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1. Smelly Pits are the Pits!

Nothing is sexier to than stinky, sweaty, smelly musk. Wait.. maybe not. hmmmm…

2. Getting Rid of Body Odors

You are what you eat

The number one factor in the average person’s odor is FOOD. There is a direct correlation between the quality of food that you eat and your resulting body-odor as the food is processed and distributed throughout your body for energy. Spend just one day drinking nothing but water and staying away from fats and sugars and you will notice a big difference.

That being said, there are other possible causes of bad body odor including kidney and liver disease, fungal infections and poor hygiene. If you suspect a medical problem is at the root of your odor then go and see your doctor.

Tips for Getting Rid of Body Odor

  • Stay away from refined sugar – it feeds bacteria and will increase your body odor many times over.
  • Go for a jog or sit in a sauna. You’ll be stinking it up at first, but after a while you’ll flush out your pores and notice that your sweat no longer stinks.
  • Anti-perspirants work to reduce odor, but they do so by clogging your pores and locking the odor-causing toxins and bacteria underneath the skin. This can lead to underarm cysts and pimples.
  • If all else fails, spot wash with soap and water.
  • Try and stay cool, sweat is a transmitter of the odor.
  • Apply an absorbent powder such as baby powder to your underarms after bathing.
  • A baking soda + water paste applied to the areas of smelliness can help neutralize existing odor.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are known to contribute to foul body odors – cut back on the day of your big date. For more information regarding this article, read how to remedy body odor.
  • Have a tip? Share it with the rest of us at the bottom of the page!

3. Offsite resources

  • The Email Project – Body odor tips from around the world.
  • Deodorant/Antiperspirant comparison – An article by Slate


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  1. A consistently low body temperature of 96 degrees or less seems to cause a bad body odor. If you keep your body temperature closer to 98.6, it will go away.

  2. The active ingredient in over-the-counter mouthwash (like plain old Listerine) kills the B.O.-causing bacteria that sits in your underarms, too. Put some on a cottonball, wipe over entire underarm area and fan dry.

  3. Also give the deodorant crystals a try. They come in several forms these days. Either in the stone form, spray on liquid or in a roll on. They are made from salts which act as a bacteria killer… πŸ™‚

    I find if I alternate between one of these and a good anti bacterial antiperspirant/deodorant such as the Adidas brand 24 hour protection gel, it works well for me and I don’t seem to build up a tolerance to one or the other.

  4. Wash underarms with poviodine solution; available at pharmacies. Brand name is Betadine. It’s what they wash a surgical area with to reduce the risk of infection. It wipes out the odour causing bacteria for days at a time.

  5. The best solution that I have found for underarm odor is plain and simple alcohol. I use a cotton ball soaked in 70% solution “rubbing alcohol” in the mornings and it will last all day. In particular I noticed that since starting this a year ago that my cloths also stay fresher all day. A nurse tipped me off to this while I was in the hospital because washing and using deodorant was not getting the job done. The alcohol cleaned the pores after a few days and destroyed any odor. When I travel I use pre-packaged alcohol swabs. Very convenient and actual pretty inexpensive, too.

  6. Try rubbing fresh lemon juice/slice. (similar to the vinegar tip)
    The lemon juice is acidic and can kill the odor causing bacteria

  7. If you have highly sensitive skin, I would be cautious on trying the vinegar route. I did this after reading about it on another site, even knowing I have sensitive skin but thinking a little vinegar on the skin should be fine and after a couple of hours, my armpits started to turn red and burn badly and took a few days before I actually got that to calm down.

  8. Antibacterial gel (the hand sanitizer kind) wiped on the underarms and then wiped off will take away body odor – it kills bacteria. It won’t work as a deodorant, but will take odor away in a pinch.

  9. Shave your armpits (even if you’re a male) because when you sweat the sweat clings to the hairs and the smell stays there.

    Have a shower every morning and use a deodrant afterwards.

    Spray anti-perspirant deodrant on your clothes, so if you sweat it’s unlikely anybody else will be able to smell it.

    If you feel hot, take a layer off. If you can’t do that, drink some water and open a window – it’ll cool you down.

    If you start sweating, go to the toilets and spray you’re deodrant again – you’ll feel fresh again (literally) almost instantly.

    Avoid using lycra or “wooly” clothes – wear plenty of layers so if you get hot, you can remove a layer.

    Hope this helped. xx

  10. put a 1/2 cup of hydrogyne peroxide in a hot bath with optional bubble bath liquid then after put a anti persperant deoderant on
    [trust me it works i had b.o when i was little and my aunt who is a doctor told me to do this and then poof the b.o went away]

  11. I tried alcohol and listerine, alternating both for about a week or two. After a while one of my legs went numb for a week. I’m guessing probably the skin absorbed alcohol and affected the nervous system as i read somewhere, any clues or suggestions? Oh yes, i stopped using those and my leg went back to normal… strange…

  12. use deoderant πŸ˜›
    take showers frequently πŸ˜€
    eat healthy ^^
    drink LOTS of WAtehhhhhrrrrrrrrrr!! πŸ™‚

  13. This really worked for me. Use head & shoulders to clean under arms. Keep the suds on a few minutes. Then after shower, use Colloidal Silver (it’s a liquid, natural anti-biotic) and splash it underarms. Let dry, and then apply deodorant or anti-perspirant. It should take a few days but it kills all the bacteria and you won’t smell.

  14. 1. always wear clean clothes
    2. shave your armpit
    3. use stick deo its better than liquid deodorants
    4. do not borrow clothes to someone who has armpit odor. the bacteria
    might transfer to you! yuck!
    5. always take a bath especially if you are oinvolve in sports or your work locates on field. If possible and convenient to you 3x a day of bathing is great!!!

  15. Here in the Philippines we usually use “crystal tawas” and “juice of a lemon” it really works! You can also to avoid underarm blackening with this method. After taking a bath just rub any of this two to your underarm and it last the whole day. You dont have to worry of that piss off smell. So, what are you waiting for? try it!

  16. If all of the above fails (although baking powder is the best answer. That is the only thing I use) your problem may be medical. Have blood work done for your liver and kidney. If that is fine than your last stop is to have your medical advisor check for the rare genetic disorder trimethylaminuria (TMU). Having this disorder makes you smell mostly like rotten fish or have some other offensive odor.

    It is a serious problem but it can be controlled with a strict diet and use only the baking powder as a body deodorizer. NO DEODERANT.

    Good Luck!

  17. Hey all the people who said lemon was right, cut a lemon and rub under your arms it not only takes away the smell within 2 minutes it also lightens dark underarms in the process. i saw results in 2 days. anyway to ensure no odor for at least two days get one of those deodorant crystals ($4.00) online or 5 in target. anyway rub on the lemon let it dry then take a shower and wet the crystal wipe it under arms and you are guaranteed no odor. dont use certain dry or secret clinical what ever. those are the worst deodorants for you, they dont work for long either.

  18. Dude the crystals work better than anything i’ve ever seen and trust me i used to STINK! Dude just get the crystal there are tons of websites to buy from and it lasts soooo long, you can use it all over your body, on smelly feet etc. It changed my life man, it works, plus it doesnt stain your clothes or anything.

  19. Hello people. the lemon tip really works , better then anything ive tried and for a chick my armpits really stunk ,before u take a bath. let coton balls soke in lemon juice for about 5-10 mins, rub about 3 cotton balls under the B.Oed area and let it fan dry, wash your B.Oed area LAST when bathing. after the first day i noticed BIG resutlts. so what ? ur just gona sit ther and let ur armpits stank up the place ? goto the store , pick up cotton balls and lemon juice and get in the shower !!!,you’ve got nothing to lose exept Stank !!!!

    -good luck-

  20. So how long will I have to do the lemon rub on my armpits? Will it be an everyday thing? Someone please advise. Cut_Mark girl can you let me know. I thought I was the only female with very offensive armpits. I don’t even want to where sleeveless tops anymore.


    P.S. I tried the alcohol and peroxide tip and that didn’t work.

  21. hey well try that lime thing it does work but it every night for stains in under arm just when shaving dont use because your pores are open and it will really burn well hope for the best

  22. people say i smell, but i cant smell any bo on myself (eccept very slightly on my underarms), so i dont know where the smell is comming from. Is this because i have gotton used to my own bo or could it be something else?

  23. so the secret clinic doesn’t work? i was ganna buy it not for sweatee armpits but because of the odour under my arm pits.

