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Cankers are little ulcers in your mouth that cause you just enough pain to distract you from enjoying the little things in life. There are no magic pills to get rid of canker sores in the blink of an eye, although you can speed up the healing process. Don’t let them slow you down from getting your mouth back to its normal functions! Follow these suggestions to get rid of your canker sores quickly and easily.

1. Use a numbing spray in small doses.

This method requires finesse, so be careful! This won’t make it go away any faster, but it will remove the pain you feel. That’s the important part, anyway. Cankers go away of their own accord with time, so reduce your own pain while it happens.

Canker sores tend to last about a week. You might not be able to speed up the recovery of canker sores by more than a day or two with any of these methods, but you can minimize the pain you feel.

2. Eat yogurt.

Yogurt won’t solve your problems overnight, but it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to speed up a healing mouth sore. It can be one of the tastiest methods if you buy the flavoured kind! Yogurt’s basic properties will soothe the pain in your mouth in a manner similar to how milk soothes your mouth while on fire from spicy cuisine.

3. Put ice on it.

Putting small ice cubes on a canker sore won’t remove the pain as numbing spray would, but exposure to ice will certainly stop the swelling. You’ve probably noticed the swollen red area surrounding the grey centre of the mouth sore. Reduce the swelling to lessen some of the pain naturally. Besides, you won’t accidentally bite it since the canker won’t be numb!

4. Apply a bit of lemon to disinfect it.

It’s going to sting, but might help where all else fails. The lemon might also be able to disinfect it the sore, but numbing it is the lemon’s real purpose. Vitamin C may help along the healing process, but check with your dentist to see if this is still the best alternative. Medical advice changes pretty drastically with periodical research.

5. Apply salt directly to the canker sore.

Salt will sting at first, just like the lemon will. It will soothe your canker later, however, which is why people put up with the initial pain of adding salt to the sore. You need to apply salt three to four times per day to maximize its effect as well.

The good news is that it works. Buckley’s tastes bad too, but that’s not why you use it! You may have noticed that none of these alternatives act like a magic pill. None of them are perfect, so you’ll need to figure out just how to make the most of each solution. Each of these are measures based on common personal experiences. Not everything works for everyone – remember that!

6. Buy an over-the-counter product.

Try canker sore removal products. These are one of the more upscale products, but it may be faster to have this on hand than trying to apply lemons, ice, yogurt, or salt to the sore. If you have the money to spend, you might want to keep canker sore removal stuff on hand from now on and soothe your mouth with yogurt until it arrives this time.

7. Swish warm salt water in your mouth.

This one is more for people at home than at work. Communicating with colleagues will be difficult, and you might find it hard to maintain productivity while constantly getting up to empty your mouth of salty water. It would certainly look funny, though!

Avoid applying a salt rock to your canker directly if you can. Doing so will sting more than salty water and you will probably experience more pain than from a salty water solution. You’re already in pain, so don’t cause yourself to suffer more of it unnecessarily.

8. Use hydrogen peroxide.

You can buy this over the counter at any store with any kind of pharmacy section. It disinfects the canker by killing the unwanted bacteria, which in turn lets your mouth begin the healing process sooner. You might even experience several degrees of pain relief!

Apply hydrogen peroxide correctly: use a 3% mix with water at a 1:1 ratio. You can swish it in your mouth or dab a cotton pad into the solution and apply it to the sore in your mouth. Don’t eat or drink anything for an hour or so after trying this, and repeat it regularly throughout the day. Four times daily would be a safe bet for optimal results.

9. Some more alternative methods.

If none of these solve your pain problem, then try these:

  • Sage is also rumoured to work, so try it if you have it on hand. See if you have any laying around in your kitchen!
  • Chamomile tea could marginally soothe your sores without looking like a goof at work. Sipping tea is much more socially acceptable than swishing salty water every 10 minutes.
  • Coconut oil might soothe your sore as well. It will probably taste better than the alternatives.
  • Alum must be taken very carefully, but small and localized applications might work. Don’t use this on children.

The trick is to gently massage any of these items over your canker sores. Too much pressure will cause you as much pain as relief. Similarly, remember to keep the amount of that substance in check. You shouldn’t put too much of anything into your mouth, as a general rule.

What is a canker sore? It’s a miniature mouth ulcer that causes annoying levels of pain. It’s not a cold sore, although people often confuse the two. Cold sores appear on the outside of the mouth, generally, while canker sores appear on the inside.

Medical experts haven’t pinned an exact cause for it, although genetic dispositions can go a long way toward developing them. Certain fruits, like tomatoes, can trigger canker sores in specific people, but you would only realize that after it happened. The most general factors contributing to them are poor diets and weak immune systems.

That’s how you can get rid of canker sores. Nothing works as quickly as we’d like, but they will speed up the healing process and offer pain relief until it goes away. Try out everything on the list until you find the most effective method of your personal taste. Good luck!

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  1. I had two really painful canker sores and i used this oral wound cleanser called amusan, it is made by oral b and it works really well and fast

  2. I had 3 really painful canker sores just the other day.They hurt really bad and I didnt know what to do. So,I rinsed my mouth out over and over again with just water. But I think the salt water thing would work better. The water actually made them feel a lot better.
    Also, I had a canker sore about a year ago and it was hurting so bad. I put this canker sore cream on it and it made it feel better in no time. I think you can get the cream anywhere but I got it at Walmart.

  3. I don’t know if this necessarily gets rid of them quicker, but putting a Tums calcium tab on the canker sore and sucking usually makes the pain go away in about a minute or two. It stays away for ~8 hours, so it’s good for getting through the day. I’ve only tried this with the chalky Tums, not the new candy-like Tums.

  4. I use this miracle worker product call Kanka. It numbs the pain for a couple hour and shortens the life span of the canker sore dramatically. It hurts a little when you apply it, sometimes a lot, but it’s worth it.

  5. I sprayed Chloraseptic (relieves sore throats) on my canker sore – it’s an anesthetic-antiseptic. I swished and spit and the pain went away. Did that 3 times that day and two days later, I don’t even notice my canker sore. It’s almost gone and no pain at all!

  6. The best way I know to get rid of one quickly is to apply a prescription cream called Kenalog in orabase (thus meant for treating lesions inside the mouth). It works great, no matter what, but works the fastest when you can start using it as soon as you know a canker is starting to form. It is applied directly on the canker – I find it is most effective when I dry the canker with a Qtip or clean towel first, and especially apply it just before going to sleep. You must use very little per application.

  7. I’ve had canker sores frequently for many years, but have now found a solution. I use a non-foam forming toothpaste called BIOTENE. Once you use it consistently the sores will stop appearing. (unless u bite yourself)

  8. Kanka Kanka Kanka – Its a miricle product. It taste yuky, really hurts and even gooy and yellow but it works. I had an outbreak all over my mouth while on holidays. The pharmisist recommended this product and I have been using it for years!!

  9. Use water and salt….after you swish it around in your mouth for a while it helps clean out the sore. Then put baby orajel on it. This cleans and numbs the sore to take the pain away and help heal it.

  10. When I get one, I wet my finger, dip it into salt and put the salt right on the sore. IT BURNS. It really does. It more or less burns away the white layer of the sore leaving what amounts to raw and exposed skin there. But if you can manage the searing pain, it works very well. I’ve never had a sore last longer than three or four days doing this.

  11. I have had a number of canker sores in my time and the best thing I ever used was a white powder substance that I can’t remember. My girlfriend’s wife at the time gave it to me. I remember it started with an A. Any ideas what that was anyone? ? ?
    I put it on and the next morning it was practically gone!

  12. Always use tooth paste. Not gel. Any kind of paste (Crest, Colgate, etc.) Nothing fancy. Whatever ingredients they put in gel always brought on canker sores. A switch to tooth paste did the trick!

  13. i had a really raally bad canker sour in fact i had three going on four i read all your tips and i could’nt get the stuff recomeded so i experamented and i rubbed lip gloss on them (lip stick won’t work)oh ya if you get a cut in your mouth or bite your self dont be surprized if you get a canker sour.

  14. My dentist recommended for my 5 year old to mix 1/2 Benadryl and 1/2 Milk of Magnesia and rinse with it, do not swallow it. The MOM coats the sore and the Benadryl dries it out. His was gone within 2 days. I tried it and mine was gone in 3.

  15. I had a horri ble canker sore the other day. I bought this over-the-counter med. called Kank-aid, and I put that on my canker sore twice a day for two days and my canker sore was gone!!! yay!!!!

  16. I’ve found that you have you use a different remedy each time. Seems that immunity is developed rather quickly. Also, pineapple can CAUSE canker sores in some people, so I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. One of the most unique remedies, which works very quickly, but burns like crazy, is chewing tobacco! Seriously! After I tried it, I went out and bought a package of Skoal Bandits, which are little pouches of chewing tobacco that you can lay right on the canker sore. I’ve also used Cankaid, which is a peroxide based gel. I have found that the tartar control toothpastes cause me to develop horrible canker sores. I’ve used tea bags from black tea, straight salt, saltwater, but the tobacco was the most effective and the fastest. Seems like it just seals it up right away. Call me crazy, but give it a try!

  17. The thing i have to say it that what Kari says use a throat spray.But u can spray it directly on it and it will numb it for a while but you have to kepp doing it when you can fell the pain again. Hope this helps.

  18. Do not treat something.. ANYTHING with chewing tobacco. Please use something else. Do you want to seal up a sore with something that causes cancer? Please don’t listen to this person.

    I just spoke with an R.N. and she said to make a thin paste of baking soda and water, rub that on the sores then rinse that out with a solution of one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide mixed into 8 ounces of water. This is per Kaiser Permanente’s Home Remedies protocal.

    I can’t find any baking soda in the house, but orajel is helping for the record and I’m making a list for the store tomorrow of the products listed above. Also, that previous person is right. Pineapple should be avoided and that was probably a troll thinking they were funny. Stay away from anything acidic.

    Another cause of cankers can be acid reflux occuring while you are laying down or sleeping. See a doctor if you suspect this is a problem. Prilosec or rx meds can help.

  19. I usually brush over the sore to open it up and pour/rub salt on the sore. It may burn for a little bit, but the salt helps dry up the sore. Then I usually mix peroxide and mouth wash together and rinse for about 30 seconds. Try it.

  20. Ive had canker sores as far back as I remember. I tried everything, including that over the counter stuff. The most efficient solution i found for them is one of the most painful. You’ll need a lime, and some salt. Squeeze lime juice in a cup mix with salt. get a dropper or spoon and drop that on the sore, over and over, till it goes numb and keep adding daily till it goes away.

  21. I have acid reflux at night, bit my tongue and started using a tarter control toothpaste….and got the first and worst sore. It is like a small tongue growing out of my tongue.
    I doubled up on the vitamins, scraped my tongue with mouthwash and avoid salty foods and acids. 24 hours later, it is less painful I it feels like it is …going to fall off.
    The person who recommended a pineapple, is a pineapple! Chewing tobacco?? why not dirt or mud?
    Keep it clean and disinfected, peroxide and baking soda should be good too.

  22. I have problems with them frequently. Brush not just your teeth, but your ENTIRE MOUTH. Food and drink residue in your mouth turns into acids when broken down by saliva. Therefore try to drink water as often as possible, keep it clean, and try not to mess with it too much (they can get bigger). They are a pain, but different remedies may work well for different people. Salt is a great way to dry them up, but it is somewhat painful. Kanka is the absolute best product I have EVER used.

  23. I got a spoon, and just added some lemon to a little spoon,and dipped my finger into it,then i dumped a lil salt onto my finger and stuck my finger on my burns and i cried bc it hurts,,and it hurt after for about 5 mins..and the pain went away..but when the pain came back i just put it on again..good luck

  24. I eat a grapefruit. “They” say that acidic things make it worse, but although it’s got a mighty painful sting to start with, the canker sores are always gone the next morning!

  25. NEWSFLASH!!!

    Salt water is definatly not the way to go! (espesially if you’re a whimp and don’t like pain) The best thing I have ever used is Oragel sore relife. I put it one and it nubms instantly. In about 24 hours, the sores are always gone. Anyway, I put some Vicks Chloraseptic on my three canker sores and it seems to be working.

  26. Whenever I get canker sores it always helps to swish around warm A&W root-beer. My dad says it’s something in the root that heals the canker sore and it’s pain free!!!

  27. I use a pin or needle and scrap the sore until all the white is gone. It hurts a bit but gets the infection out and the blood in there to heal it.

  28. Hey Cal from Nov. 1st. The white powder that begins with an “A” was probably Arm and Hammer baking soda. You can make a paste out of it or use it directly and it tends to work well. Warm salt water followed by an oral antiseptic is also a winner. It burns really bad but sometimes it’s worth the relief.

  29. Okay, well i have a canker sore right where my lip meets my gums and it continues to get bigger and even more sore. What i found works the best for mine (which i happen to get weekly) is taking a salt and vinigar chip or anything salt and vinigar and just let it sit on it..the vinigar burns and the salt dries it out..still takes about a day or two to heal…but in the process…you get some really good chips out of the deal!!

  30. I recently just got braces and i have this huge canker sore where the bracket rubs my lip, the sore was caused by trauma.
    Colgate orabase paste has been working quiet well. i also applyed mouth wash multiple time with a q tip and held it there and it instantly got smaller after that.
    just seeing if this works for others.

  31. I had a big, evil sore form on the inside of my left cheek a few days ago. It got really big and I was at my wit’s end, so it trucked on down to CVS to see what they had to battle the beast. I came back with these little nifty tablets that Orajel makes (you can also get several other brands, including generic. I chose Orajel because there was a handy dollar off thing stuck on it). You dry the sore off with a cotton ball or peice of tissue, press on the tablet with your finger for about ten seconds, and then allow your saliva to dissolve it. It makes a layer of gel-like stuff over it, so nothing rubs, and it has benzocain in it (woot!). It’s worth a shot, check it out! 🙂

  32. A liquid rinse called Ulcer ease is the only thing that brings me relief. Walgreens will special order it for you. It works miracles for me. I keep 3 bottles around at all times. I have been getting these nasty things since I was 8 and now I am 38. Milk of Magnesia is not bad in a pinch.

  33. I usually get canker sores a few times a year, and never really have done anything about it. I currently have one that popped up about 2 days ago. This morning I put some salt on it (my dad told me to – probably jokingly) and it really helped alot. It dried out the sore and actually seemed to numb the pain or make it just go away completely. I have done it twice in about 9 hours and have had no pain at all today. I’d reccomend putting salt on it. It’ll burn, very badly, but the burning is worth getting rid of the pain from the sore, trust me.

  34. My whole family has been getting canker sores for generations and I have tried all of their tips: salt, salt & warm water, milk of magnesia, tums, orajel, peroxide, etc. After visiting many websites and reading many home remedy books I have learned this: There are two different kinds of canker sores, infected and non-infected. The infected ones have a light yellowish tint and have a red ring around them the other ones are just white. According to a webpage I visited, do not ever cover an INFECTED sore with anything (milk of magnesia or orajel) b/c it seals the infection. Salt or salt & warm water is good for cleaning the canker sore, but this does not prevent the sore from growing. Putting salt directly on sores irritates it which can make it grow (asside from the agonizing pain). Milk of Magnesia can be put directly on a NON-INFECTED canker sores or drink a tiny, tiny bit with a little water (read instructions on back of bottle) as a base b/c canker sores are caused by having too high of an acidic balance in your stomach (stress can cause your acidic balance to rise). Canker sores are not contagious, unlike cold sores, they’re only hereditary. Orajel will burn like heck and only numbs it for a short while. But if you can get a prescription from your dentist (not all dentists are aware of this, so you’ll have to call around like I had to) for LIDEX. LIDEX comes in gel, ointment & cream forms. The gel (which is clear) works best for me. It does not burn, the tube is huge and it is only $5 (price probably varies per pharmacy). Every remedy works different for everyone, so don’t knock it until you try it! If none of this works for you just go to or and put in a search for ‘canker sores’ and you’ll get more helpful info. & tips – GOOD LUCK:)

  35. I usually get them on the tips of my tongue after eating or drinking something citrusy (orange juice). What I do to get rid of them doesn’t really get rid of them as much as soothe the pain. First take a Q-tip and put some hydrogen peroxide on it, really soak it. Then take the Q-tip of dab the wet end onto the sores, and wait awhile while the peroxide foams up. Then take two Tums and crush them up, add a little water (or milk!) to the mixture but just a TINY BIT; you want to make it into a paste. Once its pasty dip another, clean Q-tip into the paste and put a good amount of the little soars. The peroxide cleans the sores of bacteria and the Tums soothes the pain. Really the only thing that gets rid of these nasty buggers is time. Good Luck!!

  36. The powder that Cal can’t remember that starts with an “A” is probably “alum”. I’ve had canker sores for forty years and that was a cure that I was advised to try when I was a child. I don’t recommend it though – it hurts like crazy and I didn’t think it made any difference. The only things that I’ve found that makes a difference in the number of sores that I get are 1.)using paste toothpaste instead of gels, 2.)avoiding foods that I know cause sores (for me, they include cinnamon flavored gum, strawberries, all citrus fruits and pineapple, and vine ripened tomatoes – I can eat hothouse tomatoes and Romas and yellow tomatoes though!)and 3.)avoiding stress. To make them go away a little faster, try rinsing the area with diluted hydrogen peroxide (1 part peroxide to 3 parts water), hold it for one minute then spit it out. I put lip balm on my lips first or my lips dry out and get sore. I’ve found that anything with benzocaine gives me more sores!

  37. gargling with hydrogen peroxide 4 times will make it easer to eat and will numb it for an hour and will speed up the healing of the canker sore and don’t forget to dab it staight on with a que tip and apply directly to the canker sore

  38. I’ve found two things that help VERY MUCH with canker sores. The first is a suspension called Carafate, ordinarily swallowed and used to treat ulcers, but instead of swallowing, gargle 2 tsps. for a minute three times a day, then spit out. Ask your doctor to prescribe the 14 oz. bottle. This’ll last you a little while. If I feel a sore and I gargle before bed, I often wake up the next morning with the sore completely gone. The second is a topical dental paste called Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste USP, 0.1%. This one you apply directly over the sore and it immediately helps with the pain. It sticks better than any other wax I’ve tried, and it actually helps heal the sore faster.

  39. I have 8 or 6 stupid fat red bulging cankersores on my tounge, a few on the tip of my tounge, 2 or 3 on my right side, and 6 or 7(or more) on my left. Another good tip(may or may come in handy) is by try to rinse your mouth with salt water. Mine cankersores are EXTREMELY PAINFUL and i cannot eat, drink or talk, and i can only not talk and shut up. Any good tips to get these tre annoying “cankersores” out of my tounge????

