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Sore, discoloured, and uncomfortable. Does this sound like your skin? The most common and irritating injury from running and other types of physical activity is blisters. Blisters are pockets of liquid that are formed on the outer layer of the skin which are caused from forceful rubbing actions. The rubbing action is frequently caused from athletic footwear that is used during periods of exercise.

What is often unknown to many people is that blisters are actually created by the body to help prevent any further injury or damage to the area, and help protect the skin underneath. These liquid filled bubbles can happen on any part of the body, but the most common areas are located on your feet, or hands.

Although the rubbing of material most commonly causes blisters, they are also caused by the contact with chemicals, first- or second-degree burns, and possible skin or medical conditions. Whatever the case, read on for several solutions you can try to get rid of your blisters!

1. Clean the area.

The very first thing you should do when you are trying to treat your blister is to clean out any dirt, chemicals, or anything else that may get your blister infected. Whatever other option you choose to help heal your blister, cleaning it should be your number one priority, and the first step for you to take.

2. Try not to Pop or Drain.

Your best bet to help heal your blister is to not drain or pop your blister. Often doctors and medical professionals will tell you to keep your blisters the way they are. Draining your blister is not directly harmful to you, but the way you do it along with how you treat it afterwards is the most damaging and dangerous aspect to your healing process.

Popping and draining your blister is extremely harmful as you can infect the area with the object that you use, as well by the way you treat it afterwards.

3. Air it Out.

If your blister has not yet popped, the best treatment is to keep your blister airing out and in the open, or have it loosely bandaged. This is to help prevent your blister from popping which can prevent any infection to the area.

By keeping your blister open and aired out, it will essentially speed up the healing process. In the case that a bandage is required for walking purposes, place your bandage at the sides of your blister so that the top part of your blister is open and exposed to the air.

4. Keep on top of Bandaging.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the affected area and to also avoid infections, you should change your bandage a minimum of once per day. Each time you add a new bandage to the area, it is a great idea to clean, dry, and add the antibiotic cream to the blister and the area around it.

To ensure the best healing process, try to let the area breath for some time between bandages instead of soaking the damaged area with antibiotic creams.

5. Elevate the Area.

Another crucial aspect to the healing process is to elevate the area that contains the blister. By elevating the blistered part, it will help reduce any inflammation. Elevating your foot, hand, or whatever area has a blister will actually help reduce the discomfort or pain that the blister is putting you through.

The best way to do this is to ensure the area is cleaned, and elevate your foot (if located on your foot) above your waist. By doing so you will ensure the proper drainage of all the fluid, as well as help the increase of fresh blood to the area that will help increase the recovery process.

6. Protect yourself with padding.

In the case that you need to perform your daily or necessary physical activity, whether it be a walk, run or any type of sport such as hockey or soccer, a good idea would be to set some cushion on the area that will be in the shoe or boot during this activity. The use of extra padding will help the area that is prone to rubbing.

The cushion or extra padding you apply to the blister can be in many forms. A great option for your extra padding could be in the form of adhesive foam padding that can stick just like a bandage. What is often seen in professional sports is that the athletes will actually use a regular bandage to cover the blister, and then just add as many foamy gauze pads as they need to reduce their pain. Another great option is a thick, padded athletic sock or glove.

Not only will these cushioned pads help reduce your pain temporarily; they can also help with the prevention of infection. These pads will act as a second layer of bandage and help keep unwanted dirt or anything other unwanted items away.

7. Pop your blisters.

This method is not the best and healthiest of ways to get rid of your blister, but if your blister is absolutely killing you, and you feel that you cannot live another minute without relieving some pressure, popping your blister can be done if it is performed correctly and safely. Another reason you may choose to drain your blister is when it is in an awkward or uncomfortable spot, like the back of your heel, for instance.

If you do decide you need to pop and drain your blister, you must first clean the area, sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. After this, poke a small hole in the edge of the blister, gently squeeze the puss out, wash the blister again to prevent infection and gently dry, smooth the skin flap down (do not remove it), and add antibiotic cream and then close with a bandage.

You can also go to your doctor and ask them to drain it for you if you absolutely need to. This will make the process more hygienic and safe for you. Because not all blisters are the cause of physical exercise, it might also be your best bet to visit the doctor to have your blisters examined to determine what their cause might be.

