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Fleas are tiny wingless insects that suck the blood of animals, such as dogs, cats, rats, chickens and humans. They live in the hosts’ fur or feather, deriving nourishment from their bodies. Swollen flea bites can be very itchy and painful. You can still be irritated by fleas though, even when they don’t bite you. Many people are allergic to flea saliva which causes rashes on their skin.(Learn how to get rid of flea bites)

Dogs and cats aren’t the only hosts of fleas. These tiny wingless parasites also live in carpets because they mistake the fabric for fur. They don’t survive that long on carpets though, so they need to latch on to new living hosts. It’s important to get rid of fleas in your carpets to protect you and your pets’ health. Here are some ways to get rid of carpet fleas in your home.

Find Out Where They Hide

Carpet fleas are very small, so they are hard to see. These insects like to live in dark, moist areas such as underneath furniture or behind doors. Check both sides of your carpets for fleas that cling on the fabric. Also, make sure to inspect large pieces of furniture like couches, because fleas also like to live in these things.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

The easiest way to get rid of carpet fleas is to suck them with a vacuum cleaner. Put the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle over the carpets and furniture and suck the fleas away. Pay attention to the corners and seams of your couches because fleas sometimes get stuck in these places.

Wash All Your Carpets

While vacuuming your carpets will get rid of many carpet fleas, not all of them may be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. To get rid of all the small fleas that might be stuck in your carpets’ fabric, wash your carpets regularly in hot, soapy water. You can also use a steam cleaner to wipe out all the carpet fleas that may have escaped the vacuum cleaner.

Try Boric Acid

Boric acid is extremely deadly against many kinds of insects. The amazing thing about this chemical is that while it kills almost all kinds of insects, it is still safe for people to use. Boric acid is the perfect insecticide if you want to avoid strong chemicals. The substance is a weak acid mined in Southwestern US. Do not pour too much of the acid on colored fabrics though, because this can result in discoloration.

Use A Boric Acid Solution

Steam clean all your carpets with a mixture of borax and water. Water drowns adults while borax gets stuck on your carpets, stopping the development of young fleas. This technique is useful if you really want to get rid of all fleas, including their young, on old fabrics.

Apply Carpet Treatments

Carpet treatments that contain bendiocarbs, allethrin, and chlorpyrifos are very useful in getting rid of carpet fleas. Read the label carefully to know how exactly to use the product. Some treatments are specially made for carpet beetles, which are different from carpet fleas. Call the manufacturer if the product is effective against both parasites. Also, remember to read product reviews before buying any carpet treatment for your home.

Call Pest Control Professionals

There are cases when simple do-it-yourself flea control techniques just won’t work, especially if your house is teeming with furry pets that host these parasites. A carpet flea problem this bad is hard to solve alone, so the best you can do is call pest control professionals who will get rid of the fleas for you. Pest control agents have the proper equipment and knowledge to get rid of the fleas quickly. Paying for their services is a small disadvantage compared to the huge benefits of getting rid of fleas for you and your pets’ health. They can also get rid of carpet beetles, if your carpets have these parasites, too. (Learn how to get rid of carpet beetles)

Get Rid Of Old Fabrics

Fleas can cling to scattered rugs and old clothes around your house, so get rid of these fabrics as quickly as possible. Don’t give these fabrics to other people if you know that you have a carpet flea infestation. Throw away the fabrics or was them to make sure that all the fleas are killed.

Kill Them With Insect Spray

Spray furniture, carpets, and floor boards around your house with insect spray to exterminate carpet fleas. Remember to spray the underside of your carpets, because fleas can also get trapped in these areas. You may want to take your pets outside the house before spraying though, as the odor of the chemical can poison small pets such as birds. Take out your cats and dogs too, because these animals can become ill or die when they lick the insecticide off your carpets.

Regularly Inspect Your Carpets

It’s important to inspect your carpets regularly if you have many dogs and cats at home. Fleas will eventually fall on your carpets and wait there until another one of your pets passes by. They can also cling to your skin and bite you, causing swelling, pain, and itch. Change your carpets once you notice the first signs of infestation.

Give Your Pets A Bath

You can’t get rid of all carpet fleas if you just focus on the carpets; after all, fleas come from your pets and they just fall to the carpets. Give your pets a bath regularly so that they’re always clean and free from all kinds of parasites.

Consider Using Salt

Some people sprinkle salt on their carpets to kill flea eggs. Simply sprinkle on areas where you’ve seen carpet fleas before and then wait 24 hours before vacuuming. You may also use boric acid in combination with salt to make sure that the parasites are killed.

Carpet fleas cause a lot of trouble in the home, but they are quite easy to get rid of if you’ve done enough research. For best results, clean your entire house thoroughly so that fleas have nowhere to go. Fleas will leave your house on their own if they cannot derive nourishment from there. If you enjoyed reading this article you’ll surely love to read how to get rid of fleas naturally.

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  1. what is the proper way to use the borax on carpet to kill and eliminate all fleas and eggs. i let it set over night and vaccumed the next day however the fleas are still in my carpet. Please help me ASAP
    Thank You

  2. The Borax I’ve been told by my groomer actually after sitting on rug for an hour or two ( just to sink in ) literally chops up the fleas like little razors, ensuring they DIE. I did this then shampooed and they have seemed to go away—so far. Hope this helps.

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