  40. “A” comment – ALUM absolutely, “powdered alum” is what have always known it as! White baking ingredient, drying agent, found in most grocery stores. Tastes very bitter but the initial burning is worth cutting out days of burning. My dad suggested that I try Alum, as his mother 50 years ago gave it to him and his siblings growing up for their canker sores. Apply directly to your soar (I usually pull out my lip attempting to keep all saliva away from the spot and have a rag to dab up extra saliva from the corner of my mouth – quite awkward but it works like a champ). Leave on for as long as you can. Sometimes 10 minutes dries it out enough, just depends on the stage of development. If you can manage to apply and sleep with it on the spot, I GUARANTEE the pain will be gone in the morning for good. The physical sore won’t disappear over night but the pain will ultimately cease. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

  41. i just got a cank and boy did it hurt but i got rid of mine in like a day by putting an ice cube on it then quick shiwshing it with salt water back and fourth for like 5 mins every 4 hours or so. and boy does it work!

  42. Don’t be to quick to judge – I tried the tip of putting chewing tobacco directly onto my canker sore. It was basically gone by the next day! Also, I’m quite sure that a couple of times chewing tobacco to get rid of a canker sore would have a neglibible cancer risk in the long run, so such worries seem unfounded to me.

  43. today i tried swishing my mouth with water and then swish it with baking soda and then with water. it sort of relieved the pain and now i can feel that it’s cleaned out. i would suggest baking soda mixed with water!

  44. Wash a Jade Plant leaf and scratch one side of the pedal, so it secrets its juice and place it on your canker sore (10 min). It will provide immediate relief and excellerate the healing process.

  45. Do this just before bed: After you’ve brushed your teeth, and rinsed, mix as much salt as you can into a glass of warm water. Swish it around your mouth as many times as it takes to use up the salt water. DON’T RINSE, and DON’T SPIT. You want your mouth to taste like super gross saltiness.

    Sleep on it.

    When ever I’ve done this, I can’t even feel my canker sore in the morning, and it will have shrunk up to the point where it’s almost healed.

    Another friend of mine puts rock salt directly in the canker sore before going to bed, but I’ve never had the nerve.

  46. My tip is to put oragel on your canker.

    And, do not use baby oragel. Be sure to use the regular brand because it will heel a lot faster.
    Put on every two days.

  47. i lisined to the guy who dipped his finger in water then put it in salt IT DOES BURN!!!! but it’s worth it, yes the white crap did go away

  48. Just about everything I’ve read may work, But if you have a small container of Alum..(it is a pickleing spice) apply directly onto the canker sore, your mouth will salavate, but the Alum will suck out the poison, and by the end of the day…your canker sore will still be there but it will no longer be sore.
    Once the soreness goes, not long after …the canker sore will disapear.

    This helpful hint ….Will Help Your Canker Sore!!!!!!

  49. Hmm canker soars are the most painful annoying things ever….try rinsing with LISTERINE MOUTHWASH …atleast 3 to 4 times daily…trust me a heals it up,before u know it you would get great relief.

  50. someone please help me! it is 5 am in california and i cannot sleep because i have 5 canks in my mouth. i am not sure why i get them so often, but i just had two last month. does anyone know if it has to do with anemia or low blood? i cannot find a remedy that works and my canks are becoming larger and larger. i have never had this many and i am not sick nor stressed. please help me! if anyone has any other ideas i would really appreciate this. thank-you so much!

  51. i have one right now, and frankly, nothings worked so far. im really annoyed. i tried using baking powder/water/salt/hydrogen peroxide ect…. and it still hurts REALLY bad, its just where part of my braces hits it and it keeps rubbing and growing. if anyone has any OTHER suggestions to help me that would be fabulous. and to the 2 ppl who suggested chewing tobacco…. WTF? why would you EVER want to use a cancer-causing thing to help? even if it DOES help… wouldn’t you rather try something else before resorting to something that could cause something even worse than a canker sore?

  52. I just bought this product at the health food store.
    It is called “Canker Sores Begone” and there is alittle wizard looking guy on the front label.
    It has stuff like aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, Echinacea, lemone balm,,,in it.
    But it also has some methol, and it feels so much better the pain.
    Believe me I have tried so many things since yesterday.
    But this is the first thing that made it feel better.
    It is not very expensive, like $9.99.
    I am always keeping it around for sure.
    I am also taking L-lysine.
    Good luck to all.
    I have also done yesrerday, hydrogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar.
    And of course the swish with salt water.
    This product is worth a try as the pain is not so bad after using it, just one time,,,

  53. whenever I get a canker sore it’s usually from bumping my gums with the toothbrush while brushing.But when I start to see signs of one I rinse immeadiately with antiseptic mouthwash and it’s usually cleared in 2 days.

  54. I have a canker sore right now and it hurts a lot. I’m going to go try to rub salt directly on it. People say it hurts so wish me luck! =D

  55. I had my Wisdom Teeth pulled out and as a reaction I got Canker Sores all over my mouth, tongue and lips for the first time. The Cloraseptic cough drops/spray does help to numb it, but for me the best thing was a medication called Zilactin-B. I bought it at Walgreens for like $8. It says it lasts for up to 6 hours. I put some on yesterday and I have not had any pain. I am also using Neosporin LT Lip Treatment for the ones on my lips it seems to help as the regular Oral Analgesic only work for a little while. The Salt Water really helps keep them numb. but you have to use wam water or at least I did.

  56. Put a bay leaf in some hot water for a few minutes, then apply. I get canker sores regularly and this is the only thing that’s helped.

  57. I recently got a few canker sores in my mouth. Im guessing because I recently got 2 lip piercings.
    Ive been despertly trying to get rid of them! Ive only had them for a few days but their deadly sore =[.
    I wish theyd just go away!

    Ohh I havent been treating it because Im scared it might effect the healing process of the new piercings but I always use baking soda on mine. It works like a charm.

  58. When i get them( which is ALOT) i soak a Q-tip in Hydrogen Peroxide and press it down directly on the canker sore. The Peroxide hurts!! and will make the sore have a white covering. the covering dissapers after awhile it hurts but it cleans them out and helps heal them faster! rinse ur mouth w/ water afterwords b/c u’ll have a really nasty after taste. Does any one know how to get them off of ur tonge because mine are deepset and hurt REALLY REALLY BAD!!

  59. Within an hour of enjoying Big Red gum, eating a Hot Tamales candy, or Red Hots, I then get to enjoy canker sores for a few days. Worse yet is the swelling and pain in my tongue. The salivary glands toward the back of my tongue are sore for days, making speech, chewing and swallowing painful.

    If you frequently get mouth sores, try chewing Big Red gum. You might get a mouth full of sores, but at least you’ll know what to avoid.

    Whatever you do, don’t eat fresh pineapple and then chew Big Red gum. I predict a world of hurt doing that if you’re a canker sore sufferer. Pineapple contains a natural protein digestant, combined with citric acid, and Big Red gum would be a pain trifecta.

    I recommend Zilactin-B to help with canker pain. Doesn’t work well on the tongue, but great on the lips and gums. A bit painful to apply, but well worth it.

  60. So I think I have the worst canker sores in the world. I get about 2-4 every month. For awhile they were so bad I had to get a prescrption from my dentist. It is really amazing. I forget the name of it, but you put it on at night, it doesn’t burn, and in the morning mine are usually gone. Everything else I have tried burns and irritates my sores, but this stuff is amazing, although can get expensive since it is a prescription.
    I get mine from eating too much ketchup and big red gum, like steve-o said. I didn’t realize mine were caused from big red gum until i read his entry, but for the past week i have been chewing that and I now have a horrible canker. So be careful what you eat! too much will cause a canker 🙁

  61. I recently got one from zurburting my kids tummys and where it is, my teeth rub on it everytime I move my mouth. I bought some stuff a year ago called Dequadin and it works really good! My canker sore is gone!!

  62. I have used Salt directly onto the canker sore,salt and water swishes (which grandmas always recommends) and listerine works great too. I do this several times a day mostly after eating or before going to bed. I have also used Campho-Phenique which is for cold sores and has the drying action.This had worked the fastest for me. But I do not always have it on hand It says it’s for external use only and has a bad taste but it works..(check with your docter if you are unsure)I wouldn’t knock any one’s remedy till I tried it. Our body’s are not all the same so some remedies work for some and not others.

  63. A canker sore should be healed within 2 weeks. If the sore lasts a long time or you are unable to speak, eat or sleep properly you should see a dentist. A Dr. would help but a Dentist is your best bet (they are mouth DRs)Carbamide peroxide an OTC med that combines glycerin and peroxide which cleans the sore and coats it. (Gly-oxide, Amosan and cankaid) When buying a OTC canker sore med READ! Look for ones that have camphor, eucalyptol and/or alcohol in a liquid or gel form.(The down side of these are the cost,repeated appliations and the stinging.)A wet black tea bag applied to the ulcer. The tea contains tannin which is an astringent and has a pain relieving ability. Mix one tablespoon of peroxide into a glass of water and swish this will disinfect the ulcer. Alum is also used when the sore is just starting. Another home remedy is vitamin E oil squeezed onto the ulcer several times a day. Taken with 500mg of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3 times a day for 3 days (this was recommended by a dentist) A swish of mylanta or Milk of Mag is said to work because it coats the sore and may have an antibacterial effect. Goldenseal root (at health stores) when made into a strong tea and swished or made into a paste is said to work. Eating Yogurt helps prevent sores by fighting bacteria in the mouth (which is very dirty). The suggested amount is 4 tablespoons of unflavored yogurt a day. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the active culture in yogurt you want to look for. Some irritants are Coffee, spices, citrus,nuts high in amino acid arginine(walnuts are high), chocolate (sorry ladies) and strawberries. Everyone is different so maybe none of these foods give you a canker sore or nothing seems to help. When you feel one coming on figure out what you are doing(stress or trauma-did you bite your check or eat something that may have brought the sore on. Start healing before the sore is present. It is usually felt 1-2 days before the ulcer appears. Keep trying differnt remedies until you find one you feel works the best!

  64. I’ve always used the salt water, and its true start as early as you can and sometimes i put salt on it directly it hurts, but its worth it and lol u can addicted to it especially if u want it to go away hah. But i’ve also used Lemons with salt and cut the lemon and put salt and put the salt and lemon directly on the sore and squeeze it. It helped alot along with the salt water.

  65. i have a Canker sore right now, and i just put some lime juice in it it numbed it but it still hurts when i try to eat food, it might be because lately i have been eating nothing but spicy food! it hurts so bad !

  66. oh by the way putting lime juice doesnt hurt as much i mean it is worth it because i’ve done it before and it goes away faster i also add baking soda after the lime juice process it works really well! the lime juice only hurts a little bit it hurts the same way as when u accidently touch it. you can just fdeel the pain for a sec. or two and then it is gone!

  67. Zach,

    Where does one find a cooperative, lactating nanny goat . . . and when found, how does one go about milking it?

    I think I’ll try the salt instead!

    The Triamcinolone Acetonide works great, but the leftovers harden in the tube over a short time period and refills require a precription.

  68. i only get them about 2-3 times a year when i’m really stressed out. it’s been happening since i was about 10 yrs old.

    my mom always told me to brush the canker sore with a toothbrush until it bled. it hurts SO BAD. i always have to do it slowly. Then rinse your mouth out with water and mouthwash. swish it right over the sore. always do it at night before you go to bed. usually in the morning the sore is either gone or a LOT less painful.

    and throw your toothbrush away afterwards.

  69. i find that avoiding certin foods and bevrages really helps the pain. avoid spicy and acidic foods and drinks. try not to consume any citris, like oranges and lemons. also avoid pinnaple. and stay away from spicy too. hott peppers, such as habeneros and jalapenos. spicy salsa, just about anything spicy. i find that when iu consume this produce, i get a stinging burning sensation on my canker sore(s). i havent really found a good cure, but i understand the discomfort they cause

  70. In response to Granny Jules’ post:

    Chewing tobacco has all sorts of wonderful chemicals in it that, I believe, may help reduce canker sores, but do keep in mind that by placing a known carcinogen in an open sore will greatly increase your chance of oral cancer!

    As far as canker sore treatments go, there aren’t very many. Canker sores fill up with bacteria from your mouth and prevent tissue from growing back. By removing the bacteria (that white stuff), your body’s natural healing processes can begin. You can do this any number of ways: salt, mouthwash, vigorously washing, et. cet… but remember to NOT use anything that has citric acid in it (orange, pineapple, tomato…) as citric acid is literally an acid that will tear apart your mouth.

    If you want to heal it quickly, for the most part, you’re out of luck. Canker sores are hard to treat and if done professionally, it can cost quite a lot. Your local dentist may be able to supply you with an expensive treatment that can reduce the size of your sore almost immediately, but because of its controversal nature, most dentist won’t offer it. Try eating right, brushing twice daily with sensitive toothpaste (sensodyne), and just overall keep up a healthy and clean lifestyle.

  71. Try using baking soda it clears it up quickly. Or use salt water. When you do not have a sore try to keep track of what foods cause sores. The salt water works for naturally forming ones but i cannot find a cure for a canker sore caused by trauma…any suggestions???

  72. I noticed someone had listed chewing tobacco as a remedy. Do NOT do this!!!! Tobacco can cause a mouth lesion to become cancerous – dangerous!

  73. I have a canker sore right now, and its killing me. lol. But my mom suggestes some water and salt and just rinsing it in your mouth. Works…

  74. I cut them off my tounge with finger nail clippers they bleed for a little bit but no more pain and by the next day after a few paroxide rinses all better

  75. The moment you feel that iminent tingly spot in your mouth…take a cotton ball or a bit of toliet paper, soak it in listerine, and apply directly to the spot. do this as often as you can!! i change the ball as soon as i cant taste the listerine (your spit will dilute it, of course) and let them soak for as long as i can. the canker sore never even develops!

  76. just like you are making tea put a tea bag in hot water and then place it on the sore it should relieve the pain or make it go away

  77. For the pain i use extra strength GAVISCON..when i chew it i jut putpart of it on my sore and it relieves the pain. It goes away within a few days. I let my body take its natural coarse………good luck everyone

  78. Okay, it works ok, but just buy some canker treatment stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart or something, just dap it on a Q-Tip and apply to anker sore. Its works okay…
    My doctor always sais put salt on it, until they got this laser machine that lasers them off for 1 dolllar each
    doesnt hurt one little bit, it feels like air!!!

  79. I have no tip just an urgent need for help. I have read all of these suggestions and I still am not sure. Here is my problem. I have a full upper denture and my canker sore started a few days back right where the denture meets the the gumm line and the cheek. It was very painful to take them out and I used oragel nightime to get them back in. Today it is bigger bright red and does bleed when I try to put my dentures back in. I can not leave them out and yet I can not get them in. Please help. Do I just numb it and shove them back in or does that make it even larger? Help!

  80. my mouth hurts SOOOOOB BAD!!!!!


    remember, biting on them sometimes feels good;but you’re really aggravating the pain

    and DON’T CHEW GUM!


    basically, just dip your CLEAn finger in salt and put it where your canker sore is at [:

    it’s burns but..sometimes,pain feels good, don’t it [x

  81. Salt directly on the sore is the way to go. 3 days is the longest mine has ever lasted doing this.

    It burns, but after 30 seconds it feels numb!
    Good luck everyone.

  82. .. I have 3 canker soars on my tongue now i have to say the worst pain ever. i tried the baking soda paste remedy and i seems to take the pain away for awhile im goin to have to continue to do this until they go away. I also tried rinsing my mouth out with warm salt water this seem to relieve for the most part.. Is there nething else i could do to take awway the swelling??? help plz

  83. I use ora5. It is a mixture of copper sulfate and iodine. It stings, but works well if you can apply to canker sore early and consistently as it develops.

    Silver nitrate swabs will cauterize and help numb the pain significantly. These can be found in some drugstores and online. Use carefully, though.

  84. I have a question for those of you that have experienced this sore first hand, does it affect your respiratory system? does it affect you ability to breath and does it come with stuffy nose? Pls. I will like to know. I have a two and half year old daughter that this awful sore is attacking as I write. She can not breath at night and has had very little sleep for past 4 days now. The bad part is that she can not blow her nose and I feel so bad and don’t know how to help her.I have taken her to the emergency room, but no antibiotics was given. Pls. I need some advice on what to do.

  85. I had a HUGE canker soar on the very tip of my tongue, It was the size of a dime! I was in a ton of pain and I didn’t know what to do. I decided to drink coke all night long. I woke up the next morning and I swear the coke fried that sucker right off my tongue! It was all white and ready to be wiped off with a towel in the morning! I had like 3 cans of coke in a 6hour time frame! It works!!! Try it.

  86. I’m really surprised I didn’t already read this one…but hasn’t anyone heard of Peroxyl? It’s a mouthwash that’s MADE for this! Says it right on the bottle. It’s a lifesaver and not sure how I would survive if I didn’t have it. You can find it in any oral care section.

  87. SALT! SALT! SALT! lick your finger so that the salt will stick and then out it on the canker sore it only took about 30 seconds for the pain to go away for me. It just hurts really bad. But its worth it. Trust Me. Keep putting salt on it.

  88. ALSO! if you eat a popsicle and put it on there some it gets numb for a little while. It helps if you want the pain away for a little while.

  89. I find that when ever i drink wine i get canker sores.. have two right now and when i put salt directly on them they bleed a little.. seems to be the best way to get rid of them for me..

  90. Mouthwas is the way to go. I rinsed with it for 1 minute (Beware wimps, it hurts like hell!) and the pain was gone for hours.

  91. I ate a pineapple salad a couple of days ago and suddenly this painful sore popped up at the back of my tongue where i cannot reach or see. It hurts to swallow!

  92. I have one right now under my tongue! It hurts off and on, but I also have pain in my right ear and down the right side of my throat. Even my teeth on the right side hurt. I’m trying some of your ideas. Hope I can find one that works.
    Mine also came with a stuffy nose, a cough and some other respirtory issues.

  93. Well i have 2 really bad Canker Sores! ouch! one is on my gum and the other is on my lip facing eachother! i brush my teath then put this med on it! put proxide on it! then mouthwash! it really takes the pain away! my grandma said if u put salt on it it helps!
    but it BURNS! but it helps! my dad said mine is cause of the sun! its kinda true!

  94. I Have Two Extremely Annoying Canks Right Now And I Think Im Starting To Get Another, But I Tried The Salt Thing And It Hurt SO Bad! I Guess Im A Wimp But I DO NOT reccomend this to small children. But After I Washed Off The Salt I Held Ice In My Mouth For A While And They Are Pretty Much Gone!

  95. I get canker sores all the time..i hate them with a passion (but who doesn’t) I recommend using Listerine it takes the pain away instantly and it gets the white stuff out allowing the sore to heal faster. If you cant stand the burn of the regular Listerine they’ve come out with other flavors such as vanilla mint and some orange flavor that don’t burn but still get the job done. When you put it in your mouth it sort of hurts at first but then you know its working and it takes the pain away in seconds. Listerine also gets rid of bad breath and gingivitis its a win win situation I’m telling you its the way to go!!