Blisters are often the most common injury that occurs from any physical activity or sport. Whether you are out for a nice stroll in the park or playing an intense game of hockey, the development of a blister might be on its way to ruining your day. These pockets of liquid do hurt very much, but you should always remember that they are created to protect the skin beneath. Whichever method you do choose to get rid of your blister, remember that keeping your blister clean by washing it often and adding antibiotic cream are crucial to the safety to you and you blister!

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  1. well for some reason this basketball season i have had blisters really bad,i really havent had them in the past.on one foot at one time i had 4 blisters, wow did that hurt,i tried soakin my foot in epsom salt it kinda helped, but really there isnt anyway to get rid of them, just let them heal! i did find some socks called, BLISTER FREE sock @ runners world they are like 11 dollars a pair but they are worth it!some how i had a blister under my toe nail and my toe nail fell off!! that hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i had afew blisters before and boy did they hurt, but i just let them heal or just drain the blister. although it hurts when draining the blister, it helps. just make sure you put a bandage on it afterwards

  3. if its a water blister just rub salt water on it, have cold baths and it pop it any way posible. But dont let the pus run as it will spred.

  4. Dont go out on a seven and a half hour night while weraing five inch heels that are completely new!! They will rub and you will get a blister!!!
    But ue TCP it does work, to get rid of all pain, and you won’t realise it!

  5. Never use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize a blister, no matter how diluted it is. It will kill the lower layers of your skin and make healing very slow. I made that mistake a few hours ago…

  6. I know this may sound crazy. BUt ever tie i get a fever blister i put toothpaste on it. The white paste kind not gel. I leave it on all night and the next day. Reapplying of course. It seems to dry it up and usually dissapears soon there after

  7. hi..

    i am suffereing from steptococi.i creat a lot of itching in leg area and all over the body please suggest me the medecine for this .

    i will be thank ful for you people

  8. You can buy those bubble tape things at any pharmacy (or even make your own by applying a thin layer of medical tape around the blister). This will take the pressure of the affected area. Helps when you have to run or play basketball or something and don’t have enough time to simply let it heal.

  9. I got 4 blisters on my feet from wearing open-toed shoes that I have not worn in a year. When I got home I cleaned my feet, and took a sterilized straight pin and drained the blisters, and put polysporin on it and covered with a band aid. I found though that it was still moist and I wanted to let it dry, so I took the band aid off and applied more polysporin, it is actually starting to feel a little better.

  10. hey, i run alot and i recently recieved 10! yes 10! blisters on one foot!! they are my regular running shoes and i checked they are water or air blisters….. they really hurt and i can hardly walk well…. they hurt so bad that i had to stay in bed all day!! (BORING!) I was just asking is it better to pop them (or drain) or to heal…..? ty for helping ( ty= thankyou)

  11. I’m a runner and one of the best ways I’ve found to get rid of blisters is by simply turning your sock inside-out. The smooth side will immensely reduce the amount of rubbing that your foot does against the rough side.

  12. i was doing my duke of edingburghs bronze award this weekend and i had to walk to 15 miles and i got blisters on the 1st day they are on the bottom of my heels and i had to tip toe for nearly 14 miles,my blisters have grown a lot and the look like ballons they are quiet painfull ,one of the officers from my atc squadron said that i should let them heal and the others were telling me to pierce it and put a blister plaster on it or compeed or a sterelized bandage ,so if you have a blister is best to pop it and treat it if its too big and if its small you can let it heal by it self.

  13. I just started a new job as a hostess at a restaurant and now my feet are covered with blisters I decided to let them heal however the blisters popped and even with the antibacterial cream and band aids,It doesn’t seem to help does anyone have any suggestions on how I can protect my feet?

  14. I have a blister on the bottom of my foot from new shoes, its kinda big and I have to tip toe on that foot because it hurts to apply pressure – Im a bit of a pansy and I’m too scared to pop it incase it hurts – does it really hurt that bad? Or is there any other way I can get rid of it fast ?? I’ve had it since Wednesday morning and its now Saturday.

