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Long Island SEO Review

Having trouble reaching the first page of Google? How about driving more traffic to your website? If you are a Long Island company looking for SEO services, then you need to read my review.

Long Island SEO Review

I own Franks Steaks on Long Island. We had a regular website that provided information on our menu and other basic information on the restaurant and locations. The one thing we wanted to do, but didn’t know how, was to communicate with our guests through our website and social media. The main reason is we just had no idea how to do any of this. I didn’t even know what Twitter was. But now I love it!

I did a search on Google for Long Island SEO one day and after talking to about 3 companies, I found SEO Pledge – check our their Long Island SEO services. They are located in Jericho, right off exit 40 of the Long Island Expressway. After talking to them and meeting with them, we decided to try them out. I liked their approach of starting with a small project, and if all goes well, we do bigger and better things together.

Long Island SEO Review – Creating WordPress

We had nothing in place, just a basic boring website. The first thing we did was redesign our website in WordPress. At first I had no idea what WordPress was, but now I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Before we had a WordPress site, I had to email or call our webmaster to make a change on the site, which usually took days to happen. Now all I do is log into WordPress and boom I can make changes myself. Great stuff!

Long Island SEO Review – Email Marketing

After the new site was up we wanted to start getting visitor information. So when you go to our website now you get a pop-up form and a coupon offer. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but I have to say it works and we don’t get any complaints since we are offering a great coupon. The very first day we started getting about 10-20 people per day signing up for our newsletter and getting the coupon. Having people signup is good, but coming into the restaurant and using the coupon is better. Within an hour of setting this up we had our first person come in with the coupon. As you can imagine we were excited and couldn’t believe the instant return on investment. We setup Aweber for our email marketing, which is working great. Another thing I can take care of myself and not call someone to do for me.

After all this was setup, instantly we pushed harder to get names into our email marketing system. We took all business cards we received, we asked people at their table if they wanted to be on our list and we would give them a coupon. We now have thousands of names in our list and at least once a day someone walks in with a coupon.

Long Island SEO Review – On-site SEO

After the new site was up we noticed we started getting more visitors to the website from search engines. What I understand now is the new website was created for SEO purposes. So just having a better optimized site really does help with search engine rankings.

Long Island SEO Review – Social Media Marketing

After all of this we started pushing social media marketing and started with Twitter and Facebook. This is a process, but you can automate most of the work. For example, when we upload a blog post or any new content to the site it automatically appears on social media sites. This is a great time saver. We now have many people following us on Twitter and Facebook and we are increasing the online communication with our guests. So far we have seen increases in revenue and I know it’s all because of our new site and marketing efforts.

We have much more planned for the future, I just got my events calendar up and running and we are full steam ahead in our online marketing.

The reason for this Long Island SEO review is because we just wanted to give back to our friends at SEO Pledge because without them we would still be in the dark. If I were you I would contact them and give them a shot because it will be worth it. With what I know now their service is worth 10 times the amount. Tell them Nick sent you and maybe they will take you out to lunch at Franks Steaks.

Hope you enjoyed my Long Island SEO review of SEO Pledge and good luck with your online marketing.

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