  24. silver collida kills bacteria 5 minutes after drinking it,use lemmon or lime to scour the armpit area or all over body to get a clean cool feeling especially for persons with fish odor syndrome drink lots of water try to clean the colon, then liver milk tisle is best for thee liver find out the foods that are liver friendly, use lots of yogart and a good probotics to reintroduce friendly bacteria into the gut finally get a cheap deodorant spray i personally like vanderbuilt by gloria vanderbuilt spray it generously on the shoulders and in the middle of hand measure from your nails and your elbows there is a certin spot especially for person with fish/odor you have to find it good luck

  25. I tried the lemon juice once and it works for a couple days and then my pits starts to smell again…I hate it because I can’t even wear sleveless and all my family members make fun of me. ia m goign to try the deodorant crystals hopefully that works. Usually verything works for a few days and then i am back to the same old stinky pits

  26. don,t give up we are special people so we need to take care of our selves in a special way try changing your diet , no sweets because bacteria trives on sweets, limit your meat and fast foods , and caarbrohydrate intake, use vineger and epson salts to wash the underarm area, and let me know if it works, and when all else fails visit your doctor before it gets worse, or you can trick your body by using a product for a few days then switch it up so that it dont get use to one thing a begin to fight back

  27. All above genious persons have suggested after-death solutions. Nobody suggests the root cause or the reason. I believe it is because of some typical food or part of it being consumed by me. It can only be diagnosed by testing ur sweat in lab and a proper suggestion will come out of Doc’s mouth only. Nothing else.

  28. I don’t sweat a lot but when I do the odor is sooooooo bad, I have tried the lemons, shaving my armpits and antibacterial soups. I NEED HELP any suggestions ??

  29. After reading these replies, I feel a bit better. I’m glad I am not the only girl with underarm odor. I shower every morning and apply deodorant/antiperspirant. I find that I stink most when I am at work. I think it’s also in my head. I work with kids, and it’s embarrassing. I have tried many types of deodorant; I have tried Secret, Secret Platinum, Dove, Degree, and now Mitchum. Mitchum is real good on the sweating part, but sometimes, I still find myself stinking. I think I will go on a water diet. I will do anything do make this go away. I think it’s just a phase because before, I never had this problem. I will try the lime thing and update. Anyways, this underarm odor thing has changed my life. I feel uncomfortable when I am close to people and I am always worried about it. The more I worry about it, the more I stink. Anyone feel this way?

  30. I’m going home tonight to try the alcohol. I will let you know if it works for me. I think I may even alternate with lemon (like every other day and then switch up on the weekend).

    Hope this works, I have been really noticing a horrid smell coming from my feminine pits lately and I am really not liking it.

  31. Get rid of old shirts…specially where the deodorant has yellowed the armpit part.Jog everyday, drink lots of water(duh), Don’t eat spicy food…the body absorbs evrything you eat…and yes, shave your armpits. its useless to put deodorant on HAIR is it?!

  32. Using the clinical strength deoderant only makes your armpits smell like BO combined with a nasty smelling deoderant. Use baby powder after a applying deoderant. It works very well.

  33. This is too “Girl” i feel the same way, i smell OK whene i get out of the shower but when im at school or at work i stink ? after 2-3 hours of coming out of the shower i start stinking and i dont even sweat alot ?? its good to know that im not the only one with this problem. But i would do anything to get rid of it.

  34. i have really large titties and sometimes when i’m having sex with my girlfriend and/or boyfriend they say that under my ta-tas smells like bo. i put lemon juice under them and now they smell so good you can eat off of them…yummy!

  35. Hey, I live in Saudi Arabia and it is not only HOT in summer it is HOT all the year.. well, in wenter it is kindda cold but yet not really cold. Although I didn’t see anyone acting as I smell but it drives me nuts to just think about it… My sister told me about the lemon idea… it works like magic… it is wonderfull just try it.. and it is easy…
    I heard though that animea would cause a bad smell, and so does some glands illness so if you still smell after the lemon or the tips before, see a doctor for those illness…

  36. I am also a girl and I also have problems about this B.O in the underarms. I have tried many kinds of deodorants and none of them worked. After I take a bath, I make sure I apply the deo. At first it smells good but then when I sweat, It SMELLS. Also my underarms are chicken skin. Wonder how can I make it smooth and ODOR free?

    (To GIRL: Hey Girl, I also feel the same way!)

  37. Simply use a soap in the name of neutrogena( which is the best antibacterial soap) or detol soap whenever you are taking your shower( at least once a day ) but use them only on armpits and genitals because it will make your skin dry.It is extraordinary helpful.

  38. Avoid the antibacterial products – you’ll just end up culturing Rambo tough, smelly, bacteria that is resistant to them. Look into going through a de-tox process(with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor or a certified herbalist). When I was losing weight through eating really healthy,often and moderate amounts (never be hungry and never overeat) I smelled bad. I think when your body is eliminating a lot of toxins, it smells bad. When you eat well and give your body a break, you might actually smell worse for a short time because your body will take advantage of the lull to clear out toxins. Take a few gulps of water frequently throughout the day. You’re body can really make use of about 2 ounces at a time. Even if you don’t like water, you can probably keep down a few mouthfuls.

  39. The best tip is alcohol simply rub your armpits with a cotton ball after a shower and in about a week your stench will disappear. Alcohol kills drastically the bacteria which are the cause for BO. So swab up and clean up —- Good luck

  40. Im a girl and I stink really bad. I don’t know what it is but it’s really embrassing and I try everything from taking showers, wearing deo, and like everything you suppose to do. Can somebody help???

  41. Okay. Listen closely because I’ve tried everything since puberty and believe me if this regimen works for me, it’ll work for you (escpecially females):

    – shave your armpits daily (even a little stubble will promote odor)
    – you must shower or bathe twice daily (no exceptions)
    – drink as much water as you can (keep a water bottle with you at all times)

    Okay. Here’s my regimen:

    – get some lemon juice and baking soda, mix them together until you get a thick lemony paste. (shave in the morning so you don’t put the paste on recently-shaved skin) Put the paste under your armpits before you begin washing (Safeguard antibacterial soap is the “only” soap that has ever worked for me – and I feel like I’ve tried them all). Lather up your towel, then put the paste on your towel, you’ll use it as an overall body scrub (just make sure you scrub your underarms really well). Believe me this works. You’ll feel really clean and fresh.

    – Once you’re done, dry your body completely (escpecially the underamrs). Sometimes we think we’re dry because we went through the motions, but it is very important that you are fully dry.

    – At night you can apply Secret clinical strength or Certi Dri antiperspirant (I don’t recommend Certi Dri for sensitive skin.) And I found that wearing a sleevless shirt or tank at night keeps my underarms cool and alows the anitperspirants to set in and work without rubbing off.

    – In the morning do the same showering regimen (you should have some paste left over). Swab your arms with witch hazel, let that dry. Then apply your anitperspirant. I use Ultra Max “unscented” Baking Soda antiperspirant. Remember to let your antiperspirant dry completely before putting your shirt on (just make sure your shirt is the last thing you put on before you leave).

    – If you’re a female, I’ve found that fruity body sprays work well and keep you fresh, even if you choose to use a perfume that you like along with it. The mixture can smell great.

    – Get a spray bottle and use white vinegar to spray your clothes (escpecially your pits) before doing laundry. It takes the odor away.

    – Always wear clean clothes. Just accept that you are someone who can’t get a two-day wear out of a shirt — maybe pants, it depends on the person.

    – Lastly, none of the above will work without lots and lots and lots -and did I say “lots”? – of water! It can be a pain, but you’ll smell great and it’ll help your complexion.

    Oh, and if you have dry skin, of course, use a great moisturizer. But I’ve never noticed any extremely dry skin. I guess it depends on the person.

    I know it seems like a lot, but really, once you incorporate it into your schedule, it seems like secondhand nature. And I don’t know about you, but it alleviated 80 percent of my stress and much embarrassment!

    Good Luck!

  42. i feel the same way that “GIRL” feels. i shower every day, and scrub my underarm the most. i don’t sweat a lot but then my underarm forms some sort of smell.. like an onion smell. sometimes its only the left underarm and the right doesnt smell then sometimes its the other way around. but its not the type that people give me dirty looks cuz i smell, its just that when people get close to me, im really worried. my girlfriend told me that i do have an odor. but its not as bad as the others. ive tried diff deodorants like secret and dove and cuz i have sensitive skin. they work for a couple of days then i stink again. ill try the baking soda and lemon. hopefully it works. i feel so embarrassed sometimes and so worried.

  43. Cut a lemon in half and rub it on your armpits.
    I use to really smell whenever i worked out.
    I did this and it actually works. I can even work out now and
    not even smell a thing.

  44. this was a well worth it read! thanks for everyone being so honesty and informative. i have been battling body odor recently and found some things here that are definitely worth trying. i will write again once i have some results to report. i am not battling with my armpits for odor — i have night time sweat odor when i wake up – neck area, under breast and groin area. and yes, i believe drinking water is one of the largest answers to this culprits. thanks everyone!

  45. OK I have a you still stink right after the shower I mean really right after the shower before I dress up I smell my armpits it still smells…! the thing is I can’t apply so much chemical stuff on my armpits so I wouls wash it with soap but never leave it soaking there..what am I supposed to do?