  15. I recently got a blood blister playing football/soccer on a basketball court..barefooted!! I have a match in 5 days and i was wondering if you know how to get rid of them, and roughly how long it will take. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. If you get unexplained blisters on your hands and the bottoms and tops of your feet, look into a possible nickel allergy. My orthodontist put nickel finishing wires on my braces and I broke out in blisters for three weeks before my school nurse suggested it could be nickel since I have a latex (synthetic plastics and rubbers) allergy as well. The nickel is still getting out of my system two weeks later, but from prolonged exposure I’m hyper-sensitive to it. Being in my mouth made it even worse because wet contact sites make the nickel enter the body easier. American nickels are 75% copper and 25% nickel. One nickel on my forearm for 3-4 minutes will cause my hand to get a red/white, blotchy rash and than perfectly round water blisters. Ow! Thank God for antihistamines!

  17. is a blister white and stuff? cause i have 1 after wearing this shoes and i was playing football and basketball for about 5 hours

  18. i once got a blister on the inside of my lip and used lime and salt and it was gone! of course it hurt but not as much as putting peroxide and plus it only stings and then in one or two days it was gone.

  19. I have a blister on my finger from using the mouse wheel too much (I’m a computer gamer). Should I still just drain them? It doesn’t seem that big of a blister and there are actually a bunch of small ones instead. Any advice would be nice.

  20. my blister is around my toe skin and it’s yellow… It just cracked up open so i’m not sure what to do at the moment. I think it is infected or something because it really hurts a lot. I play basketball and i don’t know what happened. I just get home and i see the blisters popping and peeling off…. I’m like not sure…

  21. I am going to go with cleanning it w/ alcohol, rapping it and gently trying to get the liquid out. Mine is very big and red –the door slammed hiting my foot and it is very hard to walk. So if I don’t see the fire works it’s ok I just hope it heals in a couple of hours. But if yours is small leave it alone.

  22. I have 4 blisters 2 on each foot one on the top and one on the bottom from shoes that i wear to work i work in an office and am sitting all day i went shopping right after work and didnt get a chance to change shoes i drained them but they really huet any advice.

  23. I have a huuuge fever blister on my lip. Somebody told me to spray hairspray on it and that would make it go away. Stings when I put it on….seems to be helping. Any commentd or better suggestions.

  24. I had 5 blisters on my feet and I drained them, cleaned them with peroxide and put a bandage on them now they left marks on my feet. How can I get them to go away?….Thanx

  25. Since one month I am getting Watery blister on my finger and palm, is very itchy I use to rub this blister gently till to fluid comes out then applying antifunagle ointment then to it is not curing completely please advised about this disease and treatment.
    am suspecting it could be Herpes so kindly give me precription and advice regards

  26. if you have flat feet, i suggest not to wear shoes made for people with an arch. Especially if you wear high heel shoes every week, but what happens if you dont burst the blister? since i didnt treat mine the turned black and they look nasty! how do i get rid of them?

  27. I have gotten blisters many times over the years from skating and ill fitting shoes. The fluid is more irritating if left to heal on its own plus it can break open accidentally leaving a larger area to get infection. I have best results by washing the blistered area first with cold soap and water and then towel dry. Then I alcohol a small sewing needle. I’ll puncture the blister at the base in 2 or 3 holes side by side and use sterile gauze to gently press and drain. The gauze will absorb the fluid. Finally, I cover the drained blisters with a clean bandage costed with triple antibiotic ointment and tape it over the blister to cushion the area and keep it clean. This will bring some relief and will heal more quickly than leaving it alone. As the blister will dry out and the old blister will eventually peel away.

  28. i have blood blisters on the balls of my feet from dancing- they seem to be healing,my feet no longer hurt, but how do I get the bloody layer of skin (I know- yuck) clean.

  29. i think i have one near my toe but my friend says its a bug bite. its a bubble though and i dont know how to get rid of it. im too scared to pop it!! please helppp =[[[[[

  30. hey, i have about 7 fever blisters in my mouth. theyre are the worse pain i have felt in forever! they sting and itch, i cant even sleep.

    please someone tell me a way to get it to STOPPP STININGGG!!
    im inn SO MUCHH PAIN!

