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How to Clean Cat Urine Odors

Cat urine has earned a reputation for being one of the most formidable of all pet odors. It not only smells horrible, but has a very persistent odor that must be removed entirely. Leaving any trace of it is an invitation for your kitty to re-mark the same area over and over again. Most commercially available pet-odor removers are expensive and also unnecessary unless you’re dealing with an aged urine stain or a fragile fabric.

You will need:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Towels
  • Scrub Brush
  • A Bowl
  • Warm Water
  • Dish detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Baking Soda

Removing Cat Urine from Carpet

Caution: Test this method on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t cause damage or discoloration.

  1. Remove as much of the urine as possible by blotting the stain with a dry towel, re-wetting it with warm water, and repeating. A shampooer, wetvac, or steamer can make this step much easier.
  2. Once you’ve removed as much urine as you are willing (or able) to, re-saturate the area with a 50/50 water/white vinegar solution and allow it to air dry (use a fan if you’re in a rush).
  3. Completely cover the area with baking soda โ€“ use lots!
  4. Fill a container with enough water to saturate the stained area and add a drop of regular dish detergent. Pour the solution on top of the baking soda.
  5. Using either your hands, towels, or a scrub brush, work the baking soda, water and detergent paste into the carpet – work it in good and deep, then allow it to air dry.
  6. Once the area has dried completely and the baking soda has returned to powder form, vacuum it up. If the vacuum isn’t cutting it, it can be blotted up using water and towels.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 as needed to remove any remaining odor.

Removing Cat Urine from Upholstery

Caution: Test this method on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t cause damage or discoloration.

  1. Remove as much of the urine as possible by flushing the article/area with clean water and then removing as much of it as possible with either towels of a wet-vac
  2. Once you’ve removed as much urine as you are willing (or able) to, re-saturate the area with a 50/50 water/white vinegar solution and allow it to air dry (use a fan if you’re in a rush).
  3. Cover the area liberally with baking soda โ€“ use lots!
  4. Fill a container with enough water to saturate the stained area and add a drop of regular dish detergent. Pour the solution on top of the baking soda.
  5. Using either your hands, towels, or a scrub brush, work the baking soda/water/detergent paste into the fabric โ€“ work it in good and deep, then allow it to air dry.
  6. Once the area has dried completely and the baking soda has returned to powder form, vacuum it up. If the vacuum isn’t cutting it, it can be blotted up using water and towels.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 as needed to remove any remaining odor.

Commercial Cat Urine Removers

If the steps outlined above just weren’t enough to kill the odor, the next logical step is either to try an odor-removal product, or call in a professional cleaner to contend with the problem. There are TONS of pet odor cleaners currently on the market, and they tend to be expensive so it’s a good idea to do some pre-purchase research. Also make sure you check the bottom of this page for tips submitted by other users.

How to Select a Cat Urine Remover

Epinions is a good place to start your search for a product that fits your needs. Different cleaners tend to work better in different situations so search for success stories with circumstances that match your own (Old stains, kittens, fabric types, etc). Once you’ve found a few that look good, perform some searches using the product name.

Click here for more information onย how to get rid of cat urine odors.

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  1. My cat stands with front paws on the edge of the litterbox sometimes missing and leaving a mess on the basement floor. I use full strength bleach to clean this up and it works wonders. I’ve read many worries about cleaning cat urine soiled clothing, towels, bedding. They really like smelly socks, soiled underware and armpit odors (so keep em in a hamper! as I am forever telling my kids) I have never had a problem, just rinse, launder as usual in a small load in the washing machine and the problem is solved. If the urine has dried I wash it a second time. My problem is an older neurotic cat who occassionally has an accident on the carpet! How do I get rid of the smell before hubby puts the cat down? I have not been ompressed wit odor eliminators.

  2. A cat friend has given me a bottle of Mentor, a room deodorizer used for hospital-strenght-odor-control and I spray just a tiny bit over the litter boxes after i have cleaned them – it really takes away the urine smell, works great!

    As for the poor old cat, we too tend to develop control problems when we get older…. we wouldn’t want to be called neurotic or be put down just because we can’t hold it properly, would we….. ๐Ÿ™

  3. Just to let all of you know how to remove urine from carpet.

    The proper way is to:
    1. Lift the carpet and remove the damaged padding

    2. Seal the sub floor with a primer to lock in the odors

    3. Replace the padding, then have the carpet laid back into place.

    I am a carpet cleaned and have had alot of run in’s with pet urine.

    Nobody wants to go through this and have all that work done to properly remove the urine.

    First it takes approximatley 7 years for urine to crystalize.

    I use a chemical to speed up the crystalization process to about 24 hours…but no one wants to be around when i do this because to smell amplifies by at least 10…24 hrs. later they are in good shape.

    Cats urinate on edges usually…seeping into the base boards, tack strip and the sub floor.

    You have to flood the areas to neutralize the urine.

    then spray a antimicrobial to stop any type of mold growth.

    dogs urinate where they want to…they are not specific flood the area and extract.

  4. This sounds awful but it works. Summers Eve douche. I heard it down the grape vine in our family and when I moved into this house we tried it. I swear the people that lived here before locked their cats in a closet and let them pee all over the carpet. We put Summers Eve douche in a spray bottle and sprayed the carpet until damp all over, let dry and repeat as many times as needed. DO NOT DELUTE THE DOUCHE! Worked on very strong odors after only 2 applications over the entire floor. If odor persists longer put it in your carpet shampooer. It really does work…I was amazed.

