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Blackheads happen when your pores are clogged and the pores are opened. The difference between blackheads and whiteheads is determined by whether the pore is open or closed. If the pore is open the skin cells can clog as they come into contact with the oxygen in the air. After this, they go black. What a drag! Who has time for that in their life? In this article we will offer six ways to get rid of blackheads. Because dirt is not the cause of blackheads it is not a good idea to scrub your face obsessively. This will dry out your skin and then your skin will create more oil and a vicious cycle of blackheads will begin.

*Disclaimer: This is not meant as a substitution for medical advice. It could be beneficial to talk to a dermatologist about your skin care concerns.

1. Try bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay can be a good way to remove blackheads. Bentonite clay is very rich in minerals so when you apply it to your skin it not only nourishes your skin but also helps to unclog blackheads.
When the molecules in the clay are wet, they help to draw the layers of oil from your pores. The clay can be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. If you have dry or sensitive skin it is suggested you chose to mix it with water.

Mix about a tablespoon of bentonite clay with the water or apple cider vinegar until it forms a thick, spreadable paste. Cover your face with a thin layer of the paste. As the mask dries on your face you will feel your skin tightening. You should leave the mask on between 10 and 25 minutes. It is up to you if you allow the mask to fully dry as some people find that it is too drying especially if they already have dry skin.

Once you have allowed the mask to dry to your desired level, rinse it off with lukewarm water. To prevent dryness it is recommended that you then apply a moisturizer to your face.

2. Rinse with water.

A great way to help prevent blackheads which you can do every day is to gently rinse with water 1-2 times a day. This is a great solution you can try in the comfort of your home, and it is very easy as well!

Simply splash clean water on your skin and then pat it dry. This will flush way things that can make your pores appear larger like an excess of dead skin. To help ensure that your skin does not dry out it is suggested that you follow up by moisturizing your skin with your favourite product.

3. Sweat more.

Sweating can actually help to reduce blackheads. When you sweat the liquid naturally helps to soften and flush your pores.

In order for this to help rather than get in the way of your efforts to minimize your blackheads, it is important to wash your face right away. If not, any makeup or residue on your skin can end up being pushed into your pores and the sweat can dry and also clog your pores. So be sure to wash your face so the sweat is unclogging your pores rather than plugging them up further.

You can either exercise to work up a sweat, which would have the added benefits of physical activity, or you can visit a sauna. Moisturize after to prevent dry skin.

4. Use baking soda.

Baking soda is a cheap ingredient most people have at home and that is often suggested for various household cleaning projects. It can also be used to clean your face and can be used to help get rid of blackheads.

It is important not to overdo it with baking soda as this can also dry out your skin. The fine grains of baking soda can help to exfoliate and unclog your pores. Mix the baking soda with enough clean water to make a thick, spreadable paste and then massage in circular motion into your skin. Rinse the paste off and be sure to moisturize afterwards to keep your skin from drying out.

5. Use sugar.

Sugar is sweet and can also be sweet for your skin! There you have it. It can be used to create a nice exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells, thereby preventing them from clogging your pores creating blackheads.

Mix a cup of brown or white sugar with 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Stir it completely and then if you want to you can add a few drops of essential oil. Now pour the mixture into an airtight glass jar. The mixture can now be stored in the jar in a cool, dark place that will last for the shelf life of the oil.

When you wish to use the scrub open the jar, stir it, and massage it onto your wet skin in circular motions. Rinse with water. Do not do this more often than 2 or 3 times a week as it can be drying or could irritate your skin. To reduce the drying effects apply moisturize after.

6. Steam your pores.

Steaming your pores can help to soften and let out dead skin cells that are trapped inside your pores causing blackheads. You can do this several times a week.

To steam your pores fill a large bowl with boiling water. After allowing it to cool a little cover your head with a towel so that the steam cannot escape and lean over the β€œsteaming” bowl of water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Be very careful that you do not lean in too close as you do not want the hot water to burn your skin.

After you have completed this process, you then rinse your face with warm water. You can carefully try to wipe away the blackheads as you firmly pat your skin dry. Then apply a moisturizer to your skin to complete the process.

It is important to adopt a good skin care regime in order to help prevent blackheads (or whiteheads) from appearing in the first place. If you do find that you have blackheads, experiment with the methods suggested above to see which method or combinations work best for you. A careful plan can go a long way to producing clean and healthy looking skin! Good luck.

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  1. While it may not be the best method (the blackhead could spread under your skin causing a larger breakout) it will get rid of the blackhead for your date tonight, but yet again, it may cause redness. Apply heat to the infected area and then using the circular part of a bobby pin apply pressure to the skin on the outside of your blemish. This will cause the dirt and oil to be pushed up from the pore and out. Kind of gross to watch and yet kinda cool!

  2. Shona, I agree. I used to do that but still feel that using my ‘fingers’ are a lot easier. πŸ˜‰ Better, go for facials. ;P

  3. I find it really hard to keep my face in a bowl of boiling water. I can’t breath well – but i got some straws and now with a towel over me i breath in and out of them (it sounds really weird though). But the best by far treatment for my face has been ROACCUTANE. People noticed it instantly and kept telling me i was looking really good. But then the Doctor stopped prescribing it to me and they all came back straight away. I’m now in the process of buying it off the internet. Trust me ROACCUTANE is what you want. I’ve done everything from Tea Tree Oil to Effervescent Formula but the only thing that rids you of BlackHeads is ROACCUTANE.

  4. umm brandon too much roaccutane will mess up ur liver and kidneys… theres a reason u can only take it for 6 months… believe me or i woulda been on it for 2 years straight to keep clear

  5. I have found that opening the dishwasher and letting all the steam cover my face for one minute opens the pours immediately. Immediately thereafter, hit the mirror! However, Do NOT put your head in the dishwasher under any circumstances!

  6. With as many pores as there are on a person’s face, I don’t see the sense in sitting in front of a mirror for an hour trying to unclog them. Me personally, I use a Biore Pore Strip twice a week, right after I get out of the shower. Granted, it doesn’t get rid of all of the blackheads, but it does a pretty good job, overall.

  7. There is also another way to get rid of ‘blackheads’ – In India many use herbal remedies, which is also available inyour kitchen – like make a paste of black and white cummin seeds, mix with cream or milk, apply on blackheads, allow to dry and wash off. Do this atleast for a week.

  8. Blackhead Prevention
    There are many things that you can do to prevent blackheads from appearing on your face. Most involve cleansing and some require the use of medications.

    Avoid using creamy, greasy, and thick (emollient) products. This alone will greatly lessen your chances of sprouting blackheads.
    Use a gentle and water-soluble cleanser.
    DO NOT use bar soap!!! The ingredients that hold soap in a bar form can clog the pores in your skin. They can also cause skin cells to flake off prematurely and clog the pores. If you have dry skin you will need to use a cleanser that has a bit of moisturizer in it, but be careful! The excess moisturizers can cause an increase in oil on your skin.
    Exfoliate to eliminate skin cells. If there are no skin cells to clog the pores, the natural oil is able to flow through freely. Exfoliation also removes the built up cells from inside the pores that cause them to become misshapen and more-easily clogged. Using an exfoliant that contains 1% or 2% beta hydroxy acids (BHA or Salicylic Acid) will penetrate the lining of the pore. If you are unable to use BHAs, you could use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), however these acids are only good for surface exfoliation because they do not penetrate the pore lining.
    Absorb excess oil. If you have oily skin, try using a clay mask that does not contain mint, peppermint or other irritating ingredients. This will absorb the oil that may clog the poor. If you have dry skin, this is not necessary because pimples on dry skin are caused by oil inside the pore, not on the surface of the skin. Also, oil-absorbing papers may help to reduce the oil in your pores.
    Visit your dermatologist. Retinoids, which are a form of Vitamin A, can help regulate the pore shape which will keep oil flowing normally. The most common retinoids are tretinoin and adapalene, found in prescriptions such as Avita, Renova, Retin-A, Tazorac, and Differin.
    Other medications. Hormone blockers and low-dose birth control pills can lower levels of androgens (the male hormone) and Accutane should be discussed with your physician in severe cases of oily skin and breakouts.

  9. I recommend that you dont use tissue or your fingers to remove the ‘stuff’ out of pores. Because in my experience, both cause skin damage anyway.
    My tip is just to leave them alone, and try using pure lavender oil or a small dab of vinegar. Youll smell a bit funny, so try using it on a night, and always wash your face on a morning (dont use soap!)

  10. …well.. in my experience..removing blackheads or white heads by your own is not good because you might do it the wrong way!! then your skin will have a greater damage !!! its better to consult a dermatologist instead!!

  11. I found a way to get rid of blackheads. Light a match, quickly extinguish it and then thrust it into the blackhead. Sounds painful but it works and I found that the pus is actually flammable sometimes from the oil.

  12. someone has told me that you should put warm 0honey on your, keep it on for 15-20 mins and then wash your face properly with a mild scrub and you should no longer have blackheads!!!

  13. Take a washcloth pat lots of warm water on it and steam your face it . It works pretty well. Needles and hot matches are deffinitley not the key and can severely damage your skin.

  14. Very simple! Paula Begoun – The Cosmetics Cop suggests using Milk of Magnesia — brand name Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia to treat pimples. Also for blackheads. It has a drying effect to remove excess oil.

  15. Just leave them alone, if you’re constantly picking and pushing on them, its just going to spread more bacteria all over your face, because most people with oily skin, have blackheads, and pimples.
    At such a young age… (teenagers/ high school) students,(trust me I know) theres soo much stress with just school, and who knows. EVERYTHING else, that you just need to chill. Because for one most of the time people cant even notice them. And at the age were at, its COMPLETELY NORMAL to have a little imperfection. Were not movie stars, and not all of us have the time or the money to spend on “top of the line” cosmetics and makeup artists that are avalible at your every whim to “Hide your face” And espessially us girls, we make everything seem so much worse than it actually is. Seriously.. Noones really gona be all up in your face like OMG. BLACKHEAD right there!
    We all have some.
    Just try to eat healthy.
    You dont need differin and all that.
    Cuz honestly, in the summer I tried it, and it screwed my face up so bad. I dont have acne of anyhting, i was just being lazy, and figured it would perfect my few pimples here and there.
    Well not a big deal.
    You break out at least 5 times worse than you normally would, and sometimes it can take up to 2 months before you even see results.
    SO therefore, in that 2 months, you break out so bad, that your skin scars, youll start peeling, and etc… Its way bad.
    Ive been off of it for about 4 months now, and my skins still no back to normal.
    I find that Drinking tons of water, and green teas. Are awesome and beneficial to YOU and YOUR SKIN. WIthin 1 day, your skin will feel brighter, and softer… Now just try doing this for about a week. by the end of the week youll be like WOW.
    I know its hard, but lay off the caffiene. It makes your Skin Reeeally oily. (blackheads)
    And it gives u pimples.
    If you reall wanna get carzy with it,
    Take vitamin supplements E, A, C, and D… Look them up.
    And eat plenty of vegetables…. just try if for like a week.
    water, vitamins, tea, Veggies, and good healthy foods.
    And this might be a lil gross, but if your drinking enough water, your pee should be clear. thats how u no.
    (no soda/chocolate/fried fooss===BAD)
    Youll not only look awesome on the outside, youll feeel the same way on the inside.
    Btw:I got recruted about 2 months ago for hollister modeling.
    They comment my skin regularly.
    Psh… But before I started eating good, and such. My skin was like…. Not bad, but I had my share of imperfections.
    I luv yall-
    Good luck

  16. I found a little secret that helps clean and tighten my pores. I take 1 egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix it up and baste it on my face until it dries. Wash with a normal face cleanser and your skin will look brighter and pores tighter.

  17. I’ve struggled with horrible skin for a long time, and Im in my teens.
    and I still am, I know how it feels to be insecure because of acne.
    My skin did however, IMPROVE when I did the following

    EXFOLIATE – try using a scrub with microbeads to get rid of dry skin cells. Also, when In the shower use a shower glove to scrub the body of all dead skin cells on your body. Then before bed, use a mild moisterizer you may think the word MOISTURIZE leads to “oil” but trust me, it’s key. Just make sure the moisterizer is good for your skin before using.


    MORNINGS: Use a light daily acne wash. You dont want irratated red skin when you wake up in the morning.
    If you like, use a little moisterizer. And if your a girl, I find adding a little moisterizer to your foundation (if liquid, or Maybelline dream matte mousse) adds great coverage and naural looking skin.

    NIGHTIME: Wash your face with a regular acne wash that lathers.
    *RINSE WELL* and top with a acne cream that contains peroxide or salycic acid.


    pop em’ at night.
    WHITHEADS: rinse with hot water. Poke with a thin pin and squeeze with clean fingers or Q-Tips. Then top with an astrigent or peroxide.

    BLACKHEADS: use a blackhead fighting wash then squeeze around the pore with again, clean fingers or Q-tips

    and remember confidence is so important in life, concentrate on something you LOVE about yourself and make it pop
    Nice eyes? Play it up with makeup
    Nice Shoulders (MALE)? wear a sexy muscle tee!

  18. If you suffer with really oily skin, use powder foundation rather than liquid. The powder absorbs the oil, whereas the liquid will just add to it, meaning that by the end of the day, your make-up will be sliding off!

    Also, when you squeeze a blackhead/whitehead, make sure you get all the “gunk” out! For whiteheads, squeeze until lymph (clearish-amber coloured liquid) is coming out of the pore and for blackheads, until the pore looks clear. Don’t be rough with your skin. If the pore isn’t ready to be unclogged (either the head hasn’t formed on the whitehead, or the blackhead is not near enough to the surface), leave it!! Don’t keep squeezing, because you will end up damaging the skin and having a scab on your face (I know from personal experience).

  19. just leave ur damn blackheads alone……..or if u rly have to fidle with em’, try a good face mask and apply a moisturising cream for oily skin…….but rly, just leave them alone……..

    heres a couple of homemade recipes that could help (but haven’t done a thing 4 me)

    1 egg white (beat till firm)
    1 tsp honey
    mix honey into firm egg white and apply to face, let sit for 30 min and rince off with warm water

    apply a grated potato as a poultice (heated mass)
    let sit for 15 min. Repeat once a week.

    anyways………thats about it……good luck….luvv you all..

  20. honestly i havent had much results at all. i have alot of really really tiny blackheads i guess u can say on my forhead. ive used everything a dermatoligist has prescribed aswell as over the counter products like drying meds and face washes blachead astrigents and blachead tools. nothing works for me if any1 has the same problem as me please help!!!!

  21. i tried removing my blackhead and it went away, i didnt like pick or squeeze it hard. i used the tissue and it went away. but it seems as if pores around it became red, like little blood, but not like blood pouring just you know dots from the pores…will this go away?

  22. ive trieda heaps of the cleansers and the gels and even the expholiates and to be hinest they onmly workif you keep using them which can be a real drain on time if your in a rush and a real drain on the wallet to…

    I normally just use hot water and use seom dandruff shampoo ( crazy as it sounds but it works) and i rub mny face under warm running water for a few minutes dont go crazy and time it to the second lol just a nice length of time an dthen when i get out of the shower i pat dry my face..

    the other trick is not to look in the mirror (duh i know how stupid i sopund lol) but the harder you look the more you will find. have a look before you get in, after you get out then dont look again for anothe hour… you will notice the difference. good luck and remember if someones dating you because of how your face looks then obviously they are lookinf for the wrong thing….

  23. I was in the dermatologist’s office the other day and i asked her what is best thing to do with a blackhead. She told me that without perscription medication, the best thing to do is just steam your face with either a steamer or just a warm, damp washcloth. After your pores have opened, use a blackhead treating facewash and cleanse your face. If there are some big blackheads that you’re really concerned about, try squeezing them out. DO NOT be to rough. Like everyone has said, this is guaranteed to cause worse marks on your face than a small blackhead.

    Good luck!

  24. im 12 years old and i got black heads everywhere on my face how do you cover them becausei know i cant get rid of them not even going to try.??

  25. ughh… yeah i have same problem kory… i think i would be able to help myself only if i knew how to get the little blackheads that are far in your skin to the surface?

  26. Whatever you do DO NOT squeeze your blackheads out and leave it like that thinking its out – it just makes it worse. Think about it, you’re emptying the pore for some more dead skin and oil to clog it up EVEN MORE. If you do sqeeze it out, make sure you put some toner on it afterwards so that the toner fills the pore and protects it from getting clogged up again by grease.

    Even so, squeezing it out is a viscious cycle, you need to get rid of the cause of blackhead, so a good cleanser (whether that maybe honey or cosmetic stuff) is really your key.

  27. I keep my face warm, by taking a steam. Then use a paste for the face made of honey and white of an egg and dilute aspirin and put this on the areas where there is the black head.I keep it over there for about 20mins or so, then wash the face with cold water. apply a soothing paste of cucumber, carrot, besan atta and curd on my face and wash it after 15mins. i wash the face and keep it rubbed with olive oil or vitamin E. I do this once in 15days or a month, as its time consuming.
    But results are very good, and I have a shining glowing face:-)

  28. From my own experience, the best way to get rid of spots and blackheads (yes both!) is to fill a basin full of boliling water and soak a washcloth in it and leave it on your face for about 5 minutes, and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Then rub soap all over the infected area (i know people say that soap is bad but it really worked for me!!) and wash off. I only did this in evenings and in a week my face was completely clear. Another tip is to drink about 2 litres of water each day. It may seem hard, but simply drink water whenever you feel like a drink. Instead of orangejuice, drink water! This makes a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels and it happens fast! You’ll be amazed, also by doing this you’re guaranteed no side effects unless you’re allergic to soap πŸ˜€

  29. All you have to do is wash your face with warm water morning and night. After taking showers just use a pore strip meanwhike your pores are still open and wha la!!
    cleaner and healthier face

  30. I have suffered from acne and all the worst skin problems you can possibly think of and I still am. My father has really oily skin and my mother had dried skin. Together, they didn’t make a very good combination. I am trying with all these medication and homemade recipes but nothing really works for me. My blackheads are all over my upper lip, forehead, and of course, my nose. I can’t seem to pop any of them. My pimples aren’t that bad on my face but my back is far worse than you would ever expect. The honey recipe for tighter skin would work for few hours until my pores again get bigger. The method with your head in a bowl of steaming water would make the oil go away for a few hours until it comes back. I need serious help and nothing is working. What makes it worse is that I am a teen. My social life is officially ruined!

  31. What really helped me was Maybelline liquid foundation and power. That have lots of colors too guaranteed to match ur skin color. Good luck and hang in there believe me i kno

  32. i find 2 squeeze the blackhead GENTLY using 2 cotton buds!!! it really werks,but make sure u squeeze it all out or u wil get a spot or scar……good luk xx

  33. Don’t squeeze, it enlarges the pores and can cause perm. damage. Squeezing actually creates more oil. Your body creates oil to lube the skin. If you squeeze it all out your body thinks it needs to make more. If you have to get up close in the mirror, do it after you steam or shower and exfoliate. Big difference! There will be a lot less gunk. physically clearing the pores in whatever way is only a temp fix. There’s not much you can do besides eating right and drinking lots of water. I know it’s hard to resist, but don’t squeeze! if you can only see the blackhead when your an inch from the mirror then who cares. Who’s gonna get that close to you?

  34. ok – i’m 16 and have been “squeezing” blackheads since 13. My worst thing is the “HOLES” (open pores) that were left are horrible!! (this is not to be confused with “acne scarring” — this is a big deep hole that’s surrounded by fairly smooth skin)

    ok —- now, fast forward to the future, the real NOW for me – i’m REALLY 32, and yeah, i Still have blackheads — but — PLEASE TRUST ME!!! DON’T SQUEEZE BLACKHEADS!!!! — the BIG DEEP “holes” don’t close up — they’re real embarassing, NO MAKEUP covers them, NOTHING makes them go away — lotz of dermatologists, money don’t matter, PLEASE FIX THESE HOLES — nothing, nothing, nothing works.

    I have invested $$$ on my skincare & the very BEST THING TO FIGHT BLACKHEADS IS EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY,EVERYDAY CARE with good quality stuff (“NON-COMODOGENIC”: means won’t clog pores) exfoliates, scrubs, toners, masks — retin a, alpha hydroxy, scrub beads & gloves. Now, if I see blackheads that I am SOOOOO tempted to pick at and squeeze, I fight the temptation and keep on with every, every, every day things. AND, honestly, that blackhead I was so tempted to squeeze last week really is going down just fine. TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!


    (oh, by the way, once I did have a blackhead on my nose – really yuck – i was going to derm. anyway – told him how awful i felt about it – HE removed it himself – with a SCALPEL. I left w/ a bandaid, but in a day or so there was NO TRACE – NO SCAR – JUST SMOOTH SKIN! — couldn’t do it all the time, too much $$$!!)

  35. i had blackheads only on my nose the rest of my face is very dry. what worked for me was vitamin a pills, 3 a day, washing my nose with a rough wash rag in the shower. after shower use a toner and a moisturizer. good luck

  36. Look I know what everyone here is going through.. My nose is like covered in blackheads. plus if you do push dont do it too much.. once a week is good. i did it alot and my skin was like dry and peeling.. so thats my advice for you!

  37. Rachel said the magic word water and more water it will flush your system as well make you conplextion so much better. I am 40 years old been dealing with bad skin since I was a kid and what a pain in the #*# it has been. What helped me the most was alot of water I drink at least 10+ tall glasses a day and you will feel better as well. And a proper diet what you eat is what you are that and water go hand and hand. As for products these are the best I have used the name is Grekin I use the active skin cleanser {wash} and after the refirming gel. These two products cleared my skin of everything and as well I have used everything over the years this rules nothing is close to it that I have used. Hit grekin on your search the main site will come up.

  38. I agree, lots of water helps!! It gets all the toxins out. Also, the same medication that is in all of the acne medications is Salicylic Acid, and it just so happens to be what Aspirin is made out of… so if you don’t have any medication you can just crush a few aspirin pills and mix with water to create a paste, put it on your skin and rinse!

  39. alright, im 14 years old i have blackheads but slowly and surely they are going away. i used to pick at them and i got scabs and red marks the next day, but the worst part was that it left tiny pits. and it felt like every one noticed. if this has happened to you STOP PICKIN AND POPING. thats the worst thing to do. but there is a way to get rid of both pits and blackheads. for blackhead just put a hot rag over you face for 5 mins, then wash with blackhead soap. it works. pits… i have little pits from picking, but they are going away because i stoped picking and i use a micoderm abrasion srub. just use in every other day and do what i told you to do blackheads and eventually your skin will get better but it taked time. DONT PICK OR POP BECAUSE YOU MIGHT MAKE A MARK THAT DOESNT GO AWAY. if you agree w/ me then write something.

  40. Hey im 16 years old and ive been picking and sqeezing my spots and blackheads since i was 12. Im advising you now not to such a stupid thing. Once you do it, it gets into a nasty habit and vicious circle and you just cant help yourself. You’ll end up with temporary scarring and horrible scabs that take ages and ages to go away. Plus these skin inperfections are trivial only you can see them, nobody analyes your face as much as you would do in the mirror. So i would not break into a sweat just exfoliate and moisturise regulary.Remove make up before sleep and use a mud clay mask once a week and this should improve the condition of your skin.

  41. Instead of sqeezing and picking you can buy a blackhead removal tool online or even at walmart. Works the same as going to derm to have them removed. cost about 5 dollars. Then wash and rinse with cool water to close pores so they dont get more dirt in them.

  42. Whatever you do, don’t touch your face if your hands aren’t clean! It will make your face dirty & oily [possibly] causing zits, blackheads and pimples. AHH!

  43. the best rule of thumb to follow is basically to never ever touch your face. your hands have an unprecedented amount of germs, oil, and filth on them and everytime you touch your face you get more of the those things into the last place you want them – into your pores. people dont realize it but going to school is a general pimple builder, heres what i mean – leaning on your hand during a boring class sets you up for a pimple the next day. try your very best not to touch your face throughout the day. its quite beneficial for you, not only do you get less pimples, you also tend to stay awake more if you cant lean on anything and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.
    lastly, change your pillow covers and sheets often, oils get onto them and you smear it left and right all over your face as youre sleeping and rolling around dreaming about hally berry or something.
    good luck

  44. Okay, one thing that has really helped me is to first, either steam your face or apply a damp, warm washcloth to your face. It helps to open the pores. Then, if you hAvE to pick, do it quickly. It sometimes helps to, first, poke the pore with a straight pin, so that whenever you try to push out your ‘gunk’, it’s got a clear way out and it’s not forcing open a hole in your skin. Once you’ve gotten it all out, rinse your face either with an exfoliator, or just a cleanser, your choice, but rinse your face with cool water. This helps to close your pores. Kinda makes sense to ‘open’ your pores with wArM water, then to ‘close’ your pores with cOlD water, doesn’t it? (heehee*) Also, eating healthy is, of course, a good thing, but it doesn’t really affect your skin. If you want to eat your greasy, chocolatey foods, go for it! I’ve done what feels like a tOn of research on this stuff, and plenty of ‘Acne Medication-‘people agree on that subject. What goes into your body doesn’t necessarily affect the zits and blackheads that you get. It’s genetics and hormones. So, while there are plenty of ‘quick fixes,’ they don’t always last. The best thing to do is to find what works the best for yOuR skin type, because what works for one person may not work for another, and use your knowledge to your advantage. Make your own daily regimin (Hint* best to wash your face daily- morning and nightly- but over-washing cAn cause more damage than it fixes) and work it! Also, your skin can adjust to your acne medication(s) and you may need to switch up your cleansers a little bit. (The same is true for hair too!) Good luck guys and think of the silver lining: the work you put into it now can (and quite possible wIlL) pay off iNcReDiBlY in the future! (So dOn’T give up hOpE!!)

  45. PIMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them
    i do hve pimples but i dont even touch them ,but they become black heads and they dnt even go ,,after it dries i pull it ,the next day it becomes pimple ,,,,so sad na.

  46. i have real problems with resisting the temptation to ‘pick’ because i cant stand the sight of blackheads. i have blackheads not spots but when i pick them they go all red or turn into spots. has anyone got any tips?