  31. now i know what to do… LET IT HEAL ON ITS OWN! i got one on my big toe and it sucks coz i have a football match this coming saturday. i hope it’ll be gone by then =[.. thanks for the info! it helped a lot. i didnt knw herpes was a form of blister too haha ๐Ÿ˜€ wow!

  32. Here’s a tip mainly for girls, when you get new heels wear them around the house for about a total of 35 minutes a day, just so you are use to them and you don’t get blisters. Otherwise your feet rub on the shoe, hence forth you get a blister

  33. Okay well i know this sounds crazy and i know most of you wont Dare to do this because it hurts so much But i put Vinager on my blister and Yes, if hurt SOOO much i almost cryed but a day later it was almost all Dryed out i think it helps alot, but it really hurts so if you like pain thats the way to go

  34. I played bass guitar too much last night and now I feel the beginning of a blister deep in my left index finger. I am swinging my hand at intervals to make more blood go into my finger, hoping that will speed absorption of the fluid, plus stretching exercises. If it persists, I will tape it over for next week. I will not play for several days now until I know it is getting better.

  35. Get a preventative (I think they are mainly silicone-based products) from an athlete supply, or a place that specializes in running or biking. There are a couple of different products available to eliminate friction blisters… I get blisters just from running the vacuum, or just gardening, so have to use these products a lot.

  36. I’m in Cross Country, and yesterday I had my first meet, and I have blisters all over my feet. Is there a way to get rid of them fast without vinagar?

  37. My problem is the same as scotts—

    scott Says:June 10th, 2007 at 3:21 pm
    I have a blister on my finger from using the mouse wheel too much (Iโ€™m a computer gamer). Should I still just drain them? It doesnโ€™t seem that big of a blister and there are actually a bunch of small ones instead. Any advice would be nice.

  38. I run Cross Country in college and I had two peanut m&m sized blisters on the inside of my big toes. I first soaked them in ice cold water and then I popped them with a needle and drained them. It was completely painless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I currentley have 7, yes 7 blisters on 7 of my toes. I got them from wearing a pair of 2 or 3 inch heals. I had no other shoes with me, and had to wear them all day. My feet are in sooooo much pain, and 5 of the blisters are bleeding. They are all flat/popped except for 1. The ones that are bleeding bleed a lil bit, but have a under the skin kinda scab thing. I don’t know how to treat them, except for neosporin, and a bandaid on each. I would really like some advice. THEY ARE PAINFUL, and I play lacrosse and soccer, and their both in sezson (lax is travel). PLEASE HELP!!!!!


    – IN PAIN

    p.s uggs feel ggooooood for anyone who has blisters, just make sure that there loose and not posh-spice tight!

  40. Well to all, im a big guy who is on my feet all day. I have found a remedy for healing and for preventing blisters. For preventing blisters throw all of your socks away. Buy new ones and wear them inside out. Only keep socks for a month. The micro fibers wear out from being washed and makes the sock thin. For healing blisters wash feet in water that is as hot as you can stand it. Then take a bandage and some corn startch. Put the corn startch on thick and cover overnight to dry the blister out then in the morning get some hydrocortisone cream and put on with a tightly place band aide. Keep the hydro cream with you and change band aide every 2 hours or so. this works im telling you. If blister is moist at the end of the day put more corn startch on and leave over night. Blisters should be gone in 2 or 3 days guareented!!!!!!!!

  41. To get rid of Blisters very quickly, and use a plaster or bandage to hold the moist part of a BANANA SKIN to the area.

  42. I got a mad blister on my foot by working too hard, im a plumber and your always running around in damp socks, this is a major cause. also using oder eaters helps as it kills the smell and usually keeps ya feet dry

  43. hii everyone

    ive got blisters all over my hands. i think one of my burns caused it. how do i make the blisters go awayy and will they go away when my burn gets better?

    thank youuu

  44. oohhh blisters.pshhh their a pain in the rear end. but yeah drain it n then put peroxide over it… u know just so it wont get infected if anything, after just put a sock on it and ull b good.