  5. OK my cat had an infection causing him to pee in random locations. We gave him the meds., and he’s better now.
    The problem is I’v cleaned all the spots I could find and I have gone back and checked them all and they all smell fine, But the house still has a scent of urine and I can’t deal with it.

    any ideas on how to find it or how to de-oderize the whole house? thanks

  6. So I’ve tried the steps outlined above but instead of the baking soda turn back into powder i’ve got this dried glued like substance that i can’t get out!

    The smell of cat pee is gone but now i got a huge hard white spot in the middle of my carpet that i can’t fully get ride of.

  7. i tried that urine gone stuff that is advertised on tv and it does NOT really work. i did as the instructions said and the next day (today) the smell is still there and the stains are still visable under the black light. kinda sucks as i have three large spots to deal with.

  8. I have dealt with cat urine for quite some time now. I have tried several of the ones posted as tips and even the one that suggested the idea of vinegar. My house still smelled of cat urine, now we are talking about carpets here. It is very hard to eliminate it from carpets. it seeps through the carpet, goes into the padding then into your floor. Does a pretty good amt of damage as well. I also did the baking soda as well and didn’t find it too easy to remove the baking soda. What i finally did was remove the carpet and padding altogether. And instead of putting down another carpet, i washed the floor several times with diluted bleach to get the smell out. The bleach did work. I let it air dry with the windows open (screens left closed) don’t want the kitties to run or jump out. Then i bought self stick tiles. Placed them all over the floor, You can also get linoleum. And added an area rug in the middle of the livingroom. The area that were typically marked didn’t smell anymore and in those areas i MADE sure i put things in them, so they wouldn’t try to go into those directions again. Don’t leave those areas open. Don’t leave boxes on your floors, plastic bags, piles of papers, or even dirty laundry for a specific amt of time. These are all well heated areas for them to urinate at. If you have a situation with a cat simply spraying then you need to get your cat fixed. This they do basically to mark their territory esp if you have any other male cats around or strays around your house.
    I did recently find an area in my bedroom that i left open, nothing was there to cover up the area, so my cat thought he could take that spot. I took a large cup you can also use a bucket of warm to hot water.Pour a good amount on the area.(water) and I poured some laundry detergent which is good for odors onto the carpet area, Scrubbed it as good as i could. Did it for about 3 times. Then i steam vaccumed it up. If it still smells after you do this, do it again. Keep doing the smell test, i know it can be annoying. But when you notice it doesn’t smell anymore like urine that is when you can steam it up, if you don’t have a steam cleaner, see if one of your supermarkets have one that you can rent. After i steam cleaned it, I poured some of that lavandar potpourri on the area and i let it air dry. That area doesn’t smell anymore. any areas that you can use bleach i would say that is your best bet. Just keep children and pets out of the area.
    Eventually i will also be removing that carpet, thinking again of the tiles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. hi just to add to the baking soda, dont put it on your carpet and leave it. you need to brush it in and keep brushing, dont leave it hover it and then do it again. the baking soda will soak up and dampness and go into lumps it also get`s rid of the smell. but if you leave it and go back later..well good luck getting it out of your carpet. also after cleaning with the baking soda spray surgial spirt over the area. hopes this helps.

  10. I tried the white vinegar thing which helps with the stain as well as the smell of cat urine… but i still can’t seem to get the smell of litter box out of my house. no matter how often i change it and put new litter in it, i can’t seem to mask this general cat odor…help!!

  11. THANKS! oh my god i have never smelled anything worse than the cat pee on my balcony (which for some reason is “carpeted” in astroturf). i bought a litter mat, but one of my cats decided that the litter mat was an extension of the litter box, and went on it. the urine of course leaked onto the balcony floor and set in. i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the smell, and it filled my entire house…the stench would linger in my furniture and carpets. i go to school in the tenderloin (one of the worst homeless-infested part of san francisco), and it smelled worse than that! after reading this article, i used baking soda and white vinegar, rubbed it in with a broom, then rinsed it out and used antibacterial dish soap, used the broom again, and washed that out, and i am just amazed. i can breathe again!

  12. I am going to try this tomorrow where my cat has peed in my bedroom. I would like to know if anyone has a tip on how to get sewer smell out of a bathroom. I recently installed ceramic tile on my bathroom floor and a sewer smell seems to be coming from around the bottom of the commode. Any suggestions??

  13. My daughter left her jacket on the floor and one of our cats urinated on it. I’ve washed the jacket several times but the smell is still noticeable. I would hate to throw the jacket away; it’s almost new. Any suggestions?

  14. for the litter box odor, do not feed your cat canned food. try the dry cat food. if they are fed dry food there is no odor when they ****.

  15. This is for Olivia with the sewer smell. You are going to have to replace the wax ring on the bottom of your toilet. That will seal the toilet to the sewer pipe and get rid of the smell. You should have done this when you did the new tile work, but it is a simple fix to do and shouldn’t take more than an hour to do.

  16. I need a solution – my cat urinated on the carpet, I removed the carpet – only to discover it had soaked thru to the wood floor. How do I get this awful smell out of the wood ??? I have tried store bought spray cleaners, no luck. The smell is worse when the weather is damp or raining outdoors. Does the bleach idea really work ? I want to put down new carpet eventually, but I want the smell gone so the cat doesn’t urinate on any new carpet I purchase. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Litterboxes need to be replaced every once in a while, too.

    BTW, that “stuff from TV” is UrineGone and no, it doesn’t really work. It’s not really safe for animals, either. X_X

    Totally going to try the douche thing, though. Maybe it’ll clean a cat box, too?