  96. I tried the salt and water one where I just put my canker sore (it’s on the tip of my tongue) in the cup. That didn’t work. Then, i tried the fearful, putting the salt directly on the sore and it did burn, really bad. I left it on for about a minute it hurt so bad. But even though I didn’t leave it on too long, the sore doesn’t hurt as much. I’m going to put more salt on it and maybe it’ll be completely gone like some people are saying.

  97. BASE. BASE. BASE. I completely recommend it. It is a liquid numbing gel that will help your sore not to hurt as badly. Most pharmacies should carry it.

  98. I just had a wisdom tooth removed and got several canker sores due to the trauma to my mouth. I have several on the inside corner of my mouth so I cannot open my mouth/smile/laugh/eat without a searing pain. No fun…

    Anyway I have been using “ORABASE by Colgate” as a pain reliever. It is a paste and it works very well for about 3-4 hours. No pain, seriously. I found it at CVS.

    To get rid of the canker, I just pack it with salt. It tastes like pain, but will speed up the process.

    Also, to help keep the area clean, just drink water. Nothing else.

  99. I have about 20 canker sores in my mouth right now and they are killing me!!! I can’t eat, and I’m down to drinking only milk; even water burns! My doctor gave me a mix called magic swizzle(and yes, that’s what the perscripton bottle says). It has Maalox, Benedryl and something to help numb the pain. She also suggested salt water and other things mentioned on this site, but the pain is so awful that I can’t use a lot of these remedies. None of these has helped. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  100. I pour a bit of salt on my canker sore, then rince it out with mouthwash. It really burns, but after you don’t feel the canker sore for the next hour.

  101. Ask your Doctor por a VALTREX prescription ( 1 g Caplets). It is an anti-virus. Taking one caplet every night, will heal a or several canker sores in two to three days. Works in me. Also, before any meal time, I apply just a dab of Lidocaine (it is a pain killer and yes, you do need a prescription too, cost : lest than five dollars BUT lets you enjoy your food without ANY pain at all)…..

  102. well im 12 yrs old and i just got braces but not only that i got something called a herpse…it is a metal piece that helps my bite but it goes up and down and it causes canker sours as well as the braces…i used to apply orajel onto them if they were there or not but now im home and have none of that stuff so what my housekeeper just did was put a handfull os salt on and in it and SCRAPE OFF the canker sour she just scraped it all of and put a bounty with lemon juice on it it kills extremely but it has worked before…my canker sour used to be sooooo big that it blew up my lip but my lip went down with some lip baum and now i hope it is gone…..glad to help 🙂

  103. Has anyone heared of a Canker on the roof of your mouth??? I’m concerned as I am not sure if they develop there or I may have something else. I looked in my mouth with a flashlight and a mirror and it looks like a cank?? Hurts to eat as the food always rubs there. Can’t eat solid food, just soups. Sucks If anyone has had one on the roof of your mouth let me know or I may have to see my dentist. I hope its not Cancer??Yiks.

  104. i tried taking q-tip and puting vinegar on it. Then i putt it on my cankersore, but before i did that i numbed my canker sore with this product called anbesol.(i got from walmart).The vinegar works really good to get the bacteria out. cuz vinegar is a germ killer. i had good results from doing that.

  105. TAKE ACIDOPHILUS i think it is the stupidest thing ever that nobody has recommended this yet. I used to get them ridiculously often like every day and after reading this i figured that it must have been triggered from a week a year back where i bit my gums at least 10 times on accident because i chewed gum so often. It spiraled into a canker sore kind of hell for me where i got them like everyday and the salt and water thing just made it worse for me then one day i discovered ACIDOPHILUS when my doctor reccomended it to me (it has something to do with your immune system) I use a product called Super Acidophilus which contains 10 billion CFU whatever that is and they are just pills. My doctor says there is nothing wrong with taking 2 a day and it is safe. I take 2 a day one in the morning and one at night and I never get canker sores anymore but when i stop taking it i get canker sores again so im just on it for the rest of my life i suppose but thats better than a life with canker sores. It isnt harmful in any way to take it forever either theyre powder pills so your kidneys dont have to filter them like normal pills. Well that is really the ONLY thig I have ever found that really prevents you from getting canker sores period and it also treats canker sores that you currently have if youre just starting to use it. I reccomend it. Please listen to me and dont read all the bull everyone else is posting. This thing is a lifesaver and you can get it at like GNC which is where i buy it from. ACIDOPHILUS IS THE WAY TO GO oh and also use a toothpaste that doesnt contain sodium lauryl sulphate like BIOTENE that works really well for me 🙂 SO acidophilus, and biotene toothpaste, and a soft toothbrush, and avoid acidic things, and dont drink alcoholic beverages too often, dont chew gum, and brush your teeth twice a day with biotene and you sould be canker sore free for the rest of your life this is the best advice you are ever going to get so take it and stop worrying stress causes them too goodbye and you are welcome 🙂

  106. I have tried it all and to tell you the truth I do not think anything but time really works. For the time being oragel or something like that helps with the pain for a short while but that is it. Nothing seems to really get rid of them any faster than not doing anything at all. I think it just depends on your immune system.

  107. What i did for my canker sore was i used a q tip, dipped it in peroxide and applied it directly on the sore. After that I dipped the q tip in salt and applied that directly on the sore. It stings for a couple of minutes but it works. You can feel it burning right in the open flesh of the sore

  108. I have a canker sore right now as i speak it hurts sooo bad…. Especially for me to talk and eat at times. This is my second canker sore the first one a friend of mine told me to use mouthwash and it actually helped but it burned like crazy… I think im goin to try the salt idea but im really scared.

  109. I have gotten canker sores as far back as I remember, probably back in the toddler years! I have recently found 2 miracle products! The first one I use during the day (when I am out and about, eating, drinking, talking, etc.). It’s called Canker Cover, I think its by Quantam. I found it at Walgreens. It looks like a dual layer pill, you put the whiteside to the canker sore and within minutes it sticks to the sore, they last for hours (I put one on at about 2 today and its 9:30 now and still there). That medicine is the only medicine I have found that makes it so that I can eat and talk comfortably. The second medicine I use has been mentioned in previous posts. Its called Kanka, another miracle product. I use that at night because it numbs and helps heal it. I have had the same canker sore from biting the inside of my lip for 9 days now. It hadn’t improved until I used that stuff last night and woke up this morning. I am allergic to citric acid/vitamin C so I have found that those remedies don’t help me at all. Also, if you receive them after visiting the dentist, ask them to use non-latex gloves. When I was younger we discovered that I was allergic to latex so whenever I visited the dentist – my entire mouth would break out and my meals for the next nearly 2 weeks was chicken noodle soup through a straw. Good luck!

  110. I have suffered with multiple canker sores for years. 2-5 sores at a time for 2-3 weeks each time. In 1991 I found stuff called Thymic Fractions. It is supposed to kick start your thymus gland, which controls your immune system. It is basically spleen parts from a cow in pill form. I started taking 2 a day and within weeks I no longer was getting sores. In fact, for the past 16 years, I have only had to use it as needed. It comes by different names now. I get various types at the Vitamin Store. It goes under the name of Thymuril, or thymuilus or other variations of the name. Just make sure you get the type that has actual bovine parts and not alot of herbal roots and beeswax.

  111. I agree with Cal, I hate to do it, because it hurst like HELLO, eyes tear even, but its gone with in a day or two or repeating this. Also Kanka works well, except I had one on the inside of my cheek and it penetrated my tooth turned it white, and it felt like the nerve was exposed. It works well but the Toothache… I’ll pass.

  112. Use sour crout juice, the pain is huge for when your putting it on. But trust me. This is the best way to get rid of them. I put it on one night and the next morning its completely gone. My docter told me to do this.

  113. I just got my braces on a couple weeks ago and i just recently got multible canker sores on the inside of my cheeks from the braces. i was reading ideas to get rid of it and i ended up using mouthwash(listerine) and it works great! it stings a little at tehe beggining but you get used to it and you can tell its working right away! jsut pour some out into its cap or into somethig else, and use a Qtip adn dip it in the lisreine and hold it on the sore for about 1 to 2 minutes and reapeat it as many times as you can handle the more you can do the better the results will be! good luck!

  114. i have had this sores seens i was 12 and im 22 now. i have tryed may many things! i like kanka it takes the pain away and the life of the sore! i wear invisaline so its hard to keep me mouth at its cleanist, so always brush and flose and us mouth wash! hope one day there will be a magic pill! good luck!

  115. I’m nine… an right now I’ve had a cancer sore 4 about 5 days…and already the pain is HORRIBLE! I can barely open my mouth. but a way to relieve the pain buy a really small bottle called ” Campho-Phenique ” and dab it on the sore w/ a Q-tip. it’ll hurt for like 10 seconds and then you cannot feel anything. the pain is relieved once again. but that won’t get rid of it. immediatley ( more like 1 minute ) put on a small salt rock ( and it won’t hurt cause the bad tasting liquid i mentioned ) and right now my cancer sore doesn’t hurt! but in about ten minutes it’ll hurt again so apply it again then go 2 sleep. im gonna fall asleep in a few hours and i cannot wait to see results!!! ill email back 2 see what happened tommorow. : ) but right now the horrible pain came back so byebye im doin the routine : ) im scared : (

  116. I use a mouthwash called Smartmouth twice a day and I never get canker sores anymore. I used to get them about once a month. It has been over 2 years since using Smartmouth and I have not had any at all. What a relief!! I buy it on now, but I also see it at walgreens.

  117. i used to get them a lot more when i was younger but haven’t as much until now. i have the worst i’ve ever had–two right together, look like they might merge, radiating pain down to the jaw, all that. my boyfriend gets them really bad–he’s even been prescribed percocet for the pain–so i’ve seen most of the remedies tried. they had him swish with antibiotics, use lidocaine, even take an antidepressant to reduce the radiating pain… none worked for him. currently, i’ve tried mouthwash (only numbs for 5 min) and an aspirin paste (numbed for a couple hours but i read that it’s rough on the tissues so i stopped doing it because they were getting bigger). hydrogen peroxide did nothing. tea bag made it hurt way worse. then i went back to something i’d used a long time ago: clove oil. applied directly to a dried off sore. it hurts some, then numbs for quite a while. no report yet on whether it speeds up the healing process, but i remember it’s always worked for me before… and it doesn’t even taste bad 🙂

  118. oh, and tobacco working does actually make a lot of sense, but unless you’re comfortable using tobacco anyway it’s probably not worth it. it’s a numbing agent and probably helps dry it up as well as it constricts vessels and stuff. my boyfriend said his always felt easier to handle back when he still smoked.

  119. I just quit smoking around 9 months ago. the funny thing about that is, when I smoked, i use too get a few canker sores a year. Since i’ve stopped that nasty habbit, the universe in all it devine power has granted me with the gifts of a few canker sores or more a month!
    Go figure!

    It not what you put on your sore, it’s what you put in your tummy!
    think B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, Zinc, Folic Acid and less stress!!!

    Deep breaths and medatition helps a whole lots
    good luck my fellow sufferers!

  120. Try going to a piercing parlour and picking up the product they offer for mouth piercings. I work in a place like this and we sell H2Ocean which is basically a seasalt based substance. It has lysomine (spelling?) and other things in it.. I dunno, I find it works better then just salt water…and hey…it is made to heal mouth piercings afterall! It works great for cankers!

    i also found just putting baking soda on it takes all the white out of it…

  121. I just found out I’m lactose intolerant. I have canker sores all over my tongue, roof of my mouth, and insides of my cheeks, even had some at the base of my tongue which gave me a slight sore throat. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks now…before I found out I was lactose intolerant. My daughter was born lactose intolerant and had canker sores in her mouth a lot until she was diagnosed lactose intolerant at age 3.

    I’ve found that no matter what you try, nature will take its course and they will disappear, but you will have to deal with some pain in the interim.

    I wish there was something I could use to swish in my mouth to numb the pain so it wouldn’t be so hard to talk or eat. Any suggestions (no prescription stuff please)?

  122. Go to cvs and get a cancker sore patch. The derictions are on the box. I had a canker sore right were you smile that peice of skin! You put the patch right on the cancker sore and then you can eat drink with no pain! I love it (there is no prescription needed.) This really works you will love it i know i did!

  123. i had a canker sore and it hurt really bad every time i ate or smiled…so i rinsed my mouth with Listerine and the pain went away…well kind of…..but you should still try it.

  124. As said before, go to walgreens, or cvs, and get Smartmouth mouthwash. rinse with it twice a day religiously and you will get rid of them fast and you won’t get them anymore! Period! I mean it!

  125. Fact: Using chewing tobacco once to prevent a week of pain will automatically give you cancer, and you will die, but your cankers will eat the rest of your corpse.

    It really works for people, and if you actually expect to have a higher risk of getting cancer from using it less then once a month. Please don’t use salt because it can harden your arteries, and mouthwash can kill white blood cells that can kill the infections, and oragel is one chemical away from cocaine and doesn’t keep it clean.

    Smoking works too, it dries your mouth, boosts your immune system, and kills bacteria.

    Marijuana helps ease the pain and lowers stress (only where legal)

    chewing tobacco, baking soda, and at least 64 oz of water a day are helpful for treating and preventing cankers

  126. Whenever I get one I eat salt and vinegar chips at least twice daily. It sure stings but it will be gone in two days for sure.

  127. my husband has been getting cankers quite often this past year. i think because he is stressed. he has a huge one right now, on his inner lip down toward the bottom of the mouth and it is covered with a huge layer of white. is it true that you should “brush off” this layer of white to expose the raw sore and then put salt on it? he has been putting salt on the white sore and rinsing with peroxide, but it doesn’t seem to speed things up. didn’t know if it would help to take off the white scab first.? he is in alot of pain.

  128. I know exactly what he is going thru. Brutal! Go to and buynow their smartmouth rinse. have your husband rinse with it at least twice a day making sure to expose the sores fully to the rinse. I used to even gently rub my tongue on the site while rinsing. the sores will go away quickly and will not come back if he keeps using the rinse ongoing.
    My doctor says that these canker sores are caused, not by stress, but by a virus that most people carry naturally all the time in their bodies. The sore comes in when a slight abrasion happens usually in the inside cheek tissue near your front corner teeth. Biting your cheek can do it, acidic foods can do it. The abrasion somehow allows the virus to begin to prosper in that slight opening. I am told that the zinc in this mouthwash stops the growth of the virus way down so that your bodies natural defenses get rid of it. sorry for too much info, but I find science very fascinating! By the way, smartmouth is also an amazingly long term fresh breath mouthwash that really works and doesn’t taste strong or bad like most do.

  129. I have had a canker sore for about 3 days now and it keeps getting bigger and more painful. I chew up a rolaid and let it sit on the sore- It seems to work.

  130. I have a canker, not sure if its what you call a canker. They’re like little white pimples on the tip of my tounge, im 13 years old and i’m a wimp! I don’t want to try salt, LOL

    any good home remedies that will work, and wont hurt. o.x

  131. so i had a super bad caase of strep throat, so bad my tonsils need to come out, now i have about 3 dozen cankers on my tongue, gums, inside of my lips, just everywhere. Ive tried alot of the methods here, i did the salt directly on them, I used a ton of salt and it hurt like crazy but afterwards they still hurt. Ive tried warm saltwater, salt, magic mouthwash (M.o.m and benedryl), baking soda paste and rinse with a solution of peroxide, ive tried rubbing lots of mouthwash directly on each sore, and ive use chloreseptic. NOTHING is working for me!! I cant eat and i can barely talk or drink. I’m going nuts and cant deal with the pain or swolleness anymore. These sores exceed by far the pain of my strep throat! ANY Help PLEASE!!??

  132. I have been getting horrible canker sores a couple times a month. They are always on the inside of my bottem lip or in the back of my mouth. I cannot make any facial movements or eat without pain. The only things that have helped are Kanka and throat spray. Kanka works well and will dull the pain for a few hours but is hard to apply, especialy in the back of your mouth. It doesn’t tastebad at first butgets astrange taste within a few minutes. The throat spray works well but doesn’t last very long. I have tried putting salt on my cankers but it burned alot and left a bad taste in my mouth. I also tried mouthwash but that burns too.

  133. I just bite or pop them as best I can, and then rinse my mouth out. It hurts quite a bit, but at least it’s gone pretty quickly.

  134. i have one right now as im typin and i wet my finger put some salt on it and just dab the sore and it will relive the pain for a little bit reapet this and the salt will suck the mosture out of the kanker sore and it will close up after about the 7th time :0!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Back in Indonesia, the doctor used to recommend albothyl to use on the kanker sore. It burn like **** for few second, but almost instantly it will be numb for several hours and the kanker sore will dry in 1-2 days.

    Now in USA, i cant find any information about albothyl and their side effect and their “original” function (i know for sure that that drug is not created for kanker sore).

    Anyone know what albothyl is?

    you can go to any pharmacy without a prescription and ask for lactose pills. They don’t hurt and they take the pain away completely no matter how many you have and you just get the chewable kind and mash them between your front teeth so the mash can stay in your mouth and it’s instant relief…your mouth will start to heal from that second and be gone by the next day even if you have a mouthful.

  137. i get canker sores…………..all the time, can anyone tell me what causes people to get canker sores……….i’ve done everything for my canker sores

  138. I have a anoing canker in my mouth and I went to this site too look for ideas. Some people have the same techniques as me but I just have tips for the people who need it:
    -Don’t have any acitic stuff ex.Apples,tomatos,oranges,grapefruit,
    -Switch your toothpaste (if you are using the popular brands use natural toothpaste)
    -Don’t apply salt derectly on the canker.Because its kinda if your cutting your skin and thats not a good idea but you can swish salt water in your mouth-thats fine!

  139. I called my doctor today because I have the biggest, most painful canker sore I have ever had. She told me to use iodine on a q-tip and hold it on for about 30 seconds. The first time will take away the pain. Do it again later and your sore should be gone. I hope it works!!!

  140. DO NOT use chewing tobacco. It is extremely dangerous using it in your mouth with open sores, and can cause cancer.
    I tried making an aspirin paste with half of a tablet
    and a tiny bit of water.
    It didn’t sting or hurt at all, and it soothed
    the stingy-ness of the sore.

    I think that different things work for different people
    so try a few different remedies until you start
    to feel the pain go away.

    ALSO I tried Kanka, it’s syrupy, brown, tingly and GROSS.
    It burns a lot too. It seemed like it didn’t help at all.
    I suggest that you forget about it and try a home remedy.

  141. i suggest to use salvex-l (paint) but it hurts like *************** u woont stand the pain but it will stay for like 30 minutes numb …. i also suggest a medicine which my doctor prescribed for me its called dentocalm or oracure all these stuff can do for some time and she also said its lack of b12 and folic acid and iron … so eat good and just try to defy the pain.

