Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

As we age, our skin goes through natural pigmentation changes. When the pigmentation changes, we get dark spots that appear on the face, also known as age spots. Age spots can be more common if you’ve had a lot of sun exposure over the years and are also common with natural hormone changes. Birth control pills and other forms of synthetic hormones can also cause pigmentation changes that lead to dark spots on the face.

The first signs of age spots can give a blow to the self esteem, and the first thing you find yourself doing is looking for a way on how to get rid of black spots on the face. The first step in making sure that your dark spots do not get any darker or more noticeable is to make sure you are wearing facial lotion with an SPF for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Additional sun exposure will only make dark spots darker and more noticeable and cause new spots to appear.

If you are looking for ideas on how to get rid of black spots on the face using a home remedy, using fresh squeezed lemon juice, applied daily to the dark spots with a cotton swab can be effective. Since lemon contains citric acid, it can naturally fade dark spots on the face. This method is not as harsh as some of the alternative methods and may be an excellent start for someone with sensitive skin looking to fade black spots on the face.

For dealing with really dark black spots, or spots that are stubborn to home remedies, it is important to get a good anti-aging serum that contains an ingredient called glycolic acid. This will help remove dead surface cells on the skin and allow the skin to renew itself. If dark spots are really noticeable and do not fade with dark spot correcting creams that are sold over-the-counter, you can pay a visit to your dermatologist for procedures that can completely fade the spots, such as laser skin resurfacing, where a laser gently removes rough, dead skin cell patches and uncovers new skin beneath. This procedure is likely the best for targeting just one or two pesky dark spots on the face. Another procedure that can be performed by the dermatologist is a chemical peel. A chemical peel is essentially a chemical “facial” that removes the entire surface layer of your skin, allowing new skin cells to reproduce. This procedure would most likely be the best way to remove dark spots for someone who has them in several or more spots on the face.