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Bloating can be uncomfortable so anyone experiencing this may be wondering how to get rid of bloating fast. Bloating can be a problem when trying to wear a tight or figure hugging dress to an event or on a date. Someone who is going on a date may be wondering how to get rid of bloating fast so they can fit into that body hugging outfit sleekly without having to suck in their belly or feel like they are too puffy. The good news is that bloating is typically not a serious problem and it is easy for many people to take matters into their own hands when they know what to do. These natural remedies involve simple changes in diet and exercise and can easily make the body less bloated.

One of the main reasons why people get bloated is because their bodies are retaining water. Though it may feel counter intuitive to drink more water when feeling bloated this is one of the main ways of how to get rid of bloating fast. When the body is dehydrated it retains water because it feels like it is not going to get more. Drinking more water allows the body to let go of the water it is retaining because it is hydrated. Drinking water also keeps the digestion regular so there is less bloating around the gut area.

Another way to enhance digestion and keep the bloat at bay is to take probiotic capsules or drink probiotic yogurt like Kefir. Probiotics are healthy and friendly intestinal gut flora that promote better digestion and will make the belly appear flatter. Switching out the unhealthy foods in the diet and replacing it with probiotic rich foods will definitely make the bloating less apparent if not eliminate it completely.

Another factor that can contribute to a bloated and puffy look and feeling is salt. Eating salty foods makes every part of the body look puffy and boated especially in the face and around the tummy area. In order to get a handle on bloating before a major event or having pictures taken try to stay away from salt for at least two weeks.

In addition to healthy eating exercise can also help the body to look and feel less bloated. Exercise gets the blood pumping and all of the systems moving in the body. Muscle tone will also help the body to look less bloated and firmer.