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Water? It’s perfect for bathing and drinking. Juice? It’s perfect as a refreshment. Wine? It is ideal for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthdays. And beer? It’s the best thirst quencher for people like you who always thirst for fun.

Admit it: Beer can be the best buddy you can ever have. Yet, when your motor skills start to get challenged and you can’t even walk straight anymore, you might spill some beer on your shirt, leading to a rather disagreeable sour-smelling stain. This is the dreaded beer stain. Don’t fret. You can do something about it.

Beer Stains: Fresh Goes Better

  • The Extra Cloth — Beer stains are easier to remove when fresh. Don’t waste time – grab an absorbent cloth or paper towel as soon as possible to get the extra liquid out. Remember to be as gentle as possible when wiping and absorbing, or the stain will spread. Don’t rub too hard or the stain may leave an uglier mess.
  • Detergent Solutions — Use laundry detergent. Mix it together with water until the solution is bubbly. Carefully dab on the stain. You will notice that the stain is gradually getting lighter because the detergent solution is working on each strand of the fabric. It is also better if you can let the detergent solution stand for a while. After about five minutes or so, rinse and dab the cloth dry with clean towels. If the stain is not getting lighter at all, you may need to use a stronger solution or let it stand longer, or you can do both.
  • Bleaching Power — If you don’t have any detergent or soap, you can try to bleach the stain. Try dabbing some vinegar on the stain, with the vinegar acting as a natural bleach. You can also try some household chlorine bleach. If you choose the chlorine bleach, you need to know that it can damage delicate fabrics and bleach out its color as well, even if it is diluted. If in doubt, you can try hydrogen peroxide bleach formulas as alternatives since these are generally more gentle to all kinds of fabrics.
  • Power of Combo — If the stain still cannot be removed, you may want to try a combination of stain treatments. Meanwhile, it’s now possible to buy special stain removers that can be directly sprayed or wiped on different kinds of stains. If detergents and bleaching solutions fail, it only means that it is time to take out the special weapons.

Still, there are times when the party is more important than the stain. Having fun is better than looking for a detergent, a bleaching solution, or a special stain remover to remove any beer stains. If so, you will have to deal with an old stain the morning after. Do not despair. Even old stains can be removed with some patience and of course, old-fashioned elbow grease.

Waking Up With The Stain

If you failed to attend to the stain while it was fresh, you can try these tips:

  • More Effort On Your Part — First, arm yourself with the solutions mentioned above and use the exact same methods. It may require more effort to remove an older stain compared to a fresh one, but the same methods do work. After treating the spot, try laundering the stained item. You no longer have an excuse not to do this because the party is over, so exert more effort in taking care of the fabric since heat may have settled into the strands of the fabric. The more difficult stains to get rid of are those you acquired from dark beers like lager or stout. It is then wiser to use cool water and refrain from using the dryer.
  • Stains on Couches? — If the stain is on the couch or any article too big or too heavy to put inside the washer, you may be limited to treating just that small spot. Again, it may take more time and elbow grease to get the stain off, considering it has already dried up. Let the solution, detergent or bleach stand on the stain for a few minutes, then rinse with wet towels.
  • Spot Treatments To The Rescue — With persistent stains, you can use two spot treatments or more depending on what is available in your stain removal arsenal. For rugs and carpets, you may want to get one of those special carpet shampoos especially made for removing stains. If the label says that it can also be used for upholstery fabrics, then you may proceed. If not, then it makes sense to get one that is designed especially for upholstery. Follow all the instructions. If you don’t, then there is no one to blame but yourself.

If All Else Fails

You must remember that despite all your efforts in religiously following each step on the stain removal process, that beer stain may still remain quite visible. If all else fails, hire the services of professional cleaners and let them handle things.

If you are on a budget, a creative rearrangement of things may cover up that stain. Put a pillow over a couch stain or a vest over your shirt. On the other hand, you may love beer so much that you may end up not minding the stains at all.

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