfortunately, this woman simply nodded her head, said “no problem!” and then deleted our conversation from her memory. THUD! THUD! THUD!

    I wish I had a “tip” but all I can do is vent. Thank you, for letting me expel my penned up anger. Bless me and my fist which is turning purple from uselessly pounding on the ceiling.

  29. We live in a society in india new delhi .we hade a good friendship with one of our nieghbor.but we dont know what day we saw 2 eggs and some flowers threon in our continued for 2-3 use to happen at night.we told our neighbor our friend about this.we aslo informed our common watch man of society but sooner we realised that it was our neighbor only who did it.he was strong politicaly.he had some contacts with some bad peaple he had a frnd who is very bad person.1st we avoided him but he dint understood.then somtimes he use 2 cut our phn line wire or somthing but one day we caught him getting near our car and cutting the wire .it was 10:00pm we went 2 his house and asked whats the problem we showed his wife and son the vedio including him .he then called his frnd.we shwed him the vedio 2.we knew that his frnd ids also involved in tha past happenings .but the man said he had not done it .he sweared of his childrens also.but it was all untrue he really sucks

  30. We have the worst neighbors ever! For real… they are horrific. The home is in foreclosure, and the owner rented it to a family of 8 (maybe more)… The residents consist of a grandmother (with no teeth, age 60), mother (age 35), and 6 kids (we think) ages 2-12. The have a trampoline in the front yard, and every afternoon 6-20 kids are jumping on it, yelling, etc. The grandma sits in the garage with the door open and says “m f” every other word. I think the f word is her favorite adjective and noun. The mother leaves every night around 10 or 11 and returns home sometimes the following morning around 6. The kids are nasty too. They yell and sweat at the neighborhood kids, and the mother and grandmother defend them! what can we do???

  31. My neighbors are RENTERS and have been harrassing my brother and sister. They claim that my Rottweiler went after thier pitbull which are illegal in my city. They threatened to “throw their dog over my fence and see who came out” I do not condone dog fighting of any kind. I fixed thier chain link by putting up tarps so the dogs couldn’t see each other to try to elliminate conflict. But this asshole wants nothing but conflict. I purchased my home a year ago having no problems with my neighbors until these people moved in 3 months ago. Since then they act like they own the whole block and tried to tell me when I could put my dog out (he’s an outside dog) so I told the guy to get the f off my property. How can I deal with this asshole?

  32. My neighbors don’t listen.They go on my property when I tell them to get off and they curse.Some of my neighbors were aquaintances but they started hanging around my new neighbors and they don’t want to have anything to do with me.

  33. I live in Indiana and in my opinion I have the worst neighbors ever. I have called the law several times but clearly my neighbors are also the best lires also. Please someone give me some input.

    This is just a breif account of many years of this. I live in the country on 11 acers very far of the road and corn feilds between us and both our bad neighbors who happen to be friends. My windsheld and a window have been broken out of 2 car. Cops called but even tho it has been docomented that there is issues between us it could not be proved who did it and notthing was done. Mailbox smashed at same time as windsheild with dead fish in it, again nothing I could do. There dogs have killed seriously killed about 100 chickens after about 5 calls to police and animal control they finely fined them and told them to contain there dogs. However no compensation has been given to us for our loss. There dogs still run, so we just gave up the chickens. There horses have damaged our property several seperate times ( fences and septic ) unwantedly impregnated our female horse, and damaged our rabbit hutches. Police were called this time as well with the end result being they simply had to come get there horse but again nothing for the damage. They have went as far as stoping friends and family that were coming out of our driveway to gossip and cause problems.We have seen them hiding in our bushes in the summer time in hopes of hearing our conversations.My home has 20 bullet holes from a .22 gun were somebody shot it, police were called and they said that it was criminal indangerment but that it could not be proved who did it. My mother lives on the same property but in a diffrent home, her house was also shot but with a 12 gage shotgun. The bullet went thru her lining room and into her kitchen~ nothing done about this either. All totaled our damages to our property are honestly close to $15,000. They have hidden razer wire on our property that my mom stumbled over and has permenet scares because of it. On my birthday this year I was walking my dog at 5 am on my property her and her husband came onto out property and engaged me and my husband in a fight were i was injured. Police were called and told us that if she touched me she would go to jail. When they came back from her house they told us that she said nothing happend there was no fight. The police then proceeded to tell my hysband,mother and I that they have seen women that she has fought and that if she hit me I would look alot worse than I did and futher more they belived that my husband hit me even tho he was the one who called them. Do they think that my mother is going to watch my husband hit me and then lie for him ??~ I think not. So as it goes she beat me up and cops did nothing. The straw that broke my back was this summer when 4 goats and a llama of ours turned up dead in the same night and one month later my 8 year ols sons mini horse and more goats came up dead also. They were all posioned and even with history and motive cops said could not prove it and again did nothing.This goes on and on and on not to mention the fact that both there propertys are total eye sores. Trash EVERYWHERE in there yards then into mine in the ditches and roads. They burn ALL there trash instead of paying for trash pick up. On the on property there is a bright blue house a 1950 something trailes 3 sheds and a building made out of plywood and 2×4 ( no concret sidding ) up on stilts that are all lived in.

    It seems no matter what I do these people keep comming. Any ideas besides my local authoritys.?

  34. I can tell you this. You sometimes have no choice but to play mean.I can only tell you things ive heard about but dont condone since they are illegal. Like putting tuna juice into an air conditioner (stinks up the whole house for weeks).Rotten meat under the culvert of the driveway (stinks up the yard for weeks).gather every stray cat you can and leave them in unlocked cars ! LOL (once saw 5 cats overnight in a white trash ghetto mobile) HYSTERICAL!!Ive seen people leave about 30 packages of the old school jacks in the yard.(like a ninja spike)but thats serious business.But my personal favorite was a guy i knew saw where the local punks were hiding their Meth and instead of stealing it he spiked it with chopped up Alkaseltzer!! Those guys had people after them for months because when they snorted it it started to shoot foam out their eyes ,nose ,and mouth.!!LOLOLO!!!OMG LOLOL!!!!!But thats dangerous because those guys would probably shoot you. But funny as hell.saw it first hand!