  142. Putting salt directly on the sore DOES help even if you don’t feel like it did or not. Just make sure you put the salt directly on the sore and not on the gum, cheek or lip next to it. Let it stay there without rinsing until the sting goes away or for a few minutes. It will sting like crazy but it will be totally worth it.

    What Jane Doe said is true. Different things work for different people so if one doesn’t work out try another one.

  143. oragel really hurts my canker sores i have two on my tounge and one on my lip it kills baking soda takes the pain away and i rinse with salt water every day

    peace yo !
    * *

  144. I have this really bad canker in the front of my mouth just below my gums. I just tryed hydrogen peroxide ( dab q-tip in to bottle and set on the canker for 10 seconds)so far it does not hurt any more but
    whe nyou put it on it stings sooo much. I am pretty sure that it is going to work. Try it your self!

  145. do not mess with your canker sours with your tounge.. it burns and does nothing, i know you may be curious but it does nothing and it hurts.. people always say salt works.. never works for me and im 13.. i see people saying the medicine “kanker” works.. so i suggest that and make sure you brush your teeth 2 times a day and wash out your mouth with water about every 30 minutes.. thanks

  146. I use to have canker sours constantly. wouldnt go a month without one. I took up chewing. Not to help resolve my canker soar issue though. Tried quiting and every time they would come back even worse it seemed.
    I do believe that,

    “A pinch a day keeps canker soars away.”

    I have been tobacco free for over a month and my first case just came up. I did just change types of tooth paste so hopefully when i go back they will go away. I have also used vitamin E. popped them open and put it in the soar. I was never faithful enough to just take the capsule.
    GL in fighting those pesky buggers

  147. I use canker cover and oral gel. The canker cover is like a band aid & keeps me from licking it. The oral gel numbs everything up.

  148. I agree about the mouthwash thing. But for me, it is specifically Smartmouth mouthwash that works like a dream. It is a non-burning mouthwash. And once you get rid of them, keep using it everyday and they will not come back. A Dentist friend got me started on Smartmouth and it is one of the best health tips I have had ever had!!! You can get it at Walgreens and other places.

  149. Sandra– I am anemic iron deficient and I have had canker sores my whole life (much worse when I had braces due to the trauma). I think having low iron contributes to canker outbreaks. Take iron supplements if you don’t already, they work!

    I recommend applying salt with a q-tip or your finger as soon as you feel one developing (not too painful when they are still small). Swishing salt & water is less painful and less effective, but seems to work.

    Orajel is a good project for numbing, not so much for healing.

    Yogurt is a good (and tasty) prevention method.

  150. You can stop the pain of oral ulcers with a chemical cautery. This destroys the exposed nerves which are causing all that annoying pain and forms a leathery, protective cover over the ulcer while it heals.

    I have experience with the following and this is the explanation as I understand it:

    1. Albothyl (policresulen) is available over-the-counter in Asia. Because it can cause strong chemical burns if used foolishly (e.g., swallowed for some reason) a similar chemical probably isn’t available in the Nanny States of America. Albothyl is used to stop minor bleeding (e.g., shaving cuts) and is used as a ******* antiseptic when diluted with water. When used on oral ulcers, a week’s worth of agony is felt in a fraction of a second… and then blissful nothingness.

    2. Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredient in antiperspirant. In concentrated form, it works much like Albothyl. The upside is there is very little pain with application. The downside is it requires several applications. I usually apply it 2 or 3 times over an hour and sometimes once more the next day. Concentrated, it seems to only be available by prescription for extreme sweating and the warnings all say “avoid contact with mucous membranes”, specifically naming the mouth. Regardless, it is used by doctors in Asia as a less painful alternative to reducing oral ulcer pain.

    I have been told of the use of a number of harsh chemicals which have the same effect of destroying nerve cells and forming a protective layer. Their use seems dependent on location and availability. Concentrated acetic acid (vinegar without the water) or trichloroacetic acid and silver nitrate seem to be common. I can’t vouch for them, though. (Also, don’t get your hopes up about using vinegar to stop the pain. The reason it works is because the concentrated acid destroys the nerves which regular vinegar won’t do).

    Good luck!

  151. first squize lemon juice on it the take a load of salt and pour it directly on the sour. if that dosnt do it scrape the white part away with a pick always gargle at least 3 times a day you could also try to aply some alchohal if the pain dosnt numb it try ice

  152. I used to get canker sores all the time when I was little. My face was braking out really bad and I would go to the dermatologist. They told me that my face was braking out from oranges and orange juice. I have stayed away from them for a long time. I just started eating them again. Now I am getting canker sores all the time. The acid in the friut that I am eating is giving them to me. I really hate it because I love eating oranges they are my favorite. Its almost not worth eating them because I get so many of them all the time.Time is what really heals them.

  153. plz help me!! i have a really bad canker sore on the inside of my lip and it hurts when i eat and my mom says it has gotten bigger than it was. i am a big wimp and i hate the stinging and pain of some medicines i have already tired plz anyone tell me something that helps cankers go away that doesn’t hurt

  154. all these other tips work but hurt so if you are sensetive like me you should take tylonol it works and what ever you do do not brush your canker sore (ive tried it it just makes it worse)

  155. i have one right now and it hurtttts! i just sucked on two Robitussin Vitamin C drops and then i rinsed with Colgate Peroxyl. then i put some on a Q-tip and rubbed it directly on the sore. its starting to hurt less! as for making it go away faster, i cant tell yet.

  156. yeah um i got a canker sore right now and what i did to numb the pain was break a asprin in half and put it right on the canker sore for bout 10 mins till it gets all powdery and i took it out and the whiteness of the canker sore was gone so wuz the pain

  157. oh btw I found out that too much vitamin c as told to me by a doctor might actually be the cause of many canker soars. But yah, ask about lidocane viscious with your doctor. If you follow the dosage strictly it’ll go away between 1to 5 days depending how big it is. I’m the type of person who’s canker sours last 3 – 5 weeks. >_

  158. Hi, i have a canker sore and I don’t know which method of getting rid of them is the best, not the fastest just the best. I’m 13 and have been getting canker sores since I was 5; my dad also got the pesky ulcers, is it hereditary?

    Also !!!!!!!!DO NOT USE CHEWING TOBACCO!!!!!!!!!! chewing tobacco may get rid of the sore, but it also might give you cancer, please for your own sake do not even chance a life threatening disease just to get rid of a sore that lasts maybe 7-10 days

    Chewing tobacco can KILL, DO NOT RISK IT!

  159. i get canker sores on my tongue all the time. i usually just go on with my daily routine and it goes away on it’s own.

  160. Yes im only 13 years old, but im going to be prone to Canker sores… A small tip is to “swish” your mouth out with mouth wash with (sls). Should go away in 8-11 days.

  161. You all are making this very difficult and very painful. I said it before, but respectfully, it is worth repeating because knowledge is power (or in this case, an end to pain!). The reality is that had my dental professional not told me about it (Smartmouth mouthrinse), I would still be grasping at straws and still in endless pain. Smartmouth has no alcohol so no burning to sores when rinsing. If you are like me, or many others I have introduced to this, your canker sores will be gone in 2-3 days. Even more importantly, they will not come back again if you rinse with it just twice a day. Most the time, I forget to rinse at night and they still stay away. My dental pro says that it is the zinc in the product the blocks infection growth so your normal body healing can quickly take over. It is a must try! (Smartmouth mouthwash)

  162. I have been using the tooth paste from arm and hammer the baking soda one for at least 6 months. In that time I had no sores what so ever, then about a 4 days ago i ended up running out and having to use the extra tube from crest next thing I no I have two sores in my mouth im currently using baking soda on them and already the pain is gone and its starting to get better. I’m a firm believer that baking soda is the key to treat it and prevent it. Don’t take my word for it try it yourself.

  163. i tried salt water rinsing many times,warm rootbeer, i wish i was near a pharmacy to pick up 8219871821 products and no wayyy im putting salt directly on it! ive tried these but nothing happening
    Cepacol mouthwash seems to be much more pleasant than the salt. doesnt burn like listerine and makes pain go away after swishing for 30 secs. i only hope it works in longrun and my breath is minty:)
    someone mentioned sea salt NOt table salt maybe that was my problem? ill give sea salt a try too anything to get RID of this **** sore!! :'(
    good luck to other people!

  164. Oral-B Amosan is the answer! You rinse your mouth and it will desensitize the canker sore as well as treating it. 2 days and it’s gone. To the difference of all the Orajel and others, Amosan also treat the canker sore. Orajel just numb the area and your lips and mouth too! As for rinsing with Peroxyl it will not heal the canker sore as fast. Warm salty water can hurt when applied to the sore and will not heal that much. Kanka is painful to apply and it will not heal as fast.

  165. I have cankers every month, 3-4 at a time and they are really big! I went to the doctor and they prescribed me a steroids cream, it really helped! Nothings else worked for me..

  166. I took Leslie’s recomendation in Sept and tried the Smartmouth mouthrinse. I bought it online @ It sorts as the top mouthwash sold on there with tons of raving testimonials. I’m not surprized. It is a Miracle rinse!

  167. I learned this from a softball coach of mine and swear by it, for cold sores or canker sores just dab a little bit of handsanatizer on it and it stings at first for a couple of minutes but then it gets numb and is gone within 1-2 days, but i should mention dont use a lot cuz its not good for you

  168. yeah so i have this horrible canker sore on the under side of my tounge right now and kills, because it keeps rubbing against my teeth. I tried a salt water wash but that did nothing for the pain, then i decided to have an orange. i thought the acid and vitamins would help. the acid definatly burned but it did help with the pain for about a half hour and thats all. im hoping to try anbesol gel soon

  169. Well..I think the only thing that works for me is gurgling salt water in my mouth after brushing my teeth. I have just came down with a cough and sore throat 3 days ago, and I have had been canker sore for 2 days already, and it’s getting really frustrating, since my mouth already doesn’t feel good, and now there’s this big humongo canker side all down my inner cheek, and on my right side of teeth, near my teeth.

  170. Never eat acidic things with canker sores.
    i get them very often.

    I think canker sores are some what herritary..Maybe the acidity of the saliva .

    i know that canker sores may be a sign of mouth cancer..not good. if you get canker sores try to remidy the cituation quickly

    Orajel//hurts like hell..seals it up
    salt rinces
    orabase – paste

    these things work the best numb it with minimal pain/…the orajel hurts ..
    gets rid of the canker sores fast

  171. Quit smoking and I get horrible sores. Going through it AGAIN. I actually started smoking again to avoid the canker sores (DO not recomend this). I quit smoking for a year and got horrible sores every other week. Started smoking again and remained sore free for three months. I am currently on day 4 of quitting smoking again and I am horribly scared of getting more sores. Im trying the whole eating yogurt thing. Has anyone had any success with this?

  172. just so you guys know, Canker sores can be attributed to an allergic reaction to a type of food. Namely Chocolate. You may not necessarily be allergic to chocolate but there are some ingredients in chocolate that you may be allergic too or poor quality of ingredients you may be allergic to. if you are allergic to cocoa or an ingredient in chocolate canker sores generally show up between 4 to 6 days of eating it. I have just found this out for myself after doing research after being diagnosed as allergic. now i know why i always used to get canker sores!!!! hope this helps some of you!!

  173. i get canker sores pretty often and i have found three fast acting ways to temporarily stop the pain
    1. If salt water isn’t your thing try very cold water swish it around until it gets warm then repeat
    2. Listerine is also a good idea it may burn for a minute but works
    3. This may not work for all considering that this is probably not the most pain free way to help it but what i do alot is irritate it to a point where it gets a little numb and i keep irritating it over and over and the numbing pain is in a way a relief

  174. I used to be cursed with this recurring canker sore problem. But I have found a remarkable and painless solution/product (non burning)which has been mentioned in this string above. I did alot of my own science homework on the problem. Most of what I read indicates that these sores start from an opening in the mouth (could be from biting yourself or something acidic like coffee). That small opening allows a viral infection to begin (this is a virus that lives in most everyone but stays inactive in many people). This is the small bump stage before the real pain. Next, it is thought that a secondary, bacterial infection sets in (open sore) and that is when the real 10 days of pain gets going. There is alot of study evolving now indicating that the “zinc ion” can block many needed growing processes of both bacteria and viruses living in the nose and mouth areas. Two products that have high amounts of “zinc ions” include Zicam (proven to block or slow growth of the common cold virus) and Smartmouth mouthwash which has been proven to stop germs from making bad breath by blocking the normal growth process. The idea is that if the zinc ion can substantially slow growth of germs in the nose and mouth, then the body can naturally heal itself faster in many aspects including colds and mouth sores. The zinc ion science makes sense to me. I am a user and big believer in both of these products. Zicam to reduce cold effects, and Smartmouth mouthwash to stop canker sores and bad breath. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or a canker sore, period. I get both on or at walgreens. Sorry for the long message, but this is worthwhile material.

  175. well this worked on mine well it just made it small put a black tea bag on where it makes it num (do not press to hard on kanker sore)and don’t bite on the tea bag the tea is called english breakfast

  176. I get canker sores quite often. I developed a couple HUGE cankers right before I had a dentists appointment. I asked if there was anything they could do before they started poking and prodding around the little buggers, anticipating a LOT of stinging. The doc said, “oh, thats no problem, we’ll take care of that.” Then they put a couple drops of something on each one, which stung a bit at first, then numbed. The next day, the huge things were kinda scabbed over and didn’t hurt at all. The day after, they were pretty much gone!

    I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, and I’ve been searching for 8 years, trying to figure it out! If anyone’s gonna know how to get rid of these things, try your dentist next time!

  177. well i have a canker sore right now and man it is really bothering me right now i really hate them becuae they are a pain in the buutt

  178. My aunt told me of this root called yellow root. But you can only gt it like around creeks and stuff. But you boil the yellow root and let it cool then you drink it. Its really awful tasting. I havent been able to bring myself to try it but I heard it really works!
    Yeah um…. pineapple’s or anything with alot of acid (fruits and stuff) should defenitly be avoided! I think that it just makes it worse!

  179. I have a huge canker sore right now where my braces meets my lip, it even hurts close my mouth all the way. What I like to do for canker sores is put a bunch of salt in a bowl and take a straw and stuff the straw with salt. Then you take the straw and put it directly on your canker sore it hurts…a lot… and it usually makes the canker sore bleed, but it helps a ton and if you do this about twice a day your canker sore will be gone in no time!

  180. I have a canker on the inside of my right lip right now and it hurts to do pretty much anything right now. i am lucky enough that I can eat. I have tried rising it out with water but sometimes the pain goes away and the canker sore is still there. I have even tried to put the corners of napkins or paper towels to dry it up and take the acid out of it. I have only done this once so I do not know if this works every time.

  181. You all are going through alot of time and pain for little benefit using salt and teabags and stuff. Please try the Smartmouth mouthwash and rub just a little in the spot with your tongue while you are rinsing. It will not hurt and they will go away very quickly and not come back if you use regularly. I keep reading more and more testimonials from people discovering its help with canker sores. Check out the third testimonial on their website ( Susannah A. Zinc is a miracle worker on canker sores and without all this burning pain. Please try it. Their website tells you where you can buy it. The worst thing that will happen is that you will not have badbreath!

  182. actually salt & water dont work as well as SALT AND SODA its really relieves the pain. it might hurt a little while doing it but it does help allot

  183. i’ve been cursed with canker sores all over the insides of my lips, tongue, gums, and even the inside of my throat for about a week now. it’s really getting annoying.. my gums really hurts when i brush, and the bad breath just doesn’t go away no matter how much i brush. nothing seems to work. i’ve triied EVERYTHING! are these symptoms of canker sores? i mean.. the google pictures show a resemblance.. mine’s just x10. 🙁 what happens now?

  184. My 10 month old son takes a chemotherapy combination and recently got mouth sores due to the medication. An old time doctor from one of the Carribbean Islands told me to mix 1 part Benadryl with 1 part Malox with a bit of baby Ambesol. It worked wonders!!!

  185. Canker sour remedy;

    This is from an experienced DAD and me ( his son ), . use green olive leaves to chew on like a gum for 5 to 10 minutes, and try to rubb the inside of mouth with toung at areas affected, do not swalow , canker sour will become numm, and will help heal it faster.

  186. I get them from time to time but what i do is wet my finger a little and sprinkle some salt on it and apply it directly on the sore. It burns pretty bad but it works for me. Do it about twice a day and it will go away in a bout 3-4 days. Did i mention it really burns? haha.

  187. I have frequent canker sores for what ever reason. All I do is rinse my mouth 3 times a day with Phillips Milk of Magnesia and in 2 to 3 days the canker sore is gone. It’s been working for me for 40 years.

  188. I NEED HELP! I just got braces and I play a saxophone for 6 hours a week so I have a canker sore on my lip ALL THE TIME and they are driving me nuts! Any tips on quick relief and a way to stop them from coming back?!?
    I really need help.

  189. Hi, i’m becoming a pharmacy tech and I had canker sores few times now but I would say use salt and water to rinse your mouth and use chloraseptic sore throat spray

  190. Use warm water with a spoon full of salt and the canker sore will go away the pain will too.(after awhile) Swoosh it around in your mouth for a minute or so then spit it out. It will sting while you are swooching the warm salt water around, but it is so worth it.

  191. I have tried everything nothing seems to work, I’ve been cursed with cankers since I was little. I don’t get 1 or 2 at a time either when i get a canker I get about 6-8 at a time normally on my throat, tongue,sometimes on my gums. But I finally fig. out what causes mine!!!! A few years back I kept having mult. micarrages so doctors did blood tests and some others, and they found my body doesn’t make folic acid, vitamin b6 or B12 so they prescribed me this med called Folbric it is a special vitamin containing only those I listed. I took it for a year never had a canker the whole time (but I didn’t know it was cause of this med) after I had my baby we tried for I quit taking it the cankers started coming back just like before I thought it was odd looked up my deficeincy says it can cause extreme cankers!!!! What I love is even if I dont take it,, when I start to get an outbreak I just take a pill and there completely gone the next day. So maybe this is somthing to talk to your doctors about,,, remember its called (Folbric)!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Dip a cotton swab into listerine or some other kind of mouthwash (needs to have the alcohol in it though) and then hold it on the sore. It might sting a bit but it numbs it for a little while after. Then, when it starts hurting really bad redo this process.

    My mom said it should also make it heal faster because of the antiseptic properties of the mouthwash.

  193. I use Listerine and that takes the pain away and keeps your mouth clean. I only use it when it gets sore and it seems to go away faster.

  194. ive had this very bad canker for about 5-6 days now, the pain seems to get worse everyday, anbesol numbs for about 7 minutes, and salt water makes it throb like crazy and doesnt numb it, the only thing ive found that works for pain is letting half an asprin disolve on it, ive been pain free for about 10 minutes now.. and i can already feel the sting and pain coming back?
    any suggestions that dont require anything fancy or from a drugstore..