  46. I,ve tried dial anti-bacterial soap,alcohol,zinc,chlorophyl and hydrogen peroxide none of these have worked for me,now I’m going to try the lemon juice and baking soda,we’ll let you’ll know if that works.

  47. ei guys…try this:mix baking soda with h20 to form paste apply on armpits for 2mins then rinse with water,pat dry and apply the deodorant crystals..soo aware of my b.o and battling on 4 a year..this regimen turned back my confidence..

  48. I e-mailed in on oct.19th 2007,I told of all the internal things I tried and how none of these worked for me,I said I was going to try one of the external remedies suggested ,the tip that several others recommended which I had’nt tried yet was the lemon juice and baking soda ,so I first rubbbed on the lemon juice followed by baking soda, low and behold it works for me !!!I am thrilled ,since I have been plagued with this problem for 3 years, I guess the lemon juice and the baking soda killed whatever bacteria was living in my arm pits, thankyou so much I’m glad I found these tips because I was almost at my witts end ,glad I did’nt give up or sucker up to give in to some of the expensive remedies claimed to cure B.O.,when all I personally needed was inexpensive lemon juice and baking soda!!.

  49. I have been battaling this for years, I have no idea what to do and i hate the way i smell. Like many others as i’ve read smell bad directly after they shower, i am also like you. I am going to try the lemon and baking soda thing and hopefully it works. I have been trying things from clinical secret to almost every lady speed stick, and every secret made. I hope this lemon and baking soda thing will work. thanks for all of you guys’s ideas and help

  50. I am confused. Am I supposed to use the lemon or lemon/baking soda paste as a deodorant daily? Or am I supposed to apply it for a few minutes and wash it off? What do I need do…

  51. this is a message for MG, after you shower take the juice of a lemon apply to under arms,then you take the baking soda powder and apply next and your good to go ,I have been odor free for 10 days now it’s really been great to be around people and not have to worry anymore, hope it works for you too!!!

  52. I’m confused too, i didnt know you were supposed to put the baking soda and lemon juice on after you take a shower i thought it was supposed to be put on before you take a shower and also do u still use deodorant after putting on the baking soda and the lemon juice, very confusing.

  53. cathy u got to write bak and explain more. I am as confused as ScariedandDosentnoewattodo. i mean i also thought u r suppose to put the lemon and baking soda before shower. and dont we have to wash off the baking soda before puttin clothes on and goin out.

  54. Read the remarks, and didn’t know what colloidal silver was, so I researched it. I found this and thought it might be useful for those of you considering using it for pit odor: It is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. Long-term use of silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns ashen-gray. Many cases of argyria occurred during the pre-antibiotic era when silver was a common ingredient in nosedrops. When the cause became apparent, doctors stopped recommending their use, and reputable manufacturers stopped producing them. The official drug guidebooks (United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary) have not listed colloidal silver products since 1975.

  55. i knw most of us here has the same kind of problem with bo….as much as we want to be isolated from friends, work, bf/gf, family..cuz of our bo…we practically can’t do it. I was just wondering what does people do around you when they smell ur bo. I mean how do they give u hints. Since last year, i feel like this has taken total control of my life. I dont smell my bo, nither can my family but when i am at work or at skol with friends, sometimes they keep rubbing their nose with their hands, or makin noise with their nose..i dont get it. sometimes i think its all in my head cuz i knw for a fact i dont sweat and abt smellin i cant possible smell the amount of money i spent on deodrants and perfume no one else does! i always smell perfume off myself! so my question is what do u do when therez someone there who smells really bad? wat do u do to not brethe in the bad air? or from ur experience wat kind of reaction have u seen from ohter ppl?

  56. Has anyone ever seen yellowish stuff on their armpit hairs? Google Trichomycosis Axillaris… This what I have. It stinks. I shaved the hair off, but it grows back with this bacteria on it that I can’t get rid off. The other day, out of curiousity I put some hydrogen peroxide on my armpit and it fizzed like crazy. I guess was killing the bacteria. Anyway the smell went away for 24 hours or so. But it came back. I sweat a lot, but the sweat doesn’t stink – it usually starts smelling several hours later, whent he bacteria start thrieving. I’m going to try this lemon thing too. Thanks

  57. I did the alcohol idea for a week and it worked but odor came back around a week later after I stopped. Am I supposed to keep on using alcohol for the rest of my life?

  58. most people ask “who farted?” or some will open some windows around me, i have had this problem for years and the deodorant crystals only worked for about 1 or 2 weeks and im back to where i started, i am now considering going 2 a doctor or trying the lemon thing

  59. Well yea my mother says that the smelling thing is all in my head because she cant smell it, neither do it, and i dont even sweat, i just feel like i smell bad, people around me have sniffling around me and sometimes even saying i stink, but unfourtunately i cant even smell it and i wouldnt dare tell my friends to smell me, they would make fun of my for life for even asking. So if someone finds something that really works please tell me

  60. One thing I have noticed with my friends is that many people do not use wash cloths when they bathe. Some people only use their hands and a bar of soap.

    1. YOU MUST USE A WASH CLOTH! Rub the soap over the wash cloth really well, then wash under your arms. Rinse and repeat, washing other parts of your body. That will help you exfoliate the dead skin and a lot of odors.

    2. Aubrey’s Organics makes a natural herbal facial cleanser for oily skin (#5 – has purple on the bottle). This product is so great that I can use it to wash under my arms and then not put any deodorant on all day. This is a miracle because I used to stink and sweat so badly! I think it works well because it has witch hazel and natural grain alcohol in it, plus it pulls the oils out of your skin and cleanses really well. Just put some on your wash cloth and wash really well under your arms. Then rinse your wash cloth well and wipe the product off from under your arms. I am going to try the crystal product under them for extra protection.

  61. This message is for Adam. Don’t even waste your time going to see the Doctor, because they are useless. I’ve been to family doctor and skin doctor, and all they did was to give me a liquid thing or cream to apply to my underarms. The worst part is that the cream or liquid thing is like not applying anything at all!!!!

  62. Like most of you, i’ve been the victim of BO since the last 10 years or so. Its a nightmare standing besides someone or in a group. You tend to avoid lifts since everyone starts gagging on the stench your body is giving off. Its like you’ve never had a bath in ages, when actually you shower more than twice daily. Gosh!

    can anyone explain to me if any of these remedies have worked out for them: Botisol pills, Milk thistle, Chlorophyll, Probiotics, Herbal remedies, Baking soda, White vinegar….
    Rubbing lemon on your armpits does help but not for long before you start stinking all over again.

    I’m currently trying to sweat myself off by jogging daily. Maybe i could exhaust the sweaty glands off the bacteria this way. I would recommend doing colon cleansing but it never worked for me. But detoxification is the way to go if you need to get rid of the BO.

  63. Lets see….. I have tried chrlorphyll tabs and juice, zinc pills, fasting – detox, with aleo vera juice and gel, botisol and other pills like that, Dr. mist, tomatoe juice, rubbing alcohol, baking soda with lemon, white/apple vigner, peroxide, cornstarch, charcoal pills and soap, tea tree oil and soap, eating rosemary and thyme besides soaps, lotions; you name it. Deo – natural like tom’s aubreys kiss your face and more anti perspirants and clinical strenths, sent to PCP put on cream and pills, rx drysol, dermotolist cream, endocrinolost sent back to a derm put on robinsol suppose to help reduce/elevate sweating, sent to plasic sx for botox – GUESS WHAT – I STILL……SMELL!!!!!!! I have tried eating a gluten free – vegan almost meatless I’d say 3 – 4 x week, allievate alchol and caffiene (coffee) I shower 2- 3 x day beside “freshing up” I don’t know what to do I don’t want to leave my house or see anyone. Any NEW IDEAS?!?!??

  64. By the way….. this has been going on now for 2 years and 2 months. symtpoms came on sudden , I thought I forgot to put on deodrant and then this became a repeating thing. What the F*@*!!! I have struggled every since, I have spent over $1,000 in doctor copays and remainder insurance amounts, test, prescriptions and NOTHING HAS WORKED, BESIDES NO ANSWERS!!!!!!!I am losing hope.

  65. i have been suffering from body odor all my life and i am now 46 yrs
    old, i have Trimethylamine and irritable bowel syndrome these conditions produce the worse odor in human and there is no cure for them you have to be on strick diet for both of them to control flair-ups,iam now on a vegetarian diet and that help to keep the odor down
    the vegetarian diet is good for both conditions, but you cannot have the veg.that is high in coline, you have to drink lots of water, fruit juice and herbal tea to flush your body and take probotic tablets,you can use the 3% hydrogen-peroxide daily before shower to clean your under arm. this is what work for me, try it.

  66. I’ve had body odor since I started High School and it has almost been 15 yrs now. Every day I’ve always hoping to find a solution to cure my problem and hopes that my situation gets better each year. Unfortunately, I STILL SMELL!!!! I’m in my early 30’s and I have always wanted to have my own family, but since I smell so bad I don’t even know what to do. I really don’t want to end up be lonely when I get older with no children to look after me.