  35. Here’s some advice for those of you who are simply out of options. Firstly, seriously plan to move. I know how you feel but if that is an option, in the end, you win because they are out of your life. I had really bad neighbors. I tried everything in the correct order. I was stressed to the point that my health suffered as I stayed awake every night with my gun in my hand protecting my family. In the end, I moved away. It took me over a year to get completely over the trauma. Now I am myself again so I can tell you that what you are going through is not worth the pride of staying, trust me. If you can spend the money, put up security cameras so you have evidence to show the police. There some very affordable single camera systems. If you cannot afford security cameras, then take your home video cam and set it up to trap these neighbors in their usual illegal activities. It only takes one time on video to get the cops on your side. If the high road is not working, there are some other options. Hire an investigator to do a full background check. You might be surprised the leverage you can get if you know a lot of personal information(employment, collections, criminal history, relatives, etc.). If moving is not an option and there is just no hope then you must get tough with the situation. Pick the lesser of two evils and throw biker parties a couple times a month or find some other way to get friends that might make your neighbors think twice before harrassing you. Throw fundraisers for the police. Cops will be much more sympathetic to your situation if they know you personally and your neighbors will think twice if they see the police as being your friend. Forget doing bodily harm or causing property damage. That will only make you the bad guy an escalate the situation out of control. Keeping yourself in control is the key.

  36. New neighbors from hell moved in 5 yrs. ago. Seemed nice at first until he was not reappointed to the local county police force, meaning he has now been unemployed for the last 2 years. We live out in the country without covenants or HOA, as we do not live in a subdivision. First, we as well as many of the other neighbors burn our paper trash in metal burn barrels. He first confronted my husband with this, demanding we not burn out trash and then me at which time he threatened legal action. So we stopped burning our trash. Mind you he burns anytime he wants. then their dogs and our dogs were sniffing each other thru our back fences. He went balistic and threatened to shot my dogs. I tried to talk to his wife about the situation but that got me nowhere. Then he started shooting his pistols, rifles and shotguns at targets up next to our house for hours each day, making our dogs bark and become nervous. Again I call4ed his wife and try to talk to her. She tells me all he has is an air rifle. I tell her this is not true and that he would not to wear ear protection to shoot a air rifle…she hangs up on me. Next he lures one of my dogs onto his property by whistling and calling her by name…next day i get sited by animal control. We can not enjoy our yard which consists of Lmost 1.5 acres. as he is constantly peeping and watching every move wemake. We don’t even ask friends or relatives to visit because he will stand in his yard, arms crossed watching. We are now constructing a tall privacy fence and I still cannot go out without him shooting loud snide remarks about this fence. I have become very nervous and am afraid to even go outside to even get in my car to go to work. These neighbors are not renters but owner. What can I do ? Suggestions please ! We are senior citizens with no children if this is any help.

  37. We have the worst neighbours and on top of it, they are my hunbands mother and father.Can you believe that? It is very sad,they are such bad peopl. They can not just leave us alone.My husband told them to leave us alone. We put up a fence after 15 years which was this year. Now they put shit uder the fence and build a shed right next to the fence. How will we take care of grass and fence, with the shed there. They also say bad remarks when thye are outside about us. He even called me a b-t– while friends were over. What kind of man is this? How do we get them to stay away from us and leave us alone.

  38. My neighbors are undeserving human garbage that rent the house directly to mine. They are the classic trash renters from hell. As such, they fit the profile of having very low personal standards and are a sad waste of skin. If there were some way to have them arrested and evicted I would but unfortunately, renters have way too many rights and that includes their right to trash a community.

  39. I have the worst neighbors also. They would always through their beer cans, beer bottles, and bottle caps. I used to just give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe the wind blew it over into our yard. Then one day my children ran outside to get wet (this was during the summer). They ran outside with no shoes on and almost cut their feet on a broken beer glass that was on our side walk that leads right up to our house. I saw the broken glass and was so furious that I threw it back in their driveway so that maybe they could run over it and get a flat or maybe step on it and cut themselves. So after they kept throwing bottles I finally started throwing the bottles in their front yard so people could see that they are the trashy people. One day my neighbor was outside working on his yard and cleaning it up. I thought to myself, this is a perfect opportunity to talk to him and ask that they stop throwing their beer bottles and beer cans in our yard. He seemed fine with it and seemed to have blamed it on his sons which are around 21 and 24. I told him that I was trying to be a b–ch, but just like he was cleaning up his yard we like our yard to stay clean also. He said “Yeah, I understand. I’ll make sure they don’t do that anymore.” Which was bullshit because he’s a drunk and he’s the one that throws the beer bottles over here. Well I’m thinking everything is ok. Later that day his wife sees me outside and comes over asking if I told her husband to stop littering in our yard. I told her “Yeah, I sure did. We don’t throw shit in your yard and we ask that you guys have the same respect to not throw shit in ours!” She told me that if I weren’t pregnant she would hit me. (I was wearing a babydoll scrub top that ties right under my breast. I guess it looked like a maternity shirt. I thought it was cute.) Anyways, I told her “B–CH, I’M NOT PREGNANT HIT ME CUZ YOU’RE ON MY PROPERTY B–CH AND I WILL TAKE YOUR FAT A– DOWN.” Now this lady is probably 20 years older than I am and as mad as I was I figured I would put her in a nursing home when I was done with her. Then she started to back up into her yard and she told me, “Come on I’m on my yard just step over here.” I told her “B—CH I WILL DRAG YOUR FAT ASS OVER HERE IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR FAMILY.” At that time my kids came outside to see what was going on. I couldn’t show them that side of me. That fat a– then said “Snobby B–ch” That comment bothered me more than her thinking that I was pregnant. Just because my husband and I keep to ourselves and don’t want to associate with ghetto people like them doesn’t make me snobby. I have never thought I was better than any one. I was so pissed and was worried that they would try to do stuff to our house while we were gone. And that summer my kids stayed home since my oldest was 12 he could watch his brother and sister and I think she tried to call CPS on me and they told her that it would be unlawful if my oldest was under 12. I found this out from a friend that worked at CPS and took the call. How stupid. Anyways, we then have tried talking with thema and it seemed like everything was OK. Well, then the neighbor began parking his work truck on our grass. I was pissed and turned on the water sprinkler to water our grass, then he moved his truck and I was outside playing with my son and he told me, “I hope you don’t think I moved my truck because you turned on your water.” And I told him “Naw, I didn’t think that you did.” Then he said “Well I didn’t.” And I said “I didn’t think that you did.” But I could tell he was pissed. I knew these people were trouble from the time we had our land surveyed. When they surveyed the land a flag was place maybe less than a foot over into his “front” yard. There is a concrete line between our front yards, but our fence would hit directly where that flag was and after we moved in they put up a carport right up to the concrete line. They also park two vehicles under that carport and use our yard to step out of their cars. My husband and I live paycheck to paycheck and have been trying to fix up our house from the inside but I wish I had the money to get our land re-surveyed and have them move their carport and I want to put up a fence between our front yards so I don’t have to see them.

  40. I have the worst neighbors ever. They are illegal mexican immigrants that wants one thing… my money. Now it is sleepless nights next to the pistol and the pump-action shot. These idiots got burnt in 1980 when they poured a foundation to their backyard “house” without consulting the planning commission. Thus, my family called the REAL planning commission AND STOPPED their construction dead in their tracks. This is when the bulls**t started. Then it got worse when they hoped over OUR fence line and stole at least $5,000 of my property. This is why I have zero tolerance to any trespassing from here on out.