  18. I ran my steam cleaner with peroxide in it but today I noticed the smell was still awful. I had already tried Nature’s Miracle on this spot. So I found this website and started the procedure. While I was waiting for the vinegar solution to dry, one of the kitties came over and took a big smelly dump in the same spot! I swear, I’ve tried everything! Most places they’ve gone cleans up ok, it’s just where the dear departed diabetic cat went that’s the problem.

  19. I have found that mr. clean will clean up cat urine smells on tile and linolium. but i have a bigger problem. i pulled the carpet in a bedroom and there is a bad odor coming from it. i tried cleaning it with mr. clean but that didn’t work. when the floor gets wet it seems worse than before. we live in the house and it is a bedroom that is used and we do have a few animals that we just can’t take out of the house. please give some info on how to get the odor out without chemicals, or leaving the house with the dog and cats. and again thanks for trying.

  20. I am going to try the formula above…I would think baking soda should help and not harm my kitty! Has anyone tried the recipe from stinkycat? I wonder if it is vinegar and baking soda. They claim it is household items so makes me wonder. Good luck to everyone, it is a smell none of us want to live with!

  21. I agree with the baking soda, vinegar, water, peroxide, and dish soap remedy for carpets and other hard to clean areas. For clothing, I use a strong solution of Mean Green, Palmolive automatic dish soap(for the dishwasher in the yellow bottle), Detergent, and liquid fabric softener. I hand wash them in the sink (or the bathtub if there are larger amounts affected). I let them sit overnight after scrubbing and agitating by hand. Then wring out the clothes and wash again with Detergent and liquid fabric softener. It really works. Our cat sprayed on all of my daughters clothes she left on the floor and they no longer smell at all.

  22. how can I get the litter box smell out, I’ve tried every catlitter the market, I’m trying the pinebark next any suggestions?

  23. To laura,
    The litter box smell in my opinion never goes away. I tried the Pine stuff and it just made it smell like ammonia laced pine trees. Also, I have found that the box liners aren’t all they are cracked up to be. My cats like to break the lining and pee all over it. I prefered the litter better. Cleaning the box reguaraly is the only thing I have found that somewhat gets rid of the odor (changing litter and cleaning the box itself with bleach)

  24. I had a cat that urinated in our dining room until the carpet was not salvageable. We had to rip it up and install tile. Unfortunately it had seeped into our concrete so we had to hire someone who had the chemicals to get the stuff out of our concrete. Lowe’s referred us to this person so try calling your local Lowe’s or Home Depot if the problem has seeped into your concrete. That is normally what happens when a cat urinates on the rug.

    Long story short this did elimanate the odor and we had to put down tile.

    My only problem is how to lessen the odor of the kitty liter. Our house gets pretty humid which makes the smell carry. Nothing I do fixed that and we scoop every day. I’ve tried the baking soda and that still didn’t work. Any other suggestions? I have two adult male cats who use that liter box.

  25. The only litter I use is Arm & Hammer for Mulitple Cats. As long as you keep it clean each day, I cannot smell the box at all. I have a diabetic cat that pees constantly (now on my carpet) and I have tried the baking soda recipe – it didn’t work for me. I’ve also tried “Zero Odor” – it actually works, but you need a ton of it, and it’s very expensive. Order online at I think I’m going to bite the bullet and order that again.

  26. I need a tip! My kitty has urinated on my leather sofa. Does anyone have a tip on how to remove kitty urine odor from leather? It’s a dark maroon leather sofa.

  27. I have a question-my cat urinated on my dark brown suede handbag-I am afraid to try anything on it that may discolor or ruin the suede-any suggestions?

  28. For the kitty urine on your leather sofa — had that here too.

    Got rid of the sofa. Bought a new one, not leather. I had a leather cleaning company come out and look at the peed on sofa, and they said it’s impossible to get out of leather.

  29. well, all of these tips seem nice, and they might work, but cat pee is so strong and so tough to handle, and vinegar stinks too, so wouldnt the cat smell and the vinegar stink worse being together? Sometimes purfume sented powders will work, there usually found right in walmart, or any kind of store, but if you dont clean your litter box out, the cat will find a clean place in your house to go.

  30. oh, and if you have more then one cat, you might want to get more then one litter box, some are just like it to just want one for just one cat (if that makes sence) but if you have a two story house, you can put one down stairs and up stairs, it seems to work alot better..

  31. I have a 2 year old male cat, a 7 month old female and a male that is approximately 4 months old. I have noticed that there are days when i can smell that the 2 year old male has been spraying. I read above about the dirty clothes thing where they like to spray around smelly socks, Body odor laced shirts and other various dirty smelling clothes. I am going to try to make my 4 year old son and my Fiance’ put their clothes in hampers instead of on the floor, but my concern is that I have all wood floors. I do not have carpet in my home. How do i rid the wood in the house from the smell? And it also seems that the litter box smell (from the litter boxes in the basement) seeps through the house via my heating ducts! Is there any solution for the smells that come through my ducts? I clean the litter pans regularly and i have one litter box per cat (3 cats = 3 litter boxes). Any suggestions on any of this would be great!

  32. For my house the only way to get the smell out is to soak up the urine with towels, then use a rug steamer to suck up the excess then pour vinegar and saturate the area let it stand over night, then suck it up with the rug steamer, then clean the with carpet cleaner and or baking soda. As for cat boxes, you must clean out at least once a week. I sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom of the box, then put a few pages of newspaper down then pour cat litter on top. I use the cheap stuff and just dump it out at the end of the week. The news paper and baking soda help absorb most of the urine so the box itself isn’t so dirty when I dump it.

