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Bruises happen to everyone. Whether you tend to ‘bruise like a peach’, or it takes a huge hit for your skin to show the effects, none of us enjoy having the discolouration of a bruise on our bodies—not to mention, they can be painful! Bruises are caused by the bursting of small blood vessels named capillaries just underneath the skin’s surface. Even the slightest of outward trauma can cause these tiny vessels to break. This is what causes the purplish discolouration that we know as a bruise.

We all get them—but very few of us know how to speed up the process of getting rid of them. Most people believe that the only way for a bruise to subside is to give it time. Time does indeed heal all, but there are some methods that exist to remove this unpleasant mark from your skin faster than the organic process of waiting it out. Read on to find out how you can get rid of your bruise in a flash!

1. Ice the bruise.

Icing the bruise is one of the best ways to speed up the process for healing a bruise. The faster you apply a cold element to the area after initial trauma, the more effective this method will be.

Use a sealable bag of ice cubes or a bag frozen vegetables. Another option is to use a frozen gel pack. These are very flexible and slightly less harsh than completely frozen ice cubes. You do not want to apply these directly to your skin, however. Wrap them in a thin towel in order to avoid the harshness of the cold on your skin.

Ice the area no more than 15 minutes out of each hour. Applying cold on your skin for too long can lead to even more damaging effects such as frostbite, which you definitely do not want!

2. Apply heat—but not right away.

Icing the area should be immediate. Follow the icing routine for a day or two, and then switch to the application of heat. Ice reduces the rushing of blood to the injured area, whereas heat boosts the circulation in order to encourage the pooled blood to clear away.

Use a warm compress or heating pad and apply to the bruise for 20 minutes about 3-5 times daily until the bruise has subsided. There are some pads that have both a heating and a cooling function to them, which is a handy double bonus!

3. Elevate the area.

Bruises are caused by blood flow to the injured area. Therefore, elevating this part of your body after initial trauma will naturally discourage this reaction from taking place. In this sense, you are using gravity to your advantage in order to reduce the discolouration caused by the rapid blood flow.

This is a great option if the bruise is located on your arm or your leg. If your leg has the injury, lay yourself down on a comfortable surface and place your leg on a pile of pillows. The key is to hold your leg slightly above your heart.

If it is your arm that has the bruise, sit down and prop it up with some pillows or an armrest of sorts. Again, make sure your arm is a couple of inches above your heart.

This method is not particularly useful if the bruise is on your mid-section or back. If it is, try another method instead.

4. Rest your body.

The last thing that you need when you have a new bruise is to cause any more blood flow to the injured area than is absolutely necessary. Try your best to rest your muscles in order to prevent this from happening. Overall—avoid any unnecessary physical movement.

Try watching a TV show, reading a book, or doing a crossword puzzle: anything that involves minimal movement. Also make sure to get plenty of sleep the first night after you get a bruise.

5. Apply vinegar.

Mix together some vinegar and warm water. Dip a cotton ball or wash cloth into the mixture and run it directly onto the bruise. Massage the bruise for about 20-30 minutes and then rinse off the vinegar.

This method works because vinegar encourages blood flow near the surface of the skin, therefore dissipating the blood that has gathered in the concentrated area.

6. Apply parsley.

Parsley is known to reduce inflammation, pain, and the duration of a bruise. You can get fresh parsley leaves from almost any grocery store’s produce section.

To follow this suggestion effectively, crush the parsley leaves into a paste-like consistency and rub this paste directly onto your bruise. Keep the parsley in place after application by wrapping it in an elastic bandage.

7. Make diet changes.

You might find that changing your diet will help you prevent bruising in the first place, which is an ideal strategy. If you find that you bruise very easily, making a change in your diet can prove beneficial to your skin’s sensitivity.

People who bruise even from the slightest of trauma are usually low in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and flavonoids.

Vitamin C strengthens the outer layer of capillary veins, therefore making them less likely to burst during any sort of impact. Increase your Vitamin C intake by eating more bell peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapples, and kiwis. Another option is to take a Vitamin C supplement on a daily basis.