  195. put some salt in your hand lick your finger put your wet finger in the salt and put it on your canker sore it will sing like crazy but it will numb the pain for like 6 hours

  196. I have a terrible canker sore on my tongue and i cant get it to go away. It is on the side of my tongue, so it hurts everytime i eat. Will using a mouthwash like lysterine or crest prohealth hurt it or help it…?? and does anyone know and quick remedies that help really QUICKLY because it is soooo annoying??!!! PLEASE HELP?!!!

  197. ooo i forgot to mention something….
    i got a sore right after i had a sour icebreakers candy….
    do you think that triggered it, or had anything to do with it forming?!?!?!
    If you know the answer to this post, or my other one… please answer IMMEDIATLY
    Thanks 😉

  198. Avoid excessive eating of Choclate, pasta sauces and oranage juice.
    Avoid coffee during an out break. Eat those daily greens to help
    balance out all of the nutirient requirements.

  199. Although I’m not a dentist, I’m an oncology RN with 25 years in healthcare. I also have suffered with canker sores since childhood. I remember my grandmother having them and unfortunately all 3 of my children suffer from them too. Many things can trigger them and if combinations of factors are involved be especially mindful. It can pretty much guarantee misery ahead. If you are a sufferer be sure to brush your teeth more often then the general population, especially at key times and don’t miss the soft and hard palate. Brush your tongue and cheeks. Concentrate on gum and cheek folds. Rinse well. It just may make the difference between a sore or not. You need to “reset” the PH in your mouth, increase saliva and keep bacteria in check. If you bite your cheek/tongue, receive injections in your gums at the dentist, vomit (your stomach is loaded with acid), suffer dry mouth, consume acidic foods (citrus, vinegar, nuts) or eat chocolate, sweets and highly salted foods you have increased your susceptibility. All of the above can cause localize tissue trauma- tiny microscope tissue break down that you can’t always feel or see immediately. Once an area is irritated by chemical(acidic products) or mechanical trauma (injections/biting) there is a opening in your delicate mucous membranes that triggers a chain of events and sets you up for a sore. Eating acidic foods causes concentrated pockets of acidic saliva to rest in the folds of your mucous membranes, such as along cheek and gum line. Acid will start to “eat away” at your tissue. Also, it is quite possible that an autoimmune response may be at work. It appears that the people who are not prone to canker sores may have some type of oral protection such as they secrete enzymes, white blood cells, better buffers for oral acid-base balance, a mystery chemical, good DNA…I dunno. But for the rest of us we need to be cautious. Add if you want to guarantee some time off work and a mouthful of misery go for a combo: get dehydrated, eat citrus and bite your tongue all in one day for good measure. So, stay hydrated, brush asap after certain foods or frequently after trauma. It’s not a guarantee but you will notice a big difference.
    As far as treatments….it’s very individualized. I have tried the salt, alum and baking soda torture plan and notice the area will swell and feels worse before it gets better. Not sure if it’s even a good thing to do. Never the less, what really helps afterwards is to wet a tea bag and let it sit on the area as a poultice for as long as I can leave it. It takes the swelling down quickly.

  200. when they told me that 38% of canker sores are from trauma, i had bit my inner lip about 2 days ago, and now i have 6 sores, where i had made my lip bleed 2 days ago. so i can agree on that one. so i am using listerene as much as possible because they HURT SO BAD! but this page was very helpful. thank you

  201. i have a huge canker sore on my cheek. and it hurts like crazy. everytime i swallow, eat, drink, talk, breath, basically anything it hurts really bad. i don’t know what to do, i just want to eliminate the horrible pain i am getting.

  202. When I went to Mexico I bought “ALBOTYHL’, a librown liquid for cold sores. It hurts a little when it goes on but it helps it go away faster. Once you put it on a couple of times, new skin forms. It really does help the pain of your braces. Try buying some wax for you braces . Place its on your braces so they won’t cut into you any more. Try also in the section for swimming for ear wax! or ask the pharnasist! My husband had braces late in life so we know how bad that can hurt. If you can’t find that liquid …try walmart I say one that was liquid you can use inside and out of the mouth. Good luck! Let me us know how it all turns out!

  203. I Have Always Heard To Change Your Tooth Brush When You Get A Canker Sore. This Site Was Helpful. Boy Am I Ever Uncomfortable I Have A Huge One On The Side Of My Tongue and The Anbesol I Am Using Don’t Numb It Very Long. I Am In Pain.

  204. I have chronic canker sores. I switched to toothpaste that does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and it WORKS WONDERS!! I hardly ever get canker sores now (maybe 4 a year compared to 4 a month). Try it for a few months and see if you notice the difference. Toothpaste that does not contain SLS:
    My favorite and current in my bathroom ** Sensodyne Pro Enamel Care.** It tastes great and has the added bonus of desensitizing my teeth.
    Biotene (not the tastiest)
    Natural brands, like Burts and Toms of Maine
    Sensodyne Extra Whitening (not all Sensodyne flavors will work, so read the label)

    Also, Rincinol is an amazing mouth wash that truly helps speed my canker sore healing time, and takes away a lot of the pain. You swish with it and it coats the sore. (


  206. the baking soda really works, i had a canker sore on my lip piercing. it was in so much pain that i had to take my lip ring out. thanks for the tips

  207. i have on on the left bottom part of my lower lip. i just a couple of minutes ago pured salt on it and the pain is gone. it hurts like **** but it works.

  208. I put salt on mine. I have on right now and I put salt on it.It right at the base of my gums. The toothpaste did it. It burns like a mugg. but it’s cool. I feel like it swelled a lil bit but I will do it again to tomorrow.

  209. try zinc logenzes. i dissolved a Zicam Rapid Melt between my cheek and gums where the canker sore was located. it stung slightly, but began to heal within a couple hours. i was amazed! i am a big believer that zinc works wonders on your immune system.

  210. i have 5 in my mouth right now.. on my tongue, inside bottom lip, and inside cheek. i have been getting them since i was a kid.. they are awful.. the best thing i have found you can find it at any drugstore…it’s called Kanka.. it burns a little bit when you put it on.. but it leaves the sore with a very nice coating and it feels as if they are not there anymore.. a perfect solution to relieve the pain until the sores are gone.

  211. i had one on the inside of my lower lip.. but my friend had one on his gum. and his ripped… DO NOT RIP IT. it will bleed and u will be on the floor screaming and twitching.

  212. i have a tiny one on my tounge but it still hurts. all i do is wait for like 7-10 days and it goes away but it hurts while i wait.

  213. i have chronic CS’s; usually after ingesting a good amount of acidic foods, exp tomato juice which i down like water. I now have one on the back of my throat and let me tell you my whole throat is inflamed and feels like a bad sore throat. Its the worst one ever. The whole side of my face is sore. I cant eat. I use a product called ZILACTIN. it stings. it puts a brown protective coating on the sore which stays on a long time and helps to heal it faster. i like the ideas i have read on here too and will try them and report back.
    i also get cold sores frequently when i dont get enough sleep, and LYSINE clears it right up. 2 pills per day and in a few days it goes away.

  214. My doctor gave me Lidocaine to put on mine and another time he gave me Lidocaine with Mylanta to be swished around in my mouth but it stops the pain and it heals quickly. If you swallow the Lidocaine, it will numb your throat and you might not be able to breathe.

  215. I just gnaw on them and then place salt directly on it. It hurts BAD for a while, but they usually go away in 6-9 days instead of waiting 7-10 days.

  216. A couple of months ago i got one under my lower lip and it was like a bubble and it really bugged me, so i bit it and it just started bleeding. Then two months later it was still there, but even BIGGER! It was terrible and very annoying… And I just got rid of it last month, but unluckily I have another one on my gum line. At least now ie won’t swell.

  217. i’ve found out that if you take a cuetip and put a little bit of proxide on the tip then directly put the proxide on to the sore and then wait 5-10 minutes and use the other side of the cuetip and put some milk and magnesia and put that directly on the spot. it helps relieve the pain and over 6-10 days your sore will be gone. if your somebody who gets canker sore’s like me, you should totally try this remedy. (:

  218. TRY THIS!! This works for me in about 4 days, all ya gotta do is get a banana peel and rub it on it a few times daily! omg i got rid of mine in like 3 days after doing this! oh and this remedy also works on zits 2

  219. hello i am 29 ears old and i have been suffering from Canker sores since as long as i can remember. my mom always told me to rinse with salt water but it never seemed to work. I have learned in recent years that when you eat alot of grains and pastas in decreases the rate of getting canker sores. grains and pastas have been a very helpful and delicious way for me to stopo getting canker sores. i also does not sting!

  220. I have a tip for killing the pain while you wait the average 6-10 days for them to go away. Just lick an aspirin and stick is right on the sore for 4 or 5 minutes then it’ll be numb for a few hours. Do this right before you eat if your sore is sensitive to foods.

  221. I use this stuff (dont know what its called) and it puts like a coat of stuff ocer it so it wont hurt but then i goes away like while u eat soo…. i just do that and make sure i brush my teeth often. Also i have found that the toothpaste that has orange on the tube and i think it starts with an “A” really helps!

  222. i have a canker sore on the inside of my lip, and i rinsed it with lemon juice. it was really sour and tasted bad, but my mom says it will speed up the healing process.

  223. I usually put peroxide on the sore,wait a minute or two, then apply salt directly to the sore, once or twice daily and it dissapears in two or three days.

  224. Silver Nitrite Sticks. You need to go to your doctor to get these. They burn the sore so it is sealed. They instantly go away, granted this hurts like h@lla but so worth it to get rid of the sore in one day.

  225. My sister gets them quiet often strangely, and it’s still a mystery as to why. (Which is a mystery to everyone.) But she says putting salt directly on it helped a lot. And it made the sore dissapear within days. Something she said DIDN’T work as mouthwash, it just made it worse.
    Unfortunately, I currently have one and LADIES, I think it might be because of “the pill” if you know what I mean? I just stopped taking them for 7 days and got my period. On Sunday, I got back on the pill & guess what? One day later, the sore appeared. I did a bit of research, and some think that it may be because of your period (hormones). So I think making sure your mouth is extra clean right after and before periods are important, because that’s when your hormones go hay-wire.
    But yes, I think putting salt or baking soda is the best.

  226. I have tried everything under the sun, but there is a simple painless (no burn)solution to quickly getting rid of these (1 or 2 days) and to permanently keeping them away. Go get a mouthwash called SMARTMOUTH and begin using it twice a day. It is a new product in a box that I now find at walgreens and walmrt. Go to to see a picture of it before you go to the store because my store is often out of it or has low stock. I promise it is a complete miracle for canker sores! Please please give it a try and report back on your experience to help others get out of severe pain for good!

  227. I get canker sores all the time, and I usually get them in clusters. Right now, I have three and they are at their most painful. Mine usually last about 2 weeks. Anyway, today I complained to my brother and he suggested Vitamin C. I told him I didn’t have any OJ. He gave me a Vitamin C chewable tablet and told me to put it directly on the sores, warning me it would hurt. Well, it hurts every time I eat, so I gave it a try. I let it disolve on my sores (it didn’t hurt as bad as the Subway sandwich had) and it numbed the pain almost instantly. Now, several hours later, there’s still no pain. Vitamin C chewable tablet.

  228. o.k. i have a canker sore on the outside of my lip. it hurts like crazy and i’ve tried rinsing with salt water and it didnt do anything. i need a cure for this RIGHT NOW! i’ve read the comment and i think ill try some but this is soooo painful. i HATE these stupid things and they are soo anorying

  229. I get canker sores all the time I used almost everything for the pain.. I found that Kanka by Blistex works the best for the pain.. The canker sores still last for a while but it works best for the pain.

  230. I have never had a kanker sore in my life, but when i bought the Smart Mouth mouth wash it took it away completely in two days. It was the greatest thing ever, just like a miracle since I have prom in two days.

  231. i got one on my tonsil (very painful) and side of my mouth. Mine were so bad i couldn’t wake up in the morning, all i wanted to do was sleep!!! my doctor said numbing gels or liquids with benzocaine and gave me valtrex to help it go away quicker…it worked for me, and trust me mine were HORRINLE!!!

  232. i get canker sores ALOTTTT!
    its a type of herpes (NOTTTT sexually transmittted!!!)but it is herpes type A and the best treatment for me is the Vitamin C tablets
    the canker sores can also be caused if ure body has a high amount of acid in it, so cut down on the tomatoes!

  233. I think that the sores are caused by over tiredness. Well, maybe my tiring schedule gives me stress… either way that is DEFF. a cause… along with my period. Thats when I get them. I think its hereditary. My dad and I get them all the time and my sister gets them occasionally.

  234. If you stay away from citric fruits and juices and sodas and spicy sauces the problem will not happen to you for most people. I’ve also been told to take L-Lysine to make the outbreaks not so intense. the problem will still happen but will not be as bad. It does work but you have to take it everyday (pain in the rear) Just know when you get them that it takes time and also irritating them by using pain relievers and gels will make them last longer so do yourself a favor and just let them run their course.

  235. Use Vinegar and Salt and they go away in about two days. I have one right now and it went away in two days.

  236. i have this eruption always on my lips and no where else…its first a watery blister than wihtout braking it turns yellowish and than stays for more than 4 days and fades away…i had gotten herpes test done by getting my lip swapped where it was present but that also was i be suffering CANKER SORE…

  237. I get them every once in awhile. Someone told me to drink 32 ozs of 100% orange juice. It worked. The next day it was gone.

  238. I heard that if you get air to the source it will heal ten times faster.. so try that. let me know how it goes 😀

    p.s. don’t pour salt onto the canker.. it hurts

    -loves always sean sean

  239. Well i tried everything and i couodn’t find a relief of my pain, until i found out smart mouth mouth wash and it went away it two days and now i have three more :(.

  240. here i am again SMART MOUTH MOUTH WASH WOULDN’T WORK! I tried it ONE went away in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! D: IT SUCKED!

  241. I get canker soars every once in a while right now i have one on the tip of my tongue and it hurts soo bad. I’ve been putting peroxide on it everyday its been 4 days that i’ve had it and its kind of going away. The peroxide kills out the bacteria so the sore can heal faster. I heard that eating alot of sugar can cause canker sores..I just cant wait till it’s totally gone so that i can eat what i want again and not worry about the pain of the sore.

  242. I drank A bunch of Simply Orange and now I have a soar on the inside of my lip, it became bigger the next day. 🙁

  243. I get canker sores really bad and someone told me about L-LYSINE its a herb/ vitamin you take once a day and will never get canker sores again! Its amazing try it!

  244. Hello Jessica, I would like to help you and others if I can. First, while I do have an association with the company that makes SmartMouth mouthwash, I am in NO way a spokesperson for the company nor am I speaking on the companies behalf. I am speaking only about my own experience and many others I know who have had a similar experience or extra benefit from smartmouth mouthwash. Just to be on the same page, I suffered from recurring Aphthous Ulcers (canker sores) ocurring inside the mouth. I do not have cold sores on my lips, so if that is what you have I probably can’t help. It has been over five years since I have had my last canker sore and I have been using smartmouth twice a day over that time. I tried alot of different things prior to using smartmouth and nothing was very effective at getting rid of them and certainly nothing prevented them from coming back. There is some real “healthy” science as to why smartmouth is effective on and preventing canker sores, but it is difficult to translate as I am not a science expert. My main tip here (what works for me and some others I know) is to stick to good oral hygiene and rinsing with smartmouth 2 times per day (typically a rinse just after brushing). I will say that sometimes I forget to rinse 2 times a day and then I may feel the tiny start of a canker sore. I then immediately rinse and gentle rub that spot with my tongue while I am rinsing. Subsequently, that little spot never comes in.
    Good luck, and let me know if I can help further.

  245. I tried to buy different stuff that would only help for a little while or would numb my mouth and I wouldn’t even want to talk. What I found to work great was listerine pocketmist breath spray. Believe it or not this stuff works great when I spray it near the sore. Probably isn’t the best way to help it get better, but it works great and I recommend it if the sore is really bothering you!!

  246. I get them sometimes and it may seem awful, but i actully cut the top of the canker sore with a pair of small scissors and then pour salt on it right after.Also eating lemongrass will cure you of it as well.

  247. Cut off the infected sore with small scissors and soak your tongue (infected area) in salt water.

    If you get it frequently, switch your toothpaste.

  248. hey muh peeps! this is nikki and alyssa coming outcha with some tips on how to get rid of those cankers. i get crest toothpaste and i had one for a whole week the it went away 4 a day. 3 then popped outta nowhere! got rid of those, now i have one.:(
    TIP ONE!!!!!!!!! YA YAY!
    don’t gurgle saltwater it makes it worse. ask us!
    TIP 2
    USE TANAC no sting liquid makes it so it don’t hurt and it hlpz go away faster
    TIP 3

  249. What i have done, mix mouth wash (any brand) and peroxide together, and swish it in your mouth for 30 seconds to a min, do this twice a day or when it starts bothering you beyond belief. really works, thanks to my grand-ma for telling me this 😀

  250. Put alot of pressure on it for a short time causing alot of pain during this moment, after it will sting for a little while but your body will react to that type of pain by wanting to get rid of it fast.
    In response your body will heal the sore faster simply to get rid of it, it will sting at first but get rid of it within 3 days in stead of a week or two. Also try using Listerine aswell (not at same time) but the added effect cleans it out so out wont linger.

    It works for me all the time unless its the ones under the tounge, they are just stuck there, hope it works for you.

  251. L-Lysine is an amino acid that will help re-grow the cell structure around the sore. It is in pill form- so move the pill around in your mouth and then swallow. Seems to work in a day or so. I also talked to my dentist and he said that there is an acid that he could put on them that gets rid of them in a few seconds, he said it would be the worst few seconds of my life, but I may give it a try.

  252. Put some toothpaste on your finger and smear it on the sore. Then, rinse and gargle with mouthwash or salt water. This will relieve pain and dissolve the canker sore.

  253. Hello, i hate canker sore…when ive gotten them they were small and usually went away with rubbing with some baking soda. recently i have a giant one that hurts like a ahrgg!! this is what i do

    1. good hygine then i use mouthwash to kill germs in my mouth
    2. salt water rinse it (it stings a little)
    3. take a q tip and wet a end, then dip it in some baking soda and place it on your canker sore. leave for 30 sec (it will sting)
    then wash out ur mouth with water

  254. Put just plain salt on the canker sore. It stings incredibly bad like a knife stabbing your lip but it speeds up the healing time.

  255. The best thing I have tried for canker sores (and I’ve tried A LOT!!)
    is to mix White Vinegar with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the sore with a cotton swob.
    It hurts for a second, but it feels so good!!
    You can automatically tell it’s working!