  33. I tried alot of stuff to get rid of that nasty cat smell and I finally found one that worked for me. You can get it at a pet store for around $16.00 dollors a gallon with a sprayer included. It is called Fresh ‘N Clean Oxy-strength with arm & hammer deodorizers in it. Works great it is now a week later and still no cat smell there. Just pour on or spray on depending how big the spot let sit for 10 minutes or more, then i extracted it with my shampoer and put a fan on it to dry.

  34. I have two male cats. They also have a litter box, each. I keep it clean, but they still stink really bad. Plus, they have been going in my sister’s room, and not just spraying either! They treat it like it is another litter box. How can I stop them from this?

  35. I work for an all feline veterinary practice, one of our vets does tons of behavioral consultations and she also does a ton of research with feline behavior in general, so I’ll let you know what we recommend in our clinic. One thing most owners don’t realize is that a litter box NEEDS to be at least 1.5 times the size of the cat, they need to be able to move around in there….very few litter boxes are the correct size and it’s usually best to go with a dog litter box. Ideally, you should have 1 litter box per floor, and as many boxes as you do cats plus 1 ( so 3 cats=4 boxes ). Use ONLY unscented kitty litter ( I know, I know this is hard to break the habit of ) Pestell is an inexpensive yet good brand of kitty litter. Scoop the box regularly, use only unhooded litter boxes, no plastic liners, and keep the box in area easily accessible to the cat that still offers privacy. Never keep the food near the litter box and don’t keep near washer or dryer so it doesn’t startle your cat. No litter box freshners…cats usually dislike the smell even if they tolerate it and a lot of cats can develop skin allergies to the product. Don’t use bleach in your litter box to clean it, use dawn ( we use the blue stuff ) dish soap and rinse well and dry. Basically it boils down to making the box more attractive to use than any other area….this can be difficult if your cat develops a substrate preference ( like carpet, plastic bags, paper etc. ). To clean odors, especially cat pee ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love Anti Icky ***’s expensive but I swear to god it works ( buy a large syringe and needle to inject into the carpet to get down deep in the padding ) I also like Liquizyme…it’s expensive at first but you dilute it w/water so it actually is very cost effective! I have a diabetic cat ( and 6 other cats ) and once I finally started following the doctors recommendations, my problems went away….no more urinating outside the box ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was very hard for me to change my ways, even if you start w/1 change to make litter box situation ideal it can help! And no matter what you think the cause is for inappropriate urination, please take your cat to the vet to rule out anything medical, you’d be so surprised how many underlying medical problems we find on cats who don’t even urinate outside the box ( crystals are so common, especially w/grocery store food ) and they hurt! UTI’s are also very common, especially in cats older than 7 years old…when the kidneys don’t concentrate the urine as well, it becomes the perfect environment for bacteria! Seriously though, you gotta try the anti icky *** ( its a goofy name ) but it works!

  36. I had to rescue our outside cat from the neighbors fence and on the way home he urinated in my SUV! Is is on the floor board and I used a towel to soak up all that I could, then steamed cleaned it with Capture and put baking soda on it. It STILL smells! How do I get the smell out of our SUV? I use this vehicle everyday and we can’t hardly stand the smell. Renuzit helps masks the smell but you have to use it EVERYTIME you get into the vehicle. Buying a new one isn’t an option because this one is only a few years old.

  37. Hi there,

    I have a huge problem. I guess my boyfriends cat was mad at us for leaving her alone or something because when i left my expensive LuLu Lemon bag open on the floor..she decided she was gonna do her business in it. It reaks like cat pee now and i have no idea how i’m going to clean it. I called a dry cleaner and they said they cannot do anything about it because the bag is leather on the outside and it would be ruined if it went through their machines. Any ideas from anyone??

  38. I took up the carpet and the cat had saturated a3x3 area of the carpet and padding and subfloor took straight bleach on the subfloor and let it air out then I put laminate flooring down and that cured it cause cats only seem to like to pee on carpet or something similar

  39. I’ve read a lot of posts regarding cats peeing on the carpet. Oddly enough, my cat rarely goes on the carpet. Instead, he prefers the middle of my daughter’s bed first, then her closet and/or toy box, and recently he’s given me two wonderfully ripe spots on my sofa that I can’t get rid of. It’s embarassing to have people come over and sit on the sofa. Even though I’ve steam cleaned the spot and tried fabreez, it still smells. I don’t know how to get the odor out without harming the sofa. I don’t want to try something and end up with big discolored spots on my sofa.

    Does that douche thing really work? I think I might give it a try and hope that it doesn’t ruin my furniture. Most of these home remedies stated here are for carpet. Also, we live in an apartment where ripping up the carpet and cleaning the concrete or putting tile down is definitely not an option.

  40. My little babies (cats) have a habit of using the cellar floor as a litter box. How can I get the odor out? I’m thinking Nature’s Miracle followed by Kilz paint. Any thoughts?

  41. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and Gonzo products work the best. I have used the Cleaning products and Odor elimination products as well. they have a Lava rock product that eliminates odor and after a while you put it into sunlight to re-charge. Very Green.

  42. This if for BRENDA. I have the same problem. Feral cat comes up to my front door, sprays it, sprays the sides of the house, the garage, even my blazer. Its a nightmare, cat urine smell. Im about to give in and hand the keys and the deed over to the cat, since he thinks its his territory, he can assume all financial responsibility. Im sure the bank will like that.
    Seriously , does anyone know what to do? I am about ready to set a live trap and catch the cat and turn it in to the city. I work to hard for my stuff to have some cat come along and ruin it with his odor. At this point, i would rather be smelling a skunk. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE?? I bought some enzyme destroyer from the pet store but the smell seems to be worse when the sun comes out and warms everything. YUCK.

