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If you see your friend sticking his finger up his nose, you know he is picking boogers. Many people use their fingers to pick their noses, and little do they know that this is the most common, yet the most inappropriate way of getting rid of boogers. Before reading tips on how to get rid of boogers, it’s best to understand what a booger is all about.

Everything About Boogers

Inside your nose is a sticky substance called mucus. Your sinuses and nose make a quart of it everyday, and it’s not there for nothing, because it protects your lungs. Every time you inhale, you breathe in pollen, germs, dirt, dust and a lot of tiny things. If these make it to your lungs, the lungs may be infected or irritated, and breathing will become tough. This is where mucus comes in. Mucus traps dirt and germs, keeping them out of your lungs.

Once particles get stuck inside your nose, your mucus starts to surround them with the help of the tiny hair called cilia, found inside your nose. Cilia helps in moving the mucus together with the trapped things to the back of your throat or to the front of your nose. When the mucus and other debris clump together and dry, this is when you are left with a booger. A booger can be tough and crumbly, or slimy and squishy. If you are complaining about getting boogers everyday, don’t worry because everybody does. In fact, your boogers tell you that your nose is working exactly the way it should.

Since your nose works the way it should, you have to do your part in taking care of it, too. Clean your nose by getting rid of boogers. Here are some tips on doing it properly.

Booger Removal For Adults

  • Using Paper Towels and Tissue Papers — Blow them out of your nose and into a paper towel or a tissue paper. Just because picking your nose is a most common way of removing boogers doesn’t mean that you should do that, too. Boogers contain dirt and germs and poking around inside your precious nose can cause bleeding.
  • Blowing Gently — Gentle blowing is a must, because forceful blowing will damage your ears. You can do this by blowing both nostrils, or either one of them, at a time. You can blow the boogers into the wash basin or your handkerchief in a very gentle way. You can clean your nose with water, too.
  • Using Nose Cleaners — Today, there is a gadget called a nose cleaner that you can use to rid yourself of boogers. Nose cleaners are designed only for adults, and can’t be used for babies because the suction hole is too big for them.

Removing boogers is not very tough, as long as you know the basics such as using proper materials like paper towels, tissue papers, handkerchiefs and water basins.The truth is, you do not need too many tips when it comes to getting rid of boogers. The need for tips comes in when you are talking about removing boogers in babies’ noses.

Babies are very delicate, and removing boogers from their noses is very important. Once you do it the wrong way, you can put the infant’s life in danger. Follow the tips below to remove a baby’s booger properly.

Baby Booger Removal Tips

  • Use saline spray for your baby. You can lay your baby down, or sit her up, whatever is easier for you to get it in the nose. Do not worry if she cries. In fact, crying is a must because this way, your baby breathes deeply, which gets the saline into her sinus. With a booger sucker, you can easily pull the boogers out of her nose. Clean your baby’s nose everytime you change her diapers.
  • Nose drops can go a long way. You can spray some while she is playing. One squirt in one nostril will do. Most babies can tolerate that better than squirting in both nostrils.
  • You can also bring your baby to the bathroom. Run a hot shower inside the bathroom and let the steam do the rest. The steam clears the nose because it softens the tough and crumbly booger. The heat will also moisten her nose, helping her remove stuck boogers easily. She can easily sneeze the boogers out.
  • Have you heard of pigeon booger tweezers? Pigeon booger tweezers are new gadgets out on the market, designed to pick hardened boogers. You can use these booger tweezers only if the booger is not yet too far in.
  • You can also use a pigeon nose cleaner suction syringe. The tip of the syringe is small. Unlike nose cleaners, you can insert this gadget into the baby’s nose. The tip of the syringe is also soft, so you can be sure that your baby won’t be injured.

Removing boogers is an art too, don’t you think? Getting rid of thes nasty things should be a part of your daily routine. Do it every time you take a bath, or early in the morning before you go to school or work, so that you leave the house with a fresh feeling. Nothing compares to the feeling of breathing freely while knowing that your nose is clean and free of dirt and germs. Lastly, never pick your nose in public, and make sure to wash your hands after you clean your nose!


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  1. Okay boogers are healthy. dont sit there and pick em out but dont let em stay forever a simple nose blow should do the trick, for further use, buy a nasal inhaler from Hicks Vapor Brand and put iT in your nose and sniff a little bit, it basically disappears.

  2. Genius article. It made me stop picking my boogers as I was reading it. Let’s stop the world from picking boogers one boogie-picker at a time!

  3. When my child had boogers blocking his nose i came looking for answers and while I was reading my baby sneezed and the boogers were gone đŸ™‚

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