  47. im not bein funny yes but all this stuff u can put on the blackhead really dont work im 13 yes u may think i dont no much but i do. just keep ur face clean and when u go to cook open the cooker and let the steam hit you then go to the closest mirror and pop pop pop!!!!! and people remember to wash your hands and then pop them with your index and thumb

  48. okay, i have these really deep blackheads on my nose, my cheeks are all clear, but my nose-it’s horrible :S, anyways, i have tried picking them after opening my pores, using those pore strips or what ever you call ’em, but nothing seems to work… i used many types of different face cleansers, but they don’t seem to affect my deep blackheads in any way what so ever… i know, my mom says “Just leave them alone, forget about it,” but i’m like so concerned about it, so i can’t just let it go!! please help!!! =]=]=]

  49. a little adition to my previous entry, btw i am 13 so if this can be afected by age, please let me know. Also i have another question, i do a lot of sports, like A LOT, 2 hours everyday or so, can that affect the blackheads? like the sweat or something? cause i don’t touch my face at all, i know what it can cause so PLEASE, PLEASE help =]
    -katerina =]

  50. well,firstly dont use soap secondly dont touch em.
    im 14 and im a model i know wat 2 do ppl.i dealt with blackheads for 3 yrs.when i was 13 i needed to get rid of them cos i was doing modelling stuff so the person said to put toothpaste on em.leave it for about 2min then rinse with warm water.blackhead cleanser too.Lots of water try for 9 cups a day.

  51. okay lol thanks a lot =P i have nevr tried the water thing, or the toothpaste! hope it works =]
    p.s. anyone have anymore tips =] i’d be delightedd lol πŸ˜› =]

  52. okay its getting better, barely visible, but i dont understand,i can still see like deep gray dots on my nose :S so i’m not quite sure how to get rid of those :S like reaaaalyy deep 😐

  53. i have been having big time problem with achne but i used black neel cream and it healed it.but the only problem that i m having now is 2 deal with the open pores

  54. hey im 12 and im very sad at school because my mates say im a ugly pimple headed gurl, dat really hurtz my feelings…
    well i hav pimples and i just dont no how to make them go away well can u plz tell me how….

  55. sad gurl,
    your “mates” are nothing more than superficial jerks. make them feel horrible by telling them all about how it’s really gotten you down. tell them you would appreciate if they layed off.

    and as for treating your problem, there are so many tips on this website to try out =)

  56. umm i have this pimple on my nose and it’s really bothering me… i know that poeple say just forget about it, it’ll go away… but this one it has been there for so long.. 😐 first it was big and red, then it kept bleeding and stuff came out of it *discustinggg* then it became smaller so i was like “oh its better, it’ll go away soon” but no. its still there not that big but like ughh… and a few days ago a blood spot appeared on it and it wont go away no matter how much i wash, itch, scrub it 😐 i personally have pimples VERY rarelly so someone please help (btw i already use acne and anti-blackhead products)

  57. ok, so picking squeezing and stuff doesnt work. trust me. go to a dermatologost adn for cheap free and painless they will be gone. also if you dont have a lot of money, those biore strips do work if you REALLY get them wet. soak the sticky side…SOAK. I really honestly an a doctor. i usually dont recommend this EVER but try putting warm water on a washcloth and keep it warm and on your face for 10-ish minutes. if you hav a sewing kit take out a needle and get the: not sharp end for large blackheads, or sharp end for deep or little blackheads and pick out the blackhead. right after your donr with that you NEED to wipe the new holes with and acne washing pad

  58. I’m 16 and i have tried so many products and to be honest NONE of them actaully do what they say they do. the best thing that i have found and actaully works its putting a hot cloth onto your face and then squeezing gently with CLEAN i repeat CLEAN fingers and after that washing your face with warm water andd a light moisturiser, that should do the trick!
    AND ALSO IF YOU WEAR FOOUNDATION, look for one thats water based not oil based, this will be easier on your skin!!!

  59. Hey I’m 14 and i have alot of blackheads on my nose, surrounding nose and on my chin. It won’t go away. I swear i have tried EVERYTHING. i have done tea tree crap, i have done those stupid mixtures of honey and lemon juice,ive done facials ive tried sleeping with my hair in a pony i have tried popping, i ahve tried leaving them alone, i have tried this proactive stuff, i don’t do alot of sports or extra activities(im not allowed to use any drugs like accutane or anything)etc. and i still have them. Its not that there giant but there noticable and theres many of them and it bugs me. Like i saw a picture of me edited by professionals without my blackheads and red marks and i was like “OMG!” thats what lays under me?! i was shocked and im dissappointed on how these stupid things are hiding what i could really be. If there is anything that anyone could recommend without including plastic surgery it would be aloooot of help.

  60. PS. i dont wear make up unless they are really bad when we’re going out, and i looked on the label and it says there non-clomegenic or w/e and i have tried steaming my face.

  61. Jazmine, here’s an idea. dissolve a t. of epsom salts in a 1/4 cup boiling water, and just 3 little drops of iodine. Apply to skin. It is the most amazing exfoliant, and it brings all the stuff in the pores to the surface. In a minute or a few, you will see some dead skin, gently gently rub it with the pad of your fingers to slough it off and rinse your face. when the mixture dries on your face you see a white powder! Also I heard but haven’t tried it yet, to use generic diaper rash ointment with 10% zinc oxide. Smooth over the area of skin with black heads before bed and see the results in the morning. ? ionno I haven’t tried that one. The main idea in curing blackheady skin, is to bring the deep stubborn ones to the surface, (or remove the dead skin surface), and then dry them up.they are caused by oiliness.

  62. I found that if u fill a wash basin with boiling water and put your face over the bowl(not in the bowl) and put a towel over your head and stay there for about 5 min and then exfoliate and wash it realy helps im only 14 but i have had problems since i was 11 ive tried everything i could and this helped the most
    good luck trying xx

  63. SO years ago I had this girlfriend that had these deep blackheds on her chin nose and forehead. she had had them for years and was really self concioise about thm. squeezing them didn’t do anuthing like they were just part of her skin.

    so one day i grabbed a pin and dug down into them a bit. it seemed like there was like a plug of old oil that was just sittong there on top (like old canning wax). after I broke the surface, a little squeeze brought out huge amounts of goop easily. a little more hunting with the pin (not poking in at all, just swirling around in the surface) cleaned her right up.

    so then she was done and her blackheads (with good cleaning) never came back.

  64. Ask parlors and spas about BLACKHEAD EXTRACTION. They use this special tool and they go crazy on your face. You will probably bleed a little and be red and gross for the day, but they will give you some anti-scarring stuff to apply to it. Within days your face will feel great. From then on, steam your face, then apply toner. Sometimes, use a clay mask. If you don’t follow up with that, then those blackheads will build up again.

    And what’s with the anti-bar-soap thing? I use Ivory Soap with an amateur microdermabrasion spinning brush. It exfoliates and dries pretty well. No clogging here. My skin is so smooth now.

  65. My tip is to take a warm washcloth. Sit it on your face for 4/5 minutes. Then take tweezers and ‘gently’ squeeze the blackhead. This should work. Don’t over-do-it though. If it doesn’t pop, wait until later or even the next day. If you squeeze too much or too hard, you can cause skin bruising, redness, or even more blackheads.

  66. for everyone! ivory soap is the best soap to use when cleaning the surface of your face, it prevents more oil build up cuz its not made with oil. after using it in the shower gently squeez the blackhead and all the junk will come out and then go away!!! but like everyone says: “dont over do it or you can make the blackhead worse or damage the skin”

  67. Just so all of you know, generally when you start using a facial wash (especially for blackheads) it takes about a month of so for it to actually work, so be patient and give it time. If you keep switching products too frequently without giving it time then you wont know if it worked or not. Hope this helps

  68. Hi, i hate my acne. I have been suffering and i see these girls with skin so flawless and i want that. with clear skin i think people look so much more beautiful. I just wish the day would come when i could wake up and see skin pure with nothing but one colour. Smooth, radiant and beaming with confidence. i am embarased to go up to the counter and buy products or ask anyone about it. I hate it desperatly and just want some home remedies that can work a miracle to purify my skin, filter out the dirt, be rid of pimples and blackheads and be who i naturally am. i just want perfected, clear skin. help…

  69. Hey i always get stuff on my face and i havent found the right stuff get and everythings around my nose what can i do to stop it??

  70. hay guyz. i jst wanted to say you should never use vinegar as it totally burns your skin and irrritates it causing redness and really dry skin… and it stings. trust me. and you should never pick at your blackheads and pimples they’ll leave scars and leave you with huge and ugly pores. i am currently using pore strips which are really rhelpful if you use them lyk once a week and use a good toner =]

  71. If you want clear skin, drink water! Drink lots of water. I suffered with acne when I was in my teens and someone told me, Drink Water. So I did and I drank a lot of water. I barely got pimples and if I did, it was one or two and they were so small. Please girls, I read your comments on how upset you are and I know what you are going through, Ive been there.
    Also try using a skin cleanser called cetaphil or spectro jel, they arent harsh on your face and will not cause break outs. Try and stay away from all the harsh products, you are really making your face worse.
    *Drink Water and use Cetaphil*

  72. oh my gosh, susan! I know how you feel. If you find anything that really works, teeeeellllll meeeeeee. I am only using one of those blackhead brands from Wal-mart, but someone has told me they are getting somewhat better. Also,blackhesd squeezing can work, but sometimes not being careful can leave you looking like you still have one(only bigger and turning into a terrible zit).

  73. Blackheads, whiteheads and boils are all terrible in teenage years, and well anytime!
    But by simply leaving them alone, dring plenty of water and washing your face twice a day they will be gone in no time!
    Try and use face masks once a week too, these can help alot.
    Instead of using pore clogging make-up use
    *Miss Sporty so clear Foundation
    *Natural Collection tinted moisteriser
    *Natural collection concealer stick
    *Witch concealer stick
    And wash off make-up straight away before bedtime.
    Using unnatural medicine for you skin doesnt always help, go for a more natural treatment such as tea tree oil/ witch hazel.
    WATER always helps as it flushes out toxins in the skin so drink pleanty! DONT PICK… this can spread the germs and cause more breakouts and can also cuase scarring… if you must pick.. UMM WELL DONT!
    Im 13 years old and use to suffer from spots but don’t any more. If my tips have helped please tell me id love to hear from you!
    Amelia xx

  74. OK guys yes its me again i was experimeting today and figured out how to have flawless skin in 2 hours… for partys and other events were flawless skin is a must!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    foundation doesnt always work as spots usually show through and you can also se spot bumps.
    So apply a facial mask leave it to dry then DONT wash it off instead scrub away the rough crusty bits of the mask leaving the soft residue then apply foundation over this… the white mask covers spots and acts as a perfect basecoat for the foundation!!

  75. Ok. so my problem started since 10….early bloomer. I started with loads of tiny pimples on my forehead then it worked down to the temple at around 11, they were some huge red things.
    The little pimples on my forehead completely faded at 12 and the pimples managed to work their way down to my cheeks and actually some started to form on my chest and back and arms and neck(front and back), which is really embarrassing because I cant go swimming or anythings so no one will see.
    So Im 14 now and the pimples on my cheeks have gone, but…..because of picking them so much i Now have scars.
    Also blackheads had formed on my nose since like 11 and recently they moved right under my eyes, LOADS!

    What can i do about these black heads and scars and these scars and pussy spots that come out onto my chest and neck and back??

    Will these scars go away by them selves over time???Please help give me some solutions.

  76. Ive had a blackhead problem for sometime now. ive havent found any permanent solutions. Although I dont have any advice on blackhead removal i do have some wisdom to share on removing and preventing breakouts. First avoid breakouts. Things that Ive notice cause breakouts are penut butter, pistachios(very tempting food for me), fried foods and even coffee cake. If a breakout happens what i do is safely pop the ripe pimples first(Im quite aware of the taboo). The “baby” pimples can be cleaned off within a few days with steam or hot wet cloths in combination with acne wipes. Drinks a lot of water. What works for me but seems to be a no-no to the rest of society is drinking coffee. Although coffee cake makes me breakout, coffee seems to speed up the cleaning process. My theory-the caffeine speeds up my blood, therefore speeds up the cleaning process. This might be wrong due to the fact that im neither a dermatalogist or a scientist. I have noticed that the blackheads, althought they dont disappear they do reduce in size. Hope this helps anybody.

  77. Cleanse your face twice max a day.
    * make sure to use oil free lotion to replenish your face so it won’t dry up make sure it’s oil free neutrogen makes a really good one.
    * use SPF cause that could leave marks on your face when your in the sun too much drink tons of water… hope this diet works and proactiv suxxss!!!!!

  78. i WAS a hopeless teenager like most of you guys- worrying about the numerous amounts of blackheads right on my nose. HOWEVER, after i found this site and reading a bunch of them, i realized how many of you said to soak under hot water/steam and to pop them. so, i tried– i put a really hot cloth over my nose and let my pores open up, and then i gently tried popping one of my blackheads, and i bairly had to try! the blackhead was so loose and open from the hot water that with just a gentle sqeeze, out came all of the clogged stuff! i was so amazed!! no scar was left of anything! finally a solution to my blackheads!

    but one question, how do i get rid of the really small blackheads? they’re grayish color and look like tiny spots.

  79. All I have to say to everyone is “GSE”. Go get it at Henry’s or any health food store. Wash your face with whatever cleanser then put 2 drops of this stuff on your fingertips and massage it on damp skin then rinse off. All it is is Grapefruit seed extract. It basically kills off ANY bacteria. I’ll let you guys research this. I’m curious to see how this works for all of you.

  80. I have heard all of these perposterous tips but some do/might help.
    But I have found that this small tip does help.
    In the shower keep the water on HOT HOT HOT!! dont step in it though!
    The hot waters steam will open up the pores. Then take a half of a tomatoe. Doesnt matter big or small. And rub rub rub!! leave it on until you get out of the shower which should be at least 5 minutes after appling.

  81. Hi, im 14 years old and have suffered from acne for about 4 years. i knew that it was coming when i could see all of the clogged pores on my face. Then my face exploded. My big breakout area was my forehead. I didnt know what i was going to do. I tried everything from proactiv to clearasil and even retin a. These all just made my skin worse and more irratated. I had like no self esteem, and i didnt know what i was going to do. So then my mom told me to stop touching my face and to keep it very clean. After all i was always picking at my face. My mom also told me to use a buff puff. This is basically a great exfoliator. It really worked. Withtin a year my face was totally clear. There was just one problem… the blackheads. I have aton of them. They are all very little, to small to pop. They are all over my nose and i have a ton on my chin. I dont know how to get rid of them. I also have a ton of those open pores on my cheeks and i dont know if they will evr go away:( If anyone has any tips, that would be great!!

  82. when i was a teenager i had loads of blackheads but someone told me to drink 8-9 glasses of water a day just like a typical teenager i ignored them but my sister who was suffering from the same problem tried it and her blackheads had had nearly dissapeared

  83. i heard that Wheat is not good for the skin and could cause bumps (blemishes on the skin, which sort of look like blackheads) I personally do have these bumps and am wondering if this is true because i am a person who loves things such as bread and pasta. I was wondeing if anyone out there knowS if this is true or not or know’s of a “cure”?

  84. OXYY PADS WORK:P just steam up your face and use an oxy pad and the blackheads will be gone soon. and also they are good for if you just had a run or skated or something and your all sweaty but you dont wanna ruin your make-up you just use an oxy pad!

  85. I heard that milk and unflavored powdered jello worked????
    I read it in a book it said dissolve the jello and add the milk put on face let dry for 10 or 15 min and pell off and blackheads come right off!
    never tried it and I dont hanve the measurements!! sorry
    thanks for the other comments

  86. i have this blackhead hole right dead in the middle of my nose.Like right on the tip.I popped it,yes, i kno i shouldn’t have:/ i’ve left it alone for awhile thinking it would go away by it’self but it hasn’t much.its also a little red there too.I think there might still be some blackhead part left idk. But what can i do to make it go away? or make it better???? HELP PLEASE!!

  87. I really need help on the proccess. I cant really pop them, they are ALL over my nose. My friend helps me, but she points out everything wrong with me. Everyday she tells me I need to do something about my blackheads, and I try, but nothing has worked so far!! PLEASE HELP AND GIVE ME SOME BRANDS THAT DONT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS THAT CAN HARM YOU!! [ps – does proactiv work on blackheads?]

  88. oh another addition. Im 12 years old, I just started to get this this year. They are pretty small. Im a cheerleader.. and i sweat alot in practice. I go every day a week because of clinique at school [im trying out for school next year] and i have no idea if sweat makes it worse.. please help!!

  89. My Lifetime Wellness teacher told me that exercise is good for acne because it opens up your pores. That in turn prevents clogging.

  90. I can honestly say that I am blackhead free. I get facials done once a month and microdermabrasion every other month. My skin glows and people ask how I keep my skin so clear all the time. Seriously girls (and guys) spending the money on professional skin care is definately worth it!!! P.S. Use sunblock on your face everyday…you don’t want wrinkles do you? Use a self tanner on your face instead!!!

  91. well i have to say that drinking water is the best way to clear your skin. when it comes to black heads please consult a professional u don’t want to do something that will end up making your black heads worse.

  92. In my teen years I had trouble with acne, and the only thing that helped clear it was going on birth control. Birth control lowers the hormone that causes your skin to produce all that extra oil that clogs your pores. If your skin is really bad – you may want to look into this.
    Now my skin is relatively stable, but just recently I broke out badly. I switched moisturizers, and I had been drinking a lot of caffeine. I stopped drinking the caffeine, drank lots of water and applied two seperate creams – one with clindamycin(prescription) and the other with tretinoin(over the counter). Now my skin is clear.

  93. If you really want to understand your skin and what’s best for it, you really need to get this book BEAUTIFUL SKIN by DAVID E. BANK. It has everything you need to know!

  94. When getting rid of blackheads always use a gentle exfoliant, AND NO BAR SOAP!!!, we don’t want damaged skin. Make sure you dont have any skin allergies before following these steps.

    1.Start off by washing your face with warm water.

    2.Apply your GENTLE scrub/exfoliant.(don’t rub your face too long irritation could occur)

    3.Then wash the scrub off with COLD water, so the pores can close.

    4.After your face has been patted dry with a towel,(not your hands) apply some astringent with a cotton ball to remove excess dirt and to close pores also.

    5.Finally, when the astringent has soaked into your pores apply a thin layer of your choice of acne cream. Any cream that has Benzoyl Peroxide is good (test some on your rist to see if you have an allergic reaction)

    * Differin, and Rosula are excellent acne and black head deminishers.

    *To get rid of black heads ASAP fill a sink with boiling hot water, put a towel over your head and stick your head 3 inches above the hot water for 15 minutes (its ok to breathe in steam) then with clean hands and tissues pop the blackheads out. To close your pores rinse with cold water. After your face is dry apply a crushed up Noni fruit on your face (this fruit is green and has small black seeds covering the outer skin)for 15 minutes, let dry and wash off with cold water.

  95. Having your hair on your face doesnt help with the oil problem that some people have, because the hair has oil on it and it can effect the oil on your face, so maybe pinning it back….not always…just sometimes….

  96. Its almost imposible to get rid of blackheads and i tried almost everything natural and the best thing that worked for me is getting a hot washcloth and applying it to the area that has the most blackheads. You then Immediately wash your face with a gentel face wash right after since the pores are still open from the heat, you will be able to get rid of the oils and dirt in the pore. It doesnt work the first time thnough you should try once every 2 weeks. If your skin becomes really red or begins to swell immediately stop the routine.

  97. to have good skin you must wash your face and take off any eye makeup with light olive oil every night before going to bed and cover with a light moisturizer of your choice, also take a good drink of water with some vitamin C powder in it, your body loves this! remember your body is working to “repair” everything as you sleep, and vitamin C is a wonderful beauty vitamin that many folks don’t know about. also purchase a humidifier (also called a steamer or vaporizer) sold at drug stores for about $10-$15. Use about every other week and learn to properly use a blackhead extractor (about $10 at a beauty supply) you might not get every blackhead first off, but over time with the steaming they will loosen and eventually pop out. I used to have a face full of blackheads until I learned how to care for my skin and now it’s blackhead free!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. p.s. the light olive oil is for taking your makeup off, not washing your face, the best soap for washing face is a natural hand made soap of your choice, although for years i used ivory soap and that worked well, too!!! good luck everyone!!

  99. Hey guys!’

    today has become a “me day” where everything i do benifits me, my health, and looks. Now i havent got many tips about the evil black head, except use a gentle scrub, and even more gently squeeze them. Try not to use creams on your face, that clogs your pores starting the cycle all over again…also try not touching your face alot – VERY BED – Oh another tip, for dark circles and red spots…use potatoes, one thing : alice and cut into moon shapes, then place under the eyes for 10-15 mins…if your whole eye is dark, dont slice them into moon shapes, place and dark spots are gone. also you can try cutting up potatoes, blending them into a paste and keep chilled in the fridge, use small daps on bad areas and rinse with warm water after 15 mins.
    hope this all helps enjoy guys..
    im here to help πŸ˜€

  100. i have tried many Blackhead clearing cleanses but none of them nose is full of blackheads.and i am 14 years old.can someone tell me the the really good ways to beat blackheads?

  101. okay. i have really deep black heads nn nothing i did helped me get rid of them.. then, once i went to cuba, i realized that they vanished. i was wondering why nn i thought that it might be because of the SALT water. then, when i came back, they came back again. now, all i do is when i takke a shower/ bath i take some salt and scrub it on my face. then i repeat it again and i leave it on for 5 minutes. it will sting a little bit because salt helps kill bacteria and heal micro-cuts. dont leave it on for too long in case your face is sensetive. please tell me if this helps!!

  102. all of those tips probabley worked but i went for the easier method , i used to have loads of blackheads near my lips and round my nose and then one day i couldnt stand it no more and went shopping with my mate and bought my self a Clearasil Blackhead Removing Cleanser and if you apply with one of those eye make up remover pads really work and i’ve been keeping up with using it for ages now and only have 1 or 2!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Treat Yourslef And Try It … please let me know if it works!! πŸ™‚ thanks and hope it helps x

  103. Aargh! I have REALLY bad acne. I have spots/blackheads on my forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip AND lower lip! It’s become really bad – does anybody have any suggestions on how to clear up my face?

  104. You can use “Daily Pore Toner” by Clean and Clear. It has salicyclic acid (deep exfoliation) and glycolic acid (surface exfoliation)in an alcohol base (albeit, alcohol is actually irritating to skin, but its not bad for you because it helps the acids penetrate much better — don’t overdo it.) The blackheads on my cheek/nose area are now virtually gone.

  105. Obtaing and keeping clear skin:

    step one: I recommend firstly getting rid of most of the blackheads on your face by either squeezing them yourself ot getting a facial. Use your knuckles on either side of the blackhead, and it should come out with minimal damage.

    step two: Once pores are cleared, use a GENTLE exfoliator, plenty of hot water, and pat dry gently using a clean towel.
    Repeat step two 1-2 times daily.

  106. hey 19 now but when i was still in my early teens i developed those big red pimples on cheeks..that was too bad bec my cheeks are the most sensitive part of my face..i tried using those facial washes over the counter but none really helped me.. well my pimples weren’t really that many but they were big ang red and if u picked on them they will i got older they were reduced but i still develop them and those pesky blackheads..well my tip is not to put so much faith on those cleansers..they really dried my skin..better to use cetaphil or a hypoallergenic the ones they use for babies.. and drink lots of water..also don’t try covering pimples with make up or even powder..better not to put anything on ur reduce oiliness better blot one of those oil absorbing paper on ur skin..blot it but dont scrub..remember BE GENTLE on ur face and BE CAREFUL on what u will make a tad of a difference on ur skin condition especially when u get older..:o)

  107. I think this might help for zits… put a warm wash cloth on ur zit for 5 min hold it there (longer the better) then put nail polish remover on it. it works for me.

    p.s. the nail polish remover will sting but that means its working

  108. Everyone has different skin and different types of acne. That means that we will each react differently to different treatments. Your best bet is to visit your doctor. If you cannot visit a dermatologist, go to your family doctor. It is much safer to listen to your doctor than a random 14 year old kid.

  109. Go for facials. If they’re too expensive, then seek out the nearest beauty college and get the trainees to do them for you for a fraction of the cost. I used to pay Β£40.00 (about $75.00) but the college does the ofr Β£10.00.

    I have the galvanic facials once a month and they have really helped,

    Good luck!

  110. alright this might sound wierd but it really works, first you take a small bowl and mix a little milk and a little limmon juice, then you take a wash cloth and dip it in the mixture, then you put it in your microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, then let it set on your face untill it gets cold…do this once a week and they will be gone in no time at all =) good luck everyone!!!

  111. the tip above mine does help! i have very deep black heads and the top layers or so were gone!! i think if i do it a few times (not in one day) they’ll go away (2-3 days) =] good luckk!

  112. okay so i have ok skin. Its not prone to acne, only blackheads. Its oily in someplaces, dry in others. Since I work outside, I had to find the best method to rid myself of blackheads.

    Awesome anti-blackhead recipe:

    instant oatmeal (mmmm cinnamon roll)

    1 egg

    lemon juice or honey (opt)

    wash your face with warm water and microbeads. mix ingredients together. smear on face. wait till dry, then wash off with cold water. washing your face will rid you of makeup and oil already on the surface of your skin. the oatmeal exfoliates ur skin, the egg provides essential vitamins while pulling blackheads from your skin, and the lemon juice shrinks your pores. the cold water at the end will further shrink your pores. as your skin sheds, the blackheads will move closer to the surface. use this treatment twice a week. oh and for blackhead prevention, dont use foundation. if you must, wash off ur make up midday and reapply it. your skin will shine, the oil that has coagulated under your makeup will be gone, and ur makeup will look fresh. wash your face twice a day with gentle liquid soap. equate brand handsoap works if your cheap like me (98 cents a bottle!) warm water, lather, cold water. and finish with a toner or lemon juice. it will shrink your pores up and keep em clean! good luck!