  43. i forgot to put this in, im going to try and rent a power washer this spring to spray the outside of the house, Im sure there is some kind of enzyme destroyer on the market that i can use then some soap for the power washer. Maybe this will help with the outside spraying on the siding.

  44. For cat urine on clothes/blankets etc (anything you can fit in your washer machine…) use Dreft baby detergent! One to Two washes and the smell is completely gone! I need help though, my cat urinated in my car and it got all over the arm rest in my car. I tried washing it with warm water and dish soap, then I totally soaked it in vinegar. I can NOT get the smell out ๐Ÿ™ I think completely soaked it in Nature’s Miracle but the smell is still there. PLEASE HELP!!! How can I get the smell out of the cars arm rest???

  45. Don,t give your cat city [tap] water,because the chemicals in the water can cause a urinary trac infection which will make the odor stronger.ALSO to get the smell off of woodfloors try tomatoe juice you can also try a product called KRUD KUTTER it’s a little pricie but it works to remove the discoloration and smell.You can find it at most hardware stores.

  46. I have a 4 month old kitten that has decided to make our leather couches her litter box. She only urinates on the couches but does her other business in one of her boxes. I am desperate for a solution, we have tried keeping her off the couches by using tin foil, plastic sharp carpet runners, special sprays ect… Sometimes she will urinate (only a small amount) in one of her boxes but holds the big one’s for the couches. We are at the point where we will have to give her up if she continues. PLEASE any suggestions

  47. I was hoping that someone would have a tip for Rebecca, I have the same problem with the air ducts! Whenever the heater or air conditioner kick on the house is filled with the smell of cat pee! I have tried scrubbing out each vent thinking that maybe one of them peed down it, but nothing seems to help. Any tips, suggestions, ideas??

  48. Okay ya’ll. i have the nose of a BLOODHOUND and i can smell a dirty trashcan that’s in the kitchen downstairs while i’m UPSTAIRS with my bedroom door closed – it will wake me in mid-sleep. not joking either….

    so i have two indoor cats, one 110-lb rottweiler, 2 guinea pigs and a 40 gallon fish tank. what was i thinking? oh yeah, did i mention i have three kids? anyway, i work very hard to keep this house smelling clean. i would rather have a “messy” house that just needs to be picked up than a clean smelly house. can i get an “Amen Sister”?

    so…..i have a new boy kitty that we adopted from the animal shelter in November that decided he wants to be the boss over my older female cat that’s VERY dominant and much older. so he started peeing everywhere….mattresses, carpet, laundry, bathroom rugs, blankets, pillows, the couch, etc. Awful. so i have tried EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING to get the urine smell out of all my stuff.

    Vinegar (didn’t work and made everything smell like pickles)
    nature’s miracle (nope)
    that orange stuff you get from petsmart (nada)
    urine out (no go)
    and the list goes on and on……

    I will say that the we figured out quite some time ago that you can wash any urine soaked clothes in pine sol and then again in plain water and it works great. but i have found something EVEN BETTER!!! out of desperation, i was literally running through the pet care lanes of every single store in America buying everything i could get my hands on. one day i saw that Febreeze pet eliminator formula on the shelf and thought to myself, “I know it won’t work, but it’s worth a try.” Guess what? it works better than anything and everythying!

    i have even special ordered really expensive stuff off the internet and paid a lot of money for shipping and handling and this stuff BY FAR exceeds anything i’ve ever tried. you can use it to soak mattresses – works. you can use it to pour directly on carpet and soak the area down through the padding – works. you can pour it in the washer with a load of clothes – works. it’s a gift from the Good Lord above.

    you gotta try it!!! oh – and kitty prozac works like a charm to get this behavior stopped.

    let me know if any of you try it and how it works for you.

  49. I am looking for a solution, willing to try anything. We acquired some nice wood furniture from a house (foreclosure) and they not only left all their belongings in the house, also about a dozen cats. They peed/pooped on everything!!! The furniture is nice except for the smell. Can we do ANYTHING to get the smell out of the furniture???

  50. same cat problem but i discovered something that works:
    hidrogon poroxcide
    fabreeze pet oder eliminater
    baking soda
    and water all mixed together and do this everyday till the smell goes away.

  51. i own a cat up was found at a dairy farm, and one day he decided to knock over a saudust bag i had for my hampster cage and pee in it, unfortunitly it was right below a wall heater, i tried everyhting, even the water vinegar thing, what i had to do was go to my local vet office and they gave me a soultion called K-O-E (KELLEL ORDER ELIMATOR) 1/4 ounce makes 1 gallon soultion, you just soak the spot with it, leave it for as long as possible then blot it up with a towel, after wards i just used fabreze, you may have to do 2 applications of the soultion depending on how bad the odor is. but the solution is very recommended!!

  52. i have a big problem,my cat pees on the carpet behind the tv i shampooed and shampooed tried everything even the vingar fabreez nothing works my husband says it has gone down thru the wood and for it to stop i have to tear up my carpet and i dont want to do that by the way it would cost a lot to put new carpet in that i dont have so anyone out there please help me get rid of this smell thanks gayle

  53. i dont no if this went thru i want some help to get rid of my cat urine smell i have tried everything even fabreez,nada we think it is far down into the wooh i cant afford to put new caroet in so what can i use please help thanks

  54. to remove pet odors (including cat urine) from furniture – rent an Ozone generator. Cover the furniture with a blanket or sheet and place the Ozone generator under the blanket or sheet and leave for one hour (or use manufacturers instructions). The Ozone removes the odor and the smell will not return. This even works on leather.