    To add insult to injury; these idiots are a bunch of tweakers. I just hope they don’t try to run up on this house for money. I will stand my ground; no matter the cost. These neighbors better not forget what side of the fence they live on… LET IT BE KNOWN!! I have no problem with shoving my loaded gun in the face of any trespassers in my backyard! Let it be known! STAY TO F**K OUT!

  41. First there was the dog tied to the garage for 7 years – never removed from chain- always barked. Started barking at 1 – 2 – 3 am – waking me up – tried to go back to sleep to get up at 4:30 for work. Selectmen finally took care of the situation – dog is gone. New dog two houses down – pit mix – oh joy! Wrote letter to selectmen – at least it is not chained and barking all day. Now – cop next door gives grandson an old riding lawnmower to ride all Sun. afternoon. He probably thinks I won’t write a letter about him – but most of you are really green (or becoming really green) and realize a riding lawnmower is one of the worst for pollution – this guy is as dumb as a stump – so he doesn’t know – I am sure of it! Talk about Massholes!

  42. I also have very bad neighbors. Ido not live in Colorado yet but I plan on it soon. For now I live in the southern part of the us. I’m disabled and not married. My x has friends who live next door to me 1 acre away and he had an affair with the woman over there several years ago. They harass me at all hours of the night and they are plain stupid.There is a man who locked his 7-8 year old out side for 2 hours while he entertained his girlfriend number 2.He has several who are over there different weeks. They show up and spend the night and then they are gone. You would think with that I wouldn’t have any problems.I have a place where they want to grow drugs and I’m stopping that from happening. So they think they can scare me off. I have 12 video tape of all 4 of them as well as audio. They are on drugs and ride lawn mowers up the street at midnight! Is there a law also about elder abuse? I know who I’m going to sell this place to, I hope they will like their new neighbors! I’m sure these people will have no problem with shooting first asking later.

  43. Get a restraining order. first of all, (I ain’t pluging the company but) go to q-see and get the $400 dvr with four cameras, audio and hook it up, configure it to your computer, you can view it on a laptop away from home. most of all it works wonders in court, especially to the police when they come after the fact.

  44. Few of things I’ve tried, but often work best in conjunction of cooperation of other “good” neighbors so you don’t get complaints against you…

    1. If woken up repeatedly at night and police/building management are not responsive, purchase air horns for you and a few willing neighbors. Take turns setting them off the morning after a party starting around 6AM. Sometimes rude party neighbors will get the hint, if not, at least you’ve ruined their slumber like they ruined yours.

    2. When one of my neighbors in an apartment got a pit bull who he never kept on leash, and use to literally chase other tenants around the lobby, I reported him to building management, animal control, and the local police via certified letter stating fear which I also got several neighbors to co-sign. Dog was gone within a week, and apartment now has rule requiring all dogs be pre-approved by building management, and follow leash laws, or face eviction.

    3. If you have young college students partying regularly, try to find out what school they attend. Many colleges (at least in the Boston area) have faced increased pressure to house students on campus. For this reason, when neighbors are troubled, they are eager to solve the problem by punishing the students for bad off campus behavior. There are also some colleges that are willing to send their own campus police to reasonably located off campus apartments to break up parties. This is often done faster than calling the town’s police number as again, the university wants to squelch trouble before they get more bad press. The morning after the party is over, see tip number 1.

    4. I once lived in an apartment where a neighbor would cook the most disgusting smelling food starting after midnight. The smells would permeate the building for hours. I tried speaking to the neighbor to no avail. The neighbor explained he couldn’t sleep and liked to experiment in the kitchen to help make himself tired. He also admitted to cooking among other things road kill, and if I didn’t like it I could F#ck off! (This was in an urban city setting mind you, not the back woods!) After one final night of unspeakable smells, I purchased a stink bomb, let it off directly in front of his door, removed the evidence, and then called the building manager and police to investigate a possible dead body. Needless to say, the now sleeping neighbor was awakened by quite the scene. He was then arrested by the police for animal cruelty for having squirrel remains in his apartment and had no way to prove it wasn’t “road kill”. When he returned to the apartment, there was already an eviction notice on his door!

  45. The best advice is to just move somewhere else. I’ve been through talks with the neighbors, cops, court, revenge and when it’s all said and done you have to live beside them forever or move.

  46. We too bought our house at the top of the market before the crash. There is only one rental in the neighborhood and it shares a fence with our backyard. In February they moved in. Everyday their children wake them up at 7 in the morning and they go about picking up their debris from the previous days party and throwing it into the their pit, pour gasoline on it and start it on fire. Making the neighborhood smell like poison. When the garbage runs out they chainsaw limbs off the trees and throw them into the fire. They yell everything all day. Nobody has a job. They drink all day. Let their dogs use any other yard as a toilet or burn the droppings. There are at least 10 adults 6 kids and 4/5 barking pitbulls and breeding more. Their kids and dogs must hate the sound of their own names from hearing it screamed with swearwords all day. Everything is an fing gdam problem for them. I heard them over a block away from the park swearing like it was going out of style. My limit is 6 months I guess.
    First we talked to them directly, it did in fact make things worse.
    Next we talked to their landlord, he was a piece of work.
    I then called the fire department who told them next fire will carry a $10,000 fine.
    -no more fires.
    Now the constant noise.
    There is a house for sale across the street, I called the real estate agent who knew the landlord, called him “difficult” but said she would talk to him. So far so good he’s going to do an inspection of the rental soon and I hope the result makes him evict. Real estate agents can be very resourceful.

    I’ve seen garbage burning come up in the comments.
    Burning garbage is federally illeagal due to the Clean Air Act. Local fire departments do not always enforce this. Your local clean air agency does. In Western Washington this agency is called O.R.C.A.A.
    Burning Garbage carries a $15,000 fine. You can file a complaint on line

  47. I live below neighbors who are just unbelievable. I had discussions with them many times. Tried to be nice. Worked for a short time. Got bitchy. Worked for a short time. Went to the board. Worked for a short time. The problem? Their son and the parents are miserable human beings. Their child rules the home. They had the gall to give him a Wii game and he bounces up and down most every night. They have family over with lots of kids. They act like it’s a one family home, but they live in a 2 BR upstairs condo apt. It’s now 10:21 PM and this 10 year old spawn of Satan is still going strong. Boom boom boom – I have screamed at them, pleaded with them, complained to the board. Not to mention that there is domestic violence in the home on top of all that. They had a party last year and invited all their friends and family to sit near my patio to tan. They are trailer trash. I took pics and presented it to the board. The board is useless. I have no quality of life. I am trying to move because the yelling, screaming, cursing and violence is frightening sometimes. I’m tempted to call the police, but this man abuses his wife and I am female. I just hate coming home at night. In this economy, I don’t know if my condo will sell and I’m afraid that they will hear the noise and render my condo unsellable.