A deficiency in Vitamin K has also been linked to excessive bruising. Foods high in Vitamin K mostly include green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, asparagus and spinach, so try eating these as well.

Flavonoids simply help Vitamin C to be more effective in your body. Get more flavonoids into your system by eating more carrots, berries and citrus fruits.

Increasing your intake of these nutritional sources will help you to avoid bruising in the first place: remember that prevention is the simplest step! Avoiding falling or running into things that cause bruising is also not a bad idea, of course.

The good news is that many ways exist to decrease the duration of your bruise. There are even ways to reduce the likelihood getting them in the first place! So, whether bruises are a daily occurrence for you, or they tend to pop-up once in a blue moon, be sure to consider these tips in order to avoid or reduce this often painful and not-so-pretty marking on your body. Good luck getting rid of your bruise!

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  1. if you have a wart, put a hole in a vitamin e capsule and put ot directly on the wart. rings of the wart will eventually start to come off in about a wek or two. hope it works!

  2. Well, theres no real way to make them dissippear. Wait it out, take a hot bath and get on with your day. Small bruises only seem to make 3-5 days to go away. Nobodys going to care if you have a little bruise. ;p Also to the person above me, theres a seperate place for wart remidies.

  3. I get rid of bruises by rubbing them but it is very painful but my mum told me this if it stays there it can do even more damage inside the body, it takes a couple of days to go away but it really works! I had lots of bruises and I rub them kind of hard (the harder you rub the quicker it will go) and they do turn red-brown colour but continue to rub them in the next few days and they we go slowly

  4. Hmm..I have a quesiton. I bruised myself a couple of months ago, nothing special, just scratched my leg a little too hard and it bled. Now, the whole bruise went away very quickly, but I still have a subtle scar that’s a tad darker than my skin. I’ve never had a scar out of a bruise before, so I have no idea why it occured…
    Does anyone know how to get rid of it or make it appear less??

  5. i had a question…. i have really bad bruising around my eyes because i got hit in the nose. i was wondering if ther is a safe way to get rid of them without hurting my eyes?

  6. For bruises, which I am frequently plagued with, I use any cream or lotion that is meant for cellulite and has caffeine in it. Check for caffeine under the list of active ingredients. The caffeine increased circulation to the affected area and stimulates healing. I have also heard exfoliating with coffee grounds helpds as well. I guess that is also the reason the melted chocolate trick works too – oh, the wonders of caffeine!

  7. Well its kind of hard to say that u can get rid of bruises but there is one way to hide them. I recently sucked out all of the air in a cup and it sticks to your face. I have dont it many times just for fun and something to do but it left a bruise( which i have now) around my lips. All i did was get the water melon rind {the green bit} and place it on the bruise for around 5 minutes every 3 hours. You can see the differnece in the bruise within the first day. Do this for 1 and a half days it it should be GONE!!!

  8. Well personally I use cocoa butter. i get into alot of fights when i was a kid and i always get embarassed the day after showin up in school with my face all bruised up. Then 1 day somebody told me to try to put cocoa butter on my brisue and try to massage it. and in about a day or so its gone. quicker than usual

  9. okay i had a huge bruise {on mii face!!!} and it lasts up to 2 weeks and ya da chocolate thang does work yhuu digg yeeeeee!!!

  10. I Have a question … I have a HUGE BRUISE on my arm! My family and I are going on a trip soon, and it is very hot there so I can’t wear long sleeves. I ned to get rid of it by next week!

  11. I have old bruise makrs from when i was younger! they’ve turned white now and are so ugly, been about 10 years i’ve had them how can i get rid of them?

  12. I recently got a bruise by getting hit by a golf ball. It didn’t show up for a couple days and it doesn’t hurt. But it’s so ugly and I have a date coming up in this next week. Help?!