  55. This smell is driving me mad and my baby! A cat weed on my baby buggy and I have no idea how to remove this. Poor baby cries in the mornings when I put her in the buggy.

  56. Febreze only eliminate odor temporarily. I have not tried vinegar or hydrogen peroxide; however what I have used and seems to work is ammonia and hot water. Anything that I can fit into a washing machine. I put it on a regular cycle using hot water and a cup of ammonia. Obviously the stronger the urine smells the more ammonia I use. Use your own judgment. It has not harmed any of my clothes and I have used it on everything from sheets to my delicates.

  57. My pet peed on my bed.
    We have no other cats and its the 1st time since he came home 4months ago. He loves my bedroom and he opens my door even when i am not there. The smell is driving me sick. What to do?

  58. My cat nearly destroyed my leather lounge. I washed it, sprayed it with Urine-Off ( expensive but works) several times and after it was dry and clean, I spray it with perfume once a week, or any au de toilette, cheap or expensive will do it doesn’t matter,the cat won’t touch it now!!!!

  59. I have stray cats in the back yard the neighbor feeds them – and they think that my yard is the litter box – the have done their business on my deck and in and around my flowers – what should I do the smell is bad

  60. use window cleaner i used it and the smell just went you can also try it with baking soda trust me it works

  61. umm stop cats doing there business in the yard or the flowers or anything put moth balls around it and they wont go there anymore it works too… but remember to put new ones out when they get smaller!!

  62. I have an empty apartment that I need to rid of a horrible cat odor on the hardwood floor. The previous tenant had a copy of cats and I have painted the entire apartment and now I beleive the odor is coming from the hardwood floors that were previously sanded and polyearthained. Can I use bleach or must I have it professionaly sanded and and polyearthained again? Any suggestions?

  63. i have a huge problem i know this is for cats but mine is with our dog! he has urinated sooo many times on our bedroom floor that it just SMELLS i dont even want to be in there n e more its so bad!! HELP i want something that will work thats a home remidy!!!!

  64. DO NOT USE AMONIA!! That will only attract the cat to urinate there more, amonia is a naturally occurring component of urine. I use Nature’s Miracle and it works great. And yes, I agree, it is expensive.

  65. I bought a house and the previous owners had a cat, this whole house STINKS!! The cat was in the vents, even the cupboards stink I have tried every thing


  67. I have two cats and have tried everything. I recently found an amazing new product called Room Shocker. It not only took the urine smell out but it also helped with my husbandโ€™s allergies. It seems that it completely purifies the air and eliminates any severe bad odors right at the source. I ordered it online from a website called The best part was I didnโ€™t have to scrub anything. Very low maintenance just leave it in a room for a few hours, come back and the smell is gone!

    This product seems to work well for all severe bad odors.

  68. use baking soda for cat or dog urine. it will absorb the liguid and will also deoderize. just let it dry and vaccum or sweep away. if its an old area make a past and use it the same way

  69. We have several cats, and they peed all over my oldest daughter’s floor. This is what I used to totally get the smell out of the room.

    about half a box of baking soda
    hydrogen peroxide
    a squirt of liquid dish soap
    tomato sauce, an 8 oz can
    a small scoop of powdered laundry detergent
    about 1/2 cup alcohol-based mint mouthwash
    a scoop of oxygen cleaner, like Oxydol (except mine was generic)
    lemon juice
    black tea

    This may seem like a long list, but nothing else worked, including commerical urine removers. The room still smells fresh. I scrubbed the floor with a scrub brush and rinsed with water. Then, I let it air dry.

  70. I have a crawl space in my basement, and my cats have gotten in it and peed and pooped. Now I want to finish the basement and wall up most of the space, but how do I get rid of the odors?
    Would just baking soda work, or charcoal.I’m open for ideas!

  71. A product called Odo-Ban from Clean Control ) works well on all soft and hard surfaces and can also be used in the washer for clothing, rugs, bedding, etc. I have used this product for years and couldn’t have animals without it. Odo-ban is also sold at some Sam’s stores. When my dad was ill and dying, I washed his bedding with Odo-ban to disenfect and leave it fresh-smelling. Use according to directions and it is a very safe product. My cat chose on spot on the carpet to pee and re-pee (or repeat!) – I soaked with a solution of Odo-Ban and water, let dry, used baking soda and the problem was resolved.

  72. i have horrible trouble getting out the stains, simply because i have 3 cats living in my room. They all make barfy messes everywhere, ive even considered tearing up my carpet. any ideas on how to get my room to smell fresh so that i can actually have friends in my room?

  73. I have several cats although only one leaves messes on my LR carpeting. I’ve steam cleaned numerous times thinking this will help. After I clean the area, this one cat just moves to a different spot. Any ideas on how I can break him of this bad habit? All my other cats use the litter boxes but one continues to go on the carpet. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  74. I tried this recipe out for the carpet. . it worked kind of.. .. my cat had been urinating on a corner of our carpet.. and what i ended up doing was using a wet dry vac to get up as much dry urine out of the carpet.. by soaking it with warm water and picking it up.. i put down vinegar.. and then picked that up with the vac.. that got alot out of the carpet.. i tried the baking soda and the water and dish soap out.. the baking soda only made my carpet a yellowish color.. i thought it would go away once i vacuumed it up after it dried.. but now my carpet is somewhat stained a strange yellowish color.. now it doesnt reak of cat pee but its off colord.. i might have to go over it again with the wet dry vac.. but it did get the stinky smell out .. the cat is avoiding this area now which is good and now he goes to the litter box..