    I’m afraid to go near other people and I always tried to hide in my room whenever there are visitors coming to my house. I really don’t want others to know that I smell so bad. Most people doesn’t understand, all they think of is that the person didn’t take a shower, that’s why they smell. The part I hate most is that some people thinks it is really funny when someone smell!!!!

    What should I do? Would anyone get married since they smelled so bad?

  67. To curiosity I totally understand everything that you mentioned, I am in the exact same situation as you, I started to notice this when I was 14 and its been with me since, I hate the fact that people don’t understand its a problem that I have and most find it funny and look down on me. Its also scary to me that you have been battling with this problem for so long, Im starting to think that ill never get rid of this problem.

  68. i have had major arm pit odor for 3 years now iv tried baking soda, baby powder, anibacterial soaps, countless deodrants and antipersiants. i dont think i have that bad of a diet i always eat a bowl of vector cereal with milk every moroing have smoked turkey for lunch and chicken and rice with peas for dinner and some pineapple for dersert. When ever im around people they always stratch their noises or make funny adjustments and now people are coming up to me daily tellin me i stink i want to end this nightmare badly please help

  69. Take a shower twice a day with zest the deodorant soap the green original one, at night right after you take a shower ripe your underam totally dry and add certain dri deodorant you can get it at walgreens or walmart for about $5 to $7 and in the morning add arrid extra dry the original one good luck!

  70. Over the counter deodorants are known to be toxic. Don’t use them!
    In my experience deodorants with sage works well (Weleda).
    Crystal deodorant works temporarily.
    Grapefruit seed extract kills bacteria but is very irritating (can cause a rash). But it can be ingested and possibly relieve the problem from the inside out.
    Foods to eat: sage, cilantro, oregano, celery, cinnamon, basil, clove, garlic, parsley, grapefruit, lemon, white vinegar, fiber (like Yerba Prima), thyme. You cant go wrong with leafy greens. Eat nuts (especially almonds if you are not allergic).
    Water, water, water.
    Supplements: B’s, E, folic acid, C, Calcium (for women), oil supplement (fish, flax, etc).
    Reduce stress with meditation.

    There is no one cure for anything. You have to look at the big picture. Everything is connected.

  71. To Cincin, I already tried Certain Dri deodorant. Even though I dried my underarms really well with a hair dryer, my skin still felt irritating when I apply the deodorant. Even if I roll the deodorant one or two times, my skin still felt so itchy.

    What should I do?

  72. The best remedy to cut body odor……
    BAKING SODA mixed with Water! Make a Paste and rub all over. Then….Soak your body in a tub of bath water with a half cup of BLEACH. This will help cut the odor immediately. Once you finish soaking, bathe as usual using your favorite soap or body wash. Be sure to put on deodrant(I prefer Mitchum and Lady Mitchum) and lotion down afterwards so that your skin will stay hydrated! I do not recommend this soak if you have sensitive skin. But all others who have a stinch and are not afraid of the BLEACH go for it. This is what it takes to kill off that stinky bacteria. Not Recommended everyday!

  73. Hey Walker!

    37 male, TMAU and IBS too! Smell bad as well. Since puberty really. Also haven’t dated seriously either. Smelling bad is a pain in the *** when it comes to work, which makes money an issue, which makes marriage and issue, which … etc etc etc.

  74. I have had trouble with body odor all my life which was really bad, and smelled like smoke. There is a product called ozonated olive oil which has oxygen bubbled through the olive oil for weeks and this forms a gel. Rub the gel under your pits and this makes a powerful deodorant and if you sweat a lot combine it with an antiperspirant. This worked for me but the gel is quite exspensive but well worth it.
    One jar will last for months if it is kept in the fridge between use. The one I use is called Oxygel but if you put ozonated olive oil into your browser you will find it. Please try it and good luck.

  75. I was wondering if anyone ever tried the Dr. Ho’s body cleanser to get rid off those toxic in your body? If you already tried it before, does it helps get rid of the body odor at all?

    I was planning to try this product to see if it helps with our problems, since the body odor could be related to those toxic in the body?

  76. I bought a dress from a retail store and wore it for Christmas. I began to smell BO and was appauled to find it was coming from my own pits! I do not have issues EVER with BO, but my poor sister has for years. I do know this, from everything I have read I will be soaking my dress in vinegar and rinsing in baking soda. I am told the vinegar will kill the bacteria that makes the smell.

    For those that have issues with BO all of the adivise for getting rid of the BO seems like it will work. My suggestion to them is to treat their clothes too. The bacteria will not go away in the clothes with simple everyday washing and drying. The clothes have to be treated too or when they put the clothes back on they will smell again!!! Good luck!!!

  77. Ok im gong to try a few of the things that were suggested, i am 15 and have onli been dealing with this for about 2 years, but the problem is im not sure if i’m the one thats stinks or not, i dont smell anything but it seems like everyone else can smell it, and i sweat allot and i wear jackets allot so people wont see me sweat guess this adds on to the smell or something but if you can find something that truly works i would really appreciate it if it was said

  78. I have also tried the vinegar, lemon juice , crystal rocks and sprays. The crystal rocks and spray actually work and get rid of all under arm odor. But, because I shave under my arms, it didn’t take long to develop a rash from the mineral salts. Same thing with the vinegar and lemon juice. Those are all too strong if you shave under your arms.

    Any new ideas that won’t be so strong on delicate underarm skin?

  79. [during your shower] After you’ve washed yourself and rinsed, squeeze one or two lemon slices on each arm pit and rinse. Wash the armpit with soap one more time. Do this no more than 3 times a week.

  80. i have had bo under my arms since i was 13 am now 34. things have changed over the years i noticed a very strong odor in my neck area. it happens rite after i shower with soap. i do NOT use soap on neck any more! only vinegar an water. the baking soda works like a charm under arms but dont shave and apply it rite afterwards. and dont sleep with it. must be sure to bathe before bed. or eventually will get a rash. u dont need a lot either. most importantly apply only to the area in the center of arm pits..

  81. for those of you who said lemon juice works can u give exact directions on how to use it?? i have tried rubbing lemon juice on underarms, let it dry, and then shower, but i don’t think it’s working very well. am i doing anything wrong?

  82. I have had body odor since entering puberty at 12. My body odor smells like rotten milk, gas (****), and stinky feet combined. I wash everyday and have more than 20 different deodorants and more than 15 different soaps in my shower. I have tried every soap deodorant combination and still smell bad (funky). I have also tried washing with bleach, peroxide, and baking soda. None of these items have worked for me.

    Just a week ago, I visited another site and they suggested the usage of the lemon paste so many others have mentioned on this site. I was a bit skeptical, but I tried it and it WORKED. Normally after bathing and drying my armpits STINK!!!! But after using the lemon baking soda paste the odor was gone. After a few hours with Secret under my arms, the odor did return. So, I tried a second remedy offered on the same website. They suggested I place Milk of Magnesia (slight laxative) under my arms after bathing. So, I first washed with the lemon baking soda paste, dryed myself, then applied the Milk of Magnesia. I AM VERY HAPPY to say that the regimen has worked! I have not used an antiperspirant/deodorant in a week.

    Anything I try usually will work a few days. IT’s been a week now and i’ll wait until the end of the 2nd week to see if I still have the same results.


  83. For those of you trying the lemon baking soda combination for the first time should know a chemical reaction will occur. When the lemon (acid) is added to the baking soda (base) you will see some bubbling. After this subsides, rub the combination to make you miracle paste. It’s important to leave this combination under your arms for at least 3 minutes.


  84. This is it!! This the miracle cure for everyone! Stink no more!!

    First thing you have to do is go to Target and buy a product called Liquid Crystal Deodorant. Usually on the very bottom shelf in the deodarant section in a spray bottle, $2.99 at my local Target. They have it in a roll-on, but it is not as effective.

    Then, you have to get rid of the bacteria under your arms and on your clothes. The odor will come back if you don’t. Wash underarms with a solution of vinegar and water, then follow with your regular soap when you take your next shower. Next, you need to spray the vinegar and water solution on the underarm area of all of your clothes. Wash them throughly, and I even throw in a cup of baking soda (along with my detergent) and a cup of vinegar in the wash cyle. You have to get rid of the bacteria (which actually makes the odor)on yourself and your clothes at the same time. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

    After you have cleaned your skin and clothes, use the Crystal spray every morning just like regular deodarant.

    Viola! No more BO, ever! I promise you, this works.

  85. people can be cruel,if they think you smell, ive had doors closed as i passed by,people spray air freshners as i leave,sneezing,sniffing the air,coughing, clearing of their throats, covering their noses,saying they must be allergic to something in here, or just saying something doesnt smell right, something stink! whispering around me, laughing in groups, i thought i was cursed until i found you guys. i was so glad to find you , but sad to hear about your suffering. ive tried a lot of things chlorophyll seems to work best for me. its been 16 years of suffering. iam looking for tmau friends in the Baltimore/Washington area who need to talk to someone who knows exactly what youve endured call me if u want to talk anytime.