  13. krista. i don’t get many bruises but when i do first i ice it. i actually tried the chocolate last time and it worked pretty good. just keep it on and wash it off good the next morning. if that doesn’t work for you and you just need to cover it up try a deep tone of green eye shaddow. green is the opposite of red and blue on the spectrum and it will cover it up. then put concealer over it if the chocolate doenst work. hope i helpedd…. good luck on ur date!!!

  14. ok so this isn’t a tip.. it’s a question.. I play softball and although my husband would love for me to wear shin guards.. I dont. so needless to say I get hit sometimes, we all do.. it’s just I bruise pretty good and this last one was a doozy and because I bruise looks like I was tackled instead of just hit with a softball.. the bruising is all up and down my leg.. which I can deal with.. my problem is with where the ball hit.. it’s numb and hard… .. the hardness it really sore and numb at the same time.. if you can believe that.. I’ve been puttin ice packs on it.. but it doesn’t seem to b changin.. I had one b4 that I had to have ultrasounded.. that was the only thing that broke it up.. or that I saw results from..anyone have any suggestions? does that chocolate thing work for the hard parts too? Or just the discoloration…it’s the hard part I’m concerned with..

  15. this isnt a tip either, but i have three bruises on my shin & im going to the prom which is next week! What can i do to help cover it up or even heal it quicker?

  16. You all keep asking the same question over and over again and the answer isn’t going to change. It’s all right there. Stop asking and start reading. It’s not that hard.

  17. I have a massive bruise on my forearm (I have a low platelett count) and my wedding is in 4 weeks and I need to get rid of it. Could someone please explain to me how the chocolate thing works and what type of chocolate they used, and did it get all over your sheets?

  18. I have a bruise on my ear and I need to get rid of it fast, I know i is a bruise question like the rest but it is a little hard to put cholcolate on my ear over night. Please some one tell me what I can do. How long will the bruise last?

  19. i tripped and hit a handle on the train, it didn’t hurt at the start but now its pretty badly bruised, um does vitamin e and k pills work or does it need to be cream. also what time of chocolates will work? malteses?

  20. i got jumped… an have 24 knots 2 on my head one on my face and everywhere else is there anything i can use other than ice to get them to subside.

  21. i have a question, but i’ve got these bruise marks all over my legs and i can’t keep hiding it, since summers almost here. anyone have any good ways to get rid of those?

  22. I have bruises all on my arm and i heard if you rub in a circular motion with a metal spoon over it it helps it go away! Im not sure if it works but im going to try it!

  23. ok well I was reading through all the posts but I didn’t really find the bruise description I was looking for.

    Earlier today, I went to the skatepark and forgot my kneepads. I decided to go on the mini-ramp anyways and ended up falling hard right on my knee.
    Now,there is a red half-circle in the middle of the bruise (it looks like it bled inside) and around it there is a purple bruise but it’s very spotty. To the bottom of and surrounding the purple, it is pretty much just a normal bruise.

    Are there any tips to make this type of bruise go away??? It looks horrible right now..please help!!!!

  24. i am scared!! i have tried a bunch of the tips but no improvement. its been about a week and my bruise isnt getting better and hurts like h***!! i am scared that i might have other problems, could this be? plz help i am really scared

    and it itches like h*ll

  25. i had a red bulging spot on my nose before n it was really bugging me so i squeezed it like mad…eventually the spot went away but left a bruise but not a bumpy bruise….it was flat….n it has been there about nine months or so n doctor said its bruisin under the skin and will go but i dont like not knowing when…which chocoltae btw

  26. I have never done the chocolate thing, but my guess would be dark chocolate because to my understanding it has more anti-oxidants than milk chocolate (milk chocolate has more milk and sugar in it, whereas dark chocolate is more pure chocolate). I could be wrong, but it would make more sense for it to be dark chocolate.

  27. pushing a bruise relatively hard for about 30 seconds stimulates bloodflow to the spot, and it goes away faster.

  28. If you have small red spots in and around your bruise it usually means that you broke some blood vessels. These will almost always take longer to disapear than the bruise itself. i would suggest using the chocolate or coco butter methods, and continue to use it even a few days after the initial bruising is gone.