  48. Right now i’m living in an apartment and we have psycho neighbors living upstairs. They trow beer cans at our children, dump shards of glass, lead, urine & feces, and spit there chewed up bubble gum down on our patio, they harass and terorize our children day and night. They have called the police on us and accused us of throwing acid on there cat. They have failed to prove there case to the police, manager, and the courts. Today they are being given a 72 hour notice to vacate the apartment. Some advice 4 those who live in an apartment and have bad neighbors: If it gets to the point that u have 2 resort to calling the police because the manager is not willing to do anything about it u may want to notify the manager that u called the police. This could either help u or backfire in your face so beware because everytime the police are called they will ask 4 the name of the apartments. This means there reputation is being tarnished. The manager may be more motivated to solving the problem if he knows u are calling the police. But b4 u call the police make sure the manager has caught them doing thing that violate the rental agreement and make sure they have already been given a 30 day notice. And make sure u have a good relationship with the manager and the staff. Make sure u are willing and able to take on a big fight because u also have 2 consider the other neighbors may be there friends and may complain 4 u also. This is what we did the neighbors were given a 30 day notice, then we called the police, then they were given a 13 or 14 day notice, and now they have a 72 hour notice. If they refuse 2 leave in 72 hours then they will be taken 2 court and the judge will make a decision. If the judge decided to uphold the eviction he will give the landlord and the police permision to force there way into the apartment and physically remove them and arrest them 4 trespassing. I believe thats how the eviction process works with the court I’m not 100% sure.

  49. I’ve read some of the posts and all I can say is wow. I feel for you. Here’s my situation. One rental in our upper scaled neighborhood. Culdesac, all homeowners are either police retired, prison correction, or gov’t employees. Now I know I’m not better than anyone just bettering myself. But We moved here 8 years ago. We worked our way up to be able to afford where we live. The owner of the rental property which is/was a very nice home had really good renters who took care of the place like it was there own. He is a marine officer and when they were transfered to Japan we were all very upset. We didn’t treat them like “renters” just good people who took pride in themselves. They were our neighbors! Now here comes the new neighbors. Not here for more than aweek and the guys son steals a car and runs it into the neighbors yard. thats just the beginning. Not to many parties, but lots of traffic. the son would be out on a school night/ week night, work week late at night playing basketball with his buddy’s using f-bombs and echoing in the culdesac. I finally had enough and went outside and told them to stop. Gave them some social skill advise. Etiquettes of being neighbors. (these folks are addicts) Their son is in a gang. well this crap has been going on for 3 years now! 4 nights ago our culdesac was invaded by 6 gang suad cars, 1 undercover cop, and they made 3 arrests. Well hallaluah you think! NOT! The Home owner whom I’ve been keeping abreast of everything going on and so has a coupple of other neighbors says he cant evict and would you please be my eyes and ears and document everything going on. Well needless to say my husband had a fit! He said you’re not going to be out their taking pics etc, so they can retaliate against us, the landlord is a pussy! Hes too chicken to do it himself. So all of us neighbors are ready to file a lawsuit against both the landlord and renter. Can we win? And get these pukes outa here?

  50. Well now I don’t feel like I’m the only one being harassed by neighbors.I live alone and I’m disabled. My neighbors are friends of my x husband of 30 yrs and he was violent and abusive. Because I got the place and he didn’t he’s using them as his long distance control and he had an affair with a person next door and these people are on meth and pot,they want my place because it has a pond. I get chicken litter thrown onto my porch all the time,ruin the paint and they throw rocks at the light’s and camera. I feel really bad for all of you with rotten neighbors and the people who shot into your home should be in prison.Did you try to call the t.v. stations? Call anyone one who can get the word out about what they are doing to you,the police SEEM to be useless

  51. I was beaten and harassed by my ex boyfriend neighbor. I dated him after my 10 year marriage failed. My husband left me for a younger wealthier woman and at the same time my dad was dying of cancer. I was not in my right mind, and met 2 men both who lived on my block. The second one did not live there yet, but the first one nearly strangled me to death. He rented a room down the street. Long story short got rid of him.

    Then a couple bought the home next to me. I was stressed, frightened and all alone. I thought surely, this guy is a homeowner and more to lose than the loser I just got rid of. The homeowner guy, told me he did not want to marry the girl he bought the home with and she moved out. I was not ready to deal with men, but thought, I need to move on and not be afraid to try. Hahahah.. Boy was the joke ever on me.

    This guy started controlling me and knocking me around, yelling at me, ignoring me when it was important for him not to, it was a painful, confusing and frightening relationship. So, I took measures to leave it too as embarassing as it all was. I will never date anyone anywhere in the vicinity of where I live or work now.. I am severely traumatized.

    I watched this man deliberately make friends with all the neighbors and turn them all against me. My health and sanity began to decline considering everything else which had fallen on me just before this event. I was so scared and alone. They kept me awake all night long, yelling, laughing, and partying. They would make sneering noises at me, like children do to each other. I ended up getting 2 pit bulls and one tiny noisy dog and a 12 gauge shot gun. He said he would make my life a living hell as long as I stayed in the neighborhood for leaving him. I was there 14 years before he moved in.

    With that said, went to court, restraining orders filed, numerous police reports for harassment and I got no justice, just beaten down by society for being a woman, divorced and alone.. Sucks! I gave up, shut down and became the quiet reclusive lady on the block. I keep it all to myself, because he has established himself well. Got a new wife and baby and confidently prances around and attends block parties like he is the most popular thing to hit the neighborhood and the neighbors follow this guy like a bunch of lambs.

    He was doing construction on his home and while the walls were still a bit open he would have loud sex with other women in an attempt to make me feel crazy, but I just kept to myself as composed as possible. It was hard and let me tell you (hard) is an understatement, and has taken it’s toll. Now I do not date anymore…Happily Single and drama free.

    What a mean cruel world we live in. I am a very attractive woman, I have been told – I get lots of invites for dates, so the point to saying this is, a woman can be fat, skinny, pretty or ugly, and none of us are exempt from this type of abuse, I am fairly well educated, have a degree – not stupid, fun and charming too. I am not a bitch by any means, and yet there are angry people out there who will do anything in their power to tear you up like a rag doll and break you down. Beware! Telling the cops, will get you no where…

    I think we need to take action like they did back in the old wild west and don’t tell a soul..hahahahah! Justice! Sweet justice – where are you!

