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Having a birthmark isn’t exactly the end of the world. Birthmarks are skin blemishes that often appear a month after the child is born. Some of them are almost invisible, while others occupy as much as half of a person’s face.

Many folk tales and myths have been passed around to explain the true origins of birthmarks. However, despite the many advances in science and technology, the cause of this skin aberration isn’t fully understood yet.

Common Variations

Not all birthmarks are the same. Several classifications have been made so it is easier to identify the characteristics and corresponding treatment of the skin patch. Here are some of the most common types of birthmarks.

  • Pigmented Birthmarks – This type poses no health hazards and doesn’t need any treatment. This subgroup includes moles, coffee cream-colored spots and Mongolian blue spots. You have no choice but to accept these birthmarks because they will be around for the rest of your life.
  • Salmon Patches – These are nothing more than a small, red blemish on the skin. Don’t panic if you see a very thin, flat patch of discoloration on your baby because macular stains usually disappear after the child’s first year.
  • Vascular Abnormality – These malformations are formed from the irregular development of blood vessels. They are permanent and are already present since the child was born. They become a concern if the birthmarks are on the face because they may be associated with eye and/or brain problems.
  • Hemangiomas – These lesions develop about two weeks after birth. Hemangiomas are either bright red or bluish-purple. These tumors commonly strike females and premature babies. If the hemangioma grows on internal organs like the stomach, liver or intestines, you need to consult a physician immediately.
  • Port-wine Stains. Especially if located on the face or forehead, these massive reddish marks cause some of the heaviest damage on a person, emotionally, socially and even economically. Port-wine stains near the eyes could also lead to blindness if left untreated. There is a relatively high rate of people who suffer from this particular birthmark. Protect two of the most sensitive parts of your body by having a thorough eye and brain exam.

General Characteristics

Birthmarks have no symptoms but they have common characteristics besides being an oddly-colored part of the skin. Still, birthmarks differ in appearance and characteristics from one another.

Birthmarks can be flat, raised, smooth or lumpy. They may also be brown, black, blue, red or purple. Some are permanent while others disappear after a year or two. Overall, birthmarks are generally harmless. You only need to consult a doctor if they are accompanied by blood, open sore, infection or pain.

No Big Deal

Only rarely does a birthmark interfere with a person’s normal functions. They often disappear or fade away over time. You only need medical help for a birthmark if it starts to form on your internal organs.

Treating your birthmark to make it shrink, fade or completely go away isn’t always a guaranteed success. It is a very big decision to make because you might get nothing in return despite enduring the painful process.

Most birthmarks are removed for purely aesthetic purposes. Having a medical professional treat the skin irregularity should be your last option. Try to hide it with makeup, clothing or a different hairstyle.

Last Option

There is absolutely no way to prevent birthmarks from popping on your body, but they are removable. However, before you push through with your birthmark operation, consult a doctor about the risks and rewards of the procedure. Understand that not all birthmarks are treatable. Try looking at some photos of birthmarks before and after they were treated.

Among the various types of birthmarks, hemangiomas are most likely to receive treatment. Although they aren’t remotely attractive, most hemangiomas shrink on their own. The type of treatment depends on the age of the patient, as well as the characteristics of the birthmark. Below are the most widely used treatments against birthmarks.

  • Direct Medication. Corticosteroids like prednisone can be taken orally or injected directly into a hemangioma to stunt its growth and make it shrink. On the flipside, corticosteroids cause weight gain, although it disappears when you stop the treatment. When treatment takes effect, the hemangioma would shrink within two to four weeks. If the treated area becomes infected, apply topical cream on it.
  • Stronger Pills. In the very rare instance that the corticosteroid fails to prevent the hemangioma from growing further, your doctor might prescribe interferon alfa-12. This medication packs a stronger punch but has serious side effects. The birthmark will recede after three to six months of therapy, but you may suffer fever, irritability and liver problems.
  • Laser Therapy. If you want fast results, go high-tech with laser procedure. This method is used on birthmarks that are near the surface of the skin like port-wine stains. Laser therapy is great against shallow birthmarks, but may not work on a deeper hemangioma.
  • Surgical Procedure. If all other techniques have failed you so far, going under the knife might be your best and only remaining option. Surgery is a practical solution if the birthmark is located on an internal organ and hindering your ability to function daily. Although the operation would leave a scar, it should be a big improvement over your previous skin blemish.
  • Alternative Methods. Cryosurgery and electrodesiccation are two of the latest technologies in skin treatment. With cryotherapy, vascular marks are frozen by spraying a freezing agent onto the skin. When the wounds heal, the skin problem gradually disappears. On the other hand, electrodesiccation uses an electric needle to treat the affected area.

Everybody has a birthmark or two. They are your body’s natural tattoos. Although it isn’t the loveliest thing on your body, a birthmark is part of who you are and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

If Richard Gere, Tina Turner, Elvis Presley and Mikhail Gorbachev managed to deal with their birthmarks the natural way, you can too. The good news is that a birthmark is like an appendix – it doesn’t have much use so you can still live a normal life without it. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of blemishes.