  29. I heard of using vinegar. I’m trying it right now on a bruise I got on my arm. I will let you know the results.

  30. The Vinegar does NOT work……I tried that on a bruise that I had on my arm. I fell asleep with a Vinegar soaked rag on it and when I woke up 3 hours later, it was still the same color…..

  31. ok so i was moving the other day and barley hit my leg on the side of our U-haul, i got a 1/2 inche cut that was kind of deep. 3 hours later it looked like I had a tennis ball underneath my skin. I went to the doctor and he said i broke blood vessels and there would be some bruising from where the blood is draining. My whole leg is now purple from my knee to my foot. The bruising is above and below the cut. Some of the brusies have started to turn a yellowish color because it has been almost a week but most of my leg is still purple will these tips work for blood draining too or do they only work for bruises that are on the spot that was hit?

  32. Here are a few things that I was told works for bruises:a mixture of salt & butter rubbed into the bruise,an ace bandage applied over night,keep it elevated over night,a raw steak, vicks rubbed into the bruise,epson salt,a mixture of lotion & coffe grounds Good Luck!~~~~

  33. I have tried the toothpaste in combination with rubbing it before I went to bed. It was much better my morning and is already starting to fade. 🙂

  34. Me and my friends went to paintball on sunday, and I got hit from like 5 feet away…when I got hit I could tell it was gonna bruise cuz it was alittle circle of blood, then 2 hours later it was a big bruise the size of a baseball. I’m about to go to the store and buy chocolate and if that doesn’t work I’ll try toothpaste…thanx for all ya’lls tips.

  35. heres a tip I picked up from a tech at biolife plasma. Take vinegar and put it on your bruise a couple times a day and it will take the color out of the bruise. The smell doesn’t last so theres no worry about that. I tried it and it works!

  36. You know what ive tired all the things which people have advised but none of it actually worked. Exept the Arnica Gel wow that stuff amasing. I had a fat bruise next to my eye and i started to use the gel an ive only been using it for a day now and can already see the Bruise disapering.

  37. have a question… i was playing rugby last week and got tackled and now ive got a big bruise on my thigh. the bruise has now gone but there is still a bump there and it hurts when i try to run. what does this indicate and how can i heal it???

  38. I gota tip , i tryed this and it seemed to work partially in one night .
    i took 3 asprin crushed them fine disolved them in just enough water to do the deed
    mixed em with a little lotion
    mixed in a little petroleum jelly , enough to make a good paste
    rubbed teh ointment on teh bruise.
    wrapped teh area in a cotton wrap
    then wrapped the cotton wrap in a ace bandage securely
    the next morning my red and purple bruise started to turn yellowish
    ill try it again tonight when i sleep maybe it will dissapear more.

  39. Toothpaste definetly speeds it up. I bumped my cheekbone the other day and my eye was bruised. I put on toothpaste on half of the area and woke this morning to find half of the bruise is fading fast but the bit that didnt have toothpaste is still there.

    It takes 2-3 days but toothpaste definatly speeds it up. Make sure an ice pack goes on straight away after the bump then apply toothpaste for a few hours then wash off and apply again and so on.

  40. to the lady who said to rub your bruise…DON’T!!! My good friend who is also biology and chemistry professor had a friend who died from rubbing her bruise. The bruise dislodged from it’s site and gave her an aneurism. DON’T RUB YOUR BRUISE!!!!!

  41. To the one ahead of me … that’s great to know now … I already kinda was rubbing it.. My boyfriend’s got ‘biting’ issues and I have a ginormous bruise on my throat. I don’t have a lot of time and I gotta get rid of it. NOW tips?

  42. I’ve never heard of using toothpaste, but I have heard of gently rubbing a bruise with a toothbrush. Apparently the bristles stimulate movement in the affected capillaries and speed the removal of the dead blood cells causing the discoloration.

  43. i love getting bruises and i get them all the time especiall since i do a lot of sports especially volleyball so i have to be throwing myself i get rid of them is once you have a bruise soak it immedietly with hot water then use those icy hot packs it really works!