  113. Okayy im 12 Nearly 13 i have loadz of boyfwends onli bescuse i put moisterizer ova the top powder fountation then cream foudation i cant c nuffin its lasts thru tha dai i use deep clenser pads every morning and afternoon they neva make your spots worse after 1 hour applyed they better already ive used dem for 2 days and no need for makeup i cant c none at all im so happy every 2 weeks on saturdai or friday i had a sink with warm water and salt dont dissolve it wash your face no bar soap but goint tu the swimming baths can also make your spots get worse so b4 you go in put moisterizer on it dosent harm them trust me dont use to many soaps and clearsil products the skin cant handle , bannanas are also Good Aswell i wash my face 2 times aday but i use french soap but im english they are around dont use dove or enybar stuff for a night snack a banana and a glass of water after a week you should see a difference notify me if this helps like it helped me trust me follow this Because ma mum is a doctor Whats causes Spots is your diet you need a kne deit raw carrots are bad for your spots and trying medacation from the doctors dosent do no help after 2 days use but then it gets like it was b4

  114. thanks for the tip’s guys, i hope they work. Burts bees stuff works really well too. remember, Twins rock!!DWTP

  115. well ive suffered from stupid little blackheads on my nose for like EVERRRR, and i use to get commented on how nice my skin was butt now i just i used everything from toothpaste to cleansers and even tomatoes but nothing has been seeming to work so the only piece of advice i used ( my personal way) and helped somewhat was

    – get WAX, yes for your eyebrows (oil free, and natural)
    and put it on..use it as you would if you would wax hair. put the strip on and press down LIGHTLY…and wait like 4 minutes and gently tear off.. right away after, wash your wash in hott water and patt dry…that worked for mee =D hopefully it works for you sounds kinda stupid i know butt it worked for mee =)

  116. I have had blackheads for about a year now and it reely sux?! but there ARE ways to get around them! Some people have said to pop them but if your to hard it irritates the skin. Others have told me that they just put cover up on them. There is no point to that becuase, eventually they will get worse and you’ll have an even bigger problem. Think about it-if you do get the black heads out there it is an open pore with nothing there then you put cover up on it and its even worse and even more clogged up than before. Then that can lead to a zit. Fix it before the blackheads get out of control. Exfoliate and steam. Get a hot wash cloth and put it on the spot for 5-10 minutes. And others have said to put an extinguished match on it-stupid! It can possibly burn your skin and it just adds to more mess! Hope this helps?!

  117. Ive tried everythin aswell and nothing ever seems to work i have read all your comments and have noted some but most i have heard before and tried but nothing works for longer than a day. The most effective thing still remains to just steam steam steam

  118. You know the toothpaste thing was that meant to get rid of them straigth away or was it over time and u like put it on once a day ? xxx

  119. Just steam it, like the dishwasher.
    wait til the end, open it and stand there
    for about a minute or two. I know it sounds
    kinda dumb, but it works!! I’ve tried it.

  120. Leish your supposed to put it on at night,
    and it should be dried out by morning.
    and just lightly wash it off w/ a warm
    wash cloth. if you rub it off hard the
    redness will come back.

  121. oh my face is so damn bad right now due to the weather i have so many blackheads. its bad cuz i was using soap alot on my face but the pass few months iv been using some blackhead product that i dont think helps much
    but what iv been finding out when u wash your face in warm water to soften the blackheads but then they blackheads do come out they scare your face so beware on how u do it
    dont pop them blackheads after a shower or washing your face it will scare your face.
    and u will hate it belive me
    worst is if u got darker skin aswell hard to tell if they gone or not

  122. alright this might sound wierd but it really works, first you take a small bowl and mix a little milk and a little limmon juice, then you take a wash cloth and dip it in the mixture, then you put it in your microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, then let it set on your face untill it gets cold…do this once a week and they will be gone in no time at all =) good luck everyone!!!

  123. i have found over my way of doing things is that soap is not good beacuse it has purfum in it but thing to do is to wash your face there times a day drink to litres of water a day and eat heathly if u have a lot of diary products then you shoud try and stop for a while beacuse i liked mail and cheese and stuff like that when i stopped i found after a few days my spots was cleaning up put face masks on your face everyweek that helps to for spots and blackheads mud masks are the best for these kinda stuff good luck hope it works fo you

  124. drink lots of water trust me i have super clear skin because i drink tons of water and eat at least 3 to 4 fruits a day it really clears the bad things out of ur body

  125. I had a huge blackhead grow on my nose nd well I squeezed it…now I suffer from a permanent huge lump on my nose that doesn’t want to go away..Looks very similar to a blackhead except without the puss build up in the middle…I’ve tried everything from pore strips to facewashes and trying to squeeze it again but it doesn’t want to go away as if it is permanent….Does any one have suggestions on what to do?? πŸ™‚

  126. ive had blackheads for over 3 years now and im 16. i used to get huge pimples on my face and on my back and even behind my neck. i was totally p**sed off and i just went to my GP. and she gave me this stuff called: ZINERYT. its brilliant. i do still get blackheads, but to get rid of huge spots ask for one of them. they really do help. i need advice and what kinda medical stuff can i get for blackheads on my back!!! Please Help.

  127. In the morning when your taking your shower after of few min. of letting the steam open your pores apply a paste of BAKING SODA on your face and let sit for two min. and wash off.
    Later before you go to bed wash your face then apple a mask of ELMER’S GLUE on the trouble spots. Let the glue dry and peel away. Do this every night until you don’t see your blackheads anymore. It works for my blackheads but not for acne. Hope it works for you! Good luck!

  128. I’ve had blackheads for 3 years and i’ve tried everything. Tee tree, clearasel, the really expensive products and the cheap ones as well. i’ve even tried squeezing them. Should I just go to the doctors

  129. The best thing for blackhead removal/acne is to get a classic facial. Go to a spa and have a skin care professional give you a facial. Upon going there they will clean your skin throughly and extract all the impurities. It hurts a little bit and looks red afterwards but within a few hours a bit of mineral/powder make up will make you look flawless. The day after your skin will be glowing and pure as can be. Follow up with a good skincare regimen and take care of your skin from there on and you should have no more problems with blackheads/acne. Some types of birth control can also lower hormones and prevent acne as well. Going to get a facial is the best thing anyone can do. They will also tell you what types of stuff you should specifically be using on your type of skin. Maybe the stuff you’re using isn’t working on you? maybe it’s drying out your skin and making it even worse for the blackheads? Go get a facial! They shouldn’t cost more than $100, they should actually be much less but it all depends on what your skin needs. It won’t be more than $100 though in most places. This is all from personal experience. The first night my face was cleaned, I felt so much better and my face looked picture perfect. I was amazed. I was also using pro-activ which was somewhat working for my acne but then the skin care professional informed me that what I was using was drying out my skin badly and leaving permanent damage because I had “normal” skin type and that Pro-activ was for combination skin only. Crazy, but im glad I learned that now.

  130. drink lots n lots of WATER.. that’s only wil help your skin…it worked for me..TRY IT..soon u wil get good result..try 2 drink a glass between every half an hour..within a month u wil notice ur skin’s smoothness. ALL THE BEST!

  131. i have found that keeping your head under a towel and letting the steam from a bowl of boiling water attack the little peppercorns will soften them so much you just have to use St-Ives apricot facial scrub and they will all go ready for your night out. and the good thing is that it only costs you time and about Β£2.50 ($1.00) to get fab results.

  132. I’ve always picked at my face. I’m trying to do better, and have discovered Vitamin K. It helps decrease the redness after you’ve picked or if you have small blood vessles or scarring on your face. I don’t think its causing blocked pores and I found it in the Health Food Store.

  133. I’ve found using nutrogena black head removal wash really help full, as it cleanses your pores and washes out the little pest. I’ve tried many thing from pore strips to a steamer but I haven’t gotten any results like this.
    I’d recommend it to any 1 as it is suitable for all skin types.Also i’d follow it by their oil free moisturizer.

  134. i have them all ovr my nose. i tried facails, cleansing, clearasil blackhead remover… but i found a gud cure 4 spots which is sudocream it helps clear em!!!! unfortunatly i stil hav da blackheads which REALLY ANOYS ME

  135. again, dont pick at your black heads…it will just make “them” more irritated! like on person said, “steam, steam, steam” or another open the dishwasher! the steam makes your skin sweat releasing all of the dirt and oil! hope this helps…AGAIN!

  136. Question for everyone:

    My blackheads are different than most people talk about. They do not protrude, they are like freckles on my nose, but smaller and black. I’ve had them since I was 12 or so, I’m now over 20. These can’t be picked or squeezed, they’re too small and deep. Does anybody know what I can do about this?

  137. if you use foundation and want to get rid of blackheads i recommend the “covergirl clean makeup oil control” it doesnt clog your pores at all! try washing your face with a product containing salycilic acid, this will open your pores and clean the dirt out.

  138. ok, im 14 and i hav okish skin, but get breakouts and blackheads on my nose, the spots breakout around the area between my eyebrows. this is realy annoying because it means that i hav to put foundation on everyday, whats a quickfix that will stay for at least a week, that dos’nt include spending loads of money going to see a dermotologist or whteva. i already use scrubs, face washes, toners etc. and how do i get rid of waking up wiv red skin around in-between-eyebrows, nose, cheeks and chin? means having to wear makeup all day, cos it dusnt get lighter until l8a at nite, thnx xxx

  139. I’m 15 yrs old and my nose is horrible ! The rest of my face is TOTALLY CLEAR; except my nose ! I have blackheads that neverrrr go away. But then my friend’s mom told me to do the following and it’s been almost a year being blackhead free:

    1) Put your head over boiling hot water with a blanket over you to keep the steam in. [ this will REALLY open your pores] 10-15 minutes.

    2)VERY VERY GENTLY squeeze your blackheads with your CLEAN fingers.

    3) Exfoliate your face. [ I use a cream with beads in it and I use a hand held machine to help exfoliate with the cream. But it’s very costly so I suggest using a mild scrub is fine.]

    4) Apply a mud mask to your whole face to remove excess oil and to tighten your pores. [ this prevents anymore blackheads from forming]

    5) Apply a toner with a cotton ball and your done !

    I know this is time consuming but if you do it ONCE a WEEK I gurantee you will see major results(= Remember everybody has different skin types so try different methods to see what works best for you.

  140. i need to figure out how to get rid of blackheads without popping them and/or spending alot of money on products! will makeup like foundation give me the solution to cover them up then they will go away? i recently “popped” my blackhead and it made my blackhead into an invasion all over my nose , my cheeks, my forhear and my sides of my face! TWICE A DAY BUT ITS NOT HELPING…PLUS MY FACE IS AS OILLY IT LOOKS SHINY AS THE MOON..ITS GOTTEN ALOT WORSE THAN IT SOUNDS…WAT CAN I DO! HELP!

  141. what kind of daily face wash should i use?
    i still don’t know which would be good for my skin to prevent the blackheads… i have some pimples and i have quite a few scars and most of my face is black heads!! i hate it.

  142. my face gets pretty bad at times as a teenager and it drives me INSANE..i use Biore pore perfect – pore unclogging scrub – ahh amazinggg it makes my face feeling amazingly smooth after unlike some other face washes and im recently finding that its making my black heads and nasty pimples go away!! =)

  143. As a teenager, pimples are a HUGE problem for me..especially blackheads but ive been using Biore pore perfect – pore unclogging scrub – only $8.29!! its been making my pimples disappear and especially my blackheads..keeps my skin feeling smooth all day unlike other facewashes which make my skin dry out..try it!!

  144. Hey everyone!! i am 15 and what i use that seems to work really good for blackheads & zits . is wich hazel. [sp] you can buy it at most drug stores or at walmart.. its like alcohol but better for you face and smells better.. use everynight before bed and you will see result in a few day.
    hope i helped

  145. Hey there guys. I need tips on what methods i couuld use. I have pimples on my cheeks, in between eyebrows, on my forehead, and on my chin which is the worst. I tried clean and clear facials but they dont work. I am trying specto jel and it ok. I have oily skin. Any advice?

  146. Im 14 with very smooth,clear skin.(you might know believe me, but its true!)I don’t ever wear foundation or makeup and have never used a toner. The only spots i ever get is whem I am on my menstrual cycle.
    I advise you use clearasil Ultra which clears up big red spots in JUST 3 DAYS!(for me 2 days)wash daily morning and night and voila! trust me it works!!!!!:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    if you want a brightening, tightnening effect on your pores, cut half a lemon and rub on your face. You may feel a tingling sensation then dilute a little water or add an egg white.

    brilliant, but you have to blend it in fast,if your too slow spritz on some mineral water.
    I hope my comment helps!:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  147. Mona, if you have oily skin, (i do too!) then try your absolute HARDEST not to touch your face! Oily skin + oil from your hands = a big, oily, acne-strophic mess! Trust me, I know. But, if you’re like me and after just a few hours it looks like a lightbulb has been placed behind your forehead, then you might want to invest in ‘Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets,’ they work WONDERS! Plus, it helps to keep some oil from settling into your pores, or worse, spreading when you rest your head in your hands during that boring history class. (also, use a non-comodegenic moisturizer. you may think “oily skin + lotion = MORE oily skin, but it doesn’t. the oil in the moisturizer helps to absorb the oil in your skin. don’t ask how, it’s just how it is. plus, it’s good for your skin. i choose to use ‘Oil-Free Moisture [Combination Skin]’ by Neutrogena. i get the ‘combination skin’ because, along with having oily spots all over my face, it’s also really dry.. again, don’t ask how THAT one works =D well, i hope that this has helped you (or anyone else!) and if you have any questions, then feel free to email me later!)

  148. I have had blackheads since I was a little girl. The best thing that I’ve used is Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser/mask. You can use it as a cleanser or a mask. It’s about 6 bucks at Walmart. I have tried numerous products, including Murad, antibiotics, and topical creams… this is the only thing that has worked for me. My twin sister, and my best friend use it too, and have gotten the same great results. It’s the only thing that keeps my face from breaking out on a daily basis.

  149. First off, that’s nuts that people have been posting comments on here for over 2 years. Anyway I’ve been f**king wit these blackheads alll night, popping them.. and all that happened was the skin around the area got red and swollen and it looks as if there are more open, dark pores. So yeah, it’s not a good idea to pop them unless they’re big or really open or if they are sticking out. Idk what really works though, i’m sure all of them will go away eventually if you don’t f**k wit them, but if yur skin is really bad, then obviously go see a dermatologistt! Well i really just wanted to post something in here….byeeee!

  150. I’ve been popping my blackheads for awhile…seriously I don’t recommend it. By doing this has made the pores around my nose bigger and darker. My noses looks like a strawberry!! please help!! what should I do now???

  151. facials are okay but after a facial, your face is soo clean that anything really can clog your pores. baking soda and tooth paste always worked for me. when your shampooing your hair take some of the suds and mix it with a little bit of baking soda, rub on your face and keep it on for at least 30 seconds, then wash off. The baking soda balances the ph balance in your face and your skin wont be to oily or to dry, just beautiful. do up to 3 times a week

  152. I know my nose looks like that too, i suggest going to the suna and sweating all of the stuff out of your faces and getting a chemical peel they closed all my pores up

  153. i think that using vinger helps!! just apply once in the morning and once before you go to sleep and it does work but we all have different skin (it works 4 me) but wash your face with warm water before you byt i on it really works!!

    aftershave helps aswell it dries up the spot!

  154. why dont you not go threw all the trouble of poping them. and risking damaging your face.

    just go to shoppers and buy thoes strips. you put it on your nose leave it there for like 5 mins? and tear it off πŸ˜€
    gets rid of them ON THE SPOT.

    (girl above me) if you put vingar on your face wont it dry up and peel. i can see the aftershave working but not the vinigar LOL

    and one more thing sauna is like the BEST way. its tru. you swwet out all the dirt in your poors. thats like the absalute best way.

  155. I heard if you wash your face with warm water to open your pores, and then squeeze the juice from lemons and rub it on your blackheads then rinse with cold to close… it gets better.. i dunno i heard lemons have something in it..

    or for ppl that go to korea oftenly.. if you go to the etude house they sell blackhead remover stuff and really does work..

  156. Ive always had oily skin and ive tried all sorts of things for my blackheads on my nose, but at best i can only ever reduce them but never get rid of the enlarged pores/holes in the skin. The only time i ever had smooth normal skin over my nose was when i got a bit sunburned on my nose and they cleared up completely for a few weeks so if youre desperate then go get a facial tan but of course do it carefully.

  157. I have excema – which means that my face reacts to a lot of things – but generally I have very good skin. However, I had a couple of blackheads, used a black-head clearing cleanser and I got spots for the first time since I was 13!
    It might just be stress, but is there any way to get rid of the blackheads without putting something on my skin? (I don’t use cover-up makeup at all)

  158. ok well im 13 and i have black heads on my nose!and ive tried a lot of things to get rid of them like popping them to steaming my face ect… nothing seems to work they keeps on coming back.over the summer i would jus leave them cuz i didnt see my friends as much then after a while i would pop them and my nose would look reli good but now that school started i pop them all the time and it leaves scars and it turns red!!!plz i NEED tips!!!!HELP!!!

  159. p.s. i have sensitive skin so i need something that will protect it but i want something like i can do at home bc i dont wanna have to pay a lot of money!!

  160. IF your going to squeeze don’t do it a lot. Use wet tissues (bounty)dry tissue is almost as bad as using bare fingers. Soak it with sterile water eye wash solution or a toner. Before you pop put some peroxide on them this makes them softer or just steam. Exfoliating first is also a good idea. Eating a lot of veggies has worked for me a lot. I hate water so fruits and veggies help. good luck

  161. i have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and the dermotologist perscribed a retin-a, but it makes my nose really dry and flaky, which to me is worse than the blackheads! Does any one have a tip on how to prevent this, or any new blackhead remedies?

  162. To add to my previous plea……
    i have many small pimples in between my eyebrows (above my nose). They are not visible from far away, but up close they are shiny and gross. i have tried normal ways i have previously gotten rid of pimples but they dont seem to work. If anyone has any new cleansers, treatments, or anything like that to reccomend for this or for my previous problem, please help!

  163. oh yeah, sorry guys one more thing,
    i wanted to know if proactive workes. i dont want to waste money on something stupid that does nothing. And also, i wanted to know……. does it matter when you apply treatment gels or creams, because i have a clearisal gel tube that didnt work for me when i put it on before bed, but all this talk of steaming, and opening your pores, i wonder if washing your face with warm water after a steaming and then applying the gel would work better, because your pores are open, and its really getting into your skin, instead of on the surface…
    Well just a thought….
    Please let me know if anyone can help me with my problems….
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  164. Well i use nuetrogena….It gets rid of a few blackheads but mainly it dries the face up and then use a warm cotten bud,damp the pour and then squeeze..

  165. i just got a new product. It is the noxema mask, and it works. It is not a miracle mask, but it will help them acne, and realy cleans down DEEP. It reduced blackheads too! It may make your skin a little dry though. Try it. it may tingle a little, but shoudlnt hurt. Make sure to moursturize afterwords, with a cream of your choice. ! Also, you may want to try elizibeth arden, VISIBLE DIFFERENCE cream. Dont try it is your skin is extremely sensitive, or will break out often from new creams. i use it at night, and in the morning, my skin was softer, and some white heads were gone. It worked for me, but it may not work for severe acne. I dont want to reccomend it, and then have it irritate someones skin,(because i dont know anyone else who had used it, besides my self, so i can only speak for my skin type) or make it worse. Only use it if you are sure it wont make you break out further. (dont worry, im making is sound dangerous, but it is not perscription, and it is not toxic or anything bad). Also, if you DO decide to use it, i like to apply a thin layer over my entire face, or non-sensitive parts, and then take oil blotting sheets and get of the extra oil that could potentially clog pores. I have never done it differently, so if you dont add that step, i dont know if it may make poeple break out, but i dont think it will…
    Also, make sure to wash your face in the morning, of course. I think everyone knows to do that. Well good luck!
    p.s. if anyone has any other advice for me, feel free to comment, im open!

  166. Yess proactive does work.. i’ ve been using it for about a year now.. but we stopped ordering for some reason ? .. but i noticed my face clearing up after the first couple days of using it . nd when you first order it you get the face mask thing, that worked soo well for me .

  167. I get black heads on my nose. I notice if I just let it go to natural moisture level. The pores get smaller and less blacks heads. My skin dries out too easily. I don’t really have acne. Just big pores on nose and blackheads. I’m just going to not use soap on my face near as often and let it all get better.

    And of course drink water. always a plus

  168. i came up with a novel way to extract a stubborn blackhead. Take a clean syringe (no needle… just plastic syringe). With the punger all the way down, center the blackhead in the cicular opening. Press down firmly then pull the plunger up and then pull the entire apparatus away from your skin with the plunger still in the up position. the combination of downward force + the vaccuum created by the plunger work like a miracle..esp if you start off by putting a hot damp cloth on the blackhead to prep it. Works like a charm.

  169. Oh and for big pores on your nose, etc….
    Pore minimizer by clinique. I call it “pore spackle”… works like a charm.. you can use it alone or under makeup. Makes your skin look like a baby’s.

  170. am 14 years old and i have blackheads, a lot in my nose! what should i do? oh yeah and i squeeze them but they leve marks on them like red marks!

  171. oh yeah, sorry guys one more thing,
    i wanted to know if proactive workes. i dont want to waste money on something stupid that does nothing. And also, i wanted to know……. does it matter when you apply treatment gels or creams, because i have a clearisal gel tube that didnt work for me when i put it on before bed, but all this talk of steaming, and opening your pores, i wonder if washing your face with warm water after a steaming and then applying the gel would work better, because your pores are open, and its really getting into your skin, instead of on the surface…
    Well just a thought….
    Please let me know if anyone can help me with my problems….

    AND ->

    i just got a new product. It is the noxema mask, and it works. It is not a miracle mask, but it will help them acne, and realy cleans down DEEP. It reduced blackheads too! It may make your skin a little dry though. Try it. it may tingle a little, but shoudlnt hurt. Make sure to moursturize afterwords, with a cream of your choice. ! Also, you may want to try elizibeth arden, VISIBLE DIFFERENCE cream. Dont try it is your skin is extremely sensitive, or will break out often from new creams. i use it at night, and in the morning, my skin was softer, and some white heads were gone. It worked for me, but it may not work for severe acne. I dont want to reccomend it, and then have it irritate someones skin,(because i dont know anyone else who had used it, besides my self, so i can only speak for my skin type) or make it worse. Only use it if you are sure it wont make you break out further. (dont worry, im making is sound dangerous, but it is not perscription, and it is not toxic or anything bad). Also, if you DO decide to use it, i like to apply a thin layer over my entire face, or non-sensitive parts, and then take oil blotting sheets and get of the extra oil that could potentially clog pores. I have never done it differently, so if you dont add that step, i dont know if it may make poeple break out, but i dont think it will…
    Also, make sure to wash your face in the morning, of course. I think everyone knows to do that. Well good luck!
    p.s. if anyone has any other advice for me, feel free to comment, im open!

  172. Ok the best thing to do which not many ppl kno is to wash ur face with warm milk….give it 3 days and they start disappearing…do this like once every 2 weeks..

  173. ok thanks….that is some interesting advice, i will try it, but in the meantime….doesn ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY OTHER ADVICE for my problem(above….llllooooonnnnggggg paragraphs…… i will repaste it if you dont see it). thanks πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  174. i read that if you rub your face with lemon juice and leave for 20mins it gets rid of nasty things ive been using it and i have noticed some changes and does anyone have anything to help blackheads that achully works.

  175. The quickest and easiest way to getting rid of blackheads is to buy pore strips they are really cheap and they work..You have to use them regulary tho…GOOD LUCK!!

  176. started putting aloe vera gel on my nose before sleep.
    within one week. I have noticed way less black heads and smaller pores.

    may wanna give that a go

  177. Don’t use too much of Roaccutane, it is bad for the liver, i was tacking it and i was looking good, but feeling bad from the inside, and it is not fun, i lost a lot of weight too. i don’t recommend it, this is probably one of the reason they take it out of the market. Even it had the good effect on my skin at the momment but after a while the breackout came back, it is not worth it for your health.

  178. umm ellie, who wrote that thing about putting your face over boiling water, its actually true, ive been doing it all my life when ever i get cold, and it helps unblock blocked my noses too, so ive never really got lots of black heads.


  179. ive suffered with blackheads for 3 years ive tried evrything from blackhead products to witchhazel to hundred of other things is there eneything else besides the boiling water thing because these things are really killing my confidence HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. i really think that the only think that works is boiling water, pour it onto a wash cloth and just put it on your face for a few minutes. that will really open them up! πŸ™‚ i wouldn’t really consider you trying to squeeze them out, because you might end up hurting your skin even more then it already is. But i had some pimples on my chest and stuff and i went to the dermatologist he gave me this amazing cream that i put on my skin. i use to use proactive, and it worked .. but it didn’t prevent my acne from coming but this stuff really worked i havn’t had a pimple in like 3 months! every one says my skin is amazing, and it feels so nice for people to finally compliment my skin :). the stuff that he prescribed to me was : benxol peroxcide? or something like that. BUT IF YOU HAVE BAD ANCE GO TO YOUR DOCTOR AND ASK IF YOU CAN, GET A DERMATOLOGIST APPOINTMENT!! πŸ™‚

  181. Im a sufferer of blackheads and i get really self-conscious about it!! I started steaming my face & then exfoliating sometimes twice a day, and i can now say i have much improved skin, and the blackheads are slowly but surely going!
    To cover them up of a day, i use a tinted moisterizer which does the job! Every ones talking about using medication etc, why?? Just a few minutes of cleansing a day helps get the blackheads away! πŸ˜‰

  182. okay well im 14. i know that hormones can be a big part in causing acne. i never really had any blackheads until a few months ago. but now they are all over the place. you cant see them unless you look really close, but i can see them perfectly when i look in the mirror. also i have acne. its not horrible but there are a few spots that need to be fixed on my face. is there anything at home that i can use to help get rid of my acne and blackheads?? if so..i would REALLY like to know..

    thanksss =]

  183. for really stubborn pimples or blackheads rub colgate(white)toothpaste on the spot and leave it over night by morning it will be ready to pop. dont squeeze to hard you will bruise and/or scar.