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  1. I am twelve years old and want to know how to get ride of my birthmark. It is on the right side of my face and
    I think it may be spreading under my chin. I have been under laser treatments but have unlikely failed. It is brown and covers most of my cheek. By now, I just want to remove it. Sometimes I feel weird about it and feel a little ashamed that i wasn’t planed the way my parents wanted me. They do give me support about it. I just want to feel normal like my brother. He’s so talented and I wish I came out like him. Please if you could give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. P.S. I feel sometimes that if I could get this birthmark off my face maybe people would look at me in a different perspective.

  2. Kevin, it’s totally okay to not be like your bro. You are unique in your own way and you can pretty much be anything you want. There are lots of places to get info on birth mark removal. You’re not a bad person becuase of it at all. Check out some of the local birth mark places in your area, or wikipedia it. I also saw some info on this site called wrinkle reduction or something.

  3. Kevin, I too have a brown birthmark on the right side of my face. But having no means of doing without it, just made me a better person. My family is kind, though i caNt say the same for most people (especially with kids while i was in gradeschool). Nevertheless, just see it as part of life’s challenges. And believe me, life is and will always be full of challenges beyond our birthmarks.

  4. i have a light brown birthmark on my left cheek im not a dark person but i am not as light as my birthmark. having my birthmark on my face gives me low self esteem because i feel it is unattractive and that is what people would judge me on i try and hide it with different hairstyles but i kow i wont be able to do this for very long what can i do is there anyway of getting the rest of my face a little lighter to match the colour of my birthmark

  5. i dont feel confident having a birthmark on my left cheek. i applied thick make up just to cover it but its still visible to some people if you really look closely to it. i always get told that i look like i was beaten up by someone. it really bothers me and felt conscious every time i go out thinking if i cover it properly or not. is it possible to remove this? im asian with white skin and its really visible if i dont put make up. do you know anyone who can remove this here in philippines? anyone you can recommend? effective and no side effects?

  6. I have one right above my left cheel and i know how all of you’s the worst feeling when a girl smiles at you until she sees your mark…’s not like it gets any easier…but i know it’s there for a reason..a reason i don’t understand 🙁

  7. I have one of my breast. one of my breats has a big black birthmark there, i dont think i can ever wear a bikini, or go out in a bra or even have sexual intercourse with a man in case it puts them off. I chose Laser

  8. Hi im 13 going to be 14 in aug and i have this brown brithmark in my belly and i hate it soo much that i never want to let any one to know not even my family i juat want to know how to get rid of it i dont even want to go swimming anymour i dont even want to go out side just in case it might get browner and if i could cut it off i would and it makes me feel ulgy and everyone says i could be a model and boys say i can be a porn star but every time i hear that i cant help but think of my birth mark and see a ulgy belly and i always tell my mom (shes like the first person i told)i fell ulgy and hate it that i dont want to go swim and tell her can i get it removed and she say no and it looks kinky but i dont like it att all and someone help me get rid of it??? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plz plz

  9. I have a birthmark on the left side of my lip.
    it effects me emotionally because people always say I have a mustache.
    people don’t know how it feels to be miss treated because of what I look like.
    it hurts a lot.
    my mom jus sayes that I am beautiful but I don’t believe her.because I’m only beautiful in her eyes.

  10. Hi my names amelia and im twelve years old. i know saying im twelve makes u think that im just some little kid who doesnt know anything. but i know alot. so i want u to pretend im older, that im more educated. I have this big, brown birthmark on the front of my neck where everyone can see. and yes, it even grows hair.:(
    I want to know about a way to get rid of this thing easily without having to spend a fortune.
    and p.s.
    i dont want to hear any of that crap about how its just a part of life and how ill just have to live with so unless u have some good answer as to how im sopposed to get rid of this, keep everything u have to say to urself.

  11. I Have A Brown Birthmark On My Stomach, I Want To Get Rid Of It But I Dont Want To Have A big Scar, Can You Get It Sprayed Or Something, Please Help Me?

  12. Hi i’m See, I have a really big birthmark on my breast that go all the way up to my chest, sholder, and arm. My mom say that when i was little it my birthmark was on my breast but it was little, but as i got older the birthmark grow with me, and that how it got to my arm, also the birhmark havn’t stop growing its still growning little by little everyday. I dont know what to do anymore, I know that laser can get read of it but i dont have that kind of money. I really need help, can anymore help me about what i can do ok it stop growing to get read of it. But on thing i forgot to tell you is my birthmark have mose all over it.

  13. I have birthmarks on the back of my thighs and on my knee so i cant were short skirts even in the summer. is there a way to get rid of them?