  256. i am 12 yrs old and i tried every possable way i would and salt water and help but not so much but i tried vinger and salt and when i just tried it it helt like it was going away

  257. i always get canker sores and the fastest way to numb it is to put ice on it then do the painful stuff

    gum also helps the pain go away

  258. Rinse your mouth several times a day with Tonic water that has Quinine in it. I use the lemon-lime flavor and it’s not as nasty as salt water. I think it helps reduce pain. I can’t be sure it speeds up healing though. I usually use this along with the salty water technique. The trick is to start as EARLY as possible….

  259. I have used an uncoated aspirin directly on my canker sore, it numbs it as well as eats away the tissue to heal is faster.

  260. Take a buffered aspiring (the white non-coated kind) and place it right on the sore. It dries it up so fast and is usually gone the next day!

  261. I’m pretty sure I got my canker sores from not brushing my teeth enough. All I do is brush the canker sore with tooth paste + brush. It bleeds a little around the sore but not much pain, stings just a little and no pain afterward. I rinse with a little water while I brush my teeth, that seems to help plus a cleaner mouth than I rinse with mouth wash. I do this twice a day, before bed and after breakfeast and sore is gone in 2-3 days.

  262. put salt in a cup then put in water then mix it with a spoon then go to the sink or toylet and take a sip BUT WAIT do not swallow it swoosh it around and spit it into the sink or toylet do it 5 times a day. have fun hope your canker sore feels better byes

  263. i have a canker sore and it’s been bothering me for a couple days now.
    i just put plain salt on it and i think its healing a lot faster.
    but it burns really bad.

  264. I’ve tried salt water which by the way tastes horrible but after a few days it works but i think I might try that white vinegar and and rubbing achohol.

  265. I hate canker sores, it kills me like hell. I tried all way but none works for me. I use to have canker sore all the time……………………

  266. I just had sinus surgery two weeks ago and then this last week I started getting the canker sores on my tongue and under my tongue. I tried what Andrew suggest mix equal parts of Peroxide & Listerine together in a glass. I first swished the mixture in my mouth for 30 sec. then spit. Then I swished again sec later for 60 sec. then another 30 sec. I also placed an ice cube on my tongue right afterwards, I did this to ease the shock pain from the mixture on my tongue do this too. It works!!! My pain went away instantly. I was shocked!!!Really Shocked!!! I have been in pain for two weeks and this was the only thing that has worked so far. I will keep this doing this until the little buggers are gone. Thank you so much Andrew for shareing your Grandmas suggestion. Pain suffers you have to try this, I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to pain and I have read alot of different remedies and this is the only one that works! Good luck to all suffers!

  267. I use saurcraut juice. Drain the juice into a cup, swish it in you mouth for 30 seconds twice a day and the canker sore will be gone before you know it. Mine usually go away after doing this just one time. It tastes awefull! But, if you are like me and sometimes have 4 or 5 sores at a time, then this is well worth it. One large can of saurcraut should be plenty.

  268. Apparently, My grandma says if you rinse your mouth with mouthwash for a mintue in the morning and before bed, it’s quick to get rid of. Im not sure if it’s ture. but the mouth wash dosn’t sting my canker sore, but it dose sting my cheeks. >_

  269. If I attack right when I feel one coming on it will go away in 2-3 days or less. I use Alum in a paste form and ice. ONCE you feel it coming, Alum it up and leave it on for a few minutes. It will sting bad for about 30 seconds. Then, rinse it out and apply an ice cube DIRECTLY on the sore. Leave that on for a few minutes. Then redo those two steps again. Do treatment two or more times a day. Your sore will be gone in 2 or less days.

  270. I have tried multiple treatments for canker sores. Mine appear to be genetic, my grandmother had them, my dad has them, & now both my sister & I get them. My sister & I seem to get them in sets of 3 or more. She went to a study research in MD that informed her to keep a diet journal to maybe pin point a certain food that might be triggering them, so far no luck in discovering what it is (if it is in fact caused by a certain food). I visited a dentist about 5 years ago & have continued to see him since. He introduced something called Debacterol to me for pain relief. It hurts like crazy for about 30 seconds, but is relief for 1-2 days. He sells them for about $10 each & are the best thing I have found that works 100% of the time. I will warn you now, it stings like crazy & stinks very bad, but works like a charm.

  271. I have a canker sore right now and I don’t get them very often but boy do they hurt. I know that teatree oil and toothpast works really well. It helps with the pain and makes the sore leave in a couple of days. There are so many things to try, one doesn’t know where to begin.

  272. i had a bad sore and i held an asprin on it. it taste bad but it works…….don’t just swallow the asprin hold it on til it desolves

  273. I use Crest Pro health mouth wash, it doesnt sting becasue it is alchol free. It really works, it goes away in 2 days. I rinse 4 times in the morning and at night before bed. These things are killers… I get them all the time!!!

  274. When i get canker sores i get a Q-Tip, dip it in salt and put it right on the sore. It will hurt A LOT but it gets rid of it quicker. I also swish my mouth out with warm salt water.

  275. holding a tums or similar acid-reliever that dissolves onto the sore until it dissolves supposively heals them quicker.

    also taking l-lysine everyday helps prevent, or taking them once you have a canker sore helps get rid of them.

  276. Man! I have one right now as i type. And boy do I want to get rid of it soooooo bad, The thing that always works for me is that i take a Q-tip and dip it in baking powder with lemon and got to tell you it hurts sooooo bad but it’s worth it, anyways I take the Q-tip dipped in baking powder and lemon and i scrub it till it bleeds and takes off all the white stuff, so that helps kill any bacteria that causes these son of a b- well you know. It will be as good as gone!☺

  277. This is my first time with canker sores and boy are they painful. they are all under my tongue and follow all the way around the edge of it.
    about 10 to 12 of them. i went and talked to the pharmist at our local walmart and this is what she told me to take the vitamin L-Lysine 2 times a day and to make a mouth wash in equal parts of childrens benadryl mixed with milk of magnesia. sqish it around for a minute and spit it out. it is a awesome mouth wash!!!it numbs your mouth and i already am feeling a little better the next day. my speech is back to normal because the swelling is down some. Good luck to anyone suffering these horrible sores. i know how painful they are!!!!!

  278. I love to chew gum, but I always end up biting my tongue. I bit it in 3 different places and it hurts like hell. I can barely even enjoy my food because it hurts to chew. I guess just cleaning it out with mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide speeds it up.

  279. I just got a canker sore yesterday when i bit my lip really hard.
    I applied grains of salt followed by hydrogen-peroxide followed by rubbing alcohol.
    I’ve done this 3 times already and it has basically healed completely

  280. Zilactin helps a lot. It’s like a bandaid for the inside of your mouth. It numbs the area while covering it and allowing it to heal.

  281. cankers it seems are a direct result of ,iron in our body ,can foods?and electricy,with denal work,filling ect ect.they increase,too much showering,removing the insulating oil, comes into play with a little common sence i,amm canker free with out drugs and no big change to my life style,just that i drink my beer from glass bottles now lol.but really it is changed greatly with a change in ph in your body will change electricy charged cells,catnodes to antodes [not sure of the spelling]i know iam close and it works,stop becoming a battery[alk. or acid type ?

  282. I Get canker sores around 1-5 times a month so I have to deal with them regurley.
    Also there is no “cure” But this helps take away ain anyway and you probably wont have to deal with them as often though they will still pay occasional visits ( currently I have 10 cankersors 8 down my throatand 2 in my left cheek. But since I am doing this it has stopped the pain. And before you say It probably is a fake since she still gets tons of them well it’s not I still have them because they run in my family.

    tip #1- Avoid acid! this stuff is in tomatoes, oranges and etc..
    tip #2- If possible try and take a day off from work/school this will get you away from stress allowing it to heal quicker.
    tip #3- Change your toothpaste and buy one that dosn’t have SLS in it.
    tip #4- try swishing baking soda with water (you’ll need about one table spoon of baking soda for an 8 OZ glass.) in your mouth it will taste DISGUSTING but belive me it helps.
    tip #5- If you get them down your throat like I do swallowing is gonna be a huge problem. Make sure if you have them down your throat (or anywhere) you eat alot of ice cream and try to eat mainly soft food such as:
    Bannanas, ice cream, pasta, and soups of any kind besides tomatoe.
    Also drink lots of water and juice (NO and I repeat NO ORANGE JUICE!!!!)
    tip #6- No cruncy foods if a sharp piece diggs into your canker sore it will take much longer to heal and it will be three as painful!

    Hope this helps good luch
    Nicole Canker Sore Queen

  283. I LOVE pineapple and when I went to Hawaii, I wanted to eat all the pineapple I wanted but I was worried about getting canker sores as they run in my family. I asked my doctor and he said take L-Lysine for a week to two weeks before you go and continue taking it while on the trip and you will reduce the chance of getting canker sores. I did this and it worked. Now when I get canker sores I wt the tip of my finger with water, open an L-Lysine capsule and put some of the powder on the tip of my finger and rub it into the sore, I do this over and over until the contents of the capsule is gone. I don’t rinse, I just leave the residue of the L-Lysine in my mouth until it has washed away from saliva. It seems to work for me!

  284. Take a vitamin C tablet. A lot of the time these sores are caused by not having enough vitamin C. Since orange juice stings on the sore, the tablet will help rather fast.

  285. The best thing I have found is take a hand full of grass, yes grass from your yard, and blend it in a blender with a small amount of water. Dab a finger covered in salt on your sore repeatedly, letting the salt dissolve on it. Then use the grass mixture to rinse your mouth. I know this sounds weird but it works. I learned it in my college animal science class. Ever wonder why animals often try to eat a few blades of grass on their daily bathroom breaks? This is because the grass helps in maintaining a clean, healthy mouth and a well functioning immune system. It works, gone within a day and no more pain after 15 minutes of rinsing.

  286. I have two methods that I use:
    #1 From above I have seen that many people take the amino acid L-Lysine to prevent; however, once you get one take 3000mg the first day followed by 1000mg every following day until the canker sore has healed. I have been doing this every since I was a child. It works.

    #2 There are several mouthwashs you can use (homemade or purchased). I have found that Biotene mouthwash helps heal canker sores very rapidly. The mouthwash is advertised to help sufferers of dry mouth; however, it also help restore the pH balance in the mouth as well as restoring essential enzymes.

    I hope this helps.

  287. What i used for my canker sources is a mixture of mouth washes and salt water

    what i used exactly was salf water then put some act tarder production
    and some act kids anti cavity

  288. the best product for treating kanker sores that i have found is called ‘KANKA’. it comes in a tiny bottle with an applicator. it cleans, numbs, and coats the sore to help it heal. it tastes awful, but it goes away pretty quickly. the coating can also be sticky, but it lasts for a few hours. my medicine cabinet is never without it.

  289. My grandfather taught me this trick; mixture of equal part of hydrogen peroxide and alkalol (you can find in the drug store). Swish in your mouth 30-60 seconds. This literally clears mine up within a day.

  290. i have a canker sore right now its as big or bigger than a penny it hurts like hell i suggest reading all of these tips and then do this
    mix 1 tsp of cinnaman ( i know sounds weird ) then mix 1 tsp of salt make a paste and brush your canker sore with it

  291. this i find works the odd time sounds wierd but my doctor told me to give it a shot try using ear wax it can really help

  292. Doctors have finally came up with a cure that actually works. What you do is you stick your finger up your butt and apply the fudge to the soar. It will sting at first but the soar will go away in under 5 hours. You see, there is a special chemical in the fudge called s-penoshyt that fights these painful canker soars.

  293. Why does this page suggest to avoid salty or acidic food, yet your should rinse your mouth with Salt water or vinegar. Im curious to an answer about this, I have a big one on my tounge and I always put salt on them. That used to work perfectly, but not in the last few years!

  294. The only way to quicken healing is to apply hydrogen-peroxide solution with a cutip on the sore twice a day.

    I used to try the salt and other stuff, but nothing worked, the sooner you start applying it, the sooner it’ll heal. It also relieves the pain! Try it out and your mouth will be better sooner!

  295. (For inner lip areas) Believe it or not but this old school way to get rid of a canker sore extremely fast (my uncle told me and it worked!) is to get a tooth brush that has some pretty strong bristles on it, work up the nerve by psyching yourself out to do this, hold your lip down and scrub that spot until it bleeds. It is a very eerie and bold thing to do and some people may think I’m crazy but I’ve tried it numerous times and by the next day, the canker sore was gone and after you scrub it, the pain goes away! Who cares if your lip bleeds a little bit but once you suffered a little bit of pain, you reap not having to live with it for a week and a half or however long it takes to heal. TRY IT! It REALLY works…

  296. OMG!! brushing the sore with a toothbruch actually works! some advice though if you are a female dont wear makeup or at least wear water proof. it makes your eyes water like you got hit in the nose

  297. I have mine and gosh does it bug like helk, I have it just where the edge of my teeth rubs against the bottom of my lip and gosh does it ever hurt to chew. But anyway I don’t really know how to make it go away but it eases the pain when you eat cold food (example: Ice cream).

  298. I’ve had canker sores all my life. They were really bad in my twenties – all over my mouth and tongue and down my throat. When the sores would disappear in a week, I would just get new ones to replace them. I rarely was canker sore free. I asked doctors and dentists what to do to get rid of them, but no one gave me any good advise. Finally, a dental hygenist told me about L-Lysine. I started taking this once a day (1000 mg). The canker sores went away, and now I only get some when I take antibiotics or I have a cold and get run down. I then increase my intake of L-Lysine and they don’t last the full week. L-Lysine has saved my life. I now feel I can live a normal life.

  299. well, I am 14 and have gotten canker sores since I can remember. They hurt but I have found sucking on an ant-acid and laying it on the sore heals it a little faster.

  300. i used the peroxide,bakeing soda, and the vinigar with salt mix and it work great it is so nice when you can get rid of the pesty canker sores!

  301. also what helps make it sting less after you use one of the helpers that make it sting press a ice cube really hard on top of the canker sore it works

  302. For a sore on the inner lip, near the teeth, this has always worked for me, since I was a little kid. The next time you’re brushing your teeth, use the toothbrush to scrub the sore. The toothpaste sort of numbs the mouth so the brushing on the sensitive area is not so bad. After rinsing, your lip should be a little bloody but in less pain as before. Now, use a tissue or cotton swab and soak it in 3% peroxide. Apply to the bleeding area for 3-5 mins. The bleeding should have stopped and the pain should be gone. You may still have a bump on your lip but it’s virtually pain free. Drink a glass of water to hydrate your mouth. I think it scrapes whatever your immune system is attacking or thinks it’s attacking, maybe an innocent or malformed skin cell? I haven’t been drinking OJ like I usually do so I may have received the sore from a vitamin C deficiency.

  303. holding a carrot on the sore for 15 or more minutes a couple times a day can help speed the healing of the sore. i did it it works

  304. if you have braces, you’re out of luck with the toothpaste thing. i have braces, and they gave me purscribed tooth paste, that has SLS in it. my canker sores are from injury. my horse slamed her head against mine. well i have tryed many things, and the best thing i found that works is to rinse with oral gel mouth wash specificaly for canker sores. also you oral gel b paste. takes away all the pain. but don’t get it on your tongue or your tongue will be numb!

  305. an alcoholic beverage gave me my canker sore (sounds weird, i know), but i bit the side of my mouth when i was tipsy and it the alcoholl got in it. I numb it with ice every day and it cleared up in at least 2-4 days.

  306. i ate sour patch kids now there is a sore on the back of my tongue and its the size of my figernail (im 11) and it wont go away. i tried kanka and all the other pain relieving medicines but they dont really work that well. please PLEASE tell me how to get rid of it. it is ruining my life.

  307. listerine works great..burns a lil though rinse it out with that and the next day will feel lots better and should start going away

  308. Please help!!! i have a canker sore on my bottom gums behind my lip by my tooth it hurts like a b*tch!! i’m in pain please tell me the best way to get rid of it!! i dont feel like waiting out this one because its already huge and getting worse!

  309. im only 11 and i have a really bad sore i tried listerine mouth wash and it totally worked! the pain went away just like that. im so glad its gone!

  310. My sister in law and I get canker sores a lot. I was talking to a friend about it and she said she had several in her mouth all at once. She made Gaucamole that night and the next day they were gone. She thought it was funny and decided next time she had canker sores she would eat gaucamole. So she did and they took them away. I dont know if it was the garlic or the avacodos. But it worked for her. I was eating salsa when i had mine once and it burnt for a few minutes but then the pain was gone. So I thinking it was the garlic.

  311. I had really painful sores all over my mouth. A foreign doctor told me to try putting some dog poop around the affected area. At first I didnt believe it but when I tried it i was amazed. It was gone in about 6 hours of multiple treatments. Try it, It works!

  312. you carmex lip medication right? well, apply that right to the sore about 5-7 times a day and it will heal up the sore maybe 2 1/2 days quicker because i have one on my bottom gums right by my tooth and that sh*t hurts like mothe*fuc*ing hel* man. i can’t take it so thats what i do.

  313. I highly recomend useing blistex lip balm i had a huge canker soar on my right side of my lip and in like 2 or 3 days of putting that stuff on it was gone almost completly i didnt even put it on that much only when i got bored =P but it realy douse work its wortth buying and i think its only like 1 or 2 $ so its worth it

  314. Well mine is almost gone in about 2 hours I have a few things I usually try but this time I combined them all.
    WARNING ~ The following steps are painful and you may not enjoy the discomfort I cannot guarantee this will work because everybody is different.
    First ~ I took a cotton swab (My toothbrushes bristles are SUPER soft)and scrubbed the hell out of it so that it was bleeding
    Second ~ I took several Q-tips and in fairly quick succesion placed peroxyde on the end, twirled the end around on the now open sore and dipped the other end and repeated, I did this about 10 times (I myself have a fairly high pain tolerance so this did not bug me)
    Third ~ I took tooth paste and very quickly gave it a rub on the sore because toothpaste DOES have a helpful drying effect (I believe this also works on zits for those of you who may want to know)
    Fourth ~ I placed a Vitamin C tablet on the sore, this dried it up so much I cannot tell it is there
    Fifht ~ To keep any minor discomfort away I took an asparin (Non-Coated, if yours is coated wash away the coating) and placed that on the sore for about 2 minutes, I am currently pain free and can’t even tell I have one. Hope this helps it did for me 😀

  315. I am the canker queen, and my two poor sons get them already since they were 2 tears old, so they do run in families…Nothing eases the pain of mine…i usually get 4 or 5 together and so bad that my face swells and i am unable to function in public!…lovely….that said, I have found out what was causing them (besides the stress induced ones wch are the only ones I deal with now!) I am allergic to tea….doesnt matter what kind, and iced tea is especially deadly to my mouth ( I also avoid all of the usual triggers, oj, pineapple, etc) …it took so long to determine this but since I have discovered the tea allergy , I dont have near the amount of cankers that I had before! My advice is to go to your Dr or dentist and have them prescribe you a thick paste called “oracort” its wonderful…speeds healing and coats the little bit***s to relieve pain…Hope this helps!