  75. FYI, I’ve had a vacuum cleaner repairman inform me that baking soda and other gritty powders really wear down and wreck the machinery in a vacuum cleaner. Told me never to use those inexpensive Carpet Fresh and Arm and Hammer type baking soda fresheners from the grocery store. Makes sense. Since I have a beautiful new expensive Oreck, I’m now a lot less likely to use my home remedies for pet urine which included baking soda, Ajax, Tide, etc. I’ve gone back to boiling hot water, enzyme cleaners, etc. but to really get the dog and cats to stop peeing over their same spots at my former house I did what the dog trainers recommend- I ripped up the carpet. Harsh, I know, but it worked.

  76. Help, my 5 yaer old cat peed on my 3 month old lounge which is a dark chocolate brown swede material, she did it on the very top backrest part so it has ran everywhere. The cleaning instructions say not to take the cushion covers off as they are fitted very tight and would be very hard to get back on neatly. I am concerned about using backing soda incase it leaves a powdery mark on the dark fabric, she also pee’d in my leather work shoes the week before. She has always been quite good until now and im ready to throw her outside, please help.

  77. How do I get rid of cat urine smell outside the house. We are not pet owners and have no animals in the house. However, there are ferrel cats and uncontrolled pets in the neighborhood who like to piss behind the bushes surrounding the house – usually under a window.

    We like to open our windows as often as possible and I’m very unhappy having to tolerate that horrid smell.

  78. Hayley–

    I hope you haven’t throw your cat outside by now. I had the same problem with my (then) six year old cat last year. She ended up having a Urinary Tract Infection. I took her to the vet and got her some medicine and changed her diet. She’s been back to the litter box ever since.

  79. Tip for LAUNDRY – anything you can put in the washer applies, test for colorfastness of course – Fabreze! NOT the Fabreze made for laundry, I have found that it isn’t anywhere close to effective. On the other hand regular Fabreze (which can be purchased in a larger refill size container) is the absolute best thing I’ve found to get cat urine odor out of machine washables. I purchase mine at a “dollar” store (i.e. Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.) and get a 64 ounce bottle for $2. I’ve used it on clothing, bedding; bathroom, kitchen & throw rugs, towels, sofa cushion covers and pillows. I’ve never experienced any bleaching of colors or damage to the fabrics of any kind. Depending on the size of the article or load being washed & how saturated it is, I’ve used anywhere from around a half-cup up to most of the 64 ounce container when my “Sweet Old Man” managed to find a hidden spot and repeatedly and apparently constantly pee on a few blankets that got left out of the chest. Honestly, I washed them with the Fabreze just to see how much of the odor would be removed as I was fairly certain the blankets were ruined. To my surprise I didn’t have to throw the blankets out or retire them to the dog house. *ALSO* I always include the regular amount of detergent, fabric softener and any stain remover I might use washing the same items when they are not soiled with cat urine.

    I have a nearly 16 year-old male, neutered at around 6 months of age who’s had a lifelong pee-problem. It’s entirely behavioral which I know because I’ve had him to the vet’s office numerous times over the years just positive it MUST be medical. No such luck. Whenever he doesn’t like something, which is fairly regularly, he’ll find a nice pile of laundry, a cozy corner on a sofa, the middle of the kitchen rug, virtually anywhere. You can bet if it’s something you find in an average home, he’s wee’d on it twice. Thankfully, several years ago he gave up relieving himself on the beds. THAT is a chore to clean and I did lose an entire futon mattress to the odor of cat urine. As I mentioned above though, the Fabreze hasn’t let me down yet and I’ve been using it in my laundry for about 10 years now whenever my now senior kitty; he believes this to entitle him to a certain amount of awful behavior – referring to his “mad wizzing” as my husband calls it- as well as being incredibly pushy when he wants fresh water, more food, a nice belly rub, for me to move whatever it is I might be tending to out of his way in order that he might sit in front of me, glare and “talk”, all the while pawing at me repeatedly. At this point he is so old that I just “talk” back for a few minutes (in English, I’m not off my nugget far enough to meow back yet), he gets tired of my conversation and skulks off to nap. In spite of his behavioral issue I’ve had many people over the years comment that he’s got a great personality “for a cat” and that my house doesn’t smell like 2 cats live here!

  80. My son has a lime green (acrylic) shag pile rug that my cat had claimed as his own indoor lawn. I have fixed the problem with the cat, but can’t seem to get rid of the horrid smell. I have tried almost every spray and powder. I have washed the rug with laundry detergent and hosed it & I have had it steam cleaned. Every thing I do seems to make the smell worse. I am about to give the vinegar and baking soda a go.. but due to the size and thickness of the rug it might take a while. Has anyone had success with this over a large area?

  81. My cat pissed on the kids bouncer house a couple of times, i’ve tried the home remidies and the pet store odor remover, none worked. I even tried fabreez, perfumes, lysol and nothing worked until i tried fragrance oil. i mixed with safflour oil and put in a spray bottle and sprayed the spots he pissed on. to my amazement it worked, no urine smell what so ever … i used sandalwood oil because i like the smell. good luck….

  82. Did anyone answer to original question-how to get rid of cat odors outside? This is driving my indoor cats (who have been fixed)to spray around all the doors and windows of my home.

    Any luck? These are not my cats and I don’t know of any way to keep them out of my yard.