  86. Will try the lemon. Is anybody experiencing bad breath.
    I feel warm alot and my mouth is very dry so I carry a mouth wash with me. Any tips. I drink a lot of water and now eating cucumbers to cool down the internal heat.

  87. Can someone give me a website so I can take a look at how the “Milk of Magnesia” looks like? I went to the supermarket and asked someone who works there, where can I find the “Milk of Magnesia”, but the person doesn’t even know what is it?

    Can someone tell me which supermarket sells it and where do they put it?

  88. 10 drops of teatree oil to a warm bath. Soak for 30 minutes or less.
    Helps you relax. Stress is an odor culprit as well.
    Teatree may be used for femenine hygiene clease (douche) However, doctors caution against douching. So be sure to consult your medical provider before trying any home or herbal remedies.
    He or she may be totally against it.)
    Add to one 8oz glass of warm water a 1/4 teaspoon of australian teatree oil. Perform for 6 weeks. Three weeks on (daily) then stop for cycle and then three weeks on (daily) after cycle. Teatree is said to eliminated bacteria that causes infection that produces odor. Teatree is also being used in male hygiene and medical treatments(colon care). You can look up Home remedies or uses of teatree and any other herbal cure on the net.
    Caution: Never use teatree without diluting properly. Research, research, research!
    Caution: Consult Doctor regarding these home remedies before trying.
    Teatree is also used for treating bad breath. One drop to toothpaste on toothbrush.
    Caution: Please do not swallow. Rinse well after brushing.
    Use a drop in a glass of water for mouthwash.
    Caution: Never ever swallow the teatree oil. Consult with dentist before trying. He or she may suggest an alternative.
    Note: After teatree remedy for femenine cleanse. Consider replacing good bacteria with products like unsweetened yogarts and probiotic products a great juice is “Naked”, you will find it in the refrigerated juice areas of the supermarkets. There are also some great probiotic supplements in the health food stores.
    To really help your body get better balanced, enzymes are good for breaking down undigested foods faster and help the digestive system and the body stay regulated. The longer food stays in the body the more toxins are likely to build. Remember that anythng toxic is not something you want in your system.
    Remove the toxins and you may just come up smelling like a rose. Eight glasses of water is good each day but so is a cup or glass of coffee, tea, soft drink, or juice chased by a glass of water. You just want to keep the body lubricated. A dry body is a sick body and a wet body is a healthy body. Try at least to drink three or more glasses of water daily. It’s a start!

    Another home remedy: Tea (like regular Lipton Tea for drinking)
    Tea wash for genital and foot odor. Boil the tea (1 large bag) and allow tea to sit until the desired temp, then using a wash cloth apply to genital area.(as a soak allowing the cloth to remain on the area until cooled then dip and squeeze and apply repeatedly. Do this throughout the week. You should start to notice results by the second day.
    The foot soap can also be done for a week or two (use a plastic basin to soak your feet). Powder those feet and change those socks and shoes.
    This may also work for underarm treatment but I personally have never tried it under the arms. May also cause discoloration to skin.
    Caution: Tea will dye cloth. Best to use an old cloth. Cloth may not return to true color after use. But the treatment works and is worth the replacement of a few wash cloths.
    Caution: Research side affects before considering any herbal/home remedies.

    Kind regards, Dusky!

  89. I have been dealing with bo for at least twelve years. At first I thought I was the only one dealing with this I have no tips but I would like to know does the problem ever get solved or do u have to live with bo all your life cause its a terrible feeling I just want to be normal again I did not have this problem all my life I will try anything to be bo free please give me suggestions i think its an all over bo problem with me but i have heard people comment that i smell like fish

  90. I am in my 20s and my body odor just started the last year or so. It’s really bad. Can anyone tell me what happened all of a sudden. I used to go days without having to wear deodorant. In the shower I scrub each armpit til they’re red and they still stink. I have tried baking soda (it works for a few minutes), I have tried secret clinical protection, Sure, and rubbing alocohol. Nothing seems to work. I will try the vinegar and baking soda lemon combination and let you guys know if it works. Any more suggestions?

  91. I have had a really bad body odor for several years now. This problem has affected almost all areas of my life. I avoid all public places, school, church, malls, movie theaters, even have avoid getting a job that require me to be around people. I’ve been looking for work at home jobs just so I won’t keep that look from people. I am glad to know that I am not alone. I am going to try the lemon and baking soda and see how it works for me. I want to thank everyone for their tips and comments. I has been a dream of mine to go out and not worry about stinking up.

  92. baking soda with lemon does not work. Alcohol rub did not work for me. I’ve tried both the collatic silver and ozonated olive oil, still does not work/ Also, orgeno oil. I don’t know? I’m so frustrated. What can I do? I’ve been tested for health issues and everything comes back “normal”, so what the ****?!?!?

  93. I love the idea of using lemon. I will go home and try that but can someone tell me if I need to use fresh lemon that I need to cut myself or can I use the pre packed lemon in a bottle also?? Which is better and also where can you buy the pre alcohol swabs to take away with me while I am going places and not always at home.

    Also how long do you do the lemon trick or is it something I need to do all the time for the rest of my life?

    Any tips would be grateful!!!

  94. lemon worked for me. like i would cut one in half and rub it against my armpits and let it dry then applied deodorant,and it was all good. also the waterless hand sanitizers worked, like i would put some on my armpits after taking a shower, let it dry and put on deodorant. keep in mind that smell is caused by bacteria, so it might take a while to get all the odor to stop, so if at first you dont succeed then keep trying. but dont over do it or the bacteria will get used to the thing that is killing it

  95. A great product I found that reduces sweat and thus the odor is Certain Dri. You put it on at night and wash it off during your morning shower. It keeps my active sweat glands totally dry all day. I couldn’t believe it.

  96. I wipe rubbing alcohol on my daughter’s underarms after her shower. Tried alot of other things but I’m so glad this worked because she was being mad fun of.

  97. i am expiercinmg B.O. i am really outgoing before i had b.o i was very popular i always have been since i devleoped B.O in yr 8 i LOST A BIT of popularity i have a lot of friends but i can tell they dont like my stink and i hate going out. i use to be outgoing


    how do i use those remedies

  98. people say that i really stink and make fun of me behind my back. and my parents dont believe in using deodorant or perfume or anything like that. what do i do????? I STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Help meee im really pretty and i really want to rid my B.O. i come from a very posh school and i really hate people talking behind my back

  100. I’m currently 21 years old. I didn’t have to deal with this problem before.
    This month I started to get BO. It was not really bad at first, but not I am noticing that the smell is becoming stronger, but not by much. I clean my shirts constantly, and followed some of the remedies. I clean my shirts constantly with vinegar and used that crystal stuff(only to find out I have a bad reaction to it). I went to get an examination to make sure it wasn’t something serious(Like kidneys, or diabetes), and my doctor said that it was normal and he was surprised I didn’t get BO during puberty.
    The smell pretty much goes away with deodorant and lasts for about 3 to 5 hours of the day. Mostly, my clothing has gone from T-Shirts to Sweatshirts to mask the smell and to stop people from noticing me sweating.

    Could it possibly be something I have been eating?

  101. Hi, I have this same problem and its ruining my life. I have to force myself to deal with people. It is embarrasing then people think I don’t know that I stink. But I just pretend. They say some really nasty things about me. It hurts, I’m very attractive also. It’s really hard. Take a bath every time I go somewhere, 3-4 times a day. I pray all the time. I have no social life. It is affecting me with my kids I hate to go around the school, different functions, etc.. I started having this problem at puberty. I believe I smell like cigars., like I’m passing gas all the time, or musty. Maybe all three. My breasts are really large, I was wondering if it is the hormones, my nerves. My body stays warm since I could remember. I think a group should be formed so we all can share our experiences, to support each other. I know it is hard, I will try some of these tips. But, I will never give up. I want to be through with this and beat it.

  102. Ive had really bad odour it comes to me everytime I dont do anything and it sux when i wear a t shirt i see sweat marks and start to stink alot

  103. try drinking lots and lots of water take a day and drink nothing but water see if you see a difference water helps to clean and flush your whole body system

  104. i don’t think i am very pretty i think i am cute a little bit but my B.O isn’t helping!!!! i have lots of friends but some of them talk about me behind my back about my odor

  105. I take a bath 2-3 times a day. I even take a bath everytime i work out. It’s really embarassing when im sitting in class and people are making fun of me. I try not to let it get to me. People probably think i don’t know i stink but i really know what they’re talking about. I don’t even get close to the girls anymore because one of them would end up saying it stinks over here. Thats the worst thing that could ever happen. I’ve tried several different soaps and still got the same expression from people. The difficult thing that i just can’t get over is that i take a bath everyday more than once. I know the first thing people think is “take a bath”, but its not that easy. I wish it was! Any ideas on soap, combinations, medicine. help please!

