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Do you spend most of your time at the beach admiring all of those toned, flat stomachs and wonder why you don’t have one? Belly fat is not very attractive, but it can also pose a health risk as it leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. As people age, belly fat becomes an increasing problem, but it can even plague thin individuals who are not sufficiently active. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can tackle and achieve the goal of a flatter stomach and improved health.

1. Diet.

One of the main causes of weight gain is an unhealthy diet, and making changes here should be your first step. Obviously, making a point of cutting back on junk foods and others that are heavy in high fructose corn syrup is a smart first step. In their place, substitute energy creating foods like fruits and vegetables. These do many beneficial things for your body and are a great source of fiber, which helps to prevent fat build-up.

Additionally, the type of fats in the foods you choose plays an important factor. The saturated fats commonly found in dairy and meat products only add to the problem. Try and substitute fats that are monounsaturated (e.g. olive oil, almonds, cashews and peanuts) and/or polyunsaturated (e.g. salmon, walnuts, sunflower seeds). However, even these can cause weight gain, so be sure to consume them in moderation.

2. Count Calories.

There are a number of excellent programs available online or as apps for your phone that will tell you how many calories you are consuming over the course of a day. Choose a weight loss goal and the time in which you hope to lose those pounds; the program will then tell you how many calories you can consume per day.

Enter in each food or beverage you consume, and any exercise you do that day, and the program will instantly tell you where you are at in your daily calorie goal. The key with these programs is to use them every day and not exceed your maximum calorie intake.

3. Protein.

Increasing your protein input can also help in this fight. It significantly helps to decrease food cravings and gives your metabolism a jolt. Both are great aids in helping you with weight loss, so think about increasing your intake of seafood, meat, dairy products and eggs. Note that the last three contain saturated fats, which are unhelpful, so watch the amounts you consume.

You can also consume protein powder supplements and they serve as a convenient way for vegetarians to increase that portion of their intake, while holding true to their chosen diet. Keep in mind that power supplements are no real substitute for the real deal, of course!

4. Exercise.

Any exercise that increases your heart rate and causes you to sweat is productive for burning fat. Try to increase your heart rate for at least a half hour five days a week. If you are a runner, you can decrease that time because of your stepped up pace. Even moderate exercise (a half hour, three times a week) will help, but if you really want to deal with that fat, you will require more.

In addition to the obvious suggestions, try and step up your regular activity, like yard work, playing with your children, or going on casual walks: every little bit helps!

5. Sit-Ups.

An additional part of that exercise regimen is sit-ups, which are great at increasing abdominal muscles. They help to give you a toned look that makes one appear thinner. However, sit-ups need to be done in tandem with other exercises because they do not burn fat on their own, and that is the key in achieving your desired appearance change.

6. Water.

It is recommended that adults consume an eight ounce glass of water at least eight times per day. This fluid intake helps to keep your metabolism active, flushes out toxins, and is great at improving your overall health. You will feel better and thus, more motivated to follow the sort of diet and exercise schedule you require to lose those extra pounds.

Try carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day to serve as a reminder.

7. Antioxidants.

One way to increase the fat burning potential of exercise is by consuming antioxidants. Particularly effective is green tea, which includes catechins. These increase the amount of energy your body generates, this making it easier to be motivated and keep on the move. Thus, while everyone consumes water when exercising, it is recommended that you supplement that with three cups of green tea per day.

8. Sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important factor in keeping your body functioning at its peak. The more energetic you are, the more likely you will be to exercise. When you don’t get enough rest, you become reliant on sugary foods and drinks to get you through the day and they inevitably lead to weight gain. Fatigue also results in the reward centers of your brain craving stimulation, which leads to ice cream, potato chips, and anything else that you should not be eating.

9. Stress.

An excessive amount of stress in your life can lead to bad habits which contribute to belly fat. If you are depressed, you are unlikely to exercise. You may also begin to rely on comfort foods to cheer yourself up and these are almost always loaded with sugar. Stress also releases cortisol, which enlarges fat cells and makes your body less inclined to burn fat. Find ways to reduce the amount of tension you feel and this will make you more inclined to take proper care of yourself.

Most people do not enjoy having extra pounds around their middle and getting rid of them can be a challenge. However, if you can combine determination with some of the suggestions above, this problem can be conquered. The key is to be determined and stick to a diet and exercise program. Do what you need to do to stay on course; a flatter stomach and better health will be yours!

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  1. Drinking plenty of water will also help with the tummy areas when trying to lose weight, Try drinking water instead of fizzy drinks,about 8 glasses per day..