  44. got in to fight and have two black eyes rubbed them caues i saw it hee and that just makes things worse makes it spreed bigger and darker so any one who reads this dnt rub.tryin arnica gel first day let u guys know what happens in a few days

  45. I have a black eye from breaking up a fight. I tried toothpaste and it works fast. I only used it one night so far. It takes the purple and blue coloring out of the bruise. Now my eye is a red yellow color. Now I can cover it up with makeup. I’m going to use toothpaste again tonight and hopefully it will be gone!!!!

  46. I have a really big bruise and want to get rid of it, I read about the chocolate but really want to know what type of chocolate to use. Can you please tell what is better, toothpaste or chocolate?

  47. I have a bruise because I beat myself up in my sleep. I’ve tried pushing on it and rubbing chocolate on it but, nothing has really worked. I have to go home for Christmas, and my mom will think my boyfriend hit me again if she sees it. Are there any other ways to get rid of them VERY QUICKLY?

  48. My boyfriend just sucked my chin 🙁 I have a family party tomorrow, it doesn’t even looked like I’ve bashed my chin on something so I can’t use that excuse. He’s laughing at me because I’ve got toothpaste on my face, I’m drinking cola for the caffiene and melting chocolate on the radiator as we speak. Why isn’t it easy to get rid of the them 🙁

  49. I seen several tips: coffee, chocolate, and toothpaste. So instead of trying one, I tried all 3 last night on a bright purple bruise. I took a teaspoon of hersheys cocoa powder, teaspoon of coffee grounds, and mixed it into a good squirt of toothpaste. I applied the paste at midnight,(just cover it with a cloth bandage or something), and woke up at 6am. The bruise was yellowed and at least 70% faded! You can feel the paste working. I put on some more and it still looks the same as this morning-I guess it only works so deep, but it looks like it cut 3 or 4 days off.

  50. OK I tried the arnica gel. bought it at GNC. It really did seem to help. Also after the first 24 hours of the bruise, place a heating pad on it to circulate the blood.

  51. okay on new years i got drunk and either got pushed or fell down some stairs and i have a blakc eye ( it looks more blue) and i have a huge huge bruse on my thigh any one got any ideas for my blakc eye ?

  52. samantha-I had a black eye also. The arnic gel really helps. I also took arnica pills. Both o f these items are for brusing.

  53. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    last night I was sucking a cup onto my chin and now it looks like i have a FREAKING BEARD!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* and I can’t go anywhere until it’s gone………HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  54. I have a question i had a really big bruise on my caf(my leg)and now it’s almost gone but now i have 3 little knots there does anyone know if it’s normal.

  55. i had nose surgery and had huge purplish black circles under my eyes going all the way down to my cheek. i had an important meeting 10 days after and was panicking that the bruises were not going to be gone it time. a friend gave me arnica cream (bought at a health food store) on day 2 and by day 4 they were half as big. i kept it up and it was greatly reduced. even the doctor was amazed. i also used a lot of ice packs and slept on three pillows to keep my face elevated. there is also concealer that is made to cover up tattoos and that covered up the last bit. good luck everyone!

  56. i have alot of small-ish bruises all over my arms because i have Keratosis Pilaris.I got rid of all of it but the bruises remain which i cannot have.i have a fashion show that im walking runway at next saturday and this means everything to only 17 and this is my dream and i finally have a chance.i need to get it fixed asap.please help.i would greatly appreciate it.

  57. I bruise really easily and I don’t heal very well. Is anyone else like this? I don’t know why I’m like this. For example, at Christmas, almost a month ago, I got 3 bruises on my leg and they are still there. I also get a lot of random bruises… they don’t hurt and I don’t know how I got them, but again, they take weeks or over a month to heal 🙁

  58. does putting toothpaste into the bruise really works???…

    but which is faster to get rid off bruises??… ice pack or toothpaste?