  184. hello guys!
    i find thermal face masks work really well, they decrease the size of your blackheads and it mosturizes your skin loads! exfoliating also works well but after splash your face with cold water to close the pores but dont pat your face dry! leave the water to evaporate naturally it leaves your skin feeling alot fresher!
    main thing is just wash your face with hot water morning and night

  185. somethin else too… if you do suffer from spots and blackheads girls it doesnt help tying to cover them up with foundation or concealer for two reasons
    1- you can still tell you have them but it just looks like you have bumps on your face!
    2- it ends up as a vicious circle, because the more you use the foundation the more your pores get clogged and itll only end up with giving you more. youll probably find that youll get alot less if not no more spots if you stop using it. however if you really must wear it definately make sure you take it all off at night and then continue with your cleansing resime and look around for a breathable foundation- thyre loads better!!

  186. HELP! I have blackheads on my nose, a few starting to grow on my forehead, and a few on my chin. I have tried SO many things to get rid of them! I started to read about the first 30 of these helpful tips, and, I am planing on trying a few! But, are there ANY other things that I can use, that really do work? I have tryied Proactive, and Clearasil, and a few other brands, and none of them work! I have also tried picking at them, with this picking tool that I have. It has worked a little, but, like a few have said, it does leave annoying holes! Is there anything out there that REALLY does work? I will keep checking back to see if anyone has responded to this! Thanks!

  187. Thanks Rachel for all of your help! It would be great if you could respond back to the first comment that I posted! You sound like a real blackhead expert! Thanks!

  188. I have blackheads just on my nose but otherwise smooth skin. I would really like to get rid of them, I tried using the open pore and tissue finger method and it worked a little i think, couldn’t tell really as it got darker. I’m tempted to get pore strips but I heard they could also be bad for skin. I do not mind suffering a little redness from pore strips if it gets rid of the blackness from blackheads.

  189. Okay here’s something that works for me I’m 16 and I do this twice a week, use Neutrogena foaming face wash, then use a cocoa butter scrub to exfoliate the use Noxema acne pads and after use clerasil spot treatment DONE πŸ™‚

  190. This is good advice right here! Okay…. First I exfoliate my face, NEVER ever too much because it can dry out your skin. Then I pat it dry, apply VERY little moisturizer. Next I face a mirror close to my face with direct light that shows EVERYTHING. Then I squeeze each blackhead carefully without leaving any red mark from your nails [use tissue, it works more than you think.] After I’m done with that, I wash my face really good, allowing the cleanser to sink in each pore [leave on 30 seconds] Next I pat dry and apply very little moisturizer. I usually do this before I go to sleep because when I sleep it heals, and I wake up and my face is glowing and clear. Hope this works.


  191. OH and another thing! Wash your face with warm water [opens pores] then rinse with cold water [closes pores]. Toner doesn’t work.

  192. I always use 2 Q-tips to squeeze the blackheads and never use the same Q-tips twice, to avoid spreading bacteria. Def steam your face beforehand to make the removal easier. I always use a facial scrub with small particles of sand in it 2 times a week to exfoliate and I use a lightweight moisturizer and bronzer, no liquid makeup.

  193. to get rid of blackheads i put an exfolitaor on my face, then i take one of those soft bristle spinning toothbrushes and brush the areas where i have blackheads. it sounds really odd, but after a couple of times doing this i had almost no blackheads!

  194. I don’t know if it’s already been posted, but I have an extremely useful trick that I use for blackheads on my nose. This only works for the nose. I take my thumb and place it on the outside of either nostril’s rim, then I push upwards hard. It may take a little practice to do, but you’ll know you get it right when massive amounts of oil just bursts out. It’s actually really disgusting and the amount of oil coming out will probably shock you.

    The idea is to get the skin on your nose to make a fold that pinches out the oil. You can do this on both nostrils and also on the tip of your nose. I MUST STRESS; don’t over do it. It can leave a noticeable crease on your nose for an hour or more if you do it too hard.

    Afterwards, gently rinse your nose off with warm water. I personally use antibacterial soap afterwards.

    happy hunting

  195. DON’T POP YOUR BLACKHEADS, IT JUST CAUSES THEM TO BECOME ZITS. I use a product called Clean & Clear, they have moisturizers, astringents and lots of other stuff. Every night I wash my face with some bar soap (make sure it has glycerin or sorbital in it) then I wipe some astringent on afterwards. In the morning I do the same thing except instead of putting on astringent I use a Clean & Clear moisturizer that “helps treat and prevent pimples”. I’ve been doing this for about a week and my face has cleared up quite well. Hope this helps you.
    *~*Blue eyes*~*
    P.S. Try and drink lots of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables as well.

  196. people say that thiere blackheads go in a nite but they dont ,they take a few days so peole dont think its the end of the world if they dont clear up in a nitee


    Get fill the kettle and boil some water
    Pore it into a bowl
    get a towel and put it over you head to make the steam go directly into your face
    Then once your pores are open put on a blackhead cleansing strip
    then after about 30 mins take it off and most of your blackheads will be out!! its amazing how much you get with one strip!!
    Then wash your face andmake sure your nose isn’t to dry of oil because that can make it worse…put on a light mosturiser or something

    Hope it helped” xx

  198. Dont go overboard with the steaming!
    It will only create visible blood vessels on your face. These are what some people call spiderveins? And those dont go away…ever. So be careful. The best thing is to wash your face 2-3 times a day ( if your skin isnt the dry type) and make sure to moisturize WELL. It’s not the cream that clogs your pores…its your own oil. Make sure to exfoliate well 1-2 times a week.

  199. many of these comments dont make sense. first, sebum is only have of the equation that leads to acne vulgaris. fat needs the help of the bacteria P. acnes to even form acne so in reality junk foods might increase sebum production but does not cause acne. s to lose acne we have to lose either either two things.either sebum production or the bacteria. if we lose sebum production we will look with unltra dry skin and the body will reproduce more sebum so give on that. P. acnes however has no role in the body, and is a useless extra of the 180 bacteria that already live in our skin.use benzol peroxide to kill the bacteria or the red blue light therapy (right before UV light) that kills the bacteria and tea tree oil native of australia to get rid of inflamation(the reddish skin)You coul also should take at least 2 baths a day to clean the skin from extra sebum that will just produce more sebum through the day.using soap just encourages sebum production.why do some people get acne and others do not? the body reacts differently to P. acnes so most bodies consider P cnes a pathogen and send white blood scell s to fight it and the result is a huge zit.(thats why is white)even a 15 year old like me knows more than dermatologist these days. hope it helps!

  200. Ok, this is what you can do to get rid of pimples,get some good vodka (40% alchahol or higher) and some cotton balls. Soak through the cotton ball with the vodka until it almost starts dripping and put it on your pimple and hold it there for a while. At first nothing will happen, then it will start to sting, just bear through the stinging(its killing the bacteria) and when it stops stinging ypu can stop holding the cotton ball. Your pimple should be gone my morning! There may be a bit of redness for a day but the pimple will be gone!

    I also have a question. Does anyone know if pure volcanic ash facial mask thing help against blackheads, because people say that it really helps. (so far it removes redness πŸ˜€

  201. I have blackheads all over my forehead and nose and i’ve never been able to get rid of them until recently, when i realized that i didn’t need to wear makeup, and i just wash my face with a gentle oil free cleanser when i wake up, and before i go to bed. it’s just like brushing your teeth, except your washing your face lol. That’s the only thing that works and it’s soooo simple. Oh and i do drink alot of water, but that’s becuase i dont like any other beverage really.
    hope this helps.

  202. oh, and also never EVER look at your face under flourescent lighting.
    it brings out every imperfection your face could possibly have.

  203. My Own Personal Experience:

    Squeezing your pores in order to extract dirt, oil, etc., will only cause your fingers to force More oil and dead skin cells into the pores which remain unclogged around the affected pore.

    I myself have issues with Not becomming irritated by clogged pores, imperfections and redness. I do tamper with my skin.

    If you are unable to resist tampering with your skin, lancing whiteheads, and sqeezing your pores, I would suggest a light cleanser which leaves your skin feeling sqeaky clean. Afterward, apply a steaming, bareably hot wet washcloth over your face as you relax for a few moments. The heat is retained by the moisture of the cloth, and the heat will open your pores. You may then use a blackhead tool. For best results, use this tool After you’ve lightly steamed your skin, allowing your pores to expand. These tools are found at your local dollar store. πŸ™‚ (These tools resemble a surgical steel stick, with a loop at one end, and a pin on the other. The Pin Is NOT for digging. Digging with a pin will force clogging to run deeper into your pores, and cause further difficulty in removing the plug. This pin is for gently lancing a whitehead)

    After you’ve used this tool, you may wipe the affected areas gently with a warm and wet facecloth, and then apply a clay mask. As this clay dries on your face, it creates a delicate suction on your pores. (Tingling) The clay mask will begin to appear as if it is speckled in the areas of which you experience the most difficulty with oil/blackheads, etc. This is the oil which has been drawn out of your skin. πŸ™‚ Rinse gently with warm water until there are no traces of the mask remaining. Cold water smoothed onto your face with a cotton ball Afterward, will close your pores.

    I recommend this for those which may need to look their best for a special event, since this cannot be done too often, and the oil will only decrease for a short period of time. But, the results are an instant improvement. Do this on the day that you need to look your best, prior to applying oil-free make-up, or Anytime! This will also help those who have difficulty maintaining a matte finish, under Make-up. Your make-up application will last longer, and require Less re-applications of powder πŸ™‚

    REMEMBER! The more often you remove oil from your skin, the more your pores will produce it! Be careful to consider the pros and cons of ALL of the advice you receive. Tampering with your skin will most likely cause further issues, and the advice that I offer you is NOT a treatment for the decrease of your acne. Acne is not skin deep… acne is caused by surface sebum, which is produced according to the amounts of certain hormones in your blood. Explore what dietary precautions, medications, etc., may decrease the hormones which cause acne break-outs.

    I also recommend refraining from the use of liquid foundation, Oil-free or Not. If you can avoid using this product, I advise using an oil-free (half/half) liquid/powder foundation. This can be found anywhere, and for decent cost. Seek advice from a cosmetician, or online.

    If you must use a liquid foundation, I suggest purchasing make-up application sponges. Place dabs of the concealor onto the blemish Only, and blend the foundation on the blemish, and around it. Top with an oil-free compact or loose powder. Try your best to NOT cover your entire face with liquid concealer. Powdered concealer is much less damaging and is ideal for All-Over face application. Mineral based is recommended, in comparison with Talc based powder concealer.

    You May Purchase a GREEN concealer stick, and use a make-up sponge to blend the green concealor over your blemish. (Both of these items are inexpensive) This green tint is not noticeable… since blanded properly, the redness of your blemish and the green concealor will create your perfect skin tone. πŸ˜€ You will require less of this, than you would of your usual liquid foundation. Top with a light mineral based powder.

    Also… believe it or not, your acne is more noticeable to yourself, than it is to others. πŸ™‚ You’re beautiful!

    These steps have helped my appearance a great deal. πŸ™‚ Best wishes to each of you.

  204. Everybody is into topical applications. Consider why your skin even reacts the way it does. To help with this understanding involves knowing about alkaline and acidic foods and your body ph. If you like spending money based on advertisements and upsetting your body, continue with the topical treatments. To Look and Feel Great Everyday – Eat more alkaline foods. Ask Me How I Know πŸ™‚

  205. i have a ton a blackheads on my nose. i hate them!!! im 13 but my mom says im to young to wear makeup. (ughhh) i really dont want to have holes from them. i need something that will get rid of them quickly. i have some nuetrogena stuff. (is that stuff good for ur face?) PLEASE answer!!!

  206. Hey Guyz:)

    Well.. I Am 17… 18 In February… Pimples & Black Started To Appear Since I Was 9-10 Years Old.. It Was Horrible.. But People Around Me Didnt Make It Sound Bad… Till I Was 13.. My Friend Told Me.. Uve Got Wide Green Beautiful Eyes But Ur Skin Problems Are Preventing That.. So I Went To The Skin Doc.. Lets Call Him Doc 1.. Doc 1 Said I Am A Teenager.. I Should Get Away From Candy:S & He Only Can Give Me Creams.. He Did.. But One Of The Creams.. Caused Scars And Black Pigments..And Rashes On My Eyeslids.. After A Year I Went To Doc 2… He Suggested To Give Me Roaccuate.. My Mother And My Father Had Their Concerns.. So They Told Me.. Professional Face Cleaning By Popping Is Better.. I Went To The Centre.. The Lady Was About To Throw Up From The Amount Of Blackheads I Had.. Then I Took The Pills.. It Really Worked.. Everyone Says Where That Cute Face Was Hidden… Still I Have Black Heads.. It Doesnt Matter To Me.. They Arent THAT Bad..So From While To While.. I Use This Mask

    U Separate The White And The Yellow Thing Of The Egg(In The Mask I Use The White)
    The U Add 3 Drops Of Lemon On The White Thing Of The Egg.. Apply To Ur Face.. After 20 Minz.. Wash It With Warm Water.. It Just Cleans The Pores:)

  207. i’m 14 and i had blackheads all over my nose, chin & cheeks. i use a hot steam towel and wash my face with a mild cleanser. then i washed my face with cold water. about twice or three times a week i use the honey treatment with lemon juice. GREAT results.

    only problem was my huge pores. to get rid of those i just wash my face with extra virgin olive oil. – i got really good results in a week. it gets all the toxins out too. you might break out because of the removal of the toxins.

    whatever you do, don’t pop, or pick at your blackheads. you get horrible scars and holes. citrus, especially lemons, and greeny vegetables are wonders for a clear complexion. every morning drink a glass of warm water w/ honey + lemon juice.

    also drink alot of water, great for your skin & health.

  208. heyy guys help me. I have black heads on my nose. My mom tells me to forget about them but I hate them! I have tried the toothpaste thing and the steaming thing but nothing seems to work !!!!! I also have pimples. My skin is really oily and I am 12. Can anyone help me?

  209. Hey Becky.. Did u try neutrogina scrub everyday for black heads.. to be franks it doesnt get rid of them.. it reduses the greecy part of it.. which makes it smaller so unnoticable…

    Dont pop them up urself.. if in a centre.. its ok…

    wash ur face daily with “OILTUM SOAP”.. it is for all skin types.. wash ur face every morning and night.. as for the scrub every night…

    In The Morining.. after u wash ur face and dry it.. use sun block..

    DRINK AT LEAST 6 CUPS OF WATER EACH DAY!!! if u eat salt.. huge amounts.. try to reduce it.. EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES..VITIMIN C

    my skin doc. says that choclate doesnt do anything with skin problems..

    Gurl.. i guess the main reason for this problem is hormones!!

  210. The only thing that got rid of my daughter’s blackheads and cysts was a prescription antibiotic called doxycycline hyclate. Dont waste your money on other products!

  211. All of us just need to stand up for ourselves and not let how we look get us down! If you can fix your blemishes, good for you. For those of us who can’t, it won’t change who you are. You can still be a successful person. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying and probably not worth talking to. Especially for all of you who are 13, 14, or 15, you really shouldn’t worry. Most of the time it will get better as you get older. Not to mention that you’re probably the only person who even notices anything wrong with your face!!

  212. My doctor gives me erythomycin (I think that’s how you spell it!!)and it helps a lot. Maybe it’ll work for some of you, too!

  213. I Had Black Heads Loads When I Was 13/14 But My Mum Really Help Me To Look After My Skin The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them Is By – 1. Fill A Bowl Of Boiling Water 2. Get A Dish Cloth To Put Over Your Head 3. Let The Heat Get Into Your Skin But Make Sure You Get A Few Breathes InBetween PS- DONT TOUCH THE BOILING WATER WITH YOUR FACE YOU WILL BE BURN AND HAVE IT PERMANTLY SCARED If You Have Any More Concerns Please Email Me Back Thankyou πŸ˜€

  214. well i need a tip. my nose is ful of blackheads. i got rid of my acne and need to rid of thes. I tryed all the clearasil and 3day blackhead removal … but still cant find anythin that works!!!
    i feel so ugly because of them
    i have to wait to see my dematoligist/doctor … any quick tips please ?

  215. well i got a blackhead on my chin that hurts like a pimple! and it kinda looks like one but has a black head?!?! so how would i get rid of it or am i just imageing something?

  216. ok so i got this really great set of clinque skin care products for christmas.. but i find the more i worry about my face the worse it gets so i would say dont worry about them so much just cuz that causes you to touch your face alot making it even more oily :/ i still think you should wash your face everyday just dont feel the need to rub it with oily hands afterward hope it helps!!

  217. For all you out there, I am a licensed beauty specialist and like a few of you were saying, if you keep picking at the white head or black head that will only make things worse. What you need to do is find a facial cleanser for you skin type and stick with it. It won’t work automatically due to the fact that your face has months of dead skin that needs to shed. Don’t switch up the product that you are using on your face for this can cause your face to become dry r even break out even worse than it already is. When I was younger I did the same exact thing. If you have any further questions you can ask me at or you can call a dermatologist and ask them for advice. It’s Free

  218. I recommend you steam your face for around 15 minutes. Then get a cotton wool ball, dip it in hot water (yes hot) and then wipe over the area in which you have the blackheads. Do this twice a week. I have been blackhead and acne free for ages. I used this steaming method, drinking the right amount of water a day and i used Tea Tree + Witch Hazel spot stick for my spots. I was spot free within 2 weeks. Havn’t had a breakout since.

  219. When I first got blackheads i didn’tknow what to do with them. so i squeezed them REALLY hard and it left really really deep holes and it was all red that was three years ago i still have the marks/scars so ppl don’t try it!!!

  220. i am 15 and have a few blackheads but you are all syaing to steam your face it really does work but make sure you rinse with cold water once your finished because otherwise you are just letting in polluted dirty air right into your pores and really defeats the purpose of the steaming in the first place.

    ps clinique do really good clarifying lotions and soaps

    hope this helps xxx

  221. I am a new mom (Well kinda…my baby is 8 months old) and during my pregnancy I developed horrible pimples and black heads. I have found a few remedies that are helping tremendously. I do this twice a week while taking a relaxing bath. I start by washing my face with a medicated cleanser and I let that sit until it drys. Then I rinse and pat dry(I say PAT DRY because rubbing it dry will irritate you skin further). Then I use a at-home microdermabrasion kit. Do it no longer than 2 minutes. Then rinse and pat dry. Then I follow with a moisturizer. I apply heavy at night, but very mildly in the morning. The constant exfoliating of the skin only dries it out and then it tells you brain to produce more oil. The oil is a protecting agent for the skin. If it was not there your skin would be more vulnerable to bacteria. Too abrasive of an exfoliant can damage the skin more allowing more bacteria in and under the skin. And thus the cycle continues. When my skin is having a bad day, like after I am all dress up for a night out, I use a mask of egg yolk. Egg yolk is very high is vitamins especially vitamin A which is known for its healing properties. Before I use the mask I put a warm wet towel on my face for a few minutes to open the pores. After I rinse and PAT dry I apply a cold pack for a few minutes to close the pores. Then I follow with a moisturizer. My face has a healthy glow and is soft and touchable. I am not saying these work for everyone but they have worked for me. I hope that I have helped.

  222. So Does toothpaste really work? I hate black heads! They are anoying and they hurt to pop! I sugest not to pop them, it hurts, and it leavs marks! Things like, black head sprips, warming blackhead get rid of’s, and anything thats like that, is a rip off, and its cheep! I would get a fashial and it really does go away! Dont use ice it burns and its not fun! I guess i would try toothpaste!!

  223. I just use the Bior blackhead strips..It doesn’t hurt and it gets all the blackheads and extra gunk out of my nose..its great and cheap. =D

  224. DONT USE BLACKHEAD STRIPS! Kathy the black heads you think your getting rid of really is the gunk! Its stupid and cheep. I am a modle and they think toothpaste works the best and it does! Some people get an infected black head so dont pick at it whatever you do! Be carful with black heads they hurt and can easily get infected. and Kjgb what kind of scrub do you use?

  225. Still trying to figure things out myself. I’ve had sistic acne for the last 7 years. I’m 21.I’ve done all the medicatons, been to see DOZENS of doctors and the meds mad me vomitt and the doctors were more sympathetic than helpful.The only advice I can give is this stuff called “Black sab”. Not exactly sure of the medical name but if you were to ask a pharmasist they should know. Most ppls parents know about it or have used it for boils or maybe even acne. It brings a pimple or a sist to a head where you can usually eliminate it yourself after that. You can get it at the pharamsy in Wal-Wart for like $4. It smells like tar and is black and kinda oily but works.

  226. Using Boir Black Head strips works, try making your pores tighter to lessen the amount of gunk that can get into your pores and cause black heads. Eat healthy, avoid fatty foods, (eating chips/french fries is really bad potatos have a lot of sugars and oils in them that contribute to black heads and pimples).
    Detox your body and work out and voila! perfecto!

  227. Hey what can you do for blackheads around the mouth and bottom nose? i have very small blackheads all over my upper lip there is about 20 its horrible! i need help!

  228. never ever EVER squeeze them! put your face by steam / bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, being careful not to touch the water & to breathe, and then exfoliate & wash your skin & pat dry.. that worked for me! or egg white & lemon juice.. or the toothpaste idea [put on at night then wash with warm water in morning].. Thankyou for all your tips! helped me alotttt! =) .Ox

  229. Ok first of all drink lots and lots of water every day, its the best thing for you and your skin. Second you just need to steam your face, and apply honey, leave it on for however long you like, its best if its on OVER 20 minutes. And then rinse it off. Then use a good face cream or non oil mostureizer because it will clog and protect your pores from unwanted oil. So yea…thats about all you should really do. And DONT DONT DONT try to squeeze the blackheads…trust me, bad things happen to your face!!

  230. I agree with the one way up about the salt water-
    i’ve noticed that whenever i go to the beach that my skin gets alot better- after swimming in the ocean, the blackheads i have usually turn into the manageable kind that go away in like half a day
    Also, i do use sunscreen (minimally though, which may or may not be bad) and the sun has large amounts of vitamin E, which i read in one issue of reader’s digest a while ago
    so i think that this mixture is good
    i’m going to try the salt thing and maybe when it gets sunnier out, i’ll try the vitamin E thing too
    just a suggestion
    also, PLEASE DO NOT EVER rely on birth control pills to get rid of acne. Just open a package and it will include a VERY long pamphlet of sideffects- including death and other serious illnesses and injuries
    TRUST ME!!! please do not rely on such an unnatural system!

  231. sorry
    i forgot to say this too
    i also agree with the toothpaste idea- overnight
    only for pimples that are large, raised, and red, but won’t come to a head
    they will most likely be the kind with a white tip by the next morning
    not really for blackheads, though, from my experience

  232. Hi brendan,

    You shouldnt buy Roaccutane over the counter(OTC). Roaccutance be only used for 6 months. Usage without prescription and blood monitoring especially your liver, it will cause liver damage.

  233. Cool Whip Light in the can! If you just leave it and don’t rub it in for like ten minutes you’ll wake up the next morning with little or no acne, it’s a really good moisturizer too!

    just make sure you get fat free light, i’m not sure why, but that worked the best.

  234. in the shower wash your face with st. ives apricot scrub for blemishes and black heads. it is amazing, i have dry skin so it helps with black heads and breakouts wihtout drying out my face. once you get out steam open your pores and use biore pore strips and if there are still any black heads left gently pop them or you can get a pore extraction from a local spa or dermatologist

  235. mix granulated sugar wit lemon juice n honey not the 1 4 pancakes though cuz that1 doesn’t work use real honey the 1 that bees make lol ok mix all them up and apply 2 ur face scrub it 4 a while and then leave it as long as u want 2 , isbetter if it dries though then wash it with a good face wash that does not dry ur face , u can do it as many times as u want cuz it cleanses ur face without damaging it n my grandma says that blemishes or face impurities doesnt lyk the sweet stuff so they go away but u gotta do it constantly so they dont come back….

  236. put luke warmwater well maybe a little warmer and pad it on your face with a cotton ball (do not use a wash it is just plane bad for you) and then rubb a ice cube on your face the warm water opens your pores and washes them then the ice cube closes them.
    hope it helps it did help me LOVE ALL OF YALL

  237. ok so im only 12 but i have black heads and they r nasty. usualy ppl get them on their nose but me i gget them right under my nose. some of them get really big and i feel insecure about having a black dot on my face. theres so many tps on here but they r all different so idk which ones to use. my face looks gross and i want a way to get these black heads off i hate them!! please someone help me

  238. i am 17 of blackheads..and like you guys at the age of around 14 and 15, i had blackheads. I also had eczema. I had very clear skin all over my face but my nose was covered in blackheads. I tried ignoring them and just drinking water(9cups of water a day), but this was hard 2 stick to.

    I decided 2 steam my face. I filled a saucepan up with hot boiling water. I rinsed my face with water, dried it and just stuck my head over the pan allowing the steam to reach every angle of my face. While doing this, i put a towel over my head and the pan so that the steam couldnt escape.I sat there, over the pan, for approx. 10-13mins. After i washed my face with cool water and jus PATTED dry. I did this steaming every sunday. After about 3 weeks, i noticed my face being a lot smoother and my skin was very moisturized.

    My blackheads on my nose were disappearing but very slowly so i decided 2 buy clearasil blackhead remover. Using a cotton pad and a few drops of the cleanser, i gently wiped the pad over my nose every morning and night. After the first day i noticed a change. After about a week i was amazed. The blackheads were disappearing so fast. During this time of applying the cleanser, i tried my best not to touch my face, unless i had clean hands. After a month, all my blackheads were gone and my face was glowing. I also used cocoa butter moisturiser all over my body.

    A tip to get rid of spots-at night dab a bit of toothpaste on it..don’t rub it in. The next day, the redness would have gone and after about three days the spot would have disappeared. DON’T USE ANY OTHER CHEMICALS ON IT. If you can, rinse your face with water every morning and night. This will speed up the process.