  52. My personal experience involves a couple that moved in next door. They both were very rude from the very first interactions we had. After moving in, they kept their incessantly barking dog outdoors 24/7 so it wouldn’t mess up their floors. The dog proceeded to wake us up every night and bark throughout the day at everything it saw or heard. We tried everything with these selfish buffoons. We had our HOA send them letters, we called and talked to them, texting, had the HOA president talk to them and finally called the sheriff out a few times..every attempt was not only ignored, but retaliated against us where we received some form of harassment. This went on for 3 years! We finally hired an attorney (expensive btw), however he forced our HOA to have a hearing on the matter which he also attended and they were forced to attend. I am like one of the other posters here where I retreated and stopped attending neighborhood functions because I can’t be in the same room as people that have lied, bullied and harassed us as well as cause people pain and suffering. Long story short…no more barking dog. The attorney was able to get us respect by proving that the matter was to be taken seriously. For those that cannot afford this, I would definately recommend just moving away from problematic people as soon as possible. It’s really not worth wasting a minute of your life or your sanity. Our neighbors are still a**holes and always will be, and we will be moving on, however it was worth the cost to get some peace and quiet for the remainder of time we have to live here. An attorney can also just write and send a letter which would cost less and might work. However, never retailiate! Just try to ignore and be as diplomatic as possible with these types and move away!

  53. I wish I was only renting. We made the mistake of buying a home in a neighborhood where people not only value what they have a little too much, but they like to be rude about it, and rub it in your face. Instead of just being happy, as you’d think “rich” people would be, most of these folks are just plain miserable.

    We were cursed with bad, retarded neighbors from out of state three months after we bought our home. Their children are rude and like to harass mine. They like to tease my children because we do not have 4 new cars, even though I happen to know that everything they have is on credit. Their mortgage is twice what we pay to our parents. Our parents bought us our house flat out, so we don’t owe a bank anything. I’m hoping this “perfect” neighbor will finally buy her way into so much debt that she’ll be unable to afford her mortgage and will have to move out. She also called me “white trash,” and yet she has been married 4 times and hasn’t managed to teach any of her children proper decency, manners, or respect and they acutally shake their heads around like they think they’re from some hard ghetto, when in fact they are red necks. Hilarious!

    Oh, and the cops already ordered our families not to speak to one another, yet who do you think does not comply with this order? That’s right, the people two doors down who think they walk on water. Let me ask you, how can my family be much lower than theirs when we both bought in the same neighborhood? If it wasn’t for the housing slump, I doubt either one of our families would have been able to afford to buy in the neighborhood.

    I’m looking forward to the day we can sell, and move out to the country, where there’s a little room, and a few normal folks.

  54. WOW. This is a lot of angst with horrible neighbors. We have overcrowded townhome on one side with heavy smokers and drug users/dealers that like to “stoop sit” and hold their cigarettes up to our door so it draws the smoke in, which both of us are allergic to & have asthma. These people moved in and were horribly intrusive, trying to peer into our front windows & door. Had 128 attempted break ins in first 2 years after they arrived. Plenty more to tell but it would take too much time. Tried mediation & that failed within 1 week.

    On the other side they are DRUNKS that heavily smoke and BBQ frequently. Both of us have had lung poisoning from the excess lighter fluid & charcoal smoke coming from their side, despite using fans to redirect it away & close doors/windows. They egged one of our cars a week after last time asking them to stop getting smoke into OUR home. HOA has been worthless A**holes.

    Sign us STUCK in HOA HELL.

  55. Leaving a letter that is not postmarked in someone’s mailbox (as suggested in the 8th paragraph), is a federal offense. It’s called mail tampering and can be construed as a form of harrassment. I don’t recommend it.

  56. I live in a middle class neighborhood and we have a diverse group of different people 80 homes.( probaly 25 homes are asian owners) with the exception of two of the homes their yard are not maintained well. The one Asian neighbors has gotton MANY letters fron HOA on hanging clothes outside, yard and he lives in a three bedroom home with 14 people OMG. THIS GROUP IS BRINGING DOWN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!

  57. I needed read no further when I read your suggestion that the neigbors “may not be aware” that their loud music and drunken behavior, until the wee hours daily, was disturbing and that I should give them the benefit of the doubt.

    If they aren’t aware that some people are civilized and slEEp at night, I, sure as hell am nOt going to be the one to introduce them to that reality or to the reality that their lifestyle is completely unacceptable.

    And, if yoU think that it is reasonable that they may be unaware of such ideas, I am not listening to your advice either.

    My neigbors, it turns out, are whores; listed on Backpage, which explains why they have “men” coming and going two and three times per night all night, every night.

    Thankfully, a few donations to the local police officers benevolence fund and a few calls to the landlord have worked their wonders to amaze and, the SLUTS are moving out SOOn.

