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How To Kill Bedbugs

How to kill bedbugs has been a common topic of conversation and newspaper articles across the world over the last year or so. Seems the vampire-like, blood-sucking pests have made a come back, much to the dismay of those attacked by them and travelers who have brought them home with them.

A bed bug infestation can cause health problems ranging from a mild allergic reaction to actual blisters from bites. For those who suffer such an infestation, how to get rid of bed bugs is a topic that is very close to the heart. Getting rid of a bedbug infestation requires some effort, but the peace resulting from success makes the entire process worth it.

Preparing For Bed Bug Treatment – How To Kill Bedbugs

Clean Up – Clutter offers safety and concealment for bedbugs. That stack of books in the floor could be the haven they need to survive and repopulate. Get rid of their hiding places. Items like clothes, area rugs, or stuffed animals should be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum to ensure that any bugs or eggs that might be on them are gone. Afterwards, these items should be stored in sealed plastic containers to prevent bugs from using them as a hiding place. Remove wall hangings like posters, pictures, or clocks. Once again, these are things that could provide hiding places. The goal is to make the room as bare as possible to increase the likelihood of a successful extermination.

Secure The Area – Thoroughly inspect baseboards, windows and room corners. Any gaps or holes should be sealed with caulk or silicone. Eliminating the current bed bug infestation is pointless if the bugs can simply come back in.

Examine The Mattress – If the mattress is old and has holes in the cover, chances are it will need to be replaced. Bed bugs can crawl into these holes and lay eggs inside where treatment can not reach. Assuming the mattress is sound, you are ready to move on to the treatment.

One Popular Treatment

A popular, and effective, bedbug treatment is by the use of a natural or chemical insecticide. Here are the steps required:

Get Insecticide – Buy insecticides that are effective for bed bugs and safe for treating beds. This information will be listed on the package. The insecticides come in two basic forms: dust and aerosol. It is a good idea to get both because the dust is long lasting and can kill any stragglers that are not caught by the initial treatment, while the aerosol can be directed into tight spots that the dust would be difficult to use (like the underside of the bed).

Treat The Entire Room – Remember, the bed may be where they are causing problems, but that does not mean the bugs are hanging around there all day. Following the directions on the insecticide, thoroughly treat the area. Pay special attention to any place that is dark and could offer refuge for the bugs, like along baseboards or around furniture.

The area should be treated three times, with each treatment about a week apart. This is how to kill bedbugs today and any eggs that have already been laid. It is very important you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Following these guidelines should eliminate the infestation. If the infestation persists, a professional should be brought in to discover the source.

Other How To Kill Bedbugs Treatments

This is just one method, there are many more.

• There are organic, natural products available.

• There is heat treatment.

• There is suffocation treatment.

• There are various exterminator treatments.

• There are a number of preventative treatments.

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