    If you have acne, make sure you wash your bedsheets(mainly pillow cases) often, as the dirt will just get attracted to your skin. Eat an orange a day. If you usually wear foundation, in order to make your skin better, you will have to leave this. The amount of chemicals in it will make your skin 100 times worse. Also, do not go to sleep later than 12 at night. You need at least 8 hours of sleep but don’t go to sleep for more than 11 hours as this will only make you tired. If you have acne, do not use any chemicals on it. This means no cleansers and lotions as they do nothing but irritate it. No matter how clean they appear, they are not. They are full of chemicals. I forgot to mention how i used the methods on the site >> I done this once every two weeks and trust me, it works:). Im sure iv given enough information on how to keep your skin looking healthy. Seriously take my advice. I know what its like, iv been through it and by using all the methods iv mentioned, i am free from all of it. Good luck to everyone and i hope this benefits you greatly. πŸ™‚ x

  239. p.s sorry for the extremely long writing but just take the time and effort to read it. If you don’t it’ll be your loss and you’ll forever be following the stupid comments from other people and just adding chemicals to your skin:)

  240. Hey what’s up guys its Nick Jonas. Yes, I am a pop star for disney channel but, I get black heads too. Kevin and Joe agree with me. We all get them its part of life and let me tell you your all beautiful girls and don’t worry about your face. Everything all works out in the end…

    Hey this is Joe, I want to make a shout out to all my wonderful fans your all great!

  241. First of all Lindsey or as i should say Mrs. I think i know tons. All those comments work and my guess is you did not read everyone thats like 370! So yea not trying to be mean but all the things work or most and I would get a facial it all goes away!

  242. Well i have alot of blackheads, and they are very annoying! But i have popped two or three, and it didnt leave a scar. but my nose was red for about a day or two. Dont pop them because it just makes them worse, instead try using biore products, but before you use any of the products try weting a rag with really hot water, and putting that on your nose for at least 30 seconds, it works great and you need to do this for about a week before you notice anything. Alson try twice a week using the biore nose strips. They work magic, but if they are difficult to get off, dont try ro ip them off, because that hurts, instead try putting a little warm water on the strip, and it will come righy off.

  243. I’m don’t think I saw this up there…but just a tip to do with hair and cleaning.

    When you’re in the shower, clean your hair before you clean your face/back/neck or whereever acne is a problem. Most shampoos have chemicals that will irritate your skin and can cause it to flare up. I learned that the hard way.

    It may not be an issue with most people, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to change a routine. Besides…who washes their skin with shampoo?

  244. I agree with washing your hair first, but condition your hair and rinse as well because conditioner acts like a heavy moisturizer on your face and can clog your pores even more. Make washing your face the very last thing you do in the shower so all other cleaners and conditioners are completly washed off of your face.

    One other tip: ALWAYS use toner as soon as you wash your face. It fills the pores you’ve just cleaned and does not allow moisturizers and make-ups to get in as easily.

  245. Steam is the best way to clean the face.. it is incredibly gentle and wont harm the skin.

    Using a bowl of hot water, position your face over the bowl till your preffered comfortable temperature, this is between warm and hot. Then place a towel over your head so only your face is exposed to the steam from the hot water.

    The steam will open your pores and and actually will clean in side them becuase the steam will turn to water on your face and under the dirt in your pores, it will also make the dirt soft.

    This will help the dirt to be clensed away easily when you use a gentle scrub.

    After you have completed this process, you will definatly notcie know black heads but u will see large pores. Quickly splash very cold water over your face to close the poors and you will barley see them.

    Its best to repeat this process twice a day, nearly everyday.

    Do not worry if your face appears to be red after steaming, this is just a reaction from the heat. If it is irratable… try adding some cold water to the hot water..

    At the moment, i am working on a ****** steam cleaner. Much like the steam cleaners you can get for carpets except this will be more like a airbrush spray. The spray will release a busrt of warm steam so that it will not burn your face but will be powerful enough to pull away dirt with out having to use a scrub or moustouriser, as it will hydrate your skin.

    Hope it works !

  246. The steam really does help !

    i cant belive it, my skin feels alot more smoother and cleaner and more supple.

    I find it helps to take some facial wipes with me during the day to clean excess oil of my skin.

    Steaming is excellent and costs nothing !!!

    If you cant steam your face for any reason, then the doctor can subcribe you some medication which will reduce your hormones, but it sounds dangerous :S

    I cant wait for the Steam cleaner spray for your face.

  247. HELP!!! gosh i’ve had my nose full of blackheads ever since i was like 10 [am now 16]. My nose looks like a fricken strawberry!
    I’ve tried the biore pore strips and literally only the first one i ever used worked.
    the other times they only took a little out. I hate my skin! I was it night and morning, and less than 2 hours later my nose and pretty much everything else are as greasy as a bag of fries! I’m sick of this! help me!
    [I even tried steaming and it did NOTHING!]

  248. Just as a tip to any of the older ladies in here: if you are taking an oral contraceptive, that may be the problem. I have never had acne problems until my most recent pill. With any new pill, there is the courtesy 3-4 months during which acne can increase and then return to normal. That time has already come and gone for me, so I’m headed back to the doctor for a different pill. Hormones are a gigantic contributor to your skin health, so look internally before you slather things all over yourself externally!

  249. Ok ladies and gents, I have been going thru what you are going through for upwards of 20 years. Recently, I discovered Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser/mask and Oxy, both containing benzoyl peroxide. My skin finally looks pretty great. I highly recommend you try one of them. Amazing stuff! I have tried the salicylic(sp?) acid products and not had anything impressive happen for me. Another thing that has worked in the past for me are skin care products with alpha and/or beta hydroxy in them. Excellent dead cell sloughers. Good luck, and please don’t pick at your faces! I have those same pits and scarring and wish I knew then what I know now…

  250. personaly, i like squeezing spots LOL, but you can damage your skin or the spot can get infected, im training to be a beauty therapist and have learned how to do ****** treatments…for white heads, wash your hands and then roll tissue round your two middle fingers and wiggle them around the break out, this removes the pus with out getting it infected. The best way to get rid of black heads is to go for a ****** treatment, it realy works, but you have to keep going for treatments atleats once a week.

  251. Try Using Netrogena(i think)and in a coupple of days blackheads will be gone, i have blackheads and my Mother reccomended this to me and most of my blackheads have gone an i have only used it for 3 days, but don’t use clearisel because it just burns you face!


  252. When I was a teen I broke very badly. I tried everything at k-mart- the cheap stuff. In my twenties I started seeing an herbalist. I take a lot of supplements including enzymes. One big thing I changed is getting rid of the dairy out of my diet. If you notice that dairy makes you really flemmy after consuming, you may have an allergy and cannot digest it properly which means it could be clogging your pores. Giving it up has also helped my sinuses and ears. For several years I used a soap called Face Doctor. It is a chinese herbal soap that you should be able to find in the health food stores. It was a miracle for me. I have found my skin has changed and now the best thing seems to be anti-bacterial hand soap- for me I buy the foaming hand soap from Bath and Body. Definetly drink lots of water. I also do use salt with the hand soap to exfoliate and to pull out impurities. I am still having some trouble with black heads. I just added vit. A and I already take flax oil, and zinc. Very important too, I just switched to mineral makeup. I would reccomend getting a better brand- I am using Bare Escentials. I will never use make-up from wal-mart again. Most of those make-ups have animal fat in them- very clogging. Even though my skins not perfect, since changing to the mineral makeup, I have been getting lots of compliments on it. I have very few actual pimples anymore. By the way, tried proactiv, it does work fairly well, but I prefer something less harsh on the skin and since the hand soap is working and its cheaper. Also you may want to look for anything that may clean toxins from the inside. I also take chorophyl for my liver. there are also herbal blends to clean your blood. Or you may need to colon cleaning. All of these things are helpful no matter what. Obviously if you are toxic inside it has to come out somewhere.

  253. I’m 15 and had REALLY bad skin. I have been on OXYTETRACYCLINE for about 6 months and my skin has improved so much, its almost clear!! It really does work, but you have to get it prescribed by your doctor if you want it πŸ™‚ xo

  254. “When the pore is open, the oil is exposed to oxygen, which reacts and turns it a dark color, resulting in a black head.”


    The dark coloration is caused by melanin.

  255. I’m 13 years old and my forehead is full of blackheads..i don’t know what happen my faace wasnt really bad like it is now..but how can i get rid of them please help people are picking on me and i dont like it:[

  256. Ok, to begin with hormones suck, but they’re the main reason we’re dealing with blemishes and blackheads, and they’re the way of life . So in conclusion life sucks.
    From my own personal experience-
    Pour water into an average mug and heat in the microwave for about 1 minute.
    Get a washcloth and dip it into the mug.
    Gently apply to nose for about ten minutes, enough time for you to dance around the room and sing your favorite songs 3 times.
    When your done, gently squeeze black head try pushing the ‘gunk’ out, but if it doesn’t come out on the 1st try don’t continue doing it, it might just not be ready.
    ONLY DO THIS AT NIGHT, it will temporarily make your nose red.

  257. ok, im not a teenager yet and i have TONS of pimples and an extreme amount of blackheads on my nose and around my nose. I use spectro jel for my pimples, ive been using it for about a week and a half and it seems to be working ok but i just keep getting more and more blackheads!!! nothing seems to be working. All of my friends have barely anything on TNEIR faces and i feel left out soemtimes. They dont make a big deal outta it but i just want them to go away so badly!!

    Do you have any tips for m,e that work?? PLEASE!! πŸ™‚

  258. ok lots of spelling errors. heres what i ment, THEIR,sometimes and i dont want my friends to go away i want my blackheads and pimples to go away oviously!

  259. You just have to pretend they’re not there and then you’ll be more confident. thats what i do. sometimes i get emotional on how my face looks but you just have to know that u still have to take care of yourself, but there is WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT THAN YOUR FACE!!

    sorry if this is lame advice

  260. I use biore ****** strips it works. I still use the squeezing method by myself though. And if you can help buy creme makeup instead of liquid.

  261. i’ve read almost every answers.. and so far i’ve seen egg whites & lemon juice most of the time.. and also steaming…. best way to open up pores is just go to a STEAM ROOM… there’s public bath (spas/sauna) or at the gym steam rooms… helps best.. take a shower and exfoliate…. then apply with toner/moisturizer.

  262. I’m 12 and have had blackheads since i was 10 and thdey wont clear up.I’ve tried nearly every face cleaner there is and i’m sick of them not clearing up!! I dont wear much make up i only wear mascara and eye shadow and my face is all greasy! please help me i’m sick of having blackheads!!

  263. i’ve tried everything from proactive to clearasil to herbal stuff. nothing helps and i really want all my blemishes to GO AWAY. if anyone has any ideas as to how i can get rid of them let me know! thanks

  264. ok, everyone. i am 13. i have a crapton of blackheads on my nose and chin.. dont pop them itll just bruise. there is a mask out there its amazing. actually its sold at dollar general’s mostly or drug stores its call queen helens mint juilep mask it all natural ingredients and works wonders do it on ur t-zone (forehead nose and chin) once a day and in like a week or two they will be gona. trust me. now i have beautiflu clar skin
    zap zyt sucks badd ont use it

  265. My boyfriend ahs REALLY bad blackheads. Like, they are all down his back and face and chest. There are waaay too many to pop.

    What’s the best way to get rid of massive amounts of blackheads?

  266. Please help me. I have sufered with bad acne on my back. I get it from my dad. I really need help. I have blackheads on my shoulders and back. Its embarassing when you go swimming with them. I have heard lots of different methods. But what ones actually work for blackheads ? Well please someone help me. I am in desperate need of removel of these blackheads. Thanks you a ton πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  267. Hi, im 15. iv been trying to get rid of blackheads for like ever. i dont really get pimples only when im stressed out or get really nervous ill get these big oil pimple things. really anoying and it really hurts cause all the presure. i also have dry skin. but i was watching a show on tv What not to Wear and the girl had really dry skin the the makeup girl said to wash ur face with sugar. before that iv seen it in a magazine but i ignored it cause i thot it was BS. but it really does work. in a week even days you will see a big diff. but what i did was wash my face with face wash and then just leave my face wet put some sugar in my hands, rub and then scrub ur face with it. dont be to rough tho cause it will hurt a bit lol. so people with dry skin USE SUGAR!! it really works trust me.
    If anyone has tips for thos stupid oil pimple things plllz let me know!
    Good Luck =)

  268. Hi again. for people who have blackheads and pimples on their back its probably cause you dont wash urself properly. my little sister has the same thing. and my mom and dad said it was cause she doesnt wash her self right. lol its kinda funny. but not. so wash ur self good. buy one of the back scruber things that have a long arm to reach and use soap. if not use a body scrub with little beeds. that really works cause it scrubs aways all the dirt and dead skin and what not and cleans it properly. i do the same thing even tho i dont have anything. but my skin is so much nicer after. its soft and looks good. and i feel really clean =D

  269. Hey, so I have blackheads but for acne I use Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Foam Wash. It’s a blue liquid in a cylindrical container and it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually significantly takes care of my acne. It doesn’t even really get “worse” before it gets better for the most part. It did cause a few pimples to surface and come to a head but then they dry up and go away. I use it all over in the shower and it works for me. Hope that helps…

  270. i have extremly clear skin and i never get pimples/zits but i DO have blackheads only on my nose. how should i get rid of them? i don’t want to buy anything, just use products that are in the kitchen or just natural things.

  271. i have blackheads on my cheeks and forehead and chin and nose..i dont know how to get rid of them..ive used so many creams and yet there still there. but im gonna drink water everyday and eat healthier foods and try to keep contact from my face..because i like this girl and she tried to talk to me i said go away because of my blackheads.. they can ruin lifes

  272. just get your parents to eliminate 3 a day but tell them not to do it so hard. and eliminate 3 to 5 a day and dont touch ur face with ur hand unless you really need to. i have really bad acne problem i mean really bad and you feel that you cant talk to anyone face to face. it sucks i know. just drink water and try to stay away from greasy and unhealthy foods..i know its hard but just try.. and try to get your face on your pillow case which also has alot of oil and grease on it

  273. I personaly have large pours, which means I’m prone to spots and black heads. I’d like to find somthing that works to make my pores smaller in the first place, but untill then, this is what works for me:

    – Heat a bowl of water, put a towel over your head and then place your head over the bowl, just let the steam rise up on your face, don’t burn yourself, but the hotter the better. Do that for 5-10mins
    – Immediately scrub your face, my personal favourite is Benefit Orange Scrub, but hand and foot scrubs work too, somtimes even better. You can even make your own scrub, just warm a tablespoon of honey and add a few pinches of salt.
    – Take a cotten wool pad and soak it in a blackhead remove (I like cearsil’s range), general make up remover (Lancome Bi-****** works wonders, but is expensensive), or a treatment from your doctor, make sure it’s oil free, and dab it all over your face, concentrating on your affected areas.

    Try it at night for best results, you can see the difference in the morning. =]

  274. I get blackheads all over my nose my mum says oh they will just go away wen u wash em and they dont they just stay there all the time πŸ™ HELP ME !

  275. yeah blackheads are ruining my life!!!! not really but they’re annoying me and clearosil and liquids don’t do anything πŸ™ i’m probably the only dude who’s ever been on this site


  277. one more quesion this mite seem dumb but wen u say “exfoliation” like wat is dat is it a cream u have to get or … lol!!


  278. Getting rid of Blackheads sounds hard, but actually it isnt. Wash your face everynight, then use a light toner and non greasy moisteriser, and do this everynight. Only exfoliate ONCE a week, because exfoliation is actually just small sand particles taking layers of your skin off, which means dry skin! OH NO! If you have dry skin, remember to moisterise every day, at least twice! GOOG LUCK!

  279. right i have tried warm honey, two different face cleasners, toothpaste and water but my blackheads wont go away.I hate them i get really depressed. does it reck my skin if i put warm water on my nose and oick at the blackheads??

  280. pleeze can you give me some ideas cause i dont want to write a sucide note saying my blackheads were the reason i killed myself!!!!!!!!!! LOL that was a joke!! but please can you give me some ideas the would be appriciated!

  281. Reading through all of them, its amazing how people are so bothered about black heads lol.

    Best thing to do . Steam face and get squeezing.
    So much fun .
    Satisfaction is achieved.
    And so what if it turns into a spot. Cover by make up and move on to the next one.
    Have fun =)

  282. Blackheads are so deep down in the pore and are very hard to get rid of. Most skin products don’t work especialy the greasy ones. So, instead of using products that say they ‘work’, I use normal water follow with a toner and then use a non greasy moisturiser. I have beautiful skin!

  283. Hia amy right i had blackheads on my nose and chin when i was 13, i am now 17 and they have gone. Right what you need to do is run the tap or boil some water untill it is hot, but not to hot that you will burn youself!! Then get a washcloth or a towel and put it under the tap then dab it on the place where you have blackheads and do it for 10minutes then when you have finished doing that put a blackhead wash on it i used clear and clear.It will get into the open pores and get rid of them.It takes a few weeks but do it every morning and evening for the next 2 weeks it will work. It saves money and i found a answer after looking for years. And i can finally look in the mirror!! By the way dont use pore strips the really damage you skin!! i hope that this is helpful!! Xxx

  284. Well, ive had blackheads all over my forehead and nose since i was about 8/9.
    I used to use foundation everyday, and it didnt help my skin at all! if you really need to cover up spots or something.. use a cover up stick but dont put it everywhere.
    I normally do this about once a week:
    Boil some water,
    pour it in a bowl,
    put my head over it with a towel on my head for about 10/15 minutes,
    pat my face,
    squeeze some of the most visible blackheads,
    and then get in the shower and lightly scrub the areas with clean and clear or any other scrubs..
    but if they are deep, they will leave holes in your skin!
    oh yeah, and eat healthy and drink lots of water,
    and moisturise! πŸ˜€

  285. i have tried every thing i dont know how to get rid of mine. its not bad but its ugly and when i cover them up i am really pretty but when they show its not so pretty. but they are on my nose so its hard to squeeze them out because t hurts… what do i do?

  286. Hay Everybody …. Blackheads can get loads of us stressed out about nothing i used to have very bad blackheads which were really visible but now they are very small – i find the following things GREAT :- drinking a lot of water everyday – eating fruit – DO NOT USE NOSE STRISPS – washing your face with hot water twice a day – moisturising is very good as long as it isnt too greasy and i also find sudocream really good and works raelly well against blackheads and spots – i also find going in a sauna good or even boiling some water let it cool down pour it into a bowl and put a towel over the bowl and put your face against the towel this works very well – i also find a tea tree oil stick works well only use twice a week – if you mix baking soda with hot water and out this on your blackheads 3 times a week this is also good – and i also take evening primrose capsules which i find great for my skin and JOGGIN not only a way for the air to get to your face and open up your pores but a way of exercising and it will also make you feel better and happier on the inside. And NOO squezzingg !! πŸ™‚ GOOD LUCK

  287. The best way to get rid of blackheads I have found is to get a ****** once a month from a specialist at a day spa. Big tip. If they don’t break out a special tool to dig out the deep blackheads your wasting your time and money!!. The one I went too told me I was going to hate em by the time they got done. It is sooo painful. But very worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO matter how much you clean there is nothing like getting a ****** once in awhile if you can afford it.

  288. What I Do For The Massivley Huge Ones

    Apply A Hot Face Cloth To My Nose

    Get A Pair Of Tweezers

    Make a Hole On The Black Head

    And Squeeze It

    Itll Hurt But Man Up

  289. i have blackheads on my nose and they weren’t going away for any of the things i’ve tried. I had used exfoliants, holding my head over a hot water tub, rubbing the sides of my nose after a shower, and tried popping them. but the thing that I found the most effective is:
    STEP 1: wash face and pat dry
    STEP 2: wet nose and apply a biore nose strip and keep on until strip is stiff and dry. (Approx. 15 minutes)
    STEP 3: take off nose strip and apply a thin layer of warm honey on effected area. leave on for 15 minutes.
    STEP 4: wash off honey with warm water, but when all is gone, wash face with freezing water to close pores and prevent future blackheads.
    These steps worked really well for me, and I hope they do for you.

  290. To me blackheads are embarassing. I am 13 and go to a middle school where people gossip and talk. people always say i have something on my nose i’m like i no and they ask me what is it and i afraid to explain it to them. the things i use to help me take it away is make up or immediate response treatment by avon and proactive use those they work!!!

  291. Im only 9 years old and i have a blackhead so my tip is to leave it alone and clean your face alot and also what the other girls said is to eat healthy.

  292. Hey
    Ive had blackheads for ages now and ive tried everything.
    Ive done
    Wateva Any more tips or do i just need to carry on what im doin?

  293. omg please help i’ve done everything ! am so embarrased my mate was slaggin of sum girl who has them and im afraid shes slaggin me of behind my back please help anythign new ive done the hot water cold water thing it doesnt work nothing does please reply !!! x


  295. After going in a hot shower, use the rounded end of a bobby pin to push out the gunk from your pores…its really works! And it’s fun too!

  296. Try this scrubb :-

    2 tbsp white vinegar
    2 tbsp oatmeal [ quikk cook can be used ]
    1 tbsp honeyy
    1 1/2 tsp lemon juice [ freshh ]

    Mix them all together…
    If it seems too wateryy…the add more honeyy…
    Wash yur face with warmm waterr…
    Apply this scrub & gently scrub yur problem areas…
    Do this in circular motions…& for abt 2 minutes..

    Oatmeal –> a gentle yet effective scrub
    Vinegar –> a great cleanser & gunk remover
    Honeyy –> an excellentt skinn moisturizer
    Lemon –> a fantasic oil remover

    Hope this works. Even if it doesnt make yur bakkheads go awayy…it makes yur skin smooth and gives it a wonderful glow !

    Sweet luv

  297. *

    OMG, i have loads of blackheads on my nose and chin, and they really stand out, i’m just about to try the methods above i really hope they work, they look so unnapealing and unnatractive. Grrr. >:(

  298. ive tried this is their any other srubs or ways to help get rid of black head cos when i sqeeze em yellow stuff comes out but then its still black ??? !!!! please help

  299. im 14 and have had blackheads since i was about 12.first of all, i wouldnt recomend sticking a needle/pin into the blackhead.if you slip,trust me it hurts.second:you can get little metal “spot poppers” so try to get one of them before you hurt yourself.just remember that as a teen you may have to wait for your skin to settle down.anyway good luck

  300. Blackheads. I’ve had them since I was twelve and spent thousands of dollars on just about everything. over the counter, treatments, prescriptions, Tings on TV. etc. but now that I’m 19 the whole “acne thing” is different, 1. I’ve gotten used to acne and just don’t let it get me down. The most practical cure to acne is really just a matter of time. Accept that you have it. I know it sounds all “therapy” like but really, Once you accept it, then you will have the right mind set. I say that you must accept it because, really …. whether you believe it or not, people like you with or without acne. If you are self conscious about it then your body language will exude it. Kind of like an animal sensing your fear. You must show confidence in yourself and show that just because you have acne and have reached a stage in your life, does not mean that you are any less of a person. Its a part of your life that will help you understand how others feel and make you that much stronger when it comes to dealing with other obstacles. I know acne is not a bunch of Unicorns and Rainbows and of course it is not expected for you to be at all exactly happy about it, but the experience will open your eyes to your environment and the people around you. Thus this experience is honestly a gift. Just not the prettiest. I am not at all grateful I have acne, but I believe it has helped me understand life a little more. Its just one of those “had to have experienced it” things. Do not let acne get you down.

    When treating acne, You have to explore your skin and how sensitive it is to different Moods. Usually you’ll see a better look in the mirror when you are in a good mood. It is to your advantage to do what you can to stay in a good mood. Your skin might change depending upon the environments, medications, stress levels, hormones, diet, and other habits. It is important to keep you bed clean! Wash your pillow covers!!!!!! and your covers and sheets!!. How can your skin get better if you keep rolling around in a dirty and oily bed?

    Most important, DO NOT OVERDO any TREATMENT and stay confident in whatever you do. That is the best advice I think. It will help your social life as well as your physical. Less stress and an at least a “better or skin healthier” routine of acne treatment is your best bet. Just a matter of time……………..

  301. hey people, ive noticed a really good product for gettin rid of blackheads! its called clean and clear blackhead remover its in a smallish purple box. i think its great as my nose is plastered with blackheads!
    hopes this helps!

  302. I’m 22 and have dealt with acne since i was in middle school…I used to be so self-concious about it. I’ve learned through alot of trial and erroer that the best way to keep your face clean is to treat it as gently as possible. Don’t touch your face alot, Don’t over- wash it. When washing don’t scrub too hard because you will strip off all the natural oils in your skin. DRINK WATER!!! steer clear from carbonated, sugar-loaded drinks. Eat healthy. I have naturally oily skin and every now and then i’ll get a couple blackheads on my nose but that’s about it. All of this is due to making it a ritual to doing all of the above….I hope some of these tips help

  303. well whoever says that people like you with or without acne is stuuuuuupiiidd. We live in a very shallow world of people and alot of chicks out there wont date a guy with acne keep that in mind.

    also, try to use alcohol after opening the pores and it will kill the bacteria in the infected pore.

    it might dry your skin out but it really help

  304. i use 2 hae black heads on the side of my nose (it was horbile) i asked my mom and she told me th put duck tape on my nose and leave it there 4 about 3-5 minutes and then pull it off, it might hurt but my aunt always says “to b beutiful sometimes u have 2 deal with pain” and thats true BUT TRY IT!!! IT REALY WORKS

  305. Md Formulations is expensive, but girls iam telling you it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a training beauty therapist

  306. Yep definitely just tried using duct tape to get rid of my blackheads and it did NOT work! It just hurt a LOT ripping it off! What I did was exfoliate with an apricot scrub (it has beads in it that scrape stuff away), then I held a hot cloth to the area with the blackheads, and then just pinched my skin between my fingers (with the cloth) and stuff just squeezed out! Blackheads gone!

  307. i have had black heads since 5 the grade do not pop them i repeat do not pop them you get nasty scars best ways to get rid of them is hydrogen peroxide, alchoal, lemons juice (separately) use cotton ball, i have really sensitive skin so i dont use alot but if these things are working for you you will see black on the cotton ball.