  58. My hometown has become “hoe town”. I left it when I was in my late 20’s and moved to a big city. I lived there and worked and made my way. About 15 years after leaving, moved back to the house I grew up in, where my sister was living with her son. When I was a kid, we had no fences, almost all the neighbors got along. If there was a problem, my mother had no problem going down the block and talking matters out. And yeah, we had a few fights, and feuds, but in the end everyone really minded their own business. And if they didn’t someone would make sure that the offenders were dealt with. That’s how it was. Every house had families in them that worked for a living, they had kids, we played with the kids. It wasn’t pure bliss all the time, but things got worked out. When I moved back a lot had changed…TOO MUCH. Three houses away there are drug dealers. That house is owned by a village trustee. Next to that house is a cop, he lives there and doesn’t do a thing. In fact, he’s an “overachiever” who married a woman whom he thinks everyone covets. So he’s over-protective of this situation that no one actually wants. So, if someone male (over the age of 15) walks past his house, and looks at his wife, tanning on the porch that he “built for her”, he gets jealous and puts them on an ass-kicking list. So you can’t be friendly and say hello. My bike got stolen and before I knew this guy was a cop, I walked around and talked to people to see if anyone had seen anything, and met up with this guy (who immediately gives me a look like he’s checking for all my pressure points so he can subdue me – mind you this is a village of 4,000 people), he says “yeah, they been casing the neighborhood for weeks”, so I say “how do you know this?” “I’m a cop.” “And you didn’t feel it would help to tell people that someone is casing their places?” After that the conversation went real sour. So I’m sitting out in my yard one night, with an apple, just about to eat it. And a truck comes down our alley, stops and backs up to our garage, where the door was open, at the time. I sneak toward the driveway, and the door of the truck opens. I open fire on the truck with the apple and a few tomatoes from the garden. I have a very good throwing arm and nailed the driver’s side window and got a tomato in the cab. The truck took off at about 50 mph! Anyway, across the street, six of the houses are now occupied by drug families or families that absolutely don’t work. Not one of them works from any of those families. This summer there was a car-bombing across the street. A car that was parked between two houses had a molotov cocktail type thing thrown at it and the car burned to cinders in the driveway. One of the guys living on that side of the street revs his motorcycle at 2-3 am, but you can’t talk to the guy…the only words they know are fighting words, which I’m okay with, but if you beat one of them, they bring it to court or they bring the whole block against you. So, I moved about 4 years ago (and have heard of much of what has happened through the grapevine). But my sister stayed. When she had enough, she moved in with her ex (with whom she’d probably rather not be living, but has little choice in her mind). So now my niece lives there. The thing is, legally, you really can’t do much…because the village and state has passed laws that perpetuate these things (and it’s not like the legislators don’t know what will happen when they do this. So if you’re having this kind of trouble, it’s usually the law-makers who are enabling it.). So, while I was still living there, I was working with a friend who is a contractor. We did work for a local cop whom I’d been friends with in school. Hadn’t seen him in a long time. My friend starts telling the cop about trouble he’s having with his “new” (about 1.5 years) neighbors selling drugs and running a whore house at all hours of the night, while my buddy is raising his kids and renovating his house. And my buddy is no wuss…this is a guy who can lift most people up by their necks with one hand. I’ve seen a guy wanted to fight him in a bar where he beat him in pool, and the other guy throws a punch and my buddy catches the guy’s fist and squeezes the other guy to the ground. He’s not a tough-guy. Just a regular neighborhood guy who is very strong. A guy that will help you out with anything. If you have something that needs to be done, he’s over at your house helping. If someone gives you crap, he’s ready to help with that too. Anyway, the cop says “There’s nothing we can really do, and if they know you complained they’ll probably come after you or the kids.” And I already knew that, but this was for reinforcement I guess. So my buddy says “you’ve got to be shitting me…my kids are already being approached, they throw shit in my yard…beer cans, bottles, dog shit..when I throw it back they make threats” And the cop finally says, “you want my advice? And don’t tell anyone I said this…burn that place down, preferably with them inside of it. Why do you think I moved out of town?” Now, I had told my buddy this a month before that. And when we drove away, I said “You want to? We can think of a plan.” He says “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” But my advice for everyone. In most cases, you would think you can talk to your neighbors. If you try it and it doesn’t work, don’t let them know that you’ll retaliate if that’s what you plan on. In fact, rest easy while you think of your plan. Take your time. Like a month or longer to think of something and make sure it will work. This is especially if moving is not an option. Because we can’t let every place become a hell hole. All we want is to live a normal life, and give that to our kids.

  59. If you don’t kill ’em, they’ll probably be back. That was the wild west and that’s why they had to stop the wild west, because it was too peaceful, since everyone knew that people weren’t afraid of anything. Now people are made to be afraid of nuisances. Because if your neighbor is shitty, the police will be more likely to support their side.

  60. What do people use to make bad odors for other people to move and where do they buy them and what are the brands? i would like to know what my craezy neighbors use cause it stinks over there and they have to smell some of it

  61. My neighbor comes from another town and uses the house next door as an auto mechanic shop. Stragglers from everywhere bring their cars to him and they block driveways, especially mine. He has had altercations with other neighbors of mine and even went as far as fist fighting. He will not change. Talking diplomatically is taken to mean fear and he becomes worse. He thrives on the fear from others. I went to the police precinct with pictures of his dealings and even went to the department of environmental protection because of the oil the cars leave behind. Nothing worked. Cops did not do anything and the EPA archived my complaint. The loud music and menacing continues. I have no idea what else to do. Taking the law into my hands will mean my life and my 85 yr. old father’s life would be in danger. Moving out is not an option. Please suggest…..hire a gangster to get rid of him?? I thought about that too but there are no ads for such services. haha… wishful thinking.

  62. I like my neighbors on one side and on the other side they suck.2 doors down the guy leaves his german shepard chained up outside barking while he goes to work.Then his wife takes over a few hours later and keeps the dog out barking loud for long periods.I have 2 dogs that go outside when the weather is nice and only bark for no longer than 15 minutes twice a day.These people have actually yelled at my dogs to shut up while their dog is barking.I really believe people do not hear there own noise.The old lady that lives directly next door also yells at my dogs to shut up while his dog barks for hours at a time.This is because she likes them and hates me.Bottom line if they like you your noise is much more tolerated.But if they hate you no matter what you do you are the bad one.I like people who are aware of what they do and aware of how it is affecting people around them.These types of people are what you call considerate.My wife and I are considerate and would never leave our dogs to bark outside for hours at a time like these screwballs 2 doors down.It is my own experience not to approach people because they are going to do what they want to do and if you don’t like it too bad.I know this because I have had bad neighbors before and you cannot tell people what to do.

  63. I live in a lovely neighborhood. The whole block gets along, looks out for one another, exchanges Christmas gifts and chats all summer about gardening. With the exception of the one neighbor next to me. These people have made my life a living hell. They moved in a little over two years ago and its been nothing but problems. Their dogs were crapping in my side yard and when I asked the “lady” if that could stop, she called me names and yelled at me and raised her fist at me in a threatening way. (She is like three times my size now, about two times my size then) It has gotten progressively worse since then. I’ve been threatened constantly, called names, vehicles gunned at me when I am going to visit the other neighbors etc. None of the other neighbors talks to them- since they have been so mean to me. They snow blow snow into my vehicles and yard, causing damage and more work for me. Their dogs are out all the time barking their a**es off- and for a time they were renting out their upstairs to a pile of drunken kids. They don’t do anything to me when my husband or son is home, just when I am outside alone. The cops have told me they are fixated on me (both of them, they are a couple) and that they are bullies. I have been told to go to court against them- but that seems like an unciviled thing to do. I have meticulous notes of all the threats, police calls and damage- just in case.

    I know I am not dealing with normal people here- and I am reaching my breaking point. I am constantly stressed out, have a lost a ton of weight and don’t see this situation getting better until they either go away or get a life that doesn’t involve bothering me or being as a**hole.

    Anyone have any suggestions??

  64. Finally I’ve found my real neighbors!!!! I was fine here in my townhome for 9 years until this summer. A bitch on wheels with 3 holy terror boys keeps vandalizing my home and the cops told me to find a way to get along with her????
    Theyve shot up the brickwork leaving hundreds of chipped bricks, broken my trees branches off, torn up my flower beds, knocked over my bench right by my front door…broken yard gnomes,,,thrown litter…set up soccer nets in my driveway…..on the other side of me is cornfields…they even showed their pellet guns to the police! Oh and they knocked my neighbots 2 year old down and shot him a dozen times at close range!!!