  45. i have 7 blisters on my left foot……4 of them are oozing out a green looking pus and 3 of them are letting out this nasty odor dat smells like syphliss…what should i do, please it hurts like crazy. It stings…it feels

  46. if you get blisters on the inside of your mouth gargle warm salt water they will go away really fast. As for the outsideof your mouth abreva at the first sign of a blister. (If you already have one there are pills that help but you pretty much have to wait it out)

  47. okayy,
    blisterss suck big time
    if you have balls drain,
    truth is it will hurt.
    if you just wanna let it heal
    then dont irretate it.
    if they are on your feet
    wear thicker sock
    on your hand,
    try not to write or lift stuff
    in your mouth
    its probably because you bit it when you were sleepinggg.
    not muchh you can do about that.
    so far im blister free
    butt i hope your blisters get better!

  48. Jazmyne if I were you I would let them heal by themselves as it is a burn and would probably heal over better, I had one on my foot which I just drained and bandaged and already it feels better although it is stinging, I left it for a few days but couldn’t wait for it to go on it’s own.

  49. I have a blister on my toe, but it does not hurt until I put shoes on and there is nothing to drain………..I have tried almost everything and it looks really bad………..I just want my normal skin color back then the new skin that has grown is a dark browm color and has a smooth surface……….What can I do to get it back to the normal stage? I need help really bad and by the Summer time I would like to be able to wear flip flops with confidence……..So if you know what to do please help me………..I have tried so much I will try almost anything to get my toe to look normal again.

  50. I have 2 small bumps on the left side of my middle finger and one medium size bump on the right side of my middle finger. I am not sure if they are blisters and not sure where they came. They just popped up a couple of days ago and the bummp that is on my right side of the finger is kinda red which could be a blood blister or just from my other finger hitting it or rubbing against it. Please help me figure how to get rid of these bummps because it hurts.

  51. I dance on pointe and get giant blisters on my toes- ouch! The best way to get rid of them is to let them be OR put a few layers of New Skin (Buy it at WalMart) on them. DON’T get your toes moist! It will make the blister evern worse.

  52. I’ve just got a blister from playing a rugby match in my new boots I have one on each foot very hard to walk on does anyone have an idea how to get rid of them before 2moro?

  53. I have a really bad blister on my big toe and i tried draining it but i dont think there is any liquid…it really hurts..any suggestions

  54. ok well its not a tip, but im a big tennis player and i played for about 4 hours yesterday, i noticed this morning i had a red mark on my hand but it wasnt bubbled up with liquid in it, i cant pop it because theres nothing to pop and i dont know how to help it..PLEASE HELP

  55. I have a blister on the inside of my big toes.(From wearing hockey goalie skates) Any idea how to get rid of them before Friday?

    Thanks for your help.

  56. well i got 2 blisters on my big toes saturday night from wearing heels and they really hurt. i have my school formal on friday night and i have heels to wear. what can i do to get them better? i need to get rid of them. they hurt like ****! any help is good! pleaseeee

  57. I have blisters on my bak frm a very bad sunburn and I have been told 2 just let them pop on their own and 2 put aloe on where u have the blisters also I suggest that u dnt try 2 lean or lay on ur bak bcuz u will cry also dnt take cold showers I fainted while in the shower cuz of this

  58. Yeah, so was wearing one of those rubber thumb sorters at my new job..and aparently, I am more allergic to Latex than I thought. My thunb is now twice it’s normal size and I have about a hundred little baby blisters on my thumb that don’t seem to want to drain. (I think cuz theres too many)Arg. Now I’ve stabbed myelf about a thousand tims to try to get them to go down, but they just wont shrink.

  59. you cant get rid of blisters overnight, but u can cut back on the pain, drain them right before you go to bed, and put baby powder or some kind of spray to help them dry. take a small pain killer to help you work better, and try to avoid walking or running.

  60. Read the above article for all of your individual blisters. Then tweak the information with a dash of common sense, say abra cadabra and you have the answer to your own question.

  61. If you have a small blister that is uncomfortable and you are athletically active as I am, rub it with some poroxide cleaning medicine then put a cotton ball on it with a bandaid to secure it. Make sure to change it daily. That should do a tempory job until it heels completly and goes away ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. well use salt and water to drain out any pain within the blister . whether big or small. put onto a cloth just lightly and dab your blister. This may sting but persevere. Then before you go to sleep and when you wake up be sure to put some baby oil, sudocreme, or baby powder to make your skin stay smooth. By doing this every day , you should be rid of the beast by 2-3 days.Maybe 4.

