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Walking into your bathroom may not be like walking through a field of roses, let’s face it, after what does on in there if it doesn’t smell like an outhouse you’re lucky. That being said, there are measures you can take to get rid of bathroom odours to keep your bathroom smelling the freshest possible. Read on for more tips!

1. Keep it clean.

This may seem like a silly statement to make but some smells in the bathroom come from just needing a good clean. Depending on how many people use the bathroom and how frequently it gets used will change how often you should clean it to keep it smelling it’s freshest.

The area to clean the most often is, obviously, the toilet. Be sure to get under the rim of the toilet as well as both sides of both toilet seats. Cleaning showers, sinks, and counters should be on your radar as well and making sure the surfaces dry properly after cleaning.

We can’t talk about bathroom cleaning without mentioning the floor. Sometimes the toilet gets missed when someone relieves themselves, so be sure to scrub around there well! Some people live by bleach in their bathrooms but there are more natural ways to clean that include vinegar, baking soda, lemon that can be just as effective. As with any cleaning in your home, use products you are comfortable with.

Empty your garbage often, as items that may be in them such as diapers, sanitary products or tissues. These can start smelling if they are left for too long. Putting a dryer sheet in the bottom of the garbage can under the garbage bag and that can help keeping it fresh.

2. After showers

Sometimes bathroom odours can come from unexpected places. Damp towels can smell musty and even mouldy. It’s important to make sure towels are hung as soon as possible after use so they can dry. Where they dry is also important because some places you hang them may be enough room for them to space out and dry fully.

If you find your towels are damp the next time you go to use them this may be a good sign they need more space or airflow. Laundering your towels often will also keep them fresh and clean. When showering, remember to turn on the fan in the bathroom so moisture doesn’t linger, making your cleaning job easier.

3. Clearing the air of toilet odours

– This is probably the most likely reason your bathroom is smelly. Number twos and number ones, however you put it: bodily fluids stink.

As you probably know it’s usually smelliest just after someone has gone to the bathroom. After you have a bowel movement and flush it down, you can get rid of odours by lighting a match, blowing it out and then wafting the smoke around. Keeping a box of matches in your medicine cabinet can help you serve that purpose.

While you have those matches you can also feel free to light a scented candle as they can make your bathroom smell nicer than what just happened in the toilet. There are also products you can put in the toilet bowl before you go that are meant to clear the air, these can work but may just mask the smell instead of getting rid of it.

Air cleaners such as Febreze advertise cleaning the air of bad smells, but the verdict is still out as to whether these work any better than air fresheners, be it the spray kind, the plug in kind or the hard kind. It’s your bathroom, it’s your nose to please so if you do choose to go the freshener route pick something you like that’s not overbearing.

4. Open that window.

There really is nothing like fresh air to keep a bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Try and air out your bathroom when possible. This is better for warmer climates, but even a chilly breeze can smell so lovely. If you avoid opening your bathroom window because of bugs consider putting a screen on it. If you’re looking for further airflow, consider putting a fan in the bathroom and blowing it towards the window so the bad smells waft out.

5. What’s in your bathroom?

There was a phase within the past half century where putting carpet into bathrooms was a thing. Carpet is very hard to keep clean and dry in a bathroom and, like wet towels when left, can cause a musty smell to happen. If you are unfortunate enough to have carpet in your bathroom there are a few things you can do to help it not trap and keep smells:

Be sure to vacuum your carpet often, and consider steam cleaning it from time to time. When possible, avoid getting your carpet wet. In areas around baths or showers, be sure to have bat mats that you can use to catch drips from your body. You can hang these to dry afterwards.

You may even want to go as far as to having the carpet removed from your bathroom, with it you’ll be getting rid of bathroom odours in the process. Thankfully most bathrooms these days have a hard flooring like tile or linoleum that can be easily hand washed with a sponge or washed with a mop.

Consider other items that are in your bathroom that could be contributing to odours. Those with little ones may have a potty and those potties can see much action (or maybe your floor sees more, many of us have been there!) Be sure to clean potties as well as you clean your regular toilet to keep bad smells at bay.

Many people, including you, are going to do smelly things in your bathroom. Better than doing them in your living room or kitchen, am I right? Keeping smelly things from happening is impossible but keeping it from being smelly is very doable. Get rid of bathroom odours by keeping your bathroom clean, airing it out, and, when necessary, use a little help from those matches, candles, or air fresheners. So go ahead, walk into your bathroom and inhale deeply, because after you’ve used all our tips, it’ll smell oh so good!

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