  14. Hi i am 11 and i know alot so pretend i am like 20 or sumthng i have this brown birthmark on my belly and its big it even has hair :'( i want to were bikinis but i cant i have to wear togs its not sumthing small imagine when i will be in secondary school ill be wearing togs not bikinis like every other girl will be wearing bikinis and i cant even wear white tops cause you can see it threw them its really dark tops or nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! pls help ps:i dont want any of this its meant too be there and its only something smalll no i want to get rid of it today and nuthing thats hurts needle injections hurt me so no you know wat hurts me or not and not a fortune neither help!!!!!!

  15. I have a pigmented birthmark on my right eye. It is on the top and bottom of my eye. It appeared a few weeks after I was born and it got darker as I got older. It has ruined my confidence and I have to wear a lot of makeup all the time to hide it. Ive done a couple laser treatment but there was hardly a difference, is there something else I can do to get rid of it, I don’t care about the cost I just wish I didn’t have it anymore…please help

  16. I have a birthmark on my right eye, it is on both top and bottom of my eyelids. It appeared a few weeks after I was born and it has gotten much larger and darker as I got older. I have to wear a lot of makeup to hide it…Its ruined my self confidence. I have done a few laser treatments but there’s been an insignificant difference. Is there anything else I can do that wont jeopardize my vision but will get rid of it…please help!!

  17. I have this huge red birthmark on my right arm that goes from me shoulder to my elbow.. i hate it so much because it’s bright RED! i’m 13 and i’ve hated it for years, people always ask me if it’s either a rash or a sunburn.. : so i try to wear sleeves to cover up my arms.. but summer is coming and i don’t usually wear tee shirts or tanktops.. normally and shirt and a cardigan or something to cover it up.. i want it to be gone.. any help?
    and i also have this brown birth mark on my neck just like @Amelia ..but mine doesn’t grow hair.. how would i get rid of ittt??????!!!!!

  18. RE: Courtney.
    I feel the same exact way about mine too and my mom says the exact same thing, I just want it gone so I can have more confidence in wearing shorts. I had a bf that broke up with me because of mine.

  19. Laura I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM! my birthmark is on my stomach. It it so embarassing that I wear bathing suits that are long two piece!! I don’t want surgery because my mom says there will still be a scar. I DONT WANT A SCAR!! I just want it to go away!! Is there any cream or spray or anything that will make it go away!? HELP

  20. Well i’ve had a birthmark in my right got darker every year as i got really destroyed my confindence.i never take off my sweater.i’ve been living in texas and NOONE knows that i have it due to that i dont take off my sweater…NEVER….

  21. I have a mickey mouse shaped birthmark on my cheat and it takes probably around 1/8 to 1/6 of my chest. I’ve lost self confidence when an older kid I knew made fun of me for having a birthmark back when I was like 8. Since then I’ve covered my birthmark with my arm when I go swimming..

  22. I’ve always had this HUGE dark brown birthmark on my “behind” and I never used to care for it until one day a boy told me EWW SHE HAS A BIRTHMARK ON HER BUTT ! And everyone laughed at me . I have a really nice summer body but I can’t wear an actual bikini unless I wanna risk being made fun of again . I juss want it gone WITHOUT having to get surgery . Until then I have to look all funky wearing shorts whenever I swim !

  23. Melissa I av the same problem as u but the docs say mine is so deep into my butt I cant av anything dun about it :'(

  24. Well compared to you people you should be lucky! i have one on my right armpit and my left leg so i cant wear any shorts or skirts in the summer or lift my hands up because its so massive and i dont know what to do about it. it ruins my confidence so bad and i have a big mole on my chin and on the side of my ear so you are all lucky compared to me!! people laugh at me everyday!

  25. Well i have this birthmark, well three actually. i have one undermy belly (you can’t really see it ) Other one is on my right leg almost by my hips , and the other was is on my LEFT leg and it bigg. i dont wear shorts because i feel like everyone is gonna make fun of me. i dont really like wearing bathin’ suit soo i just put some boy shorts on and my bathin suit top on then jump in the pool. i ONLY wear my bathin’ suit or shorts with my family. because they already seen it probably. soo it like whutever(: i want it too go away soo badly. like i would do ANYTHING to get it away but i dont know how to . D:

  26. Hey guys! I have the salmon patch on the right side of my face…on my chest..behind…and on the left side of my leg…I HATE wearing shorts because of my leg, I’m afraid people will judge. I wear low cut shirts and people always ask me why I have a rash on my chest. I just lie and say its because I dont feel good or its really hot in the room. Fortunately the guys I’ve dated havent really cared at all about it. They still find me pretty. I am not confident, I try to be. You just have to not care about it with your partner…be open about it.

    I used BIO-OIL and it fades it but you have to keep applying and its so oily and gross. DONT go tanning and stay away from the sun because it makes it darker. But when I’m tan you can hardly see it so I guess it depends on the person.

  27. I have a big brown birthmark on my knee so I can’t really wear shorts without being embarrassed and I wanna get rid of it without spending money to go to a doctor is there anyway without laser/surgery??

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