    Hope this helps people like it did to me.

    Lisa x

  63. im a big volleyball player and i need to get my blister healed in 2 days for a beach volleyball game …a quick and simple idea to get rid of em’!

  64. I have an athletics competition in 3 days where I have to run 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m plus high jump, long jump and many other track and field events. I have these huge blisters on the soles of my feet – the skin on them has peeled and it is extremely painful. Does Baby Oil do any good? I really need them to heal in 3 days!!!
    Please help.


  65. Just soak your blister in salt water. I know it burns, but I’m a dancer and it heals them up in about 4 hours at the most. Also, there’s these band-aids that are specifically for blisters, and what they do is you leave them on over night and they drain the blister for you. Just take them off in the morning and the blister is gone! It doesn’t hurt at all. These are available at like rite aid, or cvs or something. Albertsons & Vons have them too. Best of luck!

    P.S. Good Job! Blisters mean you worked hard! =)

  66. i have 2 huge bliters and 2 hge blood blisters on my feet, i have my prom in 2 days, and im wearing heels, howcani get rid of them! i cant even walk properly, have to walk on my toes!
    PLEASE help.
    thanks x

  67. i have 2 blisters on my pinky toe and my ring toe. they kill soooooooooooooooo bad i got them from my new shoes they r so cute and i cant wear them with my blisters. I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u

  68. I’ve got Blisters on each of the sols of my feet! they really hurt and i cant walk on them. Because they are on the bottom of my foot the skin is really hard so i cant pop them. I have been soaking them in salt water but nothing seems to being happening! what can i do? i’ve got a party to go to on saturday!! plz help x

  69. i have to blisters ffrom gymnastics uneven bars how do i get rid of them or help them with out stopping myself from doing the uneven bars

  70. After many years of getting blisters on my toes anytime I walked a good bit (on vacation, etc.), I found this stuff called “body-glide” that you rub on your blister prone areas BEFORE it turns into a blister. Also deodorant works the same way (the roll on kind). This has been a life saver to me, especially going on trips that require hours of walking at a time.

  71. I have high school soccer conditioning before tryouts but the first day i got 2 nickle sized blisterrs on each of my feet. i need to get rid of them so i can train for tryouts – any advise?!?

  72. I think i had a blister on the heel of my foot, i didn’t notice it until one day when i was rubbing cream in and i felt a hard lump. It’s as though the blister was big and was meant to pop and didn’t and now all the contents has gone really hard. I’ve tried filing it and picking it off but it’s too painful and so ugly in summer shoes – any suggestions?

  73. ok i went to the dotocer today so i can get it burn off
    but now it like big and it still look like a warts but it have blood around it
    and i dont want peolpe to be seeing it because it would be so weird and everything

  74. I have a blister on the back of each foot
    its really painful but i cant pop them because they are hard!
    plz help

  75. i got a huge blister on the side of my heel, and it healed on its own. the skin on top was still pink and tender and i got another blister on top of it. im just getting blister on top of blister, i also have long blister on the back of each foot. i always poke a sterilized needle in them every night to drain them out but then they just fill back up with more fluid. its like the skin on top is mending itself back together and it just gets more and more irritated. they are very very painful. they wont heal. please, somebody help me!

  76. i have a HUGE blister on my lip!!!
    but do you know what worked???
    TOOTHPASTE!! my mom recomends it because we BOTH get terrible blisters!!

  77. i got a cluster of blisters under my nose,the area between nose and the top of mouth lip.this is really very irrating!there is no way i can bandage it.PLEASE HELP!!thanks =).

  78. um i have a small blister on my foot from running 2 miles none stop can sum body tell me how to get it off cuz i dont think my boyfriend will think its sexy lol


    There are three types of burns: first degree (minor burns), second degree (causes blister) and third degree (skin/flesh becomes black like barbeque or, the skin breaks).
    In case of minor burns and second degree burns, you can explore the internet and find some useful information from some authentic website(s) but if you recognise your burn as a third degree burn, then stop surfing the internet now! and run to some hospital’s emergency ward. Third degree burns require skin grafting in which case, the skin is recovered by cutting it from some another part of the patient’s body and stiching it to the burnt area.

