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You have been loyal to your moisturizer for many years now. Your face is smooth and clear because of this product, which is why you don’t see a reason why you should stop using it. Your moisturizer has also given birth to a lot of things that you currently enjoy. You love using it before you go to your favorite coffee shop to get a caffeine fix and smoke cigarettes. It is part of your routine to go clubbing after having your coffee and it is no surprise that you can last until 4 o’clock in the morning. Because you are having too much fun, you don’t even notice your allergies.

Moisturizers, cigarette smoke, stress, fatigue, lack of humidity, late nights and allergies – all these cause what have been complaining about for years: your blood shot eyes.

Bloodshot eyes appear to be red and dry. You suffer from pain, itchiness and the burden of not looking pleasant all the time. How unattractive can you get? Can you wait until next year before you do something about it?

The first clue to knowing how to get rid of your bloodshot eyes is looking at your lifestyle. Change your bad old habits and witness the transformation of your eyes. You can also try homemade remedies and at the same time practice safety precautions. If you have no idea how this is done, check these out:

Compress Soothes the Eye

You have two choices for a compress, which includes the cold and the hot compress. The application of a cold compress is different from the other, so don’t use a cold or a hot compress for the wrong condition.

Bloodshot eyes that are irritated and itchy are caused by allergies (Tips on how to get rid of allergies). Bloodshot eyes caused by allergies need cold compress. Soothing your eyes this way is very easy. Just wet a piece of cloth in cold water and then ring it around your eyes thoroughly. You can also wrap an ice pack or a few cubes of ice in a towel. The rationale behind using cold compress for bloodshot eyes caused by allergies is that, the coldness of the compress shrinks the blood vessels that are swollen. With this, expect the itchiness and redness to go away.

Some people who suffer from bloodshot eyes do not necessarily complain about itch. If this is the case, then blame your bloodshot eyes on a cold, eyestrain or fatigue. Unlike the case where you need a cold compress, you need a warm compress for this. Do the same technique you did with the cold compress if you are going to use a cloth and hot water.

Place this compress on your closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. With this method, the redness should be taken away. The compress may get cool and it if happens, reheat your cloth. Douse it once more into warm water.

It is always better to follow this technique than follow your friend’s advice of using medicated eyedrops.

Dependence on Medicated Eyedrops

Medicated eyedrops are better than cold or hot compress, you say. You just go to your nearest local drugstore and then drop some of its contents on your eyes. You see the change in your eyes immediately. You start thinking that using medicated eyedrops is the best solution to your proble, but think again.

While medicated eyedrops are inviting because these seem to make the healing process faster and more convenient, these products will only make your condition worse. At some point, medicated eyedrops can actually work but only when taken with extra precaution and strict following of instructions. You may delight over the immediate relief and result, but do not be deceived. Chances are, you may use the medicated eyedrop too often because it is working. Using medicated eyedrops then becomes habitual – a very dangerous situation that makes your condition worse. You may reach the point where, at the moment you stop using the eyedrop, you are giving birth to a new cause of irritation and redness.

A lesson to learn: Do not depend on medicated eyedrops if you are working on taking care of your precious eyes. Once a day will be fine, but do not exceed your usage of more than three days in a row.

How About Artificial Tears?

You don’t need to think about fictional situations to cry artificial tears. You don’t need to cry for the wrong reasons. If you want artificial tears, buy them over the counter.

Artificial tears can be bought at your local drugstore. Although it won’t take away the redness instantly, expect it to soothe the irritation. The moisture from artificial tears moistens your eyes, which takes away the dryness that causes your problem in the first place.

The Little Things That Matter In Eye Care

Hands-Off – Admit it: it is easier to rub your eyes than not to rub them when your eyes get irritated or itchy. Think twice before exposing your eyes to your hands’ bacteria because rubbing your already-irritated eyes will only make the problem worse.

Bloodshot Eye Causes – You need to remember everything that took place before you develop bloodshot eyes. Places, activities or products may have caused the problem.

Make necessary changes in your lifestyle. Shift to hypo-allergenic cosmetics and soaps. Don’t stay too long in smoke-filled rooms. If you develop bloodshot eyes after playing with your neighbor’s cat or during springtime, then it is high time you consult your doctor. An allergy may be causing your problem.

Humidity is the Culprit – A lot of people develop bloodshot eyes during the winter months because of the lack of humidity. You need to double your living area. You may need to add a humidifier to keep the air moistened.

Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes Immediately

You can’t postpone having your clear and beautiful eyes back. You can’t keep enjoying your cosmetics, cigarettes, clubbing nights and moments of insomnia if you are suffering from bloodshot eyes. You know it: it is never fun talking to people with red eyes and having to rub your eyes every now and then while talking to your friends.

You don’t need to tolerate pain and irritation if, after having been given these tips, you found out that after all, you can do something about it.

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  1. Put loop warm water and wash you hand put some tabel salt in the water sturr it up real good and put on eye for 15-20 mins and you’ll be ok 🙂

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