  106. ohh i hate my B.O!! im only 13! and im female. im going threw puberty and wearing lots of deoderent! it never works! no boys ask me out cause of it. i need help!

  107. I tries everything….n it wont work. I hate going to work. I take lots of showers put deodorant n powders. I tried rubbin achohol, astrigents, and worked on my diet. N it dont work…..people at work think Im dirty. I wash my clothes all the time. I even wear body sprays n I still smell. I get depressed n now I dont know what else to do. Oh yeah n it all started when I was a teen n now im 23. I dread going anywere were theres alot of people. I hate going to work because people are so mean to me. They say nasty things. I cry…to myself because I do clean myself propertly. I even scrub myself with a scrubing rock. I sometimes can’t smell myself but people can. I dont know what else to do…but this is killing my life.

  108. scrub your body very well using loofing and at the end of your bath pour a water with tawas (dip the tawas).try it!!!100% sure

  109. heres a TIP–
    take a shower! or a bath everyday
    use anti-perpanse/derontant
    dont shower befor e you exercise
    use soap and hot water to wash yourself

  110. hi im chaz im a 14 year old boy and smell all the time i use deodrent all the time but isnt strong enough

  111. Drinking lots of water really does help out your body odor . It worked for me. I noticed an immediate difference. Drinking water hydrates your skin and opens your pores. This makes it easier to clean the dirt that is within your pores when you shower. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will become dehydrated and your pores will close up. This will allow dirt to be trapped within the pores of your skin even after you’ve showered and this will cause you to have body odor. Also, when you drink lots of water, your sweat will be odorless, which means you’ll be odorless too even when you sweat. Your urine should be an indicator as to how much water you should be drinking. If you’re urine is darkish yellow, you should drink more water. Try to maintain a light yellowish color.

  112. i hate when im in the school i always sweat. i try a lot of antipersperant products but it doesnt work i still sweat, and the worst thing is when sweat mixed up with doedorant and gets into your clothes,and the perpume you use in the shirt to cover the odor was mixed up to. it really smells bad,and strong really embarrasing,how i wish i was the only one in that classroom, and they dont tell it straight to you. you see and hear them talking about the one who has bad odor even though they dont tell your the one their talking about but its you their talking about! sometimes i hate almost all of my classmate because of this! how to stop this sweating? what will i use?

  113. I’m 17 and I got B.O but my underarm doesn’t stinks since the deodorant I’m using which is Secret (name of the brand) Unscented works..but my sweat in my back and front except for the underarm really stinks..It smells sour…Please help me..How could I get rid of this??My classmates and teachers are making fun of me…Please help me..

  114. I have bad body odor and it makes people sniff around me all the time. Its embarassing and I dont like to be around people because of it. The only thing I can do is shower daily and wash myself alott. I reapply my deodarant a couple times a day and always have perfume. I take chorophyll tablets because I read they help disguise body odor. Not sure if they work but I got them at a GNC. I just act like I dont know I smell and try to live normally on the outside. After all what does it REALLY matter?? I even get a laugh at making rude people have to smell me. Your real friends won’t let it bother them!

  115. im 13 years old . i sweat ALOT under my armpitss ! how do i get rid of the sweat but also i have oily skin & when my face tendeds to get oily it smells hot sweaty and nastyy .. im going to high school next year & i dont want this problem not at all :[

  116. i try everything to keep myself smelling fresh but it never works.
    I shower when i wake up, and i even wash with a loofah spoonge, when i get back from school, i take a long soak with a cocoa butter scrub. and i still end up smelling. my friends noticed that i started smelling more. The smell started when i was in grade 7, and it just kept getting worse.

  117. How i get rid of body odor is every morning , when i get up (around 9 or 10 ) i get limes out of my fridge and cut out a small peice of it and rub it in my pits, i recommend that you cut out 2 pieces and use one for each arm . this method lasts up to 10 hours. for me it lasts up to 10 am at night, (it actually depends on when you apply the lime juice). Hope this article works for you guys!

  118. I have always sweat perfusely under my arms since high school. I used to have to change my shirt during my shift at work too. Last summer I found an anti persperant at Wal-Mart called Certain Dry. It really works. I could be sweating every where but my pits would stay dry. As to the people that say take a shower to get rid of the smell. It doesn’t work like that for everyone.

  119. i hate when i go to school and i sweat. the thing that really bothers me is that i think i have b.o but i cant smell anything. i might get hints of the smell here and there. i get really perinoid because when i go to school i here people talking but it sounds like there saying “smell” but i dont know. i not ugly but im confused. Becauae if i did smeel i wouldnt have preety friends, but i do. i have 8 best friends that have came over to my house. how do i really no if i smell?

  120. If you have the condition where you sweat a lot then listen up.!!!!
    I have this condition and I hear sage tea works magic by calming the nerves which send signals to the sweat glands. So Google search excessive sweat and sage tea for info and recipe…. something like one tea spoon of dried sage and one cup of water real simple……by the way I’m a teen and know how bad this disease sucks (it is a disease talk to your doctor)

  121. i just started high school a few weeks ago and i sweat ALOT especially in gym and i start to smell. I’ve tried alot of diffrent deoderants but they don’t really work for me. My real friends don’t let it bother them but everyone else notices and makes jokes about it. I even am around alot of people who do also but i don’t point it out because it’s embarassing. I reaaalllllyyy want a way to make it stop so hopefully this works because i would love to make it through high school sweat and smell-free.!

  122. i only started to get b.o in grade 8 and i am still getting it up till now. i am 16….the problem with me is that i sweat unnecessarily. when i am walking normally i sweat. when i am next to people i sweat. the only place i do not sweat is at my house. that is the reason i hate sunny days. i have looked at the tips. the only thing there i have not tried is drinking alot of water so i am going to try it…. i hope it works

  123. I just started High School and this barely started in 8th grade for me. I dun’t know how it started cuse i did the exact same things in 7th grade and still nothing happened but when it came to eight grade it went CRAZY. i have anti presperatioon & deodeant. i use almost all the kinds they have in stores. the one that worked the best was the sports secret one. but it didn’t stop it completely ethier, and then i dried certain dry, it doesn’t work ethier. I tried adding powder every morning and night and that still doesn’t work. I hate this because theres a lot of kids in a class so we have to sit closer to make space and if i have ordor its so embarrasing! Also during P.E everyone has to stretch so you have to lift your arms and im afraid because its all wet D: please help me!

  124. This thing is very bad for me because i get paranoid if there are people talking with each other like the time when i was in a computer shop or internet cafe this guy passed me and sprayed me an air refreshner….but the catch is that id on’t know if i was the person who smells…do you think that a person with BO can smell his or her BO?please answer…T_T

  125. i hate this so much i shower every day and i still think i smell but i don’t know if i do so i always stay away from people expecially girls when i am sitting in class i always scoot up in my seat because i think the peaople behind me think i smell bad and some time when im around people ask what smells bad but the thing that pisses me off the most is when people blatantly say “aww you smell like (synonim of poop starts with s)” taht pisses me off its like they have no control over what tehy say and have no care of others feelings

  126. hey i tried the slice of lemon and so far its worked great, but to be honest the body odour wasnt a big problem i sweat ALOT. I always have sweat stains and its so embarrasing. btw thanks for the lemon tips guys but can anyone help me get rid of my sweating proble. I dont want sweat stains anymore. ps: secret clinical strength sucks its a big waste of money in fact ot mae it worst

  127. lately i’ve been noticing my body odor.
    i try to stay away from most people, and
    my breath is starting to stink too. HELP!

  128. UGH i HATEEE oders so much
    im only 14 and i hate it ive been living wit this for 2 years and it sucks!!!
    i hate school because people no i smell! its like ive tryed EVERYTHING and nothing works =[ it makes me soooo freakin depressed wen people r in class and r like “UGH it smells like crap in here!” and then in a while they discover that its u that smells… and then they say TAKE A SHOWER! i wish it was that easy… id do anything to not smell. i shower 2-3 times a day, wash and everything. ive tryed every tip. it wont go away someone help =[

  129. trust me i only got that odor problem for like 2 days then i started using the slice of lemon and it completely stopped but can anyone help me aout my sweating problem. i dont want sweat stains its so embarassing

  130. I’ve had problem with Body Odor and have not find anything to stop it until recently, I found this product called Body Mint that helped me eliminate my body odor. It was a life safer!

  131. how do stop b.o i mean i shower everyday and wash extra but still smell and i hate it so much someone please help me. i really hate life because of it and h.s isnt fun for me because i dont wanna do anything socail because of my b.o

  132. ok..i also have the nasty smell back in the high school..but now,no more..there a some tips that i would like to share with all of you.first you need to shave ur armpit hair.don’t keep it..just shave you need to get a suitable deodarant..back in my country malaysia there are many kinds of this u can get it easily..i’m sure in ur place are also the same..grab some different brands and try it..choose which want is the most suitablbe for u..for me,the suitable deodarant is’s really work..if u still dought about it apply any powder on it..also take care of ur food..avoid taking tooo muccch of garlic and onion..drink a lot of water…hope u get a good result..:D

  133. omg!