  80. ok i have a blister on both my heels from football tryouts and i have tryouts the next day and i dont no what to do i cant even put my shoes on should i put tape on it so it doesent rub?

  81. Hey everyone, i have a realy big blister at the bacck of my foot and this helped me alot 2. Blister Treatments:

    When caring for and treating blisters, you can choose to either let them heal on their own, or drain them yourself. If the blisters are not obtrusive itโ€™s best to let them heal on their own as puncturing the outer layer of skin will create an open wound and increase the likelihood of infection.

    Protecting Skin Blisters:

    If the blister is not painful or obtrusive, give it a chance to heal on its own. The serum inside the blister works to pad and protect the injured skin. Cover the blister with a gauze bandage to protect it. The blister will eventually heal by itself, the fluid will be reabsorbed and the skin will return to its normal state. If the blister โ€˜popsโ€™ or breaks, wash the area with soapy water, and apply a bandage to protect it while it heals.

    Draining Blisters:

    If your skin blister is large and/or painful, and you choose to drain the fluid – take care to leave the outer skin intact. Follow these steps carefully in order to help your blister heal faster and continue to protect it.

    Clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap.
    Sterilize a straight or safety pin by using pliers to hold it over a flame until the pin glows red and then allowing it to cool.
    Using the pin, puncture a small hole in the base of the blister.
    Using GENTLE pressure, drain the blister.
    Apply an antibiotic ointment to the area like Bacitracin and Polymyxin B โ€“ triple antibiotic ointment. Avoid products containing neomycin as this is more likely to cause an allergic reaction.
    Cover the area with an absorbent, non-stick bandage and change it daily. You may need to change it more often if it becomes wet, dirty, or loose.

  82. mother says that you can use a needle to burst off the first layer of skin when you have a blister.

    Is that really true…?

  83. I have a HUGE blister on the left side of my heel, it hurts REALLY bad. I suppose it is from walking 4 1/2 miles in two hours, but i would like to know how to get rid of it.

  84. Everyone, listen up.
    The best way, I’ve found, to heal a blister is not to pop it and leave it there. That does nothing and is simply prolonging it. It will usually fill back up with the fluid overnight. Here’s what I do, and it usually makes the blister go away in a week at the most:

    Clean the blister and the area around it, carefuly dry it with a paper towel, sterilize a needle, wash your hands, and pop that sucker. Then gentle press on it and get all the fluid. Pop another hole if you want.
    When you’re certain most of if not all of the fluid is out, rinse it off with cool water. This next part hurts a little.
    Using your clean, washed hands, a pair of sterilized scissors, or tweezers, peel or cut off the top layer of skin. In burns, the top layer is dead, and in other cases, it depends, but it usually is dead.
    When all of the top layer of skin is off, rinse it off with cool water (this hurts), and pour a little peroxide on it. Spread a little polysporin on there and slap on a band aid, and you’re done.

  85. I think my blisters are from friction and sweating. When i sweat alot on my hands like when playing my games they will form usually on my middle finger or sometimes my whole hand. When im working ot the friction from the grip on the bars causes my skin to turn red and dry out. it hurts to move my middle finger, the whole thing is swollen, and if i were to pop 2 blisters right next to each other its like it becomes one big popped blister and then more blisters form. The last time i went to the doctor he gave me a cream but no one will take me back to the doctor.

  86. I have blisters all over both of my hands from playing on the swing 1 hand is so bad i can hardly move it.. wat do i do????

    please help me

  87. Alright, I’ve had this thing for three days, and only now is it hurting. (I hate school). I ran the needle under hot water, and used hydrogen porixed to clean the blister, poped it for the THIRD time, drained, more porixied, and put 2 normal bandeges over it to cover, tell you guys how it gose latter.

  88. I had on slippers and i was running to catch the bus my toe grazed the concrete and now i have a blood clot on the top of my toe. It hurts only when its irritated but I need it to go away ASAP. I cant get a pedicure, and i cant where heels. My mom says pop it but i am scared it might become worst. Some one please help.