  316. i reaaaly hope this works…im fifteen years old and my whole tongue is engulfed in them…it is agonizing to try and eat drink or anything…i will try these sugestings and hope it all works out well. *fingers crossed*

  317. i get the worst cankers sometimes they even give me fat lips…usually when i am run down or stressed out they occur. since they were so bad i went to the doctors and he perscribed me a paste calles triamcinalone and oh my it works WONDERS .i highly reccomend

  318. I get really really bad canker sores at least twice a month and they are usually on my tounge, so I can’t eat anything! But I found a way to get rid of them in a day or two. Just put salt directly on the sore it hurts like crazy but it really works and you only have to leave the salt on for 5 seconds and you only have to do it twice a day untill it is gone so at the most 4 times

  319. okayy so i started band camp on monday and it is now friday and i have braces and i play the flute so the flute up against my lips cuts the inside of my mouth in several placess. and it has been like this for five days… i have waken up at night to the point where im in tears. i cant eat anything without it stinging my sores and i am so sick of it. i have tried salt water but that doesnt work. oral gel just numbs it but it doesnt heal. please help me get these things out of my mouth.

  320. I’ve been getting canker sores for years – nothing used to work. I was told to dip a q-tip in peppermint extract and dab it on the canker sore and thats the only thing that’s worked for me. if done twice a day (early on)d it should clear up in 2-3 days.

  321. Not so much a tip but sort of a cause. I normally eat a very healthy, balanced diet with very little sweets and anytime I start slacking and eat sugargy food for a day or two, without fail, I get a canker sore; sometimes two. Has this happened to anyone else???

  322. I’ve gotten canker sores at least once every month since I was a kid (hereditary!) and what I’ve found that works well is to slice a dill pickle into a thin slice like what’s on a hamburger and stick it on the sore and hold it there for a few minutes in your mouth. It burns a little but I think it kinda feels refreshing. I do this 1-2x a day and it seems to speed the healing by a couple days. Listerine/Scope do work as well.

  323. Google “Canker-Rid”. It’s bee propolis (which I apply with a cotton swab). I’ve gotten canker sores my entire life and this stuff is the greatest. My daughter gets them really bad too, and she loves the stuff. It coats the sore, numbs it and helps it heal. It still takes a while for the sore to heal, but it will heal faster, and it takes away the sting and burn. Anyone who suffers with cankers knows what I’m talking about. Misery!

  324. Google “Canker-Rid”. I’ve gotten canker sores my entire life and this is the best thing I’ve found to combat them. It coats the ulcer so it can heal and numbs it too, so you don’t have that awful stinging and burning constantly. Relief! My daughter gets the dime size mouth ulcers, and she loves this stuff. Anyone who gets cankers knows how much they can hurt. Misery!

  325. I always found that mixing salt and water and swishing it in your mouth worked really well. also just putting salt on your sore and leaving it there seemed to work pretty well for me too!

  326. Lysine supplement tablets help the wounds to heal quickly and seem to help prevent canker sores from getting larger if you start taking the lysine as soon as you notice the canker sore.

  327. Eat lots of yogurt. It sounds ridiculous but this is what I do. I don’t know why it works, probably cause my mom told me to do this when I was a kid.

  328. To reduce inflammation and heal a canker sore in a few days apply a drop of Tea Tree Oil directly onto the canker sore with a q-tip. Reapply often. Tea Tree Oil can be found in most health food stores. It is a natural antiseptic/antibiotic from the Tea Tree plant in Australia. Works for blemishes too and any type of scrape or scratch you might get. It heals everything very quickly. Do not swallow it! Only use externally. That is why I apply it with a q-tip….a little tiny bit goes a long way.

  329. Another way to get ride of a canker sore is call up your doctor and get a proscription for a tube called “ToothETE Mouth Moisturizer” It is effect and it numbs it in about 30 seconds of very dull/very little pain. And it stays numb for about 3-4 hours. Its effective and you can go threw out your day with out pain.

  330. I suffer from canker sores and am so sick of getting them. They seem to come at the worst possible times. So of course this past Wednesday I woke up with one brewing and with my weekend away with my husand just 2 days away… I was so mad. So I Googled how to get rid of a canker sore and got this website. THANK GOD! I rinsed my mouth out 2 times a day with perioxde and warm water and let me tell you…it WORKS!! No, seriously. My canker sore got no bigger and it didnt hurt at all. So next time your suffering from them damn canker sores try this.

  331. i use this thing called “anbesol” im 11 and this is my first canker sore….and i hate it!!

    yea so this stuff pretty much numbs it… tastes funny…but you will get over it.
    it says it treats:
    2.gum pain
    3.canker sores
    4.denture pain

    there u go …

  332. My grandma squeezes a lime on it.
    Or i put salt directly on it.

    I also used to use a toothpaste to treat canker sores. They also prevent them.

  333. To Daphne — I had braces as a kid, and I complained to my orthodontist about the same problem. He gave me a package of wax specifically for this. You just tear enough wax off one of the strips and apply it directly to the braces. Having foreign objects in your mouth – especially metal ones – can be extremely bothersome, so I definitely suggest you ask him for the wax. This goes for the wire he strings through the braces as well. Over time the metal edges will eventually file themselves down, and you’ll also develop callouses in the most irritated places which will help. Good luck!

  334. Just putting a sage leaf itself over the sore helps too. I do that plus some good old salt water and lots of mouth-wash. This helps it heal and just remember to resist poking it with your tongue!

  335. I have had 2 big Ulcers for about a week now, They are extremely sore. I fin find it really hard and painful to eat and drink anything. I have tried a few of these tips and they haven’t seemed to work. It seems I get cankers when ever I eat a lot of chocolate. Because 1 week ago I was at a friends house and we ate a whole bag of freddo frogs. I don’t get cankers all the time but they occur when I eat chocolate, not all the time but thats when I seem to get them the most. One more thing My canker is right on my gum just under my teeth and they are making my Gum really saw and sometimes even my teeth. Is this just the effects of the cankers, also just before the ulcers came out I was sore under the neck and had a lump, I still have it and its right under where my canker is, any helpful suggestions would be great, Thanks.

  336. I have recently discovered the best way to minimize canker sores and help them heal very fast. I wish someone would have told me this years ago. The best thing to do when you feel a canker sore coming on is not to rub your tongue on it or mess with it in any way. Don’t put any medicine on it and don’t pull your lip down and look at it in a mirror. When your brushing your teeth make sure you don’t come near it. This really works!! This prevents the canker sore from growing and its hardly painful at all. It’s usually gone within 3 days. This is the absolute best way to heal them fast!

  337. canker sores run in my family as my dad and pretty much all the people on my dad’s side have had canker sores since they were kids. I read this somewhere and I tried it and, as long as you don’t miss a dose, taking the vitamin supplement Lysine helps prevent them. No idea why. It just seems to work. But this is more for preventing them than for making them go away. Just thought I’d share my success with the method.

  338. I have got cankersores since i was still in diapers. what i usually do is i i fell one coming i start eating yogurt. it works!

  339. I’ve had braces for over a year now and i just got these sores. I tried wax but that didnt help at all. I washed my mouth with salt water but that just burned. My gums are also growing down in between my teeth. Is that the canker sores too? Or is it something completely different?

  340. Can somebody help me. I have 9 ulcers spread over my tongue and gums and i can’t eat or drink anything because of the pain. I have tried antiseptics and they dont work, they make it worse.

  341. I don’t have a family history of them, but i do have braces. These are a major cause because they dig into my mouth and cause it to puff up and then i can’t stop biting it, even though it hurts! This was a great help, and i thought i would let people know that braces are a major cause for my cankers.

  342. Iam only 13 n i have been gettin these my whole life.
    ive been 2 the doctors many times but nothin works
    i got up to 10 at 1 time its very painful plz give me sum tips to get rid of them!

  343. Putting cinnamon on it for a couple minutes then rinse your mouth with water helps ALOT it hurts a bit but dries it out for a while

  344. If you try any sort of canker sore relief medicine, make sure it has at least 10% benzocain and the liquid works better than the gel. This is what i use and it seems to relive a lot of the pain.

  345. I’m twenty-two and have had canker sores ever since I was about nine. I take immaculate care of my teeth and gums, I’m a little OCD with it, which makes it strange that I get cankers. Most of the ones I get come after I bite my inner lip or the side of my cheek. The way I get rid of mine is painful for sure, but they don’t last and usually disappear within a two days or so. I dip my finger in water then coat it in salt and rub it vigorously on the canker until the white bacterial coating is gone. Yes it hurts but the few moments of pain is better than having a canker sore for a week. It will bleed but rinsing with water and salt regularly after that will help prevent it from growing. This works for me but everyone’s different so best of luck hope things work out!

  346. If you buy the vitamin c POWDER and put it directly on the canker w/ a q tip a few times a day- it will go away faster. It will also temporarily numb it, although it will burn like hell- it’s worth it though- no worse then lemon juice on a paper cut for a second or two. Apple cider vinegar with the ingrdient MOTHER will help in boosting immunity too- not to be mistaken for heinz apple cider vinegar which does nothing.

  347. I need tips quick. Preferably ones that don’t burn because somehow I have one in my throat (near the top where it is visible) and one on my gums at the back of my mouth. They have prevented me from eating anything, even pudding or mashed potatoes. I don’t know what to do. I’ve had canker sores many times before but never in my throat. Extremely painful. I rinse with saltwater and even rinse with Orajel mouth wash-made for canker sores. Help please!

  348. I’ve been brushing like crazy and putting straight salt on my one canker for five days and not only is it bigger but now I found another one….stressed out just thinking about it. Go away cankers!!!

  349. I’ve been getting canker sores my whole life i’m 26 and I’ll get 5 at a time sometimes. My dentist told me B12 vitamins..take 1 a day will help. It cut down the amount of canker sores I got by about 80%. Just make sure you keep taking them every day. I forgot for one week and got 3 cankers at once! Good luck! 🙂

  350. Put an asprin directly on the sore while you sleep at night. The sore will shrink up by morning. Yes, it tastes bad, but works very well.

  351. Apply a Bayer Original Aspirin directly to the sore and let it dissolve there. It has to be the original aspirin though. You can’t use one that is safety coated. It may burn a little bit, but it will numb the pain and should clear up the sore in a about two to three days.

  352. I got these little poopers on the front of my bottom lip.
    and i have braces, so it keeps brushing up on it, which makes it bigger and not go away. and i’ve tried everything!! HELPP!

  353. The best and most amazing thing that I have found is called Life Shield Throat Defense by New Chapter. Spray it in the back of your throat and on the sore itself. it may sting a bit…but it’s GONE in less than a day.

  354. Well, whenever I get canker sores, I heat up a cup of water, till it is close to boiling. You dont need much. Then, take a tea bag, and lett it sit in the hot water for about 20 seconds. Then, put the hot tea bag in the freezer for about 7-10 minutes. then, take it out and apply it to your canker sore. Mine is gone really quickly after! This works for me, but everyone is different…Good Luck!

  355. Lucy, I had braces for 4 years and always had canker sores. The best thing was to get the brace wax (which you can get at walmart, walgreens, etc. The wax sticks to the braces pretty well, but I’ve actually used it since I’ve had the braces taken off and it keeps my teeth from rubbing up against it cause I have one now and it’s on my front bottom lip and rubs all the time.

  356. This will hurt but put salt on the canker sore, then put mouthwash in your mouth and put it over the canker sore. The anti- bacterial chemicals (or whatever there called :D) help the canker sore. Put ice around the area that the canker sore is to numb the pain.

  357. I have found swishing saline helps me a little. It will at least take some pain away. But I have discovered that I get mine when i sleep. it seems as if (because i have really sharp teeth) they are caused by biting my lip or irritation.

  358. I have found that taking an asprin and crushing it up and making a paste works. I dry out my mouth, apply perioxide and wait for the bubbles to go away, then apply the asprin mix and while the asprin is still on there I apply KANKA so it holds the asprin there. The asprin eats away the lining of the canker sore and the painful part of a canker sore is gone in a day. Thanks for the tips on here though. Very helpful!

  359. I tried the toothpaste one ,works REALLY well.
    brushed my teeth the night before and the next day it was gone.
    it was unbelievable.

  360. I always to to my dentist who is a friend of mine and he has this gel that he puts on a stick and pushed hard into the affected area and the burns it or something. Seals up the sore right away to take the pain away and they heal in the next day.

  361. You know the lime salt packet they sell at store use for beer and such, use that it will hurt for 2 seconds just hold it. It should then numb it self… rinse out water is fine, canker sore should be gone.

  362. Just a quick question but exactly how big can canker sores get up to because I have one and it is about 1 1/2 cm in diameter. Thanks!

  363. I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your tips. For the first time ever I’ve had an outbreak of these and they are on my tongue, gums, and lips. They hurt and I’m barely able to eat. I now have lots of suggestions to try – thank you!

  364. Here’s what I did:
    1) I rinsed my mouth with SALT WATER
    2) I put CLOVE OIL on it for 30seconds and rinsed
    3) I put TEATREE OIL on it and let it dry (get’s rid of ALL infection)
    4) Last, I put TOOTHPASTE on it.

    works like a charm

  365. I’ve been getting these little jerks in my mouth for years, almost always severe outbreaks. Some things I’ve found: don’t use toothpaste with SRS. Once or twice a day is fine but don’t overdo the listerine or hydrogen peroxide thing.. It can break down the flora and fauna in your mouth and lead to oral thrush AND never helped me get rid of the ulcers anyway. Scrape it off and it will come back. Canker covers are great, and if you catch it early enough, put one on the sore before bed, a couple nights in a row and you’re on the quick road to healing. However if you don’t catch it early enough all the canker covers do is ease the pain. Same is true of salt.. I’ve put salt directly on the sore several times a day, said several words my mother wouldn’t be proud of, but what used to always get worse was nipped in the bud with the salt method. BUT if you don’t catch it right in the beginning, before it’s a full-blown ulcer, the salt does no good. And avoid stress! It definitely causes outbreaks. If it’s really bad go to the doc and the prescriptions definitely speed up healing. Best bet though is salt a few times during the day and the canker covers at night BEFORE he ulcer really has a chance to get out of control. Good luck!

  366. Anbesol for the win… It’s one of the over the counter gels that I found works best and fast. The sore is usually gone in 2/3 days.

  367. Ice and alum. It always works for me. Last night my canker was on one of it’s worst days. I did two treatments before going to bed. And it is closed and healing this morning. Alum for one minute then ice until you absolutely can’t take anymore. Repeat. Now if I didn’t have a “I’ll get around to it later” attitude when I first felt it coming on, and did my treatment, I wouldn’t have gotten it. It really works. Dry it with the alum, freeze it with the ice. You only have to freeze it in the early stages. Once it opens, you must use the alum. Alum and ice. Try it.

  368. This hurts a lot and i am really scared to try any of these because i have a really sensitive mouth so what i ave done is i have taken a lot of idolized salt like 1/3 a finger and i placed it directly on top of the sore and it eased it but if you do it everyday only once then the pain will ease and then i may try any other remedies to prepare the sore for any adventures.

  369. Thanks to braces, ive got plenty in my poor little mouth as i type this. they are so unbearable i cant speak, or eat. i’ve been putting wax on the brace to cut out the pain but i’ve also been applying tea-tree oil to them and gargling with salt water. plus drinking a ton of water. thanks for all the other tips, i hope theses stupid sores flee from my mouth ASAP!

  370. My grandmother told me this remedy years ago. Put half a raisin on the canker sore. It will burn. Hold it ton the canker sore until it stops burning. Works every time.

  371. Mongolians use pellet (small ball)vitamin C for canker sore. First, put a pellet of vitamin C in your mouth and wait until the sour white core comes out. If your feel the sour part, place it in the affected area. It hurts so bad for 5-7 seconds and it heals the canker sore. Canker sore comes out when some one lacks vitamin. Also if you take too much vitamin you will have a sore little bump will grow in your mouth. It hurts too. Just balance your vitamin usage, and you will be OK!!!

  372. I found that within minutes the baking soda treatment work very well not only did it help with the pain but the sore actually decreased in size dramatically it does sting a bit but it works very well

  373. I found wetting your finger with water..putting table salt on you wet finger and applying it to the canker soar will help…it might sting but it will numb/speed the process of healing

  374. When I was little, and even now I have a bunch of canker sores. My Mom always tells me to put orgel to num the canker sore of to put salt derectly on the canker sore, both of these tricks work. If you put each of these things on 3 times a day your canker sore is usually gone in 2 to 3 days.

  375. I noticed that when I eat too many sweet things, I get sores in my mouth. I’ve grown to learn avoid sweet foods and when I get the cravings for sweet things, thinking that “it’s all in my head,” or “it won’t happen this time,” i get them again… What I do is avoid all sweet things. I want to eat ice when it happens, it helps numb the pain. I try the salt water mouth rinse, that helps. Although I think that sweet things cause my problems, my mom used to make very sweet (indian) rice pudding with slithered almonds… that always did the trick… might have been psychological, but the sores were gone in 2-4 days. Maybe it was the vitamins in the almonds? Anyhow, thanks for all the advice!!

  376. I get them when i eat hard cheeses or to much acidic foods like tomatos and throw off the PH of my mouth. Yogart that contains the live cultures helps to reset the PH of my mouth.

  377. My grandma told me to just take plain salt and lick ur finger to make the salt stick then where ever there is a sre put it straight on it and dont rinse with anything repeat 2-3 times daily and it will be gone in a couple of days very quick but burns like hell when ur doing it.

  378. My mom told me for 7 days night and day to put cold water in a cup then a little bit of salt then gargul it then spit it out it worked for me when i got on on my gums it really hurt to eat chocolate and other stuuff

  379. Tried and True method from my mother that works everytime!! I take the end of a cotton swab and saturate it with non aceton nail polish remover. Hold it to the sore until it stops stinging. The polish remover clears up the bacteria, and dries out the sore, works like a charm though it stings like a bugger!

  380. I usually get at least one canker sore a year. They are a pain but I found an overnight cure for them some years back: Just before going to bed place an aspirin on the sore. The next morning it will be gone. Seems the acetic acid in the aspirin drys up the sore.

  381. You put a little bit of salt onto your finger apply it on the canker and it may hurt but it helps by getting ir to go away faster

  382. I had one in the most painful spot so i mixed the kanke medicaton saltwater and listerine used a qtip and put it on the coldsore keep it there it takes away the pain

  383. My Mom And Dad both work at a hospital for about 12 years now. They both highly recommend putting whiskey [we used Jack Daniels] on your finger or napkin and dabbing it on the sore. We used it on my brother and it was gone in 2 days! So it really works. I have one myself right now and wrote down all the tips so i decided to give you one!