  2. Eat whole grain rice and bread, more veggies and fruits, lean meats, use brown sugar and drink tons of water. Exercise often, but don’t over do it. I know you have all heard this before but this is the most effective way and the most reliable way to lose weight. It really shouldn’t be a matter of losing weight anyway. Isn’t our health more important?

  3. I think fat loss is an absolute no brainer, people already know that exercise and a good balanced diet is the only way to blast off the love handles, except people seem to hold off on logic and hope that some little pill or profound new exercise that you only have to do once a month will magically enhance ourselves to magazine quality bodies.

    Fat loss starts in the brain, just like smoking you have to want to get rid of it.
    People love routine, so change your bad habits for good ones ( easier said than done ).

    Try these 10 ideas;

    1 Portion control….. you can still eat junk, just not as much!You don’t have to go cold turkey… so don’t stress completely.
    2 Plenty of water, water is life….. just get into a habit of drinking a few glasses everyday.
    3 Shop at the edges of the supermarket, stay away from processed foods…
    4 Saturated fat is heart attack on a plate… throw away the deep fryer.
    5 Eat plenty of fruit and veggies, buy a cook book and turn an otherwise boring meal into a mouthwatering success.
    6 Exercise, no excuses…. just do something, anything.. what do you like doing ? swimming ? tennis ?…. go out of your way and go jogging with a friend, join a gym, be bold.
    7 Learn about protein, carbs, good and bad fats etc, you will be surprised.
    8 Realise that fat loss is a slow process, and it incorporates a lifestyle change. You can have fun all the way…
    9 The power to change ourselves is inside all of us, so make plans, goals and be positive.. nothing of substance, is going to come easy.
    10 If you yo-yo like most people do, don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up, just move on..

  4. Be patient! The fat didn’t come on overnight. If you want to see significant changes you’ll have to work for it. Not just a week or two but start thinking about long term strategies. The fat will go away you just have to be patient and consistent.

  5. Good news and also bad news. One of the oftentimes overlooked best methods of reducing fat is sticking to the plain (true) vegetarian diet. That’s right, no meat, fish, eggs or milk products of any kind and as little prepared foods as possible!. Most people will prefer to find inane excuses not to go that route: It’s too crazy, I love meat too much, there is nothing left to eat,I am going to suffer from anemia, what about protein etc. etc. Well I can’t argue with taste, the rest is irrelevant or untrue. Protein is everywhere in the vegetal world and vitamins/minerals are found mainly there. Some will tell you you need only to reduce your animal foods intake….you know better because you already have been there.
    You might have to drastically change your eating habits but then again it’s only YOUR LIFE.

  6. Stop drinking beer during the week, join a local Gym and go 1 or 2 nights a week. on’t go mad do a toning routine for the first month and your better half will start to notice the difference. Works for me.

    Try to be happy, you only get one shot at it in life.

  7. Eat little and often, dont skip meals your body will just store more fat when you do eat.

    Snack on nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds and brazil nuts.

    Eat vegetables which are dark green in colour and bright red like courgettes and beetroot!

    Stay away from takeaways they contain your daily allowance of saturated fats in just one meal! saturated fat equals heart problems.

    Lets face it do takeaways really fill you up! eat more whole grains and convert to brown rice and brown pasta.
    Swap potato to sweet potato, its better for you and much nicer! try it!

    Have smaller portions and eat less bread or convert to brown bread!

    Drink plenty of liquids (not fiz) and stay off spicy food!

  8. eat healthy more fruit and veg and more water try walk before meals even if its just running up and down the stairs a few times to speed up your metabolism, have more food in the first half of the day, get rid of all fizzy drinks, always always eat breakfast. try get 8 hours or more of sleep as sleep loss increases hunger, avoid alcohol and eat meals really slow as it takes the body 30 mins to tell you when your full and muscle burns way more calories then fat so the more muscle you have the easier it is to lose weight avoid hydrogenated oils fructose enriched flour and bleached flour and also break a sweat for 1hr a week so you can break that up into 3x20mins sessions or 6x10mins sessions,go for a walk at least once a day and stretch for 5 mins everyday.

  9. Pray to God to help you. Look at yourself as God sees you as an overcomer not a failure. If you want something you have to earn it.
    1. Stay motivated. 2. Dont eat anything that is in a box. 3. Prepare your meals, thats how you got overweight in the first place. 4. Rise to the challenge everyday, you aint dead yet, but you will be if you dont change.