  59. As an 18year old black belt in Goju-Ryu karate I have constantly been getting bruised and bashed around since a young age =)
    I have been given advise from a variety of different doctors, other martial arts practioners, occupational therapists etc…but mostly they all have one thing in common. Rubbing the bruise.
    How i get rid of bruises:
    When you feel that an area will become bruised you should immediately place a cold compress such as an ice pack on the area for the first few hours.
    Rubbing the bruise is the most effective way of healing the bruise in the quickest way. There are many theories on what one should put on the bruise such as different oils, toothpastes etc but it is not what you put on the bruise but rather just that you are rubbing it that heals the bruise faster. If you can stand the pain, rubbing the bruise will disburse the blood, and lessen the discoloration however using something slippery may make rubbing it less painful…
    That is why all the other supposed cures work. It doesn’t really matter what you rub into it, it’s the Rubbing that matters. Disburse the pool of blood, and the discoloration will go away.

  60. Not a tip…I have what appears to be a bruise just below my cheek bones, too low for blush…they aren’t always there just sometimes they decide to show up…they aren’t like a regular bruise because it isn’t like I have ran into anything or anything has hit me

  61. I have a guestion. I gave myself a concusion by falling on some blechers two days ago. While i fell i brusied bith of my shins. What should i do? i want them gone for tomorrow!

  62. I rubbed my bruise on my nose to try to get rid of it last night and this morning the area i rubbed is red. is that normal? or should i go see a doc?

  63. alright, so last night me and this guy were hitting it off right?
    well apparently he bit/sucked my lip to the point where i now have a bruise.
    how? i dont know. pretty sexy right?
    and my mom doesn’t need to know about this. so it needs to be banished, NOW!
    oh and i tried that chocolate thing…yea didn’t work but where can i find some arnica cream?
    help.? 🙁

  64. i am useing toothpaste i got bruises on my eye and cheeks it seems to be working then im gonna try coffee and toothpaste together i got 2 days to lessen the look of my bruises and i need them gone i feel the toothpaste workin i hope let you guys know how it works for me honestly

  65. mhm lets see im 14 years old i got in a fight with my 16 year old brother umm i had him untill he sat on me( he weighs about 180-200pounds) and then he headbutted me well it left a bruise on my cheek bone and now it is bruised i am tryed the coffegrounds,toothpaste to make a paste and rubbed it in wooth a spare toothbrush well lets see what happens if this doesent work well i will surely get some choclate.

  66. i got a modelling shoot in a week and yest i banged my leg on the table in work. its literally purple n blue. HHHEEEEELLLLLPPP

  67. Four days ago, on Sat. night my boyfriend and I got a little rough. Now my chest is covered in yellow brown bruises. Normally i could deal with that for a while, except that prom is THIS SAT.! And the bruises are visible with my dress! To top it off I am a vary pale person and ill be at his house with his family before hand so they’ll see! I’ll try the coffee and toothpaste as well as the rubbing of the bruise, pleaese let it work.

  68. Keep applying ice as much as you can. Seriously. Get some ice cubes, wrap it up in a cloth and hold it on your bruise until that ice melts, wait 10 minutes and do it again and again for as much as you have time for!!!
    Also, in between the ice changing, apply tea tree oil or lavender oil/cream!!!!!!
    Works like a charm!!!! 😉
    And forget about toothpaste ‘coz you’ll just waste your time, it doesn’t work and you might get skin irritation if you use toothpaste thats meant to whiten!

  69. SO two days ago i was swimming in at a party..somebody jumped on top of me and kneed me REALLY hard right underneath my eye. I have been icingg it and the ice made the bruise swell down a bit. Then i tryed freezing a spoon and i put it over my bruise and teh bruise seemed to go down a big amount and it kind of turned it normal color again.

  70. i was sucking on a cap and now i have a circular bruise on my chin hat makes it look like i have a goatee!!! plz help

  71. I falled down the stairs and got a huge bruise on my leg..
    but a really really big bruise!! itss so big it went down all my leg and its horrible.. i dont know what to do i put some anrnica but it didnt work.. i dont know what to do!!! 🙁

  72. well i was really frunk on friday night and ive woken up with a huge bruise on my left breast and its puple and like a greeny colour i was wondering if ney1 had any tips to get rid ov it ?xx

  73. well i was chillign with my gf and she decided to pinch my neck and now i have a bruise on it, and i need to get it off by tomorrow morhing or i’m screwed, hlep please?