  83. I’ve had my tabby cat for 6yrs now, neutered, urinary tract infection, numerous visits to the vet, as well as the money I’ve spent on odor removing products, NOTHING WORKED!!! Not to even count the number of clothes that I’ve tossed all because nothing would get the horrible odor out. About 2yrs ago, he pissed on a pile of laundry, being frustrated I refused to throw out the clothes. I searched my cat products and found a miracle! “Arm & Hammer – Pet Fresh Odor & Dirt Eliminator”. It actually says that this is a carpet and room deodorizer. I threw the clothes in the machine, with lots of this stuff in the first cycle then added my own detergents & softener for the other cycles. I have been using this Arm & Hammer product for the past 2-yrs and it has NOT failed me yet. I also used it on my sofa and throw carpets. For your fabric covered furniture or carpets, I suggest that you shake powder onto stain, saturating it. I’ve let this sit for hours, sometime overnight then vacuum out. Please note that the box MUST READ “Pet Fresh Odor & Dirt Eliminator”, I’ve mistakenly purchased the wrong box, because supermarkets place the varieties close to each other. I will not be making that mistake again. It also works well in the litter box. TRY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

  84. How about smell in oil paintings? I inherited some paintings from an aunt whose house really smelled of cat pee and I have tried airing them out side and washing the frames with baking soda but the canvases still reak of cat pee. Should I toss them ?

  85. Several years ago, Myth Busters did a program on getting rid of skunk odor. They settled on baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, water and a touch of dishwashing liquid being the most effective treatment. I have used it ever since. I discovered that disolving OXYCLEAN for the laundry in water is an equal substitute for the hydrogen peroxide. I will generously powder the smelly area with baking soda and allow it to sit. Then I either spray or pour the hydrogen peroxide(Oxyclean) soap mixture on, scrub and then Vac up with wet/dry vac or soak up with towels. Careful of color fast fabrics and saturating a wood floor.

  86. Here is the best and , as far as i’m concerned, the only answer to the eternal cat pee problem, so forget all the expensive stuff from pet shops! first, NEVER try to clean up with water, it simply spreads the urine further., next get a bottle of any type of vinegar and pour onto wet area-do not rub, you will have to put up with a strong vinegar smell until it dries but its a lot better than the dreaded cat pee smell! the enzymes in vinegar are stronger than the cat urine enzymes so effectively wiping them out. its cheap, easy and effective. try it and you will see.

  87. I don’t have a tip but a question. One of my children sat on the arm of a sofa with urine soaked undies and got the upholstered furniture arm soaking wet. Should I attack the problem by 1) saturating the arm with white vinegar, then 2) working baking soda into the arm and 3) vacuuming up the baking soda after it dries? think that would do it? And thanks. Cats are much easier than children!

  88. It does work, if the smell doesn’t go away increase the proportion of vinegar to break the damn ammonia.

  89. My 14 year old kitty would frequently loose her bladder toward the end. I gave up cleaning the last week of her life and tended only to her… leaving me with horrible stink in my enitre house (she was an angel, and worth every bit of stink she left behind!) The ONLY thing that worked was soaking the carpet with 100% solution white vinegar, letting it dry over night, scrubbing boxes of baking soda and water into the carpet, letting that dry over night, then vacuuming it up. I followed that with pet odor eliminator soap in the wet vac for good measure and now my house is fresh again.

  90. I live in Kazakhstan and have two cats. One of them peed on the couch twice in a week. It was the first and last time he did it.I think he didn’t like new litter I was using. The problem is I can’t get the smell out. I have limited access to products here but I had a friend send me Natures Miracle from the States…did not work at all. I’ve tried vinegar, and I’ve tried the peroxide baking soda mix for the second time. I am getting worried, since this is a rented apt. I will have to buy a new couch if I can’t get he smell out. Does anyone know if Bleach would work? HELP!

  91. How do I stop a stray cat from spraying in my yard!and how do I get rid of the smell when I don’t know exactly where it is coming from?

  92. Part of may basement is just gravel over soil, and yes, Kitty thought it was a giant litter box. What do I do about smell of urine that seeped into the ground?

  93. I have found that Borax used with baking soda and any good laundry detergent works to remove cat urine odor from just about anything that can be laundered, either by hand or in a machine. You might have to allow the articles to soak for a couple of hours, but it is rare that I have had to wash anything twice. I have successfully done this with towels, throw rugs, couch cushion covers, and soft luggage. However, one of my cats (if I knew which, he or she might be booted out) has recently urinated on my favorite unique and very expensive recliner, and, since I can not launder that (I have thrown out the cushion padding) I am still trying to eliminate the stink. I tried the KOE mentioned by Crystal (April 2008), but it did not work. Maybe I needed to make a stronger solution.

  94. I have tried everything including White vinegar when my upset cat kept using our sofas as a toilet, on my last trip to myvets with our new kitten they had a product called Wee-away. I removed all my sofa cushions washed them but spayed the solution down the foam on each side of the seat cushion and let it dry. The smell as vanished it was ยฃ5.99 a bottle.

  95. I work for a cat shelter, and recently someone donated an air freshening system that has been a total God-send. It kills the odors and has a very mild scent — we have the “christmas” scent, smells like a forest, basically. There’s a dial so you can control the strength of the scent. The company is Air Q. Check it out.

  96. Why does cat urine smell? Cat Urine, consists of three, chemical parts first, the urea, which makes the urine sticky. The second part is Urochrome which gives the urine its ugly yellow color that stains carpets, furniture the walls. The third part is made up of Uric Acid; the uric acid in the urine consists of salts and crystals that give off the extremely pungent odor that
    What makes the smell of something, like cat urine or smoking odors? The smell is made of invisible gases that have vaporized from the source. These vaporized odors float in the air attaching to the suspended cation particles which act like a sponge absorbing and carrying the odors and toxins through the air we breathe. Air-ReNu a paint additive, turns any wall, surface, into a permanent air, purification system no electricity or filters required.

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