    Sometimez ill wear like t shirts and i dont even try but like ill sweat so bad.. and its so embarrassing when u need to put ur hand up or something and u have these huge sweat stains
    anyone have any suggestions?

  134. Chlorophyl is great for helping to reduce unpleasant bo.
    You can buy a liquid form here in Aus, just add 5 ml to a large glass of water. Take the cure twice a day, and you will notice a huge differance in 48 hours.

  135. It really seems like most of you are having your biggest trouble with sweating and not with body odor. This tip probably sounds crazy to most of you but I assure you that layered clothing is the key. I don’t have trouble with sweating anymore but I used to a lot in high school so I know how you feel.

    I ALWAYS wear a tank top under everything. It prevents sweat spots in the lower back of your clothing especially. If your real problem is with your armpits though a good key in a smaller T-shirt underneath. The key is you want it to be tighter fitting than the top layer of clothing. I know that you think this will just make you sweat more and it may a little but lets be honest we are not really sweating because we are hot. Give it a try for a few days and the layered look is in so it won’t hurt. You may notice that your under shirt is soaked but the best part is that no one else will have to know.

    Taking very hot showers can help, but when you are finished showering you need to make sure your body has cooled down and pores have closed before applying deodorant. This prevents painful pimples and irritation.

    As far as deodorant goes, I recommend Mitchum! This applies for both men and women. If you have lots of trouble sweating this is the best I have found, but be sure if you use the gel you use only a little because a little goes a long way. If you put lots of extra on it will be sweated off throughout the day.

  136. my family my home ..i was showering 7 days ;D pwder my butt and 2 day clothes and socks…. underwear change evey day.. wash my hair 3 or 4 days… keep my body dry my armpit ;D i use long lassing secret powder fresh deodorant at day time… just my brother was stink! becuz my bro never bathe 1 week!! smelly badly.. armpit, urine, some crappy and body.. eww! i not like his dirty job…yak!! kinda nasty sicknes!! stay away off smell!!

  137. Dear Sirs,
    I’m single in my thirties,weight 45 kgs.decreasing in weight.I feel bad odour all over my body.I feel it in my urine,stool,cloth.Having pus+ blood with urine.But this was medically treatednow.But still the bad odour is there.I started to be lonely.I used all detergents,soup etc..I’m alergic to perfumes.Things became more worse.I have consulted doctors but to no use.Some doctors claim,infections in kidney,liver,gum,digestive system,short enzymes,a worm etc..
    Kindly help me,pl.

  138. i shower everyday now and my odor has decreased it was only a temperary thing i tried the lemon trick and it helped i still get sweat stains tho but ive learned to get used to it and hide it and by the way awad ur probems eems serious i think u shud see another doctor

  139. The Lemon helps to reduce the smell of Odor,?

    i Shower Twice a day. And i wear Deodorisor, And M8’s still say i smell Weird, I’m really embarised πŸ™ Will lemon help?

  140. when bathing add rose water a spoonful and stay in the bath for at least 15 mins it works very well.some babies stink and it works for them too. stop crushed garlic take it whole if needed.onion should be fried golden in food u take.guranteed effect.lots of water and citric of luck.

  141. I’m 15, in high school, and me of course like some of you smell very bad!
    I would always stay away from girls and other people. In class I would ask the teacher to put me at the back of the class room. I was afraid that people would make fun of me. I hardly have any friend cause of this. Do baking soda really work?! I’ve tried some soaps, deo, and cologne. Yet it dosen’t seem like it works. Please give some tips! I really like this girl but i smell! I just want to be like everyone else.
    Just like you guys!

  142. You can use lemons and rub it at your armpit. it may be needed to be done a few times and maybe occasionally but it helps

  143. To everyone who is having problems with sweat stains on their shirts or want to stop the sweating in your pits or other areas use “DRICLOR” it stops the sweating temporarily for about 2-3 days the most

  144. thanks for all the suggestion..
    currently i am using the baking soda stuff..
    but i use baking powder instead.. is it ok?? i read that baking powder also have the baking soda stuff..
    i use baking powder during shower.. and after shower as powder..
    being using it for 3 days.. so far.. my armpit doesn’t smell anymore!

  145. Hey guys…I notice a lot of you are saying you wash shower 2 times a day and wash more. That may actually be causing you to smell bad. Consistently scrubbing and washing your armpits can cause the natural balance of your body to go, sending it into overdrive and making it think it needs to sweat more, or that more natural bacteria is necessary. It overcompensates for all the cleansing you do. Try not washing more than once a day, if that. Yeah, for the first week you might not smell so great, but if you keep it up, your body will balance itself out and the vast majority of the smell will go away.

    Also, bo involves what you eat. Sweat is one way for your body to dump all the toxins you accumulate. So if you eat a lot of heavy fatty foods, chemicals, oils and sugars (Bacteria feeds on sugar! Cut out refined sugar, it will help loads!) you will be getting worse bo. I know this gets said a lot, but eat more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water to flush the toxins out. Get exercise to sweat out those pores every day.

    Lastly, things to do directly to your armpits – let them breathe. When no one is around and you don’t have to worry about those sweat patches, make sure you get airflow under those arms! Bacteria which causes odor looooves dark wet places, so don’t encourage that. Lemon is antibacterial, as is tea tree essential oil and lavender oil. Try applying the essential oils directly to the skin, or mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or almond. Massage until absorbed, will smell lovely and kill bacteria!

    Good luck guys!! πŸ˜€

  146. OMG!!!:D if ur having sweat stians porblems use DRYSOL! ive had it for like 2 weeks now and i only put it on once a week. not a drop of sweat. most ppl use it once a month but for now i use it once a week i mtie lesson it soon, but im the happiest person alive. i cud move around freely in bright shirts!:D

  147. hi there, i think i have a worm, i noticed a strange smell in my breath yesterday, and my butt is ichy wich has never happend before, if i drink water i notice my breath smell worsens. do I have worms and how can i get rid of it????? please help

  148. i find that switching deodorants helps me
    it keeps me from getting used to the one I’ve been using
    for a while.. if its extreme i here that botox under your arms
    stops … paralyzes the sweat glands and it last up to a month- to 3 months. and bathing twice daily will definantly free you from bad bo

  149. Hello everybody
    lol I thought i was the only one in the world who smelled bad.Well i`ve asked the closest friends that if I had a bad smell coming out of me or not. “they all said NO man you dont” BUT I realized something every time or any time I am near a person or people they all start getting red noses or turns red due to the SMELL or bothered by it.. i assume..the thing is that i never had this problem in my life ever but i started to notice around 2005 i think not sure and now its 2009 and i cant take it any more i cant goto school well am afraid dont wanna be around friends it sucks.And i am bout to get married i`ve noticed that my left armpit is kinda of black i.e infected i think and near my groin i have a hugh RASH and i am fat so fat that my thighs rub against each other and i guess it made it rashy and black but I take showers everything and use soap and everything CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO??

  150. Hello everybody
    lol I thought i was the only one in the world who smelled bad.Well i`ve asked the closest friends that if I had a bad smell coming out of me or not. “they all said NO man you dont” BUT I realized something every time or any time I am near a person or people they all start getting red noses or turns red due to the SMELL or bothered by it.. i assume..the thing is that i never had this problem in my life ever but i started to notice around 2005 i think not sure and now its 2009 and i cant take it any more i cant goto school well am afraid dont wanna be around friends it sucks.And i am bout to get married i`ve noticed that my left armpit is kinda of black i.e infected i think and near my groin i have a hugh RASH and i am fat so fat that my thighs rub against each other and i guess it made it rashy and black but I take showers everything and use soap and everything CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO??

  151. To get rid of unpleasant body odors after you shower or bathe you should rub down with green alcohol. Also drink plenty of water and every morning cut a lemon in half and squeeze it in like a cup of water. The lemon will detoxify your body and you will have better looking skin and no more odors or bad breath. Additionally try switching your deodorants up like wear Dove powder fresh for two weeks then the next two weeks use Secret fresh or Dove cucumber melon.

  152. i know how you feel.I found out i was allergic to milk and cheese, sugar and shell fish and some other stuff. On top of that i had a bowel infection (GASSY!!!) And then there were the parasites and digestive problems. Now that i got most of those issues cleared up I hope i’m smelling better. I’m trying anyway.