  10. drink plenty of water..if possible 3litres a day..or else have your daily breakfast and lunch but can escape the will work ..wish you luck

  11. All very true… drinking water, sticking to a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, not too much meat and lots of exercise/strength training. Try different exercises every day. If you start to feel worn out then give yourself a day off.. nothing wrong with that. Just remember to pick yourself back up the next day.

    A drinker? That’s fine, but try to limit your drinks during the week. After three beers you have already as many calories as in an entire dinner portion. Drink during the weekend or your days off… this is more of a respite time anyway.

  12. and DONT STOP your new regiment because you feel a little bit of change in your body! You are going to keep putting weight on if you don’t make your new way of dieting/exercise a lifetime commitment.

  13. ok obviously it wouldnt let me say that… i passed gas and lost 10 pounds. Try passing gas right after breakfast/before a run. Try also drinking 20 beers and releasing some bud mud the next day. The beer will make you gain weight, but the diarrhea will help you lose it. also eat diet pills. they DO WORK. diet pills are an amazing way to die… i mean.. be healthy. And last, but certainly not least… this is for you ladies… do ****. It won’t help you lost weight but it will certainly please your man

  14. If you eat less and just start off doing a few sit ups or cruchies a night then you will start to loose weight, over time increase the number of sit ups or crunchies you do and you will continue to tone your abs!

    Most of all, just keep active!

  15. I don’t believe there is a thing as spot reduction. If you exercise and have a balanced diet you will notice your whole body change not just your belly, or arms, etc.
    I am a 2nd degree black belt in Tae kwon do. and 38 years old. I attend classed 5 days a week for 1 hour. When I first started I weighed 168lbs and am 5’6″. After 3 years I am leaner, stronger and faster, which is usually the opposite when you get older. My BMI is 16 and the cellulite I had a lot of is pretty much gone. All I did was drink 9-16oz glasses of water a day and exercise. I also don’t eat junk food. Lots of veggies and lean protein. Nothing processed in a box or bag enters my house. Just remember permenant weight loss doens’t come overnight, it takes hard work and dedication to yourself. And don’t forget the water. Your body will thank you for it.

  16. 1. go to the gym,or do weight watchers
    2. no junk food!
    3. go on a diet
    4.don’t eat a lot
    5. water
    6. exersice
    7. if none of these work on the bright side you’ll have flubber-bubber!
    8. be happy with the way you look

  17. 1. eat lots of whole grains-but only in the morning and afternoon, at night your metabolism shuts down so any fatty or high calorie foods are out past 5-6 o’clock pm.
    2. eat tons of vegggies. they make a great lunch in a stirfry with just a little olive oil or smart balanc for taste.
    3. drink water
    4. dance-wether its in your bedroom to your mp3 player or on the street dancing is a fun and really easy way to loose calories and weight. nad its wayyyyy better the the gym.
    5. find your goal weight by finding the right BMI for you.

    i have been eating a grain of some type for breakfast and then veggies for lunch nad then anything for dinner-just very small poryions. tea is a great snack and is 0 calories.
    hope this helps!!!

  18. water drains out the toxins inside your body but a lot of people do not like drinking it because it doesn’t have a flavor. So what do you do? Drink flavored water or tea. Green tea actually will help boost your motabolism which is how your body burns of those unwanted calories which makes the fat go away. And I strongly reccomend excercising, lifting weights, expecially for depression, it’s excellent, and when you sweat…you’re actually loosing weight and your cleansing out your pores. You’ll feel better about yourself and so much fun when your listening to your favorite tunes because it makes time go by so much faster! JUST KEEP DOING IT. One time will NOT do anything.

  19. Eat only when you are hungry and in small quantities.Make sure you take your breakfast. Avoid taking supper as what you eat at night is what is normally stored as fat.
    Go for it

  20. Avoid drinking soda or softdrinks. Try to eat less carbs, sugar and starchy food like rice, frenchfries, potatoes, corn.. Only eat in moderation. Drink plenty of water. Do exercises like walking,jogging and sit-ups or crunches. Eat a lot of veggies and fish. Drink low-fat Milk.. No to chocolates…

  21. Go to the gym! 3 days a week. work out for 1 hour. walk on the tread mill for 1 mile, ride the bike 1 mile, do the arm bike for 5 min., do 50 leg curls, do 50 ab crunches, and use the row machine. dont drink pop, eat chicken grilled on a GFG and eat steamed veggies.