  74. Well what ever you do “DON’T USE TOOTHPASTE” because it makes the bruise go yellow same for hickies ~(DONT)~

  75. i heard that this might work:

    u know the bottom part of a lipstick ? the container has a round curve going upwards it kinda looks like a contact well i heard if u press that really hard to the hiki/bruise and while pressing rub it in circular motions it’ll help get rid of it

  76. i woke up and felt something on my was a bruise. i did all my ice i had at home. i thought it was going to work but instead it got so much bigger and painful. its becoming yellowish. its itching me.pls help me… i cant go outside my house coz i shy with this lip like this. maybe its a mosquito. i had a bbq with my friends that i organised myself and i didnt go. thats shameless and rude isnt it to offer someone to come to the beach and then you dont go by yourself…? pls i need a lot of help. i am feeling my lip so heavy… i cant talk. i cant eat. i cant drink. i cant smile. i cant laugh. i cant kiss..(lol)……!! im saying all this to show you how painful am i. i need HELP…!!

  77. I had a facelift one week ago. Talk about bruising! But the worst part is that blood pooled down my neck into a v all the way to my cleavage. Now that’s a bruise! The first significant improvement was using ice while watching a couple of hours of TV. Maybe it’s just time for the area to heal, though.

  78. Hi all,

    I have a pretty nasty bruise below my eye. It is dark blue/purple/almost black. I have tried several things… here is what I found:

    ICE – for the first 24 hours. I used a warm compress b4 the first 24 hours was up and it seemed to make the mark darker.. so wait 24 hours before u do a warm compress.

    Witch Hazel – you can find it at your local drug store or health store. This will help with the swelling ALOT… I have no swelling… but, it will not help with the black/blue/purple marks.. So now I am trying to get rid of that.

    Fruits – Drink a lot of orange juice and eat fruits. The vitamins (especially vit. C) will help your body heal faster. I drank a lot of OJ today and ate some pineapple.. haven’t seen any changes but, I suppose this one takes time.

    Parsley – I have read this several times in different places… First I did dried parsley flakes with witch hazel compress.. it seemed to help a little w/ the coloring for a while but then it came back.. maybe I didn’t do it long enough. THEN I tried fresh chopped parsley… it was hard to keep it on my face.. I didn’t do it that long.. didn’t seem to help.. again, maybe I didn’t do it long enough. They say that parsley has tons of vitamins in it.. and it will absorb through the skin.. also, they say to eat it.. it is not just a garnish 🙂

    I was going to buy Arnica gel the first day BUT the person at my local drug store said that it is prescription only.. THEN I called HEB Central Market (health food grocery store) and they had it! Stupid CVS people… Anyways.. so I am hoping that this will help.. I felt it cooling and working as soon as I applied it. It is called Arniflora. It is a gel with 8% arnica montana in a witch hazel base(again for the swelling) (the other brands were just 7% arnica with alcohol base) So that is what I chose Arniflora… .. I am sure any vitamin shop/health food store will have it.

    I am reapplying every hour.

    I will post later to let you know if it helps.

    I also read on here that a person mixed toothpaste, coca mix, and coffee and applied it overnight… and it helped considerably. I bought some dark chocolate coca mix and I am going to try the mixture tonight when I go to bed. I will post in the morning to tell you if it helped me.

    I also tried rubbing the dark marks as suggested here… I would not suggest that.. seemed to make it darker!! grrr..

    Ok, that is all for now!

    Happy healing!!

  79. Hi again,

    The Arninca gel (Arniflora) REALLY WORKS!! My bruise is much lighter this morning! I think I will even be able to cover it up w/ make up now! I was reapplying it every hour.. About every 3 hours I would wash it off and start over. Be sure to not just slop it on and leave it there.. be sure you gently rub it into your skin! I think by tomorrow it might even be gone!! This Arniflora is a LIFESAVER!

