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Mouth blisters or ulcers as many call them are round spots that may be white, yellow or gray. Some may have a red ring around them. Mouth blisters can be painful and pain can be enhanced by eating hot foods or beverages, spicy foods and foods high in acid such as oranges. Mouth blisters are usually found in the cheeks and lips and sometimes on and under the tongue. Some things that may bring about mouth blisters are burns, herpes simplex, colds, leukemia, syphilis, viral infections, vitamin deficiencies, stress, bronchitis, TB, poorly fitting dentures, gluten intolerances, medications and anemia. Mouth blisters are also referred to as canker sores. A blood blister is from a trauma to the tissue in the mouth, such as if one was to bite their cheek.

How to get rid of blister in your mouth one can follow a traditional treatment or a natural treatment. In either case the person should keep the area clean and avoid any irritations such as mentioned above. Topical steroids, antacids and histamines will help to relieve pain. One needs to brush their teeth gently and often and use a good antibacterial mouthwash. If the blister lasts three to four weeks and still has not been eliminated then the person should see their doctor to make sure that the blister is not a cancer.

A more natural approach to get rid of blisters in your mouth would be to use a mild salt water mouth wash two to three times per day, and keep the area clean. The salt water will sterilize the blisters while they are healing. The best approach is to give the blister time to heal on its own because the mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. Simple numbing agents do take the pain away but do not help with any healing process, so it is best to just avoid these substances. Another good natural treatment is drinking aloe Vera juice. This is available from health food stores and will soothe the blister. During the healing of blisters in your mouth make sure that certain substances are avoided such as coffee, high acid fruits, foods that are salty and spicy, and any foods or beverages that would only tend to irritate the blister.

Another natural remedy to get rid of blisters in your mouth is for the person to chew on a basil leaf, as basil dries up blisters in the mouth. Another remedy is to make a paste of ice cold water and baking soda and rub this onto the blister. This will make the blister disappear in up to three days. Another is to place a moistened tea bag on the blister for ten minutes. The tea is known to reduce inflammations and swelling.

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