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Boxelder bugs or boxelder beetles love the sap of the boxelder tree. While these bugs are harmless, they can cause headaches during fall when they fly from their trees and take shelter inside buildings to hide from the winter cold. These insects cluster inside the walls and siding of your house. They leave fecal material and some of them also die, making your house dirty.

The following tips may help solve your boxelder bug problem at home:

  • Plant only male boxelder trees: Boxelder bugs are attracted to female boxelder trees. If you want to plant boxelder trees in your area, make sure that you only plant males and not females. Also, remember that boxelder bugs can fly, so tell your neighbors not to plant female boxelder trees, because they’ll just attract more bugs. Some towns in the United States prohibit people from planting these trees. You may also remove existing female boxelder trees if it’s not against the law.
  • Collect them by hand: Pick off the bugs one by one, and put them in a container. It’s advisable to wear gloves because contact with these insects might irritate your skin. Toss the insects outside after collecting them, or kill them by drowning or squishing.
  • Squish them: It’s quite easy to mash boxelder bugs because they cluster together. Get a roll of magazines or any smashing object, and squish the bugs. You may also step on them on the floor. It’s not advisable to do this though, if your house is painted white, because they could stain the wall.
  • Suck them with a vacuum cleaner: One of the easiest ways to get rid of boxelder bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck them out of cracks. Simply direct the nozzle of the vacuum on the insects and suck them away.
  • Use insect spray: Boxelder bugs usually cluster around entry points in your house. Find these spots, and then use insect spray on the bugs. You can use a commercial insect spray or a mixture of laundry soap and water. You’ll likely kill other insects such as termites and cockroaches aside from boxelder bugs through this method.
  • Trap them in a jar: Another way to get rid of boxelder bugs is to use a jar to trap them, and then throw them outside. Throw them far away, so they won’t come back, or drown them in the jar to get rid of them for good.
  • Set up some sticky traps: You’ve got to have lots of sticky traps to capture boxelder bugs because they come in large numbers. Place sticky traps near cracks on your walls, so it will be easier to catch a bunch of them together. You may also trap roaches and termites through this method. (For termites control, read how to get rid of termites)
  • Hose them down: Get rid of boxelder bugs in your yard by hosing them down with a stream of water. The forceful jet of water will drown the insects. You may also use boiling water to quickly kill a bunch of boxelder bugs. Remember that boiling water can destroy the grass in your lawn, as well as other plants. If you’re going to use this technique, be sure to direct the hose away from plants that are sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • Seal holes and cracks: While it’s very difficult to completely seal your house, you can make things harder for boxelder bugs by blocking as many entry points as you can. Seal cracks in your walls and foundation. Also, get rid of spaces around windows and doors because the bugs are small enough to slip through them.
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth: You can kill boxelder bugs by sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the house. Although this substance is nontoxic, it’s still recommended that you prevent allergies by wearing protective clothing. To prevent accidents and injuries, read the instructions carefully before using the product. Diatomaceous earth kills insects by abrading their protective coating and you can buy it from most hardware stores.
  • Try borax: Like diatomaceous earth, borax works by abrading the protective coating of insects. Sprinkle on areas where the bugs cluster or where you suspect they might cluster. Pour it on floorboards, cupboards, and along wall baseboards. You should also put a generous amount inside the siding of your house. Get powdered borax from the laundry detergent area of a department store near you.
  • Clean your house and yard: Boxelder bugs are more likely to take shelter inside your home if you’ve got piles of dead leaves and wood scattered in your yard. These insects live in plants, especially ash and maple trees. Clean your house and yard thoroughly to discourage the bugs from getting inside your home. It’s also advisable to spray your house with an aerosol insecticide to prevent bugs from crawling through cracks and holes. Other insects will also be discouraged to enter your house if it’s very clean and well-maintained. (Tips on how to keep your house clean)
  • Hire professionals: You’ll probably have a huge boxelder bug problem if you’ve got lots of boxelder, maple and ash trees in your area. In this case, consider hiring professional pest control agents to get rid of the bugs for you. Pest control agents have the proper equipment and know how to get rid of boxelder bugs and control their population. Be sure to ask them for advice on how to reduce the numbers of the bugs in your area, so the problem will not be as huge next fall.

Don’t let boxelder bugs ruin a beautiful autumn day. Prepare your home for the attack of these pesky insects, so that they won’t bother you or interfere with your activities. Always ask professionals if you’re not sure how to keep boxelder bugs and other insects away from your home. If you learned reading this article, you’ll surely learn more by reading how to get rid of stink bugs.

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  1. I have used so much sunlight dish wash soap on box elder bugs that the grass is dead.
    what I really need is some enviromentally freindly residal stuff.?????
    there are thousands outside. I cant find where they enter thru brick and block.

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