    – Thanks, Sarah

  384. Vegemite on the finger, rubbed on the actual ulcer. Stings like a bitch but works with the same principles as salt.

  385. I get canker sores every 6 or 7 weeks in bouts of about 3 to 7 sores. I know this sounds terrifying, but light a match, blow it out and hold it directly to the sore. It hurts. But you can no longer feel ANY pain there. It’s instantaneous, and the pain does not return. The healing time is reduced as well, but as the pain is gone it doesn’t even matter. If the sore has sealed over, this won’t work unless you scrub it so you can see the actual sore completely.

  386. The vitamin supplement Z-Bec taken 2x’s a day will not make the canka sore go away but stops the pain….I get canka’s alot ,ever since I was a kid, so since I am 50+ I can say I have tried everything and this works. It takes the full 5-6 days for the canka to clear out, but its not a problem as long as the pain is eliminated, I have no idea why or how it works, somehow the pain just gets blocked. Weird but it works

    I read canka sores are tied to crones and celiac disease….does anyone know if thats true…maybe I should be checked out. In 50+years no Dr ever told me this.

  387. Ever since i was 16 years old, my mom had told me to take at least 400mg of folic acid. I have a history of it in my family. Ever since i had taken the folic acid I have not gotten the sores. Depending on the person it might take 800mg but start out with 400mg. Take it ever morning, its a healthy, and painless way to keep the sores away. And its great for women when they are pregnant. It prevents birth defects so its a multiple-use vitamin.

  388. I use Listerine or its generic mouthwash. Works every-time to clean the infection and heal in a 1/3 of the normal time.

  389. I’m 19 and ever since I can remember I had canker sores and I get theem every couple of weeks but I get from 3 to about 15 I have even had them so bad my dentist counted 37 some were neadle size but jus as painfull and none of this works I tried everything I can’t eat for weeks when I get them the pain is too much I lock my jaw I can’t talk the salt trick burns till I’m in major tears not only does it sting but it hurts touching the sore, please help oif anyone knows any diff tricks

  390. My doctor prescribed Acyclovir. I always get over thirty canker sores and it makes eating and talking almost impossible. I start taking the Acyclovir when the first few pop up and it prevents more from forming and the sores already there go away pretty quickly. Sorry this doesn’t help the people who only get a couple canker sores.

  391. To get rid of a canker, I always dip a Q-Tip in Peptol Bismol 3 times a day. I hold my mouth open for a few seconds so the medicine can dissolve. Then, about an hour after applying the medicine, rinse your mouth with salt water.

  392. Mine appear to be a food allergy related to a bunch of types of fruit mostly. I just ate some melon a few days ago because i didn’t want it to go to waste, even though I knew it could be a problem. Sure enough I got two canker sores and one of them is huge. I really want to figure out which fruits cause it though because avoiding all fruit can be a pain.

  393. Bit weired but I put asprin ON the sores. till bout half of the pill is gone. Works wounders the cankor sores get smaller as you do it!! It may sting a little, but not as bad as salt!!

  394. I used to have horrible problems with canker sores when I was in my teen years. I had them pretty often and when I did they could get pretty big. Makes talking difficult!!! Through trial and error I find that mine are an alergic reaction to Aspertame which is a sweetener in gum. Once I stopped chewing gum they pretty much went away! However I bought a pack the other day and now i’m here… going to try the baking soda trick.

  395. Well My daughter had a canker sore and It was there for about 7 days and i told her to drink some orange juice she said it stung a little but not much. after that it started to go down a little but it wasnt completley qone so i put a very strong asprin on it called ascriptin and it was completley gone the next morning.

  396. I get them all the time and what I’ve just learned is that orajel really helps to ease the pain. Makes it much easier to eat!!

  397. Cankers suck ive had thm since i was three and i have one right now and it is as big as a raisin and its in that one spot at the top of my mouth were i keep biting it cankers suck ass!!

  398. Salt kills them really fast, it hurts pretty bad sometimes, but I actually put salt directly on the canker sore and it goes away alot faster, and after you put the salt on it for about 30 seconds, it doesn’t hurt for awile, I think it’s worth it, hope that helps.

  399. I got a canker sore awhile ago and now my husband has one i use a mixture my grandma told me to use . it is mouth wash does not mater which one but we use listerine . so you take the mouth wash and mix it with warm water , salt and hydrogen peroxide. it helps relive the pain and the canker sore is gone in 3-5 days . with this mixture you have to make sure there is enough water so that the peroxide is safe for internal use (just incase you swallow some). use 3-4 times a day

  400. I am 11 years old and have 3 right in a row on the inside of my lower lip it hurts so bad mostly when eating any food I tried salt it hurt so bad I almost cried but then I could hardly feel it and the next day all 3 were gone it does sting but it is so worth it

  401. Lighting a match, blowing it out, then applying the sulfated end directly to the sore may burn for a second or two, but it gets rid of it fast. Also usable on cold sores.

  402. I really needed help with this and I really want a faster way to, but the soulution I like that I have used is Tooth Paste directly on before you go to sleep in the morning and whenever you think you might need some. It should go in about one or two days sometimes longer depending on how big the cankersore is I get them all the time and I’m starting school tomorrow I need a faster soulution but this is all I know. Hope this helps, since the method is a lot less painful and fixs the pain for a few hours.

  403. Hi if you have one of these nasty things you can put ice cubes on it for about ten minutes and even though it is still there the pain is minimized. That part of the mouth were the canker sore is will become kind of dumb alowing you to full fill what you please. i dont know how long the numbness lasts i did it 30 mins ago and it still “numb”. hope i helped.

  404. Whiskey is the key…. when I was little my grandma Always used to dab it on with a Q Tip now I usually swish a shot and Good to go, It numbs and will sting a tad but hey It works for me, and salt is good too, in high school i’d carry salt packets from wendys and plot the whole packet on the sore hurt like hell but worked GREAT!

  405. Whenever I get one of these sores (all the time, basically) I put hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip & put it right on the sore. It stings, then bubbles, & tastes really weird, but it numbs the sore for a few hours & doesn’t numb anything else.

  406. Try a mixture of vinegar and peroxide. I watched the “Doctor” show this morning. And that was what he suggested. I tried it this morning and it works! I kept repeating it TOO much at first and it starting burning again. But if I just did it once after a while, like an hr, it did the job! But you probably only need to repeat, of course, when it starts burning again. My wait time in between, applying with cutip was 3 hrs.
    However, the doctor on tv said to spray mouth with this solution.

  407. I used to try salt and peroxide however it did not always work. The last time I tried salt and peroxide I did it for too long and made the canker sore turn black and it was ridiculously painful for more time than if I had just let it heal on it’s own. I can’t believe the people that say to use whisky are not more aggressive in telling their stories, because I have found that this is by far the BEST way to get rid of these dang things. Also beer works really well for me, i just take a swig and use it like mouthwash. It burns for a very short time then bubbles and goes numb for good. Don’t have to keep subjecting myself to the torture of the salt over and over again.

  408. I Have always had a hot cup of water with a lot of salt in it, swish it around and it will urn if effective and hot enough. do this a couple times and should reduce

  409. Try buying raw apple cider vinegar. Take a shot glass full twice a day for like 2 or 3 days it will clear up in almost a day. It is crazy. They have linked canker sores to a PH imbalance in the body and raw apple cider vinegar helps you to return to a more alkali state thus clearing up any imbalances. I swear it works Ive been doing it for years.

  410. I find the mouthwash and salt rinse especially works for me. I’ve also used this traditional Chinese herbal powder called “Watermelon Frost” – it’s a compound made from watermelon skin and a kind of sulfate mineral called mirabilite that can probably be easily purchased in Asian herbal stores. Not sure exactly how it works but watermelon supposedly has a “cooling” effect. It seems weird, tastes bitter and slightly stings but it works – use it 2-3 times/day, rinse it out after a few minutes and the sores are better and hurt less the next day.

    I read something about the stinging of baking soda in relation to age – I haven’t tried but I assume that like most remedies, how much stinging it causes probably does not depend on your age, but rather how bad your sores are and how much you put on.

  411. Apply salt directly to the canker sore and let it sit until it stops burning. This does hurt A LOT. Rinse your mouth with warm water after 30 seconds. This will cure a canker sore within 48 hours.

  412. I was burdened by canker sores a lot when I was younger and I noticed the L-lysine helped a lot… in fact this was my mothers old family remedy and I was very surprised to read that SOME PEOPLE HAVE THEM FOR UP TO 7 TO 10 DAYS…WOW…I never realized how long others have had them before because I have never had one for more than 5 days……of course I always used L-Lysine!
    SO, IF I ONLY HAD THEM FOR 5 DAYS OR LESS, I guess my mothers old remedy must have worked pretty well…….although I do like the “drink some whiskey and beer remedy” haha.

  413. I have always found that putting a used tea bag on the sore always worked for me. Put it on for as long as wanted. I reduces the pain right away and soothes the sore. It heals it faster( approximately one week).

  414. A few weeks ago i had a really bad canker sore and a friend told me to put regular table salt directly on it, and it burns like hell, but it also went away within the nest 2 days.
    however i now have one on the little piece of skin the connects your lip and your gums and the salt hasnt seemed to work, nor has the peroxide.

  415. I have a canker sore now and anbesol rly helps numb it fast but i dont know if that will also make it go away faster..can someone clarify this for me?

  416. Okay are you ready for this? Bite the canker sore AS HARD AS YOU CAN, get a pack of salt and pour it right on there for about a minute. It’s going to burn like crazy for a few seconds but that’s okay this will help relieve all pain. Then after it no longer burns, rinse your mouth out with Hydrogen Peroxide for about 30 seconds or until it starts foaming. Then rinse your mouth out with lukewarm water for 30 more seconds. This will help heal it within a matter of hours. The sore will still kind of be there, but the good thing is, the pain will be gone, so you won’t feel anything.

  417. Take a shot of 151 and swish it around in your mouth for about a minute before swallowing, then repeat. Burns like hell, but if you do it 3x a day it’ll be gone in 3 days.

    1. And you get the added benefit of being tanked…..what about kids, did u ever think of the CHILDREN?!!!!!

  418. Use benadryl and kaopectate mixed together in equal parts and rince your mouth with it it sounds odd but it takes 95% of the pain away and helps fight inflamation also speeds up the heling proses i dont know how it works but is amasing

  419. Ok so my problem is i don’t just have one canker sore. They are all on my gums, in side my cheeks, on my tongue, on the front and back of my gums upper and bottom row of teeth, on the roof of my mouth, they just keep getting worse and i keep getting more. i have one on my lip too. They hurt really bad and i cant eat or drink anything with out it hurting. Do you think its canker sores (that’s what the doctor said) or could it possibly be something else!?! Ive been using lidocaine to numb it but it only last for 10 min then i have to keep reapplying it and it taste horrible please anybody that has any advice. I’m up to trying anything now. I just want them to go away!

  420. “Kanka” – an OTC numbing liquid that you apply directly to the sore – has always been really helpful to me. if you notice one coming one, start applying Kanka right away. it seems to limit the time that the sore lasts and (obviously) numbs the pain.

  421. Buy Debacterol on line. It’s what the dentist uses to burn the canker sore and the pain stops instantly. Instead of seeing him every time I have an outbreak, I decided to order my own. It’s not cheap, but will last for years, if you don’t over use or use too much at once. I can’t live without it! It’s the only method that works instantly and clears the sore up, usually the next day!

  422. I get cankers alot. i got use to the soreness, but if im really annoyed with the feeling i just use embasol and q-tip. just dip the q-tip in the embasol and aply it straight on the canker sore. i do not believe that it speeds up the healing process, but it does temporaroly numb it.

  423. I have been getting canker sores since i was very young, and I have always put cream of tarter on it. It hurts a lot at first, but it helped it clear up in just a few days. I put it on two or three times a day. But it stings a lot!

  424. If you can find it, Quantam Health Canker Cover. You dry the sore and hold a little disc against it so it dissolves enough to stick to it. Its like a bandage with menthol to soothe. You can eat and drink easily for 6 hours. I found it a godsend until i couldn’t find it anymore except online. (depends on where the sore is, you might talk a little funny but its so worth it) Hope this helps.

  425. I get canker sores a lot (have one now unfortunately). I have always rinsed my mouth out with warm salt water (with A LOT of salt in it) and try to focus on the area where the canker sore is. It does hurt, but it’s worth it because it won’t hurt as much afterwards and usually goes away faster than if you don’t do anything at all. I also make sure to use mouthwash after I brush my teeth. Usually goes away pretty quickly.

  426. I Use warm water mixed with ALOT of salt, then swish it in my mouth for 10-15 seconds, or as long as you can, NO MORE THAN 15 SECONDS! It will be salty, but it helps heal the canker sore and relieve the pain.

  427. Try Clorophyll… trust me! You can buy it at the health store and you just dilute 5ml in water and drink it. It can also be used as a mouthwash. It has many, many benefits. I don’t suffer with canker sores but my husband suffers badly; if he drink orange or apple juice, he is done! Then he bites them in his sleep and wakes up with a big stinky mess. I gave my 20 month old son orange juice for the fist time this week and the inside of his mouth is now covered in little canker sores…
    Oregano oil also helps but stings like crazy…
    I hope this helps.

  428. Honey .. it actually makes the pain subside and it heals faster. I get canker sores a lot. Right now I actually have a couple 🙁 I usually notice that I get them from acidic foods and fruits.. particularly if I drink orange juice. But I know I haven’t added anything new to my diet and I really haven’t had a lot of acid foods. Last week I was taking antibiodics, has anyone ever heard of that causing canker sores?

  429. Dont use vitamin c…burns terrible!!!..made my tongue feel worse…now its swollen…advice just leave it alone…maybe i need ice :(.

  430. I get canker sores ALL the time and its really annoying! One time, I got two on both sides of my tounge. I could hardly talk, eat, or do anything that required my mouth moving! I usually just do warm water with salt (AND A LOT OF SALT) and rinse with it. I know this may sound weird, but this works, too: take a band-aid, and put salt on the white spot. (A LOT OF SALT) and put some water on it, too. Put the band-aid on the sore for about 10 seconds, and it will be off in a day. It works everytime for me.

  431. When I get these annoying sores I usually do the old salt and warm water method, but lately I’ve gotten to the point where I just can’t stand it any more, so one day I just took my toothbrush and some peroxide and I just brushed the sore like crazy. It hurt very bad for a few seconds but within the end of the day it literally was gone. Now I do this all the time, so if your willing to give few seconds of pain to get rid of em’ fast, trust me it works.

  432. I have tried everything. The best remedies are 1- Debacterol. Almost instant, painful. But worth it. Bleaches the spot you apply to for a day. 2- Lysine ( I think this works great for females for some reason)helped me some. 3. Glyoxide Cleans em up and helps to speedy removal. Cuts time in half most times. 4- Apple Cider vinegar. I think it balances out PH levels and speeds healing. 5- Use toothpaste without foaming agents.

    These are my suggestions. I am not a doctor. Try at your own discretion.

  433. It sounds pretty weird but for those who chew there lips/gums in their sleep. If you have any small band aids, I would suggest covering your canker sore with it before you go to sleep. I have done this multiple times and it helps with waking up in the morning without pain.

  434. I have a Canker Sore right now (OWWWWW!) but my aunt sed to get the salt and just pour intrest in youtube mouth..BEWARE it stings first and hurts a lot after! I let it sit for like 10 min and I did it before going to bed. After my mouth really hurt but the canker was just a little red ring in my mouth! Oh DON’T SWALLOW THE SALT!!!!!

  435. Drink a lot of orange juice, its what my mom told me to do 😀 i just make sure to drink 4 or 5 glasses, sometimes more, everyday and it makes the canker sore go away in 1 or 2 days or at least reduce the size and pain. you also should try not to bite and you should keep your teeth away from it because although it is tempting it just irritates it.

  436. Go to the dentist and tell them about the sore most likely they will light a match place it directly on the sore itself and burn it off. Very painful process I must say, however it works like a charm everytime!

  437. I dnt really hvae a tip because i cnt find anything to use. i wana try that peroxcide thing but i jst had oral surgery so im not sure if i can do tht yet so ima do the oarnge juice for now n c where i can get..thanks for the tips though

  438. Lemon juice and orange juice and salt mixed together PERFECT i am not kidding i use it all the time now its gone like in a doy or two =)

  439. Go to rite aid or walgreens and by this little bottle called “kanka” it works like a charm, but you HAVE to dry the sore with a q tip first then apply it , it tastes horrible it will get it your spit and proabbly numb your tongue too. it burns at first it made me cry. i ahve one right now and its in my upper lif all the way by my nose, so it hurts like hell to smile , which i do a lot so yeah. but that stuff works, im gonna have to try that salt water thing. oh and dont swallow the kanka that goes in yuor spit, wad all your spit up and spit it out.

  440. Whenever I got a Canker Sore, I rinced my mouth with warm water with a lot of salt. I found that this wasn’t helping with the unbearable pain. My father always told me that Ketchup helps. And it did. Although it made it sting a lot, it minimized the sore and healed in about two to three days.

  441. Just use Salt on your Canker sore just apply more then a finger pinch it dosent git rid of it. It just kills the pain but it stings like crazy

  442. Lysine-L. When they start, I start taking 3 tablets 3 times a day. Usually gets rid of themin a couple of days. Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work because they get worse if you use it too much.
    Another thing I noticed is some places I’ve lived – like here – there’s something in the water that makes me get them a lot. So I brush with Arm and Hammer baking soda and hydrogen peroxide toothpaste and never use water (even to cook with) unless it comes through a filter like osmosis, Pur, or Brita.
    Some places don’t give me canker sores, so I think maybe hard water or high levels of iron could be doing it.

  443. When I was a little girl in the 50’s my doctor would put an unlit match on them and it hurt like crazy. They were longer and bigger than a regular stick match. Must have been the sulphur that helped.

  444. I get them all the time, i curently have 4 at this moment… the doctor said stress and low iron is was causing it.. but not positive. And the only thing that really helps me is salt water and peroxide.

  445. I used silver nitrate sticks until they told us it was poisonous. It would cauterize
    the ulcer instantly. Burned like Hell-Fire and made you break dance for a few
    minutes, but the sore was gone within 24hr. 🙂

  446. My father told me to take a vitamin c tablet and place it on the sore before the and sleep with it in and let it dissolve and it will be gone or almost gone the next morning

  447. I have re-occuring canker sores, at the moment I have about 4. 3 on my lip and 1 on my tongue. I haven’t been eating anything differently, but I seem to get them more around the time I get my period. Not sure if that’s whats causing mine, but I’m going to the doctors to get it looked at. I’ve had them coming and going for about 5 months now. I’m not to sure.

  448. Try some medicine that you can get a pharmacy called L-Lysine it helps Build the tissue in your mouth back up and helps the canker sores.

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