  65. We have a neighbor who decided that snow on his property should be on ours. After we plow our driveway within our property boundaries (not snow blow), he comes out and blows the snow from what we discovered is in fact our property back onto our clean driveway. He even shoveled snow from his bushes and the street onto our driveway. We had a survey done, and its now clearly marked with stakes. He knows the markers are there because he makes sure he comes and talks to every visitor and worker at our house. We now have a letter with DVD from our surveillance cameras showing the harassment that we will no longer tolerate. He planted bushes on our property without permission, so he has until 4/14/11 to remove them. He was told if the harassment and slander does not cease, we may publicize the video and take further legal action. Our neighbor is basically a judgemental busy body and has to have something to gripe about all the time. If he isn’t harassing us, he’s picking fights with the guy across the street for political views. I wouldn’t completely expose him because we may have to sell our house one day. I’m hoping the letter that he will receive about his harassment and slander will calm him down.

  66. My situation is so much worse than the inital tip. I have been fighting this shit with my neighbor for months now, have called the police, and documented every harassesment case, and have sent in a letter to my apartments leasing office to have this man evicted. my apartments have cared less, and have made me seem like the annoyance because of all of the times I have gone to complain about him. if anyone is reading this that has been having problems with their neighbors, and have had their safety compromised, do not wait to file a case, and do not wait to talk to the police. the best advice I can give, is be ruthless in your attempts to stop whatever is happening because no one else is going to care enough to doit for you. I hope I am the only one that has had to deal with a case this bad, I don’t wish it upon anyone. and remeber to document EVERYTHING, the more evidence the better.

  67. My upstairs neighbor is a teenage boy and his mom. I’ve been here for a few years, and so far i’ve dealt with him playing his bass at all hours of the day so loud that it makes my dishes rattle, pouring his fishtank water out his window and into my window (which was open), vomit in front of my front door, cigarette butts and beer cans EVERYWHERE, garbage on my car, and all sorts of other things. I’ve talked to them so many times, and they change nothing. The kid deserves to be in jail, and the mom doesn’t give a shit what he does. I’ve talked to the HOA and property managers, but it seems like there is nothing they can or will do. If this keeps up, I really don’t know what else to do but file a law suit, given that while they live there, nobody will ever want to live in or buy my place.

  68. Yes I have the WORST neighbor in the county, and he’s never even lived there since we moved in next door, 6 full years ago! It occurred to us that his yard was beginning to look worse and worse. He mows at 9 or 10 o’clock at night! Which, it turns out is the nicest thing he’s ever done to us. Then out of the blue, he moved a dog into his huge backyard and left her there for over 6 months. I called the Humane Society and the ASPCA and all of them came, shook their heads, left notices and said that he has left HUGE bags of generic Wal-Mart brand dog food and she can drink rain water, so he’s doing nothing wrong!!?? Even that was still NOTHING! HE then rented the place to 2-3 young men that never seemed to work. Lots of HIGH end Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus coming & going. Had a cop neighbor running plates, these ‘people’ were staying 10-20 mins and coming to my gated community from 2-3 hrs away! YES drug dealers. We complained to the HOA to whom we pay over $1700 per year. NOTHING! The owner still pays those HUGE HOA fees, so our board of retired brainless BAS—– only seems to care if they get their money. The police came, OH Yeah, often, every time we call, they come and ck it out. Then the raids started! for 18 mos the police stormed this 5-6 bedroom 3500 sq foot home four different times. Tear gas, several armored trucks, civilian style M-16s and other hi-power weaponry. Turns out my wonderful neighbor rented his house to the ‘Godfather’ of our county’s drug dealers. I just thought that he didn’t have a license, because he was always being driven around! So the cops found weaponry that should NOT be allowed on anyone’s streets, especially the streets on which 12 children under the age of 12, play on. We chose to live in a gated community and on a quiet cul-de-sac so our small child would be ‘safe’ in our front yard. The drug dealers kept getting out of jail! They’d stand on their unmowed yard glaring at all the neighbors. WE became prisoners in our own house! I then decided to contact our county commissioner– NOW that’s the way to go!! He was fired up about this, our neighborhood is one of the nicest in his district and he was pissed! Well I contacted him by email on a Saturday. The next Tues., his office called me, with copies of files about my neighbor’s residence and all the police reports. She went over all the dates and I had my own notes with which to compare. The next Tues: say good-bye to drug dealing! The DA was ‘suddenly’ able to hold them this time! That was in Nov and still, they are incarcerated. Now the jerk has painted 1/2 his house pink and left the other 1/2 a faded peach color. He called the cops on me yesterday for walking on his property. He grabbed me by my waist and shoved me off of his grass. I didn’t know, but, trespassing trumps assault and battery in my state. I wish my neighbor would find a hole and climb into it!

  69. Yep… all of these are good ones…but what would you do if next door 20 Jamaican huge guys moved in? I definitely do not want to invite them for dinner…

  70. I feel all-out wars are justified if you have lived next to a truly bad neighbor. Ours is a perverted Baptist holy-roller, we call him John the Pervert, marching everywhere his bible – while he illegally parks in front of our windows and walkways and surreptitiously peeks inside to get a glimpse of me. He used to drive by and call out to me as though he needed some help, I used to interrupt my gardening and go over obligingly like a good neighbor because they had just moved in and we had offered “help”- until I realized all he was doing was staring at my chest and leering. I mean no mistake about it, he would not make eye contact, and he was actually drooling. He is like 74 years old, and a freeze-dried Skinhead, living close to where they just shot a Sikh in the street, a big story right now in the Sacramento suburbs. Now he constantly drives his truck over our property damaging things. We have video, we’ve written letters, but he gets support from his entire “bible” community of contacts who are deeply racist – judging from their commentary when they visit. Truly bad neighbors are where there are sexual perverts combined with hate motivated harassment. The only comfort I have is that he is that old, and will likely keel over before long.

  71. What I read in this column is the law is only for some people, to protect the rich(whoever can hire the biggest law firm) and harass the poor (the guy who can’t hire the ‘biggest’ law firm). The cops are told money for the country is tight so don’t arrest anyone. Unless they’re bothering one of our rich, or committing a crime that will make our district attorney look good at election time. You whining dumb-arses, you elect the party of the rich(republicrats or demacans)and then wonder why the corporate loving ars-holes don’t uphold the laws of creating a public nuisance, disturbing the peace, etc.. Believe me when I tell you there is no way on Gods green earth one of these clowns mentioned in this column would last an hour next door to your elected senator, or congressman. When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee. Get other neighbors involved in your surveillance and documentation and reporting and report it to your State senator and congressman, both!!!,because telling only one it will be ignored, inform his chief competitor from the last election also, so there will be amunition to shoot him down should he fail to see to it that the laws he voted to put in place are ignored. follow up daily with calls asking what’s happening? when is the problem going to be taken care of? who is supposed to be handling the situation now? why hasn’t something been done? This is legal but it has the effect of being harrassment for the public official and to stop being bothered he’ll do something. Ignore when they tell you not to call anymore it’s being handled, that is their way of getting rid of you, so they dont have to do anything. KEEP CALLING UNTIL IT IS CORRECTED. They can’t shut off the office phones,get others to call also friends neighbors relatives all saying they’re from your neighborhood and they witnessed what you’re reporting. Remember the SQUEEKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE. I hope this helps but please, wake up, use your vote wisely,

