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You excitedly unwrap the new Victoria’s Secret brassiere you bought this afternoon, and you know your partner will love it on you as well. You try it on, and stand infront of the mirror. The front looks excellent, but when you see the back part, you recoil in horror: there are layers of fat bulging all over the strap and the clasp. As your lingerie clings and digs in your skin, it causes lumps of excess back fat to show. The effect is annoying and unpleasant-looking, too embarrassing to show your partner.

Bra bulge is one of the most common fat problems many women encounter today, and even slim girls become candidates for this. It occurs when the back of the bra digs in, showing the distinctive outline of your underwear. Bra bulge is caused by your flab, creating as much as three rolls of fat: one below the bra, one above, and another one that shows through the center of the bottom and top elastic bands.

Many women think that eliminating bra bulge is impossible, that they’re stuck with the lumpy mass all over their backs until they grow old. That isn’t true, because there are several helpful and effective ways to remove this dire beauty problem. Here are some methods you can try.

The Healthy Diet Tactic

All the fat forming on your back didn’t come out of thin air. They came from all the snacking and overeating you’ve done throughout the years. If you fail to watch your food intake, then expect to turn into a blimp and have excess fat peeking from various parts of your body. What you have to do now is counter the unbalanced eating habits you acquired, by going on a healthy diet. You have to control your overeating, while trying to keep your nutritional intake sufficient and balanced. (Learn how to get rid of overeating)

You might think it’s easy to diet, but remember that if you don’t do it properly, you might end up causing more trouble to your body. For example, if you follow a fad diet, you will successfully lose weight, but at the same time, you’ll abuse your body. To avoid this, find a reliable and registered dietitian to help you form a reasonable diet plan. A dietitian has professional science education, and will help prescribe a safe diet program for you. (Read the guide on how to choose a dietician)

You can also try these basic diet techniques.

  • Don’t skip breakfast. Not only do you not get the required nutrients you need for the day, you also throw off your metabolism and you retain weight instead of losing it.
  • Have five small meals in a day, instead of three large ones. It keeps your metabolism on a continual cycle.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They give you the nutrients you need, like fiber, which aids well in digestion.
  • Snacking is okay, but snack healthy. Avoid chocolate, chips, and candies since these contain empty calories. Opt for healthy treats instead, like nuts, yogurt, and fruit smoothies.
  • Watch what you drink. Avoid soda and lessen your coffee consumption. Switch to water, and drink at least eight glasses a day.

Lastly, stick to your new eating habits. It might be hard at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll reap the benefits. Soon, your bulging bra bulge won’t worry you anymore.


Everyone knows how important proper exercise is, most importantly to women who have acquired great lumps of fat on their back. Aside from controlling what you eat, you also need to burn calories and build muscles, so the bra bulge will melt away on its own. Engage yourself in routine exercises. Go to the gym and find out which exercise program suits you best. You can also do outdoor exercises, like biking, hiking, and playing sports. These aren’t guaranteed to immediately melt your back fat away, but they help in the long run. It’s also a good idea to focus on toning exercises, to help shape your body and make it sexy.

Here’s one exercise routine you can try:

  1. Get a long elastic band, the kind used for resistance training. You can get this at any sporting goods store or department store. Find one that stretches long enough to reach from one’s nose to the feet. Don’t use weights, since this exercise is more effective when the hands touch each other.
  2. Get one end of the band and put it on the ground, stepping onto it with one or both feet.
  3. Take the other end, and pull it, with both hands gripping the handle, until it’s at nipple height.
  4. Your hands should be side by side, with your forefingers and thumbs touching. Your hand must be at least an inch and a half away from the body, the elbows sticking outwards at your side. Your overall posture must be straight, and your feet must be under your shoulder’s width apart, but still wide enough to be stable.
  5. From chest height, make the handle drop to naval height.
  6. Pull, stretching the band, so your hands are at chest level again.
  7. Don’t change or sway your overall posture. Pull upward in one quick move, then let the band fall again to naval height.

Keep doing this exercise for two sets, with up to ten repetitions. After several days, increase the workout to two sets with 15 repetitions, and then slowly, but gradually work up to a total of 50 repetitions a day. Make sure to take 15 to 20 second breaks in between sets, shaking your hands and relaxing your muscles. Be faithful to this routine, and you can soon say goodbye to all those flab rolling around your back.

Choose The Right Brassiere

Dieting and exercise are both effective in eliminating back fat (Tips on how to get rid of back fat), but what if you don’t have the time to do these? Maybe you’re just too overindulgent to diet, and too lazy to exercise. Don’t worry, you can still eliminate the unpleasant bra bulge. All it takes is the right underwear. Get a brassiere that doesn’t put any stress on your back, or one that doesn’t cling too tightly and press down on your fat. One kind you can get is a strapless bra with wide sides and with three or four clasps. Since it cuts up higher, most of your fat is covered, providing a smoother appearance for your back.

There are also numerous bra styles available today that ingeniously avoids the back area, causing no bra bulge to appear. Examples are backless bodysuits, adhesive-style backless bras and backless contour bras.

If you want, you can ditch wearing a bra altogether. Opt for nipple concealment strips or nipple covers. These are great for sexy outfits, and you won’t keep worrying about your underwear showing. They’re also painless and light. Just make sure you get those that are physician-designed.

Opt For Surgery

If you’re desperate to do away with your bra bulge, but you don’t want to diet and exercise, and you don’t want to rely on special bra styles anymore, this is one choice you can turn to. Find a reliable plastic surgeon and have him remove the excess fat from your back, through a procedure like liposuction. This can be painful, costly, and side effects can occur.

Another popular surgery option today is the bra line backlift, since it leaves the final scar underneath the bra line, hiding it perfectly.

Nothing can ruin a good pair of sexy lingerie than lumps of fat rolling over the strap. If you have this problem, don’t fret. Try these tactics and you’ll soon get rid of that unpleasant and annoying bra bulge.

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