  89. On 5/29/2010 I am a diabetic and blisters, especially on the feet, are a big problem. I got one on my heel after wearing a pair of new shoes for only little while. The blister had broken and believe me I was worried. I washed the area and put some Kolkhuri Ointment on it and used one of those cloth stretchable Band-Aids to cover it. I left it alone and when I took it off a few days later it was gone! I swear by this stuff for any type of cut, burn, scrape etc. You can’t get it in the stores but you can Google it and find it on line. I got mine on EBay. A tube lasts quite a long time. It’s really worth it.

  90. I went to a party last night and wore these beautiful wedges! 6 inch heels, cream suede! Had them on for about 6-7 hours! I woke up this morning in agony. The balls of my feet have a huge blister, both feet, two blisters on both my little toes and a blister covering the majority of my heel! I’ve popped them and they really hurt! I’m going out again today and i can’t even put sandals on! I can’t get to a pharmacy because it’s sunday! what shall I dooooo??????

  91. I had a cankers in the roof of my mouth and i woke up the next day ; they were poped and i cant eat nor drink anything with the pain!What do I do?

  92. Ok, I felt I HAD to reply after reading “Hannah’s” instructions.
    Puss starts to come from the blister.
    It feels like it’s hot.
    The area becomes swollen or inflamed.
    The blister or area becomes infected.
    If you feel like something is wrong with it.

    DO NOT:
    Use these “instructions” if the blister is inside your body. If it is in your mouth, Private area(s), nose, etc.. Ark- This is for you!
    Use these “instructions” if you do not understand them. (this is not meant to be mean or nasty. I am being honest)
    Attempt Hannah’s “awesome” technique! By taking off that top layer of PROTECTIVE (NOT DEAD) skin you are running the risk of it becoming VERY INFECTED!!!

    If that top layer tears, rips or comes off there is no need to worry, make sure to clean area 1-2x’s per day with Antibacterial soap & water. Tap the area dry with Clean, Unused gauze.

    If you are playing games so much that you start to get painful, red, inflamed blisters, you need to slow down on that joystick! If you are willing to risk an infected finger or hand for it then you need to get another hobby for awhile until your hands heal. Niko- This one is for you! Cut back on it my friend!

    If you think it is infected, it probably is. In this case you MUST SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!

    Friends I hope this helps!
    Best Of Luck!

  93. Hi – had blister on the sole of my foot for 6 (SIX) years!!!

    I got it when I went travelling around Europe. Not sure what caused it – showering in Youth Hostels, not being able to shower after getting very sweaty, not being able to take off my socks to let my feet breathe; when my boots soaked through and I had to keep wearing them. I think I got a sort of ‘trench-foot’ at some point – like after you’ve had a really long bath and your fingers are all wrinkly, well I had that on my foot. I remember scratching off a lot of dead white skin – not pleasant!

    This is only on my left foot under the ‘knife-edge’ toward the heel and in-step, mostly around the crease. It might have spread slightly enlarged, I’m not sure. Bloody painful; I often scratch off a load of dead skin; yup, sounds like that all encompassing excema, huh? Blisters underneath fail and soak the mal-formed epidermis until they form again. Feels like a series of small blisters than one large one because the deeper flesh feels pimply or bumpy under my nails.

    I went to the doctors after suffering a few (4) years and he prescribed me Betnovate ointment. Thing is, I never get to use it as the skin should be rupture-free and it never is! It’s not a permanent solution anyway so I don’t care. I know I should have used the bag he gave me to put some dead skin inside to send for viral analysis – I didn’t.

    I know it gets worse, or rather aggravated if I don’t take off my shoes and socks at the end of the day, and I suspect it would go away if I never wore shoes and socks but that ain’t practical… Maybe my left foot is allergic to my own sweat, maybe it’s the salt, maybe it’s the sodium content in my diet or sodium type in my shower gel.Who knows? Maybe you do, maybe I’ve helped you. Good luck to us all!

  94. OMG i got this blister inside my skin from plucking on my viola too hard and its bothering me when everyone i touch it (even as i am typing!) PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF IT!!!

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