  22. Make a mug of hot water with lemon if you want for a bit of flavour nd drink lots of them..its ment to fasten your motabolism. x

  23. Once my mate said that she was starving herself to get thin-she didn’t eat breakfast which is STUPID-eating breakfast is actually really good for you, things like oatmeal, Muesli, bran etc. feel you up for a few hours then you can have something else instead of snacking. Or if you really want to add on the muscle-eat 5/6 smaller meals instead of the common “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”. In the Morning, when you first get up, turn some music up and just dance. Like crazy. Really get that energy going.

    Hugs and Kisses
    x o x o x o

  24. I see everyone saying ” do sit ups” “go to the gym” but I see nothing for someone like myself who is nearly 100 pounds overweight. IF I could sit up don’t you think I would? Go to the gym, why so people like you can give me dirty looks? How about some REAL advise I can use.

  25. Doesn’t anyone proofread their comments before posting ?? “it flushes the stop that stops you from losing weight ?” What does that mean ?? I say walk everyday for an hour, don’t eat after 7 p.m., count your calories (I keep mine between 1200-1500 per day)..that’s the only way to do it. I’ve lost 50 lbs in 8 months and have kept it off for over a year and a half (give or take a couple pounds).

  26. I only weigh 125 lbs, but all my weight is in my belly. If I lose any weight, my belly always stays fat. They say crunches won’t help, other than surgery, guess that’s it.

  27. The reason why sit ups don’t work is because you only build muscle. To get rid of the fat, you need to burn it off and then build muscle. Decrease your calorie intake and increase your calorie burn. You will see results almost instantly. Make sure you burn more calories than you intake.

  28. well i use to weigh 160 but now i watch what i eat iwalk sometimes and i excercise more now im down to 140 now all i want to do is loose my belly fat so all i really got to do is sit up to tighten da fat and run da rest off

  29. if you wanna get rid of beely fat u should:

    1. drink lots of water
    2. skip very day
    3. do exercise for your stomach like sit ups stetching etc
    4 eat small portions of food
    5. dont eat junk food
    and dont just sit around do soming pysical through the day

    from Aishah

  30. I go to the gym, and actually seeing really fat people working out…you look up to them. They’re trying and change their lives…which really rocks!

    Anyway…cut out all sweets and workouot. Whether this is running, walking, or lifting a weight…its something. Eat more veggies…and drink more tea and antioxidents.

    For bigger people: You can lose weight, eat less and try an be more active. If you have any trigger foods, throw them out. I dare you. You will feel so much better when you do. Also, try walking. And if situps are hard…try, they will get easier.

  31. Only eat carrots…boiled…baked…fried…scalloped….saute….mashed….on the bbq……juiced……..but only eat carrots!!! Just kidding, I would only eat a three musketeers bar and a glass of diet pepsi and that’s all I’d eat or drink all day. Well, you could maybe have a glass or 2 of water. Just kidding. Happy dieting!!!

  32. At 78 I am not overweight but have belly fat despite walking daily and doing acqarobics once a week. Any suggestions?

  33. Just drink lots of water. Keep fruits and veggies in your diet. Walk for an hour or more a day. Do a lot of stretches in doors. Keep yourself motivated everyday. that’s the Trick!

  34. The key is not weight loss, it’s more so the inches. I’ve learned you can be well over your weight limit and still be healthy and look fabulous by decreasing your measurements. It all has to do with how much muscle you carry. I lost inches by drinking plenty of water, reducing my caloric intake and doing cardio 3x a day in 15 min. intervals. Once in the morning, once when I come home from work, and my last 15 right before I hit the sack. Hope this is helpful for someone!

  35. i am losing weight but it is coming off unevenly iam bigger at the top but weight is coming off at the bottom do anyone have a answer for this

  36. Most people wont get the same results as others because of their metabolism. my friend is as skinny as a pole, but she eats tons of junk and sugar. she doesnt get fat because she has a super fast metabolism. so the metabloism is the key. teas like OOLONG TEA AND GREEN TEA QUIKEN UR METABOLISM! also excersing and drinking a lot of water is essential.
    FYI muscle weighs more than fat. dont try to lose weight, try to lose INCHES.

  37. i lost 50 pounds in about 6 months by lifting weights and doing atleast 30 mins of cardio after. i ate normally…try eating protein for breakfast and have a snack in between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. I also go for 30 min walks in the summer time. once you get into the habit of eating healthier it all becomes easier

  38. to theresa,

    are you doing full body exercises, or only lower body (running, cycling, etc.)? this could be the problem.

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