    I didn’t even try the coffee/chocolate/toothpaste mixture I had mentioned b/c this is working so well!

    Thank God for homeopathic remedies!!

    You can get Arniflora or any other Arnica Gel @ your local health food store/vitamin shop.

    Happy healing!

  80. i have a big bruise on my chin its purple can any1 help i need it gone for 7oclock in the mornin i tried vertually everything plz help

  81. I had a huge bump and bruise on my chin due to tripping on ice and hitting steps. Immediate icing helped the swelling then the next day I applied whitening toothpaste. It did make it go yellow, but considering it was black, it was much easier to cover with makeup. I used concealer, then foundation, blend carefully and finish with powder to set. I am a makeup artist so had the “tools” but if you find application of the makeup difficult, go to your local makeup counter and ask the consultant to do it for you! hope this helps. . . .

  82. Try using Dr. Holmquist’s Bruise Relief Gel. It is all natural and arnica free!
    I used it on my knees when I fell ice skating and it worked so well!

  83. I had practice today and when i got home I had a pain on the side of my foot near my heel. It feels like a deep bruise. How can i relieve the pain before practice tomorrow?

  84. Well me and my friend were bored so she sqeezed her chin really hard then did it too me.. within 30 seconds i had a huge ass bruise on my chin. i came on this site to see how i should get rid of it fast. and putting heat then cooling it works. but i also took two tea bags and put them in hott water then let them sit for 20 minutes. its worked pretty good,. and for going out i used cover up 🙂

  85. WELL i fELL DOWN HARD I AND I have a bruse on my hip ang sence I was wearing Ankle boots my whole Ankle,Foot, And my lower calf are sore Painful and my toes are Black etc. It happemed about 13 days ago and I wish to know how I can easa my pain.I went to my DR. and whrn he saw it he thought I broke it so 7 xrays later NO BREAKS but It hurt like hell I really need some help

  86. I donated plasma and they infiltrated me vein and left half of my arm bruised.i went to go donate today and they told me i gotta wait til the bruising goes away so i rubbed some butter on it earlier,then an hour later i rubbed
    whitening toothpaste on it and duck taped some banana peels to my arm.(didnt have a bandage) and now im bout to catch some zzz’s for 5 hours,ill come back and let you folks know how it went.the toothpaste feels like an icy hot pad.anyways,if this doesnt work im moving onto the chocolate teq.
    ..i need more money so im hopin to get rid of it so they’ll let me donate.

  87. Wow i bet those bumpes and bruises do hert cause i have one from being pushed on to a glass table and boy did it hert and now the next day this black red and purplr came up and i was lke look to my friends and boy was it preety big and then when i mom saw it the next day she was like how did u get that i was lke we were playing in pitch dark and then my friend pushed me and boy what we were playing it was funny and we had to keep three little kids stuck in a room but they woyld not want to stay there so we had to do alot 0of things with them to make them not want to come out of the room ,….,..the bump i have it does hert when i touch it and it fine on both knees .and i hope every one else be carefulls when they r playing with there friends . the colors on my brusie is grenn light knid ,and a red and purple mixed together and the other one is only blue,green,red and purple all mixed together so yeah thats my brusie. Bye,
    Sincerely Nicole=][,..,] always be care full people

  88. I’m A Boxer and the best way to rid yourself of a bruise is to sleep with ice on your arm.Maybe tie it on with something

  89. I got a small bruise from walking into a table (clumsy i know) but then it got bigger and bigger and started to swell so i’ve got this massive red swollen blotch on my knee with dark purple bruise around it, i’ve got PE at school tomorrow too, And i don’t know what to do, but i guess thats life -_- don’t reply cause i just wanted to share that :L

  90. I got a fat bruise on my head, and it hurts. I just want to get rid of it. My mom says; “Rub it, it’ll go away” but it didn’t. help!!!

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