  308. I hate blackheads….my nightmare. Sometimes I don’t have …that many and sometimes I want to cry. I also tried lots of products, especially natural things, it worked and still working sometimes. When I am stressed and sad, my face is really bad. I do change my pillow cover and my face towel every 3 days. This is a rule for me. I do have the tendency to look in the mirror and see one blackhead or one pimple and I squeeze it, after that I put a lotion but if I do it before I get out of the house, when i come back in the evening, where it was the pimple is terrible. Red, yellow, bleah. I don’t use any make-up and I don’t even want to try. I am from Romania and here the products are kind of expensive so I preffer not to use make-up. I do use home made masks, very good, but sometimes I have a routine for a week or 2 and afer that…I am bored and tired. I think we just need to have some small rules and to stick to that and in time, maybe things will get better. Oh yeah, zinc is great for pimples and scars, but for blackheads….don’t know, just extraction which I do at home, of course in strict hygiene and following important rules. Hey Erika what about that lemon juice, I’ve heard before but I just don’t know exactly. I put lemon juice on my blackheads at night? because lemon juice is an acid, I think fruit acids are BHA and SA is BHA also…I think…so it may work. I will try because now that the summer is coming, the dirt, the sweat and the lack of water and a good diet will make my face look bad. I don’t have acne, just blackheads. I did noticed that my diet is responsible for this and stress, so I will try to make things ok for me.

  309. I put a warm facecloth of my nose, then pat it dry and pop them..they dissapear then an hour later theyre back :/

    i use ****** scrubs and cleansers and none seem to work

  310. I have 3 blackheads around my lip that WILL NOT go away. I have tried pore strips and a sft cleanser. But nothing seems to work. They look so horrible. I have been trying a few of the tips on here but they don’t seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas?

  311. hello. im 14 and i have blackheads. Everytime i see those blackheads i get stressed. It just ruins my skin especially my face beacsue its on my nose. I’m using a bar soap on my face maybe thats the cause because only when I used it, those blackheads came. I really dont know. I tried hot steam to open pores and wiped it with a towel then cold water to close pores but it did not work for me. I tried facial treatments for blackheads but not all of them were gone. Still, blackheads are still on my nose. Im really depressed. Can I use nose strips like clean and clear blackheads remover? Some articles on the net said dont use nose strips? But why? im so confused! I’ll try drinking lots of water and stop using my bar soap for my face and i’ll try to go to a dermatologist for help. I need more tips. Thanks

  312. iv got really sensitive and oily skin. Iv use so much stuff and nothing works. has anybody got any homemade stuff tht really works?????
    please !!!! :@

  313. I don’t know, I just pop them. πŸ˜€ It gets real easy to pop them after a hot bath and your pores are still “open”. Just apply toner and some moisturiser after that and it’ll do. Try not to squeeze them too hard as it may damage the skin. Also, never try squeeze the same blackhead more than twice. It’ll damage the skin, too.

    I personally tried the tape. It wasn’t as useful for me. It was mainly the smaller blackheads that were “pulled out” and those really obvious blackheads stays…!! Yeah, in short, pain and ineffective.

    For lemon juice, it only lighten the tone of your skin. Also, NEVER go under the sun after a lemon juice spread on your face. It’ll cause the tone of the face to darken and it’ll seriously look very bad.

  314. sticky tape: DOESNT WRK
    duct tape: THIS NEITHER ( hurts a lot!)
    nose strips: dont bother
    all i can add to these comments is have a hot bath or hot face soak before you pop the little b*****ds lol
    have fun guys

  315. -keep you hair out of your face
    -use clearasil [works over a period of time]
    -use rubbing alcohol
    -keep face washed [wash face with water after sweating and if it looks shiny because of oil]
    -dont wear excessive make-up

  316. OMG!
    i had so many blackheads the other week
    and my friend told me to dip my nose in vingar and boy did it work :O
    it obviously didnt get rid of them all but what a differnce πŸ™‚



  318. i have really open pores it’s horrible i suppose im ok looking but up close i must look bad i hav blackheads on my nose and really open pores near my lip’s (lip gloss dosent helr either it get’ all clogged up so i can’t use it ani more wot should i do could anibody tell me some tip’s on how to get blackhead’s away then minimise pores!!???:):):):):) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxx

  319. -Do not use bar soap
    -Steam your face; this makes it easier to pop your blackheads
    -Popping them is the best way out

  320. I’ve suffered with acne and blackheads since I just started highschool, i’m 23 this year and i STILL get break outs. I been on every medication you could dream of.. but the side effects were alot worse than what they were trying to clear up so i just left it. I dont suffer as much any more and i’ve just accepted that i dont have a good skin, if it was just oil, i could sort it out.. but its dry, really dry and gets soooo much worse in winter, when its really dry that when the acne breaks out. I HAVE to wear make up, i work in an invironment where i cant afford to be seen with marks and big zits and red spots on my face.. ofcourse the make up makes it worse, but i have to wear it the whole day and if i go out at night.. sure i wash it off but what help would it do if its just for 9 hours then straight back on again.
    the only tip that i can really say would help ANYONE.. is, if you can help it.. dont TOUCH your face so often, dont let your fringe hang in your face either, the oils from your hair mess up with the oils on your skin and make your problem just worse, so you might think you are being clever by covering your pimples with a fringe, but really you are creating a bigger problem. As for touching your face, if you have a zit that wont go away, DONT play with it all day, dont touch your face there, ignore it, chances are, the less you irratate the area the faster it will dissapear or form a head so you can pop the bugger.

  321. Hey, im 13 i have black heads – a few spots and dry skin.
    I am what you would call ‘Emo’ so, my fringe is long and covers my eye..I have got black heads on my nose and chin, i dont know how to get them off though, I use Blackhead scrub, but i also use Moisturiser.
    I just need some advise if u can spare..Life isnt so good and its just making it worse for me. Jay.

  322. Also, if you want to eliminate blackheads professionally and have a fair bit of cash on you then look out for Beauty Salons that have microdermabrasion treatments. These are brilliant for blackhead removal and your skin in general will look vibrant and glowing! You normally only need one treatment for blackheads, maybe a few more if you have a lot of blackheads, acne, etc and the it costs about Β£40 for each treatment!

  323. do a steam treatment to open your pores, then put a mixture of cornmeal & honey on your face while your pores are still open then rinse, this pulls out all of the oil & dirt. i was told you’re not supposed to squeeze them because it pushes them deeper into the skin

  324. Can somebody help me? I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and when I use Stridex or Clearisol pads on my nose it gets really dry and the skin keeps peeling off, it looks gross! I’m sick of my blackheads and I want them to be gone, and I don’t want to have peeling skin on my nose anymore! What do you guys suggest?

  325. Oh, and what I forgot to add was that I wear make-up every time I go out. I’m not going to stop using it, but I normally don’t wear it on my nose because of the peeling skin… Anyway, I don’t wear a ton of make-up and I barely get zits from wearing it… I just need some help with my blackheads…

  326. I Get Terrible Black Heads Around My T-Tone Area And My Nose… So I Get Some Simple Soap, Lather It Up Then Pour A Little Bit Of Sugar On My Hands… The I Gently Rub It On My Face. I Find it Works Reallyy Well…

  327. I am going to give you the best advice ever! I am 26 and I struggled with blackheads since my early teens until I finally went to the dermatologist a couple months ago. The dermo told me that all your really need to do is stop washing your face! Blackheads are a result of oily skin, when you wash/scrub/add cleaners etc…you wash away the oil which causes the oil production to accelerate in an effort to keep up! Best thing to do is stop washing your face. Seriously it worked for me! I use just water (I dumped around $500 worth of cleansers, moisturizers, pore refiner, etc.. in the bin and I have never regretted it!) to splash on myface n the morning in the shower, and then I don’t wash my face until the next morning in the shower (also with only water). Also, see a professional for an extraction.

  328. I have loads of black heads at the top of my back!
    They are awful! I cant reach them to pop them so i dont know how to get rid of them.
    Does anyone have know how i can get rid of them?
    Please help πŸ™‚ I have a prom tomorrow and i need them gone.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  329. Hello. I’ve got terrible blackheads on my T-area.. They are just so horrible and I just want them gone. To make matters worse, I’ve got almost unnaturally pale skin. Therefore, they are a lot more noticeable. I also get a lot of comments about it. Even from my family members, which makes me feel really bad about it. I am also what people would stereotype as “emo”.. So I’ve got the fringe that hangs over my eyes. Some people say that this causes more oil and blemishes, but others say that it doesn’t.. But I love my hair and I’d rather not have to let it grow out.. I’m just looking for ways to get rid of my blackheads. I don’t care how much pain it will cause. So, if you have any advice, it would be appreciated greatly. Thankyou.

  330. All you have to do is steam your face for a while and then pop them. I wouldn’t use Dove soap for your face. I use oatmeal soap instead.

  331. I am 16 amd I have always had bad acne for as long as I can remember. I also suffer from blackheads very badly. My acne is not as bad as it use to be but my blackheads are out of control! They are all over my nose and they will not go away! What should I do?

  332. hey jay ,im also what you call an emo kid im 14 and my hair hangs in my face too all you really have to do is steam your face or put a hot rag on your face for 10 mminutes then you have to pop your blackheads. they may not all come out but within a few days they will be gone but dont touch your face well try not too :]

  333. Hey.

    I’m 13 and have huge open pores that clog really easily. I can remember having blackheads when I was seven, and being told not to touch them by my mum. As I grew older though, I started trying to get rid of them, and nothing works. Around4 years i’ve been trying and NOTHING works… at all. The few times i have managed to pop them, it turns out they were so deep, it looks like i’ve got holes in my skin.

    I can’t keep doing it, this year I got into high school, and everybody talks about me, which is a real self-confidence ruiner. It stresses out my mum too. I eat healthy, exercise regulary and wash my face with water and 3 times a week exfoliate it.

    Anyone have any ideas???

  334. I’m cruising some other sites and people seem to be really raving about an aspirin mask.

    Obviously this is totally out if you’re allergic to aspirin but if not, you dissolve a few regular aspirin in a few drops of water and make a paste that you spread on your face.

    apparently it lifts the blackheads right out.

    Some people leave it on for fifteen minuted to half an hour, some people mix it with toothpaste and leave it overnight.

    Obviously it will be very drying so you’d have to find a moisturises but i imagine a non oily, maybe tea tree oil one would be ideal as it’ll help shrink your pores and prevent blackheads coming back in the future

    I’m going to try this tonight and see how much use it really is and let you know

  335. i have some pretty bad blackheads and i really need to get rid of them i pop them sometimes but some hurt so much and some just dont come out there i have some blackheads which i have had for like years and i need help anyone know some good creams i can use!!!?!!?!?!?!

  336. lollie-
    first of all im 13 too. is it true that you only wash your face 3 times a week? i think you should bump it up to twice a day… thats how much i do it. wait is that too much washing?

  337. Hey guys and Gals! I just to have loads of spots and acne when I was in my teens. I had then so bad I had to keep going to the doctors for different treatments even tablets. Nothing seemed to work for until I did just three things.

    1. Wash my face very well with Desert Essence face wash 2 times a day.

    2. Steam my face onces every 2 weeks or so then wash with Desert Essence Thoroughly Clan Face Fash after.

    3. Avoid greasy foods

    Im now 24 no scars on my face and spot free. I still use Desert Essence but I do think if I stopped some of my spots would come back!
    I never looked back.

  338. PS. ya can also buy an economy refill size 960ml Which makes it cheaper.(Sorry for spelling mistakes im in a rush)

  339. OMG!
    the best thing to do is get a cloth with steamy water and apply it for five minutes, than squeeze your nose and get the things out.then put the cloth again for 5 more minutes and repeat 3 times.

    the hot water opens pores.
    afterwards, wet the cloth with really cold water, which will close your pores so they dont get clogged

    i just tried this 5 minutes ago and all the blackheads ARE GONE!!!!!!!

  340. I have blackheads on my forehead,and theyr spreading to my chin and the side of my face :/ My aunts always like “go see a skin specialist” butt, i dont know. Sometiimes i pop them after the shower, but if i pop them, it bleeds a little, and my moms like “it could leave scars. ugh, i need help.

    also, i have blackheads on my t-area, & the top of my back ):

  341. Hey everyone, a lot of the tips that people have suggested are good, you just have to know how to apply them and use your common sense. Blackheads are oil and dead skins cells trapped in a misshapen pore, the tip of which comes into contact with the air and oxidises, turning it black. Please please PLEASE do not squeeze them, no matter how tempting it is, it just gets rid of the blackhead temporarily, however it forces some of the substances as well as bacteria further into the pore which infects it and causes a pimple to form. Also, if you squeeze the blackhead too forcefully or use your nails/needles/squeezing ‘tools’ this damages the skin around the blackhead and the actual pore, so this will leave scarring and could even prevent your pores from returning to its normal shape and size.
    Exfoliating your skin helps remove the top layer of dead skin cells, helping the oil to flow from your pores onto your skin and also prevents dead skin cells from entering the pores so I do this every two days to remove the build up of dead skins cells, allowing the pores to function normally.
    Using a clay mask draws the impurities from your skin out to the surface so I use this at-least once a week to help my skin draw out the toxins.
    I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night and this helps to keep my face clean by wiping away the dirt, makeup and oil from my skin, allowing the pores to ‘breathe’ so the toxins that the skin is trying to remove don’t get trapped inside the pores and cause blackheads.
    Through trying many different brands of cleansers etc. I have found that LUSH products work best for me as they are natural and gentle to the skin. I use ‘Baby face’ as my cleanser by smoothing it all over my face, leaving it on for a few minutes then using some damp cotton wool to gently wipe it off. This is also my makeup remover and it works really well to remove every bit of makeup. The toner I use is ‘Eau-roma water’ which just removes any excess dirt or oil that the cleanser didn’t get and leaves your feeling face refreshed (just spray some on cotton wool then wipe over face). For my moisturiser I use ‘Cosmetic lad’ which moisturises my skin really well but doesn’t leave a greasy residue so my skin doesn’t get as oily as quick. I have found these products to work best for me through trial and error and am extremely satisfied with the results. For reference my skin type is combination and this cleansing routine works really well so I definitely recommend it.
    For the removal of blackheads, DO NOT squeeze them, it just results in scarring and more pimples. A method of extracting them that I have recently discovered is the ‘BLAKhead masque’ which has charcoal as the active ingredient and pulls out the blackheads as you remove the mask (
    I’ve experimented with many exfoliating techniques and LUSH’s ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ does work really well, however homemade treatments are cheaper and slightly more effective. The exfoliator that I use is olive oil (extra virgin), sugar (quite small grained so as not to be to harsh on the skin) and honey. I mix 1/2 cup of sugar with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Use after cleansing and moisturise afterwards. The olive oil does not clog your pores and so is good for people with blackhead prone skin.
    For minimising your pores after the removal of blackheads (hopefully NOT by squeezing) splash your face with ice cold water 10-15 times as this tightens the pores and so prevents dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells from entering the pore as easily. Another method for tightening the pores is to whisk some egg whites (this makes it easier to apply onto the face) and apply it onto the face and leave it on as a mask for about 15 minutes then wash off and moisturise.
    Some other tips are change your pillow cases and bedcovers at-least once a week, don’t wear pore clogging makeup ( I use everyday minerals which is non comedogenic, does not test on animals and looks very natural whilst giving excellent coverage –
    I know how frustrating blackheads can be and I just wanted to share what had took me so long to work out through research and trial and error so I really hope my tips help and just remember to use common sense and don’t get too stressed about blackheads, just follow a good skin-care routine and always drink lots of water πŸ™‚

  342. Try the new Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser. I’m hoping it will work some miracles!

    Always open your pores first by wetting area with a hot cloth.

    Then immediately close your pores with a cold cloth.

  343. ok first wash your face with cold water and soap .Then pat dry.Next repeat atleast twice a day.Get on with your life…..

  344. i use proactive and it works great so yeah thats my tip for all of you out there that are having problems with blackheads and zits

  345. Smash asprin/motrin tablets till it turn into powder like substance than mix that with lemon juice ….GET a piece of cloth soak it in it than rubb it where black heads or pimples appear…..leave it on for about 15 mins….you will see your blackheads just peeling out or you might need to rubb your finger against it to take the blackheads out… last WASH your face…..

    try it…….

  346. dear kace,
    u most probably have dandruff or some sort of psoriasis.
    or maybe very oily hair.
    consult a dermatologist about the top of your back, you most probably are iron defficient.

  347. First of all you need to know what skin type you are, the clinique and the body shop website can tell you what skin type you are with one of their quizzes. They have products to get rid of your blackheads or blemishes. You should open up your pores by putting your head over a hot bowl of water and a towel over your head so air doesn’t get in, do not put your face in the water put it over it. Then use a clinique or the body shop cleanser/exfoliator then wash your face and put your daily mousturizer on. Popping your blackheads can work but you might scar the skin so i wouldn’t risk it, this skin care system worked for me – it took quite a long time but it still worked.

  348. i just tried the olive oil and sugar, and after just using it once, my face looks so much better. Plus, I took the advice that using really steamy water opens the pores and cold water closes them, and I let the hot shower hit straight into my face a minute at a time while in the shower, and then when I got out, splashed my face with cold water and used a washcloth. I’m going to continue this method and see if my pores start tightening. As a teenager I used to wear pore clogging makeup as if that was my only face I showed, and I never really knew it was important to cleanse my face with anything other than soap and water. I’m one to usually believe products on the market are more hype than anything, so I thought using bar soap would be just fine, but because of either that or my makeup that I used, my pores became really oversized. My skin on my face seems far less elastic than anywhere else on my body and I have many blackheads mainly on my nose and high cheeks, but I think long term use of the olive oil and sugar cleanser will help get rid of them.

  349. i have blackheads by my nose and on my nose i have red marks on my face they will not go away can u till me what to use

  350. well i use st ives blemish and blackhead contrrol and it does not work at ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!anything please i would really appreaciate it. oh yea and i will be starting high school soon so i would like to get them out soon!!!!!!thanks:)))))))

  351. i suffer from dry skin and blackheads. i also have sensitive skin to stuff like neutragena and clearacil. im using soap free face wash from clean and clear. it still dries out myface. i have black heads all over my face. i have no idea what to do. i also use a morsterizer from cetaphill. its okay i guess. i have problem skin. im ugly…

  352. Well, I suffer from blackheard whatever you wanna call it.
    And usually my mom and I got to swimming, theres a sauna there, and all I do is sit in there for 10 mins or so and rush to the washroom to squeeze,lmao:)
    It works, last for a week, just make sure your nails arent to short or to long, cause it’ll wreck your skin:)

  353. I used to wash daily and tried all kinds of things to get rid of black heads and oily skin. I went on a diet and started drinking lots and lots of water and what a difference my skin is now perfect within 3 weeks! also stay away from greasy fast food. I tried everything and nothing worked, i now drink water everyday just for the reason of perfect clear skin. Hope this helps.

  354. ok, this works GREAT!!!
    buy iQDerma itsgreat!!! again : iQDerma – i Q D E R M A – works!!!
    very moustured – but works charmingly it applied right!!!

  355. or…. heres another… 4 BLACKHEADS :

    clean & clear Blackhead scrub

    very affective!!

    do not eat alotof butter!it cause u 2 be greasy thus PIMPLE CITY!!! seriosly… i get like 10 new pimples if i eat buttered popcorn….ughh

  356. omg
    camila!! (posted July 8th -2008 at 6:16)
    that works great on my black heads!! thanks 4 sharing –

    the best thing to do is get a steamy cloth and apply it for 5 minutes than squeeze your nose and get all the things out (aka- puss and that white or black heads) than put the cloth again on for 5 more minutes and repeat 3 times…. great!
    And Emi (posted July 11th -2008 at 7:52)
    thanks for the knowledge, its awsome and u wrote ALOT thanks a bunch!! ( 2 much 2 write! look it up!)

    thanks every 1 and i hope u liked MY knowledge (underneath)
    bu-bi my (ewwww) pimple black n white head People!!
    virtual pies!

  357. Acck I know it’s gross but I looked, in my ear and i can see a few blackheads along the inside. I obviously don’t notice them normally but when I turn sideways in the mirror and look in my ear they’re hard to miss and I feel like people a school notice them to. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I can’t exactly squeeze them and I’m hardly going to fit a ‘Steamy Cloth’ into my ear so I have no idea what to do:(

  358. I use Murad Acne Complex. It’s amazing! Honestly the first time I used it, my skin instantly felt clean and the next day almost all of the redness and swelling had gone away. Also it doesn’t make my skin dry and flaky like most products do. And another tip that works but you have to be careful with, taking two pills of ibuprofen can reduce redness and swelling (two pills at the most) as well as icing already infected pimples. Ibuprofen can be found in generic form and brand name (motrin and advil). Thanks for your advice!

  359. I used to have blackheads really really bad and all i can say is that it takes time to get past it all. I know that it is really hard to deal with. I am just now sorta over it. I mean i still have some that i have to work on. I am now 21 and married with a child, so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it but it did get better. I am not saying that you all need to run out and get married and have a baby. I am just saying hang in there. You are all beautiful. Also someone wanted to know how to get blackheads out of your ears. Here is what you do. You get a cheap pen that you can take apart and take all the junk out of the inside and you will be left with just the outside. Now take the small hole at the end and place it over the blackhead and push down. You should get something. If not try it right when you get out of the shower. That is all i have. Hang in there!

  360. This is for Tina, tina, you can use a Bobby pin to remove those unwanted blackeads from inside yourear! However, you need to be careful in how to do it to. Just get a little towel and soak one tip with hot water. Then, put it inside your ear where those blackheads are for a while. This way the pores inside your ear will open and it will be very simple to take them out. Then, just get the bobby pin and with the oval part put pressure on to the blackheads and they will easily come out. Its preferable to ask somebody to do it since you can’t really see in your ear and do it at the same time.. I think it’ll be kinda difficult.
    Good Luck

  361. im 13 and now going on 14 in a few months iv got some spots and black heads that are impossibal to get rid of ive tryed evrything!! help

  362. Hey.
    Im now 14 & last year my nose & forehead were covered in black heads! So was my chin & inbeween my eyebrows. I tried everything, i found them blackhead strip things didnt work at all! All i done was wash my face every morning & night (at night i used that clean and clear black head scrub), moisturised with a non greasy formula, cut out the crap food & drink lots of water! I used to wear heaps of foundation as well, like 4 types everyday! Honestly, as soon as i stopped wearing it, it helped so much! Hope this helped (: xxx

  363. Carly
    August 19th, 2008 at 8:31 am
    I hope your right i really do because lots of ‘experts’ say nop there is no use there is nothing you can do about blackheads.But i think and hope that your idea will work i really hope it does work for you.Fingers cross! I will start tomorow and start a diet to i need to loose weight
    8st 9lbs! :O shocker i know!
    i wear lots of foundation! so thansk for the advice
    if its works i love you! as a friend not in a lessy way! yuck! no only one boy for me billy! love him!
    so i am doing this for him to win hos heart so i am hoping this will work thanks!

    a blackhead and spot victim 08 lol.

  364. Im now nearly 15years old and i have a real bad issue with blackheads. I hvae them all over my nose, eyebrows, cheeks and my forhead, and i find them really annoying! They just won’t go away! So i hope your plan works, and thanks for the advie too.

  365. My black heads are bad and I have oily skin. I have tried the strips and they don’t work that well or last long.I am using clean and clear scruber for my face and it works alot better but still doesn’t last for long. but I hope your tips help cause im gonna try them now.

  366. I use Oxy Face Wash, and it works very well. However, it can cause some dry skin, but not on all skin types.

    I also suggest steaming your face before popping your blackheads or washing your face. The easiest way to do this is to boil some water, then put it in a pot. After that, put your face over the pot of water and put a towel over your head so the steam doesn’t escape as easily.

    An even easier way of using the hot water method is to soak a hand towel in hot water and put it over your face, just make sure it’s not too hot or you could risk burning yourself.

    Good luck with your blackheads!

  367. Hey. I’ve been reading up on some different Blackhead removal and let me tell you something….I’m tired of it! I never get acne, but from what I learned today, a blackhead can lead up to acne. but anyway, I have really pale dry skin and sometimes (like most people) It gets really yucky and oily when I’m hot, like in the summer. I think winter is safer for your skin because the cold fresh air helps your pores (my own personal skin theory). Any who, I only seem to get blackheads right in the spot below my mouth, dead center. It’s so annoying and very disgusting to look at, so naturally I avoid mirrors and people when I break out. But worst of they hurt! Some one HELP ME STOP THE PAIN AND YUCK!!!! It’s driving me insane and it hurts. I can’t smile without it pulling at the skin around. I have nice skin and i only get one to two blackheads every so often but they keep coming and i’m strtaing to think they’re inevitable!

  368. Hey, for those poor souls who are subjected to yucky oainful Blackheads, I’m with you guys! It toatlly 100% sucks! But, I have been reading up on the subject on acne and blackheads. Here are some very vital and important tips to remove and to prevent those gross break outs (Please, keep in mind this really is for those who have blackheads). Okay, here are some tips I learned and I htink they will help. I’m not a doctor and I’m not posostive but I’m pretty sure they’ll work for you. If it’s some consolation, I’m doing it too and and i’m only 16, so. Here we go: First thing,is if you’re using bar soap, STOP!!! Bare soap is only causing skin cells to flake of prematurely and clogs pores(please, don’t murder me if i’m not right, but i’m almost posotive I’am). Skin exfoliation helps a heap! Try it. I use Clean & clear a lot and it does help too, so there’s one. Also a blackhead can be popped. But, there is a certain way it has to be popped otherwise you may damage the skin by scarring it and worsening the blackhead. Popping it may (I think) be the qiuckest way to get rid of them, because we all know blackheads are harder to get rid of then acne. So use a mild scrub to remive dead skin cells, next place slightly warm compress on face for about 10-15 minutes, this will soften the blackhead for removal. Next pat your face dry then place tissue on fingers to prevent slipping and tearing skin. Then, gently apply pressure(I know it’s gross, but bear with me!)to both sides of blackhead and oush up and down. Try once or Twice but no more then that if it does not pop. I also learned that keeping your hair in your face cause ioly skin and acne because hair is the carrier of bacteria. And most of, treat your skin kindly, be gentle and patient and eat good foods and lots of water! I hoped I helped some. Remember that I too am trying to get rid of blackheads. And I may not be 100% right but I’m at least 95% posotive! Happy blackhead hunting!!!!

  369. Hey there! I have terrible blackheads (well I think they are) just below my belly button and around my shoulders. If these aren’t blackheads then I’m not sure what they are. They’re mainly hair folicles wanting to come out of the skin but don’t end up piercing the skin and stay end up growing just beneath the skin’s surface! This is totally annoying and ugly! How do I fix this problem? I do have an exfoliant but I’m sure whether or not I’m doing the right thing? Are you able to help me please? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  370. I’m probably a bit old for this place BUT I’m 56 years old and I have not washed my face with any soap for about 40 years……ya 40 years……. I have on occasion used Dr. Bronners pepperment soap and I do use face masks and I scrub my face in the shower with a face cloth kinda hard but when I stopped with the regular soap in high school the black heads and stuff went away ………. severe acne is a different problem and needs anti viral creams and such……. but rubbing animal fats with stuff making them not smell like dead cows and pigs isn’t such a good idea………………………… best of luck in the future………………

  371. Hi guys! My name is Raegan and I had some SERIOUS acne! I had to go to a dermetologist to get it better and I’m only 14!! I have slight scarring from popping pimples AND blackheads so I ask you-do not pop your blackheads if they aren’t ready! If the ‘pus’ inside comes out easily enough, you’ll be fine. If you continue to pick and it won’t come out, you’ll end up with PERMANENT scarring when you could’ve had a TEMPERARY blackhead. Just keep that in mind. Also, I find that using tweezers in some stubborn blackheads that just won’t go away will help. It’s extremely gross, and you’ll want to clean your tweezers afterwords, but it helps.

    For anybody with acne out there, the best thing to do is just WASH YOUR FACE A TON!!! And if you don’t wash your face and you are getting these blemishes, start washing. Keep clean-Keep your skin healthy.


  372. I have severe blackhead problems at the back of my nearly bald head.I am 58 years old,any tips would be appreciated.I have tried everything that is on the market.

  373. Hi all im 17 years old now and am completey acne free, i suffered from acne and blackheads since i was 13 years old. AS well as being very irritating it also caused me depression. Then i took it upon my self to fight acne and i found the best routine for me included 3 washes a day. morning, after tea, and bed. i would start with exfoliating (gentle) followed by a pat dry and use a clearisil cleanser. I would ensure i consumed 8 full glasses of water a day. At least 1 piece of fruit and a multivitimin tablet. the bigest cause of acne for me was stressing about having acne a vicious cirlce you see so if you stick to this routine day in day out try very hard not to stress about it. consulting your doctor asap will take a weight of your mind as antibiotic creams and tablets will be supplied the use of these and my routine prevents both acne and blakheads from ruining your life.

  374. I have acne and blackheads like crazy, the bets thing for my acne is proacive it works wonder’s i have like no acne left, black heads are another thing i went and bought that clean and clear eraser pad thing, it does not work at all, DON’T BUY, i have yet to try the things you all have suggested


  375. I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion (#2) but you might want to check out the different versions of it. It will bring all impurities out in your skin, might cause a few pimples but those are the impurities coming out. After you keep using it you have clean, clear skin. Also use the Clinique mild soap, three times a day, and do not go too overboeard with heavy foundation. It does not let your skin breathe. If you have to use it, make sure you wash your face as soon as you can and remove it. Do not let it pile up you will get more pimples and blackheads.

  376. i have acne really bad an i just wana get rid of it im in middle school(7th grade) and i cant take the name calling i just dont like it and i cry evey night because i dont want to go thro it any more i try just about everything can you people tell me some products will be able to use if u have a myspace send me a message on wat to use

  377. If you’ve got blackheads,,, am with you!! There horrible I wish i didnt as I try to be healthy by doing regular exercise and eating 5 fruit or veg a day and wash my face properly x2 a day so i dont understand!! any how ive learned what paige said on August 26th, 2008 at 9:02 am is right according to most internet sites so belive her hahaha πŸ˜€ x

  378. Hey people, just a question for ya. Can eating lots of candy and chocolate and stuff like that cause blackheads? Cuz ya i have a sweet tooth…and i also have lots of blackheads πŸ™

  379. i get alot of blackheads just in my nose area…and i have oily skin… how can i prevent further outbreaks???? Also how can i maintain my oily skin ?


  380. I have tried every product available on my skin, the best it looked was when I went to a deratologest and prescribed Retin-A. He told me that when I became older I would be grateful because I wouldn’t wrinkle like my friends… He was right… I am 60 years old and most people think I am in my late 40’s or early 50’s…

    But because my skin is now dryer, the black heads don’t want to come out and they are very deep. What I do is to place a moisturizer right on the problem area, and place a band aid on it over night. Sure enough the black head comes out without squeezing… This is especially helpful on the back and neck area.

    I am also a retired hairdresser and make up artist… What I have learned is….. Sugar and warm water is an excellent expholiater… Use a facial cleanser not soap,, WATCH YOUR DIET>>> drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest… eat a low fat diet.. plenty of fish and white meat chiken or turkey… And do not squeeze… To remove a blackhead Use a ball point pen, remove the ink cartridge, place the empty pen hole right on the black head, and push. The black head will come out especially if you have treated it with warm water, or moisturizer. Steaming is good but not to often… Also do not use a srub more than 2 – 3 times a week… Mosturize daily,(I use a sun block for my moisturizer, with spf 15, its doesn’t seem as oily as the moisturizers). astringent daily,,, They claim that anyting use should be acid balanced. Anything to Alkalin will cause your oil glands to produce more oil… We have a natural acid balance to our skin and should try to maintain it… Stress can also cause a break out..

    Do not go to bed with make up on…. I use a mineral powder make up and I find it actually helps my skin….

    If you have problem skin, you probably always have a problem, The trick is to minimize the problem… Take a look at your family, there is probably someone else with the same problem, sister brother, cousin… Skin condition is inherated, but you can help to minimize the problem. By following simple rules….

    Take it from me I have done all the no no’s… squeezing and eating potato chip, and french fries, and fast food. make up… And now I have very enlarged pores… Take care of your skin and diet now….. while you are young…. And drink plenty of water,,,,,

    Good luck all….

  381. i tired using a lot of products tp get rid of acne. im 21 now and the severe acne is over with, butr i still have a lot of black heads (oily skin) thing i learned fast is that expensive brand products won’t help much. Even pro active, it worked fine the first month and then it dried up my skin more causing more acne to show up. among my favorite products are: L’oreal skin genesis scrub and face wash (Walmart), then i use a night cream from Vichy (online) Normaderm for acne, it is a bit pricy but it works overnight and it sure works GREAT! during the day i use a light lotion non comodogenic, so it wont clog pores.
    and for all you acne doomed make up wont help. yes it covers it up but do not use it everyday, it makes things worse. i think blackheads are not easily rid off, as long as you do ur cleansing routine you’ll be fine. AND BE PATIENT! :))

  382. I have such bad blackheads! Tons on my nose, some on my chin. They are a pain! I’ve found that Clearasil Blackhead Gel is AMAZING!
    It comes in a little tube, its sold in a box.
    I hear its hard to find though!
    I found it at my dollar store, and when I ran out and went back for more, it was gone.
    So If you find this stuff, buy alot!!

    I applied it about every day to every other day, and almost all my blackheads went away. Good luck!

  383. I have adult acne(I’m 29, had it since age 24). I’ve done a ton of antibiotics and creams/gels from the derma….though it helped at the time, it didn’t help completly. I am going on Acutane now. My acne isn’t bad but it’s time to nip acne in the bud! What I have found to help my skin is using an exfoliating cleanser at night time and using a cleanser in the morning. Drinking lots of water helps flush the toxins from your skin. Down side of that is your face may break out at first but using topical meds will help. Don’t use a ton of oil free moisturizer, your skin can only absorb so much. DON’T overly wash your skin, you will screw up your natural oil flow and will break out more. Use a make up remover cloth before youwash your face if you have make up on too. Let the steam from the shower open up your pores 1st, allow the cleanser to penatrate the skin then rinse off. I also take a multi vitamin daily…it helps. The key to great skin is a great skin care regimin. And just because it says “oil free” doesn’t always mean it’s good for your skin!

  384. Hi..i m very affraid form the blackheads..My nose is totally packed with blackheads..and some on chicks also..i m 24 years old..plz advice me some good solution to reduce from this problem…thnks..

  385. Now i m tired to reduce black heads from my nose.U can suggest me some home tips also..which we can get easily in our kitchen or in market…as easrlier..

  386. Hey.My sis has loads on her nose/chin/forehead n she has bad spots 2.I help her by finding stuff on the net that helps but so far nothing’s worked!shes tryed teatree foamwash,clean+clear,teatree wipes and MORE but nothing works!she duzn’t wnt to put food or anything on her face.I have looked at like 20+ different sites n its all the same CRAP!

    2nyt we tried by scrubbing the blackheads with an old toothbrush-I think there has been a slight difference but I’m not promising anything.

    Also I mixed milk and Honey together so the honey has dissolved if you get what i mean n put it on my face-So smooth Skin!Another one is Vaseline-Sounds like it gives more spots but it makes ur skin smooth!HurRay!

  387. Please read this!!!

    Hello all, I am almost 15 years old now, and I used to have a sever acne problems back when I was only 12. I have been fighting it since then and I would like to say that my face is getting much better. I also used suffer from blackheads and I tried so many things, and they didn’t work. I also have tried putting on less makeup but I hate the thought of people seeing those ugly little dots on my nose. But here’s something that my mom introduced my brother and I to, it’s called “TETRACYCALINE”. It has completley diminished the white heads from my face and the blackheads do not pop up nearly as often. Tetracycaline is a prescription medication (pills) that slows the oil production in the facial area, especially at night. You take it only twice a day with a glass of water each time and that’s it. It is recommended that you only wash your face while you’re taking this drug if you have been wearing makeup. Otherwise, you do not have to even touch your face. Though there is one catch to this medication I’m afraid, it is very uncomfortable to take it in the winter time when the humdity in the air is extremely low and cannot moisten your face. If you take tetracycline in the winter, your skin will get dry and irratated which can further harm your skin *to an extent*. But if you are really dedicated to applying lotion to your skin after a shower, you can still use tetracycaline in the winter. I am just telling you all this because I’m not exactly willing to put lotion on.
    If you decide not to take this medication in the winter because of the above information, feel free to engage in your regular facial wash routine. Alright, that’s all I really have to say.
    Hope I helped!


  389. hey, ive just turned 14 and ive got a HUGE amount of blackheads – its unbelievable. i also have a lot of spots and this is probably due to the fact that i have blackheads. i have oily skin, but once ive washed my face and move it, its goes dry in the blink of an eye – literally!

    i started getting acne when i was 12 years old. ive been in distress and really self-concious ever since then. Im not a social person and spend most of my time on weekends sitting at home
    this has really affected me and how much i spendtime with my friends. it puts me down considering NONE of my friends have blackheads/spots. i go to an all girls school with around 500 girls and i have NEVER seen ONE person with the same problem as me. my hormones are obviously all over the place 😐
    ive gotten a deep facial but i dont want to go again because it KILLS..

    what i want is a Good-Priced.. effective (quick) and something i can use everyday, making it a habit.
    ive tried Witch.. and im currently using it but my blackheads havent decreased!
    in NEED something to get rid of my blackheads asap.
    i dont want to squeeze them because ive tried that – and its just made them worse.
    so as yu can tell. i really need help and HOPE that i find a miracle to help me solve my problem.. πŸ™‚

  390. I have the worst case of blackheads ever. I have them all over my body…That is right……….all over my body………i have dry skin. I don’t understand. I have tried everything….I’ll give these tips a try. Hope they work. Pray for me!

  391. Hi everyone. I’m 23 and luckily my skin is pretty great, mostly thanks to my beloved Clarisonic Pro, it helps keeps those sneaky blackheads out of the crease of my nose & other usual spots. However, it wasn’t always this way. When I was younger & more hormonal like most of you are it had it’s problems. Also, I must add that I work for a Derm.
    Obviously it all depends on the severity of your skin problems, but in general we try to avoid oral meds, such as accutane, b/c it can have serious side effects that sometimes don’t show up for a ears, especially for young girls.
    I would recommend a product called Evoclin. It’s basically a foam antibacterial that you apply to your face in the morning after you wash with a gentle cleanser and before you apply a light, oil free, moisturizer w/spf. Evoclin can be pricey but insurance should cover it, plus we almost always give tons of samples (many of our clients say we give them so much they don’t even get the rx filled!), also we always have coupons & their website does too.
    If you ladies wear makeup, I would recommend switching to something like BareMinerals or an oil free foundation.
    In the evening alawys thoroughly wash your face before bed w/a gentle cleanser and then apply a pea size amount of Retin-A (rx) to your face.
    The Evoclin healps keeps your face clean through out the day & the Retin-A is basically a chemical exfoliation. It helps remove the yucky surface stuff & reshape your poors so the everything that’s in them can empty out. It is important if you’re using Retin to only use a gentle wash, wear spf, and DO NOT SCRUB! This will only make matters worse. Many of our patients tells us the have a period of their face ‘getting worse before it gets better’ & that’s ok. It means it working! All the junk that’s in your clogged pores is coming out!

    I realize that some of you may not have the luxury of being able to go to a Derm. In that case I would reccomend a product such as AcneFree (store version of ProActive)which provides a balanced combination of medicine and physical exfoliation. Use it morning & night, daily. Do not over wash your face! I read that someone washes her face 3-4 times a day. That can only irritate your skin by making it seriously dry, cracked, red, & inflammed or stimulate Sebaceous glands… which produce oil, meaning you could make your face even more oily!

    It’s also important to do your best at eating right, drinking at least 64oz of healthy fluid, and getting plenty of rest. I know some of us hate forcing down 8glasses of water, so try to get some sugar free green tea (lipton) packets & add to your water bottle! I’m addicted & green tea is so good for skin, metabolism, etc…

    Other small tips would be keeping dirty hair off your face, make sure your cell phone stays clean, keep you hands off your face, clean pillow cases!

    For those of you who have clogged pores on your body, you can get a Rx for body wash, but more likely than not Neutrogena makes 2 acne body washes, one wash & one wash + scrub – I’d recommend the scrub.

    If you have the $ and don’t have severe acne (broken sore like acne, or cystic acne) the Clarisonic skin care brush really is great!

    Good luck everyone & be patience, it takes time so try not to stress (that only makes it worse!)

  392. im 12 years of age. i suffer with blackheads and spots. i have blackheads over my nose, and spots over my forehead and nose.

    i asked my mum about it, she went down to town and asked the chemist about blackheads and spots.
    they said its normal.

    so i have got a superdrug blackhead remover.
    it is absoutley brilliant :)!

  393. SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u have a blackheads
    do nothin but just apply hot honey on it 4r 20 min.
    continue 4r 5 day
    and just seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    its AMAZING NA
    TRY IT FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  394. I have a few spots on my forehead, not very bad. I also have quite a lot of blackheads on my nose. I don’t have acne. My cheeks and chin are clear. My right temple has no spots but my left has 3. On my forhead I have about 3-5 spots. How can I get rid of them? I am using a lemon soap, a lemon exfoliant, Clearasil spot cream and I keep my hair off of my face with a headband. I just want clear skin again. I never let people take photos of me, unless they’re from a distance, because I feel so self conscious of my few spots. Please help! πŸ™‚

  395. i have acne, and my dermatologist put me on retin a micro and duac. they are both topical gels. i also take a pill once a day. due to this, my skin is very sensitive to the sun, and other products. my skin is getting better, although my blackheads arent going away. i dont want to have to pay for any products because they probably wont work. do you have any sugestions or i deas that will not irratate my skin or make my acne worse??

  396. use clean and clear face was and then use the clean and clear acne great for black and white heads…makes sure to use some type of lotion though cause that stuff really gets rid of oil and dries your skin a little bit

  397. Hi.. I’ve black head n white heads too…. n I go for facial or clean up once in a month… but they still turn up.. I’m 24 i just wanna come of this stuff.. coos it irritates to the core……..

    Will try stuff n c if this work.. keep my fingers crossed.. LOL pray for me….

  398. heeeey if you guys have blackheads all you have to do to get rid of them are the following:
    1. boil a pot full of water and when you see the steam coming up take the pot of the stove put the water in the boil and get a dry face cloth can put you face over the steming water for at least 5-10 minutes when your done get the dry face cloth and gently srub on your blackhead then when your done that put cold water on your face to close your pores

  399. arrrhhhh
    nothing works at all believe me i’ve tried the lot.
    and i take these awful pills that make me wanna gag, and they hardly make a difference.
    my skins out of control, ecspecially my back and im going on holiday soon and don’t want to spend my time covering my back up.
    But, i have noticed that when i go on holiday my spots clear up, its great but i can only see the difference at the end of the holiday which is crap.
    the salt water in the sea, and the sun clears up the spots on my back, but i’d like to get rid of them before i go on holiday rather than just for the plane ride back. πŸ™

  400. I have a really bad black head problem, its like all of the blackheads are taking a vaccation on my face. I really need some help!

  401. i am 12 years old and i have spots. but i THINK i have a solution. i’ve asked my mum about my spots and she buys me loads of lotions and stuff like that but NOTHING has worked !! but she found a solution for me … she has dermititous (duno how to spell it but its red patches on the face and body) and she made me try her perscripted cream, well i started using it about 2 days ago and before that my skin used to be dry and my skin used to be really red from my spots… and im using it now and what you do is put it on the bits of ur face tht u dont like and then they fade. my spots have nearly gone now and im glad she came up with the idea for me ! my skin looks sooo much better ! hope this workes for you (: x

  402. Get some aspirin pills or the powdered stuff, not the coated ones, take three from the pack and dissolve in tea spoons of water, less for the dissolved stuff, once its dessolved pour a drop of honey on it and apply to the skin in a circle motion, after that is completed get an electric toothbrush and in a circle motion navigate it around your skin, under all the nooks and crannies etc. only do this twice a week. Also for the blackheads that are embedded steam your face and with a clean tissue squeeze them all out, make sure its clean every use, use cold water to close the pores again. Use your normal facial scrubs as usual. I use the boots clean and clear, the scrub and the antibacterial one. Works really well. The aspirin mask, honey and electric toothbrush is great, if you type aspirin mask into youtube it will bring up a tutorial for you. A great tip someone made is to make sure your bed covers and pillow cases are clean at all times. My face is soft and clean now and looks really clean using all this.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!!

  403. try washing your face every 2 hours and rubbing white powder.dont press any acne on your face it will go on its own and leave no blackheads.

  404. hi all! i am a 44 year old male and have always had very oily skin. i had tried EVERYTHING that was available back when my skin was really bad (blackheads and cystic acne), and wasted ALOT of money on mostly junk. i have been using, successfully, the following routine: every shower, use st. ives apricot scrub (with salicylic acid) OR neutrogena facial scrub on all affected areas. neutrogena facial scrub is more expensive, more gritty but good at removing all that dead skin, st ives alot cheaper, not as gritty, but i think just as good at exfoliation. before using whatever scrub you choose, use ivory soap to get all the heavy oil off, and then proceed to scrub. scrub once or twice at each shower, use hot water to rinse, and your skin will feel great when drying off. wash your face as often as you can during the day, and (for ladies) try to keep makeup to a minimum. your blackheads will gradually reduce in severity and frequency, and will not be so apparent. a facial (if you want to go for the money that you will be saving by NOT buying prescription medication that your dermatologist will undoubtedly tell you is necessary), once every month or so, is a winning combination. good luck to all.

  405. i use to have really bad acne when i was a teenager n i tried everything including goin to a dermatologist. however i went to the doctors and got a prescription for a low dose antibiotic, this worked wonders for me and cleared up my acne within one week! i dont have a solution for blackheads however because i still get them. i hope this works for you as it did for me!

  406. eat a natural human diet and you will not have pimples.

    don’t eat meat. eat fresh veggies and fruits, and grains, anything that is not processed. Drink lots of water, exersise a lot and you will have no pimples at all.

  407. Some useful home remedies for blackheads that you can try:-

    a)Wash your face using warm or cool water.I mean “warm water”,not hot water.

    b)Use sorbitol or glycerin soap such as neutrogena to wash your face twice a day because it is gentle in your skin.

    c)When you want to make up,use hypo-allergenic brand.

    d)Always remember to keep your pillow and also your towel clean.

    e)Honey is not only good in taste but also good for blackheads.You can apply honey in affected area in your face as it is more safer than any creams available in the market.

    f)Drink 8 glasses of water daily as it is good for your health.

    g)Last but no the least is your daily eating habit.Eat healthy foods such as veggies,fruits,whole wheat foods and nuts and avoid oily foods.Fast foods and junk foods is a big no.

  408. Seriously , the BEST way to do it , is wash your face twice a day in warm water ( WARM ) .. Then put some clensers on it , or honey , and just do that for a bit .. it worked for me , but i stopped doing it , and i wish i didn’t ): . hope this helps ! πŸ˜€ .

  409. how to get rid of blackheads??

    i need tips, esp home remedies because blackheads make me soooooooo insecure…!!!!!!

  410. Hey evry1 I’m 14 with a bit of a problem well I just wanted to say that everything I read here made sense n I’m going to try it n to believe I almost gave up. Well here I go

  411. I used to have the best complextion i got complements all the time and my skin was flawless i washed 3 times a day and it was great them i stopped cause the products i was using gotto expensive for me so i started like getting black heads and i dont get pimples just black heads so i would put honey and lemon together and makeit like a mask and it was pretty good but then i would steam my face and some of my black heads would come out but then i decided to do both together one after another and basically if the honey and lemon doesnt get them out the steam does and after u steam splash cold water on ur face i also have clean and clear scrub and its really good and if u have really oil skin use clean and clear absorbing sheets they are amazing!

  412. i am 14 and i have blackheads on my nose which is often oily and i cant find a good way to get rid of them . and i use make up and cant afford expensive make up .

  413. I’ve had trouble with blackheads throughout my teenage life and I’m now starting to see a difference! I don’t know if its because I’m getting older and my body is producing less excess oil or it’s the methods I’m using to clean my skin. My advice to people is to always speak to their dermatologist first and take things from there. I had limited success with the strips for your nose but I think a combo of different techniques is the way to go.

  414. i have blackheads but nothing works and i cant geet rid of them. I tried a blachead cream and face soap but nothing has worked please help me! I’m 11 years old.

  415. The best i have used is Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel, it softhen blackheads and whiteheads. Without any pain to get rid of it and no blemished or scars left behind.

  416. hello, im 14 years old, nearly 15 and i have a real big problem!
    i really need some help. i have pimples, spots and blackheads. i really want to know how to make my face clearer. its becoming a discrace and im ashamed. i do wear make-up alot, but only to cover up my terrible looking face. and i do not have alot of money to spend on products, i have tried almost everything. please help if you can πŸ™‚ x

  417. Hey eevery1, i had a problem with acne b4 but then i got this product Cetaphil. its for normal or oily skin and it removes the excess oil with overdrying. i had been using this other junk that made it worse. i tried it and the next day my face was already looking better, good luck 2 every1.

  418. A quick tip I use to remove black heads without much pain or leaving too much of a mark(not permanent) is if it is on your nose the push the tip of your nose back towards you eyes so that your pores alot then hold it like that with one hand while slowly pressing pores with your other hand’s index and thumb. They will pour or pop out, don’t worry I do this all the time and it never irritates(less than mildly) for more than 2 miniutes. Try doing this after washing your face with hot water or with astrigent. One more thing, clean your ears thouroghly when you shower with warm water and with a cotton tip to prevent from getting blackheads in your ears. These are painful, can cause scrabs(dry blood or skin cells that form on injuries)which can be very irritable and bad, and the only way to remove blackheads is using hell hot vapor and a metal stick with two curved circles at the end by sticking it deep into your skin then it pushes them like a crane out(extremly painful, and I should know!, I had a cleaning sesion thinking it would just be heat and cream,WRONG!,it was stick, sweat, tears, and blood. Literraly!)

  419. Hi. I have blackheads and it is really annoying. I use a blackhead clearer and then use an astrigent that fights acne but only a few blackheads go away. They are really getting annoying. So yeah…

  420. yeah ummm so i have mild acne on my forhead cheeks chin an nose and ive been using a product called astrigent an it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to get rid of em an when i do they come back within a week any tips to keep them gone?

  421. HI, I am going to be 13 on the 30thh this month. and let me tell you that i have lots of blackheads and sometimes pimples! My blackheads are really covering my face. I think i have normal skin when it comes to oil levels. I have tried pinching on my blackheads, several products, and nothing works for me. I clean my face all of the time too.

  422. I use the strips on my nose and they work like magic ! They don’t even hurt ! They don’t usually work on my chin . I have a nose strip on my chin just now pmsl!

  423. Noxzema Does work! guarentee it. Just let it sit on your face for 2-3 min or until dry, than rinse entire face with warm water. Ensure to wash all the cream off your face though. If you leave some on it could cause iritation.

  424. Wash your face with products every second day, and the other days with warm water. Use aloe vera nose strips off ebay. It removes the clogged pores/cra* under your skin, but i STILL have clogged pores as there is a 3 – day interval between usage. I use clean and clear but it gives my pimples sometimes if i used it every single day. Also, the foam cleanser will dry out your skin very badly.
    I recommend washing your face with warm water often and applying morning glow by clean and clear after using the cleanser for sensitive skin, always apply creams in an UPWARD STROKE, otherwise your face will become greasier and dirt-prone.
    Please help me with my clogged pores!

  425. Right, heres my prob, i use tea tree skin care soap which is a bar of sopa, but it compeltely clears my skin except me nose balkcheads and the more stubborn spots. grrr, but me nose blackheads! I havre treid everything, egg white, clean and clear blackhead remover and thgey jus dont go!!!! Grr! The bar sopa doesnt aggrivate me skin, and it doesnt remove premature skin cells or whatever it was……..its very good stuff, its jus doesnt get rid of nme nose b;akcheads and i need help!!! I need to get rid of them in a matter of 2 weeks, x x x x and help? It has to be natural productas btw please help , thank you x x x x

  426. I suffered from blackheads on my nose and whiteheads on my chin. Recently I came across Shirley Medicated Cream. I use it twice daily and it completely cleared it up. I thoroughly recommend it.

  427. I have blackheads ALL over my face. I have used different products on my face and nothing works! I really need something that works. Please help

  428. I’ve been trying out sitting in the bathtub with nothing but the hot water running on the shower, The steam opens up the porns very well. Just try not to get that wash with a acne fighting cleanser and rinse with warm water, dry your face and then rinse with cold water to close your pores. Your skin might feel tight and dry so apply and mosture that best suits your skin. I would do this at night and in the moring just rinse with cold water.

  429. I have just bought ‘Shirley Medicated Cream’ as Karen (below) suggested, and I will let you know how it all turns out!!
    I’m 17 and have had blackheads for about 2 years now, and I’ve used practically every product under the sun!! None of them worked for me, even the ones prescribed by doctors, all just giving me dry irritated skin, and leaving the blackheads intact… I’ve tried the whole pushing them out, which does work if they are on the surface, but because I’ve had them for so many years, it doesn’t work for the majority of them! πŸ™ So yeah, if any of you are like me, then I’ll let you know how I get along with it πŸ™‚ Wish me luck!! πŸ˜€ xx

  430. Hey πŸ™‚
    The cream arrived yesterday, and so far i’ve used it the 4 times as recommended. All of my actual spots have vanished! And i did have several of them, and they were quite inflamed! I am very surprised that they have gone so fast! My whole complextion is looking a lot better and people even said my skin looked fresher. Blackheads are still there though, and after i put the cream on I do look very pink, so I wouldnt be able to use it as a foundation like they also suggest. This would be ok for everyone who has pink skin, but im very olive coloured, so theres a hugeeee different between my face and skin colour after ive put it on. So far, I would recommend it, hopefully the blackheads will start to be removed after a week or so! xx

  431. I have blakheads :[ or those blak marks on ure face =/ ann ii wantt somethin dhaa helps sme get rid ohv it pwease πŸ™ / ive tried evenn thaa besht products like neutrogina n clearasil wotevarrh ,, buhh .nooh. it dnt worrk. so could youeh tell me a very easyy simple way to get rid of dem wivout stress or wastin time. pleazze /.? x

  432. Well i’ve got blackheads big red spots and red marks where i poped the spots. I need help there are on my forhead my nose and most definetly my chin and i am only 11 yrs old πŸ™ “HELP”

  433. Thanks for very detailed information, I have been searching the Internet for a long time but this information is invaluable, because I’m tired of having blackheads.

  434. I also have a lot of blackheads on my nose and cheeks. I recently started using cetaphil morning and night and have seen changes in the first week.

    I start out by washing my face in really warm almost hot water, use the cetaphil cleanser, rinse with cold water, pat dry, then i use the cetaphil cleanser as a moisturizer. On the label, you can use it with or without water.

    I’ve been using it for almost two weeks and my skin is looking better than ever.

  435. I hav had blackheads on my cheeks s wel s nose 4 ovr 3 yrs nw n startd using the clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser 4 about 2 weeks nd i hvnt seen any difrence,im 16 nd black nd i rily nid help!!

  436. Hewlp!!! my blackheads dnt disspaear! I gently do try and ran vthe pore of the greaese, but I never do it like, more than once, and I salso use clean and clear blakchead remover eveyr night and morning! and there is no improvment! I dnt wear any make up at all and I have a healthy diet! I also hav some on my forhea,d but pleas any one got any tips?! x x x x

  437. Ive had black heads for about 2 years now and they wont go !! ive tried everything, face masks, cleanser, face sauna, face scrub and they still wont go!!!! i have been using Green Tea face fash and Green Tea spot stick both 92p from superdrug and they work amazingly but they dont get rid of black heads !! πŸ™ helpp meee ! πŸ™ x

  438. Hey I have a blog on blogger (Elisabetta’s 365 day Journey to beautiful skin)
    Check it out.I have been suffering from mostly blackheads and acne scaring. I dont really get much acne. I have managed to get it under control a bit and have noticed the amount of backheads I have has been reducing.It would take too long to write it all down here.Hopefully I can be of some help and maybe ye could leave me some tips too.

  439. I have blackhads just below my bottom lip for about a year know , you cant reli notice them because the posiotin there in the lip covers them. but even so i still want them gone . i also have some on my upper lip and 1 0r 2 on my forhead. i do wear makeup , because i have one or two spots , so makeup helps cover them up . but i wash my face every nite with a special scrub that puts moisture in the skin and washes away dirt and oil. ive seen a dramatic effet on my spots but none on my blackheads . Anyon gotta good produt ? Thanks.

  440. Oh and I forgot .. AVON also helps me :)) all the collection of AVON and my face is cleaned ( with the spirt ofcourse πŸ˜€ )

  441. Ive used all sorts of things for my blackheads but nothing ceems to work,i wash my face every other day(my skin iz very sensitive)can anyone reccmond anything tht workde for them??

  442. I have blackheads that are under my eyes and everytime i try to remove them i wind up with red marks in my face. they do not want to go away. I have tried many blackhead removers, scrubs and formulas and can’t seem to get rid of them. Any advice?

  443. I Think That Avon Is A Big Help Ive Been Using Avon For Approx 3 Weeks Now And I See A Huge Difference I Have Like Two Spots And My Blackheads Are Really Easy To Squeeze And Are Clearing Up Im Over The Moon! πŸ™‚ Hope This Helped x

  444. I used a biore strip on my nose and it worked so well but it hurt enough to water my eyes. It pulled out so much crap it was worth the pain.

  445. Hey if you get some nutrogena blackHEAD REMOVER IT WILL HEP A TON!:) YOU GET IT AT STORES SUCH AS WALMART,TARGET,ETC. and is in a kinda clear and orange squeze bottle thing..ha..hope this helps=)

  446. I have 4 blackheads on my face, 1 on my upper lip, 1 on my chin/lower lip, 1 on my cheek, and 1 on my forhead temple. I hate these so much! I’ve had them for such a long time and everyone ignores it but I know they think of me as ugly. :,( I really can’t go to the store for anything because I can’t drive without a parent yet.. πŸ™ and my parents “want me to be proud of who I am” like WTF. How can I be proud when I got a stupid black dot on my lip.. :,( help me with a method of fast removal please? :,)

  447. To Will on the first page-

    If you use tweezers,(Don’t worry your not going to be pinching them) it works. What I do is use one side of the tweezers, the pointed part, and apply pressure a little to the side of it and slowly move it closer to the blackhead and it just comes out. It has worked well for me, hopefully it does for you too.

  448. I have had black head on my upper lip since my final grade in high school.I always remove them and i am tired of them cuz it hurts while trying to remove them .i am tired of them.what do i do?

  449. I would recommend Acneace!!!!
    I used it, and after 3 months, my acne was COMPLETELY gone!
    Hope it works for you πŸ™‚

    Good luck.

  450. I am 24 years old and have had acne since i was 13. I have used every single product on the market and know that most of them only make subtle differences. If you have acne, most likely you will always have it. The best thing to do is to manage it. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser ONLY 2CE a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed. For girls, only use powder makeup, cuz the liquid stuff will be like intant blackheads. Never ever ever pick at your face unless the pimple is white at the top. I know how hard this is to do, cuz i also love to pick at my face, but it’s so important cuz picking really does irritate the face more and will cause much more acne. For BLACKHEADS… I once had a blackhead in the crease of my nose for 4 years. WTF!?!?!? It drove me nuts. I really just picked at it everyday. One day tho…it just turned into a whitehead and was able to pop. Then i had a gapping hold in my nose..I think what made it do that was I was irritating it. I picked at it, and used an astringent to irritate it. I”m not saying this is the best process for all blackheads but hey, if u’ve had one for as long as i did i was willing to do anything. and yes…my face hurt like hell, and was bruised from messing with it so much but it eventually went away. PLease know that u are not the only one with acne, and yes, most people dont notice it as much as u do. I get so embarrased when i break out but my husband loves me no matter what.

  451. Also, if u have a very stubborn blackheads, consider seeing an esthetician. U can make an appointment to see one at almost any spa. It is thier job to pick at your face, and they went to school to pick at your face so they know what they’re doing. My best friend became an esthetician just because she had terrible acne and blackheads and wanted to help others manage thier problem. Pluus, they use great laser treatments and products to remove any irritation and reddness. I bet they could get rid of your blackheads..

  452. My whole nose is covered in blackheads ive tried all products and they only go away for 1 day does anyone know how to get rid of them for good ..thanks

  453. I have blackheads all over my nose and cheeks how do i get rid of them helpp me please and when i squeeze them they leave holes

  454. I bought a blackhead removal tool…its long with a hole at the end. u gently place the hole over the blackhead-press down and it removes the blackhead. its seriously the best thing. just make sure to clean it with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the dirt and oil.

  455. I am 43 years old and have just started noticing that my pores are clogged (I should NEVER have bought that lighted magnifying mirror). Ulta Cosmetics sells tools that make it a snap to clear them, especially blackheads. The idea behind them is that, once sanitized (rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball will take care of this), they apply clean, even pressure around the pore, which forces the blockage out (instead of using germy, clumsy fingers). I have two kinds — one that looks like a little bar with small, round holes at each end (one bigger than the other) that basically “frames” the blackhead while uniformly pressing the skin around it (or zit that’s ready to pop); the other a more slender bar that has loops of different sizes on each end. Both work, but I’ve had better luck with the looped one (just be super gentle because the small loops can really dig in to the surrounding skin). I highly recommend using a magnifying mirror in a well-lit room — makes it a cinch to clear them out quickly. For the ones that have been there for years, wet a washcloth with very warm water and press it gently over the blackhead until it starts to get cool. This will loosen the skin’s hold on the blackhead. Then GENTLY use one of the tools to prod it out. If it doesn’t give right away under gentle pressure, repeat the process until it’s out. You might want to do this right after a hot shower, while the pores are already loose. I cannot stress enough, though, to be gentle with the warmed skin because if you use too much pressure it will tear. You’ll be surprised how little pressure it actually takes to get it out with these tools that zoom in on the area — just keep warming and gently pressing and you’ll get it out. Search “blackhead remover tool” for pictures/products. There are two of the looped ones on Ulta’s website: Ulta stainless skin clearing tool ($8) and Revlon blackhead remover ($5). Amazon has the other kind, also by Revlon, for $6.89.

  456. Omg i hate blackheads so much they sooooooooooooo annoying:(
    ive tryed everything but it not working and its really annoying i try squezzing them out but it hurts so much all i want is these stupid little thing out my face and to have a fresh face ‘:)

  457. Omg please help me with these blackheads i dont know what to do with them πŸ™ , i need help ive tryed everything

  458. I’ve used Biore pore strips (or whatever they’re called) once. It didn’t change the look of my blackheads too much (there was a slight difference), but I could see that the strip got a lot of oil and, for lack of a better word coming to my mind, crap out of my pores. You could see the stuff from the pores on the strip. My nose looked better for a few days afterward.
    For the person that asked: no, the pore strips don’t usually hurt. Only if your skin isn’t wet enough, and in that case you can just wet down the area and it’ll come off easily.

  459. I agree with jmchicago – A) don’t buy a lighted mirror. LOL! and B) those sticks with the loops on the end are the best way for getting rid of black heads or any zit you need to pop. I’ve had mine for years and years – it was recommended by my dermatologist back in high school. Also, anna bella, nose/pore strips hurt. They work and they are fun to look at once you peel them off… but they hurt!

  460. My whole side of my nose in the bottom is covered with black heads.. I need a good way to help me get rid of them.. please HELP ME!

  461. Heyy,
    I have tons of blackheads on my nose and checks.Please help me figure out what i can do to help my skin!Thanks( :

  462. I have had really bad black heads all my life and im now 20 i dont think you can ever completely get rid of them espicially if you wear make up everyday,,try keeping your make up off when you really dont need it,, and use a face steamer or if you dont have 1 just fill a basin with hot water and put a towel over your head,, then after about 10 mins over the steamer you can start to squeese them out they will come out really easily and wont hurt you,, again dont put make up on strait after squeezing them out because that would be pointless,,xxx

  463. I used the strips once a month and they do pull out a lot of dirt. The first time really hurt as the pores had years of build up but every time after it’s very mild. I also use an actual face wash now instead of hand soap. A baking soda scrub helps too.

  464. I suggest you buy proactive.
    I’m 13 and have sufferd with terrible acne for 4 years and have tryed every brand and product you can think of! Proactive is buy FAR the best working product. it clears blackheads fast. it is really expensive though.
    if you get a chance try it for a few days. it really works!
    and another thing you can use is the strips that pull the blackheads out. they also work really well.

  465. Well im 13 n i have black heads and pIMPLES …….but i also no how to get ride of them wat works realy well is 1…viteman e capsuals u cut in half n spread jell all overthe blimish 2… can put neasporen on them with a bandad before you go to bd it works realy well 3……you can also wash your face with realy hot water then rnse your face in ice cold water it works well to 4…..for blackheads you soak in hot water then you can use a needle n scoop out wats stuck in the pore but be carefull u can hert your self sry if i didnt help

    hope that helps,

    Taylor W.

  466. Hi, okay, seriously, My nose is covered in teeny tiney black heads, ands it’s seriously annoying me, I’ve tried popping them, but it only works like, one at a time… maybe. I really need some tips.

  467. I tried biore strips but they got stuck to my face. i wet my nose, put the strip on and put water on over the strip, then i wait like 10 mins but it got stuck to my face. can someone please tell me wat i did wrong

  468. Does anyone know if the neutragena black head eraser work ? It massages the skin and gets all the stuff out is what they say on the comercial.

  469. Fran, only wet your nose. Do not put water over top of the pore strip. Wait 10-15 minutes and the stip should have hardened. After it’s hard just peel it off.

  470. I used the strips for balckheads and it left a nasty bruise across my nose! I happened to go to the doctor a couple days later and my doctor started questioning me; where did you get the bruise? Who hit you? Are you having problems? When I told him I just used the Bore’ nose strip he was in shock! I promise that is all I did. So be careful!

  471. Umm Proactive does NOT work. Your skin only becomes immune to it after a few uses of it. I would suggest using Clean & Clear. I’ve experimented with almost every acne/blackhead removal product there is and Clean & Clear is by far the best one I have bought. Nuetrogena is great too. Also, STOP DRINKING SODA! That helps a ton πŸ˜‰

  472. I just gave up trying to stay rid of those nasty blackheads cause I am a mechanic & around oily stuff all day long.
    I wash my face throughly with soap cleanser of some kind on the market but just seems to not work.
    I hate them & they really look ugly.

  473. I am 25 yrs old and have very light and sensitive skin… when i was at the age of 17-22 my face is always clear and very smooth..all i used was facial cleanser and this sulfur cream called San-Ing and works very well…and u have to do is wash ur face witha gentle cleanser with warm water and rinse it off with cold water…and sometimes i just grab a piece of ice and run it around my face oncentrating on my T-Zone and my face always looks so clear and feels refreshed all the time. now my problem is having tiny blackheads on my nose,i havent done those things again yet then, so i think im going to start doing my regimens again and see if it’ll take my blackheads out of my nose. thats all,i dnt get pimples very often..only sometimes when i get my period. but thats it! so i hope u guys can try my advice and let me know if it works for you!

  474. Hi, i am a lotion Freak i rub lotion on my face like 15 times a day..i know its not good for u but i cant help it does this cause black heads becuse i take care of my skin and i just want these STUPID black heads of my nose already plz relp with tips tyvm

  475. I’ve had spots and blackheads since i was about 12-13 and am now 16. I have literally tried everything, from face washes to creams to tablets from the doctors and although its shorterm to get rid of your spots, the blackheads are always there! I have tried removing the blackheads myself by steaming my face but there is so much of them it would take hours and hours to get them all out and also the next day i will get little pimples or red marks where ive tried to squeeze them out. It is also impossible to get rid of the blackheads right at the side of your nose where your nostrel is, theres just no way at trying to get in there to squeeze it out. Most people on here proberly only have a few blackheads but mines are all over my nose and some on my chin also. I have tried those pore strips and although they make your nose feel smoother after they dont actually remove very much of the blackheads. If im being honest with most of you’s then face washes and creams arent going to get rid of them they will only help keep them from coming back as ive tried everything. Its just so frustrating and need some tips and help please!

  476. Instead of wasting your money on all kinds of cremes and strips, why not just use some simple things taht you surely have at home. Hi I’m 15 and my mom is all about the naturall stuff. She never lets me buy anything chemical to let me remove my acne…butt wait, she found out a way that is totally natural and esy!. It works from the first time. All you need is 5-6 aspirins crushed and a couple of drops of ‘mineral water’ to moisten it up. Most bulgarians use it and it has an effect from the first time. If by any cahnce though you have ‘rose water’ it is better to use that(but I have never found any here in the USA)You apply the mask at the affected area and let it dry. Then you rub it of with your hand and the residue you wash off. For me and my friedns it had an immediate result! I hope this will help some of you out htere.

  477. @ ypaola:

    I am pretty sure aspirin is not “natural stuff”. In fact, it IS a chemical, also called acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA. It is a SALICYLIC drug. Salicylic acid is used as the active ingredient in most anti-acne treatments. Since they’re so similar, there is no doubt that it would work.

    The thing is, aspirin is also a blood thinner (anti-platelet agent). Anything put on the skin can be absorbed into the body. I doubt it would absorb enough to be even mildly dangerous, but I would be careful & leave the chemistry to professionals.

    (I’m a nurse, by the way.)

  478. Okay everyone…I’m 13(nearly 14)and have had spotty skin for what seems like a life time….i cant actually remember a time when I had good skin actually.
    Yesterday I was browsing the Body Shop website for their Tea Tree Collection, I was reading a bad skin Forum on because I’m cool like that and the Elle writers were saying that the best thing for acne and all that jazz, is the Body Shop Tea Tree Collection. As I was off school ill I texted my Mutti and she went about doing, what she likes to call “My Biddings”. Anyways mum got me the face wash (not the foam one), face blackhead scrub, day moisturiser, Night moisturiser, face mask aaand face cleanser….
    I have used these thingys for a day, ONE DAY!!! – and i have already noticed a difference in my trouble area!!!!
    These things are on the Body Shop website and are ah-MAZING!! All are from the Tea Tree range.

    Good luck my fellow skin fanatics πŸ˜‰

  479. I definetly have the same problems as all you nothing i do seems to help.. I am not going to sit here and lie and say i do everything to prevent it but i do wash my face every single day at least twice a day.. hygeine is very important to me but i do have a sweet tooth.. any tip would be great im sick of the dirty lookin skin.. its not me!!

  480. Dear Miss Rachel,
    I actually work at my local Body Shop and I am so happy that the tee tree line works for you! I also use it and find it amazing. The mask is one of my favorite things. Any of the masks actually. Next time try the warming mineral mask. It is good for deep cleansing. Another great part of the tee tree line is the tee tree oil. Its perfect for spot treating and it seriously works.

  481. I would recomend using sudo cream and toothpaste i tryed it and it realy worked for me it made my skin softer and cleared it to. its good for getting rid of blackheads .Also tee tree products leave ur skin feeling great .good luck in getting rid of ur spots lol

  482. @shannon and @samantha
    wow both of you are not alone…cuz i have the EXACT same problem as well and its soo annoying nothing works!like you see other ppl sayin how things work for them but nothinnnnnggggg works for me i mean come on!!

  483. I have tried those pore strips and although they make your nose feel smoother after they dont actually remove very much of the blackheads. i recommend to see more here :

  484. They have these neat little tools at drug stores and such that are great a getting blackheads…I’m not sure what they are called, but they look like something a dentist might have on his tray of utensils. Just a metal rod with a little metal loop at the end. Very small. Very effevtive. Not expensive. Something you can find where they might keep tweezers and makeup brushes. My sister bought me one at WalMart.

  485. During a trip overseas in London (I love London) and I was running out of my regular face wash… I stopped into this lovely salon, and they recommended the Shielo Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub. I picked up at the store, and I ordered one online from Shielo’s website.

    I love this stuff. After just a few days of using it I noticed my skin became so clean and it not only eliminated all my blackheads (and I do mean all) a my skin also began to exude a youthful glow that I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. The only con to my experience would have to be that after a couple weeks my skin dried up a little, but a few days of giving this scrub a break and I was back to using it not to mention I have not had one pimple since using this regularly!

  486. My i force my black heads out and it really hurts
    am i able to get a sample of that spray or cream i want to try it out for the first time?

  487. I have alot of blackheads on my nose and it feels like i will never get rid of them. I really need good advise on what i should use. I tryed vacum cleanser and it didnt help me at all. please list all the things that could help

  488. I have horrible skin but what i do before bed or in a morning after washing your face you apply a smudge of sudocreme (works for acne aswel) to the area and in the morning you will find it much easier to squeese the blackheads and if you keep doing this it will eventually get rid of all of them.
    also if you are having promlems with whiteheads toothpaste is a good remidy πŸ™‚
    hope i helped

  489. So I’ve had tons of blackheads on my nose for as long as I can remember. I have never really tried to do anything about it, just kind of accepted it. But tonight I tried a tip that someone from this site said and it definitely works.

    Warm honey, Apply it to the area with the black heads, let it sit for a while, wipe it off with toilet paper.

    I like this because everyone has honey lying about and it is just good stuff so it is easy and risk free to try. Now the honey I used was a little watery, so instead of letting it sit there, I kept grabbing more from the little bowl I had prepared and rubbed it on while some dripped off. I don’t know if this improves or detracts from the method.

    While it didn’t remove every single blackhead I had in one go, It was visibly better and I am eager to try it again soon!

  490. @ em (the nurse)

    Aspirin as it’s sold now is chemically made, but the drug in it does naturally occur. That’s why willow bark tea is an effective headache and fever remedy. In “olden days” it was used for a lot of different things, but basically it was just aspirin. It’s the same drug.

    I think the aspirin tip is a good idea and am going to try it out!
    Probably some of these other ideas too, thank you all so much.

  491. Like Ypayola, I’m a HUGE fan of the aspirin mask. I’ve been using it for years (discovered it while browsing the forums over at MakeupAlley). It is absolutely incredible. I have to disagree with the woman claiming to be a nurse about using aspirin – it is a natural substance found in nature (though the term is highly subjective since the aspirin that we all use is mass produced and highly regulated as opposed to being ground by hand out of tree bark). The molecules when using it mixed with water as a mask are too large to be absorbed through the skin, which is why it is always found as a cream or gel in topical analgesic products (like AspirCream). In addition, since it is available as a topical OTC, application should be absolutely safe SO LONG AS THE PERSON USING IT DOES NOT HAVE AN ASPIRIN ALLERGY.

    This makes a beautiful exfoliant, and you will not find another product that leaves skin as soft and smooth as an aspirin mask. Since salicylic acid is used in all kinds of anti-acne products, it only makes sense that an aspirin mask will work two fold: as an exfoliant, and as an anti-acne treatment.

    I keep a large bottle of old-fashioned, inexpensive aspirin in my medicine cabinet, and do a aspirin mask a couple of times a week. It helps to keep my skin clear and works better than treatments costing upwards of $100.

    Love it, won’t ever live without it.

  492. Black heads…I hate those. i had this trouble for years. here is what i learned from dealing with them. i learned this from many magazines.

    Usually black heads and white heads is on your T zone. They appear for all skin types (oily, combination…) but by squeezing the black heads out, you can curse inflammation and leave big pores and scar.

    I have a easy and effectives ways to prevent black heads. if you have oily skin the cleansing step is very important, but don’t wash your face over 2 times a day, the more your wash your face than more oily you get. after cleaning your skin use oil balance toner it can help to balance the skin PH. than use oil free hydration moisturizer.when the skin have enough hydration than skin will provide less oil and less black heads and also smaller pores.

    i have the some problem before, and i try the sekkisei lotion(is toner) and the emulsion(is moisturizer) it really help my skin because the emulsion is oil free and has a lot of hydration.the special for this brand is main ingredient use Asia herbal. make in japan

    and some the same brand seikisho mask white is very effective way to remover black heads and white heads and also remover the dead skin. i use this one times a week.
    but if you have oily skin you can use the whole face, if you have day or sensitive
    skin only use this mask on you nose.

  493. My nose is literally covered in blackheads, any suggestions on how to get rid of them besides popping them? (ones that work)

  494. HI everyone, i really wish the internet had been around when i was a teenager!!!
    i have had problem skin for 30 years, i can still remember my mom putting face powder on my top lip every morning before school, i use to end up going with a partly orange face, lol.
    i was always at the docs, they gave me pills and lotions, nothing really worked, so i had to put up with people staring at me and ponting. for some reason, in those days, not many people had bad skin. i really believe its a condition of modern society. anyway, as i got older, i did my own research and even did a beauty course to learn how to cleanse my skin properly. i was forever picking and squeezing, so much so that i ended up with bad scars that made me paranoid, i wouldnt leave the house without a full face of makeup, luckily i became a punk, so i could wear very thick makeup and not look too out of place!!!! my tip is to stop looking in the mirror so much and enjoy life, drink lots of water and dont wear thick make up, let your skin breathe, eat healthily, dont waste money on expensive products that promise to give u spot free skin, u are thier income, if thier products worked so good u wouldnt need them, so they wouldnt make any money, they make u think u do need them, tea tree is one of the best, as it is ancient, i believe in natural, even though i still have to take an antibotic as i still get blackheads and little yellow spots. but my skin is so greasy, even at this age. i joined a gym and go swimming a lot, so therefore i have to wash my face more, i find this helps, as long as u dont use harsh products. 2 years ago i had to have chemotherapy and steroids for breast cancer, the steroids gave me massive spots on my head and face, i hated it, but i didnt want cancer either, it made me realise i shouldnt be so obsessive about my looks. U can only do what u thinks best, put things into prospective and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!! hope u get rid of your blackheads, plus i think if u have open pores, like i have, u just have to keep them clean. HAPPY BLACKHEAD POPPING!!!!

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