  72. I was annoyed with the bad neighbor the minute they moved in. I tried to be friendly and introduce myself. The new neighbor who is a renter didn’t bother to tell me her name and her son didn’t bother to say hello and walked past me. She let her dog pooped all over the backyard and allow her son to play on our driveway. When I just politely tell the son that he shouldn’t spray water on our driveway and he shouldn’t have thrown ice pellets on our driveway, he just ignored us. He had the nerve to tell his mother that I yelled at him and that it should not bother me that ice pellets are on my driveway and that Mother Nature put that ice there. I told her that her son not Mother Nature was chipping ice pellets to our driveway. She had the nerve to say that she is a good neighbor and that I am a bad neighbor because I am annoyed with what his son does. She asked what other things in the past he did was bad and when I mentioned he was riding his bike on my driveway, she said that was last year and that don’t count. I wish they would just move away.

  73. I have an awful neighbour who I refer to as the thorn in my side. He moved in a few years ago, then moved out. His friends then moved in. He moved back in about 6 years ago and now has no intention of leaving. We have had parking problems with this guy for years. He has a fantastic car park right across from his house but won’t use it, prefers to park on the nature strip outside his house which makes it difficult for others to pass. It is also illegal in our county to park on nature strips, but difficult to police. We’ve had arguments over various issues over the years, and even though I could report him to parking department, the repercussions from him are not worth the stress. I had some property damaged in the past and I am certain he did it. I could move, but I love my house so much. I hope he will eventually move for good, but it is not looking like it. This is his third time living in the house and I don’t know why he keeps returning. I have never hated anyone in this world until I met him. I do agree with Bob, it is not worth approaching a neighbour, especially if it has not worked in the past. They are going to do, what they want to do – regardless of whether it upsets you. It only makes it worse. If they are a reasonable person, then maybe. But my neighbour is not a reasonable person. He is an asshole.

    1. I know it’s been 4 years, but I can’t help but comment that this guy is so right about it not being worth it to approach an asshole neighbor. They are just assholes. Once they know something bothers you they will do it even more.

      Let’s face it… most people in the world are fucking assholes. That’s just how it is. Out of these assholes, the best of them are just simply inconsiderate. I think that’s the majority of assholes, they are the lesser assholes. They just don’t bother to think about the effect of their actions on others. Then there are the true assholes. These fucking fucks actually want to make people miserable and are actively looking for ways to make this happen. That’s this guy’s neighbor. Mine is just someone who doesn’t care. But, complain and the lesser asshole becomes the true asshole.

      This is nothing new. Just read the Bible and you’ll see all the assholes in it.

  74. Okay I will give you a couple of ideas, We had three little boys at home and we also had a kid that would speed up our street every day, i tried to talk to him about slowing it down and got no where fast in fact it got worse, so rather than call the police, i handled it my self with 16 squares of c&h sugar in the gas tank, it worked ruined motor.then the little knot head moved away, just don’t get caught use gloves, no finger prints. How about one more? We had a neighbor who always had something to whine about and I grew tiried of it so I went to the payphone and put their home up for sale at a great price with snacks served the next Sunday from 12-5, it was a mess cars every where and they really flipped when they got the bill too! I have so many I really need to write a book on this. Have fun and use your head.

  75. Surveillance cameras have gotten pretty high-tech over the years and now they catch quite a bit. That said, surveillance systems are important tools for today’s world as they catch perpetrators right into their footsteps. Just imagine how much the crime rate would go down if more people had these cameras. Criminals would most certainly think twice before going any where where there are cameras in place, nobody can deny that.

  76. I
    have you all beat, turning crackheads in for dealing drugs in our subdivision
    and the police send code enforcement out to give us illegal vilolactions for
    bothering city hall with our problems. If you are poor you don’t get to say
    shit! slumlords love crackheads because the gov pays there way with section 8.
    The rich people make it and the poor people break it. we are the monkeys of life
    as the rich would say and we are not able to speak our mind. the pitbulls break
    our fence and we get in trouble because the police would rather hear there lies
    than the truth, its easier, no paper work, police today are not worth the paper
    they wipe there ass guns and amo and food because one day there going
    to take all of your privileges away and that’s where the monkeys will make
    there stand.

    dealers are killing our country and the rich do not give a shit, they live on
    the hill, we live in hell, i videod a rookweiller in my yard yesterday, the
    haroen adic came out of the duplex and accused me of filming little girls, the
    police will believe him over me even thoe the video will show different of what
    the brainless crackhead says. see, its easier for them, IM the one trying to
    show the police what is really going on in our subdivision, but no they don’t
    want to see that, they want me to shut up and go away, ive lived here for 22
    years and i have never seen nothing like this in my life. if you do not pay you
    cant stay. i am an American, IM trying to understand what that is anymore, my
    grand kids will see America in its worse state its ever been in, even in the
    depression they didn’t have druglords/slumlords/hoelords/and the wore of


  77. I
    have you all beat, turning crackheads in for dealing drugs in our subdivision
    and the police send code enforcement out to give us illegal vilolactions for
    bothering city hall with our problems. If you are poor you don’t get to say
    shit! slumlords love crackheads because the gov pays there way with section 8.
    The rich people make it and the poor people break it. we are the monkeys of life
    as the rich would say and we are not able to speak our mind. the pitbulls break
    our fence and we get in trouble because the police would rather hear there lies
    than the truth, its easier, no paper work, police today are not worth the paper
    they wipe there ass guns and amo and food because one day there going
    to take all of your privileges away and that’s where the monkeys will make
    there stand.

    dealers are killing our country and the rich do not give a shit, they live on
    the hill, we live in hell, i videod a rookweiller in my yard yesterday, the
    haroen adic came out of the duplex and accused me of filming little girls, the
    police will believe him over me even thoe the video will show different of what
    the brainless crackhead says. see, its easier for them, IM the one trying to
    show the police what is really going on in our subdivision, but no they don’t
    want to see that, they want me to shut up and go away, ive lived here for 22
    years and i have never seen nothing like this in my life. if you do not pay you
    cant stay. i am an American, IM trying to understand what that is anymore, my
    grand kids will see America in its worse state its ever been in, even in the
    depression they didn’t have druglords/slumlords/hoelords/and the wore of


  78. The best way to deal with a bad neighbor is to just ignore them completely. Everyone has had bad neighbors and I am dealing with a neighbor that has been trouble. I just let things be and don’t bother them or talk to them or even look at them. It gives me peace of mind and as long as I mind my own business things will be okay!

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