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A blister is formed when friction is applied to the skin over a repeated period, such as when wearing new shoes that rub against the heel of the foot. A dome of liquid, or blister, appears to protect the injury. The blister liquid is created by a separation of the first layer and layers underneath which houses the tissue fluid. While the protective shield of a blister is the body’s form of taking care of injury, blisters can cause pain.


When you have a blister, you don?t care how it got there or what it is. You know you are in pain and want to know how to get rid of blisters fast. There is a simple method to get rid of the pain and the blister quickly.

Pick up the needed equipment from your local store. Drug stores are a great option when searching for the medical items required to take care of a blister fast.

To get rid of blisters, you will need:

  • A needle or pin, although you can use a safety pin
  • Rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap
  • A source of fire, such as a match or lighter
  • Tissue or cotton balls
  • Neosporin or antibacterial ointment
  • A bandage. Second skin is a waterproof bandage or you can use a waterproof bandaid

When learning how to get rid of blisters fast, always think clean! Remember, the blister is formed to protect the injury from bacteria. Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning the procedure. Rub the alcohol over the blistered area. Run the needle or pin through a flame from the fire source. Allow the needle tip to cool. Wipe down the pin with an alcohol swab or dip the tip into the alcohol.

Pierce a small corner of the blister with the needle. Do not remove the outer layer of skin. The skin protects the wound from infection and the new layers of skin underneath the blister will be highly sensitive and painful when exposed. Drain the fluid.

Cover the blister with Neosporin or the antibacterial cream. This will ensure the area is sanitized and free of bacteria or dirt. In most cases, the blister will heal completely within twelve hours.

The next time you find yourself asking how to get rid of blisters fast, you will have the knowledge, experience and the items needed for a safe recovery. If the area doesn’t remain clean and sanitized, you run the risk of a bacterial infection which will be even more painful than the original blister. Remember to clean and sanitize the area, wash your hands and keep the top layer of skin intact. Watch for any redness or swelling and if the condition persists contact your physician immediately. Learning how to get rid of blisters fast is simple but dealing with an infection is not quite as easy.

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