  153. I know how you feel. I’m allergic DAIRY PRODUCTS besides sugar and peanuts. When i got rid of the dairy products i started having success at not smelling. I took most of the suggestions here and made them work for me. A spray bottle with lemon and lime (1/8 cup) to a spray bottle–now called lemon fresh spray– spray all over myself BEFORE I shower and use DIAL soap and after I shower I spray lemon fresh spray and another spray made from mouth wash (1/8 cup and water in a spray bottle). I mixed baking soda into my after showering bath powder. Also I take zinc and chlorophyll. Finally I hope I don’t stink anymore

  154. I am a stomach ulcer patient.I had a 5 day constipation and afterwards it has left me with severe body odur which gets worse when i use a perfume or deodorant.Even when i take my bath it doesnt go.Please somebody help me.

  155. Don’t waste money on pharmaceutical products. There are cheap and effective ways to get rid of body odor like charcoal soap and ammonium alum. I’ve been using it for years.

  156. Hello people,

    Well as i have read in here alot of ppl struggle with something that im struggling everyday.
    im still figuring thinks out about the sweating and odor,but i have an extremely sensetive skin so i cant put everything onto it . but theres something ive tried months ago and it seemed to help me a bit but its too strong for my skin i got rashes from it(my skin is very sensetive) and thats Maxim thats an antiperspirant i think alot of ppl should talk to your parents because alot of you are very young and you should talk to your parents about how that its affecting you and your live.

    you may also think about the possibility that you may have hyperhidrosis i know i do so i guess there are ways for the body odor like alcohol and lemon( as a quick fix i would say) but for transpiration the only way i guess is botox shots wich im not very trilled about it but im going to speak with mine dermatologist about it .
    Well i hope this help you a bit.

  157. Sometimes when someone stinks it doesn’t mean that they DO NOT WASH sometimes it could be a medical issue. I washed 3 times a day until my skin was so raw that it hurted and I still stunk. I googled and found a site that deals with body odour issue. Found out I have TMAU…..

  158. You should try to avoid things like garlic and onions. I hate to say it, but coffee is bad, too. Actually, any caffeinated beverage is bad in the smell department. Caffeine can cause excessive sweating.
    also you might think about having your hormone levels tested to make sure they arent out of wack im no dr just ran across this and thought id share the few things i have heard of over the years
    good luck πŸ™‚

  159. It just might be a fungal infection deep in the gut. Its needs a Dr’s prescription and may take 2 to 6 months to get rid of. you will also need probiotics to go along with it. The fungal infection could be caused by antibiotics taken years ago as a child and you didn’t get the friendly bacteria back in balance. I’m still working on it. Maybe someday I can go out in public without being embarrassed

  160. I am stuck here, i have never had this odour problem before, but just recently had reconstructive shoulder surgery and no matter how many times i shower a day my underarm still gets smelly . quite embarrased about this…. any help people would be great.

  161. This is an old fashion recipe from my country of origin….Take a fresh lime not lemon cut it in half put salt on the lime just a pinch is needed..clean your arm pits with water only and rub lime with salt use both halves one for each arm pit..let it sit for about half hr and then take a shower and use a good clinical strength deodorant. do this at least once a week until condition improves…It works people..try it.

  162. My 10yearold daughter who suffers chronic juvenile arthritis has bad bo we shower her regularly and has to apply deodarant regularly through out the day to try to disguise the smell she uses tea tree soap as it has a strong scent but nothing works she still has a strong bo smell to her any ideas

  163. ARHHHH!!! I hate body ordor so much!!! i personally sweat a lot, but i dont get stains… which is good… but i have a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD body odor!! and i also realize i have dark armpits?! :S I so freakin hate life!! i am only 13 years old.. and i have had bad body odor ever since i was 11… my sister and mum both knows that i smell.. but luckily my brother and father doesnt know… i take shower once a day for about 30 mintues, i use A LOT of soap and i rub it a lot… but it doesnt seems to work for me. right now i want to try find some baking soda and lemons at home, but i really dont want my family to know that im putting them on.(they might laugh at me) and i sweat a lot, i am a shy person, and i sweat when i get shy and nervous. i really hate my looks and smell, i know this has nothing to do with body odor but i just feel better saying it rather than keeping it to myself… i am really short, but not fat.. my breast is different sizes and im really ugly, i have dark armpits.. one of my leg is slitly bigger than the other(but people dont really seems to realize) i am smart myself… or maybe its just that people are too stupid.. but i rather choose to be beautiful than being smart D: i search all over the internet looking for help.. but its no use πŸ™

  164. Iv tried anything and everything. This is ruining my life I cant get a job. Nobody takes me seriously. I have bad depression already and this is making so much worse. Iv even thought about killing myself because i dont want to live like this anymore. I feel theres no hope for me unless this goes away. I dont want to even step outside my house. This is no life this is just torture if theres a God then why is he doing this to me.

  165. Iv tried anything and everything. This is ruining my life I cant get a job. Nobody takes me seriously. I have bad depression already and this is making so much worse. Iv even thought about killing myself because i dont want to live like this anymore. I feel theres no hope for me unless this goes away. I dont want to even step outside my house. This is no life this is just torture if theres a God then why is he doing this to me.

  166. I’m 15 years old and what it was I used to get was a red, hot face and feel like i was sweating. The good thing was, i wasn’t sweating and the deodorant i put on after my shower(right guard 3d protection) was working and i got on fine. Just 2 days ago i got really sweaty armpits and body odor for the first time ever really. Then yesterday before i went over to my mates i went for a shower before and by the time i got there my arm pits were again sweaty and body odor occurred. I didn’t even feel like i was sweating or anything. that’s what the annoying thing is. I feel this is going to go on forever and i don’t have a clue how to get rid of it!

  167. After showering, take a two part water one part white vinegar solution in a spray bottle and spray high-odor areas like under the arms, in inner thigh, and the bottoms of the feet. allow this to dry (a hair dryer will speed up this process) and cover up the vinegar smell with an antiperspirant or deodorant. the vinegar will kill the bacteria, so even if you sweat, it won’t be quite so stinky. πŸ™‚
    vinegar also helps remove sweat stains and smell from clothing. πŸ™‚

  168. I use a product called Driclor (available in Boots) which works brilliantly. You put it on overnight and wash off in the morning. I use it every two weeks or so and it stops ‘me sweating. I can tell when it’s wearing off so apply again. The instructions say that you can use it daily/more regularly to start with. I’ve used a similar product called Perspirex but don’t like the smell of it. Avoid using these products if you’ve shaved that day as you’ll get a strange, tingly feeling. I cannot recommend Driclor highly enough – go out and buy some and try it yourself!

  169. I have struggled with body odor as far back as I can remember. I’ve spoken with my family physician, gyno and dermatologist about this problem but I was never given any advice that actually helped solve my problem. I showered daily, applied “natural” deodorants (ie Toms) several times a day, wore loose clothing made of natural fibers ( cotton) but I still would start to smell by mid-day…

    I believe I have rubbed and applied everything imaginable under my arms to keep them from smelling but the ONLY thing I found to work is FRESH LIME JUICE. I bought a bag of organic limes, cut them into wedges and after each shower I dry my underarms completely then squeeze 1/2 of the juice out of the wedge and apply it under one arm then repeat on the other arm. I let the juice air dry then put on my clothes and I’m good to go ALL DAY!!!

    It’s cheap, easy and super effective – give it LIME JUICE a try!

  170. I have struggled with body odor as far back as I can remember. I’ve spoken with my family physician, gyno and dermatologist about this problem but I was never given any advice that actually helped solve my problem. I showered daily, applied “natural” deodorants (ie Toms) several times a day, wore loose clothing made of natural fibers (cotton), had my hormones checked, increased my raw food intake but I still would start to smell by mid-day…

    I believe I have rubbed and applied everything imaginable under my arms to keep them from smelling but the ONLY thing I found to work is FRESH LIME JUICE. I bought a bag of organic limes, cut them into wedges and after each shower I dry my underarms completely then squeeze 1/2 of the juice out of the wedge and apply it under one arm then repeat on the other arm. I let the juice air dry then put on my clothes and I’m good to go ALL DAY!!!

    It’s cheap, easy and super effective – give it LIME JUICE a try!

  171. I’ve never used anything better than organic LIME JUICE. It’s cheap, easy and super effective. Squeeze a little fresh lime juice in your palm, apply it to a clean, dry armpit and wa-la!!! You’ll be good to go all day.

  172. I have a bad odor too and it started 3 months after 7th grade it sucks:(i havent found a cure yet my mom doesnt smell it so she refuses to take me to a doctor none of my family smells it they dont believe me i just dont kno what to do.. can anyone please help im desprate

  173. Alot of men use baby powder to help with body odor, but Gent is an all-natural solution that smells good and keeps you fresh.

  174. Lucy,you are not alone and God knows what you are going through. He said He will never leave you nor forsake you but He will be with you always. I know it is difficult but soon if you have not yet received help, it will come to you soon. I see your desperation but don’t give up,help is on the way. You are not alone. Try the baking soda paste tip over your deoderant, let it dry and see if that works Or try the white vinegar diluted in water. Just try different things and if all fails, check your doctor to see if he/she can prescribe a medicated deoderant